What Tesla Isn't Saying About Quality Control

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Tesla ranks LAST in quality from J.D. Power, but is that really the case? Let's look back at each model and the overall quality upon delivery.

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  • Jack
    Jack21 timme sedan

    Why u buy so many if they always have a problem

  • Tbird761
    Tbird76124 dagar sedan

    Your statistical conclusion is idiotic. The rest of the video is fine.

  • keithsj10
    keithsj10Månad sedan

    JD Power is irrelevant because the auto industry bought and paid for it. You've been through several Teslas. The only real question I can't seem to find an answer to is how much money is lost in every Tesla transaction? You buy a used model S for $$?? then sell it at a $$?? loss no doubt, then buy another Tesla for $$??, sell it for a loss of $$?? then buy a third for $$??. How much will you lose on this one? Tesla fans never brag about how much money they lose selling or trading in their Teslas.

  • Brian Prendota
    Brian PrendotaMånad sedan

    You just admitted that you don't do statistical analysis and you say your a number man. So if Tesla makes 5000 cars, you'll only believe the numbers is you have to have 5000 people answer. What. The Greeks thousands of years ago invented this. Use a small random number, have your matrix set up and predict the outcome without having to count everybody. Second point. You said you know people who got later models then your car. What year was both cars? Quality reports are done yearly not for the model type for all years

  • Paul
    PaulMånad sedan

    Shockingly bad really, seeing that have been building cars for a few years now... where is the QA....?

  • Sergei Baidalin
    Sergei BaidalinMånad sedan

    Tesla is a joke in terms of quality. Good technology but awful car. I was thinking to buy one but after visiting their showroom I changed my mind. It looks and feels cheap, just like early Korean cars

  • Linda Bell
    Linda BellMånad sedan

    Tesla does have significant quality control issues according to the SEblacks comments. If you choose to disregard the JD Powers data then look at the SEblacks data it’s a lot a whole lot. I have a lot of apprehension now about buying a Tesla now I’m gonna Buy an electric car but it’s got to be one that has good quality control. I wish Tesla would step up and get serious about producing quality electric vehicles.

  • James Hogue
    James HogueMånad sedan

    Mine had a wire hardness issue with the main screen which had to be replaced. Seems like my front doors are still not aligned. It’s a nightmare. I also hear an air sounds when I am driving and seems like air is getting in somewhere that creates pressure in the ears ( kinda like having a rear window cracked at speed). I’ve owned it for a month. BUT so nice to drive. I wish Acura made an all electric car.

  • David Michael
    David MichaelMånad sedan

    Have a model y ordered and on the way....they are texting/emailing me asking to make final payment....I told them I am not doing anything until I inspect, and test drive the car. In their reply they tell me they will wash & detail the car, but they don’t typically allow test drives prior to taking delivery. WTH?!?? Who wants to spend over $50 k on a car you can’t test drive!!? I wrote them back asking for what specific reason, but haven’t gotten any response so far. btw...I told them they can wash it, but NOT to detail it....the guy who is going to install ppf recommends this, and over 50% of his business comes from Tesla cars...he said if they detail it, it’s only gonna cause damage. I truly hope mine doesn’t have any issues...but if so, delivery will be refused.

  • Too Bad
    Too Bad2 månader sedan

    LOL no one cares about quality control on a Tesla ... don’t hurt the bosses feelings let him make millions

  • Arthur Wu
    Arthur Wu3 månader sedan

    I’ll wait until they become an actual Automaker. At this point they’re like Pinocchio waiting to be a real boy and everyone is just dick riding that “dream”

  • Ivan Kemper
    Ivan Kemper3 månader sedan

    Why do people buy these cars?

  • Wilfried Dehne
    Wilfried Dehne3 månader sedan

    I put my Tesla Buy on hold because of the quality reports. I am not willing to tolerate defects like rattles and other defects I hear about in this video. The nearest Tesla Service Center is >1 hour away. Therefore repeated service calls would be a hardship. This decision makes me unhappy because I really like the Autopilot/FSD feature. Just have to wait for a reliable car to become available. BTW, I drive a Toyota Avalon. Three in the row. Very reliable.

  • Daddy V
    Daddy V3 månader sedan

    Tesla needs to either cut their prices in half, or hire a new quality control VP and get to work

  • Thermal Geothermal
    Thermal Geothermal3 månader sedan

    FirstWorlder Problems 😂👍

  • Mathijs
    Mathijs3 månader sedan

    German cars arnt the best without issues also. Audi was nr 30 in your list Tesla nr 32. And how many more years of experience does Audi have over Tesla? Enough said. Haters will also find something to hate. Tesla should indeed step up the game in quality. But on software and efficiency its unmatched.

  • forgetfulduck
    forgetfulduck3 månader sedan

    If you feel that going back into the service centre 2 or 4 times a year to hopefully fix 6 issues but only have them fix 3 and sort of try fix 2 and completely give up on the last; is somewhat acceptable. Then I would respectfully suggest you've owned too many Tesla cars.

  • Q-chan
    Q-chan3 månader sedan

    Tesla owners appear to be a bunch of masochists or previous Chrysler’s owners who are used to having issues with their car from the get go. After naming all these issues how can you say that JD Power is wrong? Never thought I’d be defending JD Power! I’m not anti-EV but that is what you get when you aren’t a patient person willing to wait for a good manufacturer (don’t count Nissan or Chevy) or you are blinded by tech. They actually lost me with not having a spare tire.

  • Le Shiro
    Le Shiro3 månader sedan

    Stockholm Syndrome

  • lavergnee
    lavergnee4 månader sedan

    It’s the story of a guy who keeps having problems with his Tesla but despite that he continues to buy Teslas and continues to have problems with…

  • Al mac

    Al mac

    3 månader sedan

    Sounds like being in a bad relationship but justifying it because of the sunk cost.

  • rangie944
    rangie9444 månader sedan

    If this is the future, I'm sticking with Honda. Tempted to say given time I'm sure Tesla will come good, but thought that about my last Range Rover and they have built vehicles since last century and still unreliable. Good Luck.

  • kgno11
    kgno114 månader sedan

    It’s a very accurate and fair rating by JD. These types of issues are inexcusable for any new car. I’ve never had a single issue with an Accord I got 16 yrs ago and a RX350 3 yrs ago. Truly embarrassing for a “luxury vehicle.”

  • Sanket Thakuriya
    Sanket Thakuriya4 månader sedan

    lol this is bad. Got a Jeep Wrangler instead.

  • FreddieD
    FreddieD4 månader sedan


  • kevin
    kevin4 månader sedan

    cuz its made in America

  • JP Bell
    JP Bell4 månader sedan

    You are a stupid fan boy Ben Sullins

  • Wolf
    Wolf5 månader sedan

    Tesla doesn’t play anybody’s games. They play their own. That’s why they don’t advertise on mainstream media. Tesla and Elon will allow the people make up their own decisions. People need to understand if the first models of any kind, there will be a learning curve. Every company starts out that way. Freedom of choice, and that’s why Tesla will come out ahead in the end.

  • Short Round
    Short Round5 månader sedan

    Tesla Owner Owner: Want to open glove box Tesla: hmmm, ok go through 5 menus and then you can open Owner: Want to turn on AC Tesla: Ok, back track 5 menus and then go to 3 menus over Regular Gar powered car owner Owner: Want to open glove box Owner: Oh there it is.. i ll open it 2 secs Owner: I want to turn on A/C Owner: Oh wow so simple i just turn the dial....... We have really advanced with this electric bs... .LOL

  • Short Round
    Short Round5 månader sedan

    Why you showing off that you can summon the car with your phone... by the time you summon the car, wouldnt it be easier to just walk a few steps, get in the car and drive it into your garage... dumb ass.... oh by the way even the later production run on all Tesla models are still having issues... i thought the whole point to pick up an electric vehicle is that you dont have to go and see service every month... daaaa.... what a piece of crap for the money you pay....oh its fast, oh but its always falling apart... rather spend my money on a highend luxary vehicle at least i know fit and finish is execellent and im all im going in for is regular oil changes.... so stupid... good luck with crap box you got... lastly i owend a M3 e93 cabrolet V8 for 3 years and all that car needed was regular oil changes... it was solid and fast....

  • Panzerkeks 85
    Panzerkeks 855 månader sedan

    i love my M3, but this is crazy. Are they drunk when they assemble those cars?

  • M M
    M M5 månader sedan

    The whole video you talk about all the quality control issues (it's even in your title) with your Tesla especially the model y but seem to take offense to JD Power for surveying customers and reporting their feedback?!? I mean, you're doing the same thing. I'm sorry but a 7 day survey after purchasing is not enough time to report on issues. I'd like to hear what real owners who've had their vehicles for months or more really have to say regarding their vehicles, that's more unbiased to me and possibly why Tesla doesn't want to release the info. I don't take some of you YT's serious because you guys seem to flip flop. One minute your frustrated but somehow at the end to stay in Elons good graces, you guys start sucking up to Tesla.

  • LarryHoudini
    LarryHoudini5 månader sedan

    I think Ben has successfully made the case for JD Power, rather than evidence to the contrary.

  • Sean Crees
    Sean Crees5 månader sedan

    It's not just a Tesla problem. My dad told me decades ago "you never buy the first year of a new model vehicle". You gotta give them time to work the bugs out.

  • Charles Nguyen
    Charles Nguyen6 månader sedan

    it's going to be hard to buy these Model Ys on the used market and not think they haven't been in an accident.. 😶

  • connelly6375
    connelly63756 månader sedan

    Yeah, mach e probably won't have any of this bs

  • Food
    Food6 månader sedan

    Just had to reject a MY delivery. They still have major issues.

  • Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina
    Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina6 månader sedan

    Is that an adjustable seatbelt attachment point I see?

  • Stephen Ferris
    Stephen Ferris6 månader sedan

    Wow. Those quality issues need to be resolved. 57-68k crossover and it has all those issues?! I know you like Tesla, but a Lexus you would have none of those issues

  • Scott Graham
    Scott Graham6 månader sedan

    It’s funny to me to see all the Tesla hate. Guess people are scared of new things. I wonder how many of the haters have only seen a Tesla as it drives by and yet are experts on Tesla vehicles. The idea that “regular cars” are a shining example of perfection is laughable. Anyone remember Ford Pintos bursting into flames when they got rear ended? Ford knew and decided not to fix it. At least Tesla owns it and tries to make it right.

  • arul siva
    arul siva6 månader sedan

    Don’t worry globally we need 80 million cars. TSLA cannot even produce 5 million even after 10 years. Warren Buffett backed Lancaster produced Chinese BYD will be produced in Lancaster in California. BYD is the leading EV in China and will replace TSLA soon. In addition NIO, And Hummer from Well managed experienced GM is soon available. They know how to produce quality cars and will beat Tesla in no time. Place an order with the Chinese BMD, they will be available soon from Lancaster.

  • Nikos V
    Nikos V7 månader sedan

    Ben, I've heard that the made in China tesla cars are better quality - I can't seem to find any link on this but are you aware of any info/reviews that validate this?

  • A J
    A J7 månader sedan

    What will cure the the quality control problems is tesla curing their what the hell manufacturing organization. It is really hard for me not think it is some type of politcal set up because what I experienced in my 3 week stint was shocking. Long story short in August all the "supervisors" couldn't be older then 22...were on their iphones at their supervisor desk/ My last day I had enough when they were timing me on my breaks (even though the line was stuck all the time meaning your just standing there) and one the "supervisors" had the longest ghettoest what the hell nails ever. How did she "earn" her position with obnoxious nails like that when any normal person would be fired with any nail set on the spot? Yah. That are the values of the assembly line for model Y. You have a product that is manifestation of degenerate who thinks they are winning (que in hood length acrylic nails, the kind that will get pulled over and searched guaranteed in some affluent towns).

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib7 månader sedan

    Truthfully, every car manufacturer produces imperfect cars, which is why there is a new car warranty on every new car from any manufacturer. Anecdotes on the internet are not a good measure of how frequent or serious the problems are. Nor are surveys of owners on reported "problems" that don't differentiate the seriousness of the problems.

  • Yin Tai BSRGSNAA
    Yin Tai BSRGSNAA7 månader sedan

    Why do you excuse something like this every other automaker has acived to build cars that have less to none issues and when there are issues they will be fixed faster and cheaper so why do you defend something like this

  • J “JPB” B
    J “JPB” B7 månader sedan

    My 2018 Model X looks like a goddam kindergartner painted it. Drips all over its sloppy as hell.

  • magnanimus1 felix
    magnanimus1 felix7 månader sedan

    2013 model. Show me another 7 year old car that doesnt start to have issues

  • Engi_Nerd
    Engi_Nerd7 månader sedan

    We went and test drove a brand new Model 3 and Y. The quality was the worst I've seen, on a car at any price point. I've owned German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and American cars, and looking at the Tesla, it is clear within 5 minutes that literally no one is accountable to how these things are screwed together.

  • havocmia
    havocmia7 månader sedan

    Nissan is recalling nearly 400,000 vehicles in the U.S. because of a braking system defect that could cause them to catch fire. Owners are advised to park affected vehicles outside and away from structures if the anti-lock brake system warning light comes on for more than 10 seconds.Nov 15, 2019, Nissans are the biggest peces of Sh*T on the road before or after Ford I'm kind stuck there with a tie.

  • havocmia
    havocmia7 månader sedan

    I want to know how much that a/c issue cost to fix ??

  • havocmia
    havocmia7 månader sedan

    Funny, I had a neighbor of mine buy a brand new Corolla after a week she took it to a touchless carwash their was water coming in her car. When she took the car to the dealership various times they were like we can't find the leak. The whole ceiling was wet, water was coming in from the back ceiling. After looking for a lawyer finally she found one who would take her case but he wanted $5000 up front.

  • Flick
    Flick7 månader sedan

    Just keep drinking the Tesla kool-aid Ben. Defend Tesla car manufacturing flaws to the end lol. Props on their battery technology. That can not be disputed.

  • Malinkadink
    Malinkadink7 månader sedan

    The apologist in this video is stunning. I have a mid 2019 model 3 performance, car has an enormous list of flaws, 3 service visits fixed some, others remain because i just cant be bothered to take it in anymore, so now i'm selling it after a year of ownership, Tesla never again for me.

  • God
    God7 månader sedan

    How u make ur hair stick like that? I’ve been using the paste but I could never get it to last the whole day

  • Al mac

    Al mac

    3 månader sedan

    God asking for fashion advice is pretty funny.

  • firsttpt
    firsttpt7 månader sedan

    Tesla not participating makes it look like they have something to hide. I'd place them last also. Early adopters can make all the excuses they want but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

  • AH L
    AH L7 månader sedan

    Toyota seems more interesting after watching this video

  • Darryl Driggins
    Darryl Driggins7 månader sedan

    About your Coat Hooks. Don't wast your time for that, get some Super Glue, seal it your self, and you won't have to deal with that again! I know it's unacceptale for a high price car, but as we all know,,,,Nothing is Perfect!!

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes7 månader sedan

    When I'm a early adopter of a new car, my fear is the engine not being a good one, not all this shit! Those things should be already ironed at this time!

  • Awo Mangala
    Awo Mangala7 månader sedan

    Tesla will learn to " sweat the details", especially when the different giga- factories around the world become fully operational. However awkward the building qualities are, I have more fun and feel safer in Teslas than even in planes, the safest mode of travel on earth. 😉 I'm rooting for Tesla, until anyone else, anyone at all, can match the dreams and achievements of Tesla! Case closed. It's Tesla time, even more than Amazon time, Google time, or any other time.

  • Brian W.
    Brian W.7 månader sedan

    paying a premium to be a beta tester, they learned well from Apple.

  • spocek
    spocek7 månader sedan

    It’s Tessssla not Tezzzzzzla.

  • EMD
    EMD7 månader sedan

    ...oil changes?

  • eocll
    eocll7 månader sedan

    have never bought a new car, 2nd hand all the way, if i had any of these probs with a 3k car i would be furious but with 50-120k cars??? sheesh

  • Jon Jennings
    Jon Jennings7 månader sedan

    It's not so much "build quality", almost implies the people assembling the cars are at fault. A car and the machine that builds the car should be designed in such a way that "things just go together", alignment is not and should be not down to the assembler. Panels misaligning is unacceptable, every part is designed to a tolerance and by using camera measurement systems all panels should be located perfectly. If charge bay doors don't fit correctly it's down to there not being enough fitting points. Tesla is the new boy in the block, it will take them years with the best will in the world to work out all these engineering issues, compared to VW who have the manufacturing of cars sorted. If only VW and Tesla could work together, share tech. manufacturing knowledge, maybe even the supercharger the network, they could take over the whole automotive industry between them. If only Herbert and Elon could meet up at some airport and discuss it, but hey no, that would never happen.

  • gabriel carneiro
    gabriel carneiro7 månader sedan

    For someone who worked in car manufacturing environments in different countries , it is easy to identify why so many issues arise with new models and their quality. Unacceptable to a point but this is not a specific Tesla problem. The fact that errors are fixed on the line is also common. No matter how much you prototype, test and put pre-production vehicles on the road on 24/7 runs, there will always be conditions missed or other elements affecting the production cycle. I am not here to defend Tesla but the fact that the company is still "young" from the automotive industry perspective, they are poised to come up with solutions to these quality issues sometimes faster than the "Big 3" in America.

  • Big Doug’s Commentary
    Big Doug’s Commentary7 månader sedan

    The hood is an easy adjustment. Did it myself with socket and ratchets in

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee7 månader sedan

    The Tesla blind and fan boyism is insane . Tesla builds cars to be disposed.... they should offer a rent program like Porsche, Volvo etc! Where everything is covered or wait lol 😂 they’ll be so busy taking their cars to service

  • EU
    EU7 månader sedan

    Tesla shit car

  • Suburp212
    Suburp2127 månader sedan

    How can you afford all those Teslas?

  • Joe mariconadas

    Joe mariconadas

    4 månader sedan

    He has debt that he'll pass on to his kids.

  • Parvez Ahmed Jalil
    Parvez Ahmed Jalil7 månader sedan

    Nio seems to solve the quality issues and I think will do well alongside Tesla

  • Joe mariconadas

    Joe mariconadas

    4 månader sedan

    It's all about the badge. Not the product. Tesla is SHIT. Who cares about all the fancy gizmos. It's a car that gets you from a to b. But, argue that with cult members.

  • kickinbackinOC
    kickinbackinOC7 månader sedan

    5:30-ish- Panel gaps like that don't bother me at all, for some reason. (Unless they're egregiously large) Now, squeaks and rattles, they annoy the shit out of me!

  • Cookie Man
    Cookie Man7 månader sedan

    never buy 1st edition stuff

  • Aric Mayberry
    Aric Mayberry8 månader sedan

    I pretty much had/have all the typical issues people report with my Model 3... paint, panel alignment, vibrations and rattles, loose trim. I still need to get my trunk realigned. It would be nice if the vehicles were nearly perfect but there just isn't anyway that is going to happen if they continue to focus on ramping up production. Maybe we should start refusing delivery of vehicles with so many issues.

  • brockbaby
    brockbaby8 månader sedan

    Unacceptable for any price car. Tesla really needs to get quality in check OR they will have a lot of buyers NOT be repeat purchasers.

  • Ivan Sini
    Ivan Sini8 månader sedan

    Please don't BS to people, Tesla had quality issues and is all over the internet.

    TDA DIY8 månader sedan

    Just look at a list of recalls on ANY given vehicle and youll see all car companies have shit for quality on certain componenets. FORD sells defective engines knowingly, GM has starter problems in camaros ( cant design a good starter yet?), direct injection is known to fail at low miles causing engine malfunction. Lying on window stickers has been a thing legacy auto does to upsell their products. Tesla will be my next vehicle and ill keep a spare in case it needs repairs. I fix my own stuff so until i can fix my tesla (out of warranty) ill have another vehicle as a backup. no big deal.

  • Damion Hew
    Damion Hew8 månader sedan

    His argument that the sample is flawed because only 35 states were included doesn’t make sense. Is he trying to say that in some states the same car will have less problems? I’m pretty sure a car that has defects in Georgia, will have them in Oregon

  • Shackkobe
    Shackkobe8 månader sedan

    Sir, you may want to watch your video again with an open mind. You are making excuses for a multi billion dollar company, and playing down issues with their product. It's perfectly fine that you love electric cars. That doesn't mean the company making them, makes the well. It's your money, do as you please with it. But at least be honest with yourself about why you make your decisions.

  • Ten Kay
    Ten Kay8 månader sedan

    i love my tsla

  • Alexander Tan
    Alexander Tan8 månader sedan

    Toyota engineers and quality control people would surely get fired if they deliver cars like these.

  • Johan Larsson
    Johan Larsson8 månader sedan

    Teslas QC and customer service is a joke. When booking a service to get my seat belt buckle installed (which they had missed at the factory), they gave me a cost estimate to approve... They also refused to give me a loan car during service. Simply unbelievably bad. Also have misaligned panels, misaligned steering wheel and water going into the backlights on my 2020 model 3, but just don't have the energy to deal with Tesla again.

  • Jack R
    Jack R8 månader sedan

    Lack of quality control is the main reason I have not purchased a Tesla. I've said this before- IMHO, Tesla is a software company that happens to make cars. I want a car made by a car company not a software company.

  • Ian R
    Ian R8 månader sedan

    The video to me came off as tesla fan boy. When you buy a brand new car above a certain price point you expect it to be immaculate. Everything you said is literally excuses that you say to allow you to accept these flaws. Car manufacturers ie tesla should be held accountable for these problems. Albeit small, but still problems Anyway video was helpful to know what problems you got over the years

  • P121463S
    P121463S8 månader sedan

    A state of the art production line should not have the quality control issues Tesla has. Totally unacceptable for anyone giving Tesla a pass. Based on the video sounds like User Acceptance Testing would make this a "No-Go"

  • Robert Schmitt
    Robert Schmitt8 månader sedan

    A lot of the mentioned issues is part of the decision I made to lease my M3

  • THEHansljungberg
    THEHansljungberg8 månader sedan

    Considering how big Tesla is as a manufacturer, omitting them was never an option. It would have caused an uproar.

  • Dany Chang
    Dany Chang8 månader sedan

    Why don’t I have any significant issues as always stated. Quiet confused and make me think they buy the wrong car

  • toro80
    toro808 månader sedan

    I took mine and they didn’t even touch the door all four of them are sunken in the bottom and the glass on top stick out what service center did work on yours because mine didn’t even touch it

  • Ray Ye
    Ray Ye8 månader sedan

    The QC will be fired if it were an ICE manufacturer. Understand there’s a deep learning curve.

  • Steve Han
    Steve Han8 månader sedan

    Your frunk alignment looks fine to me. Don’t be so nitpicks.

  • Wout de Zeeuw
    Wout de Zeeuw8 månader sedan

    Ouch, below Land Rover.

  • KyleBrightman
    KyleBrightman8 månader sedan

    “Half fixed some of them, other ones there’s nothing they can do about it. Not the greatest experience, but I know they’re trying hard.” Wow, the Tesla apologist coming out in full force.

  • Gary G
    Gary G8 månader sedan

    i have a lexus IS 2008 and never had any issue since new other than 2 factory recall. i want an electric car though

  • Reyes D. Chapa
    Reyes D. Chapa8 månader sedan

    Yea protecting tesla shares.

  • Fletch
    Fletch8 månader sedan

    Tesla’s feel cheap inside and out.

  • bum krilla

    bum krilla

    4 månader sedan

    @Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina but the s only feels as good as cars half its priced if you compared it to similarly priced cars it gets destroyed in every way

  • Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina

    Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina

    6 månader sedan

    The S feels better.

  • David Shaw
    David Shaw8 månader sedan

    I know this is nit picky, but it's pronounced, "TESS-Lah," not "Tez-Lah". I really dig your videos, but this weird pronunciation is a bit distracting.

  • cusman
    cusman8 månader sedan

    I took delivery of my April 2016 reserved Tesla Model 3 which was one of the first ones being delivered in Texas back in September 2018. It has some imperfect panel gaps / alignments but I accepted delivery because I was fine with it. My two brothers got their Tesla Model 3 in December 2019 and both of theirs are immaculate. So the slight fit and finish defects mine has are part of being early adopter. In terms of real problems, I haven't had any but I have had visits from Tesla Mobile Service. 1) I contacted to get service after I hit a pot hole that burst my front-passenger tire. They came to replace with spare, but I had to schedule going to service to buy replacement after. 2) They scheduled home service to add my Dual Motor badge, fixed something in the charge port, and checked something on Frunk latch. 3) They scheduled home service to upgrade my autopilot computer (free as part of my FSD). 4) My car notified me my 12v is low when I tried to apply latest software update. I scheduled service and they came to replace the 12v (no cost). My two brothers haven't had any service visits for any reason on theirs yet. I am very happy with Tesla customer service, but I also want to avoid being an early adopter for my next Tesla.

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith8 månader sedan

    Add height with gallons of hair product.

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee8 månader sedan

    This is why I’m waiting for their quality to improve. Btw I know two people with brand new 2020 models. The model 3 had door alignment issues and the Y had interior flaws. Tesla has the most warranty work, even more than Mercedes.

  • Ethan Jackson
    Ethan Jackson8 månader sedan

    The fact that Audi is down there is some Bull shit 😂 there cars don’t crack and a squeak like a Mercedes will

  • Scott Beck
    Scott Beck8 månader sedan

    Elon wants Tesla to be the best manufacturer, seems there is a long way to go. I want a Tesla real bad but I’m afraid to spend $60-$100,000 on a car and spend a bunch of time trying to get stupid stuff fixed.