Torghast Tips I Learned Way Too Late

Essential Torghast tips!I struggled in Torghast for weeks before finding some key points to help out, after which I actually enjoyed doing it and had a much easier time. Some key, general-use Torghast tips that should prove helpful in both standard Torghast and Twisting Corridors on any spec! Completing Twisting Corridors 8 awards the Corridor Creeper mount, which you can ride in the Maw.

Ravenous Anima Cell Helper WeakAura:
Max Powers WeakAura
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0:00 - rearrange your bars inside
0:44 - adjust talents and soulbinds at entrance and vendors
1:11 - read your talents
1:29 - check the boss preview
2:10 - try solo heals or tank
2:45 - prioritize Phantasma powers
3:20 - master Ravenous Anima Cell use
4:12 - Ravenous Cell WeakAura
4:49 - check max Anima Power stacks with a WeakAura
5:19 - trap tells
5:38 - adopt a rat
6:08 - Torghast bonuses at Ve'nari are perma and account wide
6:38 - don't skip puzzles
7:28 - clear everything
8:32 - don't overpull
9:19 - use consumables
9:44 - beware bait powers
10:03 - try larger groups
10:21 - research builds but stay flexible


  • Alex Fetters
    Alex FettersMånad sedan

    Why does the game not tell me this already? Thank you for the video!

  • The Foundation
    The Foundation2 månader sedan

    5:37 Respect the trap

  • Leta Rogers
    Leta Rogers2 månader sedan

    Re: the lever chest, just learn to count to 16 in binary

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown2 månader sedan

    I've been using the Max Powers weakaura for months and it's awesome, but it's not working now in 9.1. Does anyone have an updated version??

  • Ferra Joachim
    Ferra Joachim3 månader sedan

    So is this like palace of the dead?

  • Jonathan Bergeron
    Jonathan Bergeron3 månader sedan

    Got to say, I was a little sceptical of the Holy Priest solo strat at first. And then you literally two shot a final boss.

  • Anir's Dad
    Anir's Dad3 månader sedan

    thank you .

  • Hobothesis
    Hobothesis4 månader sedan

    Torg as a holy pal is fun af

  • greg drury
    greg drury4 månader sedan

    The single biggest thing I have discovered is that if you get feared, you CANNOT be feared over the edge. Fear has a disorientation aspect after it wears off and this kills people. Simply turn left or right after the fear to get your bearings and step away from the edge. I got tossed from a guild after proving this to the guild leader who could not accept that she was wrong about this. Her loss lol.

  • Miss Joanna Jive
    Miss Joanna Jive4 månader sedan

    I still hate torghast with all my guts.. the other day did twisting corridors with a friend.. Died at lvl 13 after being at it for like 2 hrs.. 😢 thankfully I had my quest objectives but oh man.. cannot wait to have my soulash so I can get my legendary

  • Sassyopath
    Sassyopath4 månader sedan

    Thanks for this 😌

  • rutjosnabet
    rutjosnabet4 månader sedan

    Hazel, great video, would also like to know what UI you use in the video?

  • Birdie Golden
    Birdie Golden5 månader sedan

    What's the purpose of Torghast without loot drops? I ran it a few times, got a legendary item...Aside more legendaries for alt specs and collection purposes, is that it?

  • Tanasescu Marius-Ion
    Tanasescu Marius-Ion5 månader sedan

    After so much search i finally find something on point whit what I needed TY

  • John Doe
    John Doe5 månader sedan

    Meh. Basic knowledge i thought.

  • Vincent Chopineau
    Vincent Chopineau5 månader sedan

    Shaman heal totaly outdps any shaman spec in Thorgast for instance

  • Jason Waltman
    Jason Waltman5 månader sedan

    The upgrades from Zenari are a double edged thing. I found my most effective options come from the grey skills and if you bought all the stuff you don't get offered those as much it seems.

  • Vicious Pen
    Vicious Pen5 månader sedan

    How in God's name are your bags so clear? Lol. I have like 10 open spots on a good day lol

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    5 månader sedan

    Sell ur junk??

  • Chris Aubichon
    Chris Aubichon5 månader sedan

    You dont need to brute force the lever chest. 1213 1214 1213 131 Will open it every time. Might open when you hit 4, might open at the 3rd 1, but repeat this pattern and it save yourself some frustration.

  • Ali Abdaal
    Ali Abdaal5 månader sedan

    Incredibly useful thanks!

  • Ashton Korbin

    Ashton Korbin

    Månad sedan

    @Braylen Reece happy to help :)

  • Braylen Reece

    Braylen Reece

    Månad sedan

    @Ashton Korbin It did the trick and I actually got access to my account again. Im so happy:D Thank you so much, you saved my ass !

  • Braylen Reece

    Braylen Reece

    Månad sedan

    @Ashton Korbin i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site thru google and im trying it out now. Looks like it's gonna take quite some time so I will reply here later when my account password hopefully is recovered.

  • Ashton Korbin

    Ashton Korbin

    Månad sedan

    @Braylen Reece Instablaster :)

  • Braylen Reece

    Braylen Reece

    Månad sedan

    I guess Im asking randomly but does someone know a method to get back into an Instagram account..? I stupidly lost the password. I love any tricks you can offer me.

  • Talia Skinner
    Talia Skinner6 månader sedan

    Thanks Hazel, another terrific guide as usual. :-)

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith6 månader sedan

    Awesome and helpful vid! Gonna go grab stacket for sure!

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish6 månader sedan

    6:55 Or if you're like me and *despise these chests and wish you could just smash them all, grab the loot and get going,* all the more reason to do the maw dailies, the item from Ve'nari is incredible. I think it's "rogue's skeleton hand"

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish6 månader sedan

    I had no idea the ravenous anima thing gave you predictable powers based on what's consumed. I just thought "why would I spent 250 on using this on a mawrat when I could spend 150 on a regular power???"

  • Wochenende
    Wochenende6 månader sedan

    Addon: Torghast tour guide

  • Isaac Orr
    Isaac Orr6 månader sedan

    11:00 wait hol tf up did she just like 2 tap a boss??

  • Barb D
    Barb D6 månader sedan

    How do you get a group if you’re not on a high level

  • JMAH
    JMAH6 månader sedan

    My Torghast tip is don’t do it! Don’t do anything in WoW. In fact, cancel your sub like I did. Blizzard just keeps doing the same thing over and over again. It is a grind fest. It is monotonous and boring as hell. I subbed to Wow since Vanilla. I just can’t take it anymore. It won’t change. Unsubscribed in January, and will never sub again.

  • ad man
    ad man6 månader sedan

    After 11 years of playing, having to do this just to get a ledgendary really doesnt sit well with me. Ive done one run on my main (rogue) and the rest i cant write because children might be present 😁 looks like this xpac is pvp heavy

  • psibiza
    psibiza6 månader sedan

    when mindcontrol is not on your bars at all times, you're not a priest

  • Rik Slagter
    Rik Slagter6 månader sedan

    Don't use a ravenous anima cell on the vendor, especially in TC, because he will remain dead throughout the run. So if you accidentally kill him on floor 3, he will be absent on floor 6, etc.

  • Rhyno Seporath Mark
    Rhyno Seporath Mark6 månader sedan

    why do people make things so complicated? I go in, kill everything and leave. I don't take potions, don't buy anything from the vendors or even think about tactics. Not died in there once yet.

  • Kindiz
    Kindiz6 månader sedan

    Torghast is my favourite thing so far in the expac, simply because you can solo it. I am terrified of groups (although working on it), and it causes a lot of stress. I want to see different content than the endless chain of grinding quests that are more or less the same things over and over again with different coloured wrapping, so Torghast was a pleasure! And it reminds me of Diablo III which makes you feel like the actual hero every NPC in the game thinks you are. xD

  • Megan Ziegler
    Megan Ziegler6 månader sedan

    F those traps! lol. Only thing I ever die to. Mainly the floor fire ones.

  • Charlayne Elizabeth Denney
    Charlayne Elizabeth Denney6 månader sedan

    Another thing: as a mage, there are two of the powers I ALWAYS take. The one (Juggler?) that lets you hit a mob and launch it into the air is awesome--this is a knockback for mages. I also take the exploding sheep. You can sheep a bigger mob or one in the middle of a pack, then go off even to another room to do more killing while your little sheep present ticks down. You will hear the audio "baaaa" and know that your mobs are dead and ready to have rewards picked up. These two powers have saved me more times than I care to think about. And, you CAN sheep the final boss on each level, when it explodes, it will take the boss down a bit. It's certainly well worth doing to have a head start on the kill.

  • ShieldNSpear
    ShieldNSpear6 månader sedan

    can definitely confirm tank solo torghast is awesome. My SotR goes from 40-50% uptime to 100% after just a couple powers, and with the sheer number of hammers that I throw I've basically become a ranged class. I toss a hammer with almost every GCD 'cause I pretty much always had wings with a 3 sec cd hammer of wrath and judgement charges popping up like crazy.. Only downside is my single target damage is still pretty low, of course 'cause prot pally, so on floor 6 one time I was having trouble killing a specific boss because of an annoying mechanic, I don't remember the name though, but his boss stacks kept getting so big that even though I could heal myself to full pretty often eventually he would just one-shot me. Thanks for tip #2 btw, didn't know I could have respecced for more dps.

  • x1plus1x
    x1plus1x6 månader sedan

    I dont like torghast.

  • ISSO1407
    ISSO14076 månader sedan

    Wait, theres people out there who think content as a tank is not the easiest thing ever???

  • Paul Pawlowski
    Paul Pawlowski6 månader sedan

    wait.... people have trouble with torghast? you become a literal god in it lol. ive had over 200k hp once. another time i two shot the final boss on floor 8.

  • Heppe
    Heppe7 månader sedan

    Levers, just remember: 1234, 1232 Number is which lever from the left you pull. Do those eight pulls and if you didn't get it yet, do the same but from the right instead of the left. Least amount of pulls to check every possible combination.

  • UnarmedPizza
    UnarmedPizza7 månader sedan

    best torghast tip don't do it

  • Jimmy Pham
    Jimmy Pham7 månader sedan

    As a Ele/resto Shammy or just a ranged player in general, i find super jump is a must have!!! If you hold the S (walk backwards) and jump It's like the hunter's disengage button but infinite, super super useful to kite the bosses/ elites or run from too big of a pull and cause some resets try it out

  • knotkool1
    knotkool17 månader sedan

    you think too much

  • Voice of the Guns
    Voice of the Guns7 månader sedan

    Fun combo with paly, warrior, shammy, and lock. We have a blast doing 1 layer of twisting at a time.

  • Mark Pearce
    Mark Pearce7 månader sedan

    Speaking way to fast to follow, please next time slow down a bit. Thanks

  • Cass the Stinky Chicken
    Cass the Stinky Chicken7 månader sedan

    I solo run my healers and tanks, but dps I usually take a team it's just easier

  • James Llewellyn
    James Llewellyn7 månader sedan

    This was a good guide and aided me... thank you.

  • unimediatv
    unimediatv7 månader sedan

    "…friends?" Kidding, a bit, but I've just been running in with my basic boomy. I think I'm going to try queing as heals instead. It takes so long and sometimes it's just irritating to do, especially Twisting Corridors.

  • Eliana P. Coturel
    Eliana P. Coturel7 månader sedan

    Great video!

  • Mario Sergio
    Mario Sergio7 månader sedan

    the trick to the lever puzzle is easy, pull the levers (regardless of their starting position) in this order: 1234, 1232, 4321, 4323. That way you will try literally every single combination with the least possible amount of moves. It takes less than 30 secs even if you were unlucky and the right combo was the last one.

  • Formic The ArchDruid
    Formic The ArchDruid7 månader sedan

    Insane how fun is Twisting Ann how fun it can be if played right.. So many posibible builds..

  • Proppis
    Proppis7 månader sedan

    first time i see you got guildchat on normally you got pic over it =)

  • Laura Kane
    Laura Kane7 månader sedan

    I laughed so hard when you mentioned the speed/jump buff. I love the jump buff but after several times dying because in my excitement I jumped and went flying off the platform, I have avoided taking it. LOL Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Great video as always, thank you!

  • Brian Mabe
    Brian Mabe7 månader sedan

    I liked this video. Thank you!

  • Deadly Squirrel
    Deadly Squirrel7 månader sedan

    Lol, you're wearing my mage's chest mog and my black ice bling!

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green7 månader sedan

    This is the only youtuber I watch that makes me wanna play at slower than 1x

  • Outlier Z
    Outlier Z7 månader sedan

    I've tried not to hate Torghast, and failed. It's like a flashback to the horrific endgame of oblivion.

  • Maija
    Maija7 månader sedan

    Does anyone have any specific tips for unholy dk:s or just dk:s in general? :D

  • Vequihellin
    Vequihellin7 månader sedan

    Playing Torghast as an Ice mage is horrible, but going through on my Pala Tank is a breeze. I can pull a whole room and just chip away at them. Pala tanks are immortal XD

  • Darryl Glen
    Darryl Glen7 månader sedan

    For the level puzzle, there is a bit of a trick you can use! Pull the levers in the following order: 1234 123 2 1234 123 Guarantees to unlock the chest in 15 or fewer pulls. :)

  • vilestine
    vilestine7 månader sedan

    I was so confused for a while and then realized she is talking about doing it solo! Geee I have not soloed this place after week 2 or something :D

  • Andrew Teeple
    Andrew Teeple7 månader sedan

    I checked the weak auras website but I could not seem to find that addon/code in order to have the max stacks appear and show you have a link to the page you used :D

  • Kdavn
    Kdavn7 månader sedan

    I don’t like torghast 😭😭 HAVING to do it is ruining the game for me I just do not enjoy it at all

  • Max Trickey
    Max Trickey7 månader sedan

    Torghast tips: *Don't*

  • Mario Turcotte
    Mario Turcotte7 månader sedan

    As a holy priest, there is 3 interrupts I use in torghast. Holy Word:Chastise, Fear and if talented Shining Force. I found the Fade perks being OP. One that reduce CD down to 10 secs and one that creates an image of the priest lasting over 10 seconds. With those 2 perks you basically never get hit by floor bosses

  • Kat Robust
    Kat Robust7 månader sedan

    Sometimes I get anima powers like multiple 20% chance of eye beam not having a cd, eye beams resets brand, and metamorphosis is reduced by whatever making me basically have meta for the most of the run, while other times all I get are gain more phantasm for useless powers

  • Alex Leal
    Alex Leal7 månader sedan

    Can confirm. Blood Dk with 1 or 2 dps is the way to go.

  • Jordan Harrington
    Jordan Harrington7 månader sedan

    4-5 does not make it easier. Makes it waaaay longer battles are so long it’s like a dungeon

  • big jeff
    big jeff7 månader sedan

    torghast is a waste of time , i dont see why its so liked, yes you get the ash to make uber items of which i have all my spec execpt the one i use and even then NONE of them are actually good , its a nice stat boost to a item but thats about it

  • Steven Alves
    Steven Alves7 månader sedan

    yes. Thank you. my god. thank you so much.

  • Mark Biermann
    Mark Biermann7 månader sedan

    Another tip: On the buy floors, pick up the orb at the end first. It might just contain the thing you wanted and now don't need to buy it from the vendor. Same goes for the anima cells purchased.

  • Darryl Glen

    Darryl Glen

    7 månader sedan

    To add to your another tip: do the opposite if you have an abundance of anima! Buy out the vendor first, and then check the orb. You might buy the last stack of a shitty power, and open up a better option on the floor end orb. :)

  • Gustavo Noronha
    Gustavo Noronha7 månader sedan

    I just thought of yet another tip that took me a while to learn and may help people: in Coldheart Interstitia you know how sometimes you get attacked from the sky with a white circle and sometimes a big orange one? You can aggro the orange one after it lands and kill it, which will make them both go away for a while (I haven't figured out exactly how much, might be per floor even).

  • greg drury

    greg drury

    4 månader sedan

    On those runs you have assassins' at the same spots on a floor. Don't waste time even trying to catch the white circle ones, the spot will be orange at the same place on each floor as well. Be on guard at the top of stairs, the orange spot will appear just before the mass of mobs normally hanging out together.

  • CondorWoWTV
    CondorWoWTV7 månader sedan

    I learned so much, maybe I will actually do Torghast now and get something beyond my 190 legendary hahah, beware all I will have a 235 Triune ward soon

  • Christopher Connors
    Christopher Connors7 månader sedan

    Great auras and tips, thanks so much!

  • travis cowell
    travis cowell7 månader sedan

    I am confused on what add on helps with telling you what anima powers stack. I tried weakaurar but can find the right thing to import. Can any one help?

  • Chris Oggerino
    Chris Oggerino7 månader sedan

    Been watching your vids for a few weeks now. Thanks!

  • Thomas Sundal
    Thomas Sundal7 månader sedan

    I would recommend Thorgast TourGuide, i was really impressed by this addon :D

  • Theycallme Vera
    Theycallme Vera7 månader sedan

    'Queue up as a tank or healer.' Does this mean that you can queue up as a tank/healer then respec back onto DPS once inside Torghast?

  • Moltisanti
    Moltisanti7 månader sedan

    An easier way to do the locked rune chests is to click the first skull until the chain in front of it disappears.. Then click the second one until that one disappears... Third.. Fourth.. You'll have to skip back to other runes to do the same thing but it's foolproof.

  • Angavar
    Angavar7 månader sedan

    I took a power that seemed good but left with no ability to jump, no problem right? the next level im confronted with the rocks in a lava pool..Doa...lucky im a lock, portal, cooldown,portal.. no probs, i sometime wonder if Blizz does have a sense of humour.

  • Sk00by
    Sk00by7 månader sedan

    Thanks for all the vids Hazel, you always brighten up my day & help me so much in my WoW adventures!

  • Ben Male
    Ben Male7 månader sedan

    Epic!!! Thanks so much 😊❤️

  • ManuelOrtizification
    ManuelOrtizification7 månader sedan

    Wait, people actually plan stuff out for Toghast? *laughs in Deathknight*

  • Aaron Brungardt
    Aaron Brungardt7 månader sedan

    But what about the achievement walking out of Torghast with 1,000 phantasma? As a Hunter, I concur with not rushing it. I went to look for clues on Anduin's whereabouts and tried to hurry it along since it was after midnight, and somewhere I stopped getting souls and not looking at what buffs I was getting. At about the 12th floor, my pet was lunch. We still don't talk about it. I summon him, and he still at times doesn't show up. Cats hold grudges.

  • Tx Mits
    Tx Mits7 månader sedan

    Improved jump is goat.

  • Gustavo Noronha
    Gustavo Noronha7 månader sedan

    A druid tip: you know how elites and bosses have a stacking buff that makes them stronger? Perfectly chained Cyclone casts can remove that buff.

  • Gustavo Noronha
    Gustavo Noronha7 månader sedan

    This video saved my life. It deserves a like just for the ravenous cell tip. Being able to lower fire damage taken by 65%(!!!!) makes Soul Forges so easy!

  • Fex
    Fex7 månader sedan

    Torghast finally gave me a reason to use Disc spec. Until then, I played a two spec'ed priest. I just don't agree with the group tip. Unless you have some buddies who you KNOW are good party players. Torghast is a "screw up" difficulty dungeon, meaning you do way better if you're careful. Most of my deaths are screw ups, I just get cocky and/or unattentive. And people who play this game are famous for not being able to avoid conspicuous patches of flame in the ground. So, groups, worse yet if you pug, will be mostly a waste of time. Specially if you have a healer/tank spec to go with. Two must-have combos for priests, if you can: Fragments of Obscurity (-10s on Fade CD, can stack to 2) and Volatile Phantasm (Fade creates a decoy that draws aggro and explode after a while); Pandemonium Loop (casting Mind Blast on a feared mob will trigger another Fear effect on it and everyone around) and Power Overwhelming (Power Infusion causes Mind Blast to be instant with no CD). You can pratically kill all non-boss elites with little to no harm with this one. And get to it while priests are such a blast. It will not be long until they nerf us.

  • strandalx
    strandalx7 månader sedan

    Your actionbar is really really weird :p How can you play with hotkeys so different from the normal setup?

  • Lemonde Estlol
    Lemonde Estlol7 månader sedan

    TORGHAST TIPS : PLAY PALTANK ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Karcist Vahlae
    Karcist Vahlae7 månader sedan

    Yeah, you forgot to mention that "compleating your build" 60% of the time works all the in, it more often doesn't work in normal Torghast.

  • branheim
    branheim7 månader sedan


  • NutritiveApple
    NutritiveApple7 månader sedan

    The best tip i disocvered to do the twisting corridors, was to do it with a protection paladin instead of my other characters, i end up mostly with 1million hp and its even fun

  • Stefan V
    Stefan V7 månader sedan

    Honestly, I don't have a clue what I'm doing in Tourghast. Even after watching this. ;) I just kill junk. lol.

  • Stefan V
    Stefan V7 månader sedan

    Like your UI. Any way you would provide the profile? :)

  • Lennie AKA WeirdRacin
    Lennie AKA WeirdRacin7 månader sedan

    I like to collect the "Plundered Anima Cell" and hold them till the last boss if i feel i really don't need them early on. Several times i have been lucky to get "Crumbling Aegis" for 1.5 mins of no damage from the boss.

  • Xexomaru
    Xexomaru7 månader sedan

    once you have done twisted corridors and got you meta legendaries to 235... you are dont with TG... and im done since weeks ago

  • Cal
    Cal7 månader sedan

    Easy to remember/fast way to complete the lever chest is to hit the levers the following order: 1213 1214 1213 121. It will always open it.

  • Mr Captain Stern
    Mr Captain Stern7 månader sedan

    Maybe worth mentioning the ravenous cells can actually be used on the vendor for 400 guaranteed phantasma. Granted you're not always going to want to but if you're not after a particular power or doing one of the zones that drops few powers it could be worth it. Great guide! =)

  • Jason
    Jason7 månader sedan

    As a laser chicken I just go pew pew and they all die