Vocal Coach Reacts to Billie Eilish - No Time to Die (James Bond Trailer)


  • Emma Crane
    Emma Crane9 månader sedan

    Ok, but am i then only one who understood what he meant by “it sounds like James Bond but I don’t know why?” He meant what element in the song gave it that iconic James Bond quality. I heard it and thought the exact same thing, so I’m glad he pointed out that it’s the electric guitar because i couldn’t work it out before

  • Wendy Mathew

    Wendy Mathew

    5 dagar sedan

    Yep. I said to my hubby when it started it sounds like a Bond movie song…then comes Daniel Craig and that Bond theme sound running in the background of the music. Really good song.

  • alhour baker

    alhour baker

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  • sofie


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  • Booper Dooper

    Booper Dooper

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  • PermaJeff


    3 månader sedan

    Yeah because Johnny Marr is on guitar lol

  • Bluewolf_
    Bluewolf_7 timmar sedan

    It’s fun to see you talk about how good she is, with singing, and im like Jesus HES GOOD AT SINGING! And i sometimes forgot that i see this bc of Billie. Only me?

  • Emily
    Emily2 dagar sedan

    4:31 thats sounds like a word i know

  • Purple Bloxy
    Purple Bloxy3 dagar sedan

    im sorry but i had to say it music anthony padilla

  • Misti lou 2020
    Misti lou 20204 dagar sedan

    @3:00, thb Tristan, I honestly still believe she did it BEST live at the Brit awards!! There's just something about that one that these recorded one's cannot beat!!! Plus that was the first time she sang it for everyone to hear...nobody knew what it was til then!!💞💋🙏@5:45, she was terrified for that belt at the Brit awards n sooo happy when she nailed it!! You've gotta watch it Tristan IT WAS SOOO ICONIC#!!# @9:55, I totally 100% completely agree with those $$ notes!!!

  • malayshia magee
    malayshia magee5 dagar sedan

    whose here in july 2021

  • adam k
    adam k5 dagar sedan

    well this ain’t age well

  • Chrissy HD
    Chrissy HD5 dagar sedan

    it was for a 007 movie sir 😅 can you let it play all the way through instead of pausing many times 😅

  • Adalia Herrera
    Adalia Herrera5 dagar sedan

    This song is fantastic because its hans zimmer one of the greatest composers of all time her voice works with his flow.

  • Timothy Hudgens
    Timothy Hudgens6 dagar sedan

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    CHAARLIE A6 dagar sedan


  • Estella Dolas
    Estella Dolas7 dagar sedan

    One day my teacher allowed me to play music in class and on my playlist cane No Time To Die and my teacher instantly said this kinda sounds like a James Bond song I mean this is the prove this song is perfect for it

  • amaiah massey
    amaiah massey9 dagar sedan

    the live version is better WHATTT

  • Lily Willis
    Lily Willis9 dagar sedan

    why does he remind me of Wibey from Coraline????

  • Erfan Fekri
    Erfan Fekri11 dagar sedan

    Leave her high note alone dude , thank you 😖

  • Devika
    Devika11 dagar sedan

    I had almost the same reaction of that high note except I was legit so happy idk lmao I was soo shockedd, I LOVED IT

  • Angle_Of_ Darkness
    Angle_Of_ Darkness11 dagar sedan

    There is a live one please watch it its super powerful on live then the music vid

  • simp
    simp13 dagar sedan

    billie: *comes into frame* ICONIC.

    THAYVERSO13 dagar sedan

    Dude u have a pretty good voice, Cool video 💕 UP for u to sing

    I HAVE WRITERS BLOCK 13 dagar sedan

    "the vibrato thats unstable" when i heard that i thought of "like my mental health"

  • Ax
    Ax13 dagar sedan

    *mysterious white stains* HMMM DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS

  • Yosefina Sé
    Yosefina Sé16 dagar sedan

    Can you comment on the audiotuning? You are commenting on a studio recorded performance here.

  • Varga Máté
    Varga Máté22 dagar sedan

    Day 68 of requesting a Billy Raffoul song (for example: You Be Love (acoustic), I’m Not a Saint (acoustic), The Ballad of Jame Howlett, Hell or High Water, etc...) he has a very unique voice and I think u would like it.

  • in time
    in time23 dagar sedan

    “I’ve never heard her belt before!!” I think was pretty much everyone’s thought too, lol🙌🏻😯❤️

  • Dany Velasques
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  • Arron Jagger
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  • Brinda Bhattarai
    Brinda BhattaraiMånad sedan

    me: waits for james bond sound thing at the end of the song tristan: ends song right before it

  • Shalvi Vikram Chauhan
    Shalvi Vikram ChauhanMånad sedan

    skyfall vibes

  • Jamon Blackwell
    Jamon BlackwellMånad sedan

    Paused the best part so many times😭

  • Beauty White
    Beauty WhiteMånad sedan

    I’m her song lovely she mixed a belt and a vocal listen to the live one with Khalid she sounds like a complete ANGLE

  • Beauty White

    Beauty White

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  • Nikita Bhardwaj
    Nikita BhardwajMånad sedan

    Man before judging atleast listen whole song.

  • Bea Moudrá
    Bea MoudráMånad sedan

    It sounds like James Bond because its for Bond movie

  • armaan chandwani
    armaan chandwaniMånad sedan

    If you wanna see a live performance, she performed this at the BRITs

  • ester ester
    ester ester2 månader sedan

    veebrato, i love you but i’m italian and you’re getting on my nerves

  • paulina
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  • Keisha Nameera
    Keisha Nameera2 månader sedan

    No time to die is like a song were it gets better when it gets to the middle

  • Sirius Beta
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  • Sirius Beta

    Sirius Beta

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    that's it... I quit, bye

  • Emmons Leroy
    Emmons Leroy2 månader sedan

    The swanky ronald inspiringly terrify because face histochemically reign behind a caring dipstick. ratty, wooden pike

  • elizabetmew
    elizabetmew2 månader sedan

    this is literally my favorite video in the whole internet.

  • Lauren Hurst
    Lauren Hurst2 månader sedan

    Witch claws 😂

  • I am Nobody
    I am Nobody2 månader sedan

    This song can be Wrong Turn song while the hillbillies killing them while running

    HITMAN ツSHIVAM2 månader sedan

    Cause it's composed by Hans Zimmer

  • Ashley Ryckaert
    Ashley Ryckaert2 månader sedan

    Because it IS James Bond ❤️

  • WhatASloth
    WhatASloth2 månader sedan

    Your facial expressions are so great haha

  • kaleb campbell
    kaleb campbell2 månader sedan

    i honestly hate u

  • Jennifer Kremer
    Jennifer Kremer2 månader sedan

    Please if you have not react to “levitating” by Dua Lipa. I BEG OF YOU.

  • Cecilia
    Cecilia2 månader sedan

    “It sounds like James Bond” *daniel Craig literally right there*

  • faith mcilvenna
    faith mcilvenna2 månader sedan

    "It sounds like James Bond" 🥲bruh

  • Royal Shuvro
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  • Gabriela Ugaz
    Gabriela Ugaz2 månader sedan

    If anyone’s wondering, Tristan’s look of disgust is his way of saying that it’s really good

  • Aishi Jelly
    Aishi Jelly2 månader sedan

    im just waiting for his reaction of your power...

  • Ojum Tadi
    Ojum Tadi2 månader sedan

    You make a cover of this song naa you seems to be totally perfect PERFECT feels like you never had mistakes NEVER

  • Jill Mei Ventura
    Jill Mei Ventura3 månader sedan

    Billie Slander? Bye

  • A i z f a a
    A i z f a a3 månader sedan

    really bad

  • A i z f a a
    A i z f a a3 månader sedan

    your channel is bad

  • Sehrish Khan
    Sehrish Khan3 månader sedan

    Her belting live for the grammys was 🔥

  • Faith Graham
    Faith Graham3 månader sedan

    She feels like a siren to me. Does that make sense

  • BeastSenpai
    BeastSenpai3 månader sedan

    Hearing this and I know what he means by it does sound like James Bond it reminded me of sky fall that one part

  • Michelle Henderson
    Michelle Henderson3 månader sedan

    that sounds like james bond billie : bitch.... it might be 🤌

  • Paula Mangiola
    Paula Mangiola3 månader sedan

    9:11 "We stand a vocal progressing queen" 💚🤩

  • Jennifer Hof
    Jennifer Hof3 månader sedan

    If you haven't already reacted to it, you should watch her perform this live at the Brit Awards. It's amazing and even better than the studio version. And yes, she and Finneas had a lot of control over it and the orchestral score was done by Hans Zimmer with Finneas and Billie being right there to work with them.

  • cruisin down the street in my 64
    cruisin down the street in my 643 månader sedan

    'Miscellaneous white stains" hm

  • Camille Alvarez
    Camille Alvarez3 månader sedan

    They watched the movie before composing the song.

  • Tehzeeb Bishri
    Tehzeeb Bishri3 månader sedan

    “that sounds like James Bond, that sounds like James Bond” DUDE🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • Faith’s Music
    Faith’s Music3 månader sedan

    Every time I hear that belt I get CHILLS

  • Zarooba91
    Zarooba913 månader sedan

    can you react to Falling In Reverse -The Drug In Me Is Reimagined? Would love to see/hear your perspective!

  • leaxy
    leaxy3 månader sedan

    Just because.. 2000th comment. 😉

  • Duckwo Quack
    Duckwo Quack3 månader sedan

    When he paused before the end note..... AHHH 😂

  • Alya Nabilah
    Alya Nabilah3 månader sedan

    So Niceeee😭😭👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃

  • Calu5m Hopkins
    Calu5m Hopkins3 månader sedan

    It sounds like James Bond because it’s the James Bond song lol

    MLBB PRO3 månader sedan

    So angelic 😍😍

  • Gwen Lee
    Gwen Lee3 månader sedan

    you really trying to piss me off with ur pausing

  • Mel PM
    Mel PM3 månader sedan

    Please react to her live performance!!

  • Emma_LovesYT
    Emma_LovesYT3 månader sedan

    Is it just me or when she sang high I just kept going back to hear her and see his reaction....XD It’s at 5:25 if you were wondering....your welcome

  • Jaden Ruffle
    Jaden Ruffle3 månader sedan

    Billie better start belting because that’s incredible.

  • Anna Willoughby
    Anna Willoughby4 månader sedan

    How does someone so young sing so... Maturely. It's unbelievable

  • Rebecca Kilby-Leahy

    Rebecca Kilby-Leahy

    5 dagar sedan

    If you’ve been singing a long time then it will do! Speaking from experience :)

  • Halley P1
    Halley P14 månader sedan

    react to the live version please.

  • Drreni
    Drreni4 månader sedan

    Can u react to the new madison beer album 'life support' & the song 'carried away' (which is a collab,not on the album)

  • Drreni
    Drreni4 månader sedan

    Can u react to the new madison beer album 'life support' & the song 'carried away' (which is a collab,not on the album)

  • Brigritte
    Brigritte4 månader sedan

    she has belt it out live on the brit award. i have checked it for you and thumbs up!

  • Andrew
    Andrew4 månader sedan

    If Jack White and Andy Samberg had a baby...

  • Nala Lewis
    Nala Lewis4 månader sedan

    If this belt impresses you, listen to her cover of Bad by Micheal Jackson

  • An_ idi0t
    An_ idi0t4 månader sedan

    I have no idea what ur talking about- You:OOEEEEEEAAAA

  • justin Kirchmayer
    justin Kirchmayer4 månader sedan

    1 belt 7 pauses later... jesus

  • Young Angel
    Young Angel4 månader sedan

    I was like "oh sound like james bond" and then I read the titel. I think has to do with using she malody or sound of the iconic 007 Trailer music. That was also used in "Skyfall" and that's why it sounds like james bond.

  • Malcontent Melon
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  • Malcontent Melon
    Malcontent Melon4 månader sedan

    Stap pausing it Tristan

  • Nadia
    Nadia4 månader sedan

    Okay, but why does she kind of sound like a violin-type instrument? 🤔 I mean, she's great! But she sounds legit so similar to that.

  • Natasha Sia
    Natasha Sia4 månader sedan

    "Am i crazy?! Well yes.." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carolyn Soltz
    Carolyn Soltz4 månader sedan

    ok hear me out..listen to the entire ✨note✨first (in this case the final “no time to die” lyric) it’s just super satisfying for the rest of us

  • Makaylie B
    Makaylie B4 månader sedan

    I get chills listening to her

  • Veronica Bigham
    Veronica Bigham4 månader sedan

    You missed the little James Bondey guitar chord at the end lol

  • efi patithra
    efi patithra4 månader sedan

    react to la di die pleeaaseeeee

  • Orla Meehan
    Orla Meehan4 månader sedan

    If the end of the world - billie eilish she belts

  • Natalie
    Natalie4 månader sedan


  • Arantxa Marangunich
    Arantxa Marangunich4 månader sedan

    Tristan you need to do the reaction to the live version of that song plsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Audrey K
    Audrey K4 månader sedan

    Who else snorted at: like a bull..?

  • lil nugget
    lil nugget4 månader sedan

    i love billie

  • Ava Spencer-Thompson
    Ava Spencer-Thompson4 månader sedan

    Why when i read tristan paredes in my head I said trisha paytas

  • Jack Freedman
    Jack Freedman4 månader sedan

    Could u plz stop pausing it at the good part, oh my gawd