Tesla, your quality control department SUCKS! | S2E12

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  • Mukund Shivakumar
    Mukund ShivakumarÅr sedan

    Judging by the dislikes, you've pissed off a lot of soyboys

  • Xeno Morph
    Xeno MorphÅr sedan

    Tesla is really good at designing stuff, dynamic and interesting reveals of the vehicles they produce but when getting it on the fast/mass assembly line they start to struggle leading to fooled costumers and poor quality overall.

  • Evie Warner
    Evie WarnerÅr sedan

    You're upsetting all the soyboys who have one.lmao

  • Twig
    TwigÅr sedan

    I dont much care for these kind of shows. But I realy like seeing people working on cars, liking the job and know what they're doing. Because I sure dont.

  • Smile Receive
    Smile ReceiveÅr sedan

    You guys are awesome. And thanks for pointing out the shit Tesla quality and awful customer service. I’ll get the new Porsche Taycan when I comes out and not a nasty Model S.

  • El Ta
    El TaÅr sedan

    It's ridiculous how you've got idiot fanboys who expect people to just give Tesla a free pass on this.

  • DoctorGarkle
    DoctorGarkleÅr sedan

    The criminal who runs Tesla talks a great game that millennials squirt juice over. But try to call him out and he changes the subject---usually to cities on Mars or 700 mph tunnels. If that doesn't work, then he calls his critics pedophiles and if that too fails, well then he blames his employees. In no case is he ever to blame...at all.

  • HKMediaChicago
    HKMediaChicago2 år sedan


  • Tig3rj
    Tig3rj2 år sedan

    This is on a lot of Teslas I am seeing.. Another YT I watch showed the same thing.. But also notice when you showing the dust nib, the paint is orange peel. I actually saw one up close where I work and you can see the orange peel.. It looks horrendous!

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    All factory paint jobs will have orange peel.

  • deloreanman14
    deloreanman142 år sedan

    I had a Hyundai Elantra with four or five dust nibs. Nothing is perfect.

  • Just do the thing

    Just do the thing

    11 månader sedan

    @Jopino dust nibs don't really matter. they are just cars. now a house, that is something that matters.

  • deloreanman14


    2 år sedan

    @Jopino Past tense...had.

  • Jopino


    2 år sedan

    >Hyundai >nothing is perfect Trying buying a Toyota or a Lexus next time lol. If you buy trash, why do you expect to get something else than trash?

  • Kibbel’s Car Cleaning
    Kibbel’s Car Cleaning2 år sedan

    Do you think that Jeep can see in the dark?

  • Tom Mattingly
    Tom Mattingly2 år sedan

    Holy fuck how do I get job here

  • Tom Mattingly

    Tom Mattingly

    2 år sedan

    @Chicago Auto Pros If only I lived in the area

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    You would come to the shop and fill out an application. 😊

  • Coastal Rider
    Coastal Rider2 år sedan

    Great work just came across your channel and love it big hello from Scotland

  • stjernekikkert
    stjernekikkert2 år sedan

    5:15 thank me later

  • 113


    År sedan

    wish l saw your comment earlier, already watched whole video

  • Siegbert schnösel

    Siegbert schnösel

    År sedan

    ty mr later

  • Roy BM
    Roy BM2 år sedan

    I think they let them through on purpose, small repairs will delay production massively. Fixing by a repair shop saves them time. And not everybody will notice the defects. Will wait for second generation model 3 when production is more stable and flaws have been resolved.

  • J.T. Blair
    J.T. Blair2 år sedan

    I hope you guys pay your detailers well.

  • edm15
    edm152 år sedan

    lol my brand new ford fusion, jeep compass, and jeep cherokee had so much rail dust in the paint! A couple of dust nibs pales in comparison! But still annoying. Remember Tesla is only like 10 years old!

  • girlsdrinkfeck


    År sedan

    yh but your junk american cars cost 1/4 the price, tesla charges 2x more than premium european branded cars yet have defects ,ud rarely see these in european cars

  • Ivor Mectin
    Ivor Mectin2 år sedan

    What century are you living in? Quality control in the motor industry went out in the 80s. Control of ‘conformance to specification ‘ is the remit of production

  • Im 12
    Im 122 år sedan

    how do i get rid of hard water stains on windshield that just wont come off

  • Siegbert schnösel

    Siegbert schnösel

    År sedan

    use a descaler. but not the cheap one. you need a descaler that is used with espresso machines.

  • Chris M
    Chris M2 år sedan

    I went through 4 red model 3s with paint issues. I ended up getting a white one on Monday with no defects!

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    2 år sedan

    Chicago Auto Pros I rejected the first red one cause it had over 7 defects. Then I told them to find me another one and to look at it before I come down. They found me another one and said that one had paint flaws and that is was worse then the first one. So the other two was just as bad. I decided to get a white one and try one last time and the white one was perfect.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    Most new cars are going to have paint defects, it's a normal thing we see on all cars and most of the defects we can fix, but that's crazy you had to go through 4 cars.

  • Road to the 2 Comma Club
    Road to the 2 Comma Club2 år sedan

    I'm not a car guy so this was the first time I heard of a dust nib, but I think I just found my first one on my model 3 today on the hood, it doesn't seem as big as this one though and luckily mine is black so you can't notice it unless someone told you where it was. It is frustrating though at the same time but at the same time I wonder how many other car brands have that issue every now and then? Again I'm not a car guy so I'm not too knowledgeable on this topic but just wanted to share. Great video!

  • BabySmooth321
    BabySmooth3212 år sedan

    Chicago Auto Pros, your roads and toll ways SUCKS! and their not even owned by America, y'all are so broke an investment group invested into it and its been corrupted or something idk...

  • Mark Kelly

    Mark Kelly

    År sedan

    You're so stupid it is amazing

  • BabySmooth321


    2 år sedan

    Dont hate on the progress you bitches

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    ALLLLLLLLLLLrighty then.

  • Zac Z
    Zac Z2 år sedan

    hahah the qc on tesla is a joke. I went back to China in Feb and my friend bought a tesla model s. We picked up the car together and we found out the paint is awful and the alignment is way off. Imagine having your dream high tech car shipped all the way from US to China and you are so disappointment because of the quality control. Its like having a hot girl but shes missing a toe. Sure it works but its not perfected. Thats why I choose german cars > US cars. People should call out tesla on quality so they can learn their lesson instead of solving production hell and deliver rushed out cars.

  • Zac Z

    Zac Z

    2 år sedan

    Plus he cant even return or exchange parts cuz it took more than 2 month to order and deliver parts from US to China

  • syahir Amir
    syahir Amir2 år sedan

    Whats the cost of getting model 3 chrome deleted?

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    Give us a call and we can get a price for you! or visit the website and fill out the contact us form. www.chicagoautopros.com

  • Michael Lawn
    Michael Lawn2 år sedan

    Gas cars>Electric cars.

  • Paulo Moniz
    Paulo Moniz2 år sedan

    oh no the paint omg?! Who gives a shit about that, just drive your car.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    So grateful you have blessed us with your opinion.

  • Andrew Sands
    Andrew Sands2 år sedan

    Go to another panel. None anywhere else? OCD Bunch. I wonder when everything is all electric what your building will be probably leveled.

  • Sean Z (SO)
    Sean Z (SO)2 år sedan

    LOL....my non Tesla cars have had far more flaws.

  • Carljr. 99

    Carljr. 99

    2 år sedan

    Probably no Toyota or Honda. Everyone I know likes their's.

  • zolikoff
    zolikoff2 år sedan

    "This is actually good for the US economy because thousands of workshops like this will be needed to to fix all the factory flaws on hundreds of thousands of Model 3s sold per year!"

    TESLAMR2 år sedan

    What was being sprayed on the Model 3 wheels?

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    Modesta BC06

  • Luc Vallières
    Luc Vallières2 år sedan

    For the love of God, don't lean on a Ferrari.

  • Michel Linschoten

    Michel Linschoten

    2 år sedan

    Stop being a pussy it's a CAR it will not damage it in anyway or form get over yourself..

  • Firstep 2008
    Firstep 20082 år sedan

    If you don’t mind me asking, what % of your business is Tesla, just curious? I would like to bring my model X in for some work.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    We do a lot of Telsa's, But we do a lot of other cars as well, right now it's about 40% Tesla.

  • Keith Spiro
    Keith Spiro2 år sedan

    Had found I blemish in left rear quarter panel. End result, paint quarter, deck lid, other quarter, as well as left side rocker panel. Did some hood and moulding alignment and replaced 2 mouldings, and the car is now perfect. Going back in a month for a complete detaili g and polishing to complete work. Had loaner for 2 weeks and used a tank of gas doing so. It was a local rental as service department doesn't yet have a bunch of Tesla loaners...

  • RJ 8U
    RJ 8U2 år sedan

    Its ironic your complaining about Tesla quality control, but your making money of it so why complain. Just be thankfull because once they fix most of the quality issue and offer services such as paint or tint services in the future you'll be out of customer 😜. Don't get me wrong my model 3 a lot.of quality issue when I took the early delivery.

  • bill nipp
    bill nipp2 år sedan

    They dont have a quality control department. They deliver vehicles knowing they have defects and Dont tell you what they are. If you happen to notice them and want them fixed then you have to give it back to them to correct. If you dont notice them, well, Tesla takes that chance and they win.

  • Scotty's Shine Shop
    Scotty's Shine Shop2 år sedan

    Tight hair cut playa

  • Travis Balthasar
    Travis Balthasar2 år sedan

    Thanks for calling out Tesla on quality. Mine was ridiculous! Here is my story w image link below. Had to reject. Reserved day 1 and didn't wait 2 1/2+ years for a shoddy product. Tesla needs to establish better guidelines for inspection before releasing of vehicle. Please Tesla focus on quality and NOT quantity in order to appease the shareholders (what it feels like). I have all the pics in the link below of all the issues during my 20 minute inspection (had a nervous breakdown over all the flaws and had to reject). Some issues were minor and some more serious/frustrating. I’m okay with one to three issues but not the countless ones that I noticed during my walkthrough for a $63k car. Top Auto Detailer owner in area saw the pics and said it’s the worst he had seen. Issues: -Panel gap roof alignment, front hood alignment, door alignment -Scratched paint -Dime size paint bubble and scuff marking -Multiple paint blemishes/attempted rebuffing -Scratched up areas around interior (center console and door) -Two dashboard dime size bubble markings -Many areas of sand like particles that were painted over now stuck in paint as if car was painted when not fully cleaned. -Paint dripping *Let down for a strong Tesla fan *You never forget your first Teslas solution to me was scheduling a service to address the issues. I didn’t buy this car off kickstarter/Ebay to immediately schedule service on 10+issues they became aware of based on my walk through. I had to reject. It’s become a bigger issue now because I now have to reapply for another loan for the next version (bank would allow for just transferring the VIN #), interest rates have now gone up and I’m paying one month of car insurance for a Tesla I’m not even currently driving. Advice to all fans, take the time to really check your car out before you sign the dotted line. PICTURES: travisbalthasar.imgur.com/all

  • girlsdrinkfeck


    År sedan

    @SRT xxx tesla is gay, their fanboys need to pull their tongue out of musky c*nts arsehole and get to grip with reality and what a premium car brand should be like

  • girlsdrinkfeck


    År sedan

    thats what u get from a african brand of cars lol, with zero experience of making cars compared to the likes of premium car brands that cost less such as audi

  • Josh B

    Josh B

    2 år sedan

    Hey i just came across this video..I took delivery of my model 3 2 months ago and have already noticed lots of defects..The paint has bad defects and all was pointed out as my car was being ceramic coated..What kind of recourse do i have, has tesla been able to fix peoples paint defects..

  • Michel Linschoten

    Michel Linschoten

    2 år sedan

    TBH that could have been the truck driver getting it off the trailer what not...bad YES but not really Tesla doing

  • Andres Reyes

    Andres Reyes

    2 år sedan

    Sucks that happened but if they don't please shareholders they won't have money to keep going

  • Bilal N
    Bilal N2 år sedan

    Is there a video of that worx leaf blower and how effective it is for drying a car? Great video. Would be awesome if they were a little longer lol

  • double trouble
    double trouble2 år sedan

    I hope next season will be longer videos😀

  • double trouble

    double trouble

    2 år sedan

    @Chicago Auto Pros yeah, that would be great if you can do that, maybe even 15min.. + possibly more ad revenue😃

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    Yeah we have thought about putting two days together to make it longer. Right now for a 10 minute video it's about 10 + hours of editing. I think the sweet spot is 10-12 minutes.

  • efuseakay
    efuseakay2 år sedan

    I got pretty lucky with my silver model 3. There were only 2 minor nibs on the front bumper. Thankfully the XPEL Stealth hides them. I do have some panel alignment issues too. Tesla does indeed have some QC issues. Hope you don’t get too much hate mail by the cultists who think Tesla is perfect in every way. lol

  • efuseakay


    2 år sedan

    @Chicago Auto Pros Oh man. I have too.

  • Chicago Auto Pros

    Chicago Auto Pros

    2 år sedan

    That's great your one of the lucky ones! We have seen some really disturbing things on new tesla's that really just have us standing there scratching our heads.

  • Salim Adnan عدنا نسلیم
    Salim Adnan عدنا نسلیم2 år sedan

    lol 😂