What it's REALLY like to be a World of Warcraft Gamemaster.


  • NWB - Nerdy While Black
    NWB - Nerdy While BlackDag sedan

    You suck at typing.

  • Dumb
    DumbDag sedan

    He is calling me the N word, but he is the CEO of Blizzard. "lol too bad"

  • Tomas Molina
    Tomas Molina2 dagar sedan

    In retail wow gms use to show up to us all the time . We even had one kill us all in a dungeon. Then laugh at us and res us on the spot. Now I've haven't even seen a gm in 5 plus years. Still haven't got a reply from a ticket sent a week ago

  • Nemanja Kutanjac
    Nemanja Kutanjac3 dagar sedan

    fake because everyone know blizz dont give a shit about its players

  • Caleb E.
    Caleb E.6 dagar sedan

    "Someones calling me names and I'm incapable of defending myself or using the mute button like someone with a few braincells would so i need an outside source with more power than both of us to save me." The scum of humanity.

  • kashmm
    kashmm6 dagar sedan

    GM did nothing to address the issue, this is legit.

  • Mitchell Beaver
    Mitchell Beaver6 dagar sedan

    literally one person doing all three pieces of this interaction. shits fucking stupid, don't waste your 6:50.

  • beau Knows
    beau Knows7 dagar sedan

    This gm sucks. Absolutely no role play what so ever. other than an auto response

  • Fitlife
    Fitlife7 dagar sedan

    imagine complaining to someone that you were called mean names... People are so weak minded these days. It's no wonder so many betas are at an all time high.

  • PissPoorAttitude


    7 dagar sedan

    People still use the word "betas?"

  • DownTownBrown06
    DownTownBrown068 dagar sedan

    Imagine being paid to scare bully players in gen chat

  • Simon Mcquillam
    Simon Mcquillam8 dagar sedan

    So just appearing in chat was the solution? I didnt actually see any punishment?

  • Terrub
    Terrub9 dagar sedan

    This is not how GM's actually worked 8 years ago. They'd be looking at their blizz custom tool not the actual game. And in cases of reporting people, they'd check the logs about what was typed. It was pretty rare you had to actually fire up the GM game client and log one of your in-game chars to interact with the world directly. Also, missing the GM tool panel on the left.

  • JustForFunX80
    JustForFunX809 dagar sedan

    Private server GM*. I was a real GM during WOTLK 2008 and it's not like that. Bye.

  • CLAW s
    CLAW s9 dagar sedan

    Gm sees racism. Takes no action. "Ah yes. Another fulfilled customer. My job here is done." -- He was ahead of his time. Today's GM's would be proud.

  • Les Miserable
    Les Miserable9 dagar sedan

    Was muted for 1 week in a private server for cursing myself in general chat. Weird but whatever. I then proceed to create a dungeon title name. And its always full asap whenever i created. I mean im just trying to enlighten the boring ass chat

  • SocialistSuccubus
    SocialistSuccubus10 dagar sedan

    Blizzards policies for GMs are lame. Corporate america kills anything fun

  • Jabe
    Jabe10 dagar sedan

    didnt even turn gm chat on and that ticket system is built for ManGOS - the private server core xD - multiple private server owner.

  • Тони Иванов
    Тони Иванов10 dagar sedan

    GMs are idiots in private and blizzard servers

  • McconnellRet
    McconnellRet11 dagar sedan

    Old GMs Sadge ...

  • yaskween
    yaskween11 dagar sedan

    Back when tickets were whispers

  • dibo
    dibo11 dagar sedan

    this is what we call in germany: "geschichten aus dem paulanergarten" 🤥

  • Δημ ΣΚ
    Δημ ΣΚ12 dagar sedan

    That's fake lol.

  • Joe Lockard
    Joe Lockard13 dagar sedan

    Yeah this is faked somewhat I've seen several gms in game and they occasionally chatted in general even while dealing with stuff in game.

  • Unknown Specimen
    Unknown Specimen13 dagar sedan

    how about ban the dude saying shit instead of talking up a storm.

  • DeadSilent87
    DeadSilent8714 dagar sedan

    what is this? the GM teleported to the location saw 1 filtered slur? didnt ban/kick or warn the guy lol this feels fake to me usually he would have been logged instantly and the GM would just suggest the report button for abusive language and blacklist/block the person who is saying it

  • Tuan Pham
    Tuan Pham17 dagar sedan

    I remember a GM looking through my inventory and asking why I had so many diff weapon sets for PvP back in BC, probably seeing as I was an extremely highly rated player back then (Elder, BG9, Rank 49 World). Was memorable as a 15 year old kid being asked PvP questions from a GM himself!

  • Haste
    Haste25 dagar sedan

    This seems staged...

  • miaubella
    miaubellaMånad sedan

    I should try what he typed to teleport .

  • RekeBear
    RekeBearMånad sedan

    2021, still rocking.

  • titaniumwolf1123
    titaniumwolf1123Månad sedan

    This is painfully scripted lol

    MEAT PULVERIZERMånad sedan

    This shit is so scripted it makes me cringe .

  • Urukosh !
    Urukosh !Månad sedan


  • amcook1971
    amcook1971Månad sedan

    Prepare for a long reveal. Yeah, this has to be on a private server. As of 2007, an official Blizzard GM is sitting in front of two monitors in a row of 8-10 GMs led by a senior GM. They are looking at a database/chat program called the GM Tool with multiple windows open - one containing the tickets, one with official procedures listed called the GM wiki, chat logs, account windows of the petitioners and the reported accounts, and usually 3-4 chat windows open at the same time. While the GM Tool *does* interface with the game using a character logged in on all servers and sitting on GM Island, the GM rarely actually sees the game itself unless they have to actually go get someone unstuck, see a bug in progress, reset a bugged mob, etc. and yes, they must remain invisible when they do this (Senior GMs are sometimes allowed to interact directly with the players in-game and show themselves, but the standard GMs in the trenches are not). 99% of the time, they're looking at the GM Tool application and chatting with multiple petitioners at the same time, because they have metrics they have to meet (minimum of 10 tickets resolved per hour). They have very strict rules on what they can and cannot do, and these rules are spelled out in the GM wiki. In the rare instance where a judgement call must be made, they have to bring it up to their senior GM who will make the call. Official GMs do NOT work specific servers - all tickets from all servers go into the ticket queue as they are received and GMs simply pull the next ticket off the pile and deal with that. In fact, GMs are required to list the servers they play on when they are hired and are NOT allowed to take tickets from those servers to prevent GMs from showing preferential treatment to guildies and friends (or punitive treatment towards enemies or rivals). In short: PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER...itty bitty living space. Suspensions and bans for in-game behavior are quite rare because violations are subject to a system of strikes. Blizzard wants people to keep playing, so they only ban based on *patterns* of behavior or the severity of the behavior. Making RL threats to another player and displaying clear knowledge of the victim's RL information would almost certainly result in a perma-ban (as well as a call to the police). Hacking and botting would also be subject to a long suspension or a ban. However, nearly all other violations were subject to strikes - first, minor strikes which only resulted in a warning to the offender. Four minor strikes would add up to a major strike, of which the first would be a 24 hour suspension. Four minor strikes later and the second major strike would be a 3 day suspension. The third major strike was a week IIRC, and only after the fourth major strike would an account actually be perma-banned. FURTHERMORE...any given account could only receive one strike in a 24 hour period, so if someone wanted to be an asshole for an entire day, they'd get one minor strike and then get off scott-free for the rest of the day. AND, just to make matters even more screwy, strikes dropped off the account after 30 days, so an astute (and careful) asshole could continue being an asshole all the time, as long as they didn't get more than 16 strikes in a given month. (Addendum - strikes were applied to *accounts*, not *characters*.) And on PvP servers? If the issue could be resolved through PvP, nothing was done. Example: a group of max-level Horde characters are camping the Westfall flightmaster? Tough shit for the low-level players in the area. You're level 25 and have a squad of enemy level 60 characters camping your corpse AND the closest graveyard? You need to get some high-level Alliance characters to kick them out. GMs cannot do a damn thing if a PvP solution is available. Again, my information is coming from the way things were in 2007. Rules and details may have changed since then. But considering that much of the retail game still feels like a middle-school lunchroom where the lunchroom monitors have given up and just let the heathens run amok, I doubt things have changed too much.

  • Fiyak Hue
    Fiyak HueMånad sedan

    Lmfao, as if a GM would ever respond this fast. Anyone who actually plays wow knows this would never happen.

  • Fiyak Hue

    Fiyak Hue

    Månad sedan

    Unless this altercation has been going on for like 3 days... it ain't happening bro.

  • TheImmoralCookie
    TheImmoralCookieMånad sedan

    "I cannot show myself or it will break the rules." Ah, yes! I saw a GM! He must be fired now!

  • Swineflu QRY
    Swineflu QRYMånad sedan

    i really hope people don't think this is real lool. Staged as fuck

  • Highlander Holyfield
    Highlander HolyfieldMånad sedan

    Turns out , the person behind this channel is a massive loser.

  • GamingBadly
    GamingBadlyMånad sedan

    Language filter and ignore options - makes a ticket for someone swearing.

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan AllenMånad sedan

    This is illegal under corporate law. Reported.

  • Bread Head
    Bread HeadMånad sedan

    I didn't read the chat and I was waiting for something cool to behold but I just wasted data to look at a statue.

  • Svetsi
    SvetsiMånad sedan

    This fucking lying ass GM. He's not even in the Plaguelands....

  • Max Schulz
    Max SchulzMånad sedan

    What is he gonna do? Well the same he is doing today: Nothing

  • AmandaPlays89
    AmandaPlays89Månad sedan

    does gm island really not have any music at all? and why does it have a res place?

  • R G
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    /who Elwynn Forrest *2 players*

  • LegionProxyMaster
    LegionProxyMasterMånad sedan

    I was waiting for the .kill macro

  • The intro Maker guy
    The intro Maker guyMånad sedan

    SEblacks be like: do you want to see a real GM? Here it is.

  • Topflight710 Crypto
    Topflight710 CryptoMånad sedan

    so cool

  • WildBearFilms
    WildBearFilmsMånad sedan

    "Well a gm is gona look at this eventually and ban u so lol" xd

  • Darksniper03
    Darksniper03Månad sedan

    i no this is old af but someone needs to add the avengers theme when the gm says orly

    FUKU TORAMånad sedan

    Yeah! Sucks.

  • MetaSlaveHS
    MetaSlaveHSMånad sedan

    they didnt do shit. lmao, some gm

  • fred asd
    fred asdMånad sedan

    most fake shit ive ever seen. fking youtube algo makig me watch this 8years later

  • Kurtis Wagner
    Kurtis WagnerMånad sedan

    Not liked....no audio I cant read text on mobile and watching some dude do nothing is boring FAIL. Wow is basically dead basically dead anyway because Blizzard ruined it own game.

  • Raymond Willey
    Raymond WilleyMånad sedan

    Perfect demonstration of the AIM technique for dealing with customer objections: 1. Acknowledge 2. Ignore 3. Move-on

  • mistamichal


    Månad sedan

    Well, to be fair, the complainer was being a bit of a snowflake.... :p

  • Kayleigh
    KayleighMånad sedan

    This is so staged, rip

  • tcomneo
    tcomneoMånad sedan

    nice thats what i do all day in my spare time log onto my own self created wow private server and answering tickets from all the bots all day it´s amazing ^^

  • Kevin Brouwer
    Kevin BrouwerMånad sedan

    Final Fantasy is a better game

  • KonNighteye
    KonNighteyeMånad sedan

    It is literally a digital world, just ignore it. If he was messing with your game or progress....

  • Take Five
    Take FiveMånad sedan

    Once I was hacking in private server that uses to explore pay services. Suddenly this GM shows up and teleports me to a chair in a center of a black and white square room and the quotes begins. Best day of may childhood lol

  • Gazza
    Gazza2 månader sedan

    I can see why Blizzard stopped using GM's, they do fuck all and waste so much time, waste of money paying these idiots

  • xsyotosx
    xsyotosx2 månader sedan

    ya know back way when gm's actually did have fun like this on public wow. but to be real, the gm's from EQ 1 back in the days were SO much better and cooler, they actually did events and shit in game in person, where as GM's in wow kinda only made a presence

  • Chase Cavanaugh
    Chase Cavanaugh2 månader sedan

    What it's really like to waste almost 7 mins of your life.

  • Whìs
    Whìs2 månader sedan

    shhhess... I haven't heard anyone saying pwn in years lol

  • Frostslays
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  • DallyLama
    DallyLama2 månader sedan

    Only 2 ppl were talking in general? Dead game

  • WMV Gaming
    WMV Gaming2 månader sedan

    Who else remembers when GMs actually visited you in game in Vanilla? Sad they dont do it no more ive recieved all sorts of gifts from real GMs.

  • Sibbykins
    Sibbykins2 månader sedan

    What a trash video. I was a GM on a private server, it was nothing like what you fabricated.

  • DoctorButtClutch
    DoctorButtClutch2 månader sedan

    so this is what the power of god and anime looks like

  • Wayne milne
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  • Réflexions
    Réflexions2 månader sedan

    k....too boring for me.

  • Jack Travolta
    Jack Travolta2 månader sedan

    Guys this is obviously setup.

  • Rock Solid
    Rock Solid2 månader sedan

    lol fake as hell

  • GnoMercy3k Gaming
    GnoMercy3k Gaming2 månader sedan

    A GM making a public appearance in general/trade/LFG chat only happens on private servers. Also, if this were magically live servers, and not scripted, the offender would be begging like crazy to not get banned. This is a scripted video for views, and has nothing to do with the standard days life of a real GM. Not taking any value away from the video, as it is quite comedic. Half so, because there are comments of people who believe "it was retail... that's a real GM.. totes real." Just my opinion, and facts of how a GM is supposed to maintain their professionalism in their job field. 🤷‍♂️ @ me if you want, I know how to work the job. The real job, that is, for retail servers. You cute little private server GMs have no idea what the job really entails.

  • Christian Stober
    Christian Stober2 månader sedan

    It's fake? No shit. It's an example.

  • Kendra
    Kendra2 månader sedan

    Neat but you literally didn't do anything to reprehend the dude, granted you had no evidence but a warning could have been issued imo

  • Alexandru Petrisor
    Alexandru Petrisor2 månader sedan

    Ticket solved with just "Orly" 😂😂😂 thay guy will never swear again... 🤣

  • latex
    latex2 månader sedan

    Gm blizz logo beside name in chat means what?

  • Destroy Idiots
    Destroy Idiots2 månader sedan

    Everyone knows that developers play Alliance, obviously....

  • Good Krypollo
    Good Krypollo2 månader sedan

    This video wasted 7 minutes of my life... Useless GM

  • Tim G
    Tim G2 månader sedan

    back in the days where we had gms and ppl care about the game

  • Hosam Orfali
    Hosam Orfali2 månader sedan

    That is so unplanned and real, I believe you.

  • Ivica Brnic
    Ivica Brnic2 månader sedan

    worst fake EU and EU WEST. no chat macros orlyies and arguing with peps and trade chat. dislike like ratio talks

  • darth valkr
    darth valkr2 månader sedan

    what a shitty job lol.

  • The Eagle’s Nest
    The Eagle’s Nest2 månader sedan

    It’s fake

  • DemonD7
    DemonD72 månader sedan

    I'm disapointed, there is no coffee bar for GMs in the GM Island.

  • Josabrean
    Josabrean2 månader sedan


  • Miirakk
    Miirakk2 månader sedan

    fake private server gm

  • Magnificence TV
    Magnificence TV2 månader sedan

    who here in 2021

  • John Kravich
    John Kravich2 månader sedan

    Damn that description 💀

  • Expression Gaming
    Expression Gaming2 månader sedan

    I love how the issue is magically solved

  • Danny Torrance
    Danny Torrance2 månader sedan

    Damn those raycists!

  • Landon Grove
    Landon Grove2 månader sedan

    Ah before blizzard was owned by China

  • Scary Halloween
    Scary Halloween2 månader sedan

    It's definitely not scripted

  • Natsuru
    Natsuru2 månader sedan

    Toxic Guy Caught in 720p

  • Komouu
    Komouu2 månader sedan

    corrupted gm

  • Murky Waters
    Murky Waters3 månader sedan

    job well donw

  • Doot Doot
    Doot Doot3 månader sedan

    More like Cringe Master

  • Brandon
    Brandon3 månader sedan


  • Nvidia Powah
    Nvidia Powah3 månader sedan

    now it takes 2 days to get a reply and they dont have no where near numbers they had back then

  • iαννυΣ βαpkα
    iαννυΣ βαpkα3 månader sedan

    u can just mute him for week. and if make double account ban for week