Used Tesla Model S Ultimate Buyers Guide - Problems / History / Options explained.

What you need to know when buying a used Tesla Model S.

What changed?
Where to buy?
What are the problems?
Is supercharging free?
What are the different versions of autopilot?

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  • Ewen Bruce
    Ewen Bruce7 månader sedan

    An outstanding video. More information in half an hour than anyone deserves.

  • V Tazat

    V Tazat

    Månad sedan

    @RSymons RSEV Hi. You only resell UKcars with right hand drive, or also left hand drive cars for other european countries? I want to buy a used facelifted model s between 2016-2017 with free unlimited supercharger, for the cheapest, so I'm thinking between the 70 75 and 70D models. Thanks in advance!

  • Stanislav Meliš

    Stanislav Meliš

    Månad sedan

    @RSymons RSEV hi..i just check ur web and as serious buyer ima so annoyed with cars sold already..still there :) can u pls do smtin with it.thanks

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    6 månader sedan

    Thank you for posting a nice comment, appreciated. We’re only amateur but doing our best and getting better each time I think.

  • Gjee
    Gjee2 dagar sedan

    So....cus of this video i now know that have to contact Tesla cus i have this vibrating while accelerating hard between 20-60 mph. I thought it was normal cus of the sheer power. I have a 2015 P90DL. Thx alot

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    Dag sedan

    Get that fixed!

  • Richard R
    Richard R4 dagar sedan

    Great guide to the Model S, thanks. On the issue of the CCS adapter, I’ve been informed a hardware upgrade is also required before the adapter will work, at least in a 2017 model, costing around £280 at a Tesla Service centre. There is a system message indicating if it’s installed or not.

  • Mohsen Afshani
    Mohsen Afshani5 dagar sedan


  • Plamen Petkov
    Plamen Petkov6 dagar sedan

    Greatly " served " information! Really appreciate it! If you had one of those with left steering, I would come and buy Tesla from you! You look very honest guy!

  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann7 dagar sedan

    Thank You

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J8 dagar sedan

    This is probably the best video I’ve seen on SEblacks. This guy knows everything Tesla!

  • Stuart Fram
    Stuart Fram19 dagar sedan

    I have a face lift 2016 with grey interior and light headlining. In my opinion the best combo... the tan reminds me of a 1980s pc base station colour and the black with the black headliner makes the car dark and small inside

  • Miguel Vaz
    Miguel Vaz29 dagar sedan

    less publicity more review

  • Rik Meyer
    Rik MeyerMånad sedan

    Excellent video. I would buy a Tesla from you without hesitation. Thanks!

  • Martijn
    MartijnMånad sedan

    Ever thought of going international? Would be great to check what you guys can do with LHD Tesla’s.

  • Grahame Hopper
    Grahame HopperMånad sedan

    Great video and your comprehensive explanation of the older versions, better info than that available from the Tesla Millenial staff.

  • LEARN KONKANI With Saurabh
    LEARN KONKANI With SaurabhMånad sedan

    Great video! Thanks a lot for the video @RSymons.

  • PracticePreferredFrequency Light
    PracticePreferredFrequency Light2 månader sedan

    So which year do you suggest? I’d really like the sunroof that slides open.

  • Jorge Pinto
    Jorge Pinto2 månader sedan

    I'd do very well without the 6mins of another dealer scaring off people from buying from privates. The only common issue that wasn't covered is the reduced life of the 12V AGM battery.

  • Andy Roid
    Andy Roid2 månader sedan

    Very well narrated. Re: reliability - I watched an EV reliability comparison video recently. I think the The Model S came back as the least reliable EV at 85% reliability compared to the Model 3's 99.5%. Then again, as you say when up against a petrol or Diesel... BTW, do you do assessment visits to report on Teslas being sold by other dealers? If so how much? Such a service would be very valuable to a prospective owner.

  • Erick P85D
    Erick P85D2 månader sedan

    Thanks for mentioning whiny milling noise during acceleration. Had it checked out and had drive unit replaced. Basically, I got brand new car. Range has ever gotten better.

  • barry megretton
    barry megretton2 månader sedan

    Great video, can I ask how can I check a 2015 model s has free supercharging

  • Altamish Bhaidani
    Altamish Bhaidani2 månader sedan

    One of the most informative videos I’ve ever watched

  • Franci Rotar
    Franci Rotar2 månader sedan

    On merchants promise that free supercharging is passed onto every next owner? Why does it not in UK?

  • Tim
    Tim2 månader sedan

    New too the world of Tesla, lots of great info 👍. Have one question I've seen a few S models that just say Duel motor which on are those? And is the a S model year you would suggest? Tks

  • Simon Miežetis
    Simon Miežetis2 månader sedan

    Holy grail of used Tesla videos👍

  • Scott J
    Scott J2 månader sedan

    Top notch and thorough review! I recently found your channel and appreciate your insight, recommendations and wealth of information! It’s been ever so helpful as I look to buy our first Tesla. Thank you from California!

  • Danny Russo
    Danny Russo3 månader sedan

    Great video, and very honest, considering it's from a used car dealer. Learned a few things I didn't know about my 2014 Model S. Thanks....

  • jonnymack1974
    jonnymack19743 månader sedan

    Great video - I've now made my list for when i get my second hand Model S - Probably from you :D

  • Erick P85D
    Erick P85D3 månader sedan

    Which one you getting boys! Great breakdown on Tesla's flagship vehicle.

  • Lars McKay
    Lars McKay3 månader sedan

    Wow, everything I wanted to know before buying a used Tesla, very informative and interesting. Thanks!

  • black Lablover
    black Lablover3 månader sedan

    What a comprehensive and informative video. Thank you😁😁. As a consumer it’s Slightly disconcerting to see a second hand car dealer who knows his product😂😂

  • Edwardecko
    Edwardecko3 månader sedan

    Buyers guide don't buy Tessa over 50,000 miles outside of the factory warranty.

  • Sérgio Avelar
    Sérgio Avelar3 månader sedan

    Hi, very nice and professional video. Can you tell me what is the range of a model S90D from 2017, in normal drive and conditions. Thank you.

  • Mark Brill
    Mark Brill3 månader sedan

    Perfect buyers guide - saves hours of looking at vloggers and forums. 👏👍

  • Stephen Deverell
    Stephen Deverell3 månader sedan

    Free supercharging was dropped in early 2017 and then briefly re-instated for late 2017 cars. I am pretty sure it is for the life of the car and transferable in all cars that were supplied with it unless, as you say, it has been turned off by Tesla when re-sold through an official Tesla outlet.

  • AIchemy _

    AIchemy _

    3 månader sedan

    Yes you are right . But also it is stripped if it was sold in an auction at one point. Better to buy from private seller. Everything will transfer .

  • George Smart
    George Smart3 månader sedan

    A very useful resource. Thank you.

  • Matthew Sanders
    Matthew Sanders3 månader sedan

    Not going to lie, i saw it was 33 minutes long and was NOT about to watch. Very glad i did end up watching. Fantastic video, very informational. Saved some money and got a 2014 model s 85 instead of the 3 and I’m m very happy i did.

  • herrjonna2007
    herrjonna20073 månader sedan

    Very nice video! Could you also add timestamps for the different sections?

  • Bojan Cvetković
    Bojan Cvetković3 månader sedan

    Fog lights should be standard

  • Martin Johansson
    Martin Johansson3 månader sedan

    Very thorough! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Mark Andrews
    Mark Andrews3 månader sedan

    I have been going back and forth about buying an S. This was by far the most informative, honest, intelligent review I've seen. As another person stated, if I was in the UK I'd be buying my Model S from you straight away. Do you have any advice to find dealers like yourself? I live in Southern California and there are a ton of used car dealers, I don't even know where to start looking for someone with your knowledge and honesty. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Gunnar Dyrseth
    Gunnar Dyrseth3 månader sedan

    You can also get roofbars on a var with glassroof. You may need to take it in to retrofit fasteningbrakets.

  • John G
    John G4 månader sedan


  • Michael Blue
    Michael Blue4 månader sedan

    Does he have a danish accent?

  • The LockDown Trader
    The LockDown Trader4 månader sedan

    Superb..makes me want to work with the guy..a real professional

  • Mr Walker
    Mr Walker4 månader sedan

    Did he talk about battery degradation?

  • steve walker
    steve walker4 månader sedan

    I think I will stick to my Nissan Leaf.... 7 years old and no problems at all 😁

  • DeeperImage Automotive
    DeeperImage Automotive4 månader sedan

    Excellent video; I only wish I had found it before I recently purchased my 2018 Model S P100D. I wrongfully assumed that ALL 2018s had MCU2, and of course, mine was an earlier 2018 that still had MCU1. Also, another critical point you mentioned is if the pre-owned Tesla has been back in the hands of Tesla or was purchased by the 3rd party dealer/seller from a Tesla auction, as they will strip Full-Self Driving Autopilot. Mine had it on the advert (the selling 3rd party dealer didn't advertise it), but after I picked up the car, it had for about two days, but as soon as the ownership was transferred to me, Tesla removed FSD and claimed it never had it. Customer service didn't care and told me I'm sol! Thank you for a great video; I'm commenting so that it hopefully helps others not make the mistake I've made.

  • Aussie Steve
    Aussie Steve4 månader sedan

    Really helpful video...I'm hoping to get an older (cheaper) 'S' and so was really pleased to watch your video and will definitely visit when I have saved enough to buy...👍

  • harry smith
    harry smith4 månader sedan

    Massive respect at you fella 😎👍 Fantastic video very informative very impressed. If and when the finances let me I'd be knocking on your door to purchase one. 😉👍

  • mohini
    mohini4 månader sedan


  • Cindy Moggia
    Cindy Moggia4 månader sedan

    Quei dementi stanno facendo danni grossi

  • Tobias Erlanger
    Tobias Erlanger4 månader sedan

    Very informative video, thanks!

  • Dav3enjoy
    Dav3enjoy4 månader sedan

    Great video! If I were living in UK, I'd be buying from you. Thank you!

  • Uppity Felon
    Uppity Felon4 månader sedan

    Great video...thank you!

  • Fromthefuture
    Fromthefuture4 månader sedan

    Thanks Mate, one of the through buyers guide on SEblacks...

  • SYLperc
    SYLperc4 månader sedan

    1 sentence summary of this 30 minute video: buy from this dude.

  • Luis
    Luis4 månader sedan

    Great vídeo. Thanks you for the advice!

  • M
    M4 månader sedan

    Great info! Thank you!

  • Perfect Properties by Naeem Rahman
    Perfect Properties by Naeem Rahman4 månader sedan

    Very good video, I wish you could be here in Canada. Lots of insight and experience. Loved it.

  • Rodney O
    Rodney O4 månader sedan

    love my model s..... great video!! Every single one of those Teslas in that garage is bad azz!!

  • David Knollman
    David Knollman4 månader sedan

    Great video. Looking to purchase a red 2016 model with air suspension and sunroof. Know where to come now!

  • michael Hibbs
    michael Hibbs4 månader sedan

    What would I need to charge my tesla S model at home if I buy a Tesla S course it would have to be all wheel drive because I live in Spokane Washington

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    4 månader sedan

    Can charge from a domestic socket BUT usually people have a high powered dedicated car charger installed. Means it can charge faster, and in the UK they’re all smart now so charge when spare grid energy or abundance or solar from your roof etc. There’s a very wide choice of options.

  • Daniel Bull
    Daniel Bull4 månader sedan

    Thank you for an excellent video. I'm just about to purchase a used Model S and this is gold! If you had the model I was looking for in stock I would definitely be coming to you first.

  • Russ Brasher
    Russ Brasher5 månader sedan

    Greens are super rare. I have a Titanium Metallic and absolutely love it. Doesn’t show dirt but shines beautifully.

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    Yes had both. Titanium really sparkles in the sun and is usually really well finished paint quality too. Green is rare. I’ve had a couple signature reds incl one in stock now 👌

  • King_of_The_North
    King_of_The_North5 månader sedan

    Man, phenomenal video. I'm from the UK but in Canada now but I've never seen a video this clear on either side of the pond. Nice work.

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    Thanks 👍

  • Martin K
    Martin K5 månader sedan

    Wow, what a great video. I’ve owned 2 MS and I completely agree with this video: 2016 90D 21’ wheels, coil springs Daytime running lights fading, moister in rear tail lights, MCU freeze/crashing, broken steering wheel scroll button, broken and rattling tire pressure sensor, premature tire wear. 2019 Raven 19’ wheels, adaptive suspension moister in rear tail light, MCU crashing, uneven front tire wear (inside), creaking front suspension. It’s still the greatest car ever made, however, Tesla employees ALWAYS screw-up on the administrative side (purchase agreements, DMV paperwork, Title, Referral program, etc).

  • Fran Carreira
    Fran Carreira5 månader sedan

    Thank you very much, this is a very useful and unbiased video for all of us dreaming to buy an model S, to have a clearer view of what to expect from every version.

  • Kiu Zap
    Kiu Zap5 månader sedan

    Nice video. Thanks for your help. It seems nobody did it the way you did. Congrats!

  • Phil Amarn
    Phil Amarn5 månader sedan

    Absolutely brilliant video, I'm a petrol head who wasn't interested in Tesla's until now. Your highly informative and non salesy approach is excellent, when I'm finished with my BMW 730d I'll be knocking on your door.

  • Guido Reker
    Guido Reker5 månader sedan


  • Richard Pea
    Richard Pea5 månader sedan

    What year Tesla do you recommend? The max that I can afford is 35K.

  • Richard Burke

    Richard Burke

    4 månader sedan

    Good question , I'd also like to know the Answer ? Best bang for your buck? , Which model s 90d ? What year ? Or just buy a model 3 for similar money ?

  • Jake Spiegel
    Jake Spiegel5 månader sedan

    Best video I've seen on the model s. Been an enthusiast for years and now an owner of a p85d for the past few months. Absolutely nothing missed here and anyone purchasing a car from you is clearly getting a thoroughly looked through model s.

  • Gustav Grön
    Gustav Grön5 månader sedan

    VERY good walktrough of common problems on a Model S!

  • Menthelice
    Menthelice5 månader sedan

    Thank's a lot for this fantastic explained video! Really appreciate the work!

  • Geoff Carlton
    Geoff Carlton5 månader sedan

    Great vid, you can just change the front bumper for a face-lift, you need a few new bits but plenty people have done it.

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    To do it properly you need bumper, bonnet, lights and more... it’s expensive and I don’t think it’s worth it. Or aftermarket bumper, but they never look brilliant when see them in person.

  • Joe Venture
    Joe Venture5 månader sedan

    would silicon lubricant spray be a better choice than grease to lubricate the sunroof rails?

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    Yes probably 👍

  • Joe Venture
    Joe Venture5 månader sedan

    Great video, thanks. I own and love my Model 3. Can you share the top 3 reasons Teslas end up on your showroom floor, please? I hope it isn't because people are going back to ICE cars. Are they buying EVs from other car makers? Are they trading up to a newer used Teala or other reasons?

  • Joe Venture

    Joe Venture

    5 månader sedan

    @RSymons RSEV I am happy to hear that most of your used Teslas come from persons who got new Teslas. Thank you for your reply. Your business looks like a fun place to work. I wish you continued success.

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    I don’t get cars from trade auctions much at all, they’re nearly all from the previous keepers. Mostly because buying a new Tesla, I can get them more back than part exchanging. Quite a few coming to end of PCP deals so either hand car back, or settle and sell for equity release. Last year, quite a few where people’s business affected, or they’re stuck out of the country.

  • josank
    josank5 månader sedan

    Have a question. I currently have a MS P100d (California) made in October 2018. Through November 2020 the car would lose around 1% (1 kwh) a day when parked. Expected. Starting December 2020 the car now looses around 3% a day. No sentry. No remote option (all turned off to save power). No apps. Garaged. Ambient temp around 15 degrees (Celsius) as the low for the day. Have you seen this? I'm going back and forth with Tesla on this. They are denying it's a problem. Personally I think a software update had a bug. A big concern; if parked at an airport for a month (not uncommon for me) and there is no charge available (typical) the traction battery could go flat. Not good. Any insights? I can't be the only one experiencing this.

  • Nick Baldeagle
    Nick Baldeagle5 månader sedan

    £1200 for a headlight?

  • Brimz
    Brimz5 månader sedan

    I read somewhere that independent dealers cannot transfer free unlimited supercharging. Is this true or false?

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    False, in the UK at least...

  • Harrison Schultz
    Harrison Schultz5 månader sedan

    Excellent, informative video--thanks for sharing! Still trying to decide between a new 3/Y or used S (leaning toward a used S, but wondering if there are any true unicorns out there I should be aware of; perhaps something in late 2016 after the facelift but before they stripped away free supercharging for life?).

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    5 månader sedan

    In the uk yes, the unicorn combines; 1. Old enough for transferable free supercharging 2. New enough for facelift 3. New enough for ap2

  • Steve Walsh-Balshaw
    Steve Walsh-Balshaw5 månader sedan

    Just like mobile phones with wheels , needs a good few yrs before ev's are decent

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account5 månader sedan

    I'm a Model S owner and you covered everything. And I mean everything. I don't think you missed any single thing! I feel silver is the best color for the Model S. What a shame they discontinued it. Also a shame the panoramic sunroof was discontinued.

  • Joshua m

    Joshua m

    3 månader sedan

    so should i buy a used one?

  • thewinelake


    5 månader sedan

    Would love a sunroof. I bought my S just after they'd been discontinued. I see the Enyaq can have one!

  • Hoag Electronics Product Design and Development Engineering
    Hoag Electronics Product Design and Development Engineering5 månader sedan

    Great video mate! We are in the process of buying a 2017 Model S. Thank you!

  • Turbo999be
    Turbo999be5 månader sedan

    I've bought my Tesla in Belgium by Nikola-Brussels, worst choice I've ever done, got for 4000€ in repair on the car in the first 10 month of ownership (air conditionning, door handles, rear suspension), they refused to exercice the 1 year warranty. I'll never buy from a dealer anymore. You pay a higher price and you have zero service. As usual, car resellers are mostly cheaters even when they sell Tesla's.

  • Mauro F
    Mauro F5 månader sedan

    Thank you so much! very clear and well focused on the car. Model S is my favourite Tesla and hope I will be able to buy one sooner or later ... maybe used, and this guide really helped me understanding what I should look for when inspecting one. Thanks again!

  • konasteph
    konasteph5 månader sedan

    This was EXTREMELY useful! I own Mercedes and as it turns out, after years of these annoying or existential problems...most of them are caused by over engineered parts that could be made simple (door handles) but are made convoluted and turn into night mares of the expensive kind for no real JUSTIFICATION. The dead or unresponsive screen is due to ..yes insufficiently provisioned computer hardware... I "upgraded that silly old head unit that came with Mercedes to be replaced by an android unit, only to find that the functionality was now ok, but ONLY IF IT WORKS... same problem, unresponsive, has to be rebooted etc etc... If that damn computer is in charge of door handles and other SAFETY RELATED equipment...I walk! Head lights that YOU CANNOT REPLACE YOURSELF? And that cost 1000 plus to replace? I WALK! And air suspension? Same trouble with Mercedes, sagging, ultra high replacement costs, etc etc... I am really looking at the Chevy Bolt, it seems to have good common sense solutions..HOPEFULLY

  • Jeff Boatright
    Jeff Boatright6 månader sedan

    Very well done video. Great information, great narration, great videography. Thank you.

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    William LaBarre6 månader sedan

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  • Barking Mad !
    Barking Mad !6 månader sedan

    That was awesome. Learnt a lot. Yes I’m contemplating the possibility of one again. Regards. Trevor

  • Pat Riley
    Pat Riley6 månader sedan

    These electric cars are good for short distance travel such as city driving and city to city driving where charging stations are plentiful or you can charge at home. Where I live in Nevada, the distances are great between towns and we have few large cities. Charging stations in small towns are virtually non -existent. I recently went hiking in the Black Rock desert. The distance form my house to the hiking area is nearly 200 miles with no charging stations between my house and the hiking area. The temperature was just above freezing, thus decreasing the range of an electric car by a significant amount. Try this trip in your electric car. My Honda CRV made the round trip no problem. Even if i had needed gas, there are a number of gas stations on the route. If I had needed gas it would have taken 5 minutes to fill the tank. Until the infrastructure improves or until we are all mandated to drive electric cars, I will not be buying one.

  • Roy Norton
    Roy Norton6 månader sedan

    As a prospective Tesla Model S buyer this video is a fantastic resource

  • sheldonv8
    sheldonv86 månader sedan

    Great video. . May pop down and upgrade my 70D to a S100D one day.

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    #buzzofftoxic Blog6 månader sedan

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  • Roger Phillips
    Roger Phillips6 månader sedan

    Hi Richard, do you have any tips for windscreen wiper noise? Perhaps replace them regularly ?

  • Roger Phillips

    Roger Phillips

    6 månader sedan

    @RSymons RSEV Thanks Richard that's a great idea, I have one blade 'juddering'

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

    6 månader sedan

    Wind noise or wiper motor noise? Try twisting the wiper arm slightly so that leading edge is lower. Not bend the arm, but twist it if that makes sense. Imagine the metal arm as a spoiler, the flat of it should be slightly closer to the screen on the leading edge (ie creates slight down force) rather than lifting it.

  • T J
    T J6 månader sedan

    Thank you for this video, i'm in the process of buying a used Tesla Model S and have had to learn everything about Tesla Model S in days. This video was great help!

  • RSymons RSEV

    RSymons RSEV

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    Good to hear! enjoy your new Tesla!

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    Es1911sumware6 månader sedan

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  • Jeffrey Louie
    Jeffrey Louie6 månader sedan

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