Top 10 Cheeky F1 Innovations

From wacky X-wings to double diffusers which delivered championships - Formula 1 has always been at the forefront of technical innovation, which can sometimes lead to interesting results!

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  • TN Mafuta
    TN MafutaDag sedan

    what the f stand for in f duct

  • ThreeFourNineTwo
    ThreeFourNineTwoDag sedan

    9:52 it should be clever and cheeky solution come and banned ! That makes perfect sense.

  • Gian Lozano
    Gian LozanoDag sedan

    FIA: im gonna stop you right there

  • Dario Pedro
    Dario PedroDag sedan

    honorable mention: .2020 Racing point chassi copycat of mercedes 2019’s

  • 90AlmostFamous
    90AlmostFamous2 dagar sedan

    Should be renamed how fia is ruining f1

  • namanish
    namanish2 dagar sedan

    Chiki nandooooos

  • 김호민
    김호민3 dagar sedan

    The little trail regretfully sin because sink worrisomely strap qua a ambitious rock. shaggy, quizzical feet

  • Phsycres Conquest
    Phsycres Conquest4 dagar sedan

    Funnily enough the Tyrell 6 wheeler is what made Jody Scheckter leave the team.

  • IcyUncleChris76
    IcyUncleChris765 dagar sedan

    These have to be the most devious licks in f1 history

  • Niklas Ra
    Niklas Ra5 dagar sedan

    Why exactly were the 6 wheelers banned?

  • Tayhlor Pogacsas
    Tayhlor Pogacsas6 dagar sedan

    Gets rid of side wings because it affects the driver's Vision but then puts the Halo with a beam running straight down the center of them

  • Mic Dropper
    Mic Dropper6 dagar sedan

    I had a Tyrrell P38 play car as a kid. Also had a JPS Lotus, and those cars went to show and tell at least three times each.

  • Sophie Cook
    Sophie Cook6 dagar sedan

    Feel like Ferrari moan at everything

  • Sarbashis Kahali
    Sarbashis Kahali7 dagar sedan

    Innovation Gets Banned Other Teams: "FERRRRAAAARRRIIIIIIIII"

  • NPC#68282
    NPC#682828 dagar sedan

    The only innovation allowed in f1 is on the rules lawyering front

  • Sairam R
    Sairam R8 dagar sedan

    Ferrari is , and always be , a crybaby

  • jyh1Q94
    jyh1Q948 dagar sedan

    3:09 fps hackers getting caught 3:30 people making memes about it

    LINDSEY GRAFF10 dagar sedan

    With the use of steering wheels growing, the FIA banned them outright.

  • Rahul Ravishankar
    Rahul Ravishankar10 dagar sedan

    4:06 you said "snitch" wrong.

  • Xdlazrnic
    Xdlazrnic11 dagar sedan

    Where is overtake

  • Protoka
    Protoka12 dagar sedan

    Tuned mass damper and rear brake pedal should be legal. It just gives you more control over the vehicle. Also double diffusers they look sick.

  • a single white female
    a single white female13 dagar sedan

    Why do they outlaw something that improves safety like the mass damper?

  • ZomByte
    ZomByte17 dagar sedan

    Imagine a car that used all, or most of these techniques

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm18 dagar sedan

    All my homies hate FIA

  • House Grumpy Boys
    House Grumpy Boys19 dagar sedan

    McLaren: Uses Rear Brake Pedal FIA: Fine Ferrari: wha! wha! McLaren using rear brake! FIA: *Gone*

  • 22 dagar sedan

    Only four of these are actually innovative the rest are just ways to get around rules

  • Jack The Ripper

    Jack The Ripper

    2 dagar sedan

    Which is what innovation is about, getting around the challenge presented.

  • MNCR
    MNCR22 dagar sedan

    Interviewer: so how does the skirts work? Colin chapman: under the car Interviewer: uhhh, so why is it banned? Colin chapman: under the car Interviewer: ... (Idk how many under the car word he said)

    TAMER C23 dagar sedan

    can we please bring renaults spring back ?! 01:00 i dont understand why its banned. 100% safety

  • Shukri Wafiq
    Shukri Wafiq24 dagar sedan

    Everyone hates FIA since the beginning

  • BlackOWLfly
    BlackOWLfly26 dagar sedan

    From this video it seems FIA has a tendency to ban ingenuity for the sake of "fair competition". How about a change of procedures: every new technical concept (not the fine tunings to it) should be made available to every F1 team. This way, if FIA wants to ban the concept, every team would protest and FIA would be forced to accept the engineering ingenuity (otherwise nobody would wish to compete any more). Fine tunings, the teams' decision to apply some concepts but not the others and the drivers' skills would make the only differences then.

  • Zlatan Memić
    Zlatan Memić27 dagar sedan

    Mid-season bans by FIA should be illegal. Make a set of detailed regulations, when you are happy with it pass it to the teams and let designers and engineers work their magic. Whatever they create, if it doesn't brake rules or reduces safety, let it be. Innovation and exploiting loop holes is in the core of F1. They are still talking about innovation today, but there are so many regulations, standard parts for everyone and mid-season bans that F1 is almost a spec series.

  • Initial Doge
    Initial Doge28 dagar sedan

    3:33 *WHAT*

  • 29 dagar sedan

    7:06 that exhaust and engine sounded beautyful

  • shreyas N.B
    shreyas N.B29 dagar sedan

    Can't believe the FIA regulation did not mention that the F1 car should have 4 wheels.

  • Rahul Biswas
    Rahul BiswasMånad sedan

    8:04 Martin Brundel was so young rehte🤣🤣

  • Jaka Hirsenfelder
    Jaka HirsenfelderMånad sedan

    Top 10 Cheeky F1 Innovations (before they got banned)

  • Blah Blah
    Blah BlahMånad sedan

    Lol stefano wants f1 cars to go autonomous

  • Aaron Shattuck
    Aaron ShattuckMånad sedan

    FIA: "You must be a constructor." *Constructors construct things* FIA: "ILLEGAL!"

  • Isaaka Kawlni
    Isaaka KawlniMånad sedan

    Where is Mercedes DAS?

  • William McLeod
    William McLeodMånad sedan

    Hey, our engineers can't manage the same brilliance as this team with its new thing." FIA: "Say no more.... BANNED!"

  • ourtime-downhere
    ourtime-downhereMånad sedan

    Exactly why f1 is a farce. Make anything legal or have a set of rules. My vote is anything is legal, catch up or get left behind. This supposed equal racing is a joke. Teams with the most money win anyways no matter the rules, it's a joke of a sport. The best driver rarely has a chance.

  • Irvin Herman
    Irvin HermanMånad sedan

    A group b type racing needs to come back. Where teams can innovate as much as they want without getting banned

  • sitraka forler
    sitraka forlerMånad sedan

    Soooo FIA banned nearly everything cool and clever ?

  • Jay I
    Jay IMånad sedan

    Actual title: "How the FIA actively, regularly and consistently keeps innovation down in F1"

  • Big keith
    Big keithMånad sedan

    Funny how it's completely fine until ferrari complain

  • Maximilian Schröder
    Maximilian SchröderMånad sedan

    make innovations to let it ban

  • R Angus
    R AngusMånad sedan

    Those side burns tho

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron SeetMånad sedan

    Early on I complained why there're so many rules restricting what a car can be designed with; shouldn't engineers be given more freedom to express the best solutions? My dad then explained engineers can become _too creative_ and came up with the six-wheel car.

  • Tarandeep Panesar
    Tarandeep PanesarMånad sedan

    Imagine combining all these ideas on one car

  • DaNangBoyzz
    DaNangBoyzzMånad sedan

    Gentleman. A short view back in the past

  • YouTube2021-FM
    YouTube2021-FMMånad sedan

    No mention of the EBD at all???

  • M R
    M RMånad sedan

    F1: INNOVA- FIA: BAAAANNNNNEEEDDDD Seriously though, that Renault Mass Damper was OP af. 100% effective. Made the car heavier but didn't really matter either, the engine was a beast!

  • Adam Botha
    Adam BothaMånad sedan

    I don't know much about formula 1, but it seems to me like the FIA is punishing innovation.

  • Moh
    MohMånad sedan

    I get banning cars that are dangerous but to those that aren’t dangerous but actually improve the car why? Its not as if the cars affect the outcome of the race…

  • CallmeRoth
    CallmeRothMånad sedan

    1978: Lotus introduces ground effects. 1983: Losing teams don't like it - BANNED!. 2019-2021: FIA decides ground effects is essential to allow simpler aero. Funny how teams aren't allowed to introduce innovation but the FIA is...

  • Hunter Bennett
    Hunter BennettMånad sedan

    #9 was perfect.

  • Yespy
    YespyMånad sedan

    Is sad that every innovation that could make cars better are banned by FIA...

  • Amar Mangaonkar
    Amar MangaonkarMånad sedan

    Basically this is how FIA works: if Ferrari cant copy design its ban.. When ferrari complains about something its ban.

  • Ashutosh Bhadoria
    Ashutosh BhadoriaMånad sedan

    Petition to rename FIA as "Race Car TaliBAN"

  • Ashutosh Bhadoria
    Ashutosh BhadoriaMånad sedan

    Alonso can drive without hands..duh!

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael HamiltonMånad sedan

    Meanwhile in 2021, Mercedes has crazy innovations while all the other teams are the same

  • Aaditya Chavan
    Aaditya ChavanMånad sedan

    Honestly, fick the fia, instead kf putting down, if you would promote these innovations, we would be skyrocketing in engineering of f1 cars right now.

  • lort
    lortMånad sedan

    Innovation during the Schumacher era: Ferrari complains about something they didn't think of.....FIA instantly bans said innovation

  • Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous CowardMånad sedan

    Nice innovation, Great engineering and oh yea banned.

  • Frank Derksen
    Frank DerksenMånad sedan

    F.i.a most bs orginsation that exist

  • Bernard M
    Bernard MMånad sedan

    Ok about some of them but why ban renault's mass damper (0:59)? It seems a pretty ingenious improvement.

  • Adam Penn
    Adam PennMånad sedan

    Fan car ❤️

  • Lambarados 92
    Lambarados 92Månad sedan

    F1 getting more boring every year 😪😪

  • S2kinky
    S2kinkyMånad sedan

    "if you're not cheating, you're not trying."

  • Le Tigidou
    Le TigidouMånad sedan

    Engineer : Hey guys we've completed development on the new technology. Team Principal : Great! Drivers : I can't wait! Media and fans : Awesome! FIA : █▬▬ ◟(`ﮧ´ ◟ )

  • Panic_Attack
    Panic_AttackMånad sedan

    Basically: Big brain team like McLaren: cool performance system FIA: ok u can keep running this Ferrari: I hate that we didn’t invent this ban it FIA: let’s ban if

  • Dr 2Stroke
    Dr 2Stroke2 månader sedan

    No mention of teams feeding engine oil into the intake system as a way of getting fuel additives in to the engine and it not being in the fuel itself. that was a genius thought by the teams.

  • Jan Philipp Schreiner
    Jan Philipp Schreiner2 månader sedan

    Me who thought the x wings were mirrors for better sight at young age

  • Skorpy Nekomimi
    Skorpy Nekomimi2 månader sedan

    For safety concerns, I don't know why they don't take the drivers out of the car and operate the whole thing by remote control from a simulator rig.

  • Debabrata Sharma
    Debabrata Sharma2 månader sedan

    Fia:Ban them

  • Anele Msimang
    Anele Msimang2 månader sedan

    FIA banning every innovation is so whack

  • syed maaz
    syed maaz2 månader sedan

    Red bull has always been cry baby 👶 😂

  • Jesse Maron
    Jesse Maron2 månader sedan

    So how did he turn the wheel? Ok cool, so how does he safely turn the wheel Ok yeah but how does turn the wheel

  • LostSoul 571
    LostSoul 5712 månader sedan

    Renault Mass Damper: super effective Other teams: can't copy it easily FIA: welp the engineers can't innovate as well, BAN IT

  • Tholithemba Ntsele
    Tholithemba Ntsele2 månader sedan

    Now add 'Mercedes Power' that was recently banned 😊

  • Glen Rwodzi
    Glen Rwodzi2 månader sedan

    What’s with Eddie’s sunglasses 😂😂

  • Likhith N
    Likhith N2 månader sedan

    FIA - Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile ...nah's Ferrari Internationale de l'Automobile

  • Optimist Prime
    Optimist Prime2 månader sedan

    I can understand to keep things competitive, you can't allow everything but some of these made the car much better. It's a shame that everyone else calls fowl instead of developing it for themselves.

  • samuelmdouglas
    samuelmdouglas2 månader sedan

    So much innovation ruined by sooky teams

  • ABN Falcon
    ABN Falcon2 månader sedan


  • Veda Samhit Matta
    Veda Samhit Matta2 månader sedan

    Cars looked a lot different from each other in olden days with wider range of designs.

  • Smokeys Shorts
    Smokeys Shorts2 månader sedan

    Can we please get regulations for all out a degree.

    DADDY2 månader sedan

    "I need a third hand for the wheel if I cover the air duct" Ferrari: "We are checking"

    DADDY2 månader sedan

    "Our new innovation was banned" Ferrari: "We are checking"

  • Driveway STAR
    Driveway STAR2 månader sedan

    The best video intro: Nonexistent

  • sasa bone
    sasa bone2 månader sedan

    It is not right for other teams to complain about any innovation if they can't get any smarter If it breaks the rules in anyway it ok, but if not then use your brain

  • Bemi Bärlund
    Bemi Bärlund2 månader sedan

    What about williams’s infinite gear gearbox?

  • Riff
    Riff2 månader sedan

    11. Flag Girls.

  • Mattsretiring
    Mattsretiring2 månader sedan

    FIA: We encourage innovation Also FIA: just not that or that...or that

  • Leprosu Gnome
    Leprosu Gnome2 månader sedan

    Who would have guessed that the reason F1 is so boring and predictible now is the FIA? Hmmmm

  • Lightning racer
    Lightning racer2 månader sedan

    Imagine using all of these innovations in one car and the going for a lap in the fastest track…

  • Jarad Doyon
    Jarad Doyon2 månader sedan

    The biggest innovation is to just crash out your rivals. Lewis has done it 3 times now in 2 years with effectively zero penalty.

  • Lathrop L. d S T
    Lathrop L. d S T2 månader sedan

    Domenicali, Binotto... how is Ferrari still racing...?.

  • Jethro Offemaria's YouTube Page
    Jethro Offemaria's YouTube Page2 månader sedan

    I love the six-wheeler!!!

  • ‫
    2 månader sedan

    Best innovation was putting the engine in the back