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  • SpeekofDee
    SpeekofDee16 minuter sedan

    This is fake he didn't do the salt bae sprinkle. 🙄

  • Nfsx
    Nfsx16 minuter sedan

    Obviously the cup

  • Nfsx
    Nfsx16 minuter sedan

    How the fuck does this have 185M views

  • AkropolisShopsAndMore 786
    AkropolisShopsAndMore 78620 minuter sedan

    How did this video get 184 million views

  • Boby Billion
    Boby Billion27 minuter sedan


  • Kamila Márias
    Kamila Márias38 minuter sedan


  • Dorota Mis
    Dorota Mis44 minuter sedan

    That were funny

  • Fabian Van Harte
    Fabian Van Harte56 minuter sedan

    Can anyone believe this video got 184m views in 2 weeks

  • Khalill Dang
    Khalill DangTimme sedan

    Imagine how much money they made out of this

  • Silo
    SiloTimme sedan

    Im smarter

  • Danna Cruz
    Danna CruzTimme sedan

    Who smarter is Adem mom for cooking

  • Pim Pauwels
    Pim PauwelsTimme sedan

    Just killed 100.000 of my braincells while watching this idiot video for 2years old kids

  • Nicky Killingbeck
    Nicky KillingbeckTimme sedan


  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost RiderTimme sedan


  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost RiderTimme sedan

    It's dude how 100m

  • Xafaa Serar
    Xafaa SerarTimme sedan


  • Ramin Mammadov
    Ramin MammadovTimme sedan


  • Karen Montes
    Karen MontesTimme sedan

    Qué maldito queso

  • R3d Sunl1ght
    R3d Sunl1ghtTimme sedan

    the faces the guy was making in the back was so frickin hilarious he looked constipated

  • Angelo
    AngeloTimme sedan

    Can't believe this 30-second video has 184M views in just 2 weeks

  • AkropolisShopsAndMore 786

    AkropolisShopsAndMore 786

    15 minuter sedan

    Indeed he need 50 million subs to get this but he has 7 million how

  • Ange stefany Gossan
    Ange stefany GossanTimme sedan

    Mais pourquoi il fait des pièges

  • Ange stefany Gossan
    Ange stefany GossanTimme sedan

    C'est quoi ca

  • Gemma Barrett
    Gemma BarrettTimme sedan

    Yeah that man in the grey T-shirt

  • Butt
    ButtTimme sedan

    We make contant video but no view

  • Butt
    ButtTimme sedan

    What the fuck is this

  • Jeth Carlos Cagaanan
    Jeth Carlos CagaananTimme sedan


  • jasmin ❤️
    jasmin ❤️2 timmar sedan

    "go play with the kids outside" the kids outside

  • Cubbles
    Cubbles2 timmar sedan

    How did this get 184 million views

  • Quackss
    Quackss2 timmar sedan

    184 million views for this shit. They used to have insanely good content. Now they are just like any generic SEblacks channel pumping out roblox and minecraft videos for kids.

  • steve sankey
    steve sankey2 timmar sedan


  • Sabita Magar
    Sabita Magar2 timmar sedan

    Graw is winner

  • Gena554
    Gena5542 timmar sedan

    5,1 millions of idiots

  • Alexandriana Solis
    Alexandriana Solis2 timmar sedan

    Adam is in water I am in water and I’m in border animal in

  • EeThern Chong
    EeThern Chong2 timmar sedan

    184M views OMG

  • Seppe
    Seppe2 timmar sedan

    They are the smartest, making money of this shit. We are the retards watching it 🤣

  • Nadisha Foster
    Nadisha Foster2 timmar sedan

    I know who's smarter Justin is Justin

  • FireFun101 YT
    FireFun101 YT2 timmar sedan

    who keeps a freaking bowl of SALT on the table-_-

  • Bullet ChunkyBoy Bravante
    Bullet ChunkyBoy Bravante2 timmar sedan


  • -•Raidiant•-
    -•Raidiant•-2 timmar sedan

    Me watching the video Me:nice Me looking at the views WHAT 180MIL

  • Maria Isabel
    Maria Isabel2 timmar sedan

    No tires la sal es malo disen disen

  • Janno Aquino
    Janno Aquino3 timmar sedan


  • nathan puga
    nathan puga3 timmar sedan

    Adam won 😱

    JOEL MP3 timmar sedan


  • No_simp_for_life
    No_simp_for_life3 timmar sedan

    How tf that this have a fvking 180 million plus views

  • Đức Nguyễn CG
    Đức Nguyễn CG3 timmar sedan


  • Noor Diab
    Noor Diab3 timmar sedan

    Who saw him

  • Kasorn Tagong
    Kasorn Tagong3 timmar sedan


  • Marcin Pietrykowski
    Marcin Pietrykowski3 timmar sedan


  • Edit Down Henchmen Banuz
    Edit Down Henchmen Banuz3 timmar sedan


  • Edit Down Henchmen Banuz
    Edit Down Henchmen Banuz3 timmar sedan


  • Edit Down Henchmen Banuz
    Edit Down Henchmen Banuz3 timmar sedan


  • Edit Down Henchmen Banuz
    Edit Down Henchmen Banuz3 timmar sedan


  • Prince leonard Villalon
    Prince leonard Villalon4 timmar sedan


  • inusha nirmala
    inusha nirmala4 timmar sedan

    ambo hod wade okar

  • Ender
    Ender4 timmar sedan

    Cringe at 101%

  • krystof
    krystof4 timmar sedan


  • Ijat Logan
    Ijat Logan4 timmar sedan

    Entoh pape

  • Ijat Logan

    Ijat Logan

    2 timmar sedan

    @Alif Rifqi malaysia

  • Alif Rifqi

    Alif Rifqi

    3 timmar sedan

    Kau melayu ke indon

  • Nam Rain
    Nam Rain4 timmar sedan

    idiots: its obvi justin me: adam (reason justin got pranked bye adam)

  • shariq vlogs
    shariq vlogs4 timmar sedan

    Why this video is on trending still

  • Phanter_wagen
    Phanter_wagen4 timmar sedan


  • Gowtham babu Nambula
    Gowtham babu Nambula4 timmar sedan

    I'm smart

  • Ramin Mammadov
    Ramin Mammadov4 timmar sedan

    Who is smarter ?😂

  • ARandomDude 10 years ago
    ARandomDude 10 years ago4 timmar sedan

    "Who is smarter?😂" Idk man probably that noodles over there

  • Ritul Patel
    Ritul Patel4 timmar sedan

    That purple hair boy is the smarter

  • athina Pavlidou
    athina Pavlidou4 timmar sedan


  • faliure gamerz
    faliure gamerz4 timmar sedan

    🙄🙄 what the fuck is this

  • Marek Šturma
    Marek Šturma4 timmar sedan

    This videos from 6 yrs old mind feels really dull.

  • jonny eberly
    jonny eberly4 timmar sedan

    Absolute banger of a video

  • fahrin idris
    fahrin idris4 timmar sedan


  • Fele Sharon
    Fele Sharon5 timmar sedan


  • Kapil Soun
    Kapil Soun5 timmar sedan

    Aap yah apne aap ko bahut smart Samajhta Hai

  • KmfvD
    KmfvD5 timmar sedan

    This is the stupidest shit I've seen in a while. A long while....

  • Gnome That likes turtles
    Gnome That likes turtles5 timmar sedan


  • Alx
    Alx5 timmar sedan

    The fact that this has almost 200M views...

  • Kirill Link
    Kirill Link5 timmar sedan

    no one

  • Van Phan
    Van Phan5 timmar sedan

    I like this

  • Ken james
    Ken james5 timmar sedan


  • Bushra Aftab
    Bushra Aftab5 timmar sedan

    Adam is the song

    NAGARAJ L G5 timmar sedan

    Right person

  • Dewi Tan
    Dewi Tan5 timmar sedan


  • Shane Barker
    Shane Barker5 timmar sedan

    What a lot of crap

  • Zark Op
    Zark Op5 timmar sedan

    Both are duffers 😎

  • ItzDarsh
    ItzDarsh5 timmar sedan

    Honestly, both are equally and tremendously dumb

  • Kavita Jaiswal
    Kavita Jaiswal5 timmar sedan


  • Jayne Mclarnon
    Jayne Mclarnon6 timmar sedan

    Hahaha so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pranav
    Pranav6 timmar sedan


  • TheOneMackuM
    TheOneMackuM6 timmar sedan

    D i s g u s t i n g

  • Nn Ss
    Nn Ss6 timmar sedan


  • Sadiya Tirmizi
    Sadiya Tirmizi6 timmar sedan


    AADVIKA MEHTA6 timmar sedan

    Both are stupid

  • Bhoomi Srivastava
    Bhoomi Srivastava6 timmar sedan

    Who is smarter?? Guess the alien on his T-shirt. 😆

  • Linh Xinh Xẻo
    Linh Xinh Xẻo6 timmar sedan

    Ủa sao lọt TOP trending Việt Nam vậy?

  • Linh Xinh Xẻo
    Linh Xinh Xẻo6 timmar sedan

    Ủa sao lọt TOP trending Việt Nam vậy?

  • mxlly_ mxllow
    mxlly_ mxllow6 timmar sedan

    How th did they get 183 M views in 2 weeks-

  • Lexi Lan
    Lexi Lan6 timmar sedan


  • Lexi Lan
    Lexi Lan6 timmar sedan

    Wow 183M views for this vid or story 🤷🏼‍♀️ and I thought the Billie esish was the most popular

  • rina syatira
    rina syatira6 timmar sedan

    me thinking about how much this video is getting their views from now on,18june2020 n see ya on 2040

  • Ello World
    Ello World6 timmar sedan

    None. They forgot the sauce