The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) (Official Video)


  • italoKF
    italoKF18 minuter sedan

    The weekend The best

  • italoKF
    italoKF19 minuter sedan

    I know few people will like in the comment but it's the best

  • ArianaGrandeFOREVER
    ArianaGrandeFOREVER24 minuter sedan

    I all ways love this song but like DUO is much more Bether! 😁😁

  • 21BhunzOo08
    21BhunzOo0838 minuter sedan

    It’s like BELLA PORCH mv

  • icy_memes
    icy_memesTimme sedan

    Not the Rick and Morty vibes

  • Announcer
    AnnouncerTimme sedan

    You make me cry when you run away

  • Robin Cain
    Robin Cain2 timmar sedan

    This song feels like the direct eye contact between the enemies to lovers trope, when they lock eyes and don't stop staring, all of their emotions showing through their eyes.

  • A N
    A N3 timmar sedan

    Why am I just discovering this 3 months later 😂

  • Luana Esquivel
    Luana Esquivel3 timmar sedan

    Alguien en 2022

  • marisandra silva
    marisandra silva4 timmar sedan

    Q música boa de escuta traz uma paz💖😍

  • Naseema Begum
    Naseema Begum5 timmar sedan

    So beautiful song😍😍

  • Stefano Dal Vecchio
    Stefano Dal Vecchio5 timmar sedan

    Great remix but the video? I wanna see Ariana :(

  • Jorge latín love Run, ran, runner
    Jorge latín love Run, ran, runner5 timmar sedan

    But, but, but, is too good, i love that remix, is crazy listing that song everyday, everyday and never will stop but never of listen it.

  • Horacio Gonzalez

    Horacio Gonzalez

    5 timmar sedan

    buena cancion🥰

  • la bets xd
    la bets xd6 timmar sedan

    2:37 la mejor parte 🥺🤩

  • Near MJ
    Near MJ6 timmar sedan

    I love this song so much ❤️

  • steve carrol
    steve carrol6 timmar sedan

    I thought Ariana Grande was a font

    ANSHAJ GUPTA6 timmar sedan

    rick and morty like animation,awesome song👍

  • Ariana grande fan
    Ariana grande fan7 timmar sedan

    WOW LOVE it I ma a big fan

  • Kaylee Chu
    Kaylee Chu7 timmar sedan

    Lyrics: Ooh (ooh) Nah-nah, yeah I saw you dancing in a crowded room You look so happy when I'm not with you But then you saw me, caught you by surprise A single teardrop falling from your eye I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away Take me back 'cause I wanna stay Save your tears for another Save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day Met you once under a Pisces moon I kept my distance 'cause I know that you Don't like when I'm with nobody else I couldn't help it, I put you through hell I don't know why I run away Oh, boy, I'll make you cry when I run away Boy, take me back 'cause I wanna stay Save your tears for another I realize that it's much too late And you deserve someone better Save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away (save) Save your tears for another day Ooh, girl I said save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day

  • 刘丰铭Stevo
    刘丰铭Stevo7 timmar sedan


  • Andrei
    Andrei8 timmar sedan

    The remix is better than the original one!

  • Taynara Castro
    Taynara Castro9 timmar sedan

    Tô bem viciada nessa música

  • Kat Pourau
    Kat Pourau9 timmar sedan

    Classic mordern retro lol

  • European Union
    European Union9 timmar sedan

    Michael Jackson would be proud of the amazing quality of this song. Very rare this days.

  • ellen sophia
    ellen sophia10 timmar sedan

    Obrigada Deus 🙏

  • Deathstrike Gaming
    Deathstrike Gaming10 timmar sedan

    This song should be in runaways

  • Alma Negra MK-1
    Alma Negra MK-112 timmar sedan

    Wait is this build a bitch

  • unsp34k4bl3f1sh
    unsp34k4bl3f1sh13 timmar sedan

    This is where build a b*tch started

  • Matteo Rinaldi
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  • СЕМЁН Пономарёв
    СЕМЁН Пономарёв15 timmar sedan

    Очень хороший, замечательный и нежный клип получился, особенно голос Арианны, он божественный😍😍😍

  • Lucas Pacheco
    Lucas Pacheco16 timmar sedan

    Os melhores

  • Lucas Pacheco
    Lucas Pacheco16 timmar sedan


  • Lucas Pacheco
    Lucas Pacheco16 timmar sedan

    Os maiores

  • Ria B.
    Ria B.17 timmar sedan

    me playing this song every morning after waking up ~

  • frank mangan

    frank mangan

    9 timmar sedan

    You must have a sad life lol

  • Enhjin Monhjargal
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  • kokomi supremacy
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  • Douglas Ruan
    Douglas Ruan20 timmar sedan

    Retro wavee !

  • و لا شي بس حبيت استرم 🤝
    و لا شي بس حبيت استرم 🤝20 timmar sedan

    Save your Tears

  • Mel Hatch
    Mel Hatch20 timmar sedan


  • Aimi Medina
    Aimi Medina20 timmar sedan

    por dios ariana grande es mas hermosa que la representacion animada que le han hecho

    LMBCYF21 timme sedan

    Buenísimo 🔥🔥

  • Hungry Astrologer
    Hungry Astrologer22 timmar sedan

    UGGGHHHHH I HATE how she ruined it!!!!!! It was such a banging song it did not need to be touched!!!!!!

  • Lílith Nefertari
    Lílith Nefertari22 timmar sedan

    Minha versão de save your tears

  • Horacio Gonzalez
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  • Amy Morris
    Amy MorrisDag sedan

    Just let you know uhhh that's a doll you fell in love with 😂😂

  • Marica Acini
    Marica AciniDag sedan

    Bell accoppiata

  • Angie Davila
    Angie DavilaDag sedan

    Esta canción es muy hermosa....Es mi favorita,,, nunca paro de escucharla🥺❤

  • hola
    holaDag sedan

    they copied bella poarch

  • Anuradha Bhagirath

    Anuradha Bhagirath

    22 timmar sedan

    They made this before build a btch so bella copied them

  • WumpaFruit0
    WumpaFruit0Dag sedan

    Can't listen to the original after this 😢♥️

  • Taylor  Swift
    Taylor SwiftDag sedan🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Liam Morris
    Liam MorrisDag sedan

    at first the girl looked CREAPY then she look beautiful

  • Sloth And Speed
    Sloth And SpeedDag sedan

    Who ever disliked this video must have COVID, because the main symptom is no taste.

  • Eden Byana
    Eden ByanaDag sedan

    i lovee youu so muchh🔥🙉🙉✨😘❤❤🔥🔥🙉🙉🙉🙉✨😘❤❤😍😍

  • fatima martinez
    fatima martinezDag sedan

    Excellent song

  • Obviously Bhoomika
    Obviously BhoomikaDag sedan

    What will he do to the factory now tho since he finished making an Ariana doll😆

  • Johnson Guncay
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  • Nurhafizah M.A
    Nurhafizah M.ADag sedan

    Felt like in the 90s listening to this song.

  • Cash Horner
    Cash HornerDag sedan

    Am I the only one who got Rick and Morty vibes from this

  • Rosalinda Robles
    Rosalinda RoblesDag sedan

    I love this 🎵

  • MagusOp
    MagusOpDag sedan

    that doll more looks like NICKI MINAJ

  • kaisa
    kaisaDag sedan

    i found this song from radio but i NEVER would've expected this woman singer to be ariana grande wtf

  • i'connu 13
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  • Isaac Chris
    Isaac ChrisDag sedan

    It animation

  • Lilian Tan
    Lilian TanDag sedan

    Save my tears for another day, LORD JESUS CHRIST amen.

  • Lilian Tan

    Lilian Tan

    Dag sedan

    Glory be to LORD JESUS.

  • Angel
    AngelDag sedan

    save your tears for another day

  • Ana
    AnaDag sedan

    It's my favorite songs

  • Nana jj
    Nana jjDag sedan

    Could this song get any better 🤯🤩

  • Zera
    ZeraDag sedan

    Ariana is ruining this

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  • Marina Dumlao
    Marina DumlaoDag sedan

    Sensuous gamble chapter 4 😭

  • HL
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    ikinci olsun bu birincisi y&b

  • HL
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    tamam bunu bizim sarkimiz yapiyorum c

  • declan mafia
    declan mafiaDag sedan

    Just wow to every song of the weeknd

  • Simply Ayra plays
    Simply Ayra playsDag sedan

    This song is my life thanks for making it weekend/Abel and ari

  • Loetitia Alekenda
    Loetitia AlekendaDag sedan

    Quand on mélange no tears left to cry (Ariana Grande ) et save your tears (the Weeknd ) voilà le résultat ❤❤🖒

  • LininxCoffee
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  • WalGhani
    WalGhaniDag sedan

    when the original is better than the remix

  • pessoa pessoa
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  • memes


    Dag sedan


  • Hugo Miranda
    Hugo MirandaDag sedan

    take me back cause i wanna slaaaay

  • That lonely egg 😞
    That lonely egg 😞Dag sedan

    It reminds me of build a bleep

  • Celia Oliveira
    Celia OliveiraDag sedan

    I love this music

  • الورده السوداء
    الورده السوداءDag sedan


  • Luisa Fernanda Paez
    Luisa Fernanda PaezDag sedan

    how good they are The collaboration remained, I waited too long and here today I have it, I love you

  • Isabel Cristina
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  • meth3d
    meth3dDag sedan

    The hole video was Ariana being created, I you Ariana Grande on victorious

  • issyLocky😫🤚


    Dag sedan

    Whole* sorry I'm a grammar freak

  • Diego Anderson Kardauke
    Diego Anderson KardaukeDag sedan

    beatiful music♥️

  • gaga pet
    gaga petDag sedan

    0:28 bella poarch...

  • Faviola paulau
    Faviola paulauDag sedan

    Love this song!!!!

  • fuckyouhaise
    fuckyouhaiseDag sedan

    Qué onda buenas tardes

  • Pria Aditya
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