Top 5 Title Rival Flashpoints in F1!

Take a look back at some of the most dramatic flashpoints in F1 history, as fierce rivalries boil over on the track...

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  • フェルナンドモモンソ
    フェルナンドモモンソ2 dagar sedan


  • Giorgio Firera
    Giorgio Firera2 dagar sedan

    Bisognerebbe aggiungere Hamilton Verstappen Monza 2021 adesso

  • Unknown
    Unknown3 dagar sedan

    Crymilton done it again, just cries all the time

  • Lqris
    Lqris3 dagar sedan

    ''There was a gap there.....but...but it closed'' ''If you no longer go for a gap that doesnt exist anymore you are not Lewis Hamilton''

  • B Zilla
    B Zilla5 dagar sedan

    Lewis doing exactly what his hero did...can't fault him for that...Senna was a nutcase on track with that you either back out or we are coming together

  • Jesse Van Loon
    Jesse Van Loon5 dagar sedan

    Hamilton = sore loser

  • FullOilBarrel
    FullOilBarrel5 dagar sedan

    senna is the dirtiest f1 champion of all time

  • Arjan De Boer
    Arjan De Boer5 dagar sedan

    Hamilton involved in 2 of these 5 incidents. Need I say more…? Don’t understand why Mr. Deliberate Crasher doesn’t get stricter penalties.

  • Sarel Ras
    Sarel Ras5 dagar sedan

    The Brits blame Micheal when Hill was the cause of the 94. Damon is 100% responsible for the accident

  • Blazi


    5 dagar sedan

    Bri'ish thinking Hill is the true 1994 champion when the only reason he was so close is because the FIA gave Michael 3 unfair race bans and he still won😂

  • Johannes Skyum
    Johannes Skyum6 dagar sedan

    Number 4 was lewis’ fault, he turned into Max, lewis really need to know How to race clean and number 2 was nico rosberg’s fault he turned into lewis so he got off track and took him with him😑

  • Mattia Santangelo
    Mattia Santangelo6 dagar sedan

    the schumacher's one is one of the dirtiest pages in history of f1. the senna's one is one of the biggest f...k u in history of humanity.

  • Zum fliegenden Holländer
    Zum fliegenden Holländer6 dagar sedan

    Mister Hammerton is a killertype.!!!!!

  • Raph Walker
    Raph Walker6 dagar sedan

    Hamilton not lifting is why he crashes into people so much.

  • Jan Zumstein
    Jan Zumstein7 dagar sedan

    Murray: "Senna asked for the pole position to be changed from the left to the left." Ah, yes. An other legendary commentary of Murray Walker.

  • Tony Tran
    Tony Tran7 dagar sedan

    add monza 2021 to the list now

  • Evan Huston
    Evan Huston8 dagar sedan

    F1 SEblacks is picking favorites now

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas9 dagar sedan

    I went to one grand prix live, at Brand's Hatch back in the day. Within 15 mins of race start, I'd lost all track of who was winning. I also had a splitting headache - those cars were *loud* back then. For me, watching a race live at the track is something that every F1 fan should experience. Once.

  • Drip Drip
    Drip Drip9 dagar sedan

    So after the big crash in Silverstone, ham dont even ask about Max. He is just a cry baby. World Cry Baby Champion Lewis Hamilton.

  • Danny Archer
    Danny Archer10 dagar sedan

    Senna's English was fantastic.

  • joperhop
    joperhop10 dagar sedan

    "he cut across me".... He turned into the corner.

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev Chelios10 dagar sedan

    6:45 Aytron Senna 😂

  • Di Zheng
    Di Zheng12 dagar sedan

    So by the end of this season. Top 5 will all be Vestapen vs Hamilton

  • M P
    M P12 dagar sedan

    The name Aytron sounds more like a mech than a F1 driver

  • Spencer Lagman
    Spencer Lagman13 dagar sedan

    Verstappen & Hamilton, Italy 2021 anyone?

  • Dita Gharini
    Dita Gharini13 dagar sedan

    Time to update the video after monza 2021

  • j88
    j8814 dagar sedan

    We have a new number 1.. please update! Haha.

  • Jay Chrome
    Jay Chrome14 dagar sedan

    we hv another flashpoint now

  • Caroflage
    Caroflage15 dagar sedan

    Guess there is anotherone after todays Monza gp

  • jakebandersen
    jakebandersen15 dagar sedan

    You guys better get ready to edit this after Monza today

  • Hubert Pierre
    Hubert Pierre15 dagar sedan

    I used to like Lewis and think that he is a true sportsman, but after have watched some of his battles with Rosberg, Albon and Verstappen, i’m not so sure anymore about his sportsmanship

  • Maximilian Nguyen
    Maximilian Nguyen15 dagar sedan

    Max and Lewis at Italy 2021!

  • Corbin Selanne
    Corbin Selanne16 dagar sedan

    Five flashpoints shown, four of them involving crashes

  • Renato Re
    Renato Re19 dagar sedan

    The real battle is Roberto Pupo Moreno x JJ Lehto

  • Marc
    Marc19 dagar sedan

    Lewis is a cheat, takes out his biggest opponent at every opportunity. Whether a team mate or not.

  • Stéphane Thuillez
    Stéphane Thuillez26 dagar sedan

    Weber : Multi 21 Seb... Yeah multi 21 Vettel : It's looks like multi 12 😉

  • CloakedPerv
    CloakedPerv27 dagar sedan

    6:44 ayTRON Senna 🤖

  • your mother
    your motherMånad sedan

    prost got what he deserved

  • TWOM World
    TWOM WorldMånad sedan

    Senna & Prost come in to crash Commentators : Wow It's Amazing!!

  • vike fon
    vike fonMånad sedan

    Senna always give you back what he owes you.......

  • PJ Sinohin
    PJ SinohinMånad sedan


  • Jandre Labuschagne
    Jandre LabuschagneMånad sedan

    interesting how hamiltons rivalry alsways ends in his opponents crashing very interesting.

  • S K
    S KMånad sedan

    Absolutely emberassing to see hamiltn still not being disqualified for those childish nervous moves he's pulling on track years and years. Rosberg, Button, Alonso now Max... His appearence is sooo overrated. Russel being in his car proved that just in ONE race.

  • Fábio Gonçalves
    Fábio GonçalvesMånad sedan

    You don’t have excuses Lewis, you did on purposely on verstappen

  • den525
    den525Månad sedan

    My honest review 1. Vettel at fault 2. Hamilton at fault 3. Schumacher at fault (should've been disqualified from championship like in 1997) 4. Hamilton at fault 5. Senna at fault (should've been disqualified from championship) Taking out someone on purpose should have major ramifications disqualification or minimum points deduction

  • David14C
    David14CMånad sedan

    hamilton could have killed verstappen. 100% lewis’s fault

  • Gabrielle Hitchins
    Gabrielle HitchinsMånad sedan

    That Senna post race in 1990 is the maddest press conference in Formula 1 history if not all of sport.

  • ForceMaximus84
    ForceMaximus84Månad sedan

    I was expecting Senna vs Prost in ‘89, honestly.

  • Erisen
    ErisenMånad sedan

    4:03 Dahlsim: Yoga's fire.

  • Kenneth Rice
    Kenneth RiceMånad sedan

    Lewis took out 2 title rivals? Fair play I say no

  • TzeikMalaka
    TzeikMalakaMånad sedan

    Schumacher is the sports biggest cheat


    Hamilton and senna were the same but hamilton is more afraid of his rival

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene WoodsMånad sedan

    The loose imprisonment concurringly sip because tempo regretfully report beneath a piquant stone. dysfunctional, sad staircase

  • Farhan Johari
    Farhan JohariMånad sedan

    That schumacher turned definitely want hill not to win the race. He surely did that on purpose. Just looked the line he took

  • metheult
    metheultMånad sedan

    So that's okay? Senna gets way too much credit......his advatage of the time was his fitness.

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234Månad sedan

    A lot of people say Vettel & Webber were not title rivals in 2013. They weren't but keep in mind Malaysia was only the second race of the season!

  • Dinesh Naidu
    Dinesh NaiduMånad sedan

    So clearly Hamilton fault there

  • I might be stupid but
    I might be stupid butMånad sedan

    5. No ones fault 4. Lewis 3. Damon 2. Lewis 1. Aryton

  • Patchworkedshirt
    PatchworkedshirtMånad sedan

    World dirtiest red flag champion HAM

  • Khristian Asaro
    Khristian AsaroMånad sedan

    “He turned into me” like really Luis, you didn’t have the great opportunity to pass him.

  • Matteo Prezioso
    Matteo PreziosoMånad sedan

    I would love to see Niko Rosberg back in F1.

  • stevejh69
    stevejh69Månad sedan

    Rossberg, what a CHEAT! Never takes any blame for his fault. Found his true calling as he is an awesome commentator.

  • RJ
    RJMånad sedan

    As usual British media put the blame on Verstappen even tho you could clearly say it was Max's corner and he gave him more space from the inside to back down.

  • Mario Mafra
    Mario MafraMånad sedan

    all the max symps are calling foul.... but before the crash max tryed to push hamilton out 3 times in the same straight

  • The Gidra
    The GidraMånad sedan

    Alan closed the door and we end up touching xD xD xD

  • Dylan Bushmire
    Dylan BushmireMånad sedan

    Did Lewis seriously say max cam down into him

  • Carpythesharky
    CarpythesharkyMånad sedan

    No one gives Senna a hard time for his move on Prost in Suzuka, but they'll give other drivers a hard time when they have at least half a car up the inside of the other, whereas Senna barely had one wheel along Prost's rear wheel. Hypocrites.

  • Filipe Franco Afonso
    Filipe Franco AfonsoMånad sedan

    Just a week after Silverstone, Hamilton was crying on the radio that Alonso's moves were "dangerous".

  • Bad Meets Evil

    Bad Meets Evil

    Månad sedan

    Yes and if he would've crashed he would've lost a P2. With Max he crashed and he won a race. Both dangerous. But Lewis knows when to take a risk and when not to. Max thinks he should risk all the time . Even against his own team mate like Riccardo

  • Tulga
    TulgaMånad sedan

    My respects to Hill and Vettel. I can't respect a driver only because he is a skilled driver.

  • The Up
    The UpMånad sedan

    Hamilton v Verstappen, a racing incident. Did not deserve a 10 second penalty for it Hamilton. Both drivers going at it, neither backing down going into the corner. End of story

  • SebaldSon
    SebaldSonMånad sedan

    Black flag for Hamilton is right for the crash at 3:05

  • Henrique Mota

    Henrique Mota

    Månad sedan

    Thats a overreaction bruh

  • Eden
    EdenMånad sedan

    Леклер потом с Себом также поступил) Карма вернула должок)

  • Dzeba Balazs
    Dzeba BalazsMånad sedan

    Senna mekkora egy szarházi.

  • Ask Bats
    Ask BatsMånad sedan

    Hamilton 2 times in this list...disgusting amateur

  • Rushikesh
    RushikeshMånad sedan

    Hamilton's fault.

  • Youil Aushana
    Youil AushanaMånad sedan

    I'm sorry, I just have to say that Lewis Hamilton is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I hope these are some great examples.

  • Harikrishna M
    Harikrishna MMånad sedan

    Schumacher vs Villenueve???

  • Marco Valdés Martín
    Marco Valdés MartínMånad sedan

    Where is Hamilton vs Alonso

  • Bruno Machado
    Bruno MachadoMånad sedan

    Jeres 1997

  • Dra Groch
    Dra GrochMånad sedan

    If Senna and Prost had these moments today they would absolutely be labeled as cancers.

  • endoro1733
    endoro1733Månad sedan

    *Ayrtron Senna*

  • Tubsy Malone
    Tubsy MaloneMånad sedan

    unlucky shuey 1it all catches up in the end

  • LTAC turn1
    LTAC turn1Månad sedan

    I misses the firey vettel the one who knows that racing isn't about following instructions but instead making your own judgement

  • Ed Raposo
    Ed RaposoMånad sedan

    ‘He turned on me’ 🖕🏻

  • Jack Fantom
    Jack FantomMånad sedan

    Max your the one who started f1 not knowing how to defend and everyone complained about you. Now look at you.

  • Jared Williams
    Jared WilliamsMånad sedan

    Anyone waiting for mazepin and stroll to crash into each other?

  • Riot925
    Riot925Månad sedan

    Telling your racer to not fight for first place and to hold back is just nonsense. Vettel shouldn't have to apologize for doing his best and trying to win a race.

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick KennedyMånad sedan

    No one: Senna: "so anyway, I started blasting"

  • Ace Racing
    Ace RacingMånad sedan

    Awesome Great Racing 🏎

  • Grantos
    GrantosMånad sedan

    Hamilton is a cheat.

  • Tom Nook
    Tom NookMånad sedan

    Hamilton Verstappen is exactly like Senna Prost. but everyone loves Senna and everyone outside UK hates Hamilton, so...

  • Neemias Lucas da Silva
    Neemias Lucas da SilvaMånad sedan

    Number 1 had to be Senna and Prost. No doubt about it.

  • 탱그리
    탱그리Månad sedan

    헤밍턴 어휴 공간 없는데도 노 브레이크 그냥 밀어 버리네

  • Jose Francisco Ojeda
    Jose Francisco OjedaMånad sedan

    Schumacher, the dirtiest and most cheating pilot of all time

  • RIZE Racing League
    RIZE Racing LeagueMånad sedan

    Hey everyone, we race every Sunday/Monday make sure to check us out!

  • Niels R
    Niels RMånad sedan

    Why there's not subtitles ? :-(

  • Daniel
    DanielMånad sedan

    Including Silverstone 2021 in this is early, to say the least, we do not know if that race is the "Flashpoint" of this rivalry yet.

  • Dimski
    DimskiMånad sedan

    Senna's cheeky smile at the end

  • kalakukko69
    kalakukko69Månad sedan

    What about Europe 1997?

  • T Vlog
    T VlogMånad sedan

    Why does Hamilton keep crashing into other drivers

  • Vaggelis Basoukas
    Vaggelis BasoukasMånad sedan

    Shumacher - Hakinen at SPA ??? . How this is not on top place ? .