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  • Susan Narducci
    Susan Narducci43 minuter sedan

    They are visiting Doja on Planet Her!

  • yashu_2703
    yashu_270344 minuter sedan

    Ssniperwolf has more subscribers than this channel How is it possible.

  • Gray Evangelista
    Gray EvangelistaTimme sedan

    Ahh! This is the cutest! ❤️

  • Anni Rustagi
    Anni RustagiTimme sedan

    I can already feel that Stormi is super excited to be a big sister

  • Ritzqy Karina Sebayang
    Ritzqy Karina SebayangTimme sedan


  • Bi
    BiTimme sedan

    I thought this was going to be a kids clothing line. 😍🙂omg Kylie do it!!!

  • Nicole Aguilar
    Nicole AguilarTimme sedan

    she makes every product about her its annoying lol

  • Los Primos Morales
    Los Primos MoralesTimme sedan

    Stormi perfec

  • vijigiri pranay
    vijigiri pranayTimme sedan

    Wow what a talent

  • Nastaran Ghobadpour
    Nastaran GhobadpourTimme sedan

    The worst make up ever

  • Sonia S
    Sonia STimme sedan

    Wow I have never seen as much personal growth from Kylie since she had stormy. She just owns being a mother so well she looks comfortable and happy. I am not the biggest fan of Kylie’s - but she’s a great mother. Yes money makes things easier and accessible but she owns it.

  • it’s parker my dude
    it’s parker my dudeTimme sedan

    i thought this was a meme lol

  • Jessirozay
    JessirozayTimme sedan

    The fact that kylie used kali uchis song is 😭😭😭😭amazing

  • Jenifer Molina
    Jenifer MolinaTimme sedan

    LMAO i don’t know why I thought this was about kylie’s 2nd pregnancy 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Stacy Ann Relvini
    Stacy Ann RelviniTimme sedan

    Seems so out of how are most moms supposed to relate to this? I don't get it.

  • anita rathi
    anita rathiTimme sedan

    So people actually fall for junk like this Hmm...maybe I overestimated people's intelligence and underestimated her's

  • combs brushes
    combs brushesTimme sedan

    Repent, Jesus christ is coming back, repent before it's too late. Jesus loves you:

  • Yelo Jazz
    Yelo JazzTimme sedan


  • Knew Beginnings
    Knew BeginningsTimme sedan

    This better be top-of-the-line ingredients. I'm tired of these famous cash grabs

  • Tae Tae 81
    Tae Tae 81Timme sedan

    No wonder Stormi is an adorable kid . I hope she establish to be a successful woman one day ....

  • Dimas Pristiwanda
    Dimas PristiwandaTimme sedan

    I thought it was Lil Nas X Video

  • MissDahliaMurder
    MissDahliaMurder2 timmar sedan

    Ahhh!! She used a Kali Uchis song!! :') 🖤🖤

  • CEZA
    CEZA2 timmar sedan

    Kylie I love how your lips turned out is it fillers or did you do surgery? Cause I’m thinking of doing my lips too . Where did you get them done?

  • Amber Salice Rose
    Amber Salice Rose2 timmar sedan

    How are you doing without your husband

  • poot lovatoola 💅💄
    poot lovatoola 💅💄2 timmar sedan

    now why would you sell stormi?🤨🧐

  • Iviwe Madubela
    Iviwe Madubela2 timmar sedan

    kylie having a broken screen…like how is this possible ?

  • Rubis Mic
    Rubis Mic2 timmar sedan


  • Sweetie Pie
    Sweetie Pie2 timmar sedan

    safe and gental means she picked anything that smelled nice

  • maddie the baddie
    maddie the baddie2 timmar sedan

    "safe and affordable products" BOI WHA DA HELL BOI ANYTHING IS "affordable" TO U

  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia2 timmar sedan


  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia2 timmar sedan

    Restaurant open

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan2 timmar sedan

    The packaging reminds me of “then I met you” skincare. Very similar look🧐

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoyTimme sedan

    Kylie: affordable products The rest of us:😑 noughty noughty noughty you're teasing me

  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia2 timmar sedan

    I like 3

  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia2 timmar sedan


  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia2 timmar sedan


  • Reveluv LP
    Reveluv LP2 timmar sedan


  • Sar
    Sar2 timmar sedan

    All the rumors are True yeah.

  • gercels playz
    gercels playz2 timmar sedan

    This is like disney flying to da sky and it so satisfying

  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia2 timmar sedan

    Thanks for everything

  • Trevino Georgia
    Trevino Georgia3 timmar sedan

    I love you

  • Edith Osorio
    Edith Osorio3 timmar sedan

    Quién de México está aquí

  • Dafne Tuesta
    Dafne Tuesta3 timmar sedan

    stormi is so incredible and cute

  • Indigo Breeze
    Indigo Breeze3 timmar sedan

    I thought this was a joke. Literally just add some snarky snl narration and a laugh track and we're set. 👌

  • CN Clips
    CN Clips3 timmar sedan

    stormies face expressions

  • katherine zhu
    katherine zhu3 timmar sedan


  • Jacqueline Beltran
    Jacqueline Beltran3 timmar sedan

    I absolutely love this video 🥰

  • SvS Entertainment
    SvS Entertainment3 timmar sedan

    Alright kylie that was cute just don't give us half the amount like the lip gloss kits and u got me sold 🥰

  • Zainah Salem
    Zainah Salem3 timmar sedan

    So the surprise baby was for a product oh ok and where’s the daddy at?

  • Olivia Vasquez
    Olivia Vasquez3 timmar sedan

    wait is there no likes or am I blind

  • Isa Brandao
    Isa Brandao3 timmar sedan

    Even if this was the most important day of her life she would stay in the stormi<3 she is a great mother

  • Sena Young
    Sena Young3 timmar sedan

    Wow I would buy the products to bad my kid is 12

  • Karla Lara
    Karla Lara3 timmar sedan


  • Teah Eliassaint
    Teah Eliassaint3 timmar sedan

    bro im not a baby nor do i have one and i love bubble baths. I might just get this for myself lol

  • Michelle Melisa
    Michelle Melisa3 timmar sedan

    I wish i was stormi 🙂

  • Vick Etiene
    Vick Etiene3 timmar sedan


    MUHAMAD FIKHRI FAUZAN4 timmar sedan

    i thought stormy and kylie go to heaven

  • Ididntdoitmom20
    Ididntdoitmom204 timmar sedan

    kyile made a beautiful child

  • Dariena Baker
    Dariena Baker4 timmar sedan

    This is so cute!

  • Yajaira Palma
    Yajaira Palma4 timmar sedan

    why do you keep looking at the screen and not to the mirror so it could be looking at usnhahahaha

  • aeranid😃🖕
    aeranid😃🖕4 timmar sedan

    que hermosa es tu hija

  • Hxiley_Blox
    Hxiley_Blox4 timmar sedan

    *Now I gotta choose a purse* i-

  • Stella Lieza
    Stella Lieza4 timmar sedan

    So now, those young people are now determined to get a baby just to enjoy these collection! Good marketing. But fyi, it is cheaper to get these and try it ur selves than actually having a baby if ur not capable of yet. Just sayin. Don’t be stupid. Good job Kylie and specially stormi.

  • Em H
    Em H4 timmar sedan

    Kendall “I’m not a sloppy drunk” Also Kendall “I must go home” 😂

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth4 timmar sedan

    Just curious why the need to have seduction hollow souled eyes when hawking your baby care products?

  • The Helpful Mom
    The Helpful Mom4 timmar sedan

    How precious is she?! So adorable 😊

  • RxinbowPlays
    RxinbowPlays4 timmar sedan

    this is the cutest thing ever!

  • Ann Marie Chavez
    Ann Marie Chavez4 timmar sedan

    This girl is doing work. Props to her.

  • Joyce Nadine
    Joyce Nadine4 timmar sedan


  • Giorgia Pita
    Giorgia Pita4 timmar sedan

    rise and shine

  • Ro§ina
    Ro§ina4 timmar sedan

    So what is it?

  • P B
    P B4 timmar sedan

    I bet she is the hardest one to deal with and not Kourtney.

  • Dainty
    Dainty5 timmar sedan

    I thought it was an Ariana Grande music video when I saw the thumbnail 💀

  • xXXx_Luna_ balm_xXXx
    xXXx_Luna_ balm_xXXx5 timmar sedan

    Why is this so cute

    THEE PRINCESA5 timmar sedan

    *This makes me wanna eat clouds*

  • Jolene A
    Jolene A5 timmar sedan

    Who else didn’t think it was a actual product & thought was a baby announcement or reveal 😂

  • Vee Deciree C. Parreñas
    Vee Deciree C. Parreñas5 timmar sedan

    Awww cute

  • Sandra
    Sandra5 timmar sedan

    I would’ve loved “StormiBaby” as the brand name 🥰😇☁️