What to Do as a Fresh 60 in Shadowlands - Fast Item Level and Renown Catchup


  • Nick
    Nick4 dagar sedan

    Good video but man I’m confused as a newbie lol

  • Ricky Chur
    Ricky Chur5 dagar sedan

    who cares for a fucking shit like shadowlands? no one with a mind and good taste of game. classic only

  • hvdhvd3333
    hvdhvd333310 dagar sedan

    If you aren't in a guild running you through all the content you pay for carries.

  • Craig A
    Craig A10 dagar sedan

    I've come back since quitting at Cata and I've literally no idea what I'm doing. Up to 1:45 of your video was very much a loads of words I couldn't understand because I don't know what any of it means. Whats a conduit? Soulbinds? Renown? I'm literally lost haha

  • Vichrae V.
    Vichrae V.13 dagar sedan

    I keep watching these "what to do at 60" videos and it's so overwhelming I just go back to leveling alts.

  • Axelle
    Axelle13 dagar sedan

    I've never gone past the lvl70/120 or now lvl40/60 (basically never hit endgame), i don't know why i'm watching this video but i've never been more confused in my life

  • MicroDog14
    MicroDog1414 dagar sedan

    how do i find the world boss, where does it appear and what time?

  • G Ranger
    G Ranger18 dagar sedan

    Where’s the pvp info?

  • Jemar
    Jemar24 dagar sedan

    What if i already sold my covenant piece? 😢 i cant get it back?

  • 7 Angels 7 Plagues
    7 Angels 7 Plagues25 dagar sedan

    I just hit 60 on my first character just to realize I need to finish all the Shadowlands quests...I just got the Ardenweald...great.

  • DjDaDDyD 503
    DjDaDDyD 50326 dagar sedan

    Started playing in BC and stopped after Legion. I’m so lost that I don’t even want to play lol

  • Speedy Dad
    Speedy Dad27 dagar sedan

    I feel like catching up is going to take me quite a while since I last played in cata,

  • Dread Z
    Dread Z27 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for this guide, I didn’t know where to start after I leveled my alt. This helped a lot

  • Austin Kernan
    Austin Kernan27 dagar sedan

    What is that add on you have rhat shows the item level upgrade then also the percent upgrade with it for your spec?

  • Srdjan Miletic
    Srdjan MileticMånad sedan

    What addon do you have for the 3D Models of the Healthbar?

  • SL Ferdskis
    SL FerdskisMånad sedan

    so i sold my cov gear am i screwed

  • JD Fuimaono
    JD FuimaonoMånad sedan

    This is a great guide for anyone switching covenants too btw

  • AH AH
    AH AHMånad sedan

    requiring to get stuff from auction house to progress is a total turn off for me. rip legendaries....

  • AH AH
    AH AHMånad sedan

    i hate conduits and that follower class tree...whatever its called...it feels totally pointless...il skip this entire xpac...its to much to keep track of all small things scattered across the shadowlands...maybe im getting old...

  • xMiss MaVeNx
    xMiss MaVeNxMånad sedan

    After taking a 6 month break, the thought of getting back on this treadmill is exhausting. "It's gonna be a no from me dawg."

  • james adams
    james adamsMånad sedan

    Why make this? No one plays this game anymore

  • Martin J
    Martin JMånad sedan

    Wiat I have to complete the fucking campaign fucking first?????? Everyone told me I had to chose my fucking covenant first and there isn't a single guide that said any fucking thing about having to complete anything. I've been running around for hours trying to figure this fucking shit out! God I fucking hate people. Thank god you're there Hazel!

  • ohmirkwood
    ohmirkwoodMånad sedan

    I'm so grateful for this video, it's really really helpful.

  • Joshua Fiedler
    Joshua FiedlerMånad sedan

    I last played in 2012 when I was 13 and had no Idea what I was doing, now I'm almost 22 and still have no idea what I'm doing

  • Eutrophia Barton
    Eutrophia BartonMånad sedan

    hazel, you are amazing! I made an alt and i really enjoy her, she might replace my main. I usually main 1 character per expansion, so i had no idea what to do

  • George Zeaiter
    George ZeaiterMånad sedan

    The last expansion I raided in was wotlk. I hit level cap in cata and logged off. I played a day or two of panda. This is an entirely different game. I mean I get why they did it. But holy shit.

  • Nathaniel Butler
    Nathaniel ButlerMånad sedan

    new returning player, thank you cour humoring us. subbed and liked the video

  • Juaquin De Anda
    Juaquin De AndaMånad sedan

    Ew this isn't even WoW anymore. Despicable.

  • Elaw13
    Elaw13Månad sedan

    I like the guide it is very thorough, but that's quite a bit of work for gearing 10 alts at the same time...

  • Cameron Peterson
    Cameron PetersonMånad sedan

    Finally, an antisocial fearing guide! Perfect 👌

  • Mens Grooming Advice
    Mens Grooming Advice2 månader sedan

    Thanks Hazel this is super useful. I've not played since I got bored in BFA but am planing on re-subbing this weekend. I had every class maxed and geared up to Normal raid level. A quick quesation about Tourcast - you mention being able to jump to level 8 if previously cleared on another character; would you suggest that I make my first character a tank or perhaps Warlock with tank demon to open level 8 ready for my other classes? My main in BFA was a Frost Mage but I also had a beefy Prot Pally.

  • Shawn Knudsen
    Shawn Knudsen2 månader sedan

    Great content, but very overwhelming.

  • RuOmnik
    RuOmnik2 månader sedan

    Update on legendaries: farm soul ash but don't craft yet. Wait till all buffs and nerfs will be rolled out.

  • Monk Soup
    Monk Soup2 månader sedan

    Do I have to do all the covenant zones to be able to do world quest ?

  • tigeress8
    tigeress82 månader sedan

    awesome guide and i learned new stuff and why i should complete the campaign on all alts and main. thank you! ♥

  • Rob Copeland
    Rob Copeland2 månader sedan

    Darkmoon Faire trinkets are i200 and pretty cheap now.

  • Lee Higgins
    Lee Higgins2 månader sedan

    hol up, what transmog is that?

  • bloodyDeagle77
    bloodyDeagle772 månader sedan

    I'm having trouble getting trinkets. Any tips? I'm renown 34 and WQ give ilvl 187 weaps or offhand. No rings or trinkets....

  • Coders Expo
    Coders Expo2 månader sedan

    I play for fun...this sounds like a whole lot of work without pay.

    SNAKE PLISSKEN2 månader sedan

    volume so low D:



    2 månader sedan

    it was my fault :( dang windows volume mixer had chrome down too low

  • Thresh Prince
    Thresh Prince2 månader sedan

    Catch-up? there's been like 7 months of no content since nath dropped lol. There's nothing to catch-up with. Dead game. Maintenance mode within first content drop.

  • Moudi
    Moudi2 månader sedan

    I would actually recommend only to learn the conduits that are the best for your class and spec since its alot easier to upgrade them with the maw since it upgrades the lowest of your already learned conduits.

  • Donald Gryder
    Donald Gryder2 månader sedan

    this game is such bull sh!t now it isnt funny you cant get gear as easy as this video makes you believe it is utter bull shit the game sucks now you cant solo shit because of not being able to get any damn weapons or armor if you have a job you can forget trying to play this game all you get is screwed it take so much grinding that it sucks now they dropped the ball on us non gold farmers and everyday players who pay for the game

  • K F
    K F2 månader sedan

    You forgot WoW Token boosts! Lol

  • Sewitscher HD
    Sewitscher HD2 månader sedan

    Hazel Pog :D

  • Lacuna369
    Lacuna3692 månader sedan

    "Weirdo like me" I also have more than one of the same class :P, thank you for the video it helped me catch up my druid.

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold2 månader sedan

    covenant sets look sick

  • Hayden Roberts
    Hayden Roberts2 månader sedan

    Is the audio on this video super low? I have the volume maxed on SEblacks and I can barely hear it!

  • Beach looking Guy
    Beach looking Guy2 månader sedan

    im just trying to get back into this game after giving up last expansion. catching up and figuring out allll of this stuff is like a part time job still. This is like a employee training video and i have a hard time not zoning out and checking socail media while trying to follow all of this lol

  • Kangaroo


    2 månader sedan

    I agree, figuring everything out and grinding gear sucks😭

  • Marty Kirby
    Marty Kirby2 månader sedan

    WORLD QUEST TABS Better. Just say'in.

  • Matt
    Matt2 månader sedan

    Best leggo for solo lock comes from SLG. Why Blizz?

  • Berto Flores
    Berto Flores2 månader sedan

    Damn I’m so lost.

  • T J
    T J2 månader sedan

    **joins random battle ground on 170ilvl mage** “oh god this was a mistake”

  • ThatWeirdKid


    4 dagar sedan

    Try that as a rogue 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Mrs Mime

    Mrs Mime

    2 månader sedan

    I did this on a 140ilvl feral druid TT

  • Dyida
    Dyida2 månader sedan

    Thanks for your helpful guides. As a new player your explanations help me a lot.

  • N Haskin
    N Haskin2 månader sedan

    Hi I’m hazel and dededededede de de dee

  • Atrigraphy
    Atrigraphy2 månader sedan

    Forget about worldquests unless it's for rings or trinkets. Mayyyybe a weapon early on, but don't waste time on armour as you will get it from your classhall campaign.

  • David Lindsey
    David Lindsey2 månader sedan

    dude thank you for this. This is the most straightforward shadowlands guide I could find. Been playing it at 60 for 3 weeks now and I'm still just running around doing random stuff lol

  • Aye Nyein Aung
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    Go to your favorite boosting community and request boosts xD

  • ChrizYT
    ChrizYT2 månader sedan

    Hi Hazel! Thanks.

  • jeremiah Gibson
    jeremiah Gibson2 månader sedan

    Purchase ilvl 168 gear from AH.

  • Munich FX
    Munich FX2 månader sedan

    I only left for 12 years and came back to realize I'm kinda lost.

  • Vichrae V.

    Vichrae V.

    13 dagar sedan

    Also left 12 years ago and there's a lot to learn. I locked a couple of characters at 45 so I can do all of the content I missed without just demolishing everything.

  • Mike B

    Mike B

    Månad sedan

    Bro so tf am I lmfao

  • Plant Tube

    Plant Tube

    2 månader sedan

    @Sir Phil McCrackin von Beggington guess whats stupid they expect us to gear using pvp but you cant gear in pvp if you cant win in pvp and you cant win in pvp becuase you dont have gear... Smh....

  • hella_


    2 månader sedan


  • ISPY4ever


    2 månader sedan

    @Beach looking Guy That's why I went back to GW2. Horizontal progression after you hit max level. Just do what is fun to you, not what you must do. Shadowlands is completely overloaded as you just said. I don't like it.

  • Nobleshield
    Nobleshield2 månader sedan

    Finally, a good guide that's not like "get your guildies to carry you through M+" like so many of the other videos. Always a great job Hazel

  • David Denis Andrei
    David Denis Andrei2 månader sedan

    Quick, precise, accurate. Wp gg!

  • Simon Hydman
    Simon Hydman2 månader sedan

    i recommend farming hc up til 13 from 1 first..reached renowm 40 in 2 days with this and everything thats in the video

  • Happy Mushroom
    Happy Mushroom2 månader sedan

    I'll tell you what to do as a fresh 60 in the Shadowlands. Quit the game. Thanks.

  • Tyler McNamara
    Tyler McNamara2 månader sedan

    I just finished watching a video where she had a pet battle with Asmongold and remember hearing, "you make all those SEblacks guides! You have been so helpful!" I find that your content earns this compliment over and over again.

  • ♪ Μ𝓸ĤΔ𝐍ᗩ𝓓€𝐕a  👽  ღ ツ
    ♪ Μ𝓸ĤΔ𝐍ᗩ𝓓€𝐕a 👽 ღ ツ2 månader sedan

    Namaskar Thank you

  • Jonathan Brammen
    Jonathan Brammen3 månader sedan

    The only thing, what you need to catch up, is make your campaign, you get the offer to upgrade this items to 197 with anima, so farm each anima ressource, if you see them, than upgrade your covenant items to 197 and farm your conduits. 5 alts, each making on this way to 200+ easily. If you want something else, what you can do, that guide is very helpfull for each mechanic what you can do next to the campaign, but you dont get higher items from that, than from the campaign :)

  • Talia Skinner
    Talia Skinner3 månader sedan

    Thanks Hazel, I really enjoy your content. You explain things concisely and clearly

  • Laerendor
    Laerendor3 månader sedan

    Personally I farm some honor and dungeons before 60 to get 140-150ilvl without using the AH, then I do the 8 mythic dungeons, the world boss and craft the legendary. The timewalking or mythic dungeon quest is a nice bonus if available. Finally I push m+ keys for upgrades renown and vault rewards. Optionally I do the campaign and raid for quick renown. At around 200ilvl I start farming conquest.

  • S C
    S C3 månader sedan

    Thank you!! This is sooo helpful!

  • Johnny Lundgren
    Johnny Lundgren3 månader sedan

    Thx so much 😊 this helps me a lot and keeping my focus what to do.. take care of you, keeping shining 🤩☀️🌹 regards// J 🇸🇪

  • Andrew Grevious
    Andrew Grevious3 månader sedan

    Yes but the drop rates in boes arent crazy high the smaller the group the better chance i think but i got 226 plate and made 300k

  • Abdulrahman
    Abdulrahman3 månader sedan

    Still as pvpers it sucks ass to have alts, Blizzard please solve this. Even for normal players look at how much they have to do by looking at this video. The game is literally stressful for people who have jobs and families

  • Anthony Piniella
    Anthony Piniella3 månader sedan

    I love pvp, and this is hands down my favorite gearing system so far!! Wish I didn't have to play pve content for it... there is a renown lock for some reason, even though it is unrelated.

  • Abdulrahman


    3 månader sedan

    It is related. There are many things as pvper required. You increase health, covenant shit. Its so unplayable as pvpers now And you say honor system do you realize how much time you need to gear 1 character. Its soo terrible

  • Geoffrey Cuypers
    Geoffrey Cuypers3 månader sedan

    I don't know if it's been mentioned but you don't have to actually craft a legendary if you short ilvl. You can just equip the base item and queue up

  • Jesse Rogers
    Jesse Rogers3 månader sedan

    Hazel your videos are always SO helpful. I played some and leveled to cap when shadowlands came out and then kind of fell away. Coming back this is a life saver reminding me of everything and teaching me what I should be going for! Love your videos! Great content.

  • Max Kalisch
    Max Kalisch3 månader sedan

    That's a sick mog

  • Arthur Rissoni
    Arthur Rissoni3 månader sedan

    This is what I needed!!! Thanks so much, such a great video!

  • Resent Fusion
    Resent Fusion3 månader sedan

    great vid

  • Jacobi Stein
    Jacobi Stein3 månader sedan

    I would suggest grabbing professions for making your own gear instead of just buying it because one it's cheaper and two after you cap it you can make some easy money crafting gear and selling it in ah too

  • Skywolf
    Skywolf3 månader sedan

    Thank you so so much !! i was looking for a guide like this for some time now, for example i did not know that i can skip the SL campaign if i already did it with another character, so i did it with 3 character already xD . You have a sub from me ^^

  • Ryan Steffens
    Ryan Steffens3 månader sedan

    What you do is either roll an alt or go play classic because you will never be invited to an M+ or raid

  • Brian Sung
    Brian Sung3 månader sedan

    Nice guide ^^

  • Max
    Max3 månader sedan

    I'd say unsub till 9.1 :') Then again, I'm just a salty veteran

  • Vicious Pen
    Vicious Pen3 månader sedan

    Wait. Your alts are the same class?

  • Vicious Pen
    Vicious Pen3 månader sedan

    This was really useful. I just came back to the game after being away when my guild collapsed in the middle of battle for azeroth and this is exactly what I was wondering when I hit 60 the other day

  • Randy Randerson
    Randy Randerson3 månader sedan

    Soloing Torghast at lvl 8?? I have problems soloing it over lvl 3 with my Warlock with an iLvl 188. It's also difficult to get groups because a lot of people hate Torghast so there aren't many people around when I am looking to group. Grats on your ghost kitty

  • Fraser G
    Fraser G3 månader sedan

    just buy a heroic or mythic raid boost from @GuildHonolulu

  • Quste
    Quste3 månader sedan

    Remember the cheap ilvl 200 trinket from the ah

  • Macronic
    Macronic3 månader sedan

    I swear u increase fresh lvl caps everytime u do this lol

  • Schared Vitrum
    Schared Vitrum3 månader sedan

    Arent timewalking raids quite good if you have some lads for it?

  • TyrTV
    TyrTV3 månader sedan

    Good video thanks :)

  • Notoriouslydevious
    Notoriouslydevious3 månader sedan

    Timewalking as well! The timewalking dungeons drop alright gear (I think it's ilvl158, not sure) but the timewalking raids drop ilvl 200! Just gotta have the patience to get through and learn the old raid mechanics ♥

  • Ernesto Sibal
    Ernesto Sibal3 månader sedan

    Im new. This is so helpful and timely. Love the video and thanks.

  • Juscuz
    Juscuz3 månader sedan

    Best way to catch up is delete this garbage game.

  • Crazy Astronaut
    Crazy Astronaut3 månader sedan

    Can someone tell me what addon is to see the item level like her , like 188.6 for exemple

  • Dallas Scandling
    Dallas Scandling3 månader sedan

    I want to play wow but after playing since launch back 04 its clear there's no reason to play it right now. Players are confined to 4 zones at the end game literally making the 100 or so other zones completely useless. PvP is beyond repair and some classes/specs have no place in pvp at all anymore limiting the amount of playable pvp specs there are down to only a few. There's 1 raid and probably wont be another until fall and if that's the case the next raid after this is about 2 years away. WoW should have ended with legion, BFA should have been warcraft 4, and Shadowlands+ should have been WoW 2. No light will be shed on WoW and its staff ever either because its CEO and other higherups are extremely greedy and have 0 love for the game. If you really love WoW walk away and stop promoting its current state.

  • barkley611
    barkley6113 månader sedan

    Imagine if in Classic...you leveled to 60 instantly in the length of time it takes you to get to level 14-20, and run your first few dungeons...let's say level 30 so you can effectively run 4-5 dungeons.... And THEN CLASSIC LEVELING IS OVER! (Yay) but now you're told "you are st endgame max level, now you need to get you ilevel up - wait wut? I'm not done leveling? "Yes you're done leveling, but now you must remain at these 4 dungeons and endlessly hope to get better gear. Once you've got it, zone out, crank the difficulty up, and go hope for the same piece at some higher level. This is RNG btw and you have no control over how fast you "gear" AKA LEVEL". This is a very good guide for a new player to Shadowlands however. Just wish we could find a way to convince new players (and the OLD) that TBC CLassic is a much more immersive and content filled experience.

  • Welcome to HealeyMonster's Hollow
    Welcome to HealeyMonster's Hollow3 månader sedan

    "Here is a small tip 4 U all" I just thought U may wish to know U can easily get experience, @ times memories , & even 1 more renown merely by running in to the world boss "use a horse based mount they seem to be the fastest plus if a enemy runs near U jump on ur mount move left/right, etc. while still mounted too" Hit it with even one of your spells , just U must live through the fight though (or) U get not much more than gold though. :( If U die , then rez & do it again until U do i if U don't live through it @ even LVL 50 its easy to do, stay back, throw anything step way back, maybe use a addon that /begs 4 heals @ ur low health,etc. Especially since most groups r on auto-accepting of players no one says "a low LVL player no way am I taking them in my group" . trust me I do it all the time now. grab healing potions, protection potions & use that embalming oil too & u'll probably live in spite of the massive dmg to your characters. Even yesterday in adrenweald on Oranamonos, I have many alts that got 1 more renown, over 2000 experience & also gold, not so bad 4 alts LVL 52-58,huh? Also w8 4 a higher Level player to run by if u can, follow them let they take the agro , then U get there untouched by the whatever on the way there to the World boss too . :)