Top 10 Cool Down Room Moments In F1

From the infamous Multi-21 incident, friends being reunited on the podium, and the odd argument - despite the name, tempers occasionally boiled over in the cool down room...

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  • Alejandro Cruz
    Alejandro CruzDag sedan

    00:40 jajaja

  • Harvey Pierce
    Harvey PierceDag sedan

    I absolutely understand that F1 is a team sport… but I can understand sebs multi 21 incident, he was there to win

  • KingOfChickens
    KingOfChickensDag sedan

    2:38 did he say richardo

  • The Red Styrian
    The Red StyrianDag sedan

    I wonder how many fans is here only for Vettel & Kvyat.

  • Albatross 365
    Albatross 365Dag sedan

    1:51 Shame that relationship went so sour

  • Ricardo Ynigo Crespo
    Ricardo Ynigo Crespo2 dagar sedan

    me: *hears* you overtake the safety car right? me: oka- wait a minute is this a cars 1 & 2 moment?

  • Dio Jodianto
    Dio Jodianto4 dagar sedan

    5:28 I can see how disappointed Mark was that he distanced himself from the team crew.

  • GamingTime
    GamingTime4 dagar sedan

    In China 2016, it was 100% Raikkonen's fault. He moved massively to the right under braking.

  • Waktu Gabut
    Waktu Gabut7 dagar sedan

    2008 nico and lewis moments was funny after we all seen their battles in 2014-16


    Alonso todo un profesional :v no se pica

  • Josh Auld
    Josh Auld8 dagar sedan

    Seb: you came in like a torpedo! Kyvat: that’s… my job

  • Shadowguy128
    Shadowguy1288 dagar sedan

    If I had a nickel for every time verstappen was kicked from podium procedure because of a penalty I would have 2 nickels

  • Gobi Nath
    Gobi Nath8 dagar sedan

    Alonso 😡

  • Joc Cuthill
    Joc Cuthill9 dagar sedan

    “He used to wave a finger when he was winning now his wagging is finger and max verstappen”

  • Benjamin Benjamin
    Benjamin Benjamin9 dagar sedan

    mutiple moments proofing hamilton has an anger problem.

  • Venomspike 3306
    Venomspike 33069 dagar sedan

    "Don't keep going" *Destruction: 100*

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L10 dagar sedan

    Max been booted a grip haha

  • Thekyler 95
    Thekyler 9510 dagar sedan

    Never ask: a man, his salary a woman, her age and Sebastian Vettel, what happened at the start.

  • FancyDesigns
    FancyDesigns11 dagar sedan

    6:15 Hamiltons real personality :)

  • Tim Ariaans
    Tim Ariaans11 dagar sedan

    I miss the cool down room :-( ...

  • alef fush
    alef fush11 dagar sedan


  • Krish Agarwal
    Krish Agarwal11 dagar sedan

    if vettel had crashed into ricciardo that day, verstappen's career would have been over right there

  • Riza Lubis 1981
    Riza Lubis 198111 dagar sedan

    Before IDIOTtappen comes..

  • dimjat
    dimjat12 dagar sedan

    Vettel and kvyat having an argument Nico : WATER

  • Jordan Laird
    Jordan Laird13 dagar sedan

    Vettell such a dixkhead

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian13 dagar sedan

    What does multi 21 mean?

  • n0vera
    n0vera13 dagar sedan

    You see, I think the Lewis-Nico friendship would have been saved if Lewis didn't start growing his hair.

  • DucAnh Production
    DucAnh Production14 dagar sedan

    Daniil Kvyat - The Torpedo

  • pumpkinravioli
    pumpkinravioli14 dagar sedan

    6:21 has no business being this funny 🤣

  • charlie chang
    charlie chang15 dagar sedan

    Seb never a team player, a spoiked cry boy with great talent coukd win races jn a perfect car a car... 7 champiknships ,the dark age of F1...BORING !!!!

  • Planto
    Planto17 dagar sedan

    "u overtook the safety car to get past right"- Lance Stroll trying to socialize

  • izzybae
    izzybae17 dagar sedan

    Webber : multi 21 seb Vettel : 😶

  • ODE Master
    ODE Master19 dagar sedan

    Vá cagare Alonso.

  • YaBoyRossco
    YaBoyRossco20 dagar sedan

    do miss the cool down rooms

  • Not my Name nutz
    Not my Name nutz21 dag sedan

    I'd bash alonso

  • Not my Name nutz
    Not my Name nutz21 dag sedan

    Max kicked out twice was gold

  • Bob The Snail Animations
    Bob The Snail Animations21 dag sedan

    I love how the video starts if with really wholesome, moments, driver congratulating eachother etc. Then by the end of the video it’s an all out war zone, hats being thrown around, arguments in different languages, car crashes, and even some aggressive drinking from vettel there 😂

  • kapetan mourt
    kapetan mourt21 dag sedan

    Mark: multi 21 seb. multi 21. Seb: *g l u g*

  • Tjeerd
    Tjeerd23 dagar sedan

    We need cool down rooms back in Formula 1!

  • -Sasha_314-
    -Sasha_314-23 dagar sedan

    Bello come quando sono in 2 a litigare il terzo rimane lì sconcertato

  • Shadow Racing
    Shadow Racing24 dagar sedan

    I love how Vettel drinks so agressivley when Mark Webber is talking to him😂

  • Elsa Rosemary
    Elsa Rosemary25 dagar sedan

    Lewis and Nico used to be my favourite friendship in F1 till that rivalry became intense 😭

  • Reddit Boy
    Reddit Boy26 dagar sedan

    7:12 Kvyat has the most punchable face I've ever seen

  • Greg Heffley
    Greg Heffley29 dagar sedan

    Australia 2008 was cool seeing future teammates In different teams when they were rookies

  • Dennis de Menace
    Dennis de MenaceMånad sedan

    You came in like ah torpoido😂😂

  • Dennis de Menace
    Dennis de MenaceMånad sedan

    Multi 21 yuh mada😂😂😂😂

  • Mikolai
    MikolaiMånad sedan


  • Nemesis Football
    Nemesis FootballMånad sedan

    At 3:50 kimi kinda looks like canelo

  • Merijnteb
    MerijntebMånad sedan

    3:54 you see how scared that sterward is for max his reaction

  • Giuseppe Rinaldi
    Giuseppe RinaldiMånad sedan

    0:00 name song?

  • Phil H.
    Phil H.Månad sedan

    Sad that the title fight between Rosberg and Hamilton destroyed their Friendship

  • Zachary Wright
    Zachary WrightMånad sedan

    Who is the guy Lewis splashes water on?

  • Bilal Khalid
    Bilal KhalidMånad sedan

    Kvyat: "What happened at the start...?" Vettel: *Takes deep Breath*

  • Legate Lanius
    Legate LaniusMånad sedan

    Ahhh yes, the torpedo

  • Rubi Zubi
    Rubi ZubiMånad sedan

    Ugh the 2014wch winner was not hamalton it was seb ?

  • Chevy Dyall
    Chevy DyallMånad sedan

    It looks what imagine a scene after a pornshoot to look like.

  • Street Cat
    Street CatMånad sedan

    Sort of like a "safe space"

  • Aqlize
    AqlizeMånad sedan

    I still dont understand multi 21? Like Seb was told to stay behind but why? And why was Mark so angry? Like its still racing?

  • Valerie Rodger

    Valerie Rodger

    Månad sedan

    Because they were both told to turn their engine settings down to conserve the engines and to hold position instead of racing each other. Yes it's racing - and it's a constructor series. You are hired by the team, the team comes first, and when the team tells you to look after the car, you look after the car. The fact that they actually had a coded order to instruct drivers to hold one and two tells you it was something that was agreed upon and understood beforehand. Mark had followed instructions and turned the engine settings down on his car, leaving him vulnerable. Seb ignored the orders and ambushed Mark, taking advantage of the fact that Mark was under the understanding that he didn't have to actively defend against Seb.

  • Hiles
    HilesMånad sedan

    sad to see how close hamilton and rosberg were

  • Akash Chohan
    Akash ChohanMånad sedan

    2:08 “oh im sorry” 😂

  • Lawrence Scht
    Lawrence SchtMånad sedan

    Did Webber really thought vettel would let him win even if he was faster

  • Valerie Rodger

    Valerie Rodger

    Månad sedan

    The only reason Seb was faster is because when they were both told to turn their engines down and hold position, Mark did so and Sebdidn't.

  • FireLynx
    FireLynxMånad sedan

    Rosburg loving hearing Seb and Kvyat fight

  • Gilles Coibion
    Gilles CoibionMånad sedan


  • Stuart B
    Stuart BMånad sedan

    Love these moments, need more of them!

  • Fajar Dwi Rianto
    Fajar Dwi RiantoMånad sedan

    Vettel & Kyvat it must be number 1 hahaha

  • Danny Hodges
    Danny HodgesMånad sedan

    Lance was clearly doing Bottas and Ricciardos nut in.

  • PMP1337
    PMP1337Månad sedan

    Max has managed to be kicked out of the cool down room more times than championship wins.

  • Gimmy Chinotti
    Gimmy ChinottiMånad sedan

    7:50 why on earth are they speaking in Italian? Aren't they both native spanish speakers?

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan GarciaMånad sedan


  • Stooby D
    Stooby DMånad sedan

    I just don't get multi 21....Seb outdrove Webber. He deserves to win

  • Valerie Rodger

    Valerie Rodger

    Månad sedan

    @Stooby D do you not understand how teams work in a constructor series? And Seb didn't outdrive Mark, he simply ignored the order when they were both told to turn their engines down and hold position, and then ambushed Mark.

  • Stooby D

    Stooby D

    Månad sedan

    @The Swedish chef does Merceds tell Ferrari when they are gonna attack? It's racing.

  • The Swedish chef

    The Swedish chef

    Månad sedan

    mark was told that seb would hold position and would not attack him. seb ignored the order and attacked. he should've told his engineer so mark could've had a fair warning.

  • Suchagug
    SuchagugMånad sedan

    They better bring this back

  • Frank Jacobs
    Frank JacobsMånad sedan

    Gotta love seb, they tell him to give Webber space and he does the opposite

  • DryBones Malone
    DryBones MaloneMånad sedan

    Lance Stroll is an awkward rich kid

  • AwedrianDude
    AwedrianDudeMånad sedan

    You came like a torpedo!

  • Iceman 11
    Iceman 11Månad sedan

    Rosberg has no sense of humor

  • Selçuk Güneş
    Selçuk GüneşMånad sedan

    2:07 idk why but i feel soo happy when i see this one :D

  • Jesse Boy
    Jesse BoyMånad sedan

    Max saying AGAIN made my day... ;DD

  • dani285i XD
    dani285i XDMånad sedan

    Hahaha hahaha Fernando Alonso is amazing hahahahah

    TOOFY TOONSMånad sedan

    7:04 that’s where the minis catchphrase came from

  • SideshowBlob
    SideshowBlobMånad sedan

    Rosberg seems to find himself in a lot.of awkward situations

  • Matthias Ksoll
    Matthias KsollMånad sedan

    I'm sad that there is no cool down room anymore :( Miss this

  • 11RossLeronX
    11RossLeronXMånad sedan

    No. 2 was the best😂😂😂😭

  • 11RossLeronX
    11RossLeronXMånad sedan

    Man, i realized how close Nico and Lewis are😭

  • Digvijaysinh Gohil

    Digvijaysinh Gohil

    15 dagar sedan


    SHAKESPEARMånad sedan

    I ducking hate hate mark webber ngl

  • CrossKennedy
    CrossKennedy2 månader sedan

    Alonso 🤣🤣

  • abhinav kashyap
    abhinav kashyap2 månader sedan

    Lol :D No hamilton did not push Rosberg off there in the US.. :| He is not even trying to make the corner there.. Such a cheat!

  • yomama sushi
    yomama sushi2 månader sedan

    8:19 ahahah Alonso is such a troll

  • Valerie Rodger

    Valerie Rodger

    Månad sedan

    Always! 😄

  • Pavel Skrylnikov
    Pavel Skrylnikov2 månader sedan

    5:58 [drinks in anger]

  • Wiktor Zukowski •
    Wiktor Zukowski •2 månader sedan

    Max getting kicked out twice

  • Thomas Defrance
    Thomas Defrance2 månader sedan

    Max: Gets a podium FIA: No.

  • Arunav Chakravarty
    Arunav Chakravarty2 månader sedan

    Mark Webber is one of the calmest and nicest dudes out there!

  • Marco Fabbris
    Marco Fabbris2 månader sedan

    ✨Ma vai a cagare✨

  • Khanya
    Khanya2 månader sedan

    Mark Webber’s voice 🤣

  • lozpopo
    lozpopo2 månader sedan

    Angry Seb is scary

  • Kaarthikeyen M Sethupathi
    Kaarthikeyen M Sethupathi2 månader sedan

    Never underestimate Max, he always be a dangerous driver without a fail

  • ams342t0
    ams342t02 månader sedan

    Watched this for the nth time and it's still very entertaining.

  • tiaan cloete
    tiaan cloete2 månader sedan

    2008 Hamilton and Rosberg hugs 6 years later pelting each other with hats...

  • Logan Schuetzle
    Logan Schuetzle2 månader sedan

    Lol! Nico trying to not to laugh probably out of awkwardness while Seb is scolding Kvyat.

  • TenorCantusFirmus
    TenorCantusFirmus2 månader sedan

    Well, we all knew which was going to be N.1 😁😁.