Why You Should NOT Buy a Tesla!

In this video, Chandler explains some of the glaring negatives of owning a Tesla. He also talks about why a good chunk of the population should not buy one!

Chandler has been investing in real estate for the last eight years. He currently owns 114 units of rental real estate and 73 storage units. Chandler has used his active income to create a passive income and his passive income to purchase the fun stuff. One of those fun purchases was the Tesla model 3 performance. In this video, Chandler shares why some people should not buy a Tesla. He talks about a lot of the little corks of owning a Tesla but then specifically talks about the major issues with battery life and charging. Chandler shares an experience where his battery was draining 3 to 4 times faster then what the the battery life the car said it would hold. This video breaks down why a Tesla is definitely not for the average family. Teslas are incredible but this video helps you understand why you should not buy it as your daily driver.

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  • M M
    M M9 månader sedan

    Thanks for keeping it real, I've seen Tesla's driving so slow on the highway trying to conserve range. These fanboys on here acting like a 2-3 year old car is ancient. I'm sorry but you shouldn't be having all these issues on a car that new. I had a Model Y loaner for 2 days and the estimated range on the screen was inaccurate. I found a EV Go charger That saved me because otherwise I'd have to have it towed. I'm not buying one till the range gets over 400-500, otherwise it doesn't make sense.

  • GB


    15 dagar sedan

    @M B well no the shit ones are US made actually. China factory is new and designed ground up. When Texas plant open, gen 3 factory, maybe better

  • Penn O

    Penn O

    20 dagar sedan

    In a pinch find an RV PARK or camp ground. They WILL HAVE 240v charging hookups. People tend to forget this. Just keep a 15-25 foot 240 volt cable in your trunk. They average 14-17 miles per hour of charge

  • Magikal_Oz


    21 dag sedan

    I mean their range is an estimate under the most ideal conditions unless your driving in a wind tunnel all the time no electric car will actually be 100% accurate

  • LU X

    LU X

    22 dagar sedan

    Elons cult will argue otherwise.

  • paul bramwell

    paul bramwell

    26 dagar sedan

    You fool..that is garbage

  • Overwhelming Conundrum
    Overwhelming Conundrum2 dagar sedan

    I will never buy a tesla

  • marc gilles
    marc gilles4 dagar sedan

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You just saved me from making a mistake.

  • Vourn2020
    Vourn20206 dagar sedan

    Give Tesla Model S Plaid to this guy please!!!

  • billy Hensley
    billy Hensley6 dagar sedan

    Screw electric cars

  • Benderrick Cobbin III
    Benderrick Cobbin III7 dagar sedan

    Idaho SUCKS 😂 that's the problem!! To dam cold

  • Dayton Pangestu
    Dayton Pangestu8 dagar sedan

    And umm the back why not call Tesla

  • Dayton Pangestu
    Dayton Pangestu8 dagar sedan

    It’s probably ur phone dude

  • Miniocalypse
    Miniocalypse9 dagar sedan

    So many license plates in this video.

  • Richie Gino
    Richie Gino10 dagar sedan

    By the model X By the model X

  • Cyber Slim
    Cyber Slim10 dagar sedan

    6:55 Hate stupid design. Only this is already enough to never ever buy T again! I drive Porsche EV now. 😎

  • Acg blah
    Acg blah10 dagar sedan

    3.1K down votes are from butt hurt fan boys and girls.

  • Gabriel Goodwin
    Gabriel Goodwin11 dagar sedan

    I really feel left aside hearing and seeing several testimonies from people on profits they make from Bitcoin/Forex Investment. Can someone recommend a good expert that trade on my behalf and generate profit for me.

  • Gabriel Goodwin

    Gabriel Goodwin

    10 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the recommendation guys. I will be looking forward to earn from my first Investment with her

  • Pamela Brady

    Pamela Brady

    10 dagar sedan

    Telegram 👇👇

  • Pamela Brady

    Pamela Brady

    10 dagar sedan

    Letton Deb

  • Pamela Brady

    Pamela Brady

    10 dagar sedan

    Facebook 👇👇

  • Alicia Flowers

    Alicia Flowers

    10 dagar sedan

    Any medium i can reach her. I want to get started already?

    NYLEMAX11 dagar sedan

    Problem is with an iPhone. Get a normal phone. Samsung 4eva

  • 1 1
    1 112 dagar sedan

    What a stupid video.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith13 dagar sedan

    in a few months or no time people we definitely be kicking themselves regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency

  • Gabriel Greenwood

    Gabriel Greenwood

    12 dagar sedan

    determination is highly needed in trading, because only a brave heart is determined to take the risky involved in making great profit.

  • Ji song Park

    Ji song Park

    12 dagar sedan

    when I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories, till i was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because invested in a big way.

  • Ji song Park

    Ji song Park

    12 dagar sedan

    @Terry Fegurson you are right trading with a professional broker is the best option.

  • Terry Fegurson

    Terry Fegurson

    12 dagar sedan

    most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them investing and trading forex while the wise one's kept investing and growing higher financially.

  • Adam Juliet

    Adam Juliet

    12 dagar sedan

    Tell him i reffered you

  • Jandra Elune
    Jandra Elune13 dagar sedan

    That emergency switch for the door needs a slide lock on it.

  • Andrew's World
    Andrew's World13 dagar sedan

    Thanks very much my friend 😊😊😊

  • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    Shirley Márquez Dúlcey13 dagar sedan

    It's not nearly as severe a problem if you don't live in a place where sub-zero temperatures are common. Idaho may not be the best place to own one.

  • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    Shirley Márquez Dúlcey14 dagar sedan

    The unlock issue may be caused by your app permission settings. If you do not allow the app to run in the background it will behave exactly as you have seen; the unlock works if you open the app but is otherwise unreliable.

  • SONNY Marino
    SONNY Marino14 dagar sedan

    Yep that's a crap car

  • Moe Sallehi
    Moe Sallehi15 dagar sedan

    These are legitimate concerns, not biased complaints. I ordered a 2021 Model 3, which is supposed to have some of these issues rectified, but I do live in Ottawa, Canada, and it can get nasty in the winter. Thanks for sharing.

  • Del dannniel
    Del dannniel16 dagar sedan

    dude are u shorting tsla

  • tomgreene121
    tomgreene12116 dagar sedan

    So basically, you made a video showing people how stupid you are. Congrats!

  • H
    H17 dagar sedan

    i just want to know about the vehicle you can STOP with the low key bragging about how much money you spend...it's annoying 🙄

  • Chopper Styles510
    Chopper Styles51017 dagar sedan

    “I don’t carry my key card because it’s so much easier with the phone…. “Yet whines about how the phone doesn’t work…. 😶

  • Alex Omid
    Alex Omid17 dagar sedan

    1. For those who don’t know this, approach the car with your phone out of your pocket. (Tesla app needs to be open but you don’t have to open your phone as long as you didn’t exit the app when you closed your phone.) This is more of a user error bro lol. 2. I never have had panel gaps but if you do, you tell them at delivery and they fix it for you. Not a big deal. 3. I don’t like the emergency handle either. The only thing I agree with in your video. That’s just annoying. I’m glad they finally at least put a door opening decal on the button in all the new Tesla’s. 4. The new Tesla’s have heat pumps so cold isn’t an issue. Plus if you drive fast in an internal combustion engine you use range up faster too, come on now lol. 5. You should always bring your charger in your car for road trips. Again, user error. You should have followed prompts to drive slower so you would have made it to a supercharger. Bottom line, be a responsible driver and you won’t have any issues with any Tesla and they are only getting better.

  • Animal Loverjulian
    Animal Loverjulian20 dagar sedan

    Your car seems like a lemon, sorry for your bad luck.

  • Animal Loverjulian
    Animal Loverjulian20 dagar sedan

    I’ve had my Tesla for year on September 27th, never had any problems or maintenance at all, except for rotating the wheels, thankfully because I took auto mechanics in high school I did it myself for free.

  • Lancer
    Lancer21 dag sedan

    Best review

  • Kevin Owen
    Kevin Owen22 dagar sedan

    just keep the card on you! an old gas banger wont open without the keys too !

  • Lion Reyez
    Lion Reyez22 dagar sedan

    Scrap it. Pass bull to someone else, the white man's way of life. Last comment. You tube is the same people doing the same things. Being crazy. I have seen enough.

  • §paethon
    §paethon22 dagar sedan

    So basicallly, since I live in Florida, I'm good with temperature concerns. What gets me though...WHEN you need to replace your battery, because some of us enjoy car payment freedom, a replacement battery costs $13,000. No joke, see for yourself. With Tesla, no oil changes, radiator flush, fluid top-off, spark plugs, belt change, etc. But the typical $250 maintenence bill for gas cars every so often is nothing like a $13,000 bomb. I can get a brand new engine and transmission in my car for less than $7K. Plus with everything electric in a Tesla...power windows, roof, locks, doors, handles, etc. Electric motors wear out. Me personally, I love hand-crank windows and manual locks. Because they last forever if you're gentile. Replace Tesla window motor...probably expensive. I've tried to find a SEblacks story surrounding a 5+ year-old used Tesla without luck. Something tells me that when you see a '17 Tesla at Bob's Used Car Lot in year '27, you'll enter a financial black hole if you buy it. People like me who buy a daily driver with the future intention of having no car payments, you have to consider that with Tesla. I've had my awesome little gas-powered coupe for 6 years without a car payment and its awesome. Saving on that, insurance is super cheap. Tesla, futuristic, 0-60 in ludacrous time...the longtime owner upkeep seems insane. And have mercy on anyone buying a 10 year-old Tesla without any replacements.

  • cornchild1
    cornchild122 dagar sedan

    I get 50 MPG on my Prius and it only takes me a minute to gas up

  • dts. Dolby
    dts. Dolby22 dagar sedan

    Dude you have 7 cars which a tesla a pickup and a 2 coupes, and you wanna trade your model 3 for the roadster, if it's really true i'll work for you. Honestly I drive my father in law's 2006 renault 398.000 km. 0-100 in 42 scds, if you wanna give me a push it will helps...

  • Jackhammer078 Jack
    Jackhammer078 Jack22 dagar sedan

    Famous Potatoes👍

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith23 dagar sedan


  • Phillip Bergeron
    Phillip Bergeron25 dagar sedan

    Dude are you serious.. you seem so smart.. if you going to ask everyone. I know many people has a 220v electric dryer. I always have that 220v adapter.

  • Phillip Bergeron
    Phillip Bergeron25 dagar sedan

    Is software issue maybe on your iphone? I had the same exact problem .. but I had issues with my iPhone.. I upgraded my recently and 0 problems now.

  • Strain Calator
    Strain Calator25 dagar sedan

    All i can understand is that you live in a wrong area, cold weather everiday, no chargers in your area for mile.. ist normal that you don,t need a tesla

  • He_lives_in_a Pineapple_under_the_Sea
    He_lives_in_a Pineapple_under_the_Sea26 dagar sedan

    I would NEVER buys tesla no matter how "nice" it is. Telsa's are not ready for the 21st century and the 21st century isn't ready for a tesla. It's not worth it for most people to get one yet. Not even in 6 years or in the next 10. Also, living in Idaho and owning a tesla is retarded. Like what is this guys fucking problem? Dunce hat award.

  • paul bramwell
    paul bramwell26 dagar sedan

    What a bunch of fools. Its like a herd mentality. Spending 80k for a model S is just a waste of money for a car that is not even worth 30k.

  • Leon W
    Leon W27 dagar sedan

    You can literally refute almost every issue you have man. -Change your range readout to % instead of miles -Use A Better Routeplanner -Your silly story of being stuck, you could have used the J1772 to Tesla adapter that comes with your car and go hit a Level 2

  • JayBirdDynasty
    JayBirdDynasty27 dagar sedan

    Bro just use the card and quit complaining

  • Woody NorCal
    Woody NorCal28 dagar sedan

    Boring and elementary. I've had a 3P for 3+ yrs and while you have a point with the gaps, the rest is whiny, maybe to try and get views. I'm out on your complaining. Yeah, I have a few F-car too, a Lexus and others, but this is silly. Get over yourself and sell it Meet Kevin! He'll appreciate it! Go back to your ICE cars and leave us alone. Thanks Meet Kevin!

  • Rob B
    Rob B29 dagar sedan

    Driving style constantly resets the range. Lesson...you can't have it all at -15.

  • Rob B
    Rob B29 dagar sedan

    You can't use the element heat in super cold weather. You wear a jacket and warm with the seat heater. THAT’S IT

  • 21_Gun_N’_Done
    21_Gun_N’_DoneMånad sedan

    Technically speaking the battery range in cold weather is a problem endemic in all electric vehicles and is a physics problem. Assuming the range calculation problems aren’t related to your settings that’s still a problem in EVERY vehicle that uses MPG and tank range, everyone provides standardized measurements. Not excusing any issues that may exist however, whataboutism is dumb

  • Russell Thompson
    Russell ThompsonMånad sedan

    I'm waiting on my 2021 SR+. I live in MN.

  • Andre Abelian
    Andre AbelianMånad sedan

    You need to keep your app open. If you close the app it won’t work. App is the key not the phone itself.

  • xXWeltchXx
    xXWeltchXxMånad sedan

    My Chevy does the same thing with the app the guys on the support was saying something about shared network idk if it’s the same reason

  • tigertoo01
    tigertoo01Månad sedan

    Seriously chandler you need to have the phone app on for it to work with the car…. No app no unlock. That’s all you mate.

  • MARIO Ramirez
    MARIO RamirezMånad sedan

    Is me again my text didn't come out right at the end, when the light turns green all the see is the back of my car living them far far behind, this car is snappy 😉. So watch out non EV owners, EV cars are quick at the light🤗.

  • MARIO Ramirez
    MARIO RamirezMånad sedan

    Hey man you should it look into a BMW i3 with the range extender you will not have that much of a problem even in cold weather, i drive alot and far distances im in Southern Arizona tucson is a 2 hour drive not counting city driving for the hours im spending there,, Phoenix 3 hours drive,Sierra vista or by the border of Mexico another 3 hours and if i want to go to Grand canyon is about 5 hours if i go to the south entrance of the canyon, and again these this not includes driving inside the cities of this locations im just giving you the hours of the highway trip, here in Arizona you have to use the AC all the time pretty much, also every where you go here there is always high, small, or low mountains where you have to drive and that also takes away your range, AC or the Heater in winter sucks up the life of any EV in short trips or long trips, don't matter what kind of car it is or where is made and my EV BMW i3 is not the exception, but what it sets my car apart from other EV cars is that my car is equipped with a cc 2gallon engineer motor Ak: range extender, what this little engine does is that helps the battery of the car not to drain to fast it keeps the charge of the battery longer, it give you about 90 to 100 miles in gas so you can maintain the charge of the battery, so when the gas is running out you have to pull to your nearest gas station and fill up and continue with your trip without charging at all, you can use your heater if you up north or AC if you here in the south, and yes the battery charge will drop eventually after pretty much a full day of driving, the longest I have drive is about 9 to 10 hours and still have about 20% of battery and I can drive for another 3 hours maybe and by then I have to charge the car, but again the extra 3 hours is just an estimate after driving 9/10 hours. The BMW i3 with the range extender will allow you to drive far without charging is that what you want, but again you will have to put gas on that little engine it also depends how far you going, but stretching your legsa few times l at a gas station on your trip will not harm you😁. Also another thing i like about my I3 is that going down hills it charges my battery back at a certain percentage, whatever you loose going up hill or mountain you will gained it back with the regenerative braking system wich is a plus if you live where there's mountains or hills😁. There's other BMW i3 owners that don't like their car or have returned it because not enough range but many of this people didn't have the range extender package that why there's many out there trashing the I3, and they are not wrong, without the range extender is only for city driving not out of town long trip, but with the REX is no problem, they should it be like me a do an extensive research before buying and they wouldn't be complaining 😆. Yes the BMW i3 is not as luxurious like some teslas, but believe i have many EV owners and no EV owners approach me and ask about what im driving and how cool the car looks and among other things people from all ages. You will javebto own one to experience what I been experiencing with mine, and again I use it as a daily driver, and the most fun about this car is that when I pull into a stop light there's some haters that probably think another ridiculous electric car, but when that light turns green is the back of my car.🤣

  • Sean
    SeanMånad sedan

    Tesla's are really boring I would want something with an actually soul

  • FB Fitness
    FB FitnessMånad sedan

    Click bait. Waaa waaa the panel gaps🥲🥲

  • Nai Saetern
    Nai SaeternMånad sedan

    So sounds like I won’t have this problem in CA?

  • HewFoE
    HewFoEMånad sedan

    Dude your app permissions are clearly screwed up 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Ariel Bernal
    Ariel BernalMånad sedan

    Man you need a crash course on iphone, google grokking the iphone bluetooth settings

  • EEStopXplore
    EEStopXploreMånad sedan

    This cat is an expensive toy 🧸🧸🧸

  • EEStopXplore
    EEStopXploreMånad sedan

    I want a simple car that starts every time... Not a car with cards and wifi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • philzone
    philzoneMånad sedan

    You have a defective phone. I have had buggy devices before and it affects blue tooth. I think you need to sell your Tesla because you are impossibly destructive.

  • binlee68
    binlee68Månad sedan

    This video suns it up. Many hate their Tesla from a quality standpoint, but majority continues to buy it even they knew what to expect.

  • Amazed
    AmazedMånad sedan

    Side not.. what style painting is your garage?

  • Steve Romig
    Steve RomigMånad sedan

    Oh poor baby

  • Gus Mansour
    Gus MansourMånad sedan

    I currently own 2 Model 3 Performances (2018 & 2021). You are over-exaggerating on some concerns but most are valid.

  • Tiffany
    TiffanyMånad sedan

    I don’t wanna Tesla but I can see why people are mad he’s only doing this so he can get views and he failed. Negative people do negative things.

  • 🎲 iN8k—IllumiNatey—iNN8k—iV8k—Cyclops Cult—iX8k
    🎲 iN8k—IllumiNatey—iNN8k—iV8k—Cyclops Cult—iX8kMånad sedan

    Meanwhile, homelessness iNtensifies

  • The New BLACK
    The New BLACKMånad sedan

    Also rust. Holy sheet! The paint is a structural member because the steel is so bad. If Ford or gm released this as a new model, they would be laughed into bankruptcy.

  • 0BlaiddDrwg0
    0BlaiddDrwg0Månad sedan

    Thanks for the honest video - Because that's exactly the stuff I also worry about and fight with buying a Tesla. We have a Car Sharing System with Tesla 3 in my town, so I regularly use them and even though I don't OWN them but just use them, I struggle with the exact same Issues. ESPECIALLY the range thing. When driving to a location, you shouldn't have to worry about how far away the next charger is and compare it with the range the car has left minus the range you lose from leaving it for x hours in the lot. That's just not worth 70.000 dollars. Sure, you can ALWAYS argue that you can't leave an empty gasoline car in a parking lot either, but 1. the gasoline car doesn't run out of fuel by waiting in a parking lot and 2. the gasoline car , even when the reserve gas light is on, still manages 20-30 miles before really being empty which gives you plenty "real range" to find a gas station.

  • jon
    jonMånad sedan

    Must suck to have such 1st world problems, I don’t know what I would do! Dbag…

  • LovelyLadyLocs
    LovelyLadyLocsMånad sedan

    What about us nurses that work 12+ hr shifts. Our vehicles are parked for all of those hours. Will the batteries drain really bad in the winter time if we are not connected to a charger?

  • Felix Constantin Langenbach
    Felix Constantin LangenbachMånad sedan

    The app needs to be open at the background

  • Julie Dewyer
    Julie DewyerMånad sedan

    I'm wondering if people are having so many issues like the ones you pointed out with the trunk why aren't they bringing this to the attention Of the person delivering the card to them when they 1st take possession of it. I would not accept it until those issues were fixed. You don't have to sign on the dotted line until the vehicle meets your standards.

  • Julie Dewyer
    Julie DewyerMånad sedan

    Um...pay for AAA. Problem solved. Also ANY tow truck driver can get your car into your garage unless they are new or suck at their job.

  • Fred and Albert
    Fred and AlbertMånad sedan

    Well that’s in your opinion in my opinion everything you say I know the postive thing to do I will just wash the car I will just fix my problem and if I’m smart in school I know how to master the screen

  • PhillyLady
    PhillyLadyMånad sedan

    Sounds to me that the main issue has to do with weather, and perhaps sub zero temps. This is perhaps not the car for cold climes.

  • Barbie Padlo
    Barbie PadloMånad sedan

    Drive it back to where you bought it and have them fix the coast item that’s horrible seriously horrible

  • Chrispewkreme
    ChrispewkremeMånad sedan

    Almost any production car has similar body line gaps. My BMW does and all mine have had slight differences.

  • Gene Goodwin
    Gene GoodwinMånad sedan

    Your range problem is not with Tesla, it is that way with ALL EV's.

  • David Kim
    David KimMånad sedan

    B S !!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel G
    Daniel GMånad sedan

    "all of these are very minor issues" Ill keep driving my camry. I literally can order one online and not inspect it and know for a fact that it won't have a single issue...for 20 years.

  • marek kaniewski
    marek kaniewskiMånad sedan

    the smug self righteous smile. I have never seen anyone get so much pleasure being critical of a product they think is useless......what is going on???....why not sell? maybe because you want to keep up your rant, drama for the sake of more hits on your site???lol,

  • Christy
    ChristyMånad sedan

    your car said, "how dare you!?" lmao

  • A A
    A AMånad sedan

    I shooked how huge is trunk dor gap ...on so expensive car is no go mistake. I didn't know you need special tesla charger and tesla charging place

  • Adrian Gabriel Jones
    Adrian Gabriel JonesMånad sedan

    Such a nice way to show the world how big of a douche you are....

  • John Ruckman
    John RuckmanMånad sedan

    Title should have been "Why you should not buy any electric vehicle. REASONS: Inadequate range. No integrated full body solar cells. Weather. Most glaring of all, antiquated electrical grid, systems. No electricity no electric car.

  • Savvas Ch
    Savvas ChMånad sedan

    those cars (teslas) are so ugly

  • Les Brewer
    Les BrewerMånad sedan

    $70,000 lawn ornament lol

  • Sarfraaz G.
    Sarfraaz G.Månad sedan

    Are you getting water in the trunk? That rubber seal is wanky for sure...lol Did your service center try to fix it?

  • Kiran Patel
    Kiran PatelMånad sedan

    Great information. No one told this hidden stuffs.

  • Drip Me Down LLC
    Drip Me Down LLCMånad sedan

    This video is the definition of “first world problems”

  • B0512
    B0512Månad sedan

    Sounds like the main problem is you live in a suburban part of a small city in a cold climate. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not well suited for the Tesla.

  • Raynaud Malbrough
    Raynaud MalbroughMånad sedan

    Totally agree. People with these issues SHOULD NOT BUY A TESLA! Some folks are too dumb or lazy to understand. Please dumb people, for the love of all that is holy, stick to your gas cars! For problem 1: Set app to never sleep on phone. On car, exclude home for sentry mode and locks. It's a check box. Check it and it stays that way forever. Problem solved. I NEVER have that issue since setting up phone and car that way. Problem 2 is a non-issue. Just tell your passengers to use the button. Tesla gaps have gotten better over time, but who really cares. I use my car and don't obsess over these things. Never had a person comment on gaps on my car. If it's an issue fit you, don't buy a Tesla. Trunk seal? Really? For final problem, charge your car fully in the winter, genius. Also, not mentioned, but I love remote heating my car before leaving work in winter. Co-workers gotta scrape. I just heat and go!

  • norman cowal
    norman cowalMånad sedan

    COST not wherth it

  • Andy Young
    Andy YoungMånad sedan

    I love my hybrid

  • Alan Tan
    Alan TanMånad sedan

    Shout out to Pocatello! Thanks for the review.

  • Mat Wright
    Mat WrightMånad sedan

    kinda late, but it's true you do need to baby electric cars a bit more than a ICE car especially in the cold. I have a BMW i3 which only has about 80mi of range (on a good day) and there are times in the winter where it conserves a lot more miles to keep the heater off and just use the heated seats and put it in eco plus mode. mine also has that issue where if you are going fast on a highway the miles they estimate are quite a bit off but it's something I have gotten used to having it be my daily driver. I still prefer it over an ICE since there is little to no maintenance and I prefer driving electric. but it is something you will have to pay attention to more than a regular car.

  • Sean Douvel
    Sean DouvelMånad sedan

    saying you love your Tesla - don't you think the headline is kinda strong?

  • Gabriel Aszalos
    Gabriel AszalosMånad sedan

    “I don’t usually carry my card because it’s so easy to do it off your phone”. Dude wtf are you talking about you are just showing how it doesn’t work from your phone.