You WON'T BELIEVE how many PROBLEMS we found on this Tesla Model Y! | Early Build Quality Review

Too many issues for a $70,000 vehicle?? Or is it just part of the Tesla charm? This Early-Build 2020 Tesla Model Y has some build-quality issues, and we talk about them all in this video. Click to find out how many we found! Would you still buy a Model Y or would you choose the better build quality of an Audi, BMW or Lexus?? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Dominik I.
    Dominik I.Dag sedan


  • Janbell Jara
    Janbell Jara8 dagar sedan

    Looks like junk to me

  • chocolatewheelchair
    chocolatewheelchair10 dagar sedan


  • TheBradge
    TheBradge10 dagar sedan

    Man, even 15k Dacias have better build quality..

  • Jacob Knudsen
    Jacob Knudsen14 dagar sedan

    A year later is better but not much. Test drove one and if it was another brand than Tesla I would have guessed it was a car that had its frame bent in an accident and the body shop did their best to get the panels lined back up.

  • thuegli
    thuegli18 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the review. Was about to order one but after reading about all the problems and seeing your review I’m going to pass.

  • Fabian Striebeck
    Fabian Striebeck21 dag sedan

    tis what you get when you buy merican. cz all elon cares about is keeping those shareholders happy. "I told them i would make 1bar cars in 2020, we cannot keep the quality standards high, we have to keep the numbers up". Nevermind the customer, nope - shareholders ftl. get rekt.

  • jasonbadler
    jasonbadler28 dagar sedan

    Hasn’t the build quality of the MY improved over the years since this video was made?

  • irpiggie
    irpiggieMånad sedan

    Lol is this why they went with the hard edges for the cybertruck? Because they couldn't measure and align round edges with enough consistency?

  • Edward Fletcher
    Edward FletcherMånad sedan

    Tesla, making Ssangyong look good since 2007.... If I spent $70,000 on a Tesla and had to deal with their customer service and quality control I'd be in full Karen mode !

  • alex boyd
    alex boydMånad sedan

    From fake space to cars that 100yrs ago had better range 😆🤣😂 You have to be a real ass to actually pay money for old tech. Much less buy into media marketing . Just wait for a real car company to at least give you an electric car

  • jiaye yang
    jiaye yangMånad sedan

    Omg, and they cost over 60k . Wow

  • Henry Ting
    Henry TingMånad sedan

    2 things utterly subpar on Tesla vehicles. Their customer support, or lack of it and their quality. Customer support : On day one, they delivered the car and left it at my driveway. I wasn't able to unlock it from my cellphone, and the delivery guy can't help because once he exited the car, it was locked. Call their support center and they couldn't help because they delivered the car a day earlier and my cellphone can't activate the Tesla Apps because in theory the car still wasn't mine until the delivery date arrives. There I have the car blocking my driveway and can't move it, nor can I drive my other car parked in the garage because the Model Y was blocking my driveway. After dialoguing with the support center (which wasn't easy at all because of their business model leaving their customer high and dry, it took them 3 hours to unlock the car remotely so I can retrieve the card keys to use it before my phone can the activated. So the bottom line is their inept system screw up their customer and the last resort is for them to unlock it from their control center. BTW, that tells me regardless of where you are, they can have access to your vehicle and drive it away because they have full control of where you are, and full control of your car. There were other issues when I need to have them rectify on a new car. The rear switch that flips down the rear seats on my MY did not work. They have to drive it down to their service center, get a rental to come back, then they messaged me that the car was ready, then found out after I went to retrieve my car, I wasn't even told that the car was not fixed because they have to order th parts. I drove the car back and then got the message that they have to contact me again after the part arrives. Another issue, there was a bump (high spot) on the tailgate. This was not a ding, but rather seems like an impact that came from underneath the sheet metal. This can only happen during assembly that someone bumped it from the inside, causing the high spot. I texted their service, even send a picture and they agreed to have their mobile unit out to fix it. I had to cancel a doctor's appointment to wait at home for them to show up. But they never came because they texted me saying that these kind of work cannot be done by their mobile unit. That was nice, then why would they put me through the ordeal to have to account for cancelling my doctor's appt and then they changed their mind. It seems that their entire customer support is a joke. I like their design, innovations and engineering, but their lack of quality and customer support are just subpar. It almost seems like their success has gotten into their head and NO, had I known of how bad their support is, I wouldn't have bought any EV from them. Give them credit for creating EVs on a path to be mainstay to take over ICE vehicles, but their arrogance and business model sucks. If they can't see it coming, the rest of the vehicle manufacturers will eat them for lunch once they catch up. It is happening quicker than they think. They are already raising a red flag in China for their business model and now Ford is already coming out with a EV SUV that can compete with Tesla.

  • Litecoin John
    Litecoin JohnMånad sedan

    Great car. A even greater joke.

  • Carl Mannhard
    Carl MannhardMånad sedan

    A study just came out that showed that Tesla came on 15th place on FSD. They can't even make a decent car so I'm not surprised but still. All this boasting and to the moon shit and they just don't deliver.

  • Sergey R
    Sergey RMånad sedan

    Tesla fans have to be smoking something really strong to buy this piece of crap. Do yourself a favour, examine the build of Lexus or Audi or Porsche that are in this price range. And btw, I understand EV argument, but in that case it should be called "donating to Elon Musk", not buying a premium car and trying really hard to tell how "it's normal" to have such build.

  • abdullah almulla
    abdullah almullaMånad sedan

    what's really bother me is that I saw another video where compared it to a ford e mach and this tesla model y won the comparison how can a car build so bad be compared to any other high quality built car and win

  • H D N H
    H D N HMånad sedan

    Many would disagree but I see Tesla as a ponzi scam. No doubt that Elon is a visionary and has a great courage. But he is moving too fast with too many things. His marketing skills lured investors but you need to make sure that everything is made properly before releasing. This appalling design errors show that they designed this in a hurry to meet some deadlines. I can understand he is trying to grab the entire EV market, but look at recently released German EVs. Miles ahead and perfectly built.

  • Marjan Tehrani
    Marjan TehraniMånad sedan

    OMG this is not a good quality car. I just ordered one and waiting for it. Should I cancel my order?

  • Marjan Tehrani

    Marjan Tehrani

    Månad sedan

    @David Michael I heard some other stories about malfunction as well. I’m returning my Mercedes 350e car. The lease is over and I need to make decision for my next car. Although I ordered Tesla but I’m thinking it’s super expensive and if i get a faulty one then it’s no good. My Mercedes had some malfunction or I can say bug, in some rare condition it slows down and shows a red screen saying you are on EV mode and get gas immediately. I knew my car has gas and it was fully charged. I had to stop the car that was barely moving in the middle of street, wait for a bit, then I was able to start it. I think electronic cars are still not 100% reliable.

  • David Michael

    David Michael

    Månad sedan

    @Marjan Tehrani I just refused to my model Y Delivery yesterday 4/30/21...The only thing better on my build was the tail lights (they seemed fine)...But the hood and the Panel gaps were bad...Since the outside was unacceptable I didn’t bother checking the inside...but, I did notice mine had the common problem where the rear passenger seat Doesn’t lineup correctly (it’s higher by a couple of inches) I just can’t justify spending $50,000 and not get a quality built vehicle… I have seen where others have posted that they refused delivery and their next build was perfect...of course most don’t have the luxury to wait...I purposely decided to hold onto my current car knowing this....if my next build Isn’t worth $50,000 then it will be refused also.

  • Car Confections

    Car Confections

    Månad sedan

    This video was filmed over a year ago. I'd expect that the quality has improved a lot since then. When your order arrives, you can decline the vehicle of the quality isn't up to your standards

  • Marjan Tehrani

    Marjan Tehrani

    Månad sedan

    @H D N H well I don’t have a luxury of waiting. My current lease is over and I need to buy another car

  • H D N H

    H D N H

    Månad sedan

    I would. Wait a year and there will be many better built EV from major manufacturers.

  • curtis wilson
    curtis wilsonMånad sedan

    People act like Tesla's all that. It's nothing but an overpriced piece of transportation with unnecessary technology for braggers to spooze on themselves.


    You should have taken a look inside too. There are more issues on the headliner with scratches.

  • pairojeans
    pairojeans2 månader sedan

    T=trash E=expensive S=$hitty L=lame A=automobile

  • j vdsr
    j vdsr2 månader sedan

    even the new dacia sandero 3 is better finished than that

  • Serhiy 123
    Serhiy 1232 månader sedan

    When you had Tesla, gave it all you could but felt it's more then you can cope and decided to switch to something more reliable, like Alfa Romeo...

  • internetpolification Noseygoò
    internetpolification Noseygoò2 månader sedan

    I looked at my mate’s brand new Model 3 yesterday. I’ve never seen such a dreadfully built car since the days of British Leyland. Bloody awful!

  • Parvez Ahmed Jalil
    Parvez Ahmed Jalil2 månader sedan

    Nio is here to take over soon..

  • Ricardo Martínez
    Ricardo Martínez2 månader sedan

    For a car that costs 60k this is unacceptable

    ANDY SEWELL2 månader sedan

    Wonder what it would do if you put 20lbs of tannerite and shot it. Would be a cool video.

  • Victor M
    Victor M2 månader sedan

    Great video. Tesla quality is a joke, until they have a serious competition I’m suspecting they’ll keep producing cars with tons of issues, people buying them anyways so they don’t care

  • avenuePad
    avenuePad2 månader sedan

    The out-of-the-box quality issues alone are immediately alarming, but it also raises the issue of durability. How long before even more issues pop up, some being actually serious problems? It's amazing how MKBHD just swept the QC issues of his latest Tesla review unit, saying "I just wanted to mention these issues, not that they really matter. I personally don't care about these things." Say what? MKBHD doesn't care about QC on his products? Since when? Since never is when. If the buttons on his smartphone don't click a certain way he complains. If the haptic feedback isn't just so he will take real notice. And hey, I agree. QC is important, especially when you're spending lots of money on these things.

  • Marko Vukelic
    Marko Vukelic2 månader sedan

    I cannot believe people outside USA are prepared to pay for this shit. This even cannot be called "quality level".

  • SamC
    SamC2 månader sedan

    It's an American, what did you expect? Reliability? ha!ha!ha!ha!

  • M Muco
    M Muco3 månader sedan

    Shitty cars

  • Jacek L.
    Jacek L.3 månader sedan

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

  • David Smith
    David Smith3 månader sedan

    People are right! Tesla is not a car company 😂😂

  • David Smith
    David Smith3 månader sedan

    They are toys for dorks

  • LQQK49
    LQQK493 månader sedan

    Tesla recently got 5 Chinese authorities’ invitations to “have a cup of tea” talk. Anybody know why? Tesla was promised that they do not need to transfer technology to Chinese manufacturers, the problem is that, they actually DID NOT transfer it. China allows Tesla manufacturing in Shanghai, hoping that it will help elevate Chinese electric car technology. Instead Tesla is now killing the Chinese electric car market. Tesla drop the Model Y price, further worsen the situation. One of the Chinese authorities suspects that Tesla uses the US military technology to spy on the Chinese driver and send the location and even audio/video feed back to the US. This is a huge deal. SpaceX’s Starlink will eventually bypass 5G and enable people to access the internet from wherever on earth, this further irritates Chinese authorities, because this will eventually break the Chinese Great Wall of internet blockage. Tesla will become America’s edition of Huawei, but 100 times worse. And Elon Musk will be the next Meng Wanzhou. Do you know what happened to Jack Ma and Alibaba? Do you know what will happen, if you dance with a bear? I’m not talking about Winnie the Pooh. 2021.3.5.5

  • mpaforoufakis tsiou
    mpaforoufakis tsiou3 månader sedan

    Teslas are garbage.. only for cult mentality fanboys

  • vince m
    vince m3 månader sedan

    As someone who was hired to work at a Mercedes benz assembly plant to fix broken cars, They have all these same issues. However, they get fixed prior to giving it to a customer. This is pathetic and sad to watch. Fortunately for tesla they have such a following people don't even care about how poorly this is made.

  • Mo Medea
    Mo Medea3 månader sedan

    Tesla backwards: A Low Standard Electric Trash.

  • Mitre
    Mitre3 månader sedan

    12% dislike ratio for a such a fair vid (imo). That’s all Tesla needs... 12% of hardcore consumers who literally don’t care about anything they do wrong. Adding to that people who like this vid but still choose to buy a Tesla because they have different priorities when it comes to cars and see the positives outweigh the negatives (which I can respect since they acknowledge that Elon is no god and they at least make an informed decision before buying a Tesla).

  • Y
    Y3 månader sedan

    Hard to believe this quality caan be released to market, I mean this is the outside only, how many errors there could be for internal and software?

  • Charlie Jenkins
    Charlie Jenkins3 månader sedan

    Ah yes, mis alignment is everywhere on teslas. But our Y doesn't suffer from the same deck lid issue you do. Weird.

  • Long Fellow
    Long Fellow3 månader sedan

    What an expensive piece of shit!

  • Cart Wheel
    Cart Wheel3 månader sedan

    70K for shoddiness. People drop big bucks for the label, that T logo. Musk is a carnival barker who manages to reel in the naive and collect billions in U.S. and state government taxpayer grants, aid. What a joke. My 22 year old car has better quality than this lemon.

  • Bastian
    Bastian4 månader sedan

    Try finding a worse manufactured car at any price point...

  • bloop
    bloop4 månader sedan

    I don't know why but the Tesla steering wheel looks very boring

  • cole2839
    cole28394 månader sedan

    Wait, the internet told me Tesla is the best car maker ever. I'm very disappointed I was lied to... I may never recover.

  • My Foo
    My Foo4 månader sedan

    the way i saw how tesla swung on the highway today. Avoid at all cost.....or maybe ill wait like 10 years for their tech to matured

  • neckboneschannel
    neckboneschannel4 månader sedan

    This is why I chose not to buy a Tesla. It wasn't because I'm broke.

  • cheemooo
    cheemooo4 månader sedan

    Thats what happens when a car company is hurried together by one man trying to operate 4 other large projects. Tesla is a overrated heap of shit. I would never feel safe one considering that so many teslas have exploded. If teslas fit and finish is bad imagine the quality of the electrical and battery system? The tesla fires are a total deal breaker alone not to mention the shit fit and finish. All this together makes for a overrated heap of shit car company.

  • Grizzlyx9
    Grizzlyx94 månader sedan

    damn i think i will get a C class then

  • Savi GG
    Savi GG4 månader sedan

    Now I fear those body pieces might fall off.

  • Savi GG
    Savi GG4 månader sedan

    How does shit like this come out of car factory, there a lot of rules for this, looks like Elpn threw a lot of money at regulations for loosening them.

  • Tony “Tony” Paca
    Tony “Tony” Paca4 månader sedan

    Buy the speed

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith4 månader sedan

    Build QUALITY on US produced Tesla vehicles is ATROCIOUS. Pathetic paint jobs, body gaps, leaking windows, parts out of alignment, on and on. Pathetic Elon, pathetic.

    MCES LEX4 månader sedan

    If this was a Toyota I would return it to the dealership and would want a full refund and extra compensation and I would report them to the government for selling me a lemon, (remember the dealership is not Toyota, they're just a dealer) then I would call Toyota themselves and let them know about them selling me a lemon.

    MCES LEX4 månader sedan

    You take it out of the factory and it's already falling apart on day one😂😂😂 Elon is a genius, once the warranty expires you'll spend 10x the cost of the car on trying to fix it, the company is going to squeeze all the money out of the customer, genius.

  • bobby ray of the family smith
    bobby ray of the family smith4 månader sedan

    70k for something with 70s lada build quality.

  • Dominik I.

    Dominik I.

    Dag sedan

    Lada had better build quality

  • bobby ray of the family smith
    bobby ray of the family smith4 månader sedan

    Definitely a sell before the warranty runs out brand haha what a lemon who'd pay the money for this when you could get a real nice Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or Range rover for that money.

  • Man OfWar
    Man OfWar4 månader sedan

    I may sound crazy, but I’m still going to buy one!

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    Månad sedan

    Me too, and I will have them fix anything I don’t like.

  • Bogdan
    Bogdan4 månader sedan

    Does that really cost 70 grand?

  • Galo Meliton
    Galo Meliton4 månader sedan

    Total crap

  • password76
    password764 månader sedan

    Golf cart company

  • the George
    the George4 månader sedan

    I mean, Tesla always built their cars like they're sold at one third of their actual price

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith4 månader sedan

    KEY POINTS. 1. Substandard Paint Quality, PATHETIC. 2. Faux Leather Seats, PATHETIC. 3. An over abundance of ALUMINUM front and rear, PATHETIC. The Model 3 exterior is about as durable as a Coke can! 4. 5 inch ground clearance, PATHETIC. The Model 3 bottoms out over speed bumps! 5. No SPARE TIRE or RUN FLAT TIRES, PATHETIC. WTF!!!!! 6. Poor overall workmanship, PATHETIC. This is a poorly designed, poorly equipped car for the price, that simply cannot be denied. Other than the software package, there is NOTHING premium about this car! The paint quality is absolutely LAUGHABLE! This vehicle cannot be run through an automatic car wash, unless you desire the paint to be riddled with scratches. Elon has delivered a STUNNING software package locked within a HORRENDOUS hardware package. I’ll pass until quality is VASTLY IMPROVED!

  • PrizmaK
    PrizmaK4 månader sedan

    The rear seat build quality is horrendous! 🤮

  • George C
    George C4 månader sedan

    just buy a german electric car. they've been in the game for almost a century now and don't allow for these kind of rookie mistakes when it comes to quality control

  • Oskar W
    Oskar W4 månader sedan

    When you fold the rear seats, would a standard mountain bike feet in there without having to take it apart (the bicycle)?

  • Shubhayu Basu
    Shubhayu Basu4 månader sedan

    Elon is an amazing Businesses man. He can sell such stuff and Still be the Richest/Second Richest.

  • Kyle Ansley
    Kyle Ansley4 månader sedan

    Here’s the thing. As a software engineer we value precision. Musk has an engineering background. He should be embarrassed his own brand is letting cars leave factories like this. I get sometimes mistakes are made such as small defects but these are not small defects. These are engineering missteps. Those cars should be perfect when they leave especially for that kind of money. If you want to be world class you had better build like it.

  • Riviru Eren
    Riviru Eren4 månader sedan

    If a Toyota Engineer saw this he would pass out

  • Clifford Browning
    Clifford Browning4 månader sedan

    LOL everybody wants to rap like this is the hardest car you can stunt on people with it because it's a Tesla. They are Tesla models that really aren't that expensive so I don't know how this is showing your lifestyle at the same time you're paying this price and you're getting crap

  • tunin tunin
    tunin tunin4 månader sedan

    It is lined up like me building a chicken coop from wood scraps.

  • Austin Kealey
    Austin Kealey4 månader sedan

    Who would even own one of those I mean if you can’t even get the gaps even and aligned right. And then you have lights getting moisture in them when it’s brand knew you know it’s a pile of junk. Plus it takes hours to charge all stick to gas not some giant computer on wheels. That looks like it’s been in and accident brand knew lol.

  • Abe S.
    Abe S.4 månader sedan

    70,000 dollars... For that money, it should take off, turn around and land on a drone barge in the middle of the ocean.

  • Gugljesmece Obicno
    Gugljesmece Obicno5 månader sedan

    This model is a special garbage when THIS is the very first time I hear about it. But realy, they couldn't give it a better name - tesla model why. Exactly, WHY would you do this to yourself? Run. Run as far as you can from this shit!

  • Dastan479
    Dastan4795 månader sedan

    You buy a car for $70000 and you get this You: thats nice You: i hate tesla now

  • Romario Christiano
    Romario Christiano5 månader sedan

    I would never spend $70,000 on a Tesla, poor quality control. Electric cars are just a FAD and a money pit!

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan5 månader sedan

    Design wise... those tire to fender gaps are huge and hideous. It looks like a cheap subaru.

  • Jake the Pitador
    Jake the Pitador5 månader sedan

    Same reason why people buy the latest most expensive iPhone, just care about the trendy logo, all about appearance with friends, co-workers, neighbors etc.

  • TheM275
    TheM2755 månader sedan

    Wow that’s terrible. I can’t believe quality control is non existent

  • Nan Aw Saba
    Nan Aw Saba5 månader sedan

    I want to buy it right now but I can't BECAUSE OF THE MONEY I AM POOR AND SPEND ALL MY INCOME FOR MY FAMILY...

  • Sebs
    Sebs5 månader sedan

    I can't unsee that bonnet

  • Gusli Kokle
    Gusli Kokle5 månader sedan

    Tesla = total scam ripoff. Waste of money. The build quality on my two year old base model Golf is 1000 times better.

  • Farstad Oscar
    Farstad Oscar5 månader sedan

    Dont buy this shitbox, swedish, japanish and german quality is usually the best

  • Rebecca Jordan
    Rebecca Jordan5 månader sedan

    I'll never buy a Tesla because of the poor build quality and lack of customer service. I've heard and seen too many issues that are unacceptable for a car in this price range. People are enamored with the tech but ignore the basics of fully painting a car or even properly putting a body panel on. Tesla seems like the kid in class that makes straight A's but has no common sense.

  • ddolbaenim
    ddolbaenim5 månader sedan

    Sucks car!!!!

  • Emanuel  4K
    Emanuel 4K5 månader sedan

    Its not a BMW or Mercedes what did you think you get quality Made in Germany?🙄

  • flight2k5
    flight2k55 månader sedan

    They’re on par with all American manufacturers.

  • LiteStuff LLC
    LiteStuff LLC5 månader sedan

    You have to wonder ; these are mostly made by robots right? how do you mess the alignment up? I think they need an Edwards Deming Statistical QC expert to come in . Or maybe that would mean shutting down the factory?

  • Jetjock Gordo
    Jetjock Gordo5 månader sedan

    This is exactly why I didn't buy one and got a Jaguar I-Pace instead. I am rather particular and will not excuse Tesla for building cars with the hope you won't notice the defects. All of the closest Tesla service centers are so busy they are scheduling 1-2 months out to get anything fixed. Just awful. Also, the looks of the Y is reminiscent of a New Beetle and old Prius and is rather fugly IMHO. My Jag has been a real delight and has been worthy of all the awards it has been given.

  • DJE “KCCO 73”
    DJE “KCCO 73”5 månader sedan

    No thanks.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C5 månader sedan

    Lmao wow this vehicle is khara.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says5 månader sedan

    All are small things that don't really matter that much. The true issue with Tesla is its high price tags for most consumers.

  • Gr3eGo
    Gr3eGo6 månader sedan

    And people still buying them. What a joke.

  • Giselle Day
    Giselle Day6 månader sedan

    Why would you buy a car that is so poorly put together and the pieces aren’t aligned just to have the brand Tesla? Why are people okay w spending 60-100k on a vehicle like this? I have a hybrid bmw and the body is exceptionally well put together and the tailgate opens and closes smoothly with the waving of my foot underneath

  • danny coutu
    danny coutu6 månader sedan

    I have my tesla model 3 for 2 day and is the modem is broken i have whait 5 h and the stupide fronk whont close dont buy this car

  • joe fitness
    joe fitness6 månader sedan

    Bentley = 0 problems

  • Tufan Sharma
    Tufan Sharma6 månader sedan

    What poor quality product... unbelievable $70K car with such a poor craftsmanship..