The Real Reason Tesla Doesn't Have A PR or Marketing Department..

Tesla has long used their customers to drive community support for Tesla instead of a PR or Marketing department, so let's dig into why Tesla chose this path for their PR and marketing strategy and continues to use this strategy in 2021.

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  • The Tesla Space
    The Tesla Space4 månader sedan

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  • Samoht Sirood

    Samoht Sirood

    3 månader sedan

    Just tell all the investors thought the same thing wasting money on advertising is detrimental to any company especially like I said in a world full of people pushing advertisements down their throat people have grown or respect for Tesla because of this fact that they don't push advertisements down your throat is the reason why people love the brand so much and the reason why it stands out in the world full of mediocrity...

  • Samoht Sirood

    Samoht Sirood

    3 månader sedan

    A Ford realized that the advertising is detrimental to them and I've cut back their advertising and instead created the Ford lightning and Mach e prototypes low production number vehicle as a gimmick to compare with Tesla or as they will never be able to bring these in mass production volumes to the population but by making a superior quality car than what they're used to making it makes the brand look better in comparison to Tesla so they use a fraction of their advertising budget to make themselves compare to Tesla... It's actually pretty smart but they don't have full cell driving that's what people don't understand who buy one of these Ford vehicles the full self driving is what is expensive and what's going to be worth the money... Reserving of single motorcycle truck with full self driving is the best thing that you could possibly do you're locking in your full self driving price you can switch later to a triple motor version if you want to but wait until your reservation is ready then switch it to a triple motor version that way the Tesla taxi fleet will be up and operational and you can immediately start making money with the cybertruck turning into a net positive income even with the most expensive trim triple motor version.

  • Samoht Sirood

    Samoht Sirood

    3 månader sedan

    I will say the only reason why I love Tesla so much is because they do not advertise if they started advertising I would not like them as a company anymore and would not support them as much as I do now! I think by not advertising in a world full of everyone pumping b******* down your throat all the time it actually makes people want the product more than anything else because it's not being pumped down their throat all the fucking time... Apple needs to advertise because ultimately when you think about it they're not creating an innovative product it's just a cell phone just like all the other cell phones out there it's not that special and they're charging a premium price for it so therefore they have to have advertising to get people interested in this overpriced phone... It is always the garbage of the world that needs to be advertised...

  • GhostOfSJ
    GhostOfSJ2 månader sedan

    Elon literally has a cult like following, which helps lol 😉

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith2 månader sedan

    Don't forget the short sellers buying negative news.

  • Akinsoji Otuyelu
    Akinsoji Otuyelu2 månader sedan

    ... like you said, Tesla still do marketing, coded-ly though. So the same strategy will still play out in future, through models of the future with better features.

  • xAsmir
    xAsmir2 månader sedan

    Tesla is cool, because it doesnt advertise... Adds are horrasment.

  • L0G1C
    L0G1C2 månader sedan

    you forgot to mention owners of tesla loving their cars so much they wont shut up about it, in a good way

  • Alicia Chojnowska
    Alicia Chojnowska2 månader sedan

    I've done PR for you already, Dear friend. Enough that I correspond with you publicly and decided to get your car when the opportunity shows up. Regards, A

  • Angelo Cacchione
    Angelo Cacchione2 månader sedan

    Let Elon be Elon.

  • Ser Ta
    Ser Ta3 månader sedan

    The reason this channel exists haha

  • Spencer Weaver
    Spencer Weaver3 månader sedan

    There was a theory that the cyber trucks window breaking was also an advertisement as everyone saw that viral video. Musk did explain this breaking though so idk abt the theory

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos3 månader sedan

    The only company in the world that doesn't need it. It will be the greatest case study for every University.

  • Rex Royal
    Rex Royal3 månader sedan

    Tesla doesnt need to hire celebrities. Elon himself is a celebrity

  • Akabearclaw
    Akabearclaw3 månader sedan

    Gonna need one after making people lose billions in the crypto market

  • Burs Natch
    Burs Natch3 månader sedan

    Its a win-win scenario. SEblacksrs earn by doing Tesla videos and Tesla gets to advertise their cars for free.

  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey3 månader sedan

    One word... DAMN!!

  • Sherri Lynne Vonch
    Sherri Lynne Vonch3 månader sedan


  • Pierre B
    Pierre B3 månader sedan


  • Tobie Wolmarans
    Tobie Wolmarans3 månader sedan

    Your views is great for Entrepreneurs. Word of mouth and good quality of service and consistency of what you do is what bring in the money. It is all you need to grow your Company.🤑

  • Kun Huo
    Kun Huo3 månader sedan

    The electify America network was VW's punishment for diesel gate in the US so it is not a normal marketing or product. Please check your facts more carefully.

  • Jose Ville
    Jose Ville3 månader sedan

    Tesla won't need marketing as long as it keeps making superior products at a competitive price.

  • jzh8499
    jzh84993 månader sedan

    Tesla has an unofficial PR department - influencers and word of mouth. They work for free.

  • Donny T
    Donny T3 månader sedan

    NO PR people! You have SEblacksrs like you to do the job for free! LOL!

  • Airstrip One
    Airstrip One3 månader sedan

    Yep, they need a PR department to keep Elon off of Twitter. The arrogant narcissist is rapidly making enemies in the crypto space.

  • foster miller
    foster miller3 månader sedan

    Elon is a giga brain at viral marketing

  • P H
    P H3 månader sedan

    Paying out lots of referrals is not spending $0 on marketing.

  • k-21
    k-213 månader sedan

    Elon Musk is the PR. Hope they never have a PR bureaucracy.

  • GET2222
    GET22223 månader sedan

    DUDE… Tesla advertised in CHINA to recruit an innovative design team. Hans is in the commercial. That’s TESLA advertising… brilliant. Everyone on the networks talked about it and played it for free. Resulting in a free media buy with hundreds of millions of impressions. TESLA doesn’t PAY FOR ADVERTISING, they do have a STELLAR MARKETING, DESIGN and VIDEO DEPARTMENT though… - PRODUCT LAUNCHES - PRODUCT ROAD MAP - PRODUCT R&D - PRODUCT BRAND ASSET LIBRARY I own a design firm and two software companies. TESLA manipulates the media in 4D chess and they don’t know how to play it. It’s really pretty simple.

  • niceguy100000
    niceguy1000003 månader sedan

    Ad: The Tesla parts department will sell you reasonably priced parts without a fuss.

  • Bruce LeSourd
    Bruce LeSourd3 månader sedan

    You don't cover the main reason not to have PR & Marketing departments: they always become the main power center in large companies. What happens then? Let's ask Steve Jobs:

  • Ako si Wokkawokka
    Ako si Wokkawokka3 månader sedan

    I agree with TESLA, ignore the naysayers and just keep moving forward, the right people will notice, and the wrong people will always bitch no matter what.

  • Pampanga Figurez
    Pampanga Figurez3 månader sedan

    there's no need to wait for advertising of tesla your channel doing it already

  • arthur block
    arthur block3 månader sedan

    Tesla future ad. Tesla duh 🙄

  • best marketing channel
    best marketing channel3 månader sedan

    Well he does how's he on t v ?

  • David Wyatt
    David Wyatt3 månader sedan

    You see the news networks wont the add DOLLARS. GOT IT

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo3 månader sedan

    Channels like this do Tesla’s PR for free.

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek3 månader sedan

  • Andreas Klossek
    Andreas Klossek3 månader sedan

    Tesla have some PR, outside the USA. Special in China, they do lots of cool things, with or with future customers. Just not in the USA ^^ So.... Tesla don´t spend a Dollar on a PR department, only works with the USA, today.

  • Elfie Huber
    Elfie Huber3 månader sedan

    Tell me, why would you ever consider reinstating and/or propping up a PR/Marketing Dept. when you sell out your WHOLE quaterly production capacity long before the quater is even over? And this without spending a dime on classic commercials, magazine articles etc. How would just any "beancounter" approve of that concept? Other companies are caged in their habbits developed over decades on spending hughe amounts of their annual budgets in commercials without knowing how many real world sales this will really get them. Tesla is just the first big web-2.0-age-corporation doing Internet/Social Media/Viral Marketing how it should be done, not like some bloomberg or WSJ article is telling you? Brilliant!

  • Scratchy Nougat
    Scratchy Nougat3 månader sedan

    me advertising tesla be like: mspaint drawing of model 3 and comic sans text saying "tesla model e" but the e is backwards and i post it on reddit memes

  • wegder
    wegder3 månader sedan

    Musk just lies.

  • Dave Riley
    Dave Riley3 månader sedan

    We don't want a media relations department. We don't want a public relations department. But Tesla desperately needs a customer relations manager. One who will listen to us and to whom Elon will listen.

  • Robin Harrison
    Robin Harrison3 månader sedan

    I don't think we'll ever see Tesla advertising, Elon will have much better ideas for brand awareness than that old model. Just for starters, think how many more SpaceX flights we're going to see with Tesla rides to the launch pad and how many Boring Company tunnels full of Teslas.

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford3 månader sedan

    If you have the people in your space crew get the Neuro Link and combine it with nano machines, you could all survive and then some.

  • Pseudonymous Being
    Pseudonymous Being3 månader sedan

    Tesla needs people who prevent and fix the continuous PR nightmares which is not being done. As of now there are 0 preventions, and fixing through bites on twitter and various barely heard explanations is not working.

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan3 månader sedan

    PR strategy: Referral codes.

  • Martian Ark
    Martian Ark3 månader sedan

    Nice content. Thanks

  • The Beautiful Ones
    The Beautiful Ones3 månader sedan

    Tesla hasn't made a profit. The real customers are the financial organisations that are funding it.

  • Dolly Moodley
    Dolly Moodley3 månader sedan

    I love the red Tesla waiting to win the lotto

  • Slartybartfarst
    Slartybartfarst3 månader sedan

    Tesla will never advertise even when at 8 to 20 million production per year there will still be massive demand.......Yes the world has changed, no there will be no marketing companies left as everyone witnesses this success , make compelling products, use word of mouth, that mouth is now the internet.

  • Ck digital The Q of 6th
    Ck digital The Q of 6th3 månader sedan

    A wave of political movements that favored the work of Teslar, autonomously offerd ad market promos media wording of the company, SEblacks also became 30% of the promos. Like an underground sale. Too much self promo could've been bad news

  • Marlon Morales
    Marlon Morales3 månader sedan

    Where do you get all those professional looking Tesla videos that are on your channel? They look like advertisements.

  • Robin Harrison

    Robin Harrison

    3 månader sedan

    Their 'B' rolls may look like advertisements as they are indeed professionally produced, but they are not paying a small fortune to put it on the mainstream media who often use Tesla 'B' roll to illustrate any Tesla stories. They do not pay for advertising.

  • WillN2Go1
    WillN2Go13 månader sedan

    You cover this really well. So if you don't care too much about the interim share price... then so what if the media says FSD kills people and the new Fords and VW EVs are amazing and eating Tesla's lunch. That seems reasonable. But mostly we're talking about the United States here, the country where enough gun nuts make enough noise that regular mass executions of innocent people aren't enough to make gun control possible, where 30% of the voters increasingly decided as their guy lost an election that it was all just a big lie, that vaccines (which is why a significant percentage of of us are even alive) are somehow bad.... So what happens when the lunatic fringe decides 'no way should any computer drive a car' ? FUD? FUD has a way of sticking around and influencing things for no possible rational reason. "If you don't fuel the fire it stops burning." Yeah, it often works that way. But those two unfortunate men in Texas who died in the Model S accident a month ago. The news that got reported was "No one was in the driver's seat, so it had to be FSD. It caught fire and took the fire department four hours to put the fire out." Eventually, it was finally made clear, after otherwise reasonable news sources reported that it was possible to drive a TESLA FSD with no one in the driver's seat.... Except it turns out. Security cameras from nearby houses showed someone driving, that Tesla didn't have the FSD package, and anyway it wouldn't have worked on that unmarked street, wouldn't have been able to reach high speeds if it did, and the local fire department said, We know how to put out a battery fire. We put that car out in 15 minutes but kept pouring some water on it to keep the battery cool. Except all this real news never made it as far as the nonsense. I think Tesla needs at least a spokesperson, like they have at the White House. They answer questions, sometimes say, "I'll have to get back to you on that," and they keep restating the basic Tesla message. And have some fun with nonsense like the Consumer Reports Self-Driving review. And when Elon says something different than the spokesperson, and the media go all middle school, "but you said.......!" they both reply, "Grow the f* up. We'll sort this." Sure, Elon's great. He gets a lot of attention - he's clearly the most interesting person on the planet right now. But Elon has ZERO credibility on Full Self Driving. He's been promising capabilities and dates for years now and so far as missed every single one of them. FSD is great but the media is starting to treat it like a joke. (The New York Times last week ran an article that basically said Autonomous Driving hasn't worked, isn't likely to work anytime soon. They gave equal weight to "Elon promised a date two years ago and it didn't happen,' and some exec saying it might take 30 years - perhaps longer." Most of the article was about Waymo, and companies ditching their autonomous driving operations and not one word about where FSD is. That's wrong. But you can bet the reporter dutifully called Tesla and no one could speak to him and no one called him back so he wrote his article as an FU Tesla. (for the record I have a Model Y with FSD, it works really well for what it can do.) You do not want regulations and laws written by misinformed people to assuage the fears of other misinformed people. If you're not worried about this then why do idiots in Japanese pick-up trucks with the American flag decals roll coal on Tesla's. Someone might be able to date the rise of modern PR with the end of people being burned as witches.

  • Zharko
    Zharko3 månader sedan

    Of all the trends that Elon Musk is setting, NO Advertising is the one I hope will catch on most. That whole industry is 99.99% useless mindfuckery designed to create artificial demand. I am certain in most cases more money goes into adds than actual revenue from sales that wouldn't be there without ad's, companies just spend the money because their competitors spend their money in a never ending arms race to burn their logo/catchphrase into your brain in hopes you will spend a few dollars their way...

  • RTD
    RTD3 månader sedan

    Tesla could do some "Goodwill" advertising to counter the false FUD and to educate the public on its mission and quality.

  • Robert Middleswarth
    Robert Middleswarth3 månader sedan

    I guess we will find out around 2030 or so.

  • phil312
    phil3123 månader sedan

    Mary Barra CEO of GM has 56.1K Followers on Twitter...incase anyone else was wondering😁

  • Runatyr
    Runatyr3 månader sedan

    Significant better quality and lower cost than competitors, the product will sell itself, no need to watch the video.

  • Jeff Krupke
    Jeff Krupke3 månader sedan

    If Tesla did ads I bet they would be crowd sourced.

  • oncorpse 2
    oncorpse 23 månader sedan

    I am going to pick up my model 3 in 14 days.. oh boy it's exciting. From ordering until picking up time,it to)ok exactly 2.5 month. (Germany)

  • Alex McAuliff
    Alex McAuliff3 månader sedan

    They already disrupted the auto industry. I'm sure they will disrupt the advertising industry when the time comes...

  • Bill Wedeking
    Bill Wedeking3 månader sedan

    Why would the public listen to PR when the CEO is so accessable? Musk and Tesla have won public trust.

  • leerjet18
    leerjet183 månader sedan

    Not advertising Is advertising, Brilliant!

  • NeverTalkToCops1
    NeverTalkToCops13 månader sedan

    Public relations, Marketing, Human Resources are all OLD methods to LIE.

  • Panderrific
    Panderrific3 månader sedan

    i can imagine that when advertising starts, it will just be elon's face saying the name of a new model, then a short video showing what it looks like.. and we'll have to wait till someone gets one before we get performance and features info

  • Duanne Luckow
    Duanne Luckow3 månader sedan

    EON Productions, MGM Lion verses Disney world.

  • pforce9
    pforce93 månader sedan

    The best Tesla advertisement was the look on Elon's face when Franz broke out the second window of the Cybertruck. Everybody in the world was talking about it.

  • John Breadsell
    John Breadsell3 månader sedan

    Word of mouth marketing will still be effective a few years after production demand parody whilst watching rockets going to Mars or the moon

    ZAC ROEBUCK3 månader sedan


  • Len Gould
    Len Gould3 månader sedan

    I still think they should have three or four very experienced marketing / pr people managing a strategy for Elon's initiatives in the pr space. But for now, his marketing strategy (invest in R&D instead of advertising) is working. Hope it continues.

  • BitJam
    BitJam3 månader sedan

    @8:49 Revenue is not the same thing as profit. Ford's revenue in 2020 was $127 billion. So they spent 1.7% of revenue on advertising which seems reasonable.

  • Karate Fight Fitness Drills
    Karate Fight Fitness Drills3 månader sedan

    Tesla doesn't need advertisements for their products. SEblacks do it for them. Customers do the advertisements for them. No need for PR is just a waste of money and waste of time for nothing to gain. The product talks by itself. You still don't know that and you're a youtuber. 😁😁😁😄😅😂

  • James L
    James L3 månader sedan

    Tesla has a thick skin. There is no PR dept because, after more than a decade of bad press and negative wall street coverage, it can be said that naysayers and bashing will not decrease with more or better facts. Either you are in the camp or you are in the other camp. The line are drawn and PR will move the line. Climate change is either an issue or not, ICe ve EV, automaker vs disruptive mover and Elon is either a genius or a fraud. No PR is needed.

  • Sędziwój
    Sędziwój3 månader sedan

    why Tesla would advertise? Because all others are doing it? Good products are wining, if they stay best brand, they don't have to.

  • Martin Woods
    Martin Woods3 månader sedan

    What about all the FUD? Tesla has been and probably still is one of the most shorted stocks on the market. Without a PR department (I would name it the Tesla information & anti FUD department) all these lies and fake news stories about Tesla's bursting into flames; Chinese woman protesting at one of the Chinese auto shows - claiming Tesla has a problem with brake failure; two individuals die in car crash and no one is in the driving seat - so media claim that Tesla auto pilot is at fault. etc etc etc the FUD stories never end. A PR or anti FUD department could easily put the record strait. Having no PR/anti FUD department just exacerbates the situation so that the FUDsters can have a field day every time a Tesla is in the news - and they can spin the story to make Tesla look bad. As a Tesla investor I strongly believe Elon is a complete IDIOT in this respect by not having a PR/anti FUD department. Elon may be a good engineer but he is crap at fighting the FUD. He leaves it up to his army of fans to do it. The problem is Joe public does watch Steven Mark Ryan FUD fighting videos but they do watch CNBC and other media channels. This is why so many American's have a negative view of electric vehicles - because the truth is hard to find when you are baraged with a constant strom of fake news/lies and FUD about Tesla. As an investor I'm happy for their to be no advertising spend when demand outstrips supply. But not to have a PR department is such a dumb mistake - and Elon is entirely to blame for this. I know a lot of other investors feel the same. We all know that Gordon Johnson is cherry picking the data and spinning it to make Tesla look bad - but Joe public watching CNBC doesn't.

  • SubliminalMindSet $M$
    SubliminalMindSet $M$3 månader sedan

    Omg great drivers turn me on lol sheesh that 3second clip was 🔥👌🏽 about to search best tesla drivers now 🤣

  • Jones 0
    Jones 03 månader sedan

    No one want to follow a CEO that doesn’t speak their mind

  • nuno bartolo
    nuno bartolo3 månader sedan

    Also there are so many people whose time is worthless that they make videos about tesla all day long

  • True Colors
    True Colors3 månader sedan

    All i hear is BAD News about his products from customers who have his vehicals..So for me him not having a P.R. department to handle customer complaints etc.shows he is a slum Lord and i will never buy.his.products

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpe3 månader sedan

    Tesla number one congratulation very very Nice Genius in the world

  • JordantheDOGE
    JordantheDOGE3 månader sedan

    Tesla and Elon just twits and trolls the net. Done!

  • Nomad Orion
    Nomad Orion3 månader sedan

    How about riding a Tesla on Mars that’s good advertising even if it isn’t on Mars ?????????????

  • JohnEnergy2012
    JohnEnergy20123 månader sedan

    Did advertisement ever work?

  • Allen L. James
    Allen L. James4 månader sedan

    I am looking forward to buying a tesla that self driving car in 5 or 6 years in the future.

  • Frostie-Flake
    Frostie-Flake4 månader sedan

    Then there is the Tesla Terms of Service that gives them the right to scrape data from your bank, social media, email, sensors and more. This info is spreading and copies, but no response as Elon is getting compared to Zuckerberg and Facebook with his customers.

  • Thomas Crane
    Thomas Crane4 månader sedan

    All the NEW customers don’t need advertising. We are just WAITING in the wings.

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford4 månader sedan

    People ask him if they can interview him and see his ideas. They film him. He doesn't have to go and get peoples attention.

  • Thomas Crane
    Thomas Crane4 månader sedan

    Very well analyzed.

  • Casey Ford
    Casey Ford4 månader sedan

    They don't have to. He's that awesome.

  • Thomas Crane
    Thomas Crane4 månader sedan

    Good things sell themselves.

  • Thomas Crane

    Thomas Crane

    3 månader sedan

    @P H to what do u refer?

  • P H

    P H

    3 månader sedan

    So why the referral benefits?? Opps!

  • cryss cingiel
    cryss cingiel4 månader sedan

    Tesla simply stating away from Piggish Capitalism!!! (media Pigs)

  • simonlang2001
    simonlang20014 månader sedan

    your entire show was a tesla advert by the way

  • Grateful
    Grateful4 månader sedan

    So grateful for Mr. Musk. Much respect.

  • Emmanuel gutierrez
    Emmanuel gutierrez4 månader sedan

    Itd be good if you added in their cost of giving cars and chargers away for Refferal links to compare marketting strat cost

  • Jarrett Fayer
    Jarrett Fayer4 månader sedan

    Tesla pays for 'news inserts', which are basically midroll endorsement ads

  • Robin Harrison

    Robin Harrison

    3 månader sedan

    That requires some proof please.

  • Fazli Halim
    Fazli Halim4 månader sedan

    Tesla did make a competition for advertising video form before this and submit to them. But i didnt know where are they even publish it. The winner for the competition is MKBHD

  • Shepherds Knoll
    Shepherds Knoll4 månader sedan

    One item that is not well known and could be advertised; Teslas are the safest vehicles you can buy.

  • Esah


    4 månader sedan

    Perhaps, especially if you don't trust their autonomous driving tech.

  • Brad Holkesvig
    Brad Holkesvig4 månader sedan

    Elon Musk knows there are many youtube channels talking about him and his inventions. Why would he need a marketing or PR strategy when people like you are doing all the work for him for free?

  • Mile Kragulj
    Mile Kragulj4 månader sedan

    That is why Tesla is trying to sell 150.000$ and 20.000$ car under the same brand.

  • Yoshi 501
    Yoshi 5014 månader sedan

    Haha universally loved companies like apple, good one 😂

  • 321ozzy


    3 månader sedan

    especially by the workers in the Sw... shops down in China

  • Esah
    Esah4 månader sedan

    Here we have European EV and PHEV sales numbers in April 2021. As you can see, Tesla isn't even nearly as hot in Europe as in the US. 1. VW ID.4: 7 500 cars 2. VW ID.3: 5 941 3. Ford Kuga PHEV: 4 300 4. Volvo XC40 PHEV: 4118 5. Renault Zoe: 4 083 6. Peugeot 3008: PHEV 3 616 7. Peugeot 208 EV: 3 598 8. Hyundai Kona EV: 3 525 9. Mercedes GLC300e/de: 3 484 10. Fiat 500e: 3 267 11. Kia Niro EV: 3 213 12. Audi e-Tron: 3 188 13. Mercedes A250e: 3 161 14. BMW 3-Series PHEV: 3080 15. VW e-Up!: 3 007 16. Smart Fortwo EV: 2 614 17. BMW X1 PHEV: 2 568 18. Nissan Leaf: 2 532 19. Skoda Enyaq: 2 439 20. Volvo XC60 PHEV: 2 438 cars Source: InsideEV´s

  • CYAnomo


    3 månader sedan

    Tesla delivers the majority of the cars to Europe in the 3rd month of the quarter since their Berlin factory is not done yet. In April there are almost no sales because they are building the cars in the US or China, then in May they are on boats to Europe.