Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.


  • Mine Turtle
    Mine Turtle36 sekunder sedan

    Time to immortalize myself in one of the best villain songs ever

  • Just_Marcoo
    Just_Marcoo2 minuter sedan

    What is this genre called?

  • Old Dog Barrels
    Old Dog Barrels6 minuter sedan

    Look at you now,..."unstoppable you"..

  • Kratos
    Kratos8 minuter sedan

    I have the honor of being the 12 millionth view according to the view count when I clicked on this video

  • Abhothra
    Abhothra8 minuter sedan

    If Satan ran an ISP.

  • h
    h11 minuter sedan

    i feel bad for the person who made the internet

  • EnKune
    EnKune11 minuter sedan

    Does nobody else think he looks like Karl heisenburg

  • Nitch Bigga
    Nitch Bigga18 minuter sedan

    This is mediocre

  • JS45ACP
    JS45ACP19 minuter sedan

    Protect this man at all costs.

  • La_Spalmatrice
    La_Spalmatrice19 minuter sedan

    I've watched this special at least six times in the last three days. Every time I finish I come to SEblacks to watch the videos and then listen to the songs on the stereo. Can't wait to be over this, it's too much

  • endrrkidd
    endrrkidd20 minuter sedan

    The way that this song is still trending after TWO WEEKS says a lot about how fantastic it is.

  • ern gaming
    ern gaming20 minuter sedan

    slimicl commented!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic
    TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic20 minuter sedan

    It would be better if he cut it after- it did everything we designed to do and cut to the laughing.

  • Kn1ghtTime
    Kn1ghtTime21 minut sedan

    This song made me cry tears of joy.

  • Elspeth Barbara
    Elspeth Barbara26 minuter sedan

    I want apathy’s a tragedy and boredom is a crime tattooed

  • Molly Morse
    Molly Morse28 minuter sedan

    ive listened to this song so many times its not even funny

  • Hafey Lilja
    Hafey Lilja29 minuter sedan

    Im honestly just scared now

  • Big Papi (Saki-kun)
    Big Papi (Saki-kun)32 minuter sedan

    The fact that he still laughed at that harry potter joke means he really fucking loved that and wanted to include it in the song no matter what lol

  • Bethany Hornbeck
    Bethany Hornbeck32 minuter sedan

    Plz say he will continue making music he's my fav artist

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith34 minuter sedan

    this dude is a genius

  • Chelsey Bernardelli
    Chelsey Bernardelli35 minuter sedan

    Jesus Christ he is so brilliant.

  • Lordkaos31 *
    Lordkaos31 *36 minuter sedan

    Welcome to the internet where a video can go on trending over a week after it was uploaded

  • LittleLady
    LittleLady36 minuter sedan

    That laugh, Bo. Nightmares

  • TitaniumAF
    TitaniumAF36 minuter sedan

    sounds like something family guy would sing--I LOVE IT!

  • Demystifier
    Demystifier41 minut sedan

    this is a certified hood classic

  • bigbadbrill
    bigbadbrill42 minuter sedan

    he just, says it all

  • Arron Miller
    Arron Miller43 minuter sedan

    3:52 His laugh gives me chills

  • Dustin Lee
    Dustin Lee43 minuter sedan

    I'm just not getting it. Everything I've tried to watch from this crazy-hyped special is unwatchable for me. Had to stop this song at :35. Just plain unfunny and uninteresting. Am I missing something?

  • CannedPotatoes
    CannedPotatoes45 minuter sedan

    You could be the best Disney villain

  • Christopher Ochoa
    Christopher Ochoa52 minuter sedan

    I'm curious if it's just a coincidence that the tune to this song seems to reference the tune in Numa Numa, considered by some to be one the first internet memes. Maybe even one of the first where a person's visage was was turned viral.

  • Christopher Ochoa

    Christopher Ochoa

    51 minut sedan

    a meme about a meme within a meme

  • Ryo涼
    Ryo涼53 minuter sedan

    ah the internet

  • Diacenco Stefan
    Diacenco Stefan53 minuter sedan

    You... YOU...! are horny

  • Incandescent Bri
    Incandescent Bri58 minuter sedan

    That maniacal laugh, I cant get enough of it. It's very uncomfortable.

  • JustARandom
    JustARandom58 minuter sedan

    this is the epitome of a guy making something in his room and posting it up on SEblacks to success, like what originally this site was all about.

  • Noor Elahi Ali Shibly
    Noor Elahi Ali Shibly59 minuter sedan

    ভাই রে ভাই... কি ছিল!

  • Mizobannana
    Mizobannana59 minuter sedan

    This is Bo Freezeham

  • h i
    h iTimme sedan

    I remember him he grew older

  • C guy !
    C guy !Timme sedan

    Wanna write my super villain song

  • Clayton Lehmann
    Clayton LehmannTimme sedan


  • Roony Q
    Roony QTimme sedan

    Inside is the epitome of pandemic-era content. It perfectly reflects the despondency most people have felt in the last year and a a half.

  • Shuriver
    ShuriverTimme sedan

    This is the Internet's National Anthem xD

  • Sean D
    Sean DTimme sedan

    Bo and I are the same age and besides his talent and fame, it sounds like we had a similar experience with the internet when we were young.

  • Atom Paimon
    Atom PaimonTimme sedan

    Where did he get those lights? Or are they just a camera effect?

  • General Kenobi
    General KenobiTimme sedan


  • undefined trash
    undefined trashTimme sedan

    this is the villain song for the villain who won and i love it

  • rej
    rejTimme sedan

    Zeke jaeger if he had brown hair.

  • Red Panda
    Red PandaTimme sedan


  • c pozo
    c pozoTimme sedan

    Bo Burnham got a squip xdd

  • Aylin Kahya
    Aylin KahyaTimme sedan

    He sounds like that one disney villain we actually relate to and like

    RAUMER HERRTimme sedan


  • Ankan Datta
    Ankan DattaTimme sedan

    just after saying ' it was always the plan, to put the world in your hand', the maniacal villain laughter. :')

  • billyjean garcia
    billyjean garciaTimme sedan

    they should show this to anyone getting a new phone lol, before they get traumatized like some of us @-@

  • Sara&Noodle
    Sara&NoodleTimme sedan

    I think half of the views are from me- 😶

  • RikuDaKumiho
    RikuDaKumihoTimme sedan

    he is right before the internet was a beautiful place now if you are a toddler and decided to do internet get ready to get your childhood fucked up

  • PennyNickel McGee
    PennyNickel McGeeTimme sedan

    "Here's why women never fuck you Here's how you can build a bomb" Y'all catch that?

  • fuera bicha
    fuera bichaTimme sedan

    fucking masterpiece

  • attentionscum
    attentionscumTimme sedan

    Is this what Heisenberg from Resident Evil 8 does in his spare time?

  • Barrybeebenson 420
    Barrybeebenson 420Timme sedan

    The internet summed up in a 4 minute song

  • meerontbijtkoek
    meerontbijtkoekTimme sedan

    Binchelistening. I am insatiable.

  • Aizashi
    AizashiTimme sedan

    This is LIT🔥

  • music madness
    music madnessTimme sedan

    This is literally a masterpiece, and bo burnham is an absolute legend and anyone who says otherwise is absolutely wrong…

  • OverlyCautiousIndividual
    OverlyCautiousIndividualTimme sedan

    Good song to brush teeth and floss to. Thanks.

  • Ghost-Tales
    Ghost-TalesTimme sedan

    Give it a try at 1.25x speed it's awesome

  • Mattrocks124
    Mattrocks124Timme sedan

    almost forgot to watch this today

  • relaxation subliminals
    relaxation subliminals Timme sedan

    his vocals are awesome in this

  • Sean Entzel
    Sean EntzelTimme sedan

    This song just captures so much about life right now, spanning THREE separate generations. Bo... Dude take a break man. This masterpiece must have required a lot of big brain

  • KØDa Beckstrom (Kiki)
    KØDa Beckstrom (Kiki)Timme sedan

    Imagine trying to make a clean version of this.

  • Steven Spearman
    Steven SpearmanTimme sedan

    After hearing that laugh, Bo Burnham for Joker next.

  • Алексей Муханов
    Алексей МухановTimme sedan

    Поперечный сильно изменился

  • Ashish Akkaraju
    Ashish AkkarajuTimme sedan

    The way he looks here seemed familiar. It's Boris from MIB 3. Still, can't get enough of this song; it's brilliant.

  • Dom's gaming worls
    Dom's gaming worlsTimme sedan

    the internet is amazing

  • Pa Vi
    Pa ViTimme sedan

    The internet's theme song, foreal tho...

  • Daddy Doom
    Daddy DoomTimme sedan

    Been a fan since vine

  • Dillion Risner
    Dillion RisnerTimme sedan

    how has no one put together that this is a direct reply to how he felt with his kanye rant?

  • Faceless
    FacelessTimme sedan

    That laugh is literally perfect.

  • AnyBodyWannaPeanut
    AnyBodyWannaPeanutTimme sedan

    This needs to be animated!!

  • Ador Salvador
    Ador SalvadorTimme sedan

    hmmpp a vibe from a villain from Wreck and Ralph: Breaks the Internet if there is a Movie 2🤣

  • Sam Cornelissen
    Sam CornelissenTimme sedan

    He could play the next Joker with that evil laugh

  • Spikedvampero
    Spikedvampero2 timmar sedan

    this is fucking amazing it sounds like a villain song AND THE TUNE IS FUCKIN jdhdjsjsjdbbdjs MMMMMM I FUCKIN LOVE IT

  • Adam Weber
    Adam Weber2 timmar sedan

    I think I will go take a walk and read a book in the hammock... but where's my phone?

  • XeoETC
    XeoETC2 timmar sedan

    if social media had a theme song:

  • Dominic Buchan
    Dominic Buchan2 timmar sedan

    I am so ironically addicted to this song.

  • SM69 Animations
    SM69 Animations2 timmar sedan

    “Anything that brain can think of we have the answer” Me with some royally fucked up fetishes: Are you sure about that?

  • Gabriel Piedra Yacelga
    Gabriel Piedra Yacelga2 timmar sedan

    Internet, el buen internet, algún día nos consumirá a todos atrayéndonos con un poco de todo todo el tiempo

  • decaffinated hearts (arren)
    decaffinated hearts (arren)2 timmar sedan

    i can’t explain it but 3:19 just sounds rlly comforting (for me at least) then it turns around from that feeling with wicked laughter

  • Nobody Apollo
    Nobody Apollo2 timmar sedan


  • Carlston Conley
    Carlston Conley2 timmar sedan

    It reminds me of a Disney Villain Song lol. He should give this to the Walt Disney company

  • that stupid kidd
    that stupid kidd2 timmar sedan

    3:52 that laugh....

  • Callum Pierce
    Callum Pierce2 timmar sedan

    This is the same fella who told us all to kill our selves 😂

  • Rach H
    Rach H2 timmar sedan

    it's so perfect oh my god

  • GrassGuy11
    GrassGuy112 timmar sedan

    0:59 I love how Bo breaks character because even he can’t handle how ridiculous it is

  • GrassGuy11


    2 timmar sedan

    @Java Chippity choppity oh k

  • Java Chippity choppity

    Java Chippity choppity

    2 timmar sedan

    He didn’t break character, that’s just part of the song

  • Gabriel Dorantes
    Gabriel Dorantes2 timmar sedan

    This is the first song that villain sings before you know they are the villain lol

  • Jack Jedermann
    Jack Jedermann2 timmar sedan

    Been watching "Inside" on Netflix and the one question that was in my head afterwards was: Bo, are you ok? Seriously. The pandemic's been hard on all of us.

  • Grafkiselev
    Grafkiselev2 timmar sedan

    Its not the first time you have been here, didnt ya?

  • Sam Lightning
    Sam Lightning2 timmar sedan

    Why dose Bo look like the long lost love child of Kenny Loggins and Jhon Lennon

  • Makoto
    Makoto2 timmar sedan

    I love this man

  • Brian Edsell
    Brian Edsell2 timmar sedan

    This is a goddamned masterpiece.

  • Maxime Enes
    Maxime Enes2 timmar sedan

    « Here is why women never f you, here is how you can build a bomb. » it’s not random that he putted them lines together.........