The Frightening Economics of the Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is in stealth mode as all 4 of Tesla's Gigfactories ramp production of the electric SUV/Crossover. Elon Musk has undersold the Model Y, the seemingly harmless vehicle, but with his expectations of 1.5 Million in sales, Model Y will crush the European automakers. New Gigacastings, the 4680 Battery Cell, a Paint Shop, and economies of scale, will allow Tesla to reduce the price of Model Y while offering exceptional quality. once the new Gigafactories open, it's game, set, match.

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  • TMIO Tesla
    TMIO Tesla4 månader sedan

    Do you think the Model Y's economics will allow it to become the best selling car in the world? What are your thoughts on the giga casting and the 4680 battery? Tesla's Insane Plan to Produce the World's Best selling Car: Inside Tesla’s Secret Plan to Dominate with Solar and Powerwall Plus: Have a look at our website

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    18 dagar sedan

    Everybody else is going high and ultra-tensile strength steel and Tesla goes giga-shit and a novel crap alloy."The Steel Market Development Institute last month estimated OEMs revealed more than 65 vehicles containing advanced high-strength steel at 2018 auto shows nationwide, a report with ramifications for collision repair."

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    19 dagar sedan

    Insane or profoundly delusional?

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    19 dagar sedan

    Here is today’s other baffling science story: In its quest to save weight, Volkswagen is ripping aluminum out of plans and bills-of-material, to replace it - with steel. Not good old steel. They replace it with much better new steel. According to Reuters, “Volkswagen AG is using new high-strength steel to make cars lighter and comply with strict emissions rules, confounding forecasts that aluminum would be the metal of choice for reducing weight.” High tensile steel is up to six times stronger than conventional steel, and helped Volkswagen reduce the new Golf’s weight by about 100 kg, while also saving money. “Aluminum is about a third of the weight of conventional steel but costs three times as much,” says Reuters

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    19 dagar sedan

    Insane either way."The single-piece casting for Model Y will replace around 70 stampings, extrusions and castings that currently make up the same fabricated assembly in the Model 3, on which much of the Model Y is based. Musk described the Model 3’s rear structure as “a patchwork quilt - it’s not great. The complexity in the body shop is insane,” he said."

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    19 dagar sedan

    I have already appropriately dubbed it Humpty Fuckin' Dumbty.A couple inconveniently placed speed bumps,a two ton battery pack and junk."He said the current Tesla Model Y has “two of the biggest castings we’ve ever seen in a car. We’ve never seen them used in an automobile before of that size. There’s lots [of innovative aluminum applications] at Cadillac, BMW, Audi - they’ve all used castings. But nothing quite the size of this thing.” Munro also participated in the podcast in which Musk spoke of the coming single-piece casting. Moving to the “megacasting,” as Munro dubbed it, “definitely wins the prize,” he asserted. “That’s going to be the biggest casting for quite a while. Nobody’s exploring that.”

  • ksmith
    ksmith15 timmar sedan

    The giga casting is genius, forcing owners to pay dealer prices for relatively minor collision repairs. Another profit stream in the making.

  • Dennis Greaving
    Dennis Greaving2 dagar sedan

    Love my model Y LR AWD. It has precise handling, extreme acceleration, very roomy even for a tall guy like me. It costs about 3-4 times less to fuel than my wife's ICE car. The quiet power and regenerative braking is addictive and presents a luxury feel even with its modest interior. Tesla is so far ahead of the competition and is not resting on its laurels. They are opening additional service centers and adding more super chargers on a steady basis. With the new cast structures and new 46X80 batteries, they will be improving performance and reducing costs at the same time, unheard of with other auto producers.

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders Ljungberg3 dagar sedan

    Tesla 3 is not a sedan. a sedan that is for example like a Volvo s70 or a BMW 740 from 2001 that is what I call a sedan. something reminiscent of a half station wagon is not a sedan

  • Dave March
    Dave March8 dagar sedan

    "It's not breaking any laws of physics, like the Semi". ??? "It's not setting world records, like the Roadster". Roadster? What Roadster? And with the advent of the Model S "Plaid", there may never be a Roadster. And, by the way, I HATE this talk of one EV company CRUSHING another. In order to have good market penetration in the EV space, we will need a healthy assortment of companies replacing ICE BOXES with EVs. This is according to Elon himself !

  • Andrew Vader
    Andrew Vader13 dagar sedan

    It will be scary when the model y gets to 4680 battery it's going have nothing close

  • Bob Skeway
    Bob Skeway16 dagar sedan

    We plan to purchase another Model Y when the 4680 battery is available

  • Bob Skeway
    Bob Skeway16 dagar sedan

    we now own 2021 Model Y and plan to purchase another one with the 4680 battery and own two model Y's

  • Straight Whitemale
    Straight Whitemale20 dagar sedan

    You just know GM is going to abandon u.s.a.workers, especially union labor for Chinese. How else can they keep those huge compensation packages intact. Don’t buy Chinese cars with big GM badges buy American buy Tesla.

  • Straight Whitemale
    Straight Whitemale20 dagar sedan

    America’s elite the spoon fed upper management class has been getting its collective ass kicked by an Engineer. Should engineers be in charge and management moved down the corporate ladder. I am thinking down under accounting. Spoiled brats that are totally clueless way way overcompensated.

  • leenestle
    leenestle22 dagar sedan

    Super interesting. One item to note is depreciation is pure accounting rules driven, I personally don’t think it is a good measurement for unit economics.

  • Brian Mete
    Brian Mete22 dagar sedan

    crushed? steam rolled!

  • Dennis Donnelly
    Dennis Donnelly22 dagar sedan

    I have a performance Model Y. It is my first new car and is by FAR the best car I've ever owned.

  • America's Way Out
    America's Way Out22 dagar sedan

    Tesla will in the future develop or buy a battery technology that will be revolutionary, that battery will overcome the issue of batteries getting too hot, it will be so safe that a liquid component can be drunk without any adverse effect. They may already have the beginning technology but not yet making it known. Possibly the adding of a new under $20,000 cost car will be announced because the battery will be less costly to produce and at high volume, allow that saving along will more advanced tooling this price point making an EV competitive with gas-powered cars. The truck for the general market will also use this new battery technology.

  • M Engels
    M Engels26 dagar sedan

    Something to remember. Joe Biden and the liberals had little to nothing to do in Elon Musk’s and Tesla’s success. ***Tesla’s overwhelming success is because of trickle down economics; in which they were allowed to spend their tax money for growing the business as opposed to paying US taxes and congress giving that tax money as handouts for trickle up Obamanomics.

  • Bruce Snyder
    Bruce Snyder26 dagar sedan

    fantastic job. I rented a 2021 Model 3 and then a dual motor Model Y. I agree, the Y is going to be the #1 selling model on earth someday soon. I'm also on the edge of my seat to see the "Model 2".

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius27 dagar sedan

    Tesla will never be a world beater until it sorts out its service issues. Their approach to not allowing 3rd party repair will keep them from ever going mainstream against other makers. Once the hype and speculators sell their stock, Tesla will be just an OK car maker with sh*t service.

  • Engineering the weird guy

    Engineering the weird guy

    8 dagar sedan

    Why do people keep saying this? I live in Australia and you can go to the Tesla website and look at the locations of all approved 3rd party tesla repair centres which have been trained and accredited by Tesla.

  • Marcus Outdoors
    Marcus Outdoors28 dagar sedan

    I recently saw a dual motor model 3 in the flesh. Definitely better panel gaps than Porsche

  • TXLorenzo
    TXLorenzo28 dagar sedan

    The model Y will end up being the most sold E car in the world.

  • Frank Woodman Jr
    Frank Woodman Jr28 dagar sedan

    The long run up to finally get castings, new paint techniques, and 4680 batteries all up and working is close to here. When that all hits and both Berlin and Austin are running we will see Tesla become a shooting star..

  • Vociferon - Herald of the Winter Mists
    Vociferon - Herald of the Winter Mists29 dagar sedan

    Structural battery pack? Is it not replaceable?

  • rodrigo dezubiria
    rodrigo dezubiria29 dagar sedan

    Great video I ordered one for my wife Now saving for a model s for me Can’t wait to get them

  • Master Stacker
    Master StackerMånad sedan

    Tesla = hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype.

  • GameFilmHub
    GameFilmHubMånad sedan

    Are ?

  • Jonathan Shakespeare
    Jonathan ShakespeareMånad sedan

    I plan to get a blue Model Y next year to replace my Electric Ford Focus and as a place holder for the Cybertruck.

  • gliscameria
    gliscameriaMånad sedan

    Tesla is shit. It's a hype scam. If they were worth anything they would have ramped up model 3's, but they can't, because a model 3 would cost 250K+ without the subsidies and scams.

  • Masato Izumi
    Masato IzumiMånad sedan

    micron accuracy with aluminum casting. Sure..

  • John Herbert
    John HerbertMånad sedan

    Without "carbon credits" they are getting paid from the carbon energy industry that recharge these vehicles Tesla would be broke. The answer lies in partially in hybrids like the Prius, proven for 20 years in cars, 90 years in locomotives. Tesla is a millennial rocks star who will pay long term, as soon as these "kids" wise up.

  • dugfriendly
    dugfriendlyMånad sedan

    Still gonna crowd source quality. Typical Silicon Valley mentality.

  • Scott Christie
    Scott ChristieMånad sedan

    To each their own. I owned one and glad I sold it. It was garbage. I would like to see the Y quality improved from Austin, as mine had many panels misaligned and the overall driving was ok--but the range still not good on std. the UI is garbage and a royal PIA--not useful, constantly have to touch/look at the screen, warning bells on stupid things, can't just reach down and do something--have to ask it to do something or navigate screens. I went to a body shop and saw what happens if rear ended. The one-piece rear will cause many of these to be totaled easily. They don't know how to fix them. The economics are changing on EV's because they are purposely reducing ICE capacity, increasing cost and Biden is doing all he can to make gas $8/gallon. I am all for alternate energy, but the focus on EV is curious, but understandable. Use of hydrogen via fuel cell/amonia is a far better replacement for gas. When you buy a Y, you are at Elon's mercy & it will be outdated in 6 months. After what I went through, I will never own a Tesla again. I'll pay $8/gal and drive an old Nissan until i can't fix it or wait for Xpeng, Nio's. My old leafs were better, more useful but the range/battery life did them in. you will be much happier in a camry.

  • Bill Eldredge
    Bill EldredgeMånad sedan

    Thanks for the production on this. Not too fast, not slow in its presentation. No sound bed conflicting with your voice or for the viewers attention. Excellent breakdown of economics and production for a non-technical audience. Well done.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve SmithMånad sedan

    Price has to come below 30 grand and battery has to be over 600 miles for it to sell.

  • Marchant2
    Marchant2Månad sedan

    How do EV's help the environment? They still require fossil fuels to operate, and their batteries, which will end up in landfills, are as toxic as anything humans manufacture.

  • Marchant2


    Månad sedan

    @TMIO Tesla They're not recycled forever. And emissions are transferred from the vehicle to the power plant.

  • TMIO Tesla

    TMIO Tesla

    Månad sedan

    No the batteries are recycled, and it's really not even close between EVs and fossil fuels in terms of lifetime emissions including manufacturing.

  • Rife Kimler
    Rife KimlerMånad sedan

    This is a cult

  • Paul Budden
    Paul BuddenMånad sedan

    Elon is a con-man

  • Big Adventure
    Big AdventureMånad sedan

    Model Y will be the best selling car in the world. I predict a $39K MY with 300 miles of range by the end of next year.

  • Edward Andrade
    Edward AndradeMånad sedan

    My daughter has the model 3 and will be getting the model Y. Why does this guy talking sound so negative. This car broke the ice. This guy is doing what NASA couldn't do. What does that tell you

  • yankee mike2000
    yankee mike2000Månad sedan

    Is any American business thinking about building electrical kits that would replace combustion engines out of most cars and trucks currently being sold? Is our nation thinking seriously about an overall transition?

  • Hey Boomer
    Hey BoomerMånad sedan

    Good video - it avoids the often worshipful tone of many Tesla-related videos. One thing I wonder about is, how is the Model Y an SUV crossover? Looks like a hatchback sedan to me.

  • TMIO Tesla

    TMIO Tesla

    Månad sedan

    Thanks! I guess it's technically just a crossover since it's built on the same platform at their sedan. the outside of the Y looks similar, but it has 66 cubic feet of space. I drive a pretty large SUV, and the model Y has more space than my car.

  • Danny Fought
    Danny FoughtMånad sedan

    I really miss taking my camping gear to the car “dealerships” and spending the whole day there. Wait , let me get my manager they say. Tesla Y bought online, no salesman, priceless!

  • Jack Cox
    Jack CoxMånad sedan

    Already have one... saved my wife and I in a terrible collision with an old Ford Explorer. I will NEVER drive anything else.

  • Mohammad was illiterate
    Mohammad was illiterateMånad sedan

    Am planning on more shares

  • Kevin Zhu
    Kevin ZhuMånad sedan

    Model Y is the best car I ever owned by far. Love it!

  • Aheitchoo
    AheitchooMånad sedan

    Model Y long range RWD. We will get one once they get cheap.

  • Jon K
    Jon KMånad sedan

    Horribly dangerous battery pack and one of the ugliest cars on the road. Pontiac AZTEK looks better. You lemmings that buy Tesla BS are going to regret. Cooling issue with 2160 cells are going to look mild vs. the 4680 larger cell. Do some real research understand the recharge times and safety of Tesla maybe meets 2% of how typical vehicle owner NEEDS to use a vehicle. Wasted money, dangerous as hell - wait for solid state batteries !

  • TheLotw
    TheLotwMånad sedan

    I would get a Tesla if I could afford it, but so far its out of my reach by quite a lot.

  • TheLotw


    17 dagar sedan

    @John Brennan Hahahahaha it would be better then a car with who knows how much range is left thanks to questionable batteries.

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    18 dagar sedan

    @TheLotw I would rather you ride a bicycle.

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    18 dagar sedan

    @TheLotw Mobile bicycle mechanics are only charging $120 an hour now so why would I want to fix your new EV under warranty for free?

  • TheLotw


    18 dagar sedan

    @John Brennan Why would I want one of the worst electric cars? Also buying a used EV is not good advice, sure buy a used one for $4k then spend another $$6-$20k replacing the batteries.

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    18 dagar sedan

    You could buy a 2012 Nissan Leaf used for $4,000.

  • Juan Zingarello
    Juan ZingarelloMånad sedan

    I didn't realize the Model Y went on sale until I saw what I thought was a Model 3, took a closer look at it, and realized it has a taller roof than a typical Model 3. I also read they changed the tail lights on the Model Y to differentiate the Y from the 3.

  • gyhembree
    gyhembreeMånad sedan

    Model Y will be best seller

  • Adam Dominguez
    Adam DominguezMånad sedan

    Model Y paint has been eye-catching on the road

  • Cofal Over 9k
    Cofal Over 9kMånad sedan

    It is so funny... Tesla is dominating the car market... makes barely 500,000 cars a year. Toyota goes hold my beer with 20,000,000 cars a year followed by VAG or VW. So no Tesla is not dominating anything, have some good ideas, sure. But they still have not the less wire thing they bragged about. Also one cast, still waits to bee seen, its still one experimental stage.

  • Sam Segars
    Sam SegarsMånad sedan

    What is going on with the captions for this video?

  • Larry Long
    Larry LongMånad sedan

    I mostly drive alone by myself. I have a Model 3. I have never liked SUV's I like cars.

  • Dave
    DaveMånad sedan

    Teslas are just for rich people and has very little to do with the masses.

  • gsilva220
    gsilva220Månad sedan

    The giga-casting is nice and all, but even a minor fender bender will total these cars. It already happens today with the current models.

  • gsilva220
    gsilva220Månad sedan

    The end of ICE dominance will be when the cars cost the same or less to buy, are as repairable as ICE cars or more, and are able to charge within 300 seconds. However, all I see is an arms race of manufacturers making non-repairable cars with more and more batteries to give more range, more powerful motors to drag those batteries around, and bigger screens to justify the enormous price without the need for luxury materials. It's the same thing that happened in the early 1900's and ended EVs. If you say it won't happen again, Let me remind you EVs were 50% of the whole fleet back then.

  • gsilva220


    Månad sedan

    @Benjamin Morton A considerable amount of people use their vehicles for something else than exclusively commuting to work, and a high percentage of these people will easily beat 300 miles a day. If the battery lasts the whole day for them, but they forget to connect the charger at night, the car will be unusable for at least an hour the next day.

  • Benjamin Morton

    Benjamin Morton

    Månad sedan

    It is rare that someone needs more than 300 miles in a day. Charge at home overnight and charge time is essentially zero - charging is never something to worry about.

  • Benjamin WasHere
    Benjamin WasHere2 månader sedan

    Shout-Out to all the Trum-pets & Republican Isolationists doomsayers... Count Your Immigration, Paris-Accord, Democratic Party Blessings that People like Einstein and Elon Musk, IMMIGRANTS, came here "before You guys" made America Great Again. Making US a place to AVOID in pursuit of "A" Dream. AS IF (!) No one noticed that America was NOT "your land"...You are ALL Immigrants! Immigrants turned Hippocrates...alienating even Mexicans - who are the work force for the Country. Problem with the Authoritarian Republican attitude of worshipping a Fascists Trump Demagog is You no longer have a voice in the Government's Immigration, Climate Change or other policies through your wasted Vote for Republican Representatives; as they cower in fear of Your Demagod Master. Focused, not on any Policy that benefits US (because You take the rest of the Country down this Authoritarian Rule with You), but on not upsetting the Master. Their new job description addendum - boot, or other part, licker. In four years, how quick was He to follow the needs of the Uligarcial Class (Here and in Russia), adding trillions to the National Debt, giving tax breaks to the Rich, increasing the gap bet the Rich and Poor, isolating US from Foreign Immigration, strangling investment into Renewable Energy like Musk's Solar City...all in favor of his rich happy oil, coal, and gas friends. If not for "Immigrants" like Elon Musk, visionaries with a moral compass like AOC, and "just enough" Democrates to Vote Him out in 2020, our future would have forever been lost. The Great Experiment, kept alive through the deaths of hundreds of Millions in two World Wars, GIVEN AWAY so easily... Divide and Conquer! Use the Republican Vote to Vote in a Tyrant on the back of Freedom of Speech. Rather than the Dream of One Man, a Constituion Experiment, for a diverse People, United to be competitive against all who would want to trample on Us economically or otherwise - We would have become 2nd to China, and then third to India. The eloquently inscription for all Immigrants on Lady Liberty, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” replaced by the vile soup of Division feed by Fox News.... Thank goodness for Immigrants, that still believe in the American Dream... I'm jus sayin....

  • Arinbjorn J
    Arinbjorn J2 månader sedan

    I got one of the first Model Y's. It's amazing but my build quality was horrible. I had to take it in 5 times to get everything fixed right. I still have a wonky frunk and my hood looks dented and warped but they told me there's nothing they can do about it. They all have this issue. I've confirmed with each service rep that came to the house and at the shops I had to take it in to.

  • Arinbjorn J

    Arinbjorn J

    Månad sedan

    @William Wingo Once you drive one you quickly realize all other cars are pure scams. Research total cost of ownership. My Tesla is cheaper than a Honda Accord after 6 years.

  • William Wingo

    William Wingo

    Månad sedan

    @Arinbjorn J And may they bring you great joy.

  • Arinbjorn J

    Arinbjorn J

    Månad sedan

    @William Wingo 65,000. I wouldn’t change a thing. I will buy Tesla’s for life

  • William Wingo

    William Wingo

    Månad sedan

    " hood looks dented and warped but they told me there's nothing they can do about it. They all have this issue." And how much did you pay for this vehicle, again?

  • Jeffrey Baker
    Jeffrey Baker2 månader sedan

    Even as a Tesla owner and major enthusiast, I learned a ton of new stuff from this. Thank you!!

  • Michael Bartlett
    Michael Bartlett2 månader sedan

    So what about the power fade ? If you leave it alone fore a few days your battery may be dead and won't take the charge ? It that an concern ...

  • rodrigo dezubiria
    rodrigo dezubiria2 månader sedan

    Definitely 2 model y in my future

  • R Hassen
    R Hassen2 månader sedan

    All this brilliance and I can’t get Apple Carplay. Crazy or not, that’s a deal killer for me. Just do it already.

  • BezBog
    BezBog2 månader sedan

    The model Y is a fantastic machine but the design is Fugly. That’s the primary reason for not getting one yet.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M2 månader sedan

    I feel at home looking at Elon factories.

  • zZz
    zZz2 månader sedan

    52K for what looks like a less than 30k build, nty.

  • Melissa Patterson
    Melissa Patterson2 månader sedan

    I took delivery of my Tesla Long Range Model Y on 6/21/2021. Loving it.

  • Ralph Clark
    Ralph Clark2 månader sedan

    Lovely car except for the driver display. I need a proper cockpit instrument cluster, this just won’t do for me.

  • Shawn
    Shawn2 månader sedan

    Y is a like EV; however they are too expensive and many other models will compete and Y will fail long term.

  • Steve
    Steve2 månader sedan

    Teslas are so cheap to produce they have lost billions w/o subsidies

  • Steve
    Steve2 månader sedan

    What's amazing. Not a dime of profit without subsidies

  • Srikanth Gopalan

    Srikanth Gopalan

    2 månader sedan

    How about those huge gas tax subsidies that have been around for more than hundred years?

  • FastRedPonyCar
    FastRedPonyCar2 månader sedan

    I've had my Model 3 performance for just over 10,000 miles and it's been outstanding despite the severely lacking charging network in rural areas down here in the southeast. My lease is up in a little over 2 years and I'm excited to see where the Tesla technology is at (as well as the rest of the automotive industry). I'm anticipating quite a lot will have changed and I'll have a lot of things to consider when handing Tesla the key cards but right now, if I had to hand the car back over, I'd get the Y performance. The extra space, in hindsight, would have made a big difference for trips with 2 kids and dogs.

  • Glen Newell
    Glen Newell2 månader sedan

    Sounds a good idea: bang the front into a kerb and 'right off' the entire car. But 'right offs' appear to be a Tesla mantra - what do you think happens to battery at the end of its life - yes, you've got it. The eco credentials of this firm are laughable.

  • Tony Macaroni
    Tony Macaroni2 månader sedan

    U pronounce iron like i-run, instead of i-ern. I never heard that before. To me, your weird now. I can't help the way I feel. You could hire a narrator!

  • Shawn
    Shawn2 månader sedan

    You haven't seen anything yet. China will be exporting amazing EV's at much lower cost to the global market and you will see amazing vehicles that are much more impressive at much lower costs- better build quality and long range equals Tesla killer!

  • Shawn


    2 månader sedan

    Peter Smangaliso Ngoma . Yes, please read what I posted. Gross Profits are lower and with competitors starting to enter the market, GP will decrease further. It’s not a good situation for Musk. Read please. Argue facts.

  • Peter Smangaliso Ngoma

    Peter Smangaliso Ngoma

    2 månader sedan

    @Shawn No man, this time they are profitable even if you take out regulatory credits

  • Shawn


    2 månader sedan

    Peter Smangaliso Ngoma . I understand, read what I sent in my reply. Production is still not profitable. They are not making money from EV’s. I’m happy to see they are making money though.

  • Peter Smangaliso Ngoma

    Peter Smangaliso Ngoma

    2 månader sedan

    @Shawn am not talking about stock price. Am talking about profitability because it was your main concern

  • Shawn


    2 månader sedan

    @Peter Smangaliso Ngoma Fanboyts are so easy to accepted what they want to hear. If you are able to accept information to challenge your beliefs- here is what really is happening. It can not last! "Provided by Benzinga (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares were trading lower Tuesday despite the electric vehicle manufacturer reporting better-than-expected results for its fiscal year 2021 first quarter.

  • Thorolf Trønnes
    Thorolf Trønnes2 månader sedan

    Is giga Shanghai producing Tesla Y with gigapress casting front and back?

  • bob lewis
    bob lewis2 månader sedan

    Tesla is running on borrowed time. Ford's E-Mustang outselling gas Mustangs and trashed a Tesla head to head. VW (Porsche, Audi) is ramping up e-vehicles that will actually handle.

  • Rupert Murray
    Rupert Murray2 månader sedan

    I really don't think that the Model Y will crush European automakers, mainly because there is a much greater choice of EV's at lower price point and arguably better quality and finish (and yes this does really matter in certain markets) than the any of the Tesla range. Tesla remains an expensive EV choice - considerably more costly than they are in the USA. Currently the Zoe, was the top seller in 2020 and it looks as if the iD4 is topping the sales charts in Europe at the moment. Both are cheaper than the Model Y and price is arguably more important than clever engineering - the BMW i3 demonstrated that. Bear in mind that one of the top selling points of the Model 3 in the UK is the reliable charging infrastructure and this really was Tesla's masterstroke.

  • Hillslam
    Hillslam2 månader sedan

    As of July it was revealed Tesla STILL losing money on every unit they sell. They gotta start selling these for PROFIT. they gotta make their revenue off the product they sell. not by playing carbon regulatory markets and doing crypto currency investment shenanigans to stay in the black. gotta make money off the thing you make. come on tesla!

  • Rupert Murray

    Rupert Murray

    2 månader sedan

    I imagine that its one of the reasons behind this massive drive to reduce production costs. It also probably means that the price of the finished product won't reduce much/if at all. Out of my price range and despite all the hype, and quasi religious fervour surrounding Tesla, its a car all said and done and I wouldn't stretch myself financially to get one, no matter how good it is - house and family come first.

  • Kae Irena SLP
    Kae Irena SLP2 månader sedan

    Ordered a Model y- Oct delivery!

  • David Denley
    David Denley2 månader sedan

    Good News items, thank you.

  • kiritoavs
    kiritoavs2 månader sedan

    Can't wait for the model Y to be sold in ireland, I'm getting that once I can

  • Malcolm Rowley
    Malcolm Rowley2 månader sedan

    Nice to see all these Model Y's being ordered. Yay Tesla stop prices. I haven't bought a new car in almost 20 years. I'll watch long term reliablity, wait for local repair shops to come on board and see long term battery degridation life. Maybe I'll pick up one of yours in a couple..🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Max Meier
    Max Meier2 månader sedan

    This great design with much fewer parts also has the great potential to become irrepairable in many more instances because of structural damage that cant be fixed without exchanging the whole one-piece design.

  • Michael L Stuart
    Michael L Stuart2 månader sedan

    The video narrator said twice that Tesla has not started deliveries of Model Y standard range. Model Y standard range vehicles were already offered in January 2021. They stopped offering them 3 weeks later. Luckily my wife got one at the $37,990 price. Also, narrator never states that ARK is a HUGE investor in Tesla stock and holds long positions. Hardly non-biased research.

  • ryan hanrahan
    ryan hanrahan2 månader sedan

    Here in the US, next vehicle for our family will be Model Y. Have had the order screen up for the last 3 months. Have been waiting for the infrastructure bill and EV tax credit to get passed before buying.

  • Patrick OBrien
    Patrick OBrien2 månader sedan

    I would love to see some more colors, especially a light green, blue, or Aqua blue/green.

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard2 månader sedan

    I have a model Y early version. Its color is white and white and white. The body is white, bumpers are another version of white, and the front trunk is yet a different version of white. Best car that I have ever owned.

  • runner7395
    runner73952 månader sedan

    Wife and I just ordered one, "should" get it in about 3 months. My first non SUV in 35 years, can't wait to get it!

  • all things electric
    all things electric2 månader sedan

    this video is awful. you seem to have very little understanding of the economics of OEM and the technology tesla uses. at about 3 mins you talk about how it reduces mass 10% yet this only results in a 14% improvement (which is debatable) regardless its a linear relationship and normal incremental improvement. im not going to waste my time typing too much but it just gets worse from here. panasonics own documents show they wont even be prototyping the 4680 until middle of next year, if they can make it work. if they can make it work which is also debatable panasonic has agreed to licence to anyone else. in other words tesla has no IP. its just more elon vapourware. this guy is a first class con man. that is all. the real OEMs have arrived and they know how to build cars economically not by juicing numbers with ZEV credits which will evapourate now they have arrived. seriously you are a fanboi and in a cult. its sad. i was too until his fraudulent acquisition of Solarcity. you need to see with your own eyes. i cannot convince you that you are cult member. please do better. this video is an embarrassment.

  • Ric Wilmot
    Ric Wilmot2 månader sedan

    I want the S but my money says I’ll get the Y

  • Green Man Productions
    Green Man Productions2 månader sedan

    Instead of prices dropping like everyone keeps talking about, they just keep going up. If he would produce a nicely equipped model Y and sell it for $40K, this is when things would blow up for him way more than they already are. People would flock to get his product.

  • L vonende
    L vonende2 månader sedan

    What is the carbon footprint of a Tesla plant after sourcing raw materials, the cost of transforming them, transporting them, find and employing people, the cost of maintaining a facility, maintaining the workforce; healthcare, transportation, feeding, housing, advertising...wouldn't it be better if we just all "stayed at home"? Forget about cars at all. If you want to save the planet just don't move.

  • Lauri Koskinen
    Lauri Koskinen2 månader sedan

    No it won't crush the European competitors. Europeans like smaller cars, like the Renault Zoe. Probably the Model 3 will stay the best-selling Tesla in Europe.

  • Mark Wilton
    Mark Wilton2 månader sedan

    Legacy ice car makers have left it too little to late, just look at the Vw and ford options, they are a generations behind already.

  • Maurice DeGroff
    Maurice DeGroff2 månader sedan

    He will be very intimidating to the European continent and especially in the United States but he’s not gonna crash

    DNL DNL3 månader sedan

    If build quality goes up and price come dow. 10k per car the they win

  • Tesla Trekker
    Tesla Trekker3 månader sedan

    Tesla’s margins are about to shock the markets!

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo573 månader sedan

    Well, I might buy a few

  • Louis Morejohn
    Louis Morejohn3 månader sedan

    These economics are exciting, not frightening.

  • Robert Davis II
    Robert Davis II3 månader sedan

    I read all of these comments about how great the electric vehicle is, but coming from a semi-rural citizen of eastern NC, there are just too many miles and not enough charging capacity infrastructure, especially for the quantity of people who are forced to rent living accommodations, because of the lack of affordable housing to purchase. That doesn't factor in the higher utility costs of electricity, because of the many small-town municipalities who've developed a monopoly as the sole provider.

  • Sewcrates
    Sewcrates3 månader sedan

    I've got a model Y. Best car I've owned and I have owned a lot of cars. ICE models are going the way of the horse and buggy, though most people just don't know it yet. EVs in general (I previously owned a Nissan Leaf), and especially Teslas, are so far superior it is mind-blowing.

  • Sewcrates


    3 månader sedan

    Apparently you didn't notice how I said ICE models meaning cars. Of course internal combustion isn't going anywhere, only an imbicile would misinterpret what I said as meaning that. Go buy an EV then try to tell me ICE cars aren't doomed.