Top 10 Wet Weather Drives In F1

From Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton to Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark - F1 champions are often defined by their performances in the toughest of conditions

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  • sylvian blade
    sylvian blade16 timmar sedan

    F1 shows 2008 Silverstone: It was the day Hamilton came of age as a true great. 2007 Fuji Hamilton: Am I a joke to you?

  • Tiago Andrade
    Tiago AndradeDag sedan

    I beg your a raining racing leader of all time? What the heck did you drink while doing this dudes? There was NO ONE ever near to his league in a rainy race...we used to pray here in Brazil for rain on Sunday races back when he was here and making us all proud...we KNEW that if rain started falling, the race was safe. Senna would switch to beast mode and win.

  • Eric28256
    Eric282562 dagar sedan

    Monaco, 1984?

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter2 dagar sedan

    F1 fans before: WE WANT RAINY RACES F1 fans now: We’ve won, but at what cost

  • Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez3 dagar sedan

    Not bad, but we all know the greatest rain drive is Max at the 2021 Belgian GP. Nothing will ever too that one.

  • Icaro Carvalho
    Icaro Carvalho3 dagar sedan


  • Denis Valjean
    Denis Valjean4 dagar sedan

    Indeed. Monaco 1984 was the first and the best masterpiece of Senna. A Rookie, with a turbo card, driving for the first time in Monaco, climbing the field. Just not won because Prost-Ballestre partnership. The curious is that the decision to end race earlier and give half points, made Prost lose the championship by 0.5 point to Lauda. Bellow was the fastest on track but it was easier for a non turbo charged car. We will never see again the best driver in thewet, on street circuits, and in one lap. Missed that time

  • Connor Morris
    Connor Morris4 dagar sedan

    Jenson button canada? Lower on the list maybe but worth it

  • xwaltranx
    xwaltranx4 dagar sedan

    1:29 scary stuff :D

  • apiFerrari
    apiFerrari5 dagar sedan

    Italy 2008 only 10th and Spain 1996 on 6th? This is joke or British media? 🤣

  • Motorsport Muse
    Motorsport Muse5 dagar sedan

    How could they not include the 1971 Dutch GP

  • Kyle Deng
    Kyle Deng5 dagar sedan


  • T41N73d
    T41N73d7 dagar sedan

    "they were a wet, weather faster" - martin brundle (probably)

  • eldecalogodel4latas
    eldecalogodel4latas7 dagar sedan

    Hamilton 2008 silverstone? Realy? Alonso in sepang 2012, hungary 2006 or nurburgring 2007...

  • jia le

    jia le

    5 dagar sedan

    what your problem

  • ToneLoc
    ToneLoc7 dagar sedan

    Clearly not enough people on here were around or have seen Jackie Stewart’s drive at the Nurburgring in 1968. Nothing else comes close to such combined brilliance and bravery in a race where you were one small mistake away from your life ending just like that. Clear number 1

  • DomainDH
    DomainDH8 dagar sedan

    Gotta add Russell’s P2 in Spa now

  • Denis Bonvechio
    Denis Bonvechio8 dagar sedan

    Senna !!!!

  • J D
    J D8 dagar sedan

    Can't race in spa this year cause of the rain yet majority of the tracks on this video had worse conditions

  • Ducky 190
    Ducky 1909 dagar sedan

    Just forget about 2012 Brazil huh?

  • Quadsis
    Quadsis9 dagar sedan


  • Robson Random Silva
    Robson Random Silva9 dagar sedan

    There will never be an F1 driver like Senna!

  • trekchu
    trekchu9 dagar sedan

    I remember the 96 spanish GP. For us at home watching it was something special indeed.

  • Agroveterinaria Al Faro
    Agroveterinaria Al Faro10 dagar sedan

    Senna & Jim Clark. The very best!

  • Agroveterinaria Al Faro
    Agroveterinaria Al Faro10 dagar sedan

    And Sena in Monaco??? That Washington the BEST of all times

  • Mister M
    Mister M11 dagar sedan

    Damon Hill a rainmaster…😂😂😂😂 and on nr. 4….Alonso is right! The FIA is ruled by Brexit!

  • John Doe
    John Doe12 dagar sedan

    10:07 the whole grid jumped the start lol.

  • Russ Myers
    Russ Myers12 dagar sedan

    No, this one they got absolutely right. Stewart at the Ring. Namby-pamby drivers of today are not worthy to carry his helmet bag. And he (like Clark) NEVER had to wreck somebody to win.

  • Stephen Richardson
    Stephen Richardson12 dagar sedan

    Jenson Button - Canada - 2011 should be at least in the top 10.

  • DWW
    DWW17 dagar sedan

    Back then, when F1 officials didn't scare couple drops of water on track...

  • LOWE
    LOWE19 dagar sedan

    I would say nikita in spa has to be one legendary drive, I expect an updated video soon

  • Yiğit Ekin
    Yiğit Ekin20 dagar sedan

    make a new version adding 2021 spa with fastest lap of mazepin

  • Ernesto Martinez
    Ernesto Martinez20 dagar sedan

    Satoru Nakajima. Adelaide 1989.

  • Cato Batista
    Cato Batista21 dag sedan

    The best 10? Guess you never heard of a Canadian called Gilles Villeneuve. You should study the subject again, correct your serios shortcoming and redo this video.

  • Eduard Bernovici
    Eduard Bernovici21 dag sedan

    I went to SpaFrancorchamps a week ago. A few laps in three hours, awards ceremony ... Very disappointed

  • Ricco Spohr
    Ricco Spohr21 dag sedan

    1st Place Max Verstappen 2021 Belgium

  • Rohan Khedkar
    Rohan Khedkar21 dag sedan

    Perhaps that's why Clark was Senna's inspiration.!

  • Jair Jr. Senne
    Jair Jr. Senne22 dagar sedan

    Senna in Mônaco with Toleman, you guys forget

  • 24 dagar sedan

    Senna in monaco 84?

  • Lizzie CK
    Lizzie CK25 dagar sedan

    Senna 🌧🏎🌧 >>>>>> everyone else

  • Morten Vestergaard
    Morten Vestergaard26 dagar sedan

    That noise :o

  • Alejandro Sierra
    Alejandro Sierra27 dagar sedan

    How is it possible that you haven't chosen Alonso's Hungarian GP in 2006? Probably top 3 first laps ever and vs Shumi

  • MarkusFolz
    MarkusFolz27 dagar sedan

    1:23 Kovaleinen looks exaclty like Bottas 😂

  • tiaan cloete
    tiaan cloete27 dagar sedan

    None of these compare to the epic 2 laps behind the safety car at spa this past weekend, that was some race...

  • Ahoy Pc
    Ahoy Pc27 dagar sedan

    best wet race spa 2021

  • Mark Lynn

    Mark Lynn

    25 dagar sedan

    Worst race of 2021 more like

  • I am Heisenberg
    I am Heisenberg28 dagar sedan

    This list needs to be updated. Bernd Mayländer’s drive at Spa 2021 outclasses all of these 🏁



    24 dagar sedan

    3:04. No one can beat vintage racers.

  • Connor
    Connor28 dagar sedan

    #1 Bernd maylander 2021 Belgian grand Prix

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn28 dagar sedan

    Can definitely add 2021 Belgian Grand Prix which was total bitter disappointment, hoping the next two races this year won't get sabotaged in any way

  • Salman Raihan Z
    Salman Raihan Z28 dagar sedan


  • killer jaw
    killer jaw28 dagar sedan

    After the Belgian GP 2021, this list needs to be updated.

  • Allen Nuñez
    Allen Nuñez29 dagar sedan

    The perfect time to recommend this video Belgium 2021

  • CNC myself
    CNC myself29 dagar sedan

    2021 formula one is a joke compared to this... The sport will never be the same

  • Daniel Leka
    Daniel Leka29 dagar sedan

    SPA 2021 be like 🤣🤣🤣

  • Romain Cdb
    Romain Cdb29 dagar sedan

    Regarder cette video après Spa 2021 😒

  • Michael Cowley
    Michael Cowley29 dagar sedan

    Spa 2021? Oh no, sorry, that’s top 10 worst wet weather races in F1.

  • Reuben Ashok

    Reuben Ashok

    25 dagar sedan

    bernd mylander dominated the field

  • bannerlad01
    bannerlad0129 dagar sedan

    - drivers too chicken to race in wet now.

  • Jamie Murphy

    Jamie Murphy

    29 dagar sedan

    Tell me about it, thinking about Lando Norris' crash at the Belgium Grand Prix Qualifiers, not even the wet tyres are safe from heavy rain.

  • Pan Jaweł
    Pan Jaweł29 dagar sedan

    Belgium 2021

  • Reesh Reeshard
    Reesh Reeshard29 dagar sedan

    Can we add Belgium 2021 to this

  • Aditya Mehta
    Aditya MehtaMånad sedan

    Redbull is at it's peak during wet race

  • Chandemonio
    ChandemonioMånad sedan

    Am I the only one who heard an increasing volume buzz from 12:34 till the end while listening with headphones?

  • Kai Sellgren

    Kai Sellgren

    29 dagar sedan

    Yeah it's part of the audiotrack wtvr it is.

  • Simone Trafford
    Simone TraffordMånad sedan

    The marvelous earth lastly fade because gender cranially park pro a accidental accountant. mere, secretive bun

  • Yoshi
    YoshiMånad sedan

    I always wonder why they never put Alonso's Hungary 2006 in this tops, he started 15 and he would won the race if the mechanic wouldn't leave the wheel nut detached

  • Jorge Rego
    Jorge RegoMånad sedan

    If you put Verstappen for third, which means the driver doesn't have to win the race to be in this top, I don't know why Senna at Monaco 1984 and Alonso at Hungary 2006 are not included. They should both be top5.

  • Rahul Ray
    Rahul RayMånad sedan

    Everyone talks about Senna 85 Portugal, Senna 93 Donington, Senna 84 Monaco but forgets Senna 91 Adelaide. He literally did the "Call an ambulance but not for me"

  • Andres Carrillo Hernandez
    Andres Carrillo HernandezMånad sedan

    Alonso hungary 2006?

  • 7Mag GT3
    7Mag GT3Månad sedan

    Senna spun only on dry track.😀

  • soeinhenk
    soeinhenkMånad sedan

    Monaco 84: Prost in the Lead, Senna behind closing the Gap dramaticly and Stefan Bellof on Third on a totally worse Car closing the Gap to Senna, started on 24......

  • RayzaKING2 TV
    RayzaKING2 TVMånad sedan

    Russell imola 2021... If he don't crash with bottas for sure he will make it to this top 10...

  • Eloi Trèmols
    Eloi TrèmolsMånad sedan

    To me the best moment should be Interlagos 1991, where Senna drove last 8 laps in rainy conditions being first and lasting 6th gear working only. To any other pilot would had been impossible to govern 1200 bhp in the rain with 6th gear, he did and won for the first time in his home land. Excellent mastering.

  • Neil Mande
    Neil MandeMånad sedan

    1:05 something i want a race engineer to tell me :(

    VRUMVR6Månad sedan

    Um... there seems to be one glaring omission here: Monaco 1984. Ayrton Senna (rookie), and in an uncompetitive Toleman of all things! Senna clearly won that race. Only Alain Prost had other plans and frantically requested ending the race - just before Senna passed him for the win. Fixed.

  • Fay-yaaz Ahmed
    Fay-yaaz AhmedMånad sedan

    Button Canada 2011?

  • dean clarke
    dean clarkeMånad sedan

    Ermmmm apart from sennas wet drive at Monaco

  • Khumoyunbek Khaydarov
    Khumoyunbek KhaydarovMånad sedan

    Janson Button: am I joke for you????

  • bug productions
    bug productionsMånad sedan

    Senna is the king of wet weather driving.

  • Adrian Bermudez
    Adrian BermudezMånad sedan

    It is really a joke that in this ranking Alonso is not featured, he is by far, the best in rainy weather conditions in the paddock today

  • Hel las
    Hel lasMånad sedan

    One and only! S

  • Jiří B.
    Jiří B.Månad sedan

    And where is Gilles Villeneuve in Watkins Glen 1979?

  • F.R.Y
    F.R.YMånad sedan

    Button canada 2011.... That was something else....

  • Ibrahim Ferhadli
    Ibrahim FerhadliMånad sedan

    Jenson Button's wins in Hungary 2006 and Canada 2011 should be in list.

  • spongebob Squarepant
    spongebob SquarepantMånad sedan

    Senna go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • DJ
    DJMånad sedan

    5:25 is that a sonic trophy???😂😂😂

  • AXB Ghost
    AXB GhostMånad sedan

    when you were talking about senna at Donington the corner he passed him for the lead was the Melbourne loop or Melbourne hairpin the old hairpin is turn 5 I think

  • Peem-Natnarut Wattana
    Peem-Natnarut WattanaMånad sedan

    Lauda: There’s more important things in life than the world championship Kimi: Like having the drink

  • Alex P
    Alex PMånad sedan

    Bottas Hungary 2021 is now number 1. Took out both the Redbulls and a Mclaren!!! What a performance

  • Alabama Worley
    Alabama WorleyMånad sedan

    Verstappen??? Should not even be there. Senna 93 was the best.

  • Karanveer Singh Dulku
    Karanveer Singh Dulku2 månader sedan


  • Edson Takeda
    Edson Takeda2 månader sedan

    Senna The Best, legend.

  • Farshaz Mirza
    Farshaz Mirza2 månader sedan

    5:00, when I play the F1 game on easy mode

  • Jp Reddy
    Jp Reddy2 månader sedan

    Over the years, Japan has managed to put some of the greatest races ever

  • Chris
    Chris2 månader sedan

    Hamilton , Senna and Schuhmacher are the Best also in the rain and in the dry:)

  • Alessandro Dorian
    Alessandro Dorian2 månader sedan

    Senna.. simply the best!!

  • Jan deutz
    Jan deutz2 månader sedan

    aha this is a english youtube chanel. thats why the english are high in the list. what a farce this list!!

  • Wu
    Wu2 månader sedan

    Barrichello was always better than schumacher on the rain...

  • Fernando Roy
    Fernando Roy2 månader sedan

    Faltou a primeira vitória do Barrichelo na Alemanha

  • Maya& ilusion
    Maya& ilusion2 månader sedan

    Frentzen was…the best wet driver . Point .

  • Wulf Britton Jr.
    Wulf Britton Jr.2 månader sedan

    Ratzenburger's & Jos Verstappen's Simteks with the MTV livery were gorgeous

  • Rupin Jeremiah
    Rupin Jeremiah2 månader sedan

    Ayrton Senna. Greatest of all time.

  • Mark Ephraim Suresh
    Mark Ephraim Suresh2 månader sedan

    Senna is probably the wet weather GOAT jeezus

  • Karlo černeka
    Karlo černeka2 månader sedan

    Where is senna, monaco 1984

  • Silvio Martins
    Silvio Martins2 månader sedan

    Quando ninguém achou engraçado no Japão, o Damon Hill.