The 2021 Tesla Giga Press Update Is Here!

The 2021 Tesla Giga Press Update Is Here! The Idra Giga Press Machines used by Tesla are revolutionizing the auto manufacturing industry and a new 9,000 ton giga press appears to be coming... could it be for a fully casted $25,000 tesla?

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  • The Tesla Space
    The Tesla Space4 månader sedan

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  • Oliver Kolb

    Oliver Kolb

    4 månader sedan

    @oldplucker1 false blackbear.

  • oldplucker1


    4 månader sedan

    Is The Tesla Space linked to Tesla in any way?

  • junjie romero
    junjie romero2 månader sedan

    Elon Musk is unstoppable

  • Myrslokstok
    Myrslokstok2 månader sedan

    +++ Olso less quality controll, less stuff that can go wrong. --- Repair after colision, but it is stiff and hard so maybe you are hurt a lot by then.

  • Myrslokstok
    Myrslokstok2 månader sedan

    Ok I get it he is probably complicated to work for, but imagine him runing a country, Musk for president.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela3 månader sedan

    I LOVE SPACEX.!! we visited the the site last was so awesome.. i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the mean time..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well.😀💚😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELON.

  • Martin Verrisin
    Martin Verrisin3 månader sedan

    so... its' not steel, it's aluminium based? does that need quenching and tempering etc? is the machine doing it? .... I'm so confused how can they just mold metal, that ends up with good physical properties... (I know very little about making metal things, but from the little I know, all this kind of sounds like magic...)

  • Martin Verrisin

    Martin Verrisin

    3 månader sedan

    partially Never mind, I guess they can just take the whole thing, and put in an oven next to the press, etc...

  • Martin Verrisin

    Martin Verrisin

    3 månader sedan

    I mean, small thin pieces of metal, I can see it working for, but .... whatever, I just know shit :D

  • Martin Verrisin
    Martin Verrisin3 månader sedan

    "turbulence in the flow of metal" ... I'm just letting it sink in again...

  • Hans Vetter
    Hans Vetter3 månader sedan

    The "effectiveness" of casting should become obvious after crash tests ... in terms of users safety and repair friendliness of such crashed Tesla car(s) ... and longterm stability or robustness like (little?) cracks because of aging is the next aspect ... ;-) ... but in all cases i am really impressed with the speed of innovation at Tesla ... ! ...

  • Matthew AA04
    Matthew AA043 månader sedan

    I think they are going to press starship parts eventually.

  • Graham Dawes
    Graham Dawes4 månader sedan

    Repairability is going to be the big problem, a smack in the rear breaks the casting and goodbye car, insurers will run into the distance at the prospect of total write off for minor crash, unless there are going to be parts able to be welded into place. I would love to be involved with these ideas and company. The bigger casting will maybe need a multi-point injection mould an press to do it.

  • Doc DuMont
    Doc DuMont4 månader sedan

    Great production. But PLEASE! The past tense of "cast" is "cast", not "casted". One of the first uses of aluminum in structural work was the frame and skins of the Zephyrs, railroad trains in the 30s. I believe BUDD called it "shotwelding". Nowadays you hear of it as "spot welding", in aluminum as well as steel. Pioneered by the BUDD company. You can easily weld aluminum using TIG wedeing techniques. One needs a little training on operating TIG or MIG welders, but the bond is just as strong as a steel welded joint. That is, the bond is as strong or stronger than the original metal.

  • Peter Helander
    Peter Helander4 månader sedan

    9k IDRA is NOT for Tesla!

  • charles stevens
    charles stevens4 månader sedan

    The downside is the unemployed robots 🤖.

  • J Mack
    J Mack4 månader sedan

    The 9k IDRA press-to-come will make Tesla’s new soon-to-come $25k vehicle…

  • Ernie Latham-Brown
    Ernie Latham-Brown4 månader sedan

    Nice job covering these advantages...are you an engineer??

    MUSTAFA MELİH KADIOĞLU4 månader sedan

    IMO,the casting of the whole body is not suitable for the outside panels which are very important for esthetic reasons .(especially the roof panel is very important).But the side panels( left and right lateral frame of the body )can be made by casting ..By doing so,they could save some 200 robots in plus..To cast these parts are simple and easier than the others.Imagine how much is incredible and easy to assemble the body frame of the car at Body in White Section!

  • Sam Featherstone
    Sam Featherstone4 månader sedan

    He needs to shift his manufacturing from China before it ruins the projects due to geopolitical stressors

  • Wong Alex
    Wong Alex4 månader sedan

    if tesla can finish the car model in one piece, they can just put a gasoline engine in it. So even toyota can't compete for their price.

  • Neeraj Tulsian
    Neeraj Tulsian4 månader sedan

    Click bait as the video spent most of the time rehashing general Tesla information and the last few minutes dedicated to the new machine does not give any new useful information other than what is already known, i.e. one line of useful information. I want the last 15 minutes of my life back :)

  • Jerry L
    Jerry L4 månader sedan

    China will steal their IP.

  • Redsaturn
    Redsaturn4 månader sedan

    I notice here that people do not fully understand or appreciate what this actually means. Let me just beging to paint the picture I see. Better handling, further range, faster 0-60, higher top speed, less robots, faster production, less costs. What else am I missing?

  • David Bonetti
    David Bonetti4 månader sedan

    With all this, I'm left asking myself what the plan is here with the Model 3. Is it also planed to go with structural battery pack and therefore in 3 separate pieces? I haven't heard anything on the model 3 plans so far and its mysterious to me what they have in store for that car.

  • Mr Money Hacks
    Mr Money Hacks4 månader sedan

    They're making it in China?? ...aaaaand it's gone.

  • willard kurisa
    willard kurisa4 månader sedan

    How will this be a good thing on repairing a damaged car?

  • Steve Campkin
    Steve Campkin4 månader sedan

    If we’re all getting replaced by robots we need a Universal Basic Income.

  • nevadaxtube
    nevadaxtube4 månader sedan

    The parts are "cast" not "casted".

  • John Nemesh
    John Nemesh4 månader sedan

    My guess is the 9000 press is for the Tesla Semi.

  • BIt&binary
    BIt&binary4 månader sedan

    only 29,000 people have educated them self. yet we have over billions of investors putting their money on this Company and have not educated themself about Tesla technology. sad but true.

  • Tony Quichocho
    Tony Quichocho4 månader sedan

    I gave you a thumbs-down for poor grammar. "IDRA" & "TESLA" are singular entities, while the "people at" [INSERT ENTITY NAME] are plural or many entities. Your grammatical errors are pervasive & inconsistent (i.e. RUILI GROUP is presented in the singular - which is correct; then you correctly say "they" and use the proper verb with their action). I was so distracted, I could not follow your important content. Language is such an inefficient way to communicate as it is. Please do not muddy it further with bad syntax.

  • Jake Says
    Jake Says4 månader sedan

    You mention that there's no downside to doing a giga press... that's debatable. It's a single point of failure. Repairing a press is not simple or even quick, depending on what failed, replacing a welding robot on an assembly line is a single shift of downtime (or less). I'd still say that on the balance it's a risk factor well worth taking, but it's not a negligible risk either.

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox4 månader sedan

    Thank you!

  • Dwight Vietzke
    Dwight Vietzke4 månader sedan

    A lot of speculation going on here, and not a lot of real technological expertise behind it. Not saying it's a bad video, some info is dead on, and some is just relatively uneducated guessing. The slant is a little awe struck with the manufacturing, like no one has ever done any of this before. Tesla might be leading in some of these technologies, but they were all developed somewhere prior to Tesla's existence. Now all Tesla has to do is make a profit selling cars.

  • Andrew Zea
    Andrew Zea4 månader sedan

    Tesla tequila 😂

  • machoopichoo2
    machoopichoo24 månader sedan

    No surprise, at all, if many parts are bonded ("glued") or attached with VHB (very high bond (or is that BONG?)) tape. Boeing had been gluing together planes for decades, and now with widespread use of composites, welding is impossible and riveting silly...the composites need to be glued.

  • netsrac cjf
    netsrac cjf4 månader sedan

    But is this really a good idea ? Yes it will make manufacturing easier, but what if you have a minor or even big accident ? You can just replace a part today but with the whole chassis beeing just one big part in case of a bigger accident your car is done ! In case of just a minor but unpleasant dent you will have to patch it up, which won't look very good on an expensive car ! Insurance prices will skyrocket !

  • Blinka Bot
    Blinka Bot4 månader sedan

    Wow. Thanks

  • Gabor Mark
    Gabor Mark4 månader sedan

    Gigapress for the Semi... would love to see that, but the small Tesla being casted in one peace. Priceless

  • Dick Pilz
    Dick Pilz4 månader sedan

    A problem with most aluminum die casting is the molds are primarily made from steel. Aluminum can dissolve in steel and vice versa. Eventually, the steel cracks. Think of trying to cast ice cubes in a mold made of rock candy. The molds have to be replaced eventually, and mold lifetime is inversely proportional to mold complexity. Mold design can be tougher than rocket science.

  • Dick Pilz
    Dick Pilz4 månader sedan

    Over 30 years ago, I had die cast parts made with A369 aluminum alloy. It was originally developed for come-along gears. Parts made with this alloy are twice as tough as most die cast aluminum alloys (less brittle), better corrosion resistance, and weldable, which most die cast alloys aren't. My use case required it to be crash resistant. I would not be surprised if Tesla's patented alloy was inspired by A369.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim4 månader sedan

    Great analysis!

  • Gideon Cloza
    Gideon Cloza4 månader sedan

    14:11 its gonna be a very complex process to pull of, it won't cum easy!

  • Richard Gavel
    Richard Gavel4 månader sedan

    So when are we going to news of the Tera Press that will used to create Starships? :)

    MOJO MYNDST84 månader sedan

    Down side is repairing this when it crashes

  • Dóra Dávid
    Dóra Dávid4 månader sedan

    Elon Musk

  • Mile Kragulj
    Mile Kragulj4 månader sedan

    Unbelievable. Every car producer has that press. What are you trying to achieve? You can't make car without that press.

  • scanspeak00
    scanspeak004 månader sedan

    I wonder how it performs in a crash and the insurance consequences. Lower production costs but higher repair costs.

  • Len Gould

    Len Gould

    3 månader sedan

    Repair should be faster and cheaper, if possible at all in either method of construction. No reason at all that core structural damage is any easier to fix with 70 pieces than with one piece

  • brybish
    brybish4 månader sedan

    This is amazing the technology the question I have Tesla why is my rear light lens full of condensation?

  • Len Gould

    Len Gould

    3 månader sedan

    Some Tesla hater drilled a hole in it?

  • RTD
    RTD4 månader sedan

    Bottom line: Tesla can make more cars faster and with higher quality by using casting machines rather than welded/glued parts.

  • Mbongeni Nyathi
    Mbongeni Nyathi4 månader sedan

    I think that 9000ton press could be used for a mini van...

  • MPunkt PPunkt
    MPunkt PPunkt4 månader sedan

    It's not just a win-win. The other manufacturers are loosing.

  • MPunkt PPunkt

    MPunkt PPunkt

    4 månader sedan

    @netsrac cjf I thinks that's why Tesla is deploying its own insurance.

  • netsrac cjf

    netsrac cjf

    4 månader sedan

    That all depends on how insurance prices will develop !

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpe4 månader sedan

    Dr Elon Musk, the new Leonardo Da Vinci, thanks to his visions and achievements, will take us into the most unthinkable future humanity will be forever grateful to him the fox

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  • Mario Escalona
    Mario Escalona4 månader sedan

    I am not sure the 8000 press is for cibertruck. I think the structure for the battery pack is an even bigger part.

  • John
    John4 månader sedan

    hey bud. you created an excellent vid here. first, no annoying background music. u keep the entire vid so interesting. you're informative, and keep it moving at a good pace. well done!!!. thnx for this.

  • R Gerald Alexander
    R Gerald Alexander4 månader sedan

    The upcoming model 2 might be made with a giant single piece cast undercarriage. Now robots will be losing their jobs.

  • MPunkt PPunkt

    MPunkt PPunkt

    4 månader sedan

    Poor little robots.

  • Rishi Ramkissoon
    Rishi Ramkissoon4 månader sedan

    Holy crap..thats crazy.Tesla wanted a custom press!..amazing tech

  • UPstater5.9
    UPstater5.94 månader sedan

    I work at a plant that finishes aluminum coils for tesla and other OEMs. Pretty neat

  • EagleT Vlogs
    EagleT Vlogs4 månader sedan

    no capp

  • rgt llc
    rgt llc4 månader sedan

    Each die for stamping sheet metal car parts costs millions. Say your fender mould - a car needs two - one for right one for left, costs millions. Elon is ELIMINATING THOSE PARTS/DIES process, transport, handling etc

  • Simply Human
    Simply Human4 månader sedan

    Look up the meaning of the word "THEORY"

  • Simply Human
    Simply Human4 månader sedan

    Anyone else that buys gigapress will have to engineer their own alloy or license the patent from Tesla.

  • Be Nice
    Be Nice4 månader sedan




    4 månader sedan

    Is dogshit :)

  • M.
    M.4 månader sedan

    god please give me a Tesla!!!

  • bob along
    bob along4 månader sedan

    could someone tell me how these pressed car frames are cooled down enough for the staff assembly line workers to get near them to fasten other parts like the doors and seats . a throughput number of a press is also asked for

  • Dana Peck

    Dana Peck

    4 månader sedan

    check the IDRA website, pretty quick process

  • Mariusz Kozłowski

    Mariusz Kozłowski

    4 månader sedan

    Not that fast. Some parts of the cast are probably need to be milled, threaded by CNC machines before it goes to assembly.

  • Bernard Donnelly
    Bernard Donnelly4 månader sedan

    9k press is for Starship 2.0

  • Virtual Willis
    Virtual Willis4 månader sedan

    I'm always trying to perfect my English, does the word "cast" need an "ed" at the end when he uses it in this video? Is it: "This Tesla frame was cast in a gigantic press." Or is it: "This Tesla frame was casted in a gigantic press."

  • Nathaniel James

    Nathaniel James

    4 månader sedan

    Past tense of cast is cast. Casted is not a word.

  • J Bell
    J Bell4 månader sedan

    I wonder why Tesla didn’t acquire Idra.

  • Donald Espeut
    Donald Espeut4 månader sedan

    And so everyone else is asleep. What an idiot.

  • Lucas lacasse
    Lucas lacasse4 månader sedan

    Hey can you please do a video on his idea of building a gigafactory in Russia

  • david cohen
    david cohen4 månader sedan is it for tesla?

  • Mathis Kautz
    Mathis Kautz4 månader sedan

    Cool conzept but if you make everything out of one piece, wouldn't it make it harder to repair?

  • Mathis Kautz

    Mathis Kautz

    4 månader sedan

    ​@UniTrader Actually it is not considered to be totall loss. It is usally the question how bad the frame is damaged. So I thought that a frame out of more than one piece would be more flexibile.

  • UniTrader


    4 månader sedan

    Currently they make only the Frame with this method, and if that gets damaged in *any* Car it is considered a total loss, so the question of repair is kinda moot...

  • Mika Filtenborg
    Mika Filtenborg4 månader sedan

    TSLA to the Moon year 2022-2025!!!!

  • A Hammadi
    A Hammadi4 månader sedan

    The 9000 giga press will produce more giga press 👀

  • The Tesla Space

    The Tesla Space

    4 månader sedan

    You good sir, are a genius

  • Shishir Agrawal
    Shishir Agrawal4 månader sedan

    A crazy guess. The 9000 tonne press could be produced for single piece casting for the 25k model.

  • Johan Nel
    Johan Nel4 månader sedan

    Thanks! Love your channel 👍

  • Joshua Self
    Joshua Self4 månader sedan

    $25,000 Tesla model that's been spoken of? I think 🤔 the mega press could be for that model, & or the cyber truck/Semi. Knowing Tesla & the love of Modular /Ahead of it's time style ... I am proposing the possibility that the press will be like a modular unit with multiple capabilities

  • rgaud8


    4 månader sedan

    It will probably be a mostly dedicated machine to a specific part. Changing out the mold is no easy or quick endeavor, even for much smaller plastic injection. If it works well, they will most likely be getting more for the various models. My take at least.

  • 1981jwb
    1981jwb4 månader sedan

    where is de update?

  • Brian Arnold
    Brian Arnold4 månader sedan

    I think you need to actually do some research before you complete such reports

  • G.i. Samurai
    G.i. Samurai4 månader sedan

    Why am I getting Skynet vibes with the Idra Giga Press? Awesome content; new subscriber!!

  • Graham Monk
    Graham Monk4 månader sedan

    You don't seem to understand the casting process. When IDRA talks about 6,000, 8,000, or 9,000 tons, they refer to the clamping force holding the dies together. The aluminum is not a molten "goo" it's fully liquid, because it is slammed into the mould in milliseconds. Most of the clips you used when talking about Tesla's new alloy, are the reels of aluminum used in stamping out model S bodies. The model Y will not use 3 castings, the centre section is not cast, it is a steel box surrounding the batteries which are epoxied so as to make the whole thing one structural element. You say there are 3 of the 6,000 ton presses in existance, there are in fact 9. 2 in Fremont, 3 in Shanghai, and 2 each in Austin, and Berlin.IDRA has built at least one 8,000 ton press in Italy, which is for the Cybertruck, my guess is it's on a ship right now. The 9,000 ton press is not built by IDRA, but by LK tech, who are IDRA's parent company, who have said Tesla is not their customer for it. That's not to say that Tesla won't buy one, or one even bigger, if they do try to cast the planned smaller car in one piece. According to Sandy Munro, in the model Y, each casting saves around 300 robots, and 30% of production line space. The savings are enormous, as it also means there is a corresponding decrease in the need for stamped parts. With the structural battery pack, the chassis is far, far stiffer, which gives better handling, and the car is more accurately built.

  • Ernie Latham-Brown

    Ernie Latham-Brown

    4 månader sedan

    Thanks for your extra good detail Graham...I’m a mechanical engineer and do see some gaps in the video but in general for non engineering types this is not bad

  • machoopichoo2


    4 månader sedan

    Great detailed response. I was just going to comment on the video that I doubted the Model A (or whatever the ultra low cost Tesla city car will be called), is unlikely to have its entire frame/skateboard cast in one piece, since the middle section will likely be a structural battery pack that eliminates the need for a cast center.

  • Blinka Bot

    Blinka Bot

    4 månader sedan

    True. It take few days to make a video. from concept to gather info and the making of it all. Elon time and Web time might catch you. good review

  • 陳正全


    4 månader sedan

    explaining very professional

  • Dana Peck

    Dana Peck

    4 månader sedan

    Thanks, helpful commentary. IDRA/LK are amazing. Same for Geico paint shop technology. Italian tech leading the way

  • Sudheer Aggarwal
    Sudheer Aggarwal4 månader sedan

    I think one piece bottom of car will not be casted. It has to be three

  • Sudheer Aggarwal
    Sudheer Aggarwal4 månader sedan

    It seems you mixed up body with car base structure

  • Sudheer Aggarwal
    Sudheer Aggarwal4 månader sedan

    9000 ton may be for semi

  • Mika Filtenborg

    Mika Filtenborg

    4 månader sedan

    Or 25000$ car, coming year 2023

  • Brett Williams
    Brett Williams4 månader sedan

    All them pore robots loosing there jobs i wish them well..

  • Theodore Haskins

    Theodore Haskins

    4 månader sedan

    Just remember that robots have no friends, no family & no dental records! So no one will miss them when they’re gone!

  • Mika Filtenborg

    Mika Filtenborg

    4 månader sedan

    Thanks! 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖👍

  • jeff hruska
    jeff hruska4 månader sedan

    when the giga press breaks how long will it take to get parts and how long to repair it?

  • Flat Plainstone
    Flat Plainstone4 månader sedan

    China can be a large market for cybertruck.

  • Dirk Kruisheer
    Dirk Kruisheer4 månader sedan

    10:51 Doesn't the red color scheme indicate that this is being built for Tesla?

  • Mika Filtenborg

    Mika Filtenborg

    4 månader sedan

    Yes 😊👍

  • Mambo Bado
    Mambo Bado4 månader sedan

    Are the car doors, bonnet and boot door made by the same casting machine at the same time?

  • MPunkt PPunkt

    MPunkt PPunkt

    4 månader sedan

    No, they will be made from normal stamped sheet metal

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera4 månader sedan

    9000 press is probably for the cargo trucks big 18 wheelers

  • McDaniel77
    McDaniel774 månader sedan

    If you cast a piece you don't have waste material. This is a huge advantage.

  • Dick Pilz

    Dick Pilz

    4 månader sedan

    That's not how die casting works. There are overflow areas to ensure that the part has no voids. Metal overfills the mold void and the excess is trimmed after casting. The trimmings (where the porosity ends up) can get fed back into the hopper to be re-melted, as long as the alloying elements have not been degraded.

  • yootoober2009


    4 månader sedan

    Removing 60% of robots, also removes robot support, maintenance, programmers and downtime for individual robots... multipliedby 3 per gigafactory... the electric bill savings alone would probably be huge!

  • UniTrader


    4 månader sedan

    They do have waste material though, because some flows into the gaps between the Molds and is subsequently trimmed off. But you can easily re-use that stuff ;)

  • Mika Filtenborg

    Mika Filtenborg

    4 månader sedan


  • Steve Farmer
    Steve Farmer4 månader sedan

    Some one PLEASE do a CGI movie about Mars.. Include people walking round, advanced to 250 years in the future, Buildings, roads, the cars being used, all wrapped around a Mars Family.. I would pay major money if Steven Spielberg head it up as producer :-) and the first trees being planted..

  • Steve Farmer
    Steve Farmer4 månader sedan

    Henry Ford would be so proud !

  • MPunkt PPunkt

    MPunkt PPunkt

    4 månader sedan

    He would be disappointed by his grandson.

  • The Meloan
    The Meloan4 månader sedan

    6:03 TASK'S PepeLaugh SUSSY

  • Ben K.
    Ben K.4 månader sedan


  • Brycen McCrary
    Brycen McCrary4 månader sedan

    it would be really cool if Tesla sold all of its old robots to the government to use in Infrastructure construction and/or recycling

  • Nate Harris
    Nate Harris4 månader sedan

    I could careless about Tesla when Elon pulls his stunts on tweeter I would never buy anything from Elon Musk in the future..



    4 månader sedan

    No one cares, Bye you would not be missed 😁

  • Pretty Neat Stuff
    Pretty Neat Stuff4 månader sedan

    ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ 9 Reasons why the CyberTruck will Fail really ......... really .......... really ...bad 💥 1) The Price - Tesla has a habit of advertising a low price to get people excited and interested, and then they increase the price by 50% or more stating that they made a mistake on pricing. A class action lawsuit is going after Tesla for doing just that with their solar roofs. Contracting one price, then changing it. With the high cost of steel, Tesla just might pull the wool over purchasers eyes when it comes to the CyberTruck so bad, that it might be priced out of range for most people. 💥💥 2) A Basic Vehicle - Unlike the Ford F-150 Lightning, the CyberTruck is a basic vehicle with an outside trunk that will get you from A to B. This is vehicle is basic, and does nothing. 💥💥💥 3) CyberTruck Tires - These are special tires that will be available through Tesla or Special order. Due to its "Meaty Style", wear and tear is much greater than traditional tires. Expect to pay thousands of dollars comes time to replace them if you got suckered into buying a CyberTruck to begin with. 💥💥💥💥 4) Range - Tesla calculates its range with smoke and mirrors. On a full charge, if the CyberTruck drives 300 miles, and then its placed on a flatbed and the flatbed drives another 200 miles, then Tesla's total range will be 500 miles for the CyberTruck. Now if you are not happy with the way that Tesla calculates range, well that is too bad. Tesla's range is Tesla's range. Go cry me a river. You were suckered into buying the CyberTruck, so now its yours ... deal with it. You are stuck with it. If you do decide to buy one, ask Tesla for the spec route that they used when calculating the range. If they do not give it to you, or they tell you to go cry me a river, then you know that the smoke and mirrors are in the house. DO NOT BUY if you are being dupped! 💥💥💥💥💥 5) FSD - If you are told that the CyberTruck comes with complete FDS, have a good hard laugh and tell them that complete FSD was to deploy many years ago. Their time lines are out to lunch and is another suckers tactic just to get more software money from you. 💥💥💥💥💥💥 6) Body - Part of the body is made with stainless steel, and everyone knows that when stainless steel scratches, it doesn't look very pretty. Oily fingerprints will look just as bad. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 7) Ford revealed their F-150 Lightning just a couple of days ago, and they are receiving bookings at an average rate that tops 22,000 trucks day ( 682,000 per month ). The F-150 will be brought to market spring of 2022. The CyberTruck may not hit the market till sometime in 2023, and people are tired of waiting. Many have decided to claw back their CyberTuck deposit, and apply it to the Ford 150 Lightning instead. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 8) Tesla is burning through hoards of cash and may not have enough to start building the Cybertruck. And when it comes to Bitcoin, Elons diamond hands may lose him 1.25 BILLION dollars when Bitcoin goes down the toilet and becomes absolutely worthless. But does he care? Nope ... it's just investors money, and why should investors make money on his ideas. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 9) Tesla FanBoys - Tesla FanBoys see that Tesla is becoming "old hat" and that Ford is producing much better vehicles. Many Tesla FanBoys have decided to jump ship and become Ford FanBoys.



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    @Pretty Neat Stuff Yes that's why TESLA still have the best selling Ev's worldwide for years 🤡

  • Pretty Neat Stuff

    Pretty Neat Stuff

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    @RELANSIS Ford is a strong American muscle brand that will plow the competition away. With the release of it first EV, the company sets Tesla spinning out of control.



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  • FrostyGT
    FrostyGT4 månader sedan

    A LARGER Giga press has been sold to another customer that is NOT Tesla, in China.

  • YK Chan
    YK Chan4 månader sedan

    Why there are little to no comments concerning fastening / welding / corrosion of cast metal and steel body metal Tesla plan to use, other than big hype about giant size casting machine? Are we that dumb?

  • bob along

    bob along

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    few americans come into contact with working metal working tasks you mention. in 20 years of school in the USA only twice did i encounter men . both college professors, men who knew and studied metal , alloys and their uses. skills like this are a factor in widespread labor shortages in the USA. in the little , no where . town i life in the local McDonalds mentions a $300 sign-on bonus on their big sign out front. and a nother small local town 60 miles up river has 3 pages of help-wanted ads in their daily newspaper. YK - i'm with you seeing the bigger picture than this video showed us. its something learned when i had an engineering job at a big military aircraft co. ... how it takes an 'army' of support personnel to service, maintain and upgrade all those planes. especially as they undergo new designs to match growing technology

  • YoungBigMac
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    I think the 9000 pound press makes the most sense for the 25k Tesla. Which is my most anticipated Tesla announcement. I truly believe that the 25k Tesla will be a huge game changer

  • Nathaniel James

    Nathaniel James

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    It's not Tesla's press so I doubt it.

  • Mika Filtenborg

    Mika Filtenborg

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    Agree 😊👍