The (almost) Complete History of World of Warcraft


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    If the audio is too fast, I recommend setting the custom speed to 0.9, it slows me down a bit without making me sound drunk like 0.75 does. Enjoy!

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    Its not the matter that you speak fast but its you speak not clearly. Should try to practice speaking more

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    Im not a native english guy. I think I will postpone this vid until I am more familiarized with english :D

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    This is crazy good. Any chance I you have the script in a document? I want my father to read this; he’d appreciate the fantasy and the humor, but he’s definitely too old to sit and watch a video with video game characters in it. Lol. Maybe I can slow it and just use audio. But if you got the script, let me know.

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    actually you were speaking too slow so I set it to 2.0! *queue Deja VU*

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    my dude, closed captions are a blessing to those of us with autism and who are deaf and we love your every second of work for us. Bless you, fren.

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    this was very amusing

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    Man you talk fast

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    2 minutes in and i'm already lost

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    Thanks! I didn't follow any of that!

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    Darrowshire launch 30 july. vanilla wow server with old pre nerf AV +++

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    I recolored the blood elf crest to blue In 2008 and it spread like fucking wild fire lol

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    this is incomplete...where are the Defias? im trying to find information on the Defias for my upcoming movie

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    Odds are cancelled due to lawsuit

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    Set play speed to 0.75x. that's the key

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    Teacher, slow down, please!

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    so when someone wears the helm of dom, does ner’zhul’s personality take over or just influence them? also how did alternate gul’dan know who illidan was

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    Me after this video: 👁️👄👁️

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    The story ends at LK's final fall. After that nothing really matters

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    watching this on .55x speed is hilarious

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    Great video, thank you.

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    So what happen after that?

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    I mean... why Sylvanas? WHY???


    *Final Fantasy XIV - BEST MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - BEST MMORPG* *Final Fantasy XIV - BEST MMORPG*

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    too bad the shadowlands story is garbage.

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    2/10 not enough Stupid Sexy Wrathian.

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    Who else misses the Legion?

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    So the horde and alliance are boys now? I’m sure I missed something

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    I feel that as the franchise progresses, the writers of WoW gradually shifts from high fantasy into the realms of magic mushroom fantasies.

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    I was expecting a much better lore from WoW but I think I was wrong... Its so complicated and includes so much nonsense paradoxes.. Everything just happend for... ANYWAYS.. WTF.... Video is really good though Nice Job :)) and I really love WoW (The Game, not that much THE Lore tho LOL )

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    They can't get past this GAHAAHAAHAHAHAA

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    I want to get into wow so bad but blizzard makes it so hard

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    This is a little fast for me to understand so I played it in .75 speed and it sounds like you’re flooding saliva lol😂

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    This feels like a fever dream

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    I am sitting in this medical office rapping my brain around the first 2 minutes. So each planet is called a soul which has a titan who finds other Titans that made squirrels and deer turn into trolls after turning Uldaman characters into Dwarves and gnomes.

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    So the Uldaman bosses ended up becoming our own gnomes and dwarves from the beginning. But if they came from the beginning then how can the first made gnome or dwarf run Uldaman unless that’s them!!! *BRAINSPLOSION*

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    You really can not speek faster ???

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    Imagine a warcraft movie with player characters 😂

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    Damn Sylvannas was worse than garrosh.

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    This is the most in-depth lore explanation for the history of warcraft that I have seen on youtube. You covered just about everything. Well done.

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    YAY you speak fast. I LOVE that.

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    I’ve played until the end of Cataclysm. For me the story makes perfect sense up until that point. Than from MoP-onwards I get so confused. I still don’t get why both Garrosh and Sylvannas went to the bad side all of the sudden. Let along all the stuff that happened on the Alliance side (as former Horde player)

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    Is too fast for a non english speaker

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    i only played Warcraft 3 never wow hard to imagine the litch king is nothing but a orc turned into a helmet always thought he was the the number 1 badass villain

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    Knowing all this somehow makes playing WoW worse. As with the Kingdom Hearts series, understanding the story of (World of) Warcraft is a feat that is just not worth the effort.

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    i just watched the 2016 movie on netflix, i have never seen anything about warcraft, i just wanted to know what was that cube, monolith thing. What the actual fuck

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    WoW 0_0

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    Wait, who is the bad guy again?

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    That is soooooooooooooo much lore And I like it clap clap 👏 clap clap 👏

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    This is genius

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    Hey has anyone tried this? ULTIMATE in-game guide to reach the highest level

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    UNBELIEVABLE VID! Great job!

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    At .5 speed... its like hearing stories from Grandpa... I'll sharpen my sword just in case of an attack.

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    arthas is still the best king and if somehow he comeback i wonder what the forsaken will feel pretty sure most will feel fear but what about the others?

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    Isn't this a platinum wow video?

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    This video is perfect except the ongoing ending of the afterlife with a fricking crown sylvannas should die for this now

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    Take a breath fff

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    "Once they have the book they summon Kel'Thuzad who builds a sandcastle and punches it, destroying Dalaran"

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    This is so great 😂😂😂😂

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    "A fat goat" He's not a goat, he's a bastard and we love him

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    Illidan promises he's done consuming demonic power to stop the legion. *Illidan then promptly consumes more demonic power to stop the legion.* My goodness, you mad man.

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    i love how the champions of azeroth keep bullying every villain

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    Rappers eminem is too afraid to diss

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    WoW has taught us some invaluable writting lesson: 1- Don’t mess with space travel in a medieval-character centered setting, it just complicates things unnecessarily. 2- Don’t revive characters like nothing, it just destroys any kind of impact about any sacrifices/won battles on the future. 3- Don’t mess with time travel, it completely destroys logic on a setting. 4- Know when to end your story, any good story HAS to end. 5- Think about the good sake of your story/setting first and then about the money, having a full good story ended is a thousand times better than prolonging it just to make easy bucks, later you can make new settings (maybe similar but independent of last one) to make your profit instead of tarnishing your own name by being mediocre and greedy by milking a single one. 6- Don’t mess with a franchise loved by your audience. Warcraft was fucking awesome and needed to end 10 years ago by stopping completely the legion and Sargeras, instead we got stupidity and nonsense which now tarnished any logic, sacrifice or epic moment that happened in the franchise before (Grom sacrifice was damn awesome but now is meaningless because oops! the orcs did it again; Arthas was one of the best fallen from grace villain that I’ve ever seen but now it is just like another defeated random boss that didn’t mean anything later; the world tree being destroyed also was a great sacrifice for the night elves but now it is only one of the countless magical wells that can be built again and again with seemingly ease). Conclusion: Please retcon everything after TFT… we only need a nice Warcraft 4 and maybe an expansion to end the storyline rightly…

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    I literally laughed out loud. Awesome editing 👌😂 20:35

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    finally after almost 10 years of being into this game i understand what the fuck is going on

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    the dead chandelier part killed me, good work

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    I don't play WoW but the lore is so interesting and your story telling is great!

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    Is this gonna be on the test

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    Azshara: I should have not made deals with mysterious evils *N'zoth comes and changes her mind* also funny when he turned her into naga she said Sweet xd

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    Now I dont have to buy any of the original warcrafts :)

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    i liked the recap but god damn do you talk fast. i don't know if that was for a joke or something but god it was so hard to listen to. please speak like a normal person next time and reupload.

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    Thank you captions! I'll be honest understanding this is the same as Math

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    u going to do an updated version of this


    #GGROSETV thanks you for this education

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    Seriously well done, this really clears up a lot for me

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    23:13 Ha! Cool Dan!

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    "We can kill old gods, but the Titan's can't , because reasons" No line has ever been more true, or more confusing LOL

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    Tolkien copy CHECK

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    "And that's the History of WoW..." Me:😮,still didn't get it.Welp time to rewatch for the 4th time.

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    Just about everything in this video was hilarious, but I LOST it at "And the secret ingredient is RACISM."

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    “So we’re about to kill ourself to beat up the grim reaper, and that’s the history of WoW.” Roles credits Me: Did we win?

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    A Guy copied ur whole video and just translated in in german. watch?v=9KUJyr9RokQ

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    The Warcraft movie was faithful to its source material.. sadly it was not executed very well.

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    2004: level of edginess : 0% 2020: level of edginess : 200%. Its all about edge. Like "This power will be your prison"... "this world is a prison"... "and I will set us all free" > proceeds to be capable to destroy lich king by her bare hands, as if that would really work. The amount of pure and unrefined cringe is... Seems legit if you are 12y old, has 12 iq or never heard of any Greek philosopher.

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    Haha they butcherd the lore, what a shame

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    Now, as a harder, or simple request: For beggining, I'm a wow fan, but I started playing from start, saying classic version , and I want to play till Shadowlands Can someone advice me how to take quests in order correctly, so I will be in a perfect timeline Lets say I started with BC time-line. Maybe with not so much spoilers, but for me to understand how to play Wow correctly, can someone telll Please