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  • BrianTheBull
    BrianTheBull2 timmar sedan

    Waste of time. You're not gonna eat fish that damn big. No sport in that.

  • Vanci
    Vanci2 timmar sedan

    That was her way of protecting herself so that no big fish could attack her. Congratulations, you got her into big trouble now 😒

  • Vickie Bulich
    Vickie Bulich2 timmar sedan


  • Andrew Watkins
    Andrew Watkins4 timmar sedan

    Can’t listen to that guys screaming anymore:(

  • Mia Skylar
    Mia Skylar4 timmar sedan


  • William Kifer
    William Kifer4 timmar sedan

    Sand crabs, or mole crabs.. not fleas

  • Christian Banick
    Christian Banick4 timmar sedan

    Dolphin? You mean mahi mahi

  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen4 timmar sedan


  • OG Barry Jones
    OG Barry Jones5 timmar sedan

    Paris Island Has Real Sand Fleas...Those are Sand Crabs

  • Sarah Meding
    Sarah Meding5 timmar sedan

    I hope he put them all back where they could dig...

  • FW4K
    FW4K5 timmar sedan

    Como tem coragem de matar um animal desses😭😭

  • #5 Is Alive Gaming
    #5 Is Alive Gaming5 timmar sedan

    Can you eat them? Why is a sand flea rake a thing? Hahaha

  • Lol Aidan
    Lol Aidan5 timmar sedan

    Please say these don’t exist on the east coast

  • Demented Nun
    Demented Nun5 timmar sedan

    Get out more oh wait you are... stay in more

  • Trung Cao
    Trung Cao5 timmar sedan

    Guy: he’s just chilling Fish: this is it.. ima die.

  • N1ightm4are
    N1ightm4are5 timmar sedan

    So it can stick to “anything”?

  • love me
    love me6 timmar sedan


  • Herr HupfDohle
    Herr HupfDohle6 timmar sedan

    Is it catch and release or are they eating it?

  • nagashi dragneel
    nagashi dragneel6 timmar sedan

    Him: look at that The fish: DeAr FiSh GoD please put me back in the water I can't BrEaTh

  • Mitchell Lecapoy
    Mitchell Lecapoy6 timmar sedan

    It's for your ding dong

  • Ỵumi Ỵana
    Ỵumi Ỵana6 timmar sedan

    Yes he’s beautiful and unique you throw him back now kill him

  • Marie
    Marie6 timmar sedan

    Ihr scheiss tierquäler 🤬

  • Tailor croma
    Tailor croma7 timmar sedan

    So many new pets 🤩🤩🤩

  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins7 timmar sedan


  • Héctor Freitez
    Héctor Freitez7 timmar sedan


  • Menuki
    Menuki7 timmar sedan

    Bear in mind, we’ve watched Blacktip fight a 1k sawfish with nothing but his grundle

  • Nelson alvarez
    Nelson alvarez8 timmar sedan

    what size reel was this?

  • HardieHar 76
    HardieHar 768 timmar sedan

    How do they taste?

  • All-Bright Pressure Washing LLC / Power Washing and Restoration
    All-Bright Pressure Washing LLC / Power Washing and Restoration8 timmar sedan

    Sea pickle

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols8 timmar sedan

    How does he know it's from a blue marlin? Just curious. Did he see it or are the wounds from a blue marlin distinct?

  • Leon chromotik
    Leon chromotik8 timmar sedan


  • PurpleOnyxStarship
    PurpleOnyxStarship8 timmar sedan

    Looks like it’s made out of rubber, that’s fake af

  • Bad Lady
    Bad Lady9 timmar sedan

    Wow nice fish really nice fish I think about you all day I see the fish what state maybe I'll go there sometime go fishing

  • Fred Read
    Fred Read9 timmar sedan

    Nice job. Great video. I have dove with these Great Hammerheads before. Magnificent creatures. And to be respected.

    THE N4s CAR LEGENDS9 timmar sedan

    That fish is so yummy when you grilled it without seasoning the meat of that fish is super tasty

  • Bad Lady
    Bad Lady9 timmar sedan


  • Bad Lady
    Bad Lady9 timmar sedan

    Mighty freeze some nice I will eat all day at work

  • Bad Lady
    Bad Lady9 timmar sedan

    Nice fish Bacon 2 as really nice fish

  • Jonathan Juanola
    Jonathan Juanola9 timmar sedan

    I see only sadness and stupid human

  • time woods
    time woods9 timmar sedan

    They're worried about them getting back in the water so they don't die. But they're going to eventually die. Catch them and move them.

  • Debby A
    Debby A9 timmar sedan

    Nature is truly abundant ❤️🔥

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo9 timmar sedan

    Why kill it then if its so great

    VOVAN VOVANICH9 timmar sedan

    Omg, Mr crabs

  • mahmad rashad
    mahmad rashad10 timmar sedan


  • Elite Comfort Services
    Elite Comfort Services10 timmar sedan

    Sea pickle

  • Emin Soltanov
    Emin Soltanov10 timmar sedan

    poor fish, why are you with them? So they are poor. Why are you destroying them like that?

  • rain plays
    rain plays10 timmar sedan

    When the imposter is sus

  • ZxGaming network
    ZxGaming network10 timmar sedan

    Why y’all kill magikarp

  • Trillion Cason
    Trillion Cason10 timmar sedan


  • Hamid sharif
    Hamid sharif10 timmar sedan

    my from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Hamid sharif
    Hamid sharif10 timmar sedan


  • Desiray Colter
    Desiray Colter10 timmar sedan

    And this is why you wear water shoes😭

  • Ez
    Ez10 timmar sedan

    Eat it no balls

  • Fabian von Spreckelsen
    Fabian von Spreckelsen10 timmar sedan


  • Basking Shark
    Basking Shark10 timmar sedan

    This was sick. Thank you so much for posting this. This further strengthens my love for sharks because of how majestic and cool they are

  • raj raju
    raj raju11 timmar sedan

    Brant is a good day to fish 🐠

  • xXxJ0hNs0NxXx
    xXxJ0hNs0NxXx11 timmar sedan

    And you killed it!! SMH people are so stupid

  • SpeckledCatz Ham
    SpeckledCatz Ham11 timmar sedan

    YES! I knew they were real!

  • salmanul Faris
    salmanul Faris11 timmar sedan

    Wonderful fishing 🎣

  • Jose EL Gordo
    Jose EL Gordo11 timmar sedan


  • n o
    n o11 timmar sedan


  • Baghdat Yesikeev
    Baghdat Yesikeev11 timmar sedan

    Что это

  • kavin ardana
    kavin ardana11 timmar sedan

    kayunya bagus om

  • kavin ardana
    kavin ardana11 timmar sedan

    itu kepiting atau kerang om

  • YaBoySleezy
    YaBoySleezy11 timmar sedan

    Fish be like: is this the afterlife? Am i dead? Why was i born, to meet this fate?

  • not a human
    not a human11 timmar sedan

    help 💀

  • Andrew Hughes
    Andrew Hughes11 timmar sedan

    Put it back in the water, haven't you ever heard to respect your elders. But I see your in Florida, so your stupidity if forgave.

  • ElectroScientist !
    ElectroScientist !12 timmar sedan

    It's a condom for mermaid 😂😂😂😂 and you're touching it 😑😑😑😑

  • Richard Walter
    Richard Walter12 timmar sedan

    Ahhhhh! For Goodness Sake!! NOT feeling this flick at all. Ultimately, all I saw was wanna be big men catching big fish to make them feel big...... when is the drone shot not enough....? Loved this flick up until a live black tip gets purposely hung out to dry and then swallowed up by that spec of a hammerhead..... fish like that are becoming more of a rarity and I hope to God that fish made it through the knackering and highly stressful experience and didn't die of suffocation. Sharks need to keep swimming to oxygenate gills and often wash up dead as door nail after draining fights with rod and reel. Awesome camera work, huge respect there but not feeling the "woooooh! Yeaaahhhhh! Caught a spec hammerhead and now I feel a man BS.....!" Hope the poor thing lives to fight another day, but at least you got your money's worth. Attitudes have gotta start changing..... drone shots are enough!

  • Loso Da MainMan
    Loso Da MainMan12 timmar sedan

    Do u eat those?

  • Hiltrljr
    Hiltrljr12 timmar sedan

    Is he left handed? I’ve always reeled with my left hand on a spinner…but am right handed

  • Keziah Finney
    Keziah Finney12 timmar sedan

    im watching this for scince

  • Ram Anandan
    Ram Anandan12 timmar sedan

    Wow those bones must be so easy to cut yourself on this takes some serious skill and understanding of the anatomy of that fish well done.

  • Pecundang Terkuat
    Pecundang Terkuat12 timmar sedan

    Love the west people respect nature. Its not like asian.. Everything catch is food.

  • Pecundang Terkuat
    Pecundang Terkuat12 timmar sedan

    Swimming Robot dildo?

  • Gaming malayali with 444
    Gaming malayali with 44412 timmar sedan


  • Don Memerang
    Don Memerang12 timmar sedan

    Duck a pool noooo

  • jerry reyes
    jerry reyes12 timmar sedan

    Ive cought one too still have no idea what it is

  • Dakota Ortiz
    Dakota Ortiz13 timmar sedan

    Can you eat em?