What You Don't Know about Home Charging a Model Y

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If you have a Tesla or other electric car or are thinking about buying a Tesla, Charging at Home is Easy and you will never have to go to e "Gas Station" again unless you want a drink or snack.
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    240v x 50Ax 0.8=9600w that is from code book

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    You don’t drive all day.

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    Best charging vid

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    Show me again how to plug something in to the wall...? Haha just teasin'. I'm guessing the reason you have to be careful on the 14-50 plug because you can get zapped if you touch the metal while it's going in? Or are there other concerns if you don't push it in just like you showed?

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    Hey Wilmer what does your local power station generate with ? Sun, wind, or waves ? Wake up and smell the coffee Wilmer.

  • EV Dave

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    Hi Bob, my local power station is solar with Tesla power walls that are charged by solar. Cars chargers with solar and my coffee is made with Free Sun. This is the 21st century Bob get used to it

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    anybody else watching the video but don't own a tesla but wants one

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    This is clearly explained and shows you how to plug in the car using the various wall chargers.

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    Excellent video

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    Just ordered my Y! And, I had that same T shirt in the 70s. Old people in Teslas with a Pink Floyd Tshirt are beyond cool. ( I wish I still had that shirt, loved it ). Great video. Thanks!!!

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    Congrats on your car you will love it

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    This was great!

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    Great job Dave..am i newbie and very non-technical ....seriously considering new Model Y....now i understand the basics of charging an electric car.

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    How are the v2 and v3 wired?

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    Lol , these governmentally subsidized toys are a trojan horse. Where do you think the tax base lost from natural resource petroleum will be made up? Yep , you guessed it ,the publics electric bills . And more taxes if you own an electric . These toys are not visble without taxpayers making it possible for all you to buy them. The savings is very short term , the long term maintenance will break you , dont worry , you can always sell it......well for a pretty heafty loss since a buyer won't be able to afford to fix it The video numbers here are good..... in optimal conditions , however the midwest winters make these toys nonsensical to use on any regular basis . Practically speaking , people are terrible with maintaining their cars , depend on refuling in a minute , running on a quarter tank , etc . No way the population will take all the extra time needed to simply drive , not to mention when the subsidies go away , and the extra electric taxes , your pretty much screwed . Cool gadgetry to be sure , practical? nowhere near close .

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    @0:46 "it's so simple ......... compared to fossil fuel ways". Then he proceeds with ALL the steps needed to charge a car at home and on the road. ROFL

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    Did I miss how much the Tesla wall charger are?

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    Wall Connector are $500 from Tesla

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    Great video. Helped me significantly as a new tesla owner.

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    I ordered using your referral link. Thank you for the helpful video.

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    Tshirt alone merits the like after :10, not to mention very informative video.

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    What’s the red color you used for you wall? Really sharp looking

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    Great video! I've got a brand new 240V dedicated outlet in my garage. Our dryer is plugged into it. Is there a 240V splitter we could use. (Not running thr dryer and charger at the same time). Or would I need to run an additional 240V outlet to the garage? I hope not...

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    You might find a splitter not sure they make them, speak with your electrician they may be able to help with that issue

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    Best video ever! You Rock!

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    Charging an EV using a power grid that uses traditional power. Why not use solar and tesla home batteries to store power. Even tesla superchargers around the country use traditional power, the day will come when all these will change as we move away from the addiction of fossil fuel. Love the shirt.

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    I do

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    I want a unit that can be hung from the ceiling and retract out of the way. I would prefer not to look at that big ugly cable on my wall.

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    So if you have the 240 nema outlet can that hookup be converted to the wall charger?

  • EV Dave

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    Yes ask your electrician

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    my house has a old 100amp system, wonder what am I gonna do to get this charger or the nema?

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    Is it better to charge slower to make the battery last longer

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    I’m trying to buy a Tesla what’s referral code ? I don’t see it on the description

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    ...wait 'til your electric bill triples/quadruples or more and hits $1800/mo so you sell the car and ride the bus because of the Green New Deal; but the electric bus fare is so high you can't afford that either so you walk

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    Yeah, that’s gonna happen /s

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    Will the mobile charger turn off automatically as well once the Tesla is finished charging?

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    Yes at your set limit, set in the car. If you leave it plugging in if it needs topping up it will charge again to set limit

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    i will stick with my gas car until an electric car can go 1000 miles on a charge

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    @Whack-a-mole but i can refuel it in 3 minutes and continue on my way

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    Your gas car can’t go anywhere near that on a topped off tank.

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    No thanks. I am going to hang on to my internal combustion engine for a little longer. I don't think I want to go to the trouble of hiring an electrician to start changing the wiring in my house. EV technogy is still evolving, who knows there could be better charging system in the future? In general, EV owners who care or can afford to install a dedicated charger at their house are home owners. Renters/apartment dwellers are out of luck. These last group have to find ways to charge their EV, like going to public charging station and having to wait in line if the stations are being used. Also, charging EV takes time unlike pumping gas. Which brings me to the point, if the only reason you are driving an EV (not to look cool because other people are doing it) is you are concern with pollution and our environment then a fuel cell car is a better solution. Fuel cell cars are basically EV that uses hydrogen to generate electricity to drive the car. It has zero emission and the by product is water. Charging hydrogen fuel cell car takes minutes vs charging EV batteries that takes hours. The problem with hydrogen is that it requires electrical energy to produce hydrogen through hydrolysis. If the energy is from renewal energy then zero carbon footprint. But, on the other hand, fossil fuels are used than hydrogen fuel cell cars are no different from EV.

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    Have you ever had a power outage at home while in the middle of charging? How did the adapters respond? Also did it effect your schedule? Thanks for the videos Dave.

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    So in summary, if I install a NEMA 14-50 outlet (and include a shut off switch).. this will future proof any level two chargers I may need in the future?

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    This is by far the most complete video about the different charging methods.

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    That was good Dave, thanks but as far as the difference between V 2 and V 3 home charging I would prefer the V2 as I like the beefier cord I don't wanna thinner cord. If I could install an actual supercharger at my house I would do it just for that beefy cord, It's a personal thing

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    Very cool, I like you, and maybe I will buy a Tesla

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    Thank you, Dave. You made it easy to follow and understand!

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    When you plug 240v be very carefull you can blow up. KA BOOM

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    Great video! Thank you!

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    Excellent instructive video. For folks who live in non urban areas or have range anxiety with lower battery capacity EVs than Tesla for example, have you ever tried charging your car in a pinch with a large portable power bank? If so, is there any that has enough output to add at least 4-5 miles per hour? Thank you!

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    If it’s a Tesla it has a 72kwh battery which is quite large. If you have any frequency stable source of AC 120-250 vac can charge an EV. If the capacity of the charging source is smaller than the car, the car will stuck it dry. To get 4-5 miles per hour you will need at least 120vac at 12amps

  • Roger Wong
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    Thanks for the charging info. I only use mobile 120 watt charger at home, wondering every time when I finish charge, do I need to unplug from the wall or I can just leave it plug in then easy for next charge ?

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    If you set a the charge limit in the car it will charge till that point and stop. It’s ok to leave the wall out mobile connector plugged in. Best part you can’t drive until unplugged. Good luck

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    The Tesla mobile app also lets you monitor the state of your Tesla’s charge and adjust the percentage you want your battery charged. I generally set mine to 70% or less. Good not to drop the percent charge below about 20%. You can also stop charging via the mobile app and open/unlock the charge port. The app also shows the availability of stalls at Supercharger stations in your area, such 7/10, meaning 7 of 10 stalls are available, this is updated in real time. The stalls available also show on your Tesla’s screen as you are driving. There is no range anxiety when you drive a Tesla, just pay attention so you know the state of charge, and where the SC stations are, kinda like watching your gas gauge.

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    I’m surprised the UMC hangs on its electrical cable/plug. And I’m surprised Tesla’s elegant wand isn’t the defecto standard vs the goofy CSS1 or CCS2 plug. I’ve seen too many SEblacks video’s showing how all that weight pulls down on the upper pins causing intermittent connectivity and have to be pulled up by hand to ensure a proper connection is made. No thanks.

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    I would like a video on cost per mile to drive a Tesla compared with ICE vehicle looking at both changes in cost per kWh and changes in cost per gallon and miles per gallon

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    Great video Dave! Just got my Y two weeks ago and waiting for he electrician to install my Nema 14-50. Question the electrician is costing me like 500 but could I not just buy the Tesla charger at 500 and plug it into a regular 110 plug and get higher juicing. Or do I have t get the Nema 14-50 installed first and then add the super charger. Also my daughter has a Chevy Volt can she use an adapter and charge off the Tesla charger if I purchase one, like using a adapter from Chevy. Funny story, I charged last night at a Super Charger station to 80 percent and the car said 12.70 cents. When I got home the charge was a 127 dollars on my credit card. Somehow the decimal was not put on. Don't know who to contact about this but will dispute the charges! Again thanks for the video it was very helpful!

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    Great vid! Very detailed. Question. Can the tesla wall adapter charge a chevy Volt? The volt uses a J1772 adapter. Is there such thing as a adapter that fits tesla to charge the voltage? If that makes sense

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    but... i knew this. What i need to know is how do i get charge when my apartment owner won't install any plug?

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    This was the most informative video I have seen on Tesla charging... No Jibber Jabber straight to the point with great explanation... Thank you this helped a lot.

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    Not good for the battery to keep it plugged in for months if charging to 100%.

  • EV Dave

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    Correct. As a rule don’t waste your time charging to 100% as it takes as much time as a charge from 0-80% as does from 80-100%. The car will exceed 90% if it needs the range to get to the next charging stop

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    Thanks for the video, does a tesla charger or car make any sound, hum or echo while charging, or is it completely silent?

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    Makes no noise except when first connected it will click upon charging and click when done

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    Why don't you speak to the issue of using portable generators for emergency charging, something that you could carry in your trunk.

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    Great Job Dave! I don't own one yet but you just made me a lot more comfortable with the concept & the process. One question I have , if you want to follow this vid with more on the topic,... What exactly is the definition of Supercharging?...Can you Supercharge at home & if so how & at what cost? What do you need to Supercharge while on the road? You may have covered this but I didn't hear the term "Supercharge" and did not want to assume. Thanks!

  • Ben Jones

    Ben Jones

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    @EV Dave Thanks for the replies, That's very encouraging. I'll have to do some research to find out how many of those charging stations exist and what the plan is to expand them

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    Charging in the road at between 150k to 250k watts of charge power, charges in minutes

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

    2 månader sedan

    Ben. Watts of power, charges the car very fast in a matter of minutes. Sorry for two reply

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    Ben, a supercharger is a high power direct current charger between 120,000 to 250,000

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    very detailed and clear...good job and thanks!

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  • Sam Boudreau

    Sam Boudreau

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    @EV Dave how is the electricity being produced?

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    Sam, my electrical company charges $0.09339 per kilowatt hour (kWh) my car draws 11kW, so one hour at 11kw is 11x0.09339 = $1.02729 for 45 miles of range. Cheap at twice the price

  • Jim Scheltema
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    Total Newbie. Can you make a vid for folks who want to use solar to charge? My power rate is $.145 per Kw and I'd rather invest in equipment and not be dependent on the power company...

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    I’ll do it thanks

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    Without doing the math, it would take a tremendous amount of panels to charge it for sufficient range in about 12 hours, to get to work unless your work place is very close to you. One would really need the 220V to be able to charge it quicker. Who knows when you will need to drive somewhere on the spur of the moment. Or, you can have two cars, a conventional one and an EV. In an emergency you can use the gas car and leave the EV on the solar charger for two months to charge if you can work from home :-)

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    HOW MUCH MONEY I WILL SPEND EXTRA ON MY ELECTRIC BILL CHARGING THIS CAR EVERYNIGHT ..HOW MUCH IT I WILL COST ME WHY NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT..you dont mentioned that charger walll is 500 dollars plus other features. so what iam saving in gas i am spending in electricity ..NO GOOD

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    Is $1.02 for 45 miles of range ok? 0.09339 kWh x 48 amps = 11kwh x 0.09339 = $1.02

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    Dave, I really like your video mostly because you speak clearly and slowly. I have a couple suggestions that I would like you to incorporate into a "reshoot". People are sensitive to the "meaning of words" which applies here. This Mobile charger is indeed something that can be used "on the go." Yes it can be used at home but also when you go on a trip and stay at a motel or at a friend's house. State that in your presentation. You make the charging at 120 v sound very complicated and high tech. Its very simple, right? The receptacle is just a normal receptacle in the garage, right ?. So, start by approaching a receptacle that has lets say has a light fixture plugged into it. Remove the light's plug and insert the plug for the mobile charger. For the 240V situation, you very casually mention a dryer receptacle., which it is, right ?. So ,emphasize it. Again, go to the laundry of your house or at the friend's house you're visiting and PLUG IN. Take the time to mention that you'll have to calm down your host that you won't burn down his house by setting the charger 20% lower that his circuit breaker. Note, its gotta be a special host though but give him 10 or 20 bucks to compensate for the electricity. I hope you take these suggestions in a positive manner and I'd really like to see a retake. Thanks, Bill

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    How much does it increase your electric bill?

  • EV Dave

    EV Dave

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    45 miles of range for $1.02 per hour

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    Just so everyone is aware, your home must me a newer one, 200 amp service is not common in older homes. Many of us still have 60 amp or 100 amp service. Not sure how critical this is.

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    Just dial down the charge current in the car

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