What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 264 (Conor McGregor Vs Dustin Poirier 3) Full Fight + Highlights Recap


  • Bulmaro Nieves!
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    Best champ respect 💯 but he did not Win this must be rematch

  • Stephen Fogle
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  • Gromente Al
    Gromente AlDag sedan

    Conor has a lot to learn. Someone that is one dimensional and doesn’t evolve will never last long. He will be buried alive.

    RIGGID RICHDag sedan

    His face says it all. If you have ever broken a bone like that you understand.

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce3 dagar sedan

    So who really won.

  • Tim Zelasko
    Tim Zelasko3 dagar sedan

    What a waste of time to get to the end of the fucking video and it skips it

  • Emily An
    Emily An3 dagar sedan

    And that’s not a “broken ankle,” that’s a tib/fib fracture, aka a broken leg.

  • Diyah Aulia
    Diyah Aulia3 dagar sedan

    Islam Makhachev will destroy McGregor, He is waiting for a loser who will soon retire crying over his ruined career

  • Rafi Sultani
    Rafi Sultani3 dagar sedan

    Conor should retire . He is now used to losing . He is just good in show off not in ring .

  • 661 Choppin
    661 Choppin4 dagar sedan

    Never seen a TKO where the guy moved fwd all night and was throwing punches... Leave that for the corner, herb is SOLD...

  • 661 Choppin
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    Drakeo- We Know Tha Truth 😎 Ladaddadda!! It’s the D o GG

  • Emily An

    Emily An

    3 dagar sedan

    Shit video, title is a lie.

  • 661 Choppin
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    Homie we know what happened!

  • Robert Delafuente
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    Conor days of prime is over

  • Chirag Arora
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    Bias channel

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    Trash video.

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    Conor is now sitting in a corner

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  • Paul Espinoza
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    Connors head was so big not even his legs could hold em up anymore ...

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide5 dagar sedan

    Like they used to say in middle school “ HE NEEDS SOME MILK”🤣🤣

  • David Turner
    David Turner5 dagar sedan

    Conor start flights you tubers and make some money.. your mma is done.. u cant win a ranked 10 guy.. still the best show man in the sport just stop fighting the best.. your just gonna get your ass whipped

  • michael tantua
    michael tantua6 dagar sedan

    Chicken legs. The mcmahon walk is history. Wwe next conor vs vince. For the undisputed mc chicken.

  • Cassie
    Cassie6 dagar sedan

    And that’s not a “broken ankle,” that’s a tib/fib fracture, aka a broken leg.

  • J Loaiza
    J Loaiza6 dagar sedan

    What an ass kicking he took poor bastard it must suck to be a has been !

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    5 dagar sedan

    It feels like Conor doesn’t understand why he keeps losing.

  • Kat
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    Shit video, title is a lie.

  • fouoii gyhh
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    Conor just signed an endorsement deal with Nature Made calcium suppliments.

  • conny indrawati
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    Conor Mc Gregor " Arogant" He sad " Even Jesus couldn"t beat me" Be carreful with your mouth Conor

  • Cassie


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    Gregor crazy😆😀

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    Sickly lame video. Can I get my time back?

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    When you call for lockdowns , the universe will lock your ass down

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    Now his foot will be a balloon again...

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    What was that ending??

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    when you miss leg day

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    Your on your way to having more thumbs down than up sir ......

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    opzz xsin8 dagar sedan

    It feels like Conor doesn’t understand why he keeps losing.

  • Quantifiably Qorrect
    Quantifiably Qorrect9 dagar sedan

    Connor saying that shit about his wife at the end was very low (not in this clip).....hes trash and will never be back. What a way to end your legacy, in absolute ruin and embarrassment.

  • Reese
    Reese9 dagar sedan

    That's really too bad he broke his leg. I wanted to see the whole fight. Dustin did win the first and only round

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    7 dagar sedan

    It feels like Conor doesn’t understand why he keeps losing.

  • Sherin Angelica
    Sherin Angelica9 dagar sedan

    Gregor crazy😆😀

  • Tyler Rockefeller
    Tyler Rockefeller9 dagar sedan

    Connor used to be heavy mouthed with some smashing bashing kicka$$ to back it up, but now he's just all mouth and all talk. Nothing else.

  • Mani Thangavalu

    Mani Thangavalu

    9 dagar sedan

    His GOB is bigger than the FIVE LAMPS.

  • Epic Treasure PH.
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    Karma is real

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

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    Conor deserve..

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    Might be worst vid I watched on youtube

  • Chinmay Nayak
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    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

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    Use the kjv version, the new versions are sinful. Rev 22:19 just trying to be helpful

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    Wow.. what a waste of time. How am I suppose to answer your random question that you used to increase your commentary activities status if you didn't provide any content for me to make a conclusion?

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    Waste of time. Don't watch.

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    this video sucks

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    Conor with his Rickets having ass

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    Conor can’t do

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    This is a gay ass video you skipped over the most important part

  • Sedeviria Chase
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    Conor deserve..

  • mikoy huio
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    Conor's ankle playing poker after the fight be like "I fold"

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    7 dagar sedan

    It's over for Connor now. He now just sounds like a WWE superstar Villian

    DIALINGLUNAR /_\10 dagar sedan

    Lol so what actually happened? You didn’t even cover the leg break ?

  • Kingston Carl
    Kingston Carl10 dagar sedan

    Nonesence video what the....

  • Dika
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    Conor record on lightweight 1 win 3 loss he should been banished from 155pounder

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    Mc gregor ur done !

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    Bruuh 2x

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    Karma lah aneh koen iku cengoh

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    Ur vid is shit ❤️

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    Conor is a cheater we warned before the match..

  • cqvio doli
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    If they keep paying him that much he probably continue to fight.

  • Cigolfu
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    Horrible video....only negative comment I have ever made. Such a waste of time!

  • Fred S
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    so what did happend to his foot? u dint tell everyting what really happend?

  • Tretiak
    Tretiak 11 dagar sedan

    So, WTF happened at 3:53? Why’d you cut out the most important part of the fight?

  • Lost In Boston
    Lost In Boston11 dagar sedan

    Right around 2:40, Dustin used his toes and grabbed the fence to climb out of the guillotine Conor had him in. It’s an illegal action in MMA. He had to cheat to win. What a scumbag!!

  • cqvio doli

    cqvio doli

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    The only man that put MMA...on the Irish map...fair play fighting on fractured legs.... Irish spirit...get knocked down to get back up again...💞✌️☘️

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing11 dagar sedan

    Mr Glass- "My bones break easily" McGregor- "Hold my whiskey"

  • Yo Momma
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    bs video,. how did the tibia break tho 😭

  • mikey ramos
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    Mc gregor ur done !

  • Berlie Jetten Berlie
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    I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

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    nganteb malang11 dagar sedan

    Endesing endetu endeblack endenyu...

  • nijuo joing

    nijuo joing

    11 dagar sedan

    Like 19 dislike 20k omg... mantap

  • Treffin Willis
    Treffin Willis11 dagar sedan

    Wow shitty caption said full fight good lie an you literally covered their fight for about 2 mins while the rest was about other people that I didn't even care to watch make better videos an better captions complete waste of time

  • Tavita Pup
    Tavita Pup11 dagar sedan

    Dude, you do realise your video skips important dialogue from your end around the 3.5min mark! You should get that fixed

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    I wont ever watch another video from this channel again, so garbage.

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    OMG video starts here 3:20

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    Bro didn’t even watch his own video before uploading BRUH

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    The only man that put MMA...on the Irish map...fair play fighting on fractured legs.... Irish spirit...get knocked down to get back up again...💞✌️☘️

    COSMIN RUSU12 dagar sedan


  • Kilo Mancuso
    Kilo Mancuso12 dagar sedan

    Here’s what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Conner busted his leg, and lost. End of story…

  • Darlene Kershaw
    Darlene Kershaw12 dagar sedan

    Jesus gave McGregor exactly what he asked for. Never speak against Jesus.

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    What theF*** rubbish video ever made 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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    Like 19 dislike 20k omg... mantap

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    The immense gravity of Connors ego crushed his legs.

  • Edward kikon
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    Conor insulted Jesus now see the result.

  • justice ogbuanu
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  • Angelito Bautista
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    CONOR MUST BE RETIRE NO MORE FIGHT FOR HIM .................seblacks.info/cold/video/ZWVlmoiOrGqdmYY.html

  • Mister A
    Mister A12 dagar sedan

    Khabib once said that conner would NOT be the same after his fight with him.

  • Tini F
    Tini F12 dagar sedan

    Bro, habib messed up conors career 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Drock R
    Drock R12 dagar sedan

    Conor will be lucky if he can get a fight with a loaf of bread now. Conor: Bleep

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  • N Mabs
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  • Ben ab
    Ben ab12 dagar sedan

    who the heck cares a bout mcgregor any more. his antics are useless now. supposed to have respect for an opponent but he calls out murder. he needs to be dropped by ufc. used to like the guy, but its out of control now. he is useless and cant accept losing, which he has done 5 of the last 6 times. face it, he loses all the time now

  • Md NizAm UdDiN
    Md NizAm UdDiN12 dagar sedan

    Any one remember about Silva (Brazil) his fight was also same and he lose his career now that's going to repeat

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn12 dagar sedan

    This is one Irishman who needs to accept the fact that he is DONE!

  • 1xfm2
    1xfm212 dagar sedan

    Technically Conner didn't get ko but a nice way to surrender...I see a rematch coming

  • Nate Adams
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    He paid for 300k of his subscribers, thats why lots of thumbsdown

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong12 dagar sedan

    If they keep paying him that much he probably continue to fight.

  • Will
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    wtf is this garbage half the videos missing

  • laskin riubn

    laskin riubn

    12 dagar sedan

    Uhhhh why did this review end halfway through the fight?

  • Travesty Studios
    Travesty Studios12 dagar sedan

    Bruh... You lost me, man. Conor did NOT throw 2 roundhouses... They were spinning back/side kick.

  • Love Peace
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    Pls.pray for kids of north korea.. they die everyday of hunger starvation and slavery..pray for kids of africa on extreme poverty...

  • Gemcor
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    Lol, your video like skips and doesnt say what happened. Dumb

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

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    "Trynna be the old you so bad you stan yourself"