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  • balf1111117373
    balf111111737311 timmar sedan

    We all think we can do what they do. Would you honestly get back in a car after that. He smiled as if it was nothing. I’m sticking to the Xbox thanks

  • LifeGoneWrong
    LifeGoneWrong11 timmar sedan

    Interview: I faked an illness to get out of a PR Appearance? Kimi: 🙂👍

    Ignacio SAGASTIBELTZA11 timmar sedan

    What about De la Rosa's podium????

  • Łukasz Baniak
    Łukasz Baniak11 timmar sedan

    Turn out in 2019 Hamilton didn't yet know that he can just yeet his opponent into barriers and call it a day

  • Pablo Lopes
    Pablo Lopes11 timmar sedan

    Show the action of Totó Wolff in a moment of crash

  • Sebastian Vettel
    Sebastian Vettel11 timmar sedan

    gave the impression that the cars were floating lol 0:47

  • Not-Drunken
    Not-Drunken11 timmar sedan

    I could listen to this sound all day

  • Federico Tufano
    Federico Tufano11 timmar sedan

    Netflix ask max for some drama

  • Dabz343
    Dabz34311 timmar sedan

    glorious words of a child -- 'i don't want to talk about it'.

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly11 timmar sedan

    Perhaps Mercedes can take this into Thursdays hearing and ask for a suspension next race because of it

    ENRIQUE DE JONG11 timmar sedan

    ech hatt de grousse prais gewonnen

  • Arthur Santos
    Arthur Santos11 timmar sedan

    *Aytron Senna*

  • Miniature and Gunpla
    Miniature and Gunpla11 timmar sedan

    another time LH yielded to avoid collision with Max.

  • Masire_
    Masire_11 timmar sedan

    These comments. Verstappen did nothing wrong at Silverstone. It was a racing incident. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Saman Khaledian
    Saman Khaledian11 timmar sedan

    Man English commentators are really neutral.

  • Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro11 timmar sedan

    Underrated Track

  • Carlo Cognigni
    Carlo Cognigni11 timmar sedan

    I've always loved that instrumental music.

  • Curious_Cat
    Curious_Cat11 timmar sedan

    Ferrari in the pit: "Oh Barrichello had another mechanical failure, we are so surprised.................Anyway...".

  • CJ Rekter
    CJ Rekter11 timmar sedan

    0:47 RedBull gives you wings

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith11 timmar sedan

    Hungary and barrichellos suspension parts don't go very well together

  • Kristóf Tóth
    Kristóf Tóth11 timmar sedan

    0:45 2021: part 2

  • おぱいお
    おぱいお11 timmar sedan


  • oulcan d
    oulcan d11 timmar sedan

    0:47 verstappen actual flying lap

  • ben bristow
    ben bristow11 timmar sedan

    Nelson’s pass is one of the best, if not the best overtake and car control at its finest, either that or Gasly at Eau rouge/Radeon

  • Zack K
    Zack K11 timmar sedan

    Max max max max max is gonna win!!

  • Motivation Maniacs
    Motivation Maniacs11 timmar sedan

    Alonso " I wish I can have a long career" Nearly 20 yrs later ....Still going...... Wise words from a wise man 😃

  • Mahatma Gandhi
    Mahatma Gandhi11 timmar sedan


  • Mk E
    Mk E11 timmar sedan

    Funny how all the Max haters come out to whine I over things that happened 3+ years ago 😂

  • Burak
    Burak11 timmar sedan

    0:48 I thought the car was flying :D

  • GR Okay
    GR Okay11 timmar sedan

    1:02 lol :D

  • Scott L.
    Scott L.11 timmar sedan

    Enough about downforce! Tell me more about the engines and horsepower!

  • Yash Mistry
    Yash Mistry11 timmar sedan

    Who misses the silver mercedes?🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Luigi 06
    Luigi 0611 timmar sedan

    Ahahahahah vanzini sempre un fenomeno e zitti tutti

  • Amber Cilan
    Amber Cilan11 timmar sedan

    No Ricciardo Win?

  • Plix 6
    Plix 611 timmar sedan

    Interesting driver, Jaun Pablo Montoya (1:14)

  • Sumit Blogs
    Sumit Blogs11 timmar sedan

    alonso the greatest

  • Emanuel Chaves
    Emanuel Chaves11 timmar sedan

    Red bull will appeal to this don't worry.

  • e
    e11 timmar sedan

    turkey matches are the best!!!

  • Ayan Mishra
    Ayan Mishra11 timmar sedan

    "Get in there, Lewis Mate" = Front left into Rear Right of Max.

  • SEA33 Anshuman
    SEA33 Anshuman11 timmar sedan

    0:46 why those cars flying unna?! Lol!

  • Chinmay K
    Chinmay K11 timmar sedan

    stroll keeps going for a stroll

  • Mohaamed Zoubi
    Mohaamed Zoubi11 timmar sedan

    Daniel in a Renault just doesn't feel right

  • Kirat Dadrah
    Kirat Dadrah11 timmar sedan

    2:15 'whos that in front off me he's drifting very nicely'

  • Palash Agrawal
    Palash Agrawal11 timmar sedan

    0:47 Verstappen on a flying lap.

  • The Deamon Meteor
    The Deamon Meteor11 timmar sedan


  • dkz00
    dkz0011 timmar sedan

    0:48 the weirdest shot i’ve ever seen. the chopper shadow makes the the car looks like it’s flying.

  • Luís Manuel
    Luís Manuel11 timmar sedan

    I think this crash is very different from Silverstone 2021. Not only Max was not as far behind as Hamilton was in Silverstone, but also in here Max hits the apex of the corner, he has nowhere to go. Hamilton didn't hit the apex and had some space on the inside. Also, this crash in Portugal happened during a free practice, it didn't happen during the race and Max and stroll were not fighting for the championship.

  • Brian Azmy
    Brian Azmy11 timmar sedan


  • bean
    bean11 timmar sedan

    If Checo were to win a WDC, he will forever be revered in Mexico as a legend. He has already done so much in his career, yet there is still time to do more. Checo forever!!!

  • Romi 0303
    Romi 030312 timmar sedan

    0:47 Flying Dutchman

  • ㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚ
    ㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚ12 timmar sedan

    0:33 "get in there" before it were a things

  • Tomas Emidio
    Tomas Emidio12 timmar sedan

    At 00:47 it so cool how it seems that Verstappen's car is flying because of the helicopter's shadow

  • bean
    bean12 timmar sedan

    This lad is still as young as Alonso, how has he acconplished so much?

  • Helnox
    Helnox12 timmar sedan

    I miss Albono :(

  • KieferClarkF1
    KieferClarkF112 timmar sedan

    Perez has never been great in Hungary. Hope this year changes that.

  • Zane Wong
    Zane Wong12 timmar sedan

    Honda wins again this weekend.

  • Suiyan
    Suiyan12 timmar sedan

    I didn't understand the game

  • Chad Simplicio
    Chad Simplicio12 timmar sedan

    Ocon: "What? My teammate did that, while I was in F4?"

  • Manika Debnath
    Manika Debnath12 timmar sedan

    Hamilton always hitting the rear of Red Bulls 😡

  • Not_Marvin 31er
    Not_Marvin 31er12 timmar sedan

    Where is Sebs win 2015???

  • Andi S
    Andi S12 timmar sedan

    Alonso was 22 years old and he still looks the same, and his wish did come true, he has the longest career in formula 1.

  • Hritvik Patel
    Hritvik Patel12 timmar sedan

    Bring on Rookie of the year 2021 too

  • Random Person
    Random Person12 timmar sedan

    The Jules tribute in 2015 with Vettel winning the race and Kvyat scoring his maiden podium and both of them dedicating to Jules?? How can that be missed.

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer12 timmar sedan

    James Allen with the "get in there" long before it became meaningless... LEL

  • xof49
    xof4912 timmar sedan

    Nelson Sr. making that great pass by stepping on the Gas Gas GAS!

  • Captain_ Nesquik
    Captain_ Nesquik12 timmar sedan


  • 没心没肺的快乐废物东西
    没心没肺的快乐废物东西12 timmar sedan

    0:47 Red bull really gives you wings

  • Ashish Das
    Ashish Das12 timmar sedan

    Verstappen doesn't care to back out to avoid collision with other cars.

  • Maasai Maasai
    Maasai Maasai12 timmar sedan

    0:48, that was so fast! I thought the car flew!

  • A1ex _
    A1ex _12 timmar sedan

    The cars are floating at 0:47

  • Lendle Guanzon
    Lendle Guanzon12 timmar sedan

    Kimi raced against Jos Verstappen before and now he's racing against Max Verstappen

  • I'm Procrastinating
    I'm Procrastinating12 timmar sedan

    0:33 so that's where Bono got the saying from...

  • Da Farrow
    Da Farrow12 timmar sedan

    Bottas: I am speed.

  • Vivian Nicholas Mojulat
    Vivian Nicholas Mojulat12 timmar sedan

    You cant beat legend

  • Wiggle Snail
    Wiggle Snail12 timmar sedan

    idk man... That rear wing looking kinda flexi as he bounces up and down xD

  • 9sky man9
    9sky man912 timmar sedan

    1:11 Jaun Pablo Montoya. Didn't know there were two Montoyas in F1

  • Aishwary Gaonkar
    Aishwary Gaonkar12 timmar sedan

    Jenson Button - the best British driver ever!

  • Samuel Benner
    Samuel Benner12 timmar sedan

    Flat round here intensifies