Your favorite scenes from Young Royals

You asked. We listened. Here's your top 7 favorite scenes from Young Royals and we love them all ❤️

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About Young Royals:
Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.


  • Anne Sol
    Anne Sol2 timmar sedan

    i am here again because we're getting season 2 and i'm ready to cry about wilmon once more

  • Ali Al-Timimy
    Ali Al-Timimy22 timmar sedan

    This is gonna be the longest year Lol

  • Koa Faust
    Koa FaustDag sedan

    ok but HEAR ME OUT. Omar playing patroclus. OMAR PLAYING PATROCLUS. AAAH

  • Jasmine Jefferson
    Jasmine JeffersonDag sedan

    The aquarium gotta be the best

  • Peightyn Pucan Hester
    Peightyn Pucan Hester2 dagar sedan

    aHhHhHhH someone EXPLAIN to me why Simon looks so WHOLESOME

    AJU NICE2 dagar sedan

    the football field really hits different

  • JL Lumpas
    JL Lumpas2 dagar sedan

    i love this series ❤️ waiting for the 2nd season 😢❤️

  • saan81
    saan812 dagar sedan

    Yes. It is no longer a dream. Young Royals season 2 you do.... Thanks Netflix...

  • Suna Gök
    Suna Gök2 dagar sedan

    A very successful drama, I felt Wilhelm and Simon's love for each other while watching. Among the series I watched, it was the relationship that impressed me the most. I'm looking forward to netflix season 2. Thank you netflix 😍😊

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones2 dagar sedan

    This show touches our hearts. For me personally it was very hard to watch this show because it kind of reminds me of my previous experiences. However I finished watching the show few days ago and this show somehow keeps coming to my mind time to time since then. For a guy who was born and living in a country which socially, culturally and justly doesn't support the LGBT+ community, I know the pain and feelings that both Wilhelm and Simon go through. It is so hard to stop yourself from loving the person u wanna love. In this show the problem Wilhelm face is being a Royal, though he lives in an accepting country. In our case we are not Royals but the entire country won't accept who we are. I'm in my mid 20s and it is so sad to think that any of the LGBT+ young kids in countries like this, won't get to feel the freedom, joy and bliss of loving the person they want to love without fear, for generations to come. Thank you Netflix for producing such amazing show, so the awareness will spread. The actors also did an outstanding job. Love is Love. Hope the world will soon become a beautiful place filled with love and joy. Love you all.

  • vitor
    vitor3 dagar sedan

    Que coisa mais linda AAAAA

  • maria e
    maria e3 dagar sedan


  • cobibo
    cobibo3 dagar sedan

    I tried. I really tried to act my age. But I'm totally fangirling over these two boys! 😍 This show is really special ( and I would know, because I've seen like a thousand, because I'm old 😄)

  • aluna herrera
    aluna herrera4 dagar sedan

    POV: you come back after finding out the show is getting a second season

  • Casual
    Casual4 dagar sedan


  • AimeeEdits
    AimeeEdits4 dagar sedan

    My favourite scenes: 1: The fish scene. The way Wille hugged Simon from behind, making him nervous is so cute. 2: Their first kiss. What i really love about their first kiss is the eye contact. The way they looked at eachother before Simon kissed Wille. You can already tell they're in-love. 3: The field scene. The way Simon ran up to Wille and the first thing he says to him is "What did you do?" And "What the hell are you on?" It's so cute. How Wille was like "Don't be mad at me" but all Simon only cared about was bringing him home safely.

  • Elaine Cannon
    Elaine Cannon4 dagar sedan

    Yaaasss!!!!! Season 2 announced !!!!!

  • block the loo
    block the loo4 dagar sedan


  • kill thyself
    kill thyself4 dagar sedan


  • Wright Gregson
    Wright Gregson5 dagar sedan

    the fish naming scene is utterly brilliant and lovely

  • Eunice Addai
    Eunice Addai5 dagar sedan

    I felt everything they did🥺💔😩 the kisses 😘 I swear I felt everything 🥺😩💔 please get us season 2 🙏🏼🙏🏼 pleaseeeeeeeee 🥰❤️🦋🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Alisha K
    Alisha K5 dagar sedan


  • Ullis Bullis
    Ullis Bullis5 dagar sedan


  • Anna Katelyn
    Anna Katelyn5 dagar sedan

    merry fucking christmas simon

  • Emita Dwisda exo-l
    Emita Dwisda exo-l5 dagar sedan

    P.s Netflix just announce that season 2 will be 2022 😭🥳❤🙏🌷

  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa5 dagar sedan

    Thank you for renewal!

  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa5 dagar sedan


  • Hanna Alrez
    Hanna Alrez6 dagar sedan

    the odds of us getting a season two are in our favor so now we have to pray that season two is just as good if not better than season 1 bc netflix has a habit of going 50% effort on the 2nd season of well loved shows

  • K R
    K R6 dagar sedan

    The choreography and the filming are outstanding. Each fraction of a second is perfectly timed. The dialog is perfect. The acting is perfect. I'm surprised that on these scenes alone this series was not nominated for some awards 🥰 It isn't easy to make a scene have impact at the first viewing and still have impact with all subsequent views. ❤ to entire team for a beautiful execution of the project.

  • Valeria Panduro
    Valeria Panduro7 dagar sedan

    This is probably the best video I’ve found on SEblacks ❤️🤧🤧🤧 love this series so much

  • Monika Maya
    Monika Maya7 dagar sedan

    I love how this series is realistic and not some basic gay couple that hookup. They actually love each other❤️

  • kk mm
    kk mm8 dagar sedan

    Season 2 please ?

  • Gabrielle Giglio
    Gabrielle Giglio8 dagar sedan

    omg I love them so much!

  • Renato Gombia
    Renato Gombia8 dagar sedan

    Si sono state scelte le scene migliori , il film mi ha preso tantissimo , ma la scena e il momento che è meglio riuscito e carico di straordinaria intensità , è sul finale , quando a Wille scendono sul viso due lacrime che sono , dal punto di vista espressivo , di una potenza straordinaria , si percepisce l'intensità dei suoi sentimenti .

  • Shwe Yi Win
    Shwe Yi Win8 dagar sedan

    Now I’m just finishing watching Young Royals and that I’m gonna say this is the best of the best series ever. I’m waiting for season 2 to be released.

  • peacock 🦚
    peacock 🦚8 dagar sedan

    The chemistry they have is immaculate and the acting is perfect. We cannot wait for season 2 and many more.

  • Daisy B.
    Daisy B.8 dagar sedan

    You might as well have put the whole series lol

  • Blood sweat &Tears
    Blood sweat &Tears9 dagar sedan

    I'm begging please give us season 2. I just finished this and it's not enough please

  • Juan Conrado
    Juan Conrado9 dagar sedan

    When is the second season getting out? T.T



    Dag sedan

    Maybe in 2022 some time.. probably.

  • jhu
    jhu10 dagar sedan

    simon's fish---🦋🦋

  • alanhillberg
    alanhillberg10 dagar sedan

    As so many have commented, this show really strikes home, in the heart. The performances are so real and organic, heartfelt, not just reading lines or acting, but living it, and it feels like we're watching as it happens. The spoken and unspoken language is just beautiful. The looks, the smiles, the eye contact, the touches, just so nuanced and real. Omar is a natural in front of the camera you'd never guess this was his acting debut. I can't say enough nice things about this show. I'm in the USA, so I was glad it was overdubbed in English and I didn't have to read subtitles, but wished I could hear the actual voices of the actors. Then while watching it for the 5th time it hit me. I've watched many interviews with actors in this show, and then realized the overdubs were by the real actors themselves. They all speak more than one language. I feel silly for not realizing that sooner. I'm endlessly impressed with this show. I left a note for Netflix about what shows I'd like to see on the network. I only put down one: Young Royals season 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc! :)

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams10 dagar sedan

    Also the music where they are hugging outside and the people all were, naturally, gawking and -- judging -- in their own little

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams10 dagar sedan

    PLEASE!!!!! Will someone PLEASE tell me WHAT the music is Simon is singing with the choir and maybe where I can buy it? I HAVE to learn how to play and sing that!! PLEASE!!

  • Steve Williams

    Steve Williams

    4 dagar sedan

    @Sherlet Thomas THANKS SO MUCH, @Sherlet Thomas -- GOT IT!!! Appreciated.....

  • Sherlet Thomas

    Sherlet Thomas

    7 dagar sedan

    Remember by Seinabo Say



    10 dagar sedan

    One song is called Remembered. (Don't know the artist). The other is called It takes a fool to remain sane by The Ark.

  • Gabrielle Giglio
    Gabrielle Giglio11 dagar sedan

    This show is so amazing, I hope the announcement of a season 2 soon ❤️

  • Mike Q
    Mike Q11 dagar sedan

    You forgot the scene in bed together. Of is that too daring for SEblacks?

  • Nelvie Baon
    Nelvie Baon11 dagar sedan

    Please hoping for season 2

  • Rosario Chan
    Rosario Chan11 dagar sedan

    ¡¡¡¡¡ I need more !!!!!

  • 72mje
    72mje11 dagar sedan

    Still watching this clip... Any news of a season 2 yet?

  • A_ien
    A_ien12 dagar sedan

    The Lucia scene is my personal favorite 🤧❤️

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh12 dagar sedan

    This show takes you through all the emotions with all the characters. nervousness, butterflies, hopefulness, anxiety, embarrassment, jealousy, love, grief n loss, comfort... it’s an empathic roller coaster.

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh12 dagar sedan

    This show is real, raw, re-presenting, beautiful, well done.

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh12 dagar sedan

    This show has a dear place in my heart.

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh12 dagar sedan


  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh12 dagar sedan

    “We haven’t done Anything wrong..” “no, we haven’t”

  • Gosto é relativo, qualidade não!
    Gosto é relativo, qualidade não!13 dagar sedan

    Season 2 please!!! We need this!!!!

  • Pavel
    Pavel13 dagar sedan

    SEASON 2222

  • one secret
    one secret13 dagar sedan


  • Reinaldo Fernandez
    Reinaldo Fernandez13 dagar sedan

    Can someone tell me the name of songs of the last hug scene ? please!



    10 dagar sedan

    Elias- Revolution.

  • dennys marroqui
    dennys marroqui13 dagar sedan

    Necesitamos segunda temporada, hermosa serie 🎆 OMAR 🇻🇪 talento Venezolano 🇻🇪🎆

  • Ambitious b.
    Ambitious b.14 dagar sedan

    remove the video, its inappropriate

  • Unais MD Harrison Thaikkatt
    Unais MD Harrison Thaikkatt14 dagar sedan

    But the last good bye was so heartbreaking 💔💔💔

  • Juan José Hernández
    Juan José Hernández15 dagar sedan

    I guess I'm straight, but I enjoy when I see two men kiss.

  • Lara Sant Anna
    Lara Sant Anna15 dagar sedan

    I just came here everyday, simile for 10 minutes and than leave with a warm feeling

  • philkas eyewitness
    philkas eyewitness15 dagar sedan

    When Omar was singing live Edvin was trying to make him laugh

  • Varsha Rathore
    Varsha Rathore15 dagar sedan

    The first kiss is so cute 🥺 how he pulled the shirt to pull him closer😩😩

  • Me
    Me16 dagar sedan

    Guys give the serie good reviews so we can have a season 2

  • ryu ray
    ryu ray16 dagar sedan

    You don't start out with the fish scene people keep replying that XDDD

  • mariya george
    mariya george16 dagar sedan

    Season 2 needed😭😭

  • Ariel Piza
    Ariel Piza17 dagar sedan

    Me encantó esta serie!!!!!! ❤️

  • Im Chann vipheavy
    Im Chann vipheavy17 dagar sedan

    Man!! I'm desperately waiting for season 2 😭

  • Ankita Sharma
    Ankita Sharma17 dagar sedan

    Your gone and I gotta stay. 🥺

  • Capybara B.
    Capybara B.18 dagar sedan

    I demand season 2!!! If its not gonna happen, I`m blowing up my city >(

  • Maëlle
    Maëlle19 dagar sedan

    I want to know what happened after the first kiss

  • Baran Serhat İtah
    Baran Serhat İtah19 dagar sedan


  • philkas eyewitness
    philkas eyewitness19 dagar sedan

    Wilhelm better go back to school and fight for Simon they are soulmates.

  • Aeanbelle Frost
    Aeanbelle Frost19 dagar sedan

  • Eds Laguador
    Eds Laguador20 dagar sedan

    Season 2 please!!!

  • juliaanaa H
    juliaanaa H20 dagar sedan

    God i love this two. I swear I was a completely different person before i watched yr and now they're like a drug to me. I just love them so much

  • Edvin
    Edvin20 dagar sedan

    Thanks to the editor who let the best part of the song finish after the last hug scene :)

  • neesha
    neesha20 dagar sedan

    Why do I think that Harry styles is secretly obsessed with this show, I am not even joking.

  • JAMendoza
    JAMendoza20 dagar sedan

    Petition for us all to cancel our subscriptions if we dont get a seaon 2

  • Neths Ki
    Neths Ki20 dagar sedan

    this film made me feel so alone

  • maria e
    maria e21 dag sedan

    I love this serie so much!!! Season 2 pleaseeeee!!!!!

  • Realstray Kids
    Realstray Kids21 dag sedan

    Happy ending ?!!!!

  • Ankita Sharma
    Ankita Sharma22 dagar sedan

    Just for the record i really like how they say exactly and no in Swedish language. And also edvin ryding ❤ Oh the wait for season 2 is killing me

  • Ankita Sharma
    Ankita Sharma22 dagar sedan

    My exam starts at 10.30 am today and its 8.50 am and i am here 😍😍😍😍 obsessed

  • Chocolate Addict

    Chocolate Addict

    21 dag sedan

    Good Luck with the exam :-)

  • Merab Owando
    Merab Owando22 dagar sedan

    I introduced this show to my mom now she watches it every morning before work and at night before bed😂😂😂... might have to throw away the tv😂😂😂

  • Judy Dechant

    Judy Dechant

    20 dagar sedan

    As someone most likely from your mom’s generation, I’m just as guilty. I watch the series daily ( usually more than once ) 😉 nej, let her keep the tv. My generation appreciates a wonderful love story too. 🥰

  • 주비
    주비22 dagar sedan

    ㅠㅜ시즌2 제발 주세요

  • Carlo Louise
    Carlo Louise22 dagar sedan

    Welp, i never felt more single but anyways i am happy for them.😭

  • Johanne Eines
    Johanne Eines22 dagar sedan

    How can anyone even like "the last hug"?! I CRIED

  • Kylie Sparks
    Kylie Sparks23 dagar sedan

    This is the only lgbtq series that has been this good and perfectly casted and written. If it doesn't have a season 2 I don't think I'm going to believe in love.

  • Steve Williams

    Steve Williams

    4 dagar sedan

    I was barely hanging onto the "concept of love" by my fingernails (which I keep cut short - lol) but THIS whole RESURGENCE OF HONEST TRUE LOVE saved me at the last second. (I was ready to chuck life and everything with it, until I saw the first one of these videos and it brought me back from the brink of total darkness into the light of hope and reality one last time........) CanNOT begin to express how much these two have restored my faith in so many things -- so VERY MANY THINGS.............

  • Jazzercise of Hackettstown
    Jazzercise of Hackettstown23 dagar sedan

    Adding another comment here just to say how much I appreciate this show and all it means for young adults and their normal, real-life issues. Such a wonderful job capturing it -- the writing, the directing, the casting, the acting! It's all on point! I'm happy it's so big in Scandinavia and Latin America! I would also like to see this marketed more heavily in English-speaking countries -- I think Netflix is missing a big audience!! Looking forward to an announcement about season 2!! Kelly xx #YoungRoyalsMom

  • Michael Parra
    Michael Parra23 dagar sedan

    Forgot their first night together in his dorm

  • Hatice Kara
    Hatice Kara24 dagar sedan

    Why is this last hug are they brek up or something

  • NoMourners.NoFunerals
    NoMourners.NoFunerals24 dagar sedan

    Okay who else just wants YOUNG ROYALS season 2 and is getting impatient day by day 👇

  • happy person
    happy person25 dagar sedan

    How beautiful it is.

  • Lena Akiara
    Lena Akiara25 dagar sedan

    i love this series

  • Shoku .r
    Shoku .r25 dagar sedan

    9:50 exceptionally long first kiss 😄

  • bboy rainbow
    bboy rainbow26 dagar sedan

    I watch this video every morning as therapy.

  • Ramona Key
    Ramona Key26 dagar sedan

    Beautiful series ❤️♥️♥️🥰