Why Quality Control Is Tesla's Biggest Challenge - And We Have To Be Honest About It

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Tesla is making more electric vehicles than ever before -- and without Tesla's contribution to the electric vehicle world, we'd not be where we are today.

But while Tesla is dominating the electric vehicle marketplace, continued reports of poor quality control on its new vehicles -- especially Model Y -- has left Tesla languishing at the bottom of the JD Power Initial Quality Study - www.jdpower.com/business/auto...

Most of the issues with new Teslas revolve around not the mechanical drivetrain or electrical systems, but rather with paint, bodywork, and trim issues. And here's why we all need to work together and be honest about these issues to help Tesla in the long run.

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Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Produced: Transport Evolved


  • hothotheat3000
    hothotheat300010 månader sedan

    I really thought about getting the Model 3 but the myriad quality control issues with Tesla eroded my confidence. You cannot ask me to spend that amount of money and deliver an inferior product. I went with a Corolla hybrid loaded with safety features and while I do have to get gas and the car isn’t as sexy as the Tesla, I have confidence in the Toyota brand.

  • Simon Rook
    Simon Rook11 månader sedan

    Excellent article, thanks.

  • JayBenny77
    JayBenny7711 månader sedan

    Every issue has a cause, if Tesla is spending money on repair spend money on issue identification.

  • Think For Yourself
    Think For Yourself11 månader sedan

    jd powers is a promotion company. A lot of people don't know companies pay them for good ratings. They are not unbiased. Telsa must have not paid them for promotions.

  • Alan Shaw
    Alan Shaw11 månader sedan

    Well said, the idea here is to encourage EV ownership & the only way is true & honest reporting

  • Patrik Hast
    Patrik Hast11 månader sedan

    I work periodically as a quantity controller at a swedish nuclear power plant and I'm so embarrassed to drive a Tesla Model X from 2016 with enormous amounts of quantity issues! It's so badly put together, things missing, everything out of alignment and what not! I'll do Rich Rebuilds with what I can but that gets me only so far. Don't get me wrong, love Tesla and will probably stay with the brand but it's not like my former Subarus I've owned. Employ more QC people dammit.

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker11 månader sedan

    I tend to sit in and drive my Model 3 not go over it with a magnifying glass, and there is nothing else like it on the road. I thought it was a means of transportation and not an oil painting but maybe I’m wrong, I have had 5 Mercedes C and E class before and would not p**s on one to put it out if it was burning now. Not sure about whether you are a Tesla supporter of not, leaning towards not.

  • Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa

    11 månader sedan

    The "attempt" at being neutral seems to have this channel talk a lot about Tesla's negatives and ignores other companies which have it the same or worse and treats almost like dealbreakers.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu11 månader sedan


  • Jeffrey Bond
    Jeffrey Bond11 månader sedan

    Look who you are quoting about Tesla quality control issues; JD Powers a giant Marking Firm, first and foremost and CNBC a Mega News Media Outlet, both entities are on old business models codependent on advertising revenues... If Tesla succeeds with it's non-existent marketing advertising revenues strategy; it will surely bankrupt Media's old advanguard business model, especially if other automakers followed Tesla's lead... !!

  • ernesto espinosa
    ernesto espinosa11 månader sedan

    Ford - Fix or Repair Daily

  • Flavio DaSilva
    Flavio DaSilva11 månader sedan

    i know i'm only one data point, but the 2020 m3 i received in march was absolutely perfect.

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib11 månader sedan

    My dad's Ford joke was "Fix or Repair Daily." It's how long a vehicle spends in downtime that is critical for the brand's reputation. If it only breaks down occasionally but spends weeks inoperable waiting for parts it's going to get a worse reputation than a vehicle that has to be repaired more often but is in and out of the repair shop in the same day or can be fixed without a shop visit at all. At the time that Dad made that Ford joke, GM had a noticeably better dealer network than Ford, and more parts in the field ready to repair vehicles. Chances were good that a GM car would break down as often as a Ford car, but the GM car would get out the shop door quicker because of better parts availability. Also, break downs that cause a trip interruption are more costly to reputation than minor problems that don't impact operability. Customers who don't hand wash their vehicles may never even notice minor paint flaws or slightly out-of-spec panel gaps. If they do notice a minor problem but it can be fixed with no inconvenience to the owner, then the brand reputation doesn't suffer much, if any. While important, I don't agree that quality control is the one thing that should be highest on Tesla's to do list. It's adequate at present and gets better with every passing week because the company makes changes to the assembly line continually as they discover better ways of building their vehicles. The J D Power survey is quite misleading and often rates luxury cars below lesser brands. Why? Because anything the owners complain about is considered to be a problem, even things that are operating perfectly but the customer simply doesn't understand or doesn't like. The more features there are, the more there is for customers to find fault with. And the survey is taken after 3 months of ownership which is not enough time to gauge reliability _per se._ It's barely enough time for some customers to become fully cognizant of how all the controls work. It's simply not a reliable gauge of customer satisfaction with their purchase. That Dodge and Kia are rated highest by J D Power is damning of their methodology. That's simply not who any sane person would pick as the two brands with the highest quality in the industry. A far better gauge of customer satisfaction with Tesla is that they continue to recommend the product to their friends and family and sales numbers continue to climb at a fast pace, with no advertising. High on my list of priorities for the company is getting new products out the door as fast as possible, before competitors bring their offerings to market. My second priority is continuing to improve parts availability, not only at service centers, but also for independent repair shops. Bringing repair costs and wait times down is important, and one way to do that is to make it possible for third party shops to repair Teslas quickly and competently. That means parts availability and training availability for those outside the company. Would it be nice if Tesla improved on its cosmetic quality? Sure. I wouldn't discourage it at all. But in terms of priorities, cosmetics have to take a back seat to more important issues.

  • Florestan Trément
    Florestan Trément11 månader sedan

    "I don't know anybody who doesn't [want Tesla to succeed]": I could name you a few shorts, oil companies or point you to some car defilers videos of people who don't want Tesla to succeed… :)

  • JarJar Binks

    JarJar Binks

    11 månader sedan

    I’m not buying a Tesla until they can recycle more of the battery, until then they’re as much a byproduct of what’s killing this planet as any ice vehicle on the road

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox11 månader sedan

    I have a Y on order, but after 1/2 million miles in Toyotas, I don't know if I could cope with a badly put together car. Squeaks and rattles drive me round the bend, and there is a limit to the number of trips I want to make to the service center. I told them to hold my order for 6 months to see if things improve, but I am getting disillusioned with the whole idea.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison11 månader sedan

    I wonder how quality is assessed in cars when it has to do with software. You normally think in terms of a defect that one car has, but with software, if it's present in one car, presumably it affects all, or at least many.

  • BigCooter.com
    BigCooter.com11 månader sedan

    When capacity exceeds sales.. and warranty costs are acceptable, there is little incentive to improve quality further. However, since Tesla isn't really making a profit .. reducing warranty costs would help the bottom line .. since they can't rely on EV credit purchases and stock share dilution for all their profits.

  • creator generator
    creator generator11 månader sedan

    Nicely set out to give a balanced look-see at the QA issues all cars suffer from new.. My M3 physically had no issues when I got it Oct1/19. However, the software is another issue. Context: I played Beachbuggy2 while picking up my daughter late from her shift so I attained all levels. Various updates leading up to the end of the year screwed up the settings. It happened even after HW3 was installed because all my settings for the car went bye-bye and I had to put them back in myself one at a time. The game is still glitched. I just don't play it any longer. Then after that I kept getting a MAX speed icon glitch where it would take me 10km/h over the speed limit and not come back down. I had our local Tesla service centre look at it a couple of times without any resolution. In fact they cancelled my last call. The up side is that the latest 2020.20.13 release appears to have fixed it. So I would say this was being kept quiet. I made an unlisted video on my YT channel about it for Tesla, which is posted here for posterity. seblacks.info/cold/video/gX-YzYGuqph_gHY.html Full disclosure - I own Tesla stock. And yes, I do want them to succeed. It's an important step toward sustainability for us & the world.

  • William Lathan
    William Lathan11 månader sedan

    Don't forget about Driver Returned On Foot. And GM . . . General Maintenance

  • Ying Chiu Luk
    Ying Chiu Luk11 månader sedan

    I am more concerned if JD Power is a real research company and not just selling their bid to highest bidder to promote their car's reliability. I am not sure I can trust JD Power even they found issues on Tesla's car. BTW, I am not a fan of Tesla's car. I don't trust JD Power and neither Tesla will save the world. 😝

  • Jackson Redstar SL Video
    Jackson Redstar SL Video11 månader sedan

    I think a glaring problem Tesla is facing that probably isn't being seen in the China factory or probably wont be in the Germany factory is that today;s worrkforce in America, is well, lazy, self centered, un motivated with a 'not my problem' attitude, which is why unionizing the younger workforce today will only make matters worse

  • Ian
    Ian11 månader sedan

    Well said.

  • Casper Hansen
    Casper Hansen11 månader sedan

    I think Tesla will need a new QC manager and while they are at it they will also need a new paint shop manager. I really hope that cars produced in Giga Berlin will have a much better QC and paint job.

  • Kong
    Kong11 månader sedan

    the body itself costs 1/2 of the price to fix you know if paid out of pocket...

  • bwilson4web
    bwilson4web11 månader sedan

    With over a year in our Std Rng Plus Model 3, it has never let us down. The proof of quality is on the road reaching destinations.

  • john gilkison
    john gilkison11 månader sedan

    So, NGMB just when are you ever going to say anything negative about General Motors? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Transport Evolved

    Transport Evolved

    11 månader sedan

    We have. Many times.

  • Better Electrically
    Better Electrically11 månader sedan

    Great video I follow a SEblacksr named scotty kilmer and he is a 50+ year mechanic and helps people fix their vehicles and gives the truth. An on the JD Power award states it's mainly a pr stunt that's been paid for. I do acknowledge tesla should work on quality and I don't even own a tesla yet just mentioning the info I have learned about the JD power award. So for me i ignore them

  • Wooly Chewbakker
    Wooly Chewbakker11 månader sedan

    "We need to be honest about it". I thought everyone knows that Tesla has appalling build quality? Cars delivered with seats not bolted down. Cars delivered with missing seatbelts. Cars delivered with soft and thin paint finishes. Cars delivered with door windows that won't wind down due to poorly fitted doors. Doors so mis-aligned they won't open. Cars delivered with panel gaps you could injure yourself on. How can any of these things get passed at the production line? How can any of these things get passed at the PDI ? Simple reason is Tesla do not care and think customers will accept these issues. Sadly, in the USA they buy a Tesla and think this is normal.

  • Nick Baker

    Nick Baker

    11 månader sedan

    Wooly Chewbakker where was this seat not bolted down

  • Chaim Loecher
    Chaim Loecher11 månader sedan

    Chinese and German Gigafactory... problem solved.

  • Giovanni A. della Rossa
    Giovanni A. della Rossa11 månader sedan

    Thank you for becoming more vocal. Still not ranting as great Robert (Fully Charged) but, hopefully, you are on the right track. We do not need amolifiers of automakers’ press release, but honest and critical reporting. Keep going .... and push a little harder.

  • Frank E
    Frank E11 månader sedan

    I've mentioned this before about Tesla. The problems that the fanclub will accept will haunt Tesla in the future.

  • Jief Y
    Jief Y11 månader sedan

    Delivered with integrity, fairness and great scope. I wish more mainstream media could be like you Nikki. I don’t always comment, but you should know you’ve never let me down..

  • Wol747
    Wol74711 månader sedan

    Good video on an important subject. However, it does rather gloss over the problem that actually getting back to Tesla is just about impossible. My nearest SC is 240Km away, no phone access no email. I can schedule an appointment online but there’s no way to discuss whether it’s worthwhile having it looked at or something simple that I can fix easily. Driving 3 hrs and spending at least one night in a hotel is not on my bucket list. I am right behind Musk’s 3 stage strategy to get EVs into the mainstream, what has been achieved is remarkable BUT Tesla is not a computer company where you can pop a faulty item in the car and leave it in a repair shop: it actually is the car and if it’s sold and then has virtually no ongoing support however good the vehicle is to drive - and it is - it will struggle to compete with the established brands.

  • mee5ful
    mee5ful11 månader sedan

    My neighbour has one and when he turns the wheels the front makes a very strange noise. Very bad for a car that cost that much,.rather have my citygo

  • Mike Lambert
    Mike Lambert11 månader sedan

    In the transit business there is a term "transit dependent" for people who use public transit because they have little or no choice. This is usually because they do not own or have access to a working car. Then I heard "Another term for transit dependent... People who own a Fiat."

  • Cristian Laverde Koenig
    Cristian Laverde Koenig11 månader sedan

    Hello Nikki! If one looks at the other projects Elon Musk has going on I think one can understand what the issues are coming from. Much of the moves his companies make are rushed and thus the issues. Other companies take years on product development mode tweaking the details until they are market ready. Perhaps his eagerness to make giant strides of progress translate to what is even recklessness (calling it "autopilot" out of wishful thinking is an undeniable example). Even at the resent NASA-SpaceX collaboration, the astronauts' remarks about the concerns raced by the raddling and sounds their capsule made on their way to orbit begs the question, is this "eagerness" clouding judgements to what the quality control standards really should be? ... There have been plenty of errors made by SpaceX during their testing and developments, I only hope that this eagerness don't mean the lives of more people before is put in check.

  • M Webster
    M Webster11 månader sedan

    Anyone that says quality control isn't a problem only has to look at sister company space-x to see what goes wrong when quality control fails. Misaligned panels are not a good idea in space. I have also yet to see any review that says it is safe to buy a Tesla out of warranty.

  • TIM Flugaur-Leavitt
    TIM Flugaur-Leavitt11 månader sedan

    Check out these two time marks on this Model Y video. Then tell me if this would be acceptable on your $65,000 vehicle. Or your $15,000 corolla. seblacks.info/cold/video/kHie1WuYnZ15imk.html 2:58 mark. Paint missing in 3 areas. Plus more areas where tesla factory made poor paint repairs. 3:54 mark. seat alignment. We are not talking 2 or 3mm we are talking 1.5 to 2 inches.

  • James Telfer
    James Telfer11 månader sedan

    Obligatory "Gung Ho" (1986) reference? ✅ Someone has the QC this stuff - the buck stops with them or the boss that blindfold and hog-ties them!

  • Chief 0
    Chief 011 månader sedan

    I long time ago, I was on an automotive website which contained a box that said, “Fans of Lucas Electrics click here”, I did and the screen went black.

  • kenneth burke
    kenneth burke11 månader sedan

    Thank you so much for this commentary. We are model three owners and we love our car. But we waited a year and a half before getting one so that these types of problems would be less prevalent (and they are). But as much as we love Tesla, they have to start to address the fit and form issues. And it can only make them better to do so.

  • Eric D
    Eric D11 månader sedan

    I guess I'm just lucky and/or not picky about cars. I've bought two cars new in my life and I didn't find anything about either which needed to be adjusted. I thought one of them had a weird rattle but it turned out to be something I had in the glove box. My Tesla still seems to be pretty much perfect to me even nearly 2 years later but a former co-worker's Tesla did have some pretty big issues, he had to get a full battery pack swap a few months after he bought his due to a faulty component in it and I know that a lot of people have had all the other common issues with their Tesla but as far as I can tell, mine didn't end up with any issues.

  • bruno hill
    bruno hill11 månader sedan

    TESLA = Terrible Electric Shock Likely Anywhere .... well someone had to do it.

  • CMG30
    CMG3011 månader sedan

    Right on Niki. I personally know people who passed on a used Tesla because it was nearing the end of warranty and they were worried about poor quality control. This is a real issue and the fandom does themselves no favours by screaming it doesn't exist. Don't be the next FORD: Fix Or Repair Daily.

  • Carl Jaekle
    Carl Jaekle11 månader sedan

    The recent JD Powers survey rates Dodge, Chevy and Ram as 3 of the 5 most reliable brands. Toyota and Honda are listed well into the bottom half. This renders the survey highly suspect. Consumer Reports, which has extensive data on reliability rates the current Model 3 as having average reliability and is a recommended vehicle. The current Model S is also rated to have average reliability by CR. Anecdotal data from random internet postings, has minimal scientific value.

  • Patrick Frickel
    Patrick Frickel11 månader sedan

    1st year of production is always challenging. It's not costing them sales and they do rectify them. Not a big deal.

  • Forrest Olney
    Forrest Olney11 månader sedan

    Soft, thin paint is a california problem that's one of the reasons Toyota/GM walked.

  • don m
    don m11 månader sedan

    I have a 2018 Model S. It had one defect from the factory. The front passenger door entry light didn't work. That's it. My Tesla is the first new car that I've owned that didn't have at least one major mechanical issue that the dealership couldn't or wouldn't fix or some sort of factory recall. I don't see myself buying anything other than a Tesla in the future. Looking forward to getting a Cybertruck.

  • Joe
    Joe11 månader sedan

    Indeed, the issue is Quality control - cars should never go out the factory door knowing that the eventual owner will refuse to drive the car away from the showroom. I guess it is plain growing pains with having to shift the products out the door regardless. Some customer problems were to do with damage during transit. it is a shame because the drive train. battery, tech is sound - it is just the cosmetics for the most part.

  • Hadtobe
    Hadtobe11 månader sedan

    I'll start it off - Tesla Electric Simply Losing Attention

  • B Dayapraar (Addrone)
    B Dayapraar (Addrone)11 månader sedan

    Valid points. It will become increasingly important for Tesla to not only represent innovation but also quality. Your channel is important in providing a balanced view point. Keep up the great work.

  • Ozo101
    Ozo10111 månader sedan

    When you achieve cult status , there is no need for quality control...

  • Cyber Slim

    Cyber Slim

    11 månader sedan

    It not cult, it is more like a virus finding enough dumb people know nothing about cars spending big money on this junk. The more mature the market gets, the faster sales of t junk drops.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Well then, more fools the cult members......!

  • BayerBear
    BayerBear11 månader sedan

    Mmm. I up vote everytime someone voices Quality is Free-ideas!

  • aclassmedicine
    aclassmedicine11 månader sedan

    ”Made in Japan” even that has lost it's prestige, sadly. Made in USA still gives me pause. Time the spray painting was done by robot? Well done Tesla so far! Heck, even Ferrari and Ducati are "high maintenance". Rolls Royce anyone? Just joking. I am glad you were too polite (afraid?) to mention the Great Monster in the room.

  • Paolo Panzarino
    Paolo Panzarino11 månader sedan

    I’m hoping quality will be much better once gigafactory 4 in Germany starts making cars 😊👍🚙🔋🔌

  • Giovanni Foulmouth
    Giovanni Foulmouth11 månader sedan

    Funny you should mention Fiat for their poor quality bc the Fiat 500 is my dream car and probably the only car I'd pay real money for atm. For the price of any Tesla I can buy a 500 and have enough money for gas and parts for a decade.

  • edward panther
    edward panther11 månader sedan

    It's a Tech company it's not a car manufacturer. But since they're making cars they my as well improve upon the design. I just a it's just think that they make way too much money per car. Since there are no competitor

  • edward panther
    edward panther11 månader sedan

    Tesla is reliable regard less of how poorly manufactured. If quality control is stringent like a Lexus, it will never get out of the lot. I just think for the poor quality, The car should cost at least $5k to $10k less. It's really a design issue they tried to make it so it's fast out of the factory.

  • Paul Cox
    Paul Cox11 månader sedan

    Tesla are a wonderful company and inspire tremendous loyalty with their customers, which other company doesn't advertise at all but has full order books? I do think even their most loyal followers are realizing there is a problem here, if l am honest it's the main reason l didn't buy a Tesla. Once a reputation sticks it's very hard to shake off, it could also effect the second hand value of their vehicles. I hope they can apply their software genius to quality control.

  • alimechs
    alimechs11 månader sedan

    Everything you said is absolutely right but don't referred JD Power here because its a SCAM

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Oh - oh! Sounds like another conspiracy theory hurtling towards us........ Whenever you hear 'it's a scam', then it almost certainly........ ISN'T!!

  • Thomas Kerkhoff
    Thomas Kerkhoff11 månader sedan

    A balanced presentation on a relevant topic

  • Adrian Carey
    Adrian Carey11 månader sedan

    You'd be mad with depreciation/fault resolution to buy new. Let first owner resolve faults & take depn hit. Nearly new - up to 3 yrs way to go. I'd feel sullied collecting my pride and joy with ill fitting panels and orange peel paint.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Yep, I'm always puzzled as to why people want to take the hit buying a new car..... Other than, to have a new car of course! But then a used car is just a new car with a few miles on it, for a lot less money - if you buy carefully....!

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas11 månader sedan

    Let’s see I have a 2019 f150 and lucky it is under warranty. To date the issues it has? Engine, door fit etc etc costing ford to date $10K

  • Kasper Holm-J
    Kasper Holm-J11 månader sedan

    Absolutely relevant video. It's not about being Pro or Con a brand or a technology, it's about things have to be in order of the product you purchase. For cars in general, here in Europe there's many examples of brands suffering from the past. Try Googling the Skoda 120, which was absolutely rubush, but it's 40 years ago and before VAG aquired and restructured the brand. Same goes for French cars, which in general still is said to ALWAYS have electrical problems. My first car was a Renault 19, then a Citroen C4, then a DS3 - neither had any problems at all. KIA, a brand that have evolved at insane speed the past years and now make very good cars, so good they offer 7 years of warranty! Still the pun here in Denmark goes that KIA is short for "Koreansk Industri Affald", which translate to "Korean Industrial Waste"... Regarding the latest of Tesla Model Y problems, I truly find it troublesome to listen to. I don't recall Tesla having these problems with their other models, and if they, why do the problems popup. As the New Kid Tesla should know that they can't afford to mess things up - people are truly keeping an eye on them for their success, hence using every mishap from Tesla as ammunition against them.

  • Jason Casey
    Jason Casey11 månader sedan

    This is the type of criticism I can enjoy listening to.

  • Jason Casey

    Jason Casey

    11 månader sedan

    To help Tesla tackle these problems head-on. Best line ever!

  • acm#1985
    acm#198511 månader sedan

    Great video! Hiding problems doesent help, preventing discussions about it neither. For reputation, I loved the "FORD" thing... ;) In Germany we say "Fehler In Allen Teilen" for FIAT, that means "Faults in all Parts" :D

  • Barry PURKIS
    Barry PURKIS11 månader sedan

    A survey based on customer generated moans is not likely to be very accurate . I had an uncle who moaned continually about his MG 1100, but would not have a bad word said about his imported Toyota, even though it was unreliable and rattled. As important from the customer end is how did the seller deal with the problems. SO often the problem is at dealer level, when I brought a Discovery the dealership was hopeless at sorting out the couple of problems I had, whilst my local Fiat Dealer was brilliant sorting out my Panda, which cost a quarter of the price of the Discovery. It could be that Tesla needs to sort out their end of production line QA, (body panels, etc. ) plus the PDI system to ensure that cars are properly prepared for handover. A good customer experience can be ruined by something stupid like an abandoned coffee cup in the engine compartment, or even having to drive long distances to get a simple repair.

  • Isabelle Harris
    Isabelle Harris11 månader sedan

    You can't revert it back to the good ol days now, Nikki. It's too far gone, too much cult members, too much zombies now.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    You mean St. Elon's Army of drooling Accolytes - don't you....... ?!!! Be afraid..........

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy11 månader sedan

    I wouldn't worry at all - Tesla buyers have shown that they don't care. e.g. Nokia phones could be thrown off a bridge and work with gloves in a Finnish winter and keep their charge for days and some could even multitask but none of that mattered to the users in the end compared to a big breakable screen. Tesla knows what actually matters most and is addressing it - being fast.

  • vidznstuff1
    vidznstuff111 månader sedan

    2020 Bolt EV Seat design sucks Lanekeeping software sucks (where's the OTA update, Chevy?) DC Charge rate is a bit modest, but OK Assembly quality -- flawless. Gaps, paint are perfect, no rattles or squeaks. So, someone please slap the design engineers around a bit.

  • Samsung S5
    Samsung S511 månader sedan

    Ford. Found On Rubbish Dump

  • David Lloyd
    David Lloyd11 månader sedan

    why Brits like their beer warm - because lucius made their refrigerators

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Err, Lucius? Is this Malfoi were talking about? I didn't know he was a brewer..... Or is it the four piece indie pop band from Brooklyn NY........?? Either way, it's a surprise..!

  • Barry PURKIS

    Barry PURKIS

    11 månader sedan

    Best Bright Bitter is brewed to be drunk at cellar temp, it's a live beer not a filtered fizzy water. It's about personal taste of course, that and aggressive marketing by big brewers. Hence the recent rise of 'microbrewers' in the UK, providing quality for discerning customers.

  • Rodney Degens
    Rodney Degens11 månader sedan

    The fit and finish scale is for when there are no other means to differentiate identical products. Tesla doesn't have that problem

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Sooo...... you're saying that it's alright for them to sell badly made crap to suckers then......?!!

  • Rodney Degens
    Rodney Degens11 månader sedan

    Ford was: Fix or repair daily

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper11 månader sedan

    Your position is advanced. A Tesla fan but very real and putting Tesla on the line. I am impressed

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper11 månader sedan

    Absolutely great YT channel. I made room in my Patreon budget for this channel today.

  • Simon van Coevorden
    Simon van Coevorden11 månader sedan

    Oldy but a goody : Why do the English drink warm beer ? Because Lucas make the fridges !

  • Simon van Coevorden

    Simon van Coevorden

    11 månader sedan

    Andy McCabe True sure I got it right though . Cheers

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Ohhhhh! LUCAS!!!! Pesky spelling - it's such a pain! But quite handy for knowing what people are talking about......!

  • Tom Tillman
    Tom Tillman11 månader sedan

    Expecting everything to be perfect right from the start is dreaming. These minor things will get ironed out. That the Y is as good as it is, is a miracle. Ending the ICE age is probably harder than it looks.

  • atombrain111


    11 månader sedan

    @dlwatib maybe Tesla should have learned from someone with over 100 years experience then. You don't need a perfect record on every car but being dead last is shit.

  • dlwatib


    11 månader sedan

    @atombrain111 The auto industry is over 100 years old. 8 years is a drop in the bucket. I defy you to find any automotive brand, $90k or more that has a perfect record of delivering flawless cars. If that's your criteria, you're going to be sadly disappointed every time. Cars are complex machines. Nothing's perfect in this world, and the more complex the machine, the more imperfections there will be.

  • atombrain111


    11 månader sedan

    It's no longer the beginning. The model S came out 8 years ago. $90,000 vehicle better be perfect. Elon is making money off of hype and nothing more.

  • Cory Richter
    Cory Richter11 månader sedan

    Quality Controls. For assembly line to the customer only works in low volume production. They are not. I work for a dealer where every vehicle gets hands on FIVE (5) TIMES. Delivery inspection, PDi tech,warrinty repaire,delivery damage repairs, and a final cleaning and final drive test. So hopefully you understand Tesals challenges.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Completely not the point!! It's up to ALL product manufacturers to send products out to high standards of QC. That's it -no excuses......!

  • 888rocketman
    888rocketman11 månader sedan

    I have no issues at all with my model 3.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Well - that's ONE then......!

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan


  • Steve Ward
    Steve Ward11 månader sedan

    Saab: Swedish Auto Always Broken

  • Stefan Troedsson

    Stefan Troedsson

    11 månader sedan

    Sälj aset annars byt = sell the as otherwise change

  • Giovanni Foulmouth

    Giovanni Foulmouth

    11 månader sedan

    More like bankrupt.

  • Mark Plain
    Mark Plain11 månader sedan

    The unfortunate part is that Tesla is the new kid on the block an will be under the magnifying glass. How many here know that just last year brand new BMW 3 series were being plagued with spontaneous catching on fire while parked. AND !!! BMW refused to replace the car. . Also last year, Dodge front windshields were leaking when it rained.... really in the 21st century? . My mother's Mercedes Benz has a total clutch failure at 10,000kms AND the staff at Mercedes accused my mother of riding the clutch (she has been driving for some 40 odd years AND NEVER had clutch problems with her past cars). . My old Ford was sold to me brand new with a clutch shudder. This was a mechanical design flaw. I took it back for them to replace the clutch like 6 times, as soon as the car's warranty expired Ford ditched me. I will never buy a Ford again. . I don't see viral videos on that. All I see are videos on 'cosmetic' issues on Tesla. (ps: I do not own a Tesla). I think the only people that should be allowed to critic a Tesla must have the qualification of having bought other new high-end cars.

  • Mark Plain

    Mark Plain

    11 månader sedan

    @Andy McCabe Fanboy? I don't own a Tesla and don't want to buy one. So I guess that means you missed my point and prefer lazy labels than discussion.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    This is embarrassing Fanboi nonsense and, of course, entirely missed the point.......!

  • I Love Tesla’s
    I Love Tesla’s11 månader sedan

    JD Power is a fricken Joke.

  • THESocialJusticeWarrior
    THESocialJusticeWarrior11 månader sedan

    When is BMW going to pay for having horrible reliability for decades? I don't understand why anyone would buy one.

  • ger brady
    ger brady11 månader sedan

    Dodge was no. 1 in the survey. JD power needs an intervention.

  • Treads


    11 månader sedan

    It’s sad that so many people don’t realize what that JD power survey represents. It’s not the overall reliability of a car. It’s the first 90 days that they are asking about. Dodge has been making the same cars for decades now so of course the first 90 days with a Dodge Charger is going to have less issues.

  • Leon Cranson

    Leon Cranson

    11 månader sedan

    Keep in mind that the Dodge model line hasn’t had a new model or major redesign in almost a decade. If they keep making the same models with out major changes the maturity of the vehicle type would mean early issues like QC would have been long ago identified and fixed.

  • Canada is Beautiful!

    Canada is Beautiful!

    11 månader sedan

    LOL IKR? maybe Dodge owns JD Power somewhere deep down the line? or at the very least has JD P by their short and curlies???

  • Kevin Berg
    Kevin Berg11 månader sedan

    I would love to own a Tesla someday, I rented a M3P and loved how it drove overall. But, even the almost new 2019 M3P we rented with 3000 miles on it had issues. The worst ones that I noticed during the 3 days we had it were lots and lots of interior rattles, wind noise from the glass roof and an episode of phantom braking when the autonomous braking system thought it was about to crash into a shadow (and nearly caused us to be rear ended by a semi truck on the freeway). Both of my current EVs have collision avoidance and neither one has heavily braked to avoid a shadow, and they don't claim to have auto pilot or full self driving capabilities like the Tesla did. Personally I love the look and the more comfort and luxury oriented appeal of the Model S, but I could only possibly afford a used one and the idea of a used Tesla really worries me. There is no real dealership network, no parts departments, availability of parts is horrible. There are well documented wide spread issues with brand new Teslas, and not just the first model year. I didn't have any issues of fit and finish or interior rattles with any of my other EVs. The only time I've had to take any of my EVs back to the shop for repairs was my 2017 Soul EV when the on-board charger failed, which is admittedly a big issue, but it was the only issue it had in almost 20k miles. Both my Bolt and my Kona, although they are relatively new still, had no issues on first delivery, no fit and finish concerns, no rattles, and have not needed any repairs so far. People are buying Teslas hand over fist right now because of they are a status symbol, but if they don't start really seriously working to improve their quality issues, that status will quickly fade. Nobody who knows what they are doing will want to spend $50k+ for a car that is well known to be poorly built...

  • Cyber Slim

    Cyber Slim

    11 månader sedan

    It's already happening. Look at the stats in Norway a very matured EV market!

  • Jeff Songster
    Jeff Songster11 månader sedan

    Ford was also for Failed On Race Day... We just bought a Model Y and from a mid 14k VIN... it seems flawless. Possibly the early ones were rougher... they did go thru the shutdown and restart... but ours was delivered and functions perfectly so far. Just got the 24 update and AP is as solid as ever. Remember JD Power survey results are usually tailored to the customer. So it would be interesting to see who payed for this one. I also can think of a few billion reasons why shorters would pay for this result. When I used to work in software for Apple we never gave them any credence. I thought Sandy Munro was accurate... there are some small flaws... but the cars are still way beyond the competition. Love our Model X and Y. The Songsters.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    It's quite funny observing someone's unconcious bias in operation isn't it! Just try and remember - ONE well assembed car isn't any indication of ANYTHING!!!

  • Ron vdS
    Ron vdS11 månader sedan

    Tesla's Every Single Little Annoyance

  • Ron vdS
    Ron vdS11 månader sedan

    In Australia it's, FORD fixed or repaired daily. HOLDEN barely Holden together

  • Bill Jan
    Bill Jan11 månader sedan

    Like the majority of the public, I'm still waiting for that affordable $25k EV (without subsidies) that goes at least 200 miles per charge and can be recharged from 10% to 80% in 30 mins or less. The Chinese are getting close. I hope we get there sooner before the first man lands on Mars! LOL

  • Bill Jan

    Bill Jan

    11 månader sedan

    @vidznstuff1 Thanks, your points well taken. I'm no early adopter and will wait for the technology to mature and prices to drop before I put my hard earn money down on an EV.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Or the planet explodes in a ball of flame......!

  • vidznstuff1


    11 månader sedan

    Why without subsidies? Net cash out of pocket is all that matters. In January you could have bought a Bolt EV for $24k from a number of dealers. I got a Premier for 32, which after state and Fed incentives puts me right at $25k. Keep waiting...as long as they can't build enough cars at present price points, you'll be waiting a decade to get a decent car for your price conditions.

  • Tone
    Tone11 månader sedan

    This was a pretty well-balanced Video, but it wasn't nice to call out Ford and Fiat like that (just saying). There is no question that Tesla has had some issues, all manufacturing at a large scale will have issues. That is the nature of the beast, you produce 100k cars, .5% or 500 will have problems. If those 500 purchasers are vocal, it can sound like a bigger problem than it is!! The truth of the matter, Tesla is not trying to sell poor quality products (this is the key factor that people don't mention), but it has had some quality issues, that must and are being addressed. No Automaker should be given a pass....but for the most part, these are not safety or performance issues. As a young company in the game, which is scaling its production in the middle of a Pandemic, this is something to be expected, but shouldn't be acceptable. While JD Power has its survey with ridiculously low sample size, most Owner surveys, has Tesla with a high degree of customer satisfaction. Telsa don't have a reputation of being poorly built cars, Sandy Munro has taken the cars apart and has given Tesla praise for the quality. He has also mentioned some of the issues that many talk about, but it is usually fit and finish. People who spend 50k+ on a car, really want that Ball Bearing test to be perfect, but the truth of the matter even some of the most luxurious brands suffer from the same problems Tesla has. Manufacturing is hard and there needs to be a little understanding by all, Tesla has to keep improving and striving for perfection, as it transforms the World to the EV movement.

  • smurftums
    smurftums11 månader sedan

    Nikki mentioned component manufacturers and my first though was "Lucas, prince of darkness..." Then she confirmed my confirmtion bias... :)

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon11 månader sedan

    This is the second Video i've seen with Tesla getting grillled with Quality Issues. I mean all cars are not flawless but yeah, Tesla should also acknowledge it as well so they can get of teh list of worse cars from JD Powers. BTW, Thank you Nikki for this insight. 👍

  • Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles
    Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles11 månader sedan

    My Ford Focus Electric has fisheyes, drips, and an outdent from something pushing through from the interior. Nobody talks about Ford's quality control problems on a platform they've had for 20 years and have sold millions of.

  • Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles

    Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles

    11 månader sedan

    @Randy Dodge, Chevy, and RAM are all in the top 5 for initial quality. www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/2020-initial-quality-study-iqs

  • Randy


    11 månader sedan

    No American car company has a reputation for quality.

  • Andy McCabe

    Andy McCabe

    11 månader sedan

    Greg - YOU ARE!!!!

  • youmakeitreal


    11 månader sedan

    @Kevin Berg 😂 pinto.

  • Kevin Berg

    Kevin Berg

    11 månader sedan

    Pretty sure we've been talking about Ford's poor quality since at least the 1980s.

    TESLAMR11 månader sedan

    Canada Tesla owners are suing Tesla on paint issues.

  • kris t
    kris t11 månader sedan

    Never buy first year production cars....never..

  • Cyber Slim

    Cyber Slim

    11 månader sedan

    @House Essentials For the rest stay the f away from this junk!

  • Internalharm


    11 månader sedan

    Never buy telsa first century model

  • Joe


    11 månader sedan

    And in computing, Microsoft famously brought out Windows NT 3.1 because no one was going to buy Windows NT 3.0

  • Daniel Siffredi
    Daniel Siffredi11 månader sedan

    Thanks for addressing this. I had to reject a model 3 a year ago because it was plagued with fit and finish issues, including misalignments of the frunk , pain chipped , marks and scratches, rubber seals out of place, the car was an absolute mess. I decided to go for the model Y hoping Tesla will learn and fix issues. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a grasp of these issues and have them under control yet. I honestly refuse to pay +60K for a car that looks like my kid put it together. Sorry, I'm a HUGE Tesla fan, but I'm not going to buy a car with subpar quality control till they fix the issue. I sent a very detailed email to the company on why I wasn't buying their car, (yet) but it looks like they need a TON of extra feedback to get it right. Your video certainly helps.

  • Cyber Slim

    Cyber Slim

    11 månader sedan

    It is not only the quality, it also drives worse than a golf cart! Why anybody in their right mind want to spend money on this junk is beyond me!

  • Hondo fourfivetwo
    Hondo fourfivetwo11 månader sedan

    I did a bit of QC on MX/MS & M3 a few years ago I remember calling stuff out all night long even side lining almost every early MX for defect repairs and parts shortages. I remember being the causing a parts shortage on M3 line (not the only one) by marking whole pallets of parts defective due to the way a the part was packaged & shipped from a supplier. It was causing cuts and scratches on an easily damaged part add to that associates would damage a good quantity them during the assembly process. While they figured out what to do to prevent future damage a supervisor simply green lit the more marginal parts to be put on the cars, fingers crossed customer won’t notice just to get numbers out the door. l was literally told not to do my job so good we need to produce numbers meanwhile on the other side telling me we need to build quality not quantity 🤷‍♂️🤬. I’ve got tons of WTF stories from that place I hope quality has gotten better since then but I’m not getting my hopes up anytime soon still love the idea of Tesla’s EV mission just not it’s execution

  • Canada is Beautiful!

    Canada is Beautiful!

    11 månader sedan

    yah, I mean that is kind of the whole thing with production of anything. factories need the line to be moving at peal efficiency or people get shat on. the question is if Tesla is worse or better then the average? Hard to say. Some of these engineers are going to be pissed at the company for various reasons and will therefore complain about the company afterwords. Maybe you arent that person? maybe you are? no way for us to know. All I know is I am a potential customer of Tesla, but wont be buying a car from them until I am more comfortable with the average defect issue dropping to be closer to the competition.

  • Wobbegong


    11 månader sedan

    This sounds just like what so many managers and lead engineers told after leaving the company. That and the notorious issues with worker treatment seems to be a major problem at Tesla waiting to cause a crisis.

  • William Goode
    William Goode11 månader sedan

    Any issue with screen 2012-15 Model S

  • Michael Gaunt
    Michael Gaunt11 månader sedan

    Companies with Quality Control problems (fixing issues) really have quality assurance problems (building something they dont need to fix). I suspect their QA for batteries, drive train and software is better than for their other normal car parts. You are right that as the normal car buyers buy Teslas they will be less forgiving.

  • Jambay
    Jambay11 månader sedan

    Fix Or Repair Daily