Top 10 Confusing Pit Stops


  • Kwinda Fidler
    Kwinda FidlerDag sedan

    boring wihtout context

  • Roseli Barros
    Roseli BarrosDag sedan

    I am so happy by seeing Lewis stuck💩

  • Hiden Biden
    Hiden Biden2 dagar sedan

    Mercedes sabotaging Russell because the didn't want everyone to see how easy it was to win with Hamiltons car.

  • Paul Sam
    Paul Sam2 dagar sedan

    Last one looks like something out of a spoof movie

  • Gerson Orozco Calle
    Gerson Orozco Calle3 dagar sedan

    6:30 Canadá 2007 xd

  • Zz Zz
    Zz Zz3 dagar sedan

    Sakhir they did on purpose

  • Noel Whinyates
    Noel Whinyates3 dagar sedan

    Ferrari knew exactly what they were doing with the Irvine pitstop. It was quite deliberate. The most disgraceful pitstop you will ever see.

  • Luis Alegría
    Luis Alegría3 dagar sedan

    The crew: who is in charge of rubers Also the crew: you are in charge Also the crew: No, you are in charge Also rhe crew: No, you are in charge

  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla3 dagar sedan

    1:45 how come 1989 has better video quality on board than in the early 2000s? At least in my memory.

  • paul josan
    paul josan3 dagar sedan

    This is so painful to watch . 😫

  • Yalmira Rodriguez
    Yalmira Rodriguez4 dagar sedan

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  • Rypsolisti
    Rypsolisti4 dagar sedan

    In my mind two worst pit stops weren't there, both including Valtteri Bottas. With Williams at Spa they sent Bottas out with mixed tyre set and Bottas at Monaco 2021, Mercedes got the tyre out only two days later :D

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Gonzalez4 dagar sedan

    Nigel 1991 portugal at Williams no?

  • Rifaldi Azwari
    Rifaldi Azwari4 dagar sedan

    Why the pitcrew dress like a driver?

  • Sagar Singh
    Sagar Singh6 dagar sedan

    How is this more heart-breaking than a crash?

  • Alison R
    Alison R6 dagar sedan

    6:36 :no big deal, I’m just waiting for my burger at the drive thru.

  • Rosita Campisi
    Rosita Campisi6 dagar sedan

    Bottas 2021 monaco

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark7 dagar sedan

    The ferrari pit crew in yellow shirts seems crazy nowadays

  • Karl G2
    Karl G27 dagar sedan

    lol 6:32 not even single one was watching

  • Sir Vector Anki_F1 specialist
    Sir Vector Anki_F1 specialist8 dagar sedan


  • Sir Vector Anki_F1 specialist
    Sir Vector Anki_F1 specialist8 dagar sedan

    The pain is real

  • Mahesa Putra
    Mahesa Putra8 dagar sedan


  • craig
    craig8 dagar sedan

    Mama Mia dis confuse

  • Vivaan Bhimani
    Vivaan Bhimani8 dagar sedan

    Monaco 2021 tops the list

  • Família Reis
    Família Reis8 dagar sedan

    Honda car kkkk

  • Sachin John
    Sachin John9 dagar sedan

    Reliving the George Russell Sakhir pain

  • Jorge Emmanuel Rodríguez
    Jorge Emmanuel Rodríguez10 dagar sedan

    Quien era el piloto y equipo del GP de Argentina 98?

  • Dorian Borda
    Dorian Borda12 dagar sedan

    La mejor es la número 2. Davidson waiting

  • Shikaka
    Shikaka12 dagar sedan

    yes, I will spit in the face of someone who thinks that formula 1 wheels cannot deliver on time

  • Shikaka
    Shikaka12 dagar sedan

    pitstop is needed to properly distribute places, everything purchased has already been written about this by the media repeatedly

  • Errol Sambo
    Errol Sambo16 dagar sedan

    Red Bull and their pit stops in Monaco. 😂

  • Njantte
    Njantte17 dagar sedan

    I wonder how many lost their jobs- maybe not may but some maybe xd

  • Harry69
    Harry6918 dagar sedan


  • Mustang Super
    Mustang Super18 dagar sedan

    So many idiots Can't they have tyres proper, I don't think it is hard, but easy with colours,numerics, alfabhets or roman numbers

  • Andrey Fernández
    Andrey Fernández19 dagar sedan


  • Harangozó Máté
    Harangozó Máté19 dagar sedan

    Where's 2008 Singapoore Massa's pit incident?

  • Lau Christ
    Lau Christ19 dagar sedan

    Number 3 is real?????

  • Manuel 0 0
    Manuel 0 019 dagar sedan

    6:24 top 3 😂😂😂😂

  • Heri Durahman - ᮦᮠᮛᮤ ᮓᮥᮛᮂᮙᮔ᮪
    Heri Durahman - ᮦᮠᮛᮤ ᮓᮥᮛᮂᮙᮔ᮪19 dagar sedan

    6:35 come too early 🤣

  • Kauffman Roland
    Kauffman Roland20 dagar sedan

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  • BunCan
    BunCan20 dagar sedan


  • Tab Creedence
    Tab Creedence20 dagar sedan

    "A major mal-misorganization problem there"

  • Luan Rosa
    Luan Rosa20 dagar sedan

    The n. 3 was the best for me lol All the guys watching tv

  • 81casperflip
    81casperflip21 dag sedan

    I'm just here to see Irvine losing the 99 world championship

  • Xavier Bruneau
    Xavier Bruneau21 dag sedan

    Minardi the best

  • Kevin Baird
    Kevin Baird22 dagar sedan

    Why do teams not work a system out to cover all eventualities.

  • SPalash
    SPalash22 dagar sedan

    Imagine #1 in B/W and Charlie Chaplin Jingle

  • Ahmad Hudori
    Ahmad Hudori22 dagar sedan

    Number 3 funny momment

  • Qwert Asdef
    Qwert Asdef23 dagar sedan

    Where is Ferrari crew when forgotten to relase fuel hose and needed bring it back?

  • Yadhu Philip
    Yadhu Philip23 dagar sedan

    6:27 , hmmm this job is actually easy

  • Gurbinder Sekhon
    Gurbinder Sekhon25 dagar sedan

    For something that costs so much, F1 cars are very flimsy indeed

  • Udtojan Pestillos
    Udtojan Pestillos26 dagar sedan

    Funny that mostly always the top-teams have chaos at the pit-stop like Mercedes, Red-Bull or Ferrari xD

  • random commenter here dont mind
    random commenter here dont mind26 dagar sedan

    number 1: f1 adding a rule to slow down pitstops

  • Sgv_Sth
    Sgv_Sth26 dagar sedan

    3:52 - So was there something wrong with using that tire that would net a penalty and that was the reason for the extra hesitation?

  • Badd10
    Badd1026 dagar sedan

    1989 pit crew looks so cool.. with their sunglasses

  • Maia Galvan
    Maia Galvan27 dagar sedan

    7:48 mi país mi país🇦🇷🇦🇷

    ТИМ УБИВЕЦ27 dagar sedan


  • Luciano Tosso
    Luciano Tosso27 dagar sedan


  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang27 dagar sedan

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  • Jose Manuel Mazon Diaz
    Jose Manuel Mazon Diaz28 dagar sedan

    Bottas 2021 Monaco

  • janb1800
    janb180028 dagar sedan

    Remember the Minardi stop as if it was yesterday. The professional amateur mess up.

  • Hean Sodanith
    Hean Sodanith28 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for them

  • Giant Leap
    Giant Leap28 dagar sedan

    Next to no wifi signal, long F1 pitstops look and feel like forever!

  • Christian Urrutia
    Christian Urrutia28 dagar sedan

    Pause at minute 6:35 the guy on the bottom left with the face mask has to be the funniest things. They were watching tv 🥶🥺🤣

    SAMUEL ALENKIES28 dagar sedan

    number 3 is so funny😂😂😂

  • Mahabharat
    Mahabharat28 dagar sedan

    When my mom saw this she just asked them to use Bicycles................................

  • Mohamed Sikkandar
    Mohamed Sikkandar29 dagar sedan

    This need to be updated with Mercedes - Bottas pit incident 2021

    TRELSBANKMånad sedan

    1 number bottas çıkmayan lastiği olmalıydı

  • Jeremie Challenger
    Jeremie ChallengerMånad sedan

    1:51 seems like he misjudged his speed and overshot.

  • Kumkum Kumar
    Kumkum KumarMånad sedan


  • The Man
    The ManMånad sedan

    8:28 indian jugaad 🤣

  • K.james Carters
    K.james CartersMånad sedan

    Pit crews in t shirts, shorts and flip flops. Sometimes you wonder how big accidents never happened in the 1980s.

  • Volker Schneider
    Volker SchneiderMånad sedan

    Ferari always have chairs

  • Volker Schneider
    Volker SchneiderMånad sedan

    The Redbull one was like pain

  • Bryan Abrenica
    Bryan AbrenicaMånad sedan

    Yep that's confusing

  • leonardo s
    leonardo sMånad sedan

    6:25 🤣

  • Kocicka Kitty
    Kocicka KittyMånad sedan

    2:03 You do not see an F1 car in reverse that often.

  • Stephen Lyons
    Stephen LyonsMånad sedan

    No:1 when your order a pit crew on iwish.

  • Mohammed Nadasen-Karim
    Mohammed Nadasen-KarimMånad sedan


  • Studio Ap
    Studio ApMånad sedan

    5:29 me from malaysia 😊

  • Geoffrey Ford
    Geoffrey FordMånad sedan

    This is just a compilation of people losing their jobs.

    NACHOMånad sedan

    3° 😂😂

  • kam h
    kam hMånad sedan

    they’re like minions when they’re running around confused

  • Sundarlandlk Novacktgf
    Sundarlandlk NovacktgfMånad sedan

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  • recon forsales
    recon forsalesMånad sedan

    What's all the rush to change a frigging tyre!

  • Joseph Mani
    Joseph ManiMånad sedan

    My heart hurts

  • Rengga
    RenggaMånad sedan

    Behind all of this scenes, just curious how the effect of this to mechanics after the match. Really want to know their story

  • Graham
    GrahamMånad sedan

    Poor Anthony Davidson. Never got a decent car in F1 and then spent years developing a sportscar and turning it into a winner just so that Alonso could walk in and reap the rewards.

  • Rex Jagger
    Rex JaggerMånad sedan

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  • Sem Kali
    Sem KaliMånad sedan

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 little men panic

  • Dan
    DanMånad sedan

    I don't understand how can an entire pit stop crew forget tires. That's literally their job.

  • Robert Bolisay
    Robert BolisayMånad sedan

    6:26 This should have been the Top 1.

  • Bill Pugh
    Bill PughMånad sedan

    This one has a BMW advert where it’s not crashing at the Nurburgring!!,!, amazing……

  • Blahh Blahh
    Blahh BlahhMånad sedan

    7:39 We're gonna get reamed!

  • Silverio J Jimenez J
    Silverio J Jimenez JMånad sedan

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  • Misu Satriyo
    Misu SatriyoMånad sedan

    I can't imagine how stressful it is to work as a pit stop crew. You know that sooner or later you're gonna mess up, and can only hope that it's not today.

  • Hayden Elwell
    Hayden ElwellMånad sedan

    “Major malmisorganization problem there” lol

  • Darmawan Fajar
    Darmawan FajarMånad sedan

    6:22 i can't stop smiling to see this hilarious moment...🤣🤣

  • Splawn Rex
    Splawn RexMånad sedan

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  • yokidult
    yokidultMånad sedan

    6:25 lol