Why You Should Want Driverless Cars On Roads Now

How close are we to having fully autonomous vehicles on the roads? Are they safe? In Chandler, Arizona a fleet of Waymo vehicles are already in operation. Waymo sponsored this video and provided access to their technology and personnel. Check out their safety report here: waymo.com/safety/


Waymo Safety Reports - waymo.com/safety/

Driving Statistics - ve42.co/DrivingStats

The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars ve42.co/SelfDriving

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  • VitaLux IUC
    VitaLux IUC14 minuter sedan

    Interesting video

  • Lord Hakkera
    Lord HakkeraTimme sedan

    Honestly, I'm ready to jump into a driverless car tomorrow. I think anyone who has just lived long enough and seen countless driver-error accidents and pointless traffic jams should be able to admit that driving simply isn't something humans uniquely excel at. Just like how a simple calculator will beat out any human in quick calculations or an automated assembly-line will outdo any team of workers, it's time to re-assign this task (driving) to those who are best at it.

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz3 timmar sedan

    Dumb idea might as well have a robot follow you around wiping your ass, spoon feeding you doing everything for you because humans are beyond lazy anymore.

  • Frode Horgen
    Frode Horgen3 timmar sedan

    what about winter weather?

  • Brett Bowers
    Brett Bowers4 timmar sedan

    it's just really weird how theirs a fuel shortage and I'm being recommended videos for full automated electric vehicles, coincidence?

  • Eld Attack Krossa
    Eld Attack Krossa5 timmar sedan

    busses and public infrastructure instead of more cars pls

  • ProJoe Biochem
    ProJoe Biochem5 timmar sedan

    Driving for me is a zen experience that I don’t want to lose in my life.

  • Hans Teuber
    Hans Teuber7 timmar sedan

    I want to drive myself :)

  • Darius
    Darius7 timmar sedan

    You've gotta remember most roads don't actually have lanes, only major ones do. I'm curious how the technology works outside the city

  • Angel Sanabria
    Angel Sanabria7 timmar sedan

    I’m a truck driver and I think that these will be great.

  • Jon Wallace
    Jon Wallace8 timmar sedan

    I saw a chick putting on makeup today while driving 80+ mph..........

  • tearson
    tearson9 timmar sedan

    also there is something to be said about how people care less these days and think more about them selfs so they will pass someone on the sholder or go in and out while speeding

  • tearson
    tearson9 timmar sedan

    id love self driving cars people these days are worse and worse at driving heck in my town alone its each week now that someone crashes

  • H
    H10 timmar sedan

    I think I'm a better driver than 74% of people.

  • Lộc
    Lộc12 timmar sedan

    I'm really excited to try driverless cars someday

  • Crypt1cmyst1c
    Crypt1cmyst1c16 timmar sedan

    They need to preemptively pass legislation forbidding advertisements to be played in self-driving cars by the vehicle or any hardware associated with the operating company.

  • EffingSix
    EffingSix16 timmar sedan

    What about sailboats. I want to go cook a meal, or sleep, but need for the yacht to continue sailing. Is that possible?

  • Forget Forget
    Forget Forget18 timmar sedan

    I’d be okay with a car driving me, as long as I have a wheel in front of me and brakes. My Toyota has the driver assistance and on the highway it drives beautiful all on its own. And I like it but I like the comfort of being able to take over ofc

  • sauercrowder
    sauercrowder18 timmar sedan

    Pretty heavily biased video, Derek. Never even considered an alternative viewpoint, and all of your data and interview content came from Waymo. Maybe because they let you use the car and (probably) sponsored the video? I'm not even disagreeing with most of the content, but I don't think it was presented responsibly for a channel that'd meant to come off as scientific.

  • Chris Driol
    Chris Driol18 timmar sedan

    The transition between human and autonomous drivers is the dangerous period. If we get to a point where the majority of drivers are autonomous then the risk goes down. Human drivers are the risk factor that's hard for AI to understand and react to.

  • SS
    SS19 timmar sedan

    I will only be convinced if it works in India. Roads in USA are trivial.

  • kulkaGM
    kulkaGM20 timmar sedan

    I tell you why i should't...., cuz hackers...

  • Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams20 timmar sedan

    ok but how practical would it be to own your own of these? and then you gotta pay a ton extra for the equipment and for the service. for people who uber yea but for the general person who just needs a vehicle at the ready ect its impractical to rely on this kind of a service. And when you can buy a cheap car for less than $1000 why buy an automated one thats well over $100,000.

  • O.o Ssccq
    O.o Ssccq21 timme sedan

    these behaviors (15:00) are expected, Waymo is push hard on Veritasim! Super onesided.

  • Enrique Vazquez
    Enrique Vazquez21 timme sedan

    I recognized I am a bad driver. I'm too distracted, so I looking forward to driverless cars!

  • MichaelDarlingCo
    MichaelDarlingCo21 timme sedan

    "we?" I don't think people are that good at driving. It is possible that 76% are better than average- and the other 26% are much worse than average, ie it's not a bell curve. I would expect a fat tail T - maybe it's fat enough that 76% are above average. Incidentally, people who point to their own high skill because they've never had a crash are just silly. Maybe they almost never drive. And when they do it is typically in isolated rural areas with few to no other vehicles for very short distances. Predictability is a HUGE improvement. People too often are far too unpredictable. Forget human perception - is there a situation where software will lead more often to negative outcome?

  • Sakred
    Sakred21 timme sedan

    Lmao driving without a helmet will make driving motor bikes safer when autonomous vehicles r on the road... lmao at that part I want my own autonomous vehicle that I can send to work as a taxi while I do my own things lol

  • NicholasAlm
    NicholasAlm22 timmar sedan

    Near the end he shows a beautiful ballet of self driving cars. Well I've been to Cambodia and I tell you that's exactly how they drive today but with way more honking.

  • BrotherAlpha
    BrotherAlphaDag sedan

    8:00 ... I would put the indicator sound in the car, just to make it feel more normal.

  • gporzio55
    gporzio55Dag sedan

    Try using this in Naples (Italy)….

    ICEMANinHDDag sedan

    Now do this in heavy rain...

  • Sanhan
    SanhanDag sedan

    bro last week I watched a tesla swerve into pedestrians, we got ways to go

  • Rowan Welch
    Rowan WelchDag sedan

    Love the shout out to CGP Grey at the end. Also, I'd be interested to see how a fully automated car handles country backroads in extreme weather. Can you design a program like that to drive down an icy hill?

  • Darius


    7 timmar sedan

    How above reverse up an icy hill because you come across a car coming the other way?

  • Qaiser Saeed
    Qaiser SaeedDag sedan

    they need to hire ppl to press the start button

  • Aleksandr Awerstein
    Aleksandr AwersteinDag sedan

    omg is so cyberpunk

  • Mike Privette
    Mike PrivetteDag sedan

    I can’t wait til two autonomous cars crash into each other and they both try to blame the other car for the accident. Now THAT will be progress!!

  • MichaelDarlingCo


    Dag sedan

    It has already happened.

  • mklik4
    mklik4Dag sedan

    I can't wait

  • Bringer OD
    Bringer ODDag sedan

    I can’t wait

  • oslo6661
    oslo6661Dag sedan

    FFS, Aircraft autolands are only certifiable BECAUSE of human monitoring, and while they are good for poor visibility, think again for windy and gusty situations. As for Asiana, this is EXACTLY the sorts of accidents that occur when manual flying skills are abandoned. The reality for aeroplanes is that automation makes the easy phases of flight easier, but the difficult bit more difficult. We are going to see the same thing with automated cars.

  • Ralph Mueller
    Ralph MuellerDag sedan

    ahem.... HEL:L NO!

  • 33LB
    33LBDag sedan

    the problem is cost. cars are already far too expensive. car manufacturers are charging the most ridiculous prices even just for small city cars, and on top of that, only expensive electric models will be allowed in 10 years time. we can only have driverless cars once they're available at a sensible price.

  • terryeffinp
    terryeffinpDag sedan

    Never gonna get in one of those things. I like driving, I like my truck. This seems like a step towards putting people in a position where in the future private car ownership will no longer be a thing. As a diesel technician I see things fail in the most spectacular ways with unexpected results. No way in hell would I trust a driver-less vehicle.

  • Huxley Leigh
    Huxley LeighDag sedan

    The only thing that should scare us about AI cars is mark zukercar stealing our driving datax

  • unbekannt unbekant
    unbekannt unbekant2 dagar sedan

    No need unless you also invent driverless bikes 😂

  • D Cargille
    D Cargille2 dagar sedan

    I feel split between driverless cars and driver cars after watching this. The idea of being behind the wheel is epic, but self-driving cars are safer though.

  • Apex Medic
    Apex Medic2 dagar sedan

    If there are only self-driving cars 100% of accidents would be because of the car

  • Bingulid Chingchongulus
    Bingulid Chingchongulus2 dagar sedan

    I am in no way looking forward to eliminating the biggest employment available to men world wide. I think they are trying to destroy our society.

  • Eclo YT
    Eclo YT2 dagar sedan

    video didnt seem interesting but im watching it just cus its you veritasium, iwe seen the video on my recomended over 20x first time i actually press it idk didnt catch me like your other thumbnails and videos

  • Tobi Butcher
    Tobi Butcher2 dagar sedan

    I hate you

  • Simp Slayer
    Simp Slayer2 dagar sedan

    Sooner than you think haaa?! we’ll see we’ll see

  • Hasan Umut KABAKULAK
    Hasan Umut KABAKULAK2 dagar sedan

    imagine a worker in the automatic car, running simulations of trucks and bikes and sees a crashing scenario, he / she would be terrified

  • Origami and Cats
    Origami and Cats2 dagar sedan

    I'm really short. My friends say when I'm driving it looks like nobody is driving the car from most angles.

  • Dj Martin
    Dj Martin2 dagar sedan

    I would trust a self driving car top get me to my destination safely I trust myself to get to my destination much faster ;)

  • Isaac Childers
    Isaac Childers2 dagar sedan

    The thing is, computers have no moral system, so it is not feasible that they could ever equate to humans when it comes to complex moral situations, which do occasionally occur on the road.

  • john Nixon
    john Nixon2 dagar sedan

    If the car needs wifi to function properly, that could be scary.

  • Mauricio Weber
    Mauricio Weber2 dagar sedan

    The thing is, you know the person you drive with and you just have to trust that one person.. With a computer driving your car is like trusting all the statistics and all of the average drivers on earth that have been taken in account for justifying it “being better”... like trusting all the drivers in the world at once. When you drive, you just have to trust yourself, your personal history or your drivers personal story, which is more manageable, with less variables.. I don’t engage with national statistics of millions of miles-driven, just this one driver or “just myself”.. right now Even if I mathematically believe nationwide numbers will be safer ... it’s a tough decision .

  • Kazus
    Kazus2 dagar sedan

    If one of my family members died, I'd be much less sad if it was their own fault and not the fault of some error in programming

  • Jean Paquette
    Jean Paquette2 dagar sedan

    A real good driver will never be replaced. Some situations make it impossible for a computer to make the right decision fast enough. Good reflexes are part of the every day security on the road. Agreed, most drivers are distracted and should never be, but some keep their heads on the road ahead and have developed tricks to foresee the dangers, like looking under the parked cars, or through the windows of cars ahead, etc. Just like being buckled up may save your life in a head to head crash, it is quite the reason that may have you killed in a few other situations. And of course, computers never encounter any bug, right? Well, at least for me, I will never trust a computer with my life and put it in its virtual hands. Computers fly planes most of the time, but sky traffic is much less that road traffic, and they have all sorts of equipment to warn the pilots, like the TCAS for example.

  • Safe-Keeper


    2 dagar sedan

    Computers have far better reflexes than the more responsive human, though. Humans take a second before we even start reacting to a surprising situation, whereas a self-driving car makes decisions in milliseconds. Also, yes, self-driving cars can have bugs, but, well, so do humans. We make idiotic mistakes all the time. Self-driving cars don't need to be perfect, they just need to be better than us. And they are.

  • Pozitron
    Pozitron2 dagar sedan

    Why not just remove cars ?

  • timothy oconnor
    timothy oconnor2 dagar sedan

    So...a Wamo ad. Unsubscribed.

  • timothy oconnor

    timothy oconnor

    2 dagar sedan

    @Safe-Keeper If it's a Waymo self-closing door it will probably hit me. But they'll just falsify the data anyway. And suppress search results about it. And pay SEblacksrs to spread propaganda.

  • Safe-Keeper


    2 dagar sedan

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Hypoksi
    Hypoksi2 dagar sedan

    I was not on board at the start of the video, but i kind of are now. I bet the rush traffic would flow much smoother with only these on the road as well.

  • CWHolleman
    CWHolleman2 dagar sedan

    "Why You Should Want To Bow To Your A.I. Overlords Now"

  • Julian Sloman
    Julian Sloman2 dagar sedan

    So the ones saying >10 years just live rurally

  • Goop Aspect
    Goop Aspect2 dagar sedan

    im sold on the fact that autonomous cars can drive or whatever but i kind of fail to see what autonomous cars enable that wouldnt be accomplished by like. public transportation investments of that same money. more people on public transport = less cars on the road which in itself solves like 99% of the things a driverless car purports to do and also improves traffic congestion which a driverless car can't do. i could maybe see a world where theyre useful but i feel the gold rush for driverless cars is putting the cart before the horse.

  • L F

    L F

    2 dagar sedan

    i mean yeah we all want better PubTran,,,, thats really not in conflict with the Robo Cars. and yes btw the robo cars would reduce congestion. Humans’ slow reaction time is the cause of most traffic. the more robo cars, the less traffic

  • Jade Dragon
    Jade Dragon2 dagar sedan

    I always see these vehicles driven in the city in perfect dry conditions. It is an interesting step into technology, but I'd like to see how these handle driving in tropical storm level rains like we get on the Gulf Coast, flooded street detectability, ice and snow in Wyoming, the gravel mountain roads in Carolina or the terrible dirt roads where you'll tear up your suspension if you don't bob and weave to avoid the holes. Those are the reasons I can't see driverless cars replacing driver ones for quite a while. Good idea for taxi cabs in the city if they can handle all weather anomalies that area is known for. I tend to hope that they have thermal imaging sensors to help with "visuals" when standard vision would be hindered due to conditions. Admitted, distracted driving is a HUGE issue out on the roads these days; so many people don't look at the road more than about 30ft past their hood.

  • WurstCase


    4 timmar sedan

    @sauercrowder and my point is, if self driving cars reach level 5 which is fully autonomous driving, the way traffic works will be vastly different. Think about cars like taxis that can pick you up anytime, anywhere and search a parking spot or the next "customer" on their own. if the car doesn't work just wait for the next. there is no need to own a car, you can share the ones that are available. also traffic would be much smoother as the cars could communicate with each other. so in summary safer, faster and also better for the environment because less cars will be needed if shared. Of course this is a big IF and WHEN we will get there. But this is the ultimate goal. You are talking about Stage 3 and 4 in which we are currently in - for this stage your arguments are valid.

  • sauercrowder


    5 timmar sedan

    @WurstCase My point is not that they shouldn't make cars that can be driverless, but that cars where there are no driver controls will never be as useful. Even if I fully trust the technology, I'd rather have a car where, if there is something wrong with the self-driving feature, I can still get to where I was going.

  • WurstCase


    22 timmar sedan

    @sauercrowder this will be or is already the first step. Ultimately there will be driverless cars at some point. When this will happen is only determined by how fast technology can advance without restrictions and general acceptance.

  • sauercrowder


    22 timmar sedan

    Basically why I think driver assists or at least, self-driving cars that will relinquish control in such conditions are the future. Not a car where there is no possibility of the driver regaining control.

  • WurstCase


    Dag sedan

    That is actually one reason why e.g. Tesla didn't incorporate LIDAR Sensors for a long time. Their performance tends to decrease quite rapidly in heavy rain.

  • HTram
    HTram2 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately it won't work here in New Orleans for a very long time. As Derek said, roads can be poorly maintained or other drivers don't stay in their lanes. This city is one of the worse cases for both. I would love try riding in driverless vehicle one day though.

  • L F

    L F

    2 dagar sedan

    “drivers don’t stay in their lanes” … ok? the robo car can still react to those situations better and more consistently than a human. And they might need new training on avoiding/getting out of potholes, but it could definitely be done

  • John Martin
    John Martin3 dagar sedan

    I'm literally the best driver I know. lol

  • ari throw
    ari throw3 dagar sedan

    Saw them like more than 20 times in San Francisco last weekend. That was so cool. I would trust them for a short pick and drop. Would take some time to start believing in waymo! But I loved it Way to go waymo!

  • Wilfried Dehne
    Wilfried Dehne3 dagar sedan

    Thank you for your effort. I recently drove a late model VW Passat with various driver-assist features. None of those features are totally safe. The car did not react to traffic back up or a sudden driver cutting in front of me. The car ping-ponged between the lane markings. Did not handle sharp curves. I understand Tesla does that much better and Waymo even better than Tesla but only on restricted streets and areas. I am anxious for this technology to become better while I am aging over 80. BTW, Tesla's reliability and service cost is a game stopper for me.

  • Cinnamon rolls
    Cinnamon rolls3 dagar sedan

    I want autos :/

  • Maxine Yang
    Maxine Yang3 dagar sedan

    That car is going to have a field day driving in India

  • Sev Delta - 07
    Sev Delta - 073 dagar sedan

    now things get interesting if they start to fly

  • Naruedyoh
    Naruedyoh3 dagar sedan

    But i prefer something called public transport and not obligating people to own inneficient ways of transport called cars

  • L F

    L F

    2 dagar sedan

    @Naruedyoh wait lol, i just finished the video, and i wonder if you did too?? bc he points out this could greatly reduce the number of cars and make everyone LESS dependent, we would get more city space back, having farrr less need for parking lots and private ownership.

  • Naruedyoh


    2 dagar sedan

    @L F The thing is this makes cities even more car dependent, obligating you to have a pribvate vehicle

  • L F

    L F

    2 dagar sedan

    yea we all want better public transportation… does that mean Robo Car development should just stop until governments magically start caring about public transit? No

  • ThisVideoAnnoyedMe
    ThisVideoAnnoyedMe3 dagar sedan

    Yeah, have fun getting irradiated by thousands of lasers and radars by just taking a walk on this autonomous future. Secondly, why aren't trains automated yet?

  • Safe-Keeper


    2 dagar sedan

    Probably because trains are already ridiculously safe, and also very simple to drive.

  • Julia H.
    Julia H.3 dagar sedan

    I think self driving cars are safe as long as they are not made for economic purposes. Because if they were, they would be produced with as little money as possible and this might cause errors. Also I keep wondering if these cars can be hacked. Because if they could be hacked, you could kill people by hacking -and not just some people but whomever you like.

  • Duskull
    Duskull3 dagar sedan

    Okay but hear me out, carless drivers, less polution!

  • Con M
    Con M3 dagar sedan

    he's so clearly afraid

  • yuoma
    yuoma3 dagar sedan

    Uber should get in on the ground floor for this one

  • Jordan Abraham
    Jordan Abraham3 dagar sedan

    I like this technology my only concern is the centralization of control through autonomous driving. You see, there will come a time where the computer can deny you transport to a location for whatever reason, and those reasons do not need to be good because you do not control the system; a lockdown for example could result in the autonomous vehicle denying you transport to any location other than the necessities.

  • Jordan Abraham

    Jordan Abraham

    Dag sedan

    @CWHolleman 100% I was thinking exactly the same thing. Social credit will become the new segregation and tool to discriminate; we’re giving up way too much power to central authorities. Anytime you give up your freedom to a government or central authority, those people never had their freedoms returned without a revolution. Scary times. Edit: And as much as I will stick to a traditional car, it's inevitable they're going to be outlawed under the guise of sustainability and environmental reasons when the true reason is ultimately the centralization of control in all facets of human existence. Agenda 2030.

  • CWHolleman


    Dag sedan

    Exactly. People this day and age are just dying to hand over every single bit of freedom they have. I will never understand that mentality. To use your example, imagine if this was already in full use...Combine it with the current "Social Credit Score" being used in China...You could be denied transportation if you opposed the status quo. Very Orwellian. I'll keep my gas powered, human operated vehicle thank you very much.

  • Lion Pride Music
    Lion Pride Music3 dagar sedan

    Basically it’s all about decisions and second guessing and computers are programmed to follow rules exactly we wouldn’t need them if people actually followed the rules I just started driving and I’m very cautious and the rules are still fresh in my mind people who have been driving for years and years are a lot more care free but all that said we still can only do so much and although we can do many things like driving we can’t do it perfectly cuz a we’re not designed to and b because we have limits not only that but we’ve always made things to do things for us or make it easier we made spears to hunt better why are we suddenly oppose to cars driving better for us it’s so strange cuz we have google to improve how we get information instead of going to a actual library I’m scared to drive cuz idk what other people are gonna do especially at stop signs I’d feel a lot safer and it would be so much progressive for cars to drive for us if they did we could get more done going on a out of town trip won’t be a fearful encounter but a way for you to catch up on shows complete work or call family like people are constantly busy it’s hard to connect with loved ones and I definitely think this will take a large amount of stress away too I’ll say the only reason this isn’t actual thing is cuz Governmets and lawyers make huge money off of accidents I wish he had included the money side of accidents and who it all goes too cuz that’s is what the actual problem here is

  • Zekai Fan
    Zekai Fan4 dagar sedan

    I get nervous riding in any car that I'm not driving myself.

  • ferstig235
    ferstig2354 dagar sedan

    I still haven't seen an autonomous vehicle pull off a "volantazo" Ill be cool with those things when I see it.

  • Luca Nicolas Stefan
    Luca Nicolas Stefan4 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one that wants to drive his own car? I'm 21, and these things terrify me - I'm a car guy, and I want to enjoy big engines, manual transmissions - AND DRIVING THEM MYSELF. They're taking all of that away, and I'm not enthusiastic about it.

  • Owethu Madiba

    Owethu Madiba

    Dag sedan

    I mean they're less likely to make human errors, all the accidents that happened were the fault of human drivers not the autonomous cars

  • Edward Grady
    Edward Grady4 dagar sedan

    I've been in 2 of these. I have no idea how you could come away from the experience thinking this tech is anywhere near prime time. They drive so differently from a human that they are constantly presenting big speed differentials to traffic. This stuff should all be stuck on the test track until it's ready, like any other tech this industry introduces.

  • Edward Grady

    Edward Grady

    4 dagar sedan

    Them pulling the backup driver out of these things is a pure pr stunt as well. One that endangers the public to no end besides that of convenient publicity.

  • WhoTheLoL
    WhoTheLoL4 dagar sedan

    Generally I'm sold on this technology, my only concern is scenarios like this: You're driving and about to ride by an intersection at the legal speed of 50kmph ( ~30mph for freaks ;) ). You have the green light, pedestrians have red. You see a mother and a child (say, ~4 yo) approach from the side. You look at the pair as you're about ~2 seconds away from passing them by. They're about to approach the place where they should stop; if they don't and you don't slow down, you will run them over. Imagine you see one of the below: 1) the child is acting calmly, the mother is holding the child's hand while clearly looking right at you and being aware of her surroundings. 2) the child is acting calmly, the mother is holding the child's hand and looking at it while they're talking, not seemingly paying attention to her surroundings. 3) the child is acting calmly, the mother is not holding the child's hand, is looking at the child while they're talking but she clearly glanced at you. 4) the child is acting calmly, the mother is not holding the child's hand, is looking at the child while they're talking and not showing any signs of situational awareness. 5) the child is acting calmly, the mother is holding the child's hand but looking at her phone intently. 6) the child is acting calmly, the mother is not holding the child's hand and is looking at her phone intently. 7) the child is acting agitated, the mother is holding the child's hand but looking at her phone intently. 8) the child is acting agitated, the mother is not holding the child's hand and is looking at her phone intently. Question 1: Would YOU slow down or at least change how alert you are, expecting that the pair or at least the child might stride onto the road, depending on which scenario it is? In my case, I would be confident driving at legal speed in case 1), but by the time I'm at 8) I would pretty much slow down to a crawl, expecting something stupid to happen. Question 2: Does the automated vehicle differentiate these scenarios AT ALL? How?

  • Elogeir
    Elogeir4 dagar sedan

    what does the car do if the road is slippery?

  • L F

    L F

    2 dagar sedan

    it can be trained to handle it the same way a human would lol

  • Mishkat Tasdid
    Mishkat Tasdid4 dagar sedan

    In the future we will think,. whattt,? there used to be drivers,? But the most existing part for me is 24/7 100% cars can be available for all the people,.

  • Dragon Butt
    Dragon Butt4 dagar sedan

    I feel like autonomous cars arent safe to be on the road in numbers until EVERY vehicle on the road is sharing information with them. When that happens, it'll probably be ready.

  • Dragon Butt
    Dragon Butt4 dagar sedan

    There will come a point when an autonomous car wont be able to avoid a crash, and will have to choose what it hits. Swerve to not hit a pedestrian and hit another car? Or slam on the brakes and hit the person because it detects the car it would swerve into? What about the people behind you that have to now negotiate the situation immediately after you? How will it handle skidding down an icy road uncontrolled? Or failure of the brakes or a stuck throttle? Im not against Driverless cars. I think the technology is fantastic and has tremendous merit. They are important. There are just some situations where there is no "Right answer", and the outcome is entirely reliant on your morals and who you are as a person. Thats the biggest reason i have for not wanting them on the road en masse. The other big reason is being able to adapt and memorize the things on a route you take every day. I know where the traffic is, which ramps to keep a lane or two away from on the highway, where its better to slow down and let traffic merge, where and when its safe or necessary to overtake, or even which route is safer versus being the fastest, most direct route. A good example would probably be Texas truck traffic. Living where i do, i can generally guess which direction an 18 wheeler is going to go, which lane its going to merge into, how far away to stay from it or change lanes to avoid debris or a potential accident (very important when you see LOTS of tandem trailers and drive in high wind conditions). Sometimes you see them coming down a ramp or overpass from a distance, and you know to merge into another lane, or slow down or speed up to let them merge. You have to be able to share the road, and that requires knowing it more than just what a gps map and sensors will tell you. Theres also the matter of the rules of the road where you live, versus the black and white laws of the road. Knowing where and when its dangerous to stick to the speed limit, versus speeding up to match traffic flow. Sure, speeding is bad. Speeding kills. Speeding is illegal. But when everyone is doing 80+ in the morning and you're doing the posted speed limit of 65 in any lane just because its "What you're supposed to do" on paper, you're putting yourself in harms way, and by extension putting others in harms way. You have to be able to adapt to the flow of traffic, which is impossible by a black and white list of "Do X when Y occurs". The last big issue i have with them is being able to spot the signs of danger that are not immediate. Being able to identify a drunk driver, tired driver, or aggressive driver, from a distance. Its not uncommon to come across these types of drivers on the road, and you can only identify them by observing how they are driving. Someone ahead of you barely able to keep their lane is someone you dont want to be in the same lane with, or even in the lane next to. An aggressive driver getting fed up with traffic is dangerous if you dont avoid them, with the rapid, unpredictable lane switching and accelerating and braking. A pattern you can notice and remember. These are all situations and things that you learn and remember, which an autonomous car simply wont be able to do without human input to teach it. Things that a black and white, right and wrong playbook simply cannot account for at highway speeds, with two, three, four or more lanes of cars around you. You have to be able to observe, learn, adapt and overcome. I think the creators or autonomous cars and the ability for the systems to learn suffer from the misconception that only immediate danger needs be reacted to, and that the situations are few and far between. While my evidence and scenarios are only anecdotal, they are all things we have seen and dealt with on the road, for more than brief instances. We all use the highways, and its not uncommon to be around the same cars for distances greater than a mile or two. Self driving cars should probably be regulated to low speed, dense areas where all these variables are greatly reduced. Its a lot easier to panic stop and avoid someone opening a car door on the side of a street at 30mph than it is analyzing threats at 70mph from a distance and choosing ahead of time what you need to do to keep yourself safe. Its also worth mentioning situations where you can potentially save a life or prevent an accident. Lord knows i've prevented plenty of accidents by bringing distracted drivers to attention by honking at them or flashing my lights, or getting drivers oblivious to the danger they are putting themselves in out of the way and into a lane thats safer for them. Driving from DFW to OKC and back, theres a lot of 2 lane highway, and a high posted speed limit. If you're doing the speed limit in the left lane and traffic is building up behind you, it can get yourself or others killed if you keep going as you are. I can prevent that by being a little aggressive, getting your attention and getting you out of the way for the sake of yourself and others. I've also seen semi truck drivers purposely merge into the left lane and slowing down traffic to keep people from blowing through speed traps. Theres just so much that goes into driving, beyond what we are capable of teaching self driving cars to do right now. Maybe one day, not in our lifetime, they'll get there Anyway, thats enough rambling for now. These are just the thoughts of someone whos been driving for decades and never been in an accident, and has saved lives with their actions on the road. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • ozmoll
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    What I would like to know is what the waymo car would do in a non standard situation such as coming up to set of traffic lights that are blinking yellow due to a fault or an accident and police are directing traffic with hand signals.

  • j franklin

    j franklin

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    It's clearly not an issue because there is road works etc. in Chandler, Arizona

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    I saw one of these while driving around so that's what it is!

  • sharath chandra darsha
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    Have you tried Tesla fsd yet

  • Pieispie
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    I would rather have less cars, not self driving ones.

  • deanc2000
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    If they could come up with an app where you just press a button and your car is there at your location within seconds to a few minutes, and each ride only costs a few cents, THAT WOULD BE HUGE.

  • deanc2000
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    If this eliminates the need for having to own a personal vehicle, I love it.

  • Pedro Ruiz
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    Hi Veritasium, quite interesting video. I fully agree and would love to see those cars. However, there is something you haven't mentioned. Hackers. Those cars can be hacked. How? They will certainly be connected with IoT and will have to get upgrades from their manufacturer that can be hacked too. This is a risk that we need to consider. Can you imagine if someone gained control over many many of those vehicules? This could be a huge mess and endanger the lifes of many peoples. And why would someone do that? Many motivations: revenge, kidnapping, attacking VIP people, steal cars, narcotics traffic, creating a big mess in a town and completely block it for political or other reasons. What if cars from a US town gets hacked by Chinese, and they've got full control for a while? I mean, the things a malicious person could do are just close to infinite. Have you considered this aspect? I'd be very curious to know your point of view. And don't tell me that security will be a major point for those companies cause you can't never ever be fully secure, you're always vulnerable if the right motivation is on the other side :)

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    So the question is “Is there something that AI could never beat humans in?”

  • BuyETou


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    @A guy with no content will that make me hired over a more skilled AI which doesn’t need eat, drink, bathroom nor rest?

  • A guy with no content

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    @BuyETou being alive

  • BuyETou


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    @Andreas Hansen you’re right. Although I meant in terms of skills

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    y is the car wearing a sit belt