The HIDDEN Costs of Owning a Tesla

My grand total cost of my Tesla Model 3 after 3 years of ownership!
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Total Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cost:
Total Tesla Model 3 Charging Cost:

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This is every dollar I've ever spent on my 2018 Long Range Tesla Model 3 after 3 years of ownership and 75,000+ miles. Many electric vehicles in the US still qualify for a $7,500 tax federal tax credit, and there may be a new upcoming tax credit in the US that will allow for even more manufacturers, such as Tesla and GM, to take advantage of a tax credit for customers. I’ve owned Tesla’s cheapest vehicle, the Model 3, for just over 3 years now and in this video I’ll go over every single dollar I’ve ever spent on my Tesla up to this point.

The front bumper on a Tesla is flat so there is a decent sized area of paint where a traditional grille would be on a gas car, and after seeing many other Tesla owners recommendations I decided to get the entire front end of my Model 3 covered in a clear paint protection film called Xpel. This is not necessary for all Tesla owners, but I’d guess that the majority of Tesla owners get some type of PPF and since I drive way more than the average driver and plan to keep my car for a long time I wanted to protect the front of my car from rock chips and bugs, and to be honest it’s been worth it for me.

That’s the thing with EVs and especially Teslas, they have such quick instant torque and can get up to high speeds without even realizing it because they’re so smooth and quiet so that speeding ticket cost me $203 which is why I hate driving in Indiana now. I’m not a speed demon by any means, but I usually set autopilot to 10 miles over the speed limit on freeways and the radar detector helps alert me of hidden speed traps which hopefully saves me some money going forward. I also had to pay a $500 deductible a couple years ago when something flew up and hit my bumper which went through the paint protection film and through the paint so my insurance covered the cost to have a body shop replace the bumper and have the PPF re-installed on the front bumper.

My annual renewal fee for my Tesla Model 3 was $470 in 2019 and $423 in 2020 and if we estimate $400 for this year that comes to a total of $1293 for annual registration fees so far. Up until now I’ve gotten free rotations at a local tire shop, but due to my schedule I was forced to finally pay for a Tesla mobile technician to come do it at my location, but it’s only $50 which isn’t bad especially since they’re coming to me.

Last but not least, I love being able to track my Tesla’s charging stats and see useful info about my car with the Tesla Stats app which cost me $20 when I bought it years ago. So I’ve spent an additional $14,000 after the initial upfront cost, which is an average of about $4,600 per year with most of that being large one time expenses like the charger installation, paint protection film, and full self driving software along with big recurring expenses like insurance, annual registration, and charging. But my plan is to keep my Model 3 for at least 7 more years and see if it can eventually make me money with Tesla’s future robotaxi service.

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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye3 månader sedan

    Sponsored: Ekster's Father's Day sale has 25% off site wide + an extra discount with my link: Total Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cost: Total Tesla Model 3 Charging Cost: 🚘 BEST Tesla Accessories: 🚙 Ordering a Tesla? Use my link to get FREE Supercharging: MUST-HAVE Tesla Accessories: ▶ 10% off Tesla Floor Mats: (Use code: ANDYSLYE) ▶ Model 3/Y Screen Protector: ▶ Wireless Charging Pad/Hub: ▶ Console Wrap: (Use code: ANDYSLYE15) ▶ Magnetic Phone Mount: Tesla Cleaning Tools (Amazon) ▶ Waterless Wash/Wax: ▶ Interior Cleaner: ▶ Dash Protectant Spray: ▶ Pressure Washer: Useful Tesla Accessories: ▶ Spare Tire (Amazon) ▶ Replacement Tires: ▶ Frunk Luggage Set: ▶ Stats App: ▶ Geeky Tesla shirts & prints: 🎥 My SEblacks Camera Gear: Camera Gear I Use (Amazon) ▶ Main Camera: ▶ Main Lens: ▶ 4K Drone: ▶ Gimbal: ▶ Tripod: ▶ Monopod: ▶ Action Cam: ▶ Camera Mount for Tesla: ▶ Microphone: 💰 Get Free Bitcoin on CoinBase: ⬇️ Stay up to date! SEblacks: Twitter: Instagram: Email:

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    Preston Weiters Jr.

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    @T-CATT 7/10/21, No matter how you hype this, it's a warehouse tow motor over the road. Not suitable for mainstream. :/(

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  • dan le
    dan le5 dagar sedan

    Totally enjoy this video. Sincerity and pure facts.

  • derfandme
    derfandme6 dagar sedan

    Amazing vehicles. However I bought new a 2015 Toyota Highlander. Adding up the purchase price, gas and all maintenance in the 6.5 years 160000 km (Canada) I'm still about 6-7 years away to equal the purchase price of the model Y. Hell a friend bought the base model 3 and paid $21000 more than I paid for the Highlander. $21000 buys a lot of gas and maintenance. But hey if you have the money go ahead. Just don't buy a Tesla thinking you will save money in the end. Maybe if you own it and have no problems for 20 years.

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen7 dagar sedan

    $10K for OTA auto pilot software updates -- hellz no. That's called being robbed in daylight.

  • jose carlos
    jose carlos7 dagar sedan

    Ownership may not be cheaper if the battery pack loses efficiency (they always do) , and/or if damaged and not covered by warranty. I dislike driving internal combustion polluting cars but it will be a few yrs before I move to an electric, and probably won't be a Tesla.

  • Damien
    Damien10 dagar sedan

    I will never understand why an EV that has only 20 moving parts in its electric engine, thus much easier and faster to build, is that expensive. An internal combustion engine has nearly 2,000 moving parts and takes way more time to build!

  • Kurtis Wichmann
    Kurtis Wichmann10 dagar sedan

    How about telling the US the REQUIRED experience. So far you've paid out a lot for "personal preference" items. For instance your house charging system. Not everyone CAN get that accessory due to building restrictions.

  • Kurtis Wichmann
    Kurtis Wichmann10 dagar sedan

    Sounds like WHINING to me. If you don't want an electric car DON'T BUY ONE WHINING 12 YEAR OLD CHILDREN!

  • John Luczak
    John Luczak12 dagar sedan

    OMG! can you link the radar detector and mount? I am in much need.

  • Stephane Villeneuve
    Stephane Villeneuve13 dagar sedan

    Sorry Andy, most of your mentioned HIDDEN costs are not hidden, and obviously you need to install a charging station.

  • Tyler Fincher
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    Do you have a link for the radar detector and mount?

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    Hey there. You said $85 on your floor mats at 5:54. Do you have a link for that?

  • MrAvant123
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    Funny how they cost as much in UK£ as they do in US$ !

  • Rudy Amid
    Rudy Amid20 dagar sedan

    I'm sure the resale value is great, but the example you shown was a Long Range Tesla which cost $15,000 extra brand new.

  • Mary Morrison
    Mary Morrison21 dag sedan

    I don't trust Tesla's

  • aftonline
    aftonline21 dag sedan

    You've convinced me. I'll stick with my used $5000 Toyota, at least until something goes wrong and I replace it with another one. Even with gas and maintenance costs, total cost of ownership won't even get into 5 figures over 3 years. And then I get to buy a newer, improved Toyota. Unless I see a used EV for a similar price. So far I haven't seen that, it's more like about double the price for something with less than one third of the range.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan21 dag sedan

    Mr. Money Bags

  • mmm mmm
    mmm mmm21 dag sedan

    jesus christ! 52K minus the $7500 tax cred? i could have bought another vehicle and swapped out parts on it when they died! the gov needs to figure out how to tax heavy ev's (which are tearing up roads) rather than incentivize them. the road tax was only paid when you bought gas, which no longer works. illinois recently proposed a $1,000 fee for EVs, which may/may not be reasonable. (seems like it would be very easy to determine how much you "use" a road based on the curb weight of your vehicle and the mileage. this would work for ALL vehicles, but that may require somebody to get off their fat a$$, so that likely won't happen.) but the power plant (which may burn coal) that you use to charge up your vehicle is located miles away, which means that your ev is green right? ...indiana gets most of its electricity from coal. 90% from fossil fuels. stop pretending this is a "green" solution.

  • David Hořínek
    David Hořínek21 dag sedan

    By the time the Tesla robo taxi service will come, that Tesla will probably rot underground :D

  • GameReview
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    This video should be called “The costs of my dumbass owning a Tesla”.

  • Cuong Ong
    Cuong Ong24 dagar sedan

    High cost of auto insurance premium to ensure a Tesla Model 3 will negate any savings on maintenance and fuel costs. it is one of hidden cost of owning a Tesla

  • Skyusa7378 Nguyen
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    Thanks Andy for sharing this with us. Do you know if we can order the model Y standard off the menu anymore?

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    Hey Andy, I live in Louisville. Who did your window tinting?

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    When do you receive the tax credit?

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    Superfastjeff OftheworldMånad sedan

    $5,000 less than my BMW but the insurance monthly is double! I love the new car but SHIT!

  • Superfastjeff Oftheworld
    Superfastjeff OftheworldMånad sedan

    Insurance.. BITCH!

  • Mike
    MikeMånad sedan

    I would be shocked if the majority of Tesla owns get a protection film on their cars. That’s something I disagree with.

  • Roman
    RomanMånad sedan

    Here’s a bunch of optional shit I bought for my Tesla! That’s why it’s more expensive than a gasoline car! Lol BS

  • Lloydbm4
    Lloydbm4Månad sedan

    Model 3 Standard Range Plus is just a hair over $40k and that's OUT THE DOOR costs. If Tesla still qualified for the federal tax credit, it would be crazy cheap.

  • John Nemesh
    John NemeshMånad sedan

    Most of your "expenses" were ones you would have regardless of the vehicle you purchased. PPF, cleaning supplies, speeding tickets, radar would have these with ANY car. Not really fair calling these "hidden costs".

  • John Green
    John GreenMånad sedan

    I'm guessing you went with Tesla's electrician to install that outlet. Hope everyone realizes not to do that, they charge way more than any other electrician will charge for the same job.

  • MLK
    MLKMånad sedan

    $60,900…just did this. I think it’s because the $10,000 full self-driving package was added, things have changed. I do want the Expel and a tint, I also need the all weather matts, buying those today.❤️

  • Lisa J.
    Lisa J.Månad sedan

    Your videos are fantastic! This is the second one I’ve watched. Last night I watched the 51 minute video that went over everything! Thanks to you, when my Tesla arrives in September, I will be well prepared! Thank you.

  • RyanStarcraftProtoss
    RyanStarcraftProtossMånad sedan

    Man, I forgot FSD only costed $2k back then. Anyone who bought it back then GAINED value. which no other car can do.

  • kim williams
    kim williamsMånad sedan

    Hi Andy, To get better comparison, add up same cost for a petrol engine new car and then work out the real savings, think your tesla would come out front plus the pure delight of this excellent vehicle is worth something, plus the way better trade value

  • Livetree
    LivetreeMånad sedan

    How are government subsidies and incentives able to further increase the adoption of EVs?#Livetree #Fairweb

  • DarrenBootay
    DarrenBootayMånad sedan

    I didn’t even look up for this video nor I wanted a Tesla before but now I do and waiting for the new Tesla

  • Anthony Caldarazzo
    Anthony CaldarazzoMånad sedan

    I spent $500 dollars to paint protect the whole front of the car as well so not sure where you went but you got ripped off

  • ZekeMagnum
    ZekeMagnumMånad sedan

    i still cannot decide if i wanna use the aero caps or not

  • William Wingo
    William WingoMånad sedan

    Did you thank the taxpayers for those tax credits totaling nearly 8,000?

  • Duke A
    Duke AMånad sedan

    Nice video, but most of what you’ve spent is not a car necessity. Anyone can and will spend the same if not more for a petro car, I think you should’ve listed only true repairs cost out of pocket none warranty issues. All car drivers will replace and rotate the tires, many drivers nowadays use tinted windows, many people do buy other car accessories which are all A BIG WANT not a need.

  • DixoTech
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    Doesn’t seem worth it

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    9k for those wheels seems like a total rip

  • Xalli Gonzales
    Xalli GonzalesMånad sedan

    These aren't the cost of owning a Tesla. These are the cost of owning any vehicle: paint protectant, weather proof mats, cost of speeding ticket, tinting your window, cleaning supplies... 11:49 minutes of my life I will never get back

  • Megapangolin
    MegapangolinMånad sedan

    Fantastic, fascinating video, so good to see a complete breakdown of costs. I am pleased you like the car. I will stick with my 20yr old Ford, which never goes wrong (so far) and costs me about £600 ($800?) a year to run. One day though- over I go to electric. Tesla must do something about that paint chipping thing, it is sad to see that you have to aftermarket a solution. Thank you.

  • Chris De Christophe
    Chris De ChristopheMånad sedan

    Is tyre rotation really necessary on modern tyres? I've never seen the need. As you have a long range version with awd I would expect even wear.

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    Månad sedan

    I have RWD

  • Kevin Fletcher
    Kevin FletcherMånad sedan

    I love the irony of other EV makers advertising on this and many other Tesla based channels. They are giving them money! 🤨🤔

  • John Cahill
    John CahillMånad sedan

    There are no "hidden costs"...there are hidden discounts. The "fuel" will cost between 1/3 and 1/6 what you're paying for gas and you have virtually no maintenance except a normal 12V battery every few years and tires. Even brakes last a whole lot longer since most of the braking is done by the motor itself (you don't even need to push the brake pedal for most driving). On top of everything else, the drivetrain will last at least 500,000 miles (twice a typical Ice car). No oil changes, no spark plugs not much else. What else? I guess windshield wipers and the odd air filter for the A/C (although who actually changes them?). Also, you don't need a Tesla home charger...just wire up a dryer type, 14-50 outlet near your car. That's about $70 plus wire (plenty of SEblacks on how to DIY). Oh...and a base Model 3 costs about $1250 less than the average American car and is faster than virtually anything on the road (only a couple exotics are quicker).

  • Juan Zingarello
    Juan ZingarelloMånad sedan

    $805 for a paint protection film? No thanks. I'll get a nice $10 tube of touch up paint and I'll be happy.

  • Philgood Dr.
    Philgood Dr.Månad sedan

    Each time the TM3 selling price drops by xyz dollars because of VW ID3 competition, tomorrow’s insane Toyota, etc. and poor EU sales, the existing TM3 bought at the previous high price is caught by an instant value reduction of also the same xyz dollars plus a normal vehicle depreciation, so in fact, a ton of money…Then, after 3-4 years when you finally got it right and want to get rid of the TM3, there will be less than 100 buyers for the 1000 others on sale with ageing batteries, wrong colour,…good luck!!! And don’t forget to evaluate the damage, since purchase price minus selling price divided by the miles in between equal cost of ownership per mile…and only real transaction prices are relevant and often they can be far below the advertized levels..

  • Brandon S8
    Brandon S8Månad sedan

    $35 annual register fee in nyc

  • Lethaldarkness 115
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  • Camarosspr Camarosspr
    Camarosspr Camarosspr2 månader sedan

    So for $25,000 ICE equivalent auto you paid at least $15,000 Premium upfront EXTRA plus for the charger $2000 Paid a $2000 fee to fix the paint, that the ICE has no charge Youre about $20,000 over the equivalent ICE Less free oil changes for ICE, MOST.....

  • Yi Phuong
    Yi Phuong2 månader sedan

    These are not hidden cost fool. Most of these are accessories that you chose to buy that is not required. No mention of Premium Connectivity after 1 year free, or any of the maintenance.

  • Csaba Andrasfi
    Csaba Andrasfi2 månader sedan

    I watched a few of Andy's videos in the past that were good. The title of this video is very misleading... most of the costs listed wouldn't be much different with the purchase of any other car... The only added cost I have had with my Tesla, besides what I have done with any of my past vehicles, is the installation of a Tesla wall charger, which came out to about $1k and I ended up getting about $300 back in rebates.

  • teseglet
    teseglet2 månader sedan

    At ten years you will need a $20K battery replacement. I suspect the resale value of the Tesla degrades to low single digits in years 7-10.

  • Michael Bergantzel
    Michael Bergantzel2 månader sedan

    People should also keep in mind that if you are tax efficient, you will not be able to claim the full Federal (and also state) tax incentives. Obviously, Tesla does not have this advantage, but other EV mfr will. As the tax rebates are not refundable, you can only claim the full amount if you have a tax bill for the year which exceeds that amount.

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal2 månader sedan

    This video is a reality check.

  • mgilmanjr
    mgilmanjr2 månader sedan

    I just ordered a Tesla Model 3 long range and am so excited to get it in November. Thanks for the breakdowns.

  • Patty jay
    Patty jay2 månader sedan

    Forget it radar detector get WAZE, Indiana is a police nanny state they drive around in a lot of unmarked 0 profile cars.

  • Layne Foote
    Layne Foote2 månader sedan

    What insurance company do you use? I also live in Kentucky and Liberty Mutual is charging $1,888.00 for my wife's Model 3.

  • Mary Morrison

    Mary Morrison

    21 dag sedan

    That's lots of money

  • Andy Slye

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  • Mike N
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    The major cost is that it becomes impossible to revert to any other brand.

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  • Renny Schweiger
    Renny Schweiger2 månader sedan

    Hi Andy. With all respect, nice video, but I was disappointed by the clickbait it turned out to be. Sorry, but most of your costs are not 'because Tesla'. About the only difference in the things you bought when you initially got the car was the screen protector and the home charger, and the charger can be amortized over multiple cars and did increase the value of your home. Protective film and tinting are not specific to an EV. Radar detector? All on you. Decision for self-driving, all on you. Your insurance costs are also not specific to an EV, and neither are new tires -- those would be needed on any car, EV or ICE. Just because the car may have been more expensive than some alternative ICE car doesn't justify extra costs that you might not have had if the car's sticker price was less. What WOULD have been a great video would be a comparison of what the extra costs of owning your Tesla (i.e., an EV) over your ownership period vs an equivalent ICE car. Is insurance more for the Tesla vs the alternative? Are tires recommended for the Tesla cost more than tires for the alternative? Did you wear out your tires faster because you took advantage of faster acceleration? Were your fuel costs cheaper (electricity vs silly-cheap US gasoline costs)? Did you factor in not doing oil changes and other ICE-specific maintenance? Would you have needed to do a brake job by now in the ICE? It's possible your 'hidden costs might have been 'hidden savings'. Further, you could put a dollar value on never having to spend your time at a gas station, or factor in the joy of driving an EV. Full disclosure, I've had a 2011 LEAF for nearly 10 years, and it has cost me quite a bit of money, not to mention replacing the battery. I've spent money on tires, miscellaneous repairs, a new steering rack and suspension parts, a 12V battery, snow tires, etc., but these are things that you'd expect on ANY car with over 155,000 miles on it driving 75+ miles per day on pothole-ridden highways. Am I ahead vs having bought an equivalent ICE at that time instead? I'm not sure. And then there is the 'value' of not burning fossil fuel (costs of floods and fires, anyone?). So, I was very hopeful that your video would give some information and insight now that I'm considering an IONIQ 5, Kia EV6 or a Tesla Model Y to replace my 'old' LEAF (which still drives like new). If you've read this far, welcome to EV ownership, and enjoy the car. I predict you'll never go back.

  • Charles B.
    Charles B.2 månader sedan

    FYI... Male, single, 47 years old (driving since 16 years old). "0" accidents and points on my license, in Hackensack, NJ GEICO $1,500 (6 months 100k+unlimited threshold). One year insurance $3,000, for a 2021 model 3 Tesla.

  • Be Fair
    Be Fair2 månader sedan

    I think this is the first ad where I was like actually that's pretty sweet my dad might actually like that

  • scanspeak00
    scanspeak002 månader sedan

    Prediction - after 10 years of ownership Robotaxis will still not be available.

  • scanspeak00
    scanspeak002 månader sedan

    Teslas only held their value because there was no competition. Don't count on it from 2022 on.

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin Freeman2 månader sedan

    I couldn't have imagined 🤓the costs that Andy mentioned for the the last 3 years. Wow!! Now I'm rethinking my ability to afford a Tesla🚘. Yet, in 2028, he'll already have owned an EV not 2 or 3 gas powered vehicles 🚗👍🏾.

  • Dean Miller
    Dean Miller2 månader sedan

    Looking forward to the Cybertruck! No paint to worry about, very low chance of damaging that exterior.... actually, I am hoping and betting that my Cybertruck lasts me 20+ years!

  • Rick Vrzal
    Rick Vrzal2 månader sedan

    As always great video I think insurance companies have no idea what to change

  • KB NorCal
    KB NorCal2 månader sedan

    Some states give a rebate. I got $2500 from the state of California plus $500 from the local utility company besides the $7500 federal tax credit.

  • Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole2 månader sedan

    This is ridiculous. Bug coating, extra ticket costs... What about the extra money on the electric bill.

  • Magic Pixelz
    Magic Pixelz2 månader sedan

    A one time $940 for a charging outlet is more than reasonable, however it is still unnecessary. You paid $1,342 dollars because you don't know how to run one simple cable? Obviously you are not a very manly man. I am certainly not an electrician but after watching a few youtube videos I ran four 12 gauge power-wires 100 ft long for my Hot tub inside conduit. This includes installing circuit box with a 30 amp breaker. Xpel is not necessary either as their are less expensive alternatives that are just as good or better think (Imron® Clear UV protection) That's what is used on Commercial Trucks) But if you insist on Xpel (which is only a thin micro film) because you listened to some rich dudes and think you must keep up with the Jones, then know that you can purchase Xpel for a Model Y yourself on ebay for a mere $99. Only a rich fool would pay more.If you don't know how to do that either, know that any reputable window tint/car-wrap shop can install it for you for 100-300 bucks. As for charging, you went 75,000 miles for only 1,350 on charging? Wow I spend more than that on gas each year with my Dodge Ram SRT 10 @ 7 MPG. Everything else you priced was just regular maintenance that must be done with most any car. Thanks for pointing out some of your compulsive deceptions and bad and costly decisions. Perhaps this will help others to avoid your pitfalls. I also love Tesla, my wife has been working for them for a very long time so I know more about the production, perks & cons than most.

  • Cesar Abraham
    Cesar Abraham2 månader sedan

    My dad owns a model 3 2020 also, he is 65 retired, had issues with trunk lid no closing evenly, door handles replaced 3 times, power drive unit replaced once, rattling noise, yes they did not cost him a penny, still under warranty. He figured out, if he hadn't warranty, it would have costed him a whopping 11k. He is paying a much higher insurance premium compared to my mom's toyota camry. Lucky for him, the tesla is leased.

  • Hunter Mullins
    Hunter Mullins2 månader sedan

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  • moe1818
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  • repawnd
    repawnd2 månader sedan

    Just for the record, I predict that you will never make a single cent from teslas "taxi" service. At least not with your current car, maybe in the future, but even then it wont be profitable for individuals like you.

  • Kai San So
    Kai San So2 månader sedan

    Very informative video but not very useful. A lot of these costs are optional and not unique to Tesla, such as the PPF and like most things you can go crazy and spend lots of money to do up a new car. What would have been helpful is a list of mandatory costs that are unique to Tesla. And looking at the video, none of it is, even the Wall Charger, you can still run a Tesla without it, and is cheaper to ‘refill’ at a Super Charger than a ICE car. Even if you consider the wall charger as a necessity, it’s not unique to Tesla and applies to all EV. As I say, not very useful. Even the silly radar detector applies to all cars if you go fast enough. Has nothing to do with acceleration, it’s the speed at the time of being clocked.

  • deant007
    deant0072 månader sedan

    Thanks Andy! How about cents/mile? Cheers

  • Paco Ramirez
    Paco Ramirez2 månader sedan

    Does Texas have tax rebate?

  • 777Outrigger
    777Outrigger2 månader sedan

    Yeah, $39,990 is a good price for a Model 3. But then you only get 263 miles of EPA range, which means,, not a good road trip car. City car, or short road trip car only.

  • Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD
    Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD2 månader sedan

    FSD may make your TESLA worth much more. Actually it may go up in value each year

  • jeff close
    jeff close2 månader sedan

    I own a long range and a performance for 3 years now. I have changed cabin filter in the long range and tires on the performance. That’s it.

  • drwisdom1
    drwisdom12 månader sedan

    I have snow tires for each of our vehicles so I have to change (which is like rotating) many tires each year. For 40 years I have let tire stores mount and balance but I always put the wheels and tires on my vehicles. I am afraid if I let a tire shop use an air impact wrench then I will have a hard time loosening the bolts if I get a flat (I always carry a full sized spare). When I was younger I would autocross race which required I change 8 tires/wheels most Summer Saturdays. So I would never pay $50 for a tire rotation when I could do it myself in under 15 minutes.

  • drwisdom1
    drwisdom12 månader sedan

    I like the way Mr. Slye keeps track of all expenses. I wouldn't attribute the ticket or radar detector to driving costs, but that shows he is comprehensive. Like with other expensive vehicles, you really don't have to worry about the costs of driving a Tesla. You know going in the cost per mile will be much higher than buying a used car, but you have the money and like driving a Tesla so it doesn't matter. The real issue with Teslas is charging and where you want to travel to.

  • g600f700
    g600f7002 månader sedan

    I installed home charger myself and the parts cost $150. This is must have if you are home owner and like the convenience of night charing while you sleep. Other than that, the registration fee, insurance fee are all go with the cost of the car. More expensive car, more fees. The rest are personal preference, not hidden fee.

  • Dosclic 98
    Dosclic 982 månader sedan

    So basically, as many Tesla owners do, you are trying to state that your M3 is cheaper to run than an equal internal combustion engine car of the same price... And that is totally true. But you admit that you would have never thought to spend that much money on a car, so if you would have gotten a gasoline cheaper car you would have spent less anyway. Ok that is not the same thing but speaking of saving money, just buy a cheaper car and stop. If you want your Tesla at any cost, just buy it and stop bothering others for buying gasoline cars, saying that electric is cheaper because until there won't be 15/20k really good ev, it will not be cheaper.

  • Guru Gamer
    Guru Gamer2 månader sedan

    When will Telsa have level 5 autonomous driving?

  • James Hall
    James Hall2 månader sedan

    Your speeding ticket was due to you not paying attention to your speed not the tesla

  • Jon Wigby
    Jon Wigby2 månader sedan

    Discount Tire will rotate tires for free!

  • R Deh
    R Deh2 månader sedan

    I will stick with my polestar

  • cdelve3125
    cdelve31252 månader sedan

    The median sale price of a new car should be used instead of average since the higher end cars skew the average to the right. I feel that the average person doesn't spend $40K on a new car. If that number is including EVs, then that number is not including the federal tax credit that Tesla does not currently qualify for.

  • Baconator James
    Baconator James2 månader sedan

    I drive a 2016 Subaru WRX. The most ticketed car in North America. Since it's AWD, I go through tires more than I would a 2WD vehicle. With the torque on the Tesla 3, regardless of AWD or 2WD, plus the weight of these cars, I'd assume tires and brakes are gone through more than the average car...

  • Baconator James
    Baconator James2 månader sedan

    How good is the Tesla warranty on a car purchased new? Can you invest in a longer warranty?

  • Baconator James
    Baconator James2 månader sedan

    The sensors around the car - cameras of course, but are there non-camera sensors too? If I buy a Tesla for the Canadian climate, the roads can get very dirty. I'm always needing to clean the backup camera lens on my Subaru. Also, I'd like to be able to see behind the car even when not in reverse. I hate not having rear visibility (apparently bad in the Tesla Y), so can you keep the backup cameras on in the screen when you're not in reverse?

    MANOWAR2 månader sedan

    The best surveillance tool made after cellphone. No thanks

  • XENAS4
    XENAS42 månader sedan

    50 bucks to rotate tires?!? Why not do it yourself? Takes 5 minutes.