WoW Shadowlands Cinematics in Chronological Order


  • Noone182
    Noone1828 månader sedan

    Shadowlands Cinematics: Shadowlands Questlines and Scenarios:

  • 👉 Think Westerner - Think 👈

    👉 Think Westerner - Think 👈

    7 månader sedan

    *Jailer:* You know something is wrong with the world. You can feel it when you diss bad Rangers. You see it when you carve an Arrow. You sense it when you go to work, to a bar, or when you pay your taxes. *Sylvannas:* What is... the matrix?

  • TheEgyptian


    8 månader sedan

    What happens if the seat of the jailer is removed like which Silvanas did with bolvar's helmet? Would the world have more freedom? Like choosing any class in any race? Or going to other realms outside the shadowlands?

  • Прчп Пива

    Прчп Пива

    8 månader sedan

    Where did you get the last cinematic? I have cleared the entire story line + covenant quests avaiable now but didn't see it

  • kostya evdok

    kostya evdok

    8 månader sedan

    very hot sylvanas now.thanks blizzard )

  • Michael
    Michael9 dagar sedan

    Kinda see why some people say this expansion’s story is all over the place. I’ll always enjoy it but without playing this one, I’m a bit confused as key plot and what the raid tiers will look like. If anyone playing wouldn’t mind giving me a quick run down! I have some free time on my hands and was considering jumping back on live. I never got through BFA either but everything up to that I have good grasp on

  • Susanna Hammond
    Susanna Hammond9 dagar sedan

    Let's see a show of hands for those who think this whole destroy the world plot is a way for Blizzard to introduce WoW 2.0?

  • Shane Frye
    Shane Frye16 dagar sedan

    who knows whats gonna happen? DM me

  • -Rage'- bLacKouT
    -Rage'- bLacKouT23 dagar sedan

    Poor Sylvanas. She deserved freedom and forgiveness.

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire25 dagar sedan

    Sylvanas and Anduin, sitting in a dungeon, K-I-S-S-I- Oh my

  • Fich
    Fich26 dagar sedan

    The lore has gotten very shit, imo.

  • Mižo
    MižoMånad sedan

    9:05 oh, toronto

  • Shahua Sabah
    Shahua SabahMånad sedan

    Anduin Should Put His Sword Down

  • Italian!
    Italian!Månad sedan

    Arthas: No! No! No! Sylvanas tries on the mask

  • EllaBrella
    EllaBrellaMånad sedan

    i find it so funny when genn yells "NOOOO! SYLVANAAAS!" because that sums up his entire character. it's like dr. doofenshmirtz yelling after perry the platypus

  • Bully Maguire

    Bully Maguire

    25 dagar sedan

    A grumpy dog who is mad at a spooky pointy shadow lady

  • Rob Mello
    Rob MelloMånad sedan

    Am I the only one??? 19:56 Surely not....

  • Oliver Görčöš
    Oliver GörčöšMånad sedan

    Sylvanass choosed philosophy for her specialization

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie ParkerMånad sedan

    I quit WoW about two months into BfA, boring, same treadmill that I'd been running for over a decade. Saurfang was best part of that expansion, but they completely cucked Thrall going back to Cataclysm and I just didn't have any interest moving forward. I'm just here for the cinematics.

  • Danthehorse
    Danthehorse2 månader sedan

    I'm sorry but the voice actress who does Silvanas sounds like she has false teeth.

  • Balamb Garden
    Balamb Garden2 månader sedan

    Its such a lame Addon. Main antagonist is lame, story is lame, atmosphere is superlame, content is lame, main city is a lame placeholder.......yawn.

  • Michael Michaelagnew
    Michael Michaelagnew2 månader sedan

    Guess they ran out of ideas it looks story wise and this happened lol. Haven't paid attention to this games story since the end of WOTLK. Or this game in general.

  • homunyan
    homunyan2 månader sedan

    god this is so lame. never thought i'd actually miss metzen

  • натанос Гнилостень
    натанос Гнилостень2 månader sedan

    For the sylvanas! For the queen banshees!

  • Tantibus King
    Tantibus King2 månader sedan

    was she going to say we cant even choose who we ... Love?

  • Kopie
    Kopie2 månader sedan

    tagging it: sylvanas would become the jailer.

  • F. João
    F. João2 månader sedan

    This game is 100% crap, but the history, lore and cinematics are awesome.

  • Thor447 Dinn
    Thor447 Dinn2 månader sedan

    When did the Tyrande one happen?

  • Boalol lal
    Boalol lal2 månader sedan

    This expansion really doomed the lore of wow. So horrible.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C2 månader sedan

    Silent cries for help from blizzard?

  • 李晚星
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  • 李晚星
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  • sir ugly mane
    sir ugly mane2 månader sedan

    I just started playing again, and as a horde player I had no idea Nathanos was dead thank god I hated him so much

  • Louis van der Meer
    Louis van der Meer3 månader sedan

    I want to join Sylvanas lol

  • Jiyu Fan
    Jiyu Fan3 månader sedan

    What is WOW about now?

  • Alexis Lacanaria
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  • Bolero Bolero
    Bolero Bolero3 månader sedan

    They should have just made Sylvanas the new Lich king, this is stupid

  • Amanda Hertz
    Amanda Hertz3 månader sedan

    Who was that dark elf on the end ? :D She looks lovely

  • Vivalavida loca
    Vivalavida loca3 månader sedan

    My bet, the Jailer is the lawful good guy...the banished one is the real evil. Otherwise what a boring story.

  • MC Mark Markson
    MC Mark Markson3 månader sedan

    Fools there is no escape from the eternal grind

  • Gautam Kr. Baro
    Gautam Kr. Baro3 månader sedan

    Drow ranger arcana

  • Billy kate
    Billy kate3 månader sedan

    Sjw was very prevalent in this exp

  • Demetre Ellison
    Demetre Ellison3 månader sedan

    The handsomely tulip apparently reduce because hovercraft industrially include unlike a public marble. astonishing, black-and-white adult

  • RRJ Roxas
    RRJ Roxas3 månader sedan

    Hard to believe Arthas blamed it on everyone when he was the one who set the plague known as Sylvanas on everyone

  • TheJECNova
    TheJECNova3 månader sedan

    There it was... That single, subtle, momentarily occurring moment of hesitation she had. That says she is not perfectly convinced of the "Cause" she's in. Also... I just noticed, her eyes weren't always RED. Red, is same as N'Zoth's eyes. I wonder... If we'll have a momentary story surprise, where Sylvannas (and maybe a couple others...?) end up being the true Heroes of the entire Warcraft storyline.

  • Aotox
    Aotox3 månader sedan

    Am i the only one whos tired of this sylvanas bs i mean since wrath of the litch king we see her cry scream and fuck everyone and everything like its nothing.She is a banshee for fks sake come on blizzard

  • Shayne
    Shayne3 månader sedan

    They should have threw Sylvanas ass in with sargeras and let the Pantheon deal with her because this is getting ridiculous

  • The Defcalyon
    The Defcalyon3 månader sedan

    she looks like she hit the gym hard . Am I the only one thinking like that?

  • Phesheya Bhembe
    Phesheya Bhembe4 månader sedan

    Who we what? Who we what, Windrunner?

  • Qiqi Thicc Milk
    Qiqi Thicc Milk4 månader sedan

    WoW and FFXVI shorts always make me bust a nu-

  • Mujushin Kenjutsu
    Mujushin Kenjutsu4 månader sedan

    I would gladly pay money for an Updated version of World of Warcraft. Basically the same game but re-created for modern computers.

  • anon 1642
    anon 16424 månader sedan

    I'm too tired to play the game so I look on youtube

  • RGJB 22
    RGJB 224 månader sedan

    grafik so bad

  • Alex K
    Alex K4 månader sedan

    uncritical support to sylvanas in her rebellion against reality

  • Jan Marco Ch.
    Jan Marco Ch.4 månader sedan

    This is a disney wannabe b movie . I mean who makes this stories they are DUMB I swear and that animation is disneys

  • anonymous69
    anonymous694 månader sedan

    Wonder what Arthas would've made of that first fight. I'm convinced he'd fucking kick her straight off the frozen throne all the way back to Tirisfal lol

  • Callum Reilly
    Callum Reilly4 månader sedan

    Oh boy I sure love it when a 20 minute video has 5 double ads in it

  • Noone182


    4 månader sedan

    I added only a three spots This is weird

  • Doy Actioncom
    Doy Actioncom4 månader sedan

    Wenn wir im Tot sind warum sehen wir Varian und Anduin Lothar oder Lord Raven Crest nicht all die Verstorbenen Helden und Herscher von Azeroth ?!?

  • Batman
    Batman4 månader sedan

    Ive never been more tempted to come back...

  • Alien Observer
    Alien Observer4 månader sedan

    Traxex is so hot

  • Hakan Keskin
    Hakan Keskin4 månader sedan

    i love sylvanas

  • C K
    C K4 månader sedan

    jesus this game, the art, and the story went straight to shit. Give it up Blizzard, your golden goose is dead.

  • Hosanna Amane
    Hosanna Amane4 månader sedan

    Gee, I want Sylvanas to call meh her little lion too uwu

  • Sam
    Sam4 månader sedan

    I'm noticing hesitations and slight question dodging by Sylvanas. I smell a redemption arc coming.

  • Monica Gonzoles
    Monica Gonzoles4 månader sedan

    I just remembered, isn't Malfurion in Torghast somewhere?

  • compman34
    compman344 månader sedan

    Blizz: "lets take Diablo and WoW and drop it in a blender!"

  • khalifah dasopang
    khalifah dasopang4 månader sedan

    Bolvar should've stay blood, re-rolling to frost was his biggest mistake

  • Addison Rohland
    Addison Rohland4 månader sedan

    ysera IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG.... not shadowlands yet.. and was picking basion as my main but... ysera IS WITH DRUIDS FUCK YOU ALL if see and talk ysera THEN PICKING That covert fuck idc im warrior Im happy she back... man leagend made me truelu upset seeing fav char between vayian and her... i think both as sad... broke me evne it game... NOW question ifv vryian in the game and basion going do this my main 2 char warrrio and druid so warriro basion FOR Vayrian and dream for my druid... that hope see them....

  • Ahab
    Ahab4 månader sedan

    Oh boy! Darksiders II Episode 2 looks awesome!

  • GameCrafter117
    GameCrafter1174 månader sedan

    "I am so tired of your games." Well spoken, Anduin lol

  • Mikael Falk
    Mikael Falk4 månader sedan

    Third wave feminism really buffed Sylvanas...

  • Nicolas Flamel
    Nicolas Flamel4 månader sedan

    Drow ranger

  • derekisazombie39
    derekisazombie394 månader sedan

    Lmao, Allys going to be so pissed when she literally saves the world from the destruction of fate. Then boom, World of Warcraft 2.

  • Harruar
    Harruar5 månader sedan

    why do the cinematics look like Trash? Sylvanas looks like a paper cut out? wtf Blizz o vision??

  • Matko Landikusic
    Matko Landikusic5 månader sedan

    Sylvanas is actually very hot in this scene

  • Razertail Druid
    Razertail Druid5 månader sedan

    Meh. . . Needs More Garrisons To Really Ruin WoW Again. The "Jailer" = Blizzard, The "Jailed" = All WoW Guilds, And The "Jail" = World Of Warcraft Itself. Not Very Clever Of The Under-Educated Monkeys @ Blizzard To Let The WoW Populaces Know The Truth About What Blizzard Really Thinks Of It's Paying WoW Customers / Players With Their Not-So-Subtle Sylvanas Windrunner Quotes About "This World Is A Prison". Blizzard Employees Are Facetious And Put On A Public Relations Helmet They Can Lie From Under About The WoW Community Being "Friendly", But Long-Time Players Know We Are All Just Fifty-Cent-A-Day Whores To Blizzard After The Bullshit Speeches Are Done.

  • Peter Glynn
    Peter Glynn5 månader sedan

    Why has netflix not teamed up for a mini series

  • Роман Ровнинин
    Роман Ровнинин5 månader sedan

    Isn't her breast get bigger? Hmmmmmmm..........

  • Beastly
    Beastly5 månader sedan

    mememememememe someone will stop you fking really can you write something that is worth listening to? you do know most of your players are adults?

  • The Big Game
    The Big Game5 månader sedan

    Cant they just make a movie about thier best stories?

  • Ar Ziel
    Ar Ziel5 månader sedan

    Hope she find a portal and deal with Activision to set Blizzard free if her attention is right. Maybe I don't hated her anymore, if she enslave Blizzard 🤔

  • Jerrod Platero
    Jerrod Platero5 månader sedan

    I LOVE Sylvanas! part of me wants her to just take control of everything, but that would be too easy

  • chaellExE
    chaellExE5 månader sedan

    "We can't even choose who we ... become." But she couldn't utter those words. That wound is still too fresh, I see.

  • Sherriffe Beaulac
    Sherriffe Beaulac5 månader sedan

    Arthas is waiting in the Maw to take everyone that got icecrown achievements 😂😂

    DEATH LORD5 månader sedan

    Now who's shipping Anduin and Sylvanas?

  • Bully Maguire

    Bully Maguire

    25 dagar sedan

    Me lmao

  • Vince Russel Morales
    Vince Russel Morales6 månader sedan

    She made herself like Lucifer...

  • B Worldwide
    B Worldwide6 månader sedan

    Cool video m8 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • Broken Pieces
    Broken Pieces6 månader sedan

    Yo…Silvanna taking the lich crown…not gonna lie…thought she was gonna put it on.

  • D wJ
    D wJ6 månader sedan

    I’m telling you. Just make this the movie or tv show.

  • One Click
    One Click6 månader sedan

    SPOILER ALERT: Only "The Betrayer" can defeat Sylvanas.

  • One Click
    One Click6 månader sedan

    Marvel & DC heroes watching Sylvanas : Wtf is this hero so evil ?

  • Quzy Official
    Quzy Official6 månader sedan

    Who would win if sargeras vs the jailer??

  • KewlCrayon
    KewlCrayon6 månader sedan

    Having extensively played WC1-3 (Especially 3) and not so much WoW, I never expected Sylvanis to become the main antagonist.

  • Jose Peralta
    Jose Peralta6 månader sedan

    wow crossing into diablo territory

  • mural
    mural6 månader sedan

    i stopt playing last year but the Cinematics are still awesome

  • deni140492deni
    deni140492deni6 månader sedan

    Srly, this wanna be illidan with tits is getting annoying

  • Ryan Bepple
    Ryan Bepple6 månader sedan

    Growing up playing WOW since vanilla.. one thing we all knew but never thought about. Is how ridiculously powerful the banshee queen really was and all other racial kings where weaklings

  • BEPrimAnim
    BEPrimAnim6 månader sedan

    Sylvanas sounded cool and confident all until she started being philosophic about life and death, then it started sounding blatantly stupid.

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson6 månader sedan

    Still can't believe that she was able to kidnap Anduin & Thrall (especially THRALL) like nothing. I know it's a plot thing but our boy Thrall literally held the world together with his shaman powers back in Cataclysm. Some random lackeys can just TAKE him? Maybe I don't have the entire story and that's why it doesn't make sense. But seems pretty questionable to me.

  • D3C4B5
    D3C4B56 månader sedan

    For Azeroth!

  • ThatSly B
    ThatSly B6 månader sedan

    I dont play retail but I follow the cinematics. Last expansion was fantastic. The story is awful this time

  • foxbittles
    foxbittles6 månader sedan

    woah woah woooah where are the timestamps

  • Mqrius
    Mqrius6 månader sedan

    I get goosebumps everytime i see the cutscene for Ysera... what a scene

  • R OwO

    R OwO

    2 månader sedan

    It is nice to see her again

  • Lasse Eriksen
    Lasse Eriksen6 månader sedan

    I know im not the only one who wounder this: WTF is Prophet Velen doing in this expansion?? He's been in every meeting etc, just stands there like a weird guy. Why don't they use him? he is one of the most powerful charachters on azeroth.. ??????????????????????????????

  • wraithe
    wraithe6 månader sedan

    omggg sylvanas is planning on fucking over the jailer. she's asking anduin to join HER, or be forced to serve the jailer.