Zina is not faster than me! | FIFA22 Ratings! | KDB & FODEN

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    *Flowers *13 timmar sedan

    ? 😯

  • Don Vito
    Don Vito18 timmar sedan

    Fifa: kevin’s pace is 76 Kiven : let me talk !!!

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    Walker 78 pace!?

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    😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️FIFA c’est du n’importe quoi wsh

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    اول عربي

  • Sumit More
    Sumit More2 dagar sedan

    Grealish shooting should be 86-87

    ZARONM2 dagar sedan

    Psg on top

  • Ezequiel Canifa
    Ezequiel Canifa2 dagar sedan

    I think we all have the same reaction as Foden to Walker's pace! Like wtf!!!!

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom2 dagar sedan

    “It’s either a defender or Rodri” lollll

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    Blue Boys2 dagar sedan

    Die kaart van foden 😍

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    Guten Abend2 dagar sedan

    KDB drop to 4th captain behind Gundogan and Dias. Also KDB, forgot about Gundogan and think Dias is slightly bit overrated. Talk about holding grudge.

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    Dkb cheats!😂

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    Mahrezzz il the bestttttt

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    نرملمون محرز 88

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    Cameraman's doing everything to keep Kevin's shoes out of the shot. 😭😭

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    Jack grealish or Aguero?

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    Charming nowhere to hide

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    السلام عليكم

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    Is Walker really that fast??? Maybe he should be called Runner

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    Man city the top

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    Dkb cheats!😂

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    1:20 De bruyne:it's bernado Subtitles: it's banana

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    I see you guys are finally letting him talk.

  • Josué Gnikobou
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    pace 61 for ruben Dias 😆lol

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    Emily An5 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for Walker's reaction to his pace

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    السلام عليكم

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    Bro the face Kevin made when talking about Zinchenko’s pace😭😭😭

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    Et mendy🤣

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    Emily An

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    How is walker 78 pace that is just mest up

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    Gundogan: at city for almost 4 years Kdb: oh he’s new so

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    Perfect video...thank you so much..

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    Which shoe is kdb wearing?

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    What do you think about this ? seblacks.info/cold/video/jHOIuYF9nqGZrKQ.html&ab_channel=LivingWaters ?//

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    5 dagar sedan

    Gundogan pace is 65 wtf it must be 70 or 68

  • Siddhaarth Srikanth
    Siddhaarth Srikanth6 dagar sedan

    0:43 and that's where you're wrong

  • kleiver milan
    kleiver milan6 dagar sedan

    el primer comentario en español q veras:v soy de venezuela y mi club fav es el city si señor

  • hen ko
    hen ko6 dagar sedan

    Bro the face Kevin made when talking about Zinchenko’s pace😭😭😭

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    So salah has only one point ahead of sterling interesting

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    نعم انه التعليق العربي الذي تبحث عنه

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    not actually

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    How is walker 78 pace that is just mest up

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    Zina is haram anyway bro, what you on about?

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    Jesus loves you ♥️✝️

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    Gundogan pace is 65 wtf it must be 70 or 68

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    Keep halal brother 🗿🙏

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    Yo habló español y me gusta Manchester city

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    Zina is haram 😭

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    Why is No other team doing this With FIFA 22?

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    Let me talk!

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    Dias getting an 87 is Total bollocks 😂 84 max

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  • KillaKing 101
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    Walker should have at least 93 pace

  • teo malvi
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    foden is insane dude HAHAHAHAH

  • Sanjida Islam
    Sanjida Islam7 dagar sedan

    I am a fan of belgium and Hazard, De bruyne, Curtois and lukaku

  • Hybrid Taylur
    Hybrid Taylur7 dagar sedan

    Cameraman's doing everything to keep Kevin's shoes out of the shot. 😭😭

  • Icky C
    Icky C7 dagar sedan

    Messi at city would have been a vibe

  • Onke Nzimakwe
    Onke Nzimakwe7 dagar sedan

    My heart stopped when I saw 78 pace off walker 🤣😱

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    Fill foden

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    انا السعودي الوحيد

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    astaghfirullah zina

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    Manchester is......... RED

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    9:00 :)))

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    Wow one of the best player in man city

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    Foden's rating and Ruben dias's retung are overrated

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    Man City is trash

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    Let me talk

  • Aray
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    6:18 Lol they thought it was Sterling until they saw 82 shot...too high

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    العربي يخلي لايك🇩🇿♥️

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    Pro evolution soccer is the best

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    Let's all spread the Gospel and the Testimony of the Lord our God Jesus

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    Ermmmmm Jesus never said he was God Stop making stuff up and worship the father Your misguiding people. That’s very dangerous mate.

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    United gurom ❤️

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    I swear #FIFA ratings be CAPPING

  • Dhanny Mirzha Rosadi_B
    Dhanny Mirzha Rosadi_B8 dagar sedan

    fifa really like to messing with kyle paces, his reaction wolud be hillarious

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  • Eoin Thompson
    Eoin Thompson8 dagar sedan

    Don't mean to be bad but Phil fodens personality reminds me of Phil Neville tell me I'm wrong

  • Underground 11K
    Underground 11K8 dagar sedan

    😂😂😂😂😂 it’s walker!

  • Đức Anh Lê
    Đức Anh Lê8 dagar sedan

    Kevin de Bruyne has the highest stats at Man City

  • Dn Dhan
    Dn Dhan8 dagar sedan

    Fans ghoib

  • jakrismcfc
    jakrismcfc8 dagar sedan

    Sheez this channel pulls views

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    The quality of the video, audio, editing on this video is poor. Please hire better people.

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  • minij hooi
    minij hooi8 dagar sedan

    Kevins a savage😂 man actually called foden a Stockport iniesta 😂😂

  • Bilal Mokat
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  • Jarras De agua
    Jarras De agua8 dagar sedan

    If foden played in other league he would be 81

  • IS A
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    Our defenders are better than that:) then proceeds to says it’s nathen Ake

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    State of that chav.

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

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    KDB is the best player in the prem

  • Nelly Kwofie
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    I looooovvve KEVIN. I'm an Arsenal fan but KDB is my best player both on the field and he is soooo calm

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    Oil club