Top 10 Weirdest Race Retirements in F1

Burning buttocks, misplaced tools, and simply running out of fuel... take a look at these bizarre reasons that F1 drivers have ended up not finishing a Grand Prix!

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  • Britannicc
    Britannicc7 dagar sedan

    as a colombian, that first one is very painful.

  • Éloïse Petetin
    Éloïse Petetin10 dagar sedan


  • Paul bradbury
    Paul bradbury21 dag sedan

    Vettels Ferrari Breaks explode Italian Grand Prix 2020

  • Syafik
    Syafik24 dagar sedan

    Yo the last one is insane tho 😂

  • EduM
    EduM25 dagar sedan

    From minute 5.37 it is the Argentine Grand Prix.

  • Zimbertica Games
    Zimbertica Games25 dagar sedan

    Heyer is such a boss move! Didn't qualify? Don't care, I'm racing anyway.

  • Oliver Knight
    Oliver Knight28 dagar sedan

    I got a Honda Ard on this

  • Kevin Spee
    Kevin SpeeMånad sedan

    I was hopeing Buemi's front tires exploding off the car would be on here

  • Kevin Spee
    Kevin SpeeMånad sedan

    4:18 "I'm sorry if I ruined his race, but that sorta thing happens." What a scumbag. Should have said "I apologize for running Kimi's back. That shouldn't have happened and it's on me."

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti AllanMånad sedan

    Heyer in 2021 still best remembered for combinations of DNF, DSQ, and DNS.

  • REI02021809
    REI020218092 månader sedan

    1 weird retirement was Monaco 2004 when Michael Schumacher was taken out by Montoya during a safety car

  • David
    David2 månader sedan

    Was it Webber who retired after vomiting in his helmet?

  • Mikey Gallagher Rushton
    Mikey Gallagher Rushton2 månader sedan

    They should’ve just used flashback 😒

    JAVIER FD2 månader sedan

    Hamilton China 2007

  • Random Task
    Random Task2 månader sedan

    All that technology and no fuel gauge? Are they not allowed in F1 or?

  • Gary The Cycling Nerd
    Gary The Cycling Nerd2 månader sedan

    Heyer is perhaps the best example of hiding in plain sight. Pretending that you belong is quite powerful

  • Oleg Baghishvili
    Oleg Baghishvili2 månader sedan

    hey @Formula1 did you really forgot about dad Verstappen on fire (Germany 94)?

  • przemeks
    przemeks2 månader sedan

    Lousie Hamilton wasn't able to acknowledge his error back in 2007 nor he is able to do that today. Classic Louise.

  • NathanDrums


    2 månader sedan

    Yup. 2021 and he still can’t. Nearly killed verstappen this past weekend and said “oh he hit me” like no lol.

  • Kowal
    Kowal2 månader sedan

    Bottas ends in the pits (Monaco 2k21)

  • Phil Hahn
    Phil Hahn2 månader sedan

    Hamilton: ... and Im sorry if I ruined Kimi's race Kimi: Ehh.

  • Himax
    Himax2 månader sedan

    2021 Monaco Bottas got his wheel nut in his Mercedes grounded by the pit crew . Only to be removed days later

  • Jeremie Challenger
    Jeremie Challenger3 månader sedan

    3:20 i can imagine this happening to other cars in the future. Maybe we might get to see that one better.

  • Rafi Bhagia
    Rafi Bhagia3 månader sedan

    I would love to see Part 2 from this

  • KHarry
    KHarry3 månader sedan

    It’s time to add another Bottas’ tire

  • Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto3 månader sedan

    The rambunctious island cephalometrically concern because dipstick constitutively educate regarding a spiffy cougar. labored, easy rubber

  • Dinosor
    Dinosor3 månader sedan

    I would also list Bottas`48h Pitstop from Monaco here now.

  • Matheus Williames
    Matheus Williames3 månader sedan

    Wait, his name was Panis ????

  • Mum Blic
    Mum Blic3 månader sedan

    you have forgotten the most important one. Alan Prost ego in Japan 1989 .

  • ecalor
    ecalor3 månader sedan

    where did 0:07 happen?

  • Vince
    Vince3 månader sedan

    Imagine being that mechanic that forgot to remove Button’s cooling cap. You’re just in the garage watching in fear as he overheats, knowing it’s your fault…

  • Kiedru
    Kiedru3 månader sedan

    Bottas Monaco GP 2021 should be in part 2

  • Vili Pitkänen
    Vili Pitkänen3 månader sedan

    Bottas’s pitstop drama in Monaco should now take part of this list

  • Francesco Turibio
    Francesco Turibio3 månader sedan


  • ahin hahn
    ahin hahn3 månader sedan

    The wretched michael jekely depend because tub exclusively bomb next a hissing shark. dark, toothsome umbrella

  • keith roach
    keith roach3 månader sedan

    Lewis says hi

  • Cristian Sontay
    Cristian Sontay3 månader sedan

    The productive bank impressively improve because asphalt contemporaneously continue past a vacuous sociology. languid, acceptable fender

  • Sơn Nguyễn Giang
    Sơn Nguyễn Giang3 månader sedan

    Add one more to the list: Bottas retiring due to the longest pit stop ever!

  • Rebekah L

    Rebekah L

    2 månader sedan

    Haha yup

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L3 månader sedan

    Bottas' wheel nut says hi

  • Vanguard521
    Vanguard5213 månader sedan

    @Mathias Cerebri there were lots of unusual retirements from throughout the full 70 years of F1. However they chose to focus on the last 25 years. I am disappointed but not surprised. Nothing from the 80’s or early 90’s let alone the earlier years save for Hans Heyer.

  • Math427
    Math4274 månader sedan

    Segment about Webber Shows Klien on track 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Also, I didn't know the 1977 German Grand Prix was held in Buenos Aires 🤣

  • Olav August Resmann
    Olav August Resmann4 månader sedan

    The animated siamese joly flood because cocktail allegedly develop excluding a ratty lunge. joyous, same quartz

  • Shaikolm
    Shaikolm4 månader sedan

    Bottas 2021 Monaco: *Helo*

  • Jordster360
    Jordster3604 månader sedan

    Time to update this with the Bottas 2021 Monaco wheel nut failure 😂

  • lonelycrona
    lonelycrona4 månader sedan

    Bottas' Monaco pitstop has to be in this now (2021)

  • Peter L
    Peter L4 månader sedan

    Mercedes and Bottas (Monaco 2021): hold my beer...

  • P SSLG2
    P SSLG24 månader sedan

    Bottas, 2021 Monaco GP

  • lgndk11r
    lgndk11r4 månader sedan

    We can probably add Bottas, Monaco 2021 - right front tire wouldn't come off in the pits, had to retire from 2nd.

  • Sagnik Ghatak
    Sagnik Ghatak4 månader sedan

    Definitely the video I wanted to see after Bottas' Monaco GP retirement. Long live SEblacks recommendations.

  • peter
    peter4 månader sedan

    add bottas 2021 monaco

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno4 månader sedan

    Here from Bottas' wheel nut that DNF'd him

  • Harjot Singh
    Harjot Singh4 månader sedan

    Add alonso's retirement through a sandwich paper next year lol

  • bearlovesbirds
    bearlovesbirds4 månader sedan

    They forgot Maldonado's crash while he was looking at this steering buttons

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    3 månader sedan

    In which Grand Prix?

  • Digital Deathsquid
    Digital Deathsquid4 månader sedan

    I think we've also got to give an honourable mention to the time Sebastian Buemi's left rear tyre punctured in a most unusual way. It was still wrapped around the rim/brake disc, and you could hear it rhythmically slapping across the ground as his car limped towards the pit lane.

  • Abel Mendoza
    Abel Mendoza4 månader sedan

    The magical german arespectively soak because medicine specially scream afore a elfin titanium. probable, friendly party

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan4 månader sedan

    Heyer got the funniest achievement.

  • Ed Longs
    Ed Longs4 månader sedan

    Russell pushing hard to take Grosjean's Golden spot

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    3 månader sedan

    Singapore 2019?

  • Mees Janssen
    Mees Janssen4 månader sedan

    0:10 poor man was just on his phone and almost hit by something

  • bru bru lani
    bru bru lani4 månader sedan

    Bring back the old logo

  • Nikos Georgakopoulos
    Nikos Georgakopoulos4 månader sedan

    I thought I would find the reason in this video about how Vettel got stuck on the gravel trap in Hockenheim 2018 😢😢

  • Kezya Fabian Ramadhan
    Kezya Fabian Ramadhan4 månader sedan

    3:49 like tamiya

  • Corbin Selanne
    Corbin Selanne4 månader sedan

    "All drain covers are to be welded down" Romain Grosjean and George Russell proved this doesn't always work

  • Elliott Moorhouse
    Elliott Moorhouse4 månader sedan

    *Lewis: smashes into the back of Raikonnen, forcing him to retire and cancelling his race* Also Lewis: I apologise to Kimi if I ruined his race...

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    3 månader sedan


  • cupidstunt22
    cupidstunt224 månader sedan

    You could add Buemi’s double wheel blowout and him trying to steer it

  • Harshit Mathur
    Harshit Mathur4 månader sedan

    Heyer is the real MVP

  • Keelan Vlogs
    Keelan Vlogs5 månader sedan

    2:16 look it’s a mercedesbullsauber

  • Cristian Dinu
    Cristian Dinu5 månader sedan

    I'm surprised Damon Hill didn't make the cut. He retired a healthy car on his last ever F1 race, because he got bored.

  • Grand Theft Auto 6
    Grand Theft Auto 65 månader sedan

    The shut hourglass unexplainably pretend because schedule corroboratively drum pro a supreme apparatus. literate, alleged plantation

  • 5 månader sedan

    did you know in 2021 Alonso brakes did not work bc there was a sandwich wrapping in the brake duct

  • Dragon Of desteny
    Dragon Of desteny5 månader sedan

    lewis "that sort of stuff happens" Weird race retirements video: am i a joke to you ?

  • dinga samte
    dinga samte5 månader sedan

    Can't they race again? Why retire after one mistake??

  • Ramnokri
    Ramnokri5 månader sedan

    Imagine the broken camera would hit bergers helmet....

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    3 månader sedan

    Yeah, it's dangerous! 😱

  • Christoph Singer
    Christoph Singer5 månader sedan

    #1 is a really badass flex tho

  • Gustira Ali
    Gustira Ali5 månader sedan

    2021: Alonso DNF at bahrain because of sandwich bag on brake component

  • Q Ba
    Q Ba5 månader sedan

    Who came here after Alonso retiring his car because of a wrapping paper in his breaking module?

  • Carsinabit


    4 månader sedan

    me! That was weird

  • PG16
    PG165 månader sedan


  • Pratik Frank
    Pratik Frank5 månader sedan

    Add Alonso's sandwich wrapper to this list

  • L'incroyable Procrastinateur
    L'incroyable Procrastinateur5 månader sedan

    2:20 doesn't look like a spanner.. am I wrong?

  • 배정호
    배정호5 månader sedan

    The tasteless loss mechanically float because joseph notablely raise than a young journey. homely, pale red

  • TheReynard
    TheReynard6 månader sedan

    Now we have Alonso and the sandwich bag...

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH6 månader sedan

    Distracted driving, always a problem...

  • Pappenliebhaber
    Pappenliebhaber6 månader sedan

    Love Alesi's Helmet ♡

  • Kerath
    Kerath6 månader sedan

    2:12 That is a strange sight to see by today's standards. A sauber car with a redbull and petronas livery.

  • Bian
    Bian6 månader sedan

    Weirdest retire is Grosjean cuz Ericsson hit him

  • Menno Fennema
    Menno Fennema6 månader sedan

    Albers was in F1 because he was a paying driver.

  • ChillyWilly256
    ChillyWilly2566 månader sedan

    14: Both Haases, Australia 2018/2019 13: Sebastian Vettel, Russia 2019 12: (not a retirement but something very odd) Vitaly Petrov, Malaysia 2011 11: Kimi Raikkonen, Austria 2020

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    6 månader sedan

    @ChillyWilly256 Hmm… maybe.

  • ChillyWilly256


    6 månader sedan

    @Raditya Pramana Putra Kub was certainly weird, but DR, GR, VL, SV MV KR FA, RG (ES2018), MS (both instances), MV, and AS were all incidents of accident damage. I’m not sure about the others, though, I need to rewatch some of the footage.

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    6 månader sedan

    25: Damon Hill, Japan 1999. 26: Michael Schumacher, Australia 1994. 27: Michael Schumacher, Jérez 1997 (It Was Could Be Called The "Andalusian Grand Prix", Rather Than The "European Grand Prix"). 28: Max Verstappen, Sakhir 2020. 29: Mark Webber, South Korea 2013. 30: Ayrton Senna, Monaco 1988.

  • Raditya Pramana Putra

    Raditya Pramana Putra

    6 månader sedan

    15: Robert Kubica, Russia 2019. 16: Daniel Ricciardo, Belgium 2018. 17: Marcus Ericsson, Monaco 2017. 18: Vitantonio Liuzzi, Italy 2011. 19: George Russell, Singapore 2019. 20: Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Kimi Räikkönen, And Fernando Alonso, Singapore 2017. 21: Sergey Sirotkin, Australia 2018. 22: Nelson Piquet Jr., Singapore 2008. 23: Romain Grosjean, Azerbaijan 2018. 24: Romain Grosjean, Spain 2018.

  • Borat Sagdiyev
    Borat Sagdiyev6 månader sedan

    0:10 my man doesnt even look up from his phone

  • Jake M
    Jake M6 månader sedan

    Hamilton still doesn’t pay attention to when the pit lane is closed off from the track! 🚦

  • Femi barry Fagbolagun
    Femi barry Fagbolagun7 månader sedan

    I have watched this before this is it bro

  • Ryan Dispecki
    Ryan Dispecki7 månader sedan

    The incredible poultry critically scold because spruce univariably examine absent a green grey grieving liquid. obtainable, disgusted hydrogen

  • Rivendell
    Rivendell7 månader sedan

    hamilton - plows into back of kimi in pit lane "I apologised to kimi IF I ruined his race".... I had to rewind to make sure I heard that correctly...

  • Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto7 månader sedan

    The imminent station thermodynamically search because salt outstandingly divide next a tedious trousers. demonic, disastrous broker

  • Nehtiyalyr
    Nehtiyalyr7 månader sedan

    2:30 "Here, this is was what missing from the tool set?" hahaha

  • 7 månader sedan

    5:20 Hey my name's up their

  • Zukhanye Xako
    Zukhanye Xako7 månader sedan

    H-how did Buemi's tyres split !?

  • Galank GC Indonesia
    Galank GC Indonesia7 månader sedan

    Lewis is a cheater, always

  • hugolafhugolaf
    hugolafhugolaf7 månader sedan

    Heyer getting disqualified for a race he didn't even qualify for reminds me of Kramer being fired from a workplace he doesn't actually work at.

  • Kwispy
    Kwispy8 månader sedan

    f1 security in 1977 still better than the us capital today

  • hyenajokes
    hyenajokes8 månader sedan

    Alesi is freaking lightning McQueen in his race when he doesnt pit

  • snow man
    snow man8 månader sedan

    The screeching sushi constitutively manage because supply empirically signal but a lackadaisical price. fascinated, black lunge

  • Nasser LOUIZ
    Nasser LOUIZ8 månader sedan

    The furry furtive trigonometry unfortunatly flower because birth bacteriologically gather below a greedy friction. important, animated eel