The Story Of Seb's Brilliant Baku Podium | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix


  • Avgeek India
    Avgeek IndiaDag sedan

    2:36 i get goosebumps every time i hear this

  • Chandrakala Mullapudi
    Chandrakala Mullapudi2 dagar sedan

    Seb and kimi seem to be the easiest way for F1 to get views now

  • Manuela Müller
    Manuela Müller2 dagar sedan

    Vetel auf p2 👍👍👍👍

  • sahil shaikh
    sahil shaikh3 dagar sedan

    Man, I miss Danial and seb on podium!!!

  • Miklós Domak
    Miklós Domak3 dagar sedan


  • José Cruz
    José Cruz3 dagar sedan

    Hopefully aston martin wreaks havic next year

  • django1123
    django11233 dagar sedan

    This is the umpteenth time I am watching this video

  • Sayantan Das
    Sayantan Das4 dagar sedan

    3:18 Lec congratulating his old teammate at the end ❤️

  • some random bloke
    some random bloke5 dagar sedan

    I don't see the vettel haters anymore saying he's done for where are you guys?

  • THEAGENIS Xinopoulos
    THEAGENIS Xinopoulos6 dagar sedan

    We want to See more

  • dev ravi
    dev ravi6 dagar sedan

    when i tell you i screamed

  • Silver Silence
    Silver Silence9 dagar sedan

    I know im a month or more late but why does vettel have different halo then stroll ?

  • Someone
    Someone10 dagar sedan

    Seb: scores a podium Me: where finger?

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan13 dagar sedan

    Nice to see Mr.Ragazzi back on the podium.

  • ImNotXtrovert
    ImNotXtrovert14 dagar sedan

    The reason he's not competive anymore cause he didn't have competitive car like mercedes or present redbull.

  • Maria das Graças Do Carmo Lages
    Maria das Graças Do Carmo Lages16 dagar sedan


  • Twan Euverman
    Twan Euverman16 dagar sedan

    Never seen that

  • Twan Euverman
    Twan Euverman16 dagar sedan

    Lewis be like: I'm so dumb pressing that button after the race he is 😭😭😭

  • Nate Condy
    Nate Condy17 dagar sedan

    0:22 vettel just did a alonso

  • Nate Condy

    Nate Condy

    6 dagar sedan


  • Nate Condy

    Nate Condy

    6 dagar sedan


  • Nate Condy

    Nate Condy

    6 dagar sedan

    Gp2 engine

  • This Wrestling Guy
    This Wrestling Guy17 dagar sedan

    I see no difference between me and Seb. He wants to freak out in Q2 in the Cockpit because the misses it by 0.029 sec, and I freak out when I miss the A by a half point at school. Luckily, we both have a happy Ending. ( I am also from Rheinhessen like Seb)

  • formulafan
    formulafan18 dagar sedan

    Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  • thatdumbgoblin
    thatdumbgoblin18 dagar sedan

    Other drivers congratulating: "congrats guys" Seb congratulating: "merry christmas"

  • Taha Ahmad
    Taha Ahmad18 dagar sedan

    I want hear againn.... And here comes Sebastian Vettel 😭😭

    DENNIS JUAN MARIPADANG18 dagar sedan

    Finally no HAM-VER-BOT

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube18 dagar sedan

    Absolutely the best podium we shall see all year

  • Henrique Pereira
    Henrique Pereira19 dagar sedan


  • MM93
    MM9320 dagar sedan

    Seb: Score points Seb later: It’s a wrap

    BRAZILIAN DRIVE20 dagar sedan


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki21 dag sedan

    The best race in 2021 till now

  • Vortex dude
    Vortex dude22 dagar sedan

    is it me or 11 is a special grid start

  • 01sapphireGTS
    01sapphireGTS24 dagar sedan

    Great push, Seb. Congrats.

  • Wiwit Sasongko
    Wiwit Sasongko26 dagar sedan

    Love it,,, seb ilike it

  • Sebastian Army
    Sebastian Army27 dagar sedan

    I want him to get a podium in India (2024) 😉🤞

  • George Andriotakis
    George Andriotakis28 dagar sedan

    One more lap and wouldve been first place with checo's fuel issues.

  • Joaquin Fernandes Ferreira
    Joaquin Fernandes FerreiraMånad sedan

    2:07 Max Verstappen out of the race!!!!!!!!

  • Billylovesbolonias
    BillylovesboloniasMånad sedan

    imagine if seb goes to merc everybody dies

    TANGO KILOMånad sedan

    Amazing 😍

  • bean
    beanMånad sedan

    Vettel is coming back to where he's coming... the battle between Perez and Vettel for the scrap wins could be on now

  • Armaghan
    ArmaghanMånad sedan

    Podium: Checo, Seb, Piere! *Everyone Likes it*

  • Anything by Kev
    Anything by KevMånad sedan

    don't ever hold a grand prix in that country again

  • J
    JMånad sedan

    The Vtec kicking in: 0:21

  • TheMadRxndom
    TheMadRxndomMånad sedan

    Seb didn't know something to say that wasn't Grazzie Ragazzi, oh, i love that guy

  • Turtle Boy
    Turtle BoyMånad sedan

    multi21 seb

  • Retro Engine
    Retro EngineMånad sedan

    Jajaja feliz navidad!!!!!

  • Karan S
    Karan SMånad sedan

    2 consecutive driver of the days for seb happy to see F1 become F1 again instead of Lewis won

  • extinct body
    extinct bodyMånad sedan

    The dislikes are from ham fans

  • Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
    Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97Månad sedan

    Seb got the podium. Thanks to the guys at Mercedes AMG high performance powertrains at brixworth. That Mercedes-Benz engine is reliable for all Mercedes powered teams

  • gacha Harem series
    gacha Harem seriesMånad sedan

    Why is there turning veins for the air on Lance's car halo while there's none on seb's car?

  • CGIPadawan
    CGIPadawanMånad sedan

    That long overcut is quickly becoming an Aston Martin trademark.


    that my favorite player 4-time world champion who like sebastian vettel?

  • Someone :D
    Someone :DMånad sedan

    Im happy that Perez Seb and Pierre were on the podiun

  • Someone :D

    Someone :D

    Månad sedan


  • Emir Sudarso
    Emir SudarsoMånad sedan

    YES, since Vettel's last podium in Turkish GP last year,this time his back on the podium again by finish in second place as his first podium of the season for Aston Martin, you deserve it Vettel, enjoy your podium, yeah!

  • Pew Pew
    Pew PewMånad sedan

    Not yet used to Seb not saying "GRAZZIEEE RAGAZII" everytime he wins a podium

  • lukers
    lukersMånad sedan

    If they don’t crash in France we could be looking at a serious turnaround 👀

  • Vinícius Prass
    Vinícius PrassMånad sedan

    Hes a Genius

  • nico sonnant
    nico sonnantMånad sedan

    Astongate? Renault 08

  • Moritz Spick
    Moritz SpickMånad sedan


  • Joos Tews
    Joos TewsMånad sedan

    A king comes back

  • Max M.
    Max M.Månad sedan


  • DD_HD
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  • The B
    The BMånad sedan

    My hero, glad to see you like this Seb 💚

  • Keegan Abreu
    Keegan AbreuMånad sedan

    On that podium, the 3 drivers that got kicked out of their teams last season. Vettel is just a class act

  • Wilke Trei
    Wilke TreiMånad sedan

    Not only him on the podium, rather the whole podium that weekend - all three drivers got sorted out by their previous teams in some kind of way, but here they all three did a great job. Really refreshing seeing them together up there. F1 season 2021 does not disappoint yet so far :)

  • Sebastian
    SebastianMånad sedan

    Honored to share a first name with such a legend!

  • 율무룩
    율무룩Månad sedan

    Super Seb💚💖

  • Yadi Acho
    Yadi AchoMånad sedan

    He proves, what car suites him. I like racer like him.

  • Fernando Soares
    Fernando SoaresMånad sedan


  • Grant Runter
    Grant RunterMånad sedan


  • usecom1
    usecom1Månad sedan

    Wow passes one car on restart and its brilliance? With today's cars I guess it is?

  • Gomez Mario
    Gomez MarioMånad sedan

    Everyone is happy if Sebastian is happy.

  • MrRazgriz98 Alfonso
    MrRazgriz98 AlfonsoMånad sedan

    You can seee what happy seb can do. 😍. More to come du biest weitmester. ❤️

  • Sarthak Singh
    Sarthak SinghMånad sedan

    From most hated at a time to most Loved at this time.

  • Swappy S
    Swappy SMånad sedan


  • Surprised Thomas
    Surprised ThomasMånad sedan

    Why would u mute mark webber screaming 😔

  • Jack Stevenson
    Jack StevensonMånad sedan

    He was probably trying not to say Grazie Regazzi and just thinking of something else to say lol

  • Art Santos
    Art SantosMånad sedan


  • ameloise Rago
    ameloise RagoMånad sedan


  • van Brabant
    van BrabantMånad sedan

    What a difference with conceited, naggy, whiny, blaming Hamilton.

  • Gofurjon Yuldashev
    Gofurjon YuldashevMånad sedan

    I guess I will stop watching F1, if Seb will retire🥲

  • defaultuser
    defaultuserMånad sedan

    Somehow he seems happier speaking English over Italian.

  • white ttlove
    white ttloveMånad sedan

    yes!! seb

  • Rasal Hague
    Rasal HagueMånad sedan

    2:27 "Get in there, Lewis!"

  • Hovermotion
    HovermotionMånad sedan

    Great to see Verttel happy again.

  • Ameya Godbole
    Ameya GodboleMånad sedan

    Now just want to see Alonso on podium besides Vettel and Hamilton

  • Ameya Godbole
    Ameya GodboleMånad sedan

    Vettel passing leclrec-Ferrari just showed how to take revenge with them 😎✌🏻🙌🏻 RESPECT 4X WORLD CHAMPION

  • Nick Sam
    Nick SamMånad sedan

    I was happy with SV's podium.

  • Noriaki Kasai
    Noriaki KasaiMånad sedan

    It's nice to see different faces and colors on the podium:)

  • Hey Gwen
    Hey GwenMånad sedan

    Cant get over this podium trio. Well done especially to Seb, amazing!

  • Hussain14000
    Hussain14000Månad sedan

    Hamilton be like aight I'm head out

  • Mad Mick
    Mad MickMånad sedan

    Nothing brilliant. Just a bad track making boring racing and stupidly high repair bills for teams.

  • Freaking James
    Freaking JamesMånad sedan


  • Robert M
    Robert MMånad sedan

    For a short time I feared Seb lost the racing feel. Glad to have been proven wrong.

  • sigit prasetyo
    sigit prasetyoMånad sedan

    Monaco podium: 🐊 Baku podium: 🐲

  • daniel Kyselica
    daniel KyselicaMånad sedan


  • Wildchild_inc
    Wildchild_incMånad sedan

    I really felt a surge of energy when he passed Lec

  • Jürgen Peter
    Jürgen PeterMånad sedan

    Fellas: Seb is still one of the best out there 😉

  • Vicente Walter mertens
    Vicente Walter mertensMånad sedan


  • Saman Khaledian
    Saman KhaledianMånad sedan

    It's funny how he realised what happened to Stroll before the team. 😂 Seb is the most intelligent man behind the wheel of an F1 car by far.

  • mazzaqa76
    mazzaqa76Månad sedan

    Geile Sau

  • Robert Černák
    Robert ČernákMånad sedan

    Would love to see him at the podium more often