Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

Gentlemen, a short view back to the past...

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    FORMULA 12 år sedan

    Which was your favourite moment? Let us know if you think there are any we should've included 😂

  • yash


    2 dagar sedan

    Seb asking the interviewer "what are you’re plans😏"

  • tazry tahir

    tazry tahir

    4 dagar sedan

    The 'torpedo', seb's birthday

  • Horseloverlol


    7 dagar sedan

    Lando norris

  • DN YT

    DN YT

    9 dagar sedan

    Juan one

  • Dreamy_
    Dreamy_21 timme sedan

    Ricciardo lost his sauce. This man needs a Red Bull Honda car.

  • Andrew Gray
    Andrew GrayDag sedan

    The book from Lewis Hamilton. I can't wait 5 years.

  • Jona Jager
    Jona JagerDag sedan

    Lots of Karen moments. I'm glad I'm out of management:p dodged a bullet there.

  • Deff
    DeffDag sedan


  • Lure Graff
    Lure GraffDag sedan

    you guys should put some more ads on this video! i was almost able to watch it!

  • McLaren
    McLarenDag sedan

    Context please?

  • Tyler Blade
    Tyler Blade2 dagar sedan

    On number 4 one was said 26 times

  • Naithon Stray
    Naithon Stray2 dagar sedan

    What's the old blokes name who asked the long winded questions? He's brilliant 🤣🤣

  • Sanat Prasad

    Sanat Prasad

    Dag sedan

    Walter Koster

  • Sir Hardy
    Sir Hardy3 dagar sedan

    1:56 Davie504

  • Triop
    Triop3 dagar sedan

    4:00 Kimi's face...😂

  • Hsu
    Hsu3 dagar sedan

    6:00 daniel and lando is like the two best friends trying to not laugh looking at each other in class but did anyway

  • Kingchoo's Rolling Studios
    Kingchoo's Rolling Studios4 dagar sedan

    My top five favorite press conferences (sorry that they aren't under 2009) - Lewis was the only one who was being interviewed and one of the reporters was named "Fernando Alonso". - Vatteri was asked a question but before he asked it, he turned to Charles and congratulated him for his win, even though he wasn't there so we was talking to no one. - Sebastian made fun of Fernando by saying "you have to leave the space". Fernando replied he did "in Monzo, last year", to which a reporter then slammed him by saying "that's not what happened in Burhain". - Back when Seb was with Ferrari, he was with Lewis and Max. Someone asked Lewis and Seb about Max's future. Lewis asked Max how many years he had been going and as soon as Max said 4, the other two immediately started joking with him. Lewis answered honestly but then Max starts joking. The two stopped to allow another reporter to ask Seb a question but then Max jokes and Lewis joins in. The reporter then tried to ask Seb the question again but Seb cut in and told Max and Lewis to "keep going".

  • Deni An
    Deni An4 dagar sedan

    4:38 wan wan wan wan wan wan

  • Griffin Whittenburg
    Griffin Whittenburg4 dagar sedan

    That number one press conference has a bunch of world champions, it also have just another German without a podium

  • Jorge Esteban Ramirez Arroyo
    Jorge Esteban Ramirez Arroyo5 dagar sedan

    Las entrevistas de Ricciardo son una joya :D

  • GrekoGR
    GrekoGR6 dagar sedan

    Who is this guy with the long questions telling them in slow motions? 😂

  • André Oliver
    André Oliver6 dagar sedan

    1:58 Alonso saying "don't make him wait, say it now" was dubbed by davie504, and I can't be convinced otherwise

  • mguarin912
    mguarin9126 dagar sedan

    Every time Lando laughs I go to tears. 😂

  • I A M
    I A M6 dagar sedan

    7:28 Thats Why Seb Is A Nicw Guy

  • Infernos Gaming
    Infernos Gaming6 dagar sedan

    8:04 well yeah, he named all the World Champions xD

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous7 dagar sedan


  • Ji Dai
    Ji Dai8 dagar sedan

    Now the only Button is gone

  • Dee Snutz
    Dee Snutz8 dagar sedan

    N°1 is gold!! 😂😂

  • Logix
    Logix9 dagar sedan

    Video unavailable

  • OFIFGamerz
    OFIFGamerz9 dagar sedan

    could also just title this "every kimi raikonen interview" :)

  • Raphael Sales
    Raphael Sales9 dagar sedan

    I love that George jumps in to "support" Lando hahah

  • Nathan Dang-Huynh
    Nathan Dang-Huynh9 dagar sedan


  • Jxe Mama
    Jxe Mama10 dagar sedan


  • DivaKumar samy
    DivaKumar samy10 dagar sedan


  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones10 dagar sedan

    Ricciardo after winning at Monza 2021, “can I swear?”

  • FelipeJackFox UwU
    FelipeJackFox UwU11 dagar sedan

    Juan juan juan juan juan

  • Enrique Heredia
    Enrique Heredia11 dagar sedan


  • uroprop
    uroprop12 dagar sedan

    juan wan won wan juan won....? he should just have said im number juan

  • Mythic Warrior
    Mythic Warrior12 dagar sedan

    7:22 literally thought they were frozen.

  • pallyali786
    pallyali78612 dagar sedan

    Would have been amazing if the tyre was stuck on top of Hamiltons head.

  • Samuel HOLT

    Samuel HOLT

    12 dagar sedan


  • Cleiton Rodrigues Rodrigues
    Cleiton Rodrigues Rodrigues13 dagar sedan


  • Utkarsh Kaushik
    Utkarsh Kaushik13 dagar sedan

    F1 drivers are more funny and interactive with each other than motogp.

  • Venkat Rana
    Venkat Rana13 dagar sedan

    4:38 🤣🤣🤣 Amazing, Funny TBH

  • Nisarg Vaghela
    Nisarg Vaghela13 dagar sedan

    This video be like... "Gentlemen,a short view back to the past..."

  • Nyirobi Ojulu
    Nyirobi Ojulu14 dagar sedan

    Number 2 had me dying 🤣😭😭

  • Gamer 3995
    Gamer 399514 dagar sedan

    Feel sad for the guy talking to Lewis

  • AlexDaTurtle
    AlexDaTurtle15 dagar sedan


  • Daniel Ratajczak
    Daniel Ratajczak16 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately the guy trolling Juan wasn’t that funny

  • fifa 2022
    fifa 202216 dagar sedan


  • Christopher Salinas
    Christopher Salinas17 dagar sedan

    4:24 Alonso haciendo reír a Kimi. Como siempre haciendo posible lo imposible.

  • Time Remap
    Time Remap17 dagar sedan

    Who is the German asking the questions? I keep hearing his voice in these compilations. Each question crazier than the last.

  • MaGhYo
    MaGhYo17 dagar sedan

    Daniel didnt seem to like much daniil back in 2017

  • Ionel Patrunjel
    Ionel Patrunjel18 dagar sedan

    4:06 kimi what i am doing ....?

  • Isabelle Smeraglia
    Isabelle Smeraglia19 dagar sedan

    lets just appreciate baby driver George and Lando just happy to be sitting next to Alonso and lewis

  • 0megaLuL
    0megaLuL19 dagar sedan

    Missing Sebastians Raddison Hotel room 708

  • Shakeam Mayers
    Shakeam Mayers19 dagar sedan

    Danny Ric is something else... he along and Sir Hamilton has the funny interviews 😅😅😅

  • N J
    N J19 dagar sedan


  • Kenneth Byington
    Kenneth Byington22 dagar sedan

    Lando is ALWAYS IN TEARS Laughing 😹 😂 😃

  • Luís Jesus
    Luís Jesus22 dagar sedan

    Daniel 🥑😂😎

  • Roll The clip
    Roll The clip22 dagar sedan

    6:14 Norris always giggling like today’s interview 😂😂

  • Mohamed Fauzan
    Mohamed Fauzan22 dagar sedan

    Look at Alonso’s face at 3:56 😂

  • Broam Catram
    Broam Catram24 dagar sedan

    Russel 😅

  • Aiden Hart
    Aiden Hart26 dagar sedan

    Keep me and your family in my life I was just trying and your family 👪 💯 ❤ 💕 💙 ♥ 👪

  • Omar Quintela
    Omar Quintela27 dagar sedan

    Daniel si te most funniest bye far

  • David Wujczyk
    David Wujczyk28 dagar sedan

    F1 should be split by country, all the racers trying to speak English is a yawn , even Lewis is boring

  • Mark Mellows
    Mark Mellows29 dagar sedan

    The tasty business spatially command because semicolon methodologically wrestle times a puzzled refrigerator. obnoxious, female fertile father

  • Scott Elder
    Scott ElderMånad sedan


  • Hami Shahsavan
    Hami ShahsavanMånad sedan

    I'm Swedish so it hurts but gotta love the fins as long as they ain't German divas

  • Juan Pablo Gómez
    Juan Pablo GómezMånad sedan

    4:38 Juan was listening "uanuanuan uanuan to uanuan formula uan"

  • spidey boy
    spidey boyMånad sedan

    Who thinks that daniel and lando should be in the same team?

  • Macarow


    28 dagar sedan

    Actually they are

  • alberto pilar
    alberto pilarMånad sedan

    Hamilton ironically has now done a shoey

  • Arjun Bhaskar
    Arjun BhaskarMånad sedan

    What's up with the number 5 ??

  • Månad sedan

    6:00 The funniest moment 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Simone Trafford
    Simone TraffordMånad sedan

    The feeble feigned clave summarily observe because judo evolutionarily educate modulo a boring bun. wooden, quirky profit

  • Mariana Santo
    Mariana SantoMånad sedan


  • John
    JohnMånad sedan

    Lewis better make that book for him

  • Neil
    NeilMånad sedan

    "I am 69" "Say it now" Davie504 has entered the press conference.

  • Dean Hawkins
    Dean HawkinsMånad sedan

    (Seb) "Can you repeat the question" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryycono
    RyyconoMånad sedan

    Lando’s laugh is like an F1 red lining

    HEEPEEJEEPEEMånad sedan

    7:10 - Fernando was just smiling 😂

  • I do commentary Well try
    I do commentary Well tryMånad sedan

    Ricardo is the most unfunny person in the hole time f1 has been a thing in my opinion

  • Joe Mama Moe Bamba
    Joe Mama Moe BambaMånad sedan

    My dad was absolutely dying on the Juan question

  • Nate Ye
    Nate YeMånad sedan

    8:11 Whenever I hear that line, I get a smile on my face

  • BX 325
    BX 325Månad sedan

    7:00 this didnt age well

  • Dixon Balles
    Dixon BallesMånad sedan

    Only 5 years left for Lewis…

  • Sal G
    Sal GMånad sedan

    Is every formula driver pretty much a trust fund type of baby?

  • The world's Icon.
    The world's Icon.Månad sedan


  • The world's Icon.

    The world's Icon.

    Månad sedan

    Very exciting 😁

  • Peeetza
    PeeetzaMånad sedan

    did seb and nico actually answer the question in the end?

  • Etrandex
    EtrandexMånad sedan

    No. 4 was just hilarious because of the look on Montoya's face

  • Something Great
    Something GreatMånad sedan

    5 years left lewis

  • The Seychelles Islands
    The Seychelles IslandsMånad sedan


  • I see u
    I see uMånad sedan

    8:59 Seb was trying SO HARD not to laugh

  • Kevin Philip
    Kevin PhilipMånad sedan

    I could literally see smoke coming out of Juan's ears 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Volx_?
    Volx_?Månad sedan

    7:30 I love how non interested Dani Kyvat is

  • grimper35
    grimper35Månad sedan

    I miss Mika Hakkinnen. He was terrific.

  • BigFuckingStrokeyNonce
    BigFuckingStrokeyNonceMånad sedan

    6 years left.

  • zepicness
    zepicnessMånad sedan


  • memes bitch
    memes bitchMånad sedan

    "Can you play golf with my mum this afternoon"

  • slipperys0ap
    slipperys0apMånad sedan

    0:26 will ferrel as giga chad

  • Heiliger Vollidiot
    Heiliger VollidiotMånad sedan

    The last one kills me every time😂

  • Soy Lago
    Soy LagoMånad sedan

    How Nico didn’t even smile at that last one i have no idea

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas MartinMånad sedan

    Fernando Alonzo's face during the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix press conference is priceless

  • Trinity Whitfield
    Trinity WhitfieldMånad sedan

    I love the way all 3 British drivers for the 3rs funniest moments are all next to each other to is definitely British friendship. 👥👥💖🇬🇧💂

  • CodyMonster
    CodyMonsterMånad sedan

    Vettl always the little troll "can you repeat the question" with a big smile on his face :D