Tesla update 8.0 | Fully Charged 360

It's just a test, we are not changing regular shows.
The 'awesome' 8.0 software update from Tesla, and an 'awesome' update using a 360 camera.
If you have a Google cardboard thing, slip in your Android phone and enjoy.
If not use the toggle button at top left to spin the image around.
It's mostly waffle but it's short and we had fun making it.

For some actual information about the Tesla 8.0 software update:



  • David Blench
    David Blench2 år sedan

    Just watched on my new oculus go pretty cool 😎

  • John Joyce
    John Joyce2 år sedan

    Glad to see you had a good wash this morning Robert. I was able to zoom right into your ear....squeaky clean.

  • Piemasteratron
    Piemasteratron4 år sedan

    Just thought my phone didn't do it and then right at the end when Robert said you can just use the mouse I used my finger and it worked! it's literally the future! TOTES WOW

  • E for Electric
    E for Electric4 år sedan

    Would love to see more videos dedicated to Tesla. I think this is your last one made 5 months ago. Can we expect more Tesla related videos soon?

  • theskip1
    theskip14 år sedan

    what about us poor sods who have to watch without a full panoramic view ?

  • Rosie
    Rosie4 år sedan

    Super dope, it's like i'm actually in the Tesla! I just wish it was better quality..

  • Ivan Vojt
    Ivan Vojt4 år sedan

    Just say no to 360 videos.

  • HIM
    HIM4 år sedan

    maby is awesome.. but quality is shit..

  • Martin Lacey
    Martin Lacey4 år sedan

    Terrible image quality and a real bandwidth guzzler. I turned it of, from my PC after 19 seconds.

  • Zelek Uther
    Zelek Uther4 år sedan

    Well into the video you said that on a regular PC that you could scroll around with the mouse - and I did, very cool! Probably should write that at the top of the description just so people don't miss it.

  • Tom Cardale
    Tom Cardale5 år sedan

    Hehe, you have a V8 Tesla.

  • Chris McEvoy
    Chris McEvoy5 år sedan

    Nice feature - I like the fact that you can turn it around and see what you're talking about on the MASSIVE Tesla screen. But the video quality is terrible so you can't actually read the stuff on the screen anyway. If I had the choice I'd stay stick to the high quality stuff and drop the 360 wizzyness...

  • SmokyFrosty
    SmokyFrosty5 år sedan

    Nice Try on the 360 Robert, Bit iffy on all mediums other than a VR Headset etc, maybe you could do a duel upload of these episodes because the quality is very poor?

  • Almost Electric
    Almost Electric5 år sedan

    360° video playback is not supported on this browser. :(

  • Kjell Svensson
    Kjell Svensson5 år sedan

    360 sucks! Please use ordinary film methods in the future!

  • Rodger Cooley
    Rodger Cooley5 år sedan

    I like it, even with a lower resolution.

  • AirlessMICRO
    AirlessMICRO5 år sedan

    Do people not understand that 360 cameras are not high quality yet? Damn people calm down. Based on these comments you would think no has ever seen a 360 video.

  • misium
    misium5 år sedan

    Will everybody please stop shooting 360!!!!! The quality is shit and people dont plug in their VR gear just to watch youtube. This is ridiculous! Having said that, once the resolution improves, it will be nice to have it for some shows. Ones that actually have (interesting) stuff happening all over the scene, such as guide tours or those Norwegian train videos.

  • Carlands
    Carlands5 år sedan

    I can see all 5 pixels

  • Serghei Tricolici
    Serghei Tricolici5 år sedan

    Wonderful video, thanks for the new 360 experience, was nice :)

  • zrRyan2
    zrRyan25 år sedan

    i HATE 360 vids. HATE them. That is all.

  • pangrac1
    pangrac15 år sedan

    Most horrible picture quality ever.

  • Derpy Hooves
    Derpy Hooves5 år sedan

    I wonder how long it will take me to get used to looking at autopilot at work.

  • James Allen
    James Allen5 år sedan

    can't believe how much people are bitching about the 360.

  • Rinoa's Auspicious Travails
    Rinoa's Auspicious Travails5 år sedan

    not gonna lie, the 360 view almost ruins the video. i dont like having to worry about what to look at, and end up looking at nothing. plus you lose control over what you show us. you could want us to see something but A: its really low quality due to 360 and B: we could be looking the other way and totally miss it.

  • BeachSandInspector Technologies
    BeachSandInspector Technologies5 år sedan

    Not real good on a desktop computer 30" screen, might have to not bother looking at these 360 videos.' Oh and the button doth no work

  • KrKest
    KrKest5 år sedan

    No there is't any options just a distorted around video put on a squere, really hard to see anything (and yeah using most up to date browser, actually tried it in 2 most used browsers, Does Not Work!) PLEASE continue normal videos and add copies of them in 360 (or the other way around but defenetly need the normal ones or most of the audiance can not see videos only listen).

  • KrKest


    5 år sedan

    @misium Dont worry i know why cant see in firefox(flash has problems), but the latest opera that is rated to run it and i'm using html5 player there too by default, did not ran. Only managed to get it to work on chrome(nasty quality at max). Dude, linux u know thats as exact as saying you are using software in your computer ;) , Dont worry man you can tell me the distro & version & desk e. and so on if u want we can go in details.. But on that time i was running win764 (multiboot Fedora, Fusion & Mint i think and maybe some others have not gone over the list for some time, some running server software too / -s) But yeah in opera it should'w deffenetly work.

  • misium


    5 år sedan

    You mean you cannot see the picture? Please post your config (os, browser) for the record. I'm using firefox and opera on linux, both in html5 mode and I can see and control the picture. I still hate it because of the quality and the fact that there is nothing to see really.

  • KrKest


    5 år sedan

    +fullychargedshow i think you can allready see it from dislikes that the 360 is not there and people do not want it as the main media type (probably copies of normal media it can be an extra one, as long as all that is in 360 is available in normal format)

  • pigknickers
    pigknickers5 år sedan

    Thank God you didn't show the calendar! That pixel could have given the game away.

  • Martin Winlow
    Martin Winlow5 år sedan

    Oh no! Not *more* hydrogen fuel cell silliness!

  • Alberto Colombo
    Alberto Colombo5 år sedan

    Not sure I like this gimmick. I prefer the old school videos with proper direction, editing, and high production value.

  • Noukz
    Noukz5 år sedan

    On my PC (windows/chrome) works fine, just looks like 240p

  • bitblt
    bitblt5 år sedan

    the 3D panorama worked ok on my android phone. moving my phone moved me around in the scene. cool, but a bit distracting

  • John Harrold
    John Harrold5 år sedan

    @BobbyLew The 360 is an interesting effect and sometimes worth the poor picture quality. I hope you will use the frames sparingly in the final edit ; ) Please could you find out if River Simple have any info on how we would get the Hydrogen gas locally to run their car?

  • Loanword Eggcorn
    Loanword Eggcorn5 år sedan

    Boo Hydrogen! You know the reasons. :(

  • Kim T
    Kim T5 år sedan

    You could use the 360 camera for more experiential videos, which try to immerse the viewer in a scene. Then retain the regular cameras for the edited show with your presenting.

  • NZJacobNZ
    NZJacobNZ5 år sedan

    Mate you should get your hands on a Rimac ;)

  • Phil Askey
    Phil Askey5 år sedan

    Needs to be 4K 360, at 1080 it looks terrible in a browser

  • Brian Ronald
    Brian Ronald5 år sedan

    This is so underwhelming on my Chromecast. Just an awful fisheye mess.

  • Pedro Botinas Guedes
    Pedro Botinas Guedes5 år sedan

    Its really missing picture quality

  • Frankbrooo
    Frankbrooo5 år sedan

    Can you do a review of fast charging vs battery swapping and the problems that face more of them. I'm imagining a scenario were most of the world now has EV's and the challenges that could potentially happen.

  • Odd Solberg
    Odd Solberg5 år sedan

    Please drop talking up the hydrogen bullshit. EV is the way to go.

  • Formulka
    Formulka5 år sedan

    This must be the first time I've seen a 360 video that actually made a bit of sense.

  • Abbey Aerial Video
    Abbey Aerial Video5 år sedan

    Love it!

  • William Crawford
    William Crawford5 år sedan

    Try watching in Chrome on a smart phone. Works great!

  • Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson5 år sedan

    In Queensland Australia the scum bag power company buys solar energy from me for 6c/kwh and they sell it to my neighbours for 23.26c/kwh. They also charge 6.26c/d just to measure the solar. On top of that they are actively looking for additional charges to further punish those with solar panels. They have just announced a 20% target for renewables but based on their charging policies anyone who puts solar panels on their roof is crazy. What a lot of coal loving cretins.

  • Dave Travels
    Dave Travels5 år sedan

    360 is not compatible with the Safari browser...

  • Lance Dreger
    Lance Dreger5 år sedan

    Is there an added out of pocket charge for using the map app ?

  • WillBoization
    WillBoization5 år sedan

    360? please dont, big bobby, its painful.

  • John
    John5 år sedan

    I am a big fan of your show, but I am a bit concerned that you are very distracted while you are driving in this vid!

  • Frank Piscopo
    Frank Piscopo5 år sedan

    Robert, nice to have. But please give us back the hi-def vids that we've become accustomed to. More editing work on your part, true, but also more enjoyment on ours.

  • Mr. Google87
    Mr. Google875 år sedan

    Could you also provide a normal video (link) in the description if possible? Can't view it properly on a mac :)

  • Peter Morgan
    Peter Morgan5 år sedan

    Quality was a bundle of shite compared to other 360º videos I've seen. I reckon something has gone wrong here in the conversion or upload.

  • Eugene Beirne
    Eugene Beirne5 år sedan

    Thanks for the video, as always a joy to watch.

  • Scots On the road
    Scots On the road5 år sedan

    I'm a fan of the 360 camera I think it works great if not better on the iPad and new iPhone.

  • Lee Pratt
    Lee Pratt5 år sedan

    no more 360 please

  • Marc Browne
    Marc Browne5 år sedan

    I just want to say keep the 360 up, just release them as extra videos on top of the original shows, to give those of us with too much time a chance to see the vehicles in more detail on a second video. My 2c :)

  • LuckyC1723
    LuckyC17235 år sedan

    What camera is used for this?

  • thinfourth
    thinfourth5 år sedan

    Watch this in a browser that does not support 360 video ROFL

  • Jose Buxo
    Jose Buxo5 år sedan

    great camara... 360

  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo5 år sedan

    360 sucks and has no real use except makes the quality shit!

  • Singularity


    5 år sedan


  • Khal Drogo

    Khal Drogo

    5 år sedan

    @***** great anology buddy.

  • Singularity


    5 år sedan

    The first wheel sucked because it didn't work so well..

  • Jim Williams
    Jim Williams5 år sedan

    good vid. A little disconcerting when i looked behind me and found I appeared to be sat on some fellows lap..

  • thesmallrougeone
    thesmallrougeone5 år sedan

    Just tried to Chromecast this and thought to myself 'relative time dilation in an amazingly compact space'. Looks much better now I just watched it straight on the phone!

  • Rotaru Sergiu
    Rotaru Sergiu5 år sedan

    just stop with this 360 plz

  • Holger Gevers
    Holger Gevers5 år sedan

    I actually liked the 360 experience (for the specific purpose of showing the car interior). Quality needs catch up though(like a lot). ....Apple software needs to catch up too XD.

  • Kesse
    Kesse5 år sedan

    I rely heat watching these 360 videos. I much prefer the camera pointing at the bits that are interesting instead of always having to guess and constantly skip back because I missed something :(

  • Julian Pereira
    Julian Pereira5 år sedan

    What is your opinion on Hydrogen FuelCell Cars?

  • Carl Hewitt
    Carl Hewitt5 år sedan

    That 360 Tech is great, try & work some more in soon ...:-)

  • Lennart Verhoeven
    Lennart Verhoeven5 år sedan

    I can't watch this till the end. It makes me feel dizzy and I can't focus on what you are saying. I like your 'normal' videos a lot. 360 technology isn't good enough yet for this kind of talking/informative videos.

  • Bring Carrots
    Bring Carrots5 år sedan

    Lol I was looking at the dashboard the entire time 😂😂😂😂

  • z00h
    z00h5 år sedan

    Were you really doing 35 in 50, acting as a rolling road block old man? I now know whom to blame for all those traffic jams in central London. Lefties.

  • Shacrow
    Shacrow5 år sedan

    360 makes it so hard to follow. Especially when you are lying in bed with a smartphone..

  • Morten Haulik
    Morten Haulik5 år sedan

    I can strongly recommend the BoBoVR Z4 VR/360 headset for iPhone and iOS users. Miles better than a simple google cardboard for 360 viewing and it's really really really cheap, gotta love China.

  • Les Lock
    Les Lock5 år sedan

    I Think this format is Fantastic

  • sayan das
    sayan das5 år sedan

    even 1080s is crappy :(

  • Pabs TheGeek
    Pabs TheGeek5 år sedan

    Was quite interesting using the 360 camera, but I found the quality to be subpar.

  • Mr. DD
    Mr. DD5 år sedan

    hate 360 videos!

  • Terry Brightwater
    Terry Brightwater5 år sedan

    Oooo er misses! That is weird! The future is 360, the future is weird :D lol

  • Nik Butler
    Nik Butler5 år sedan

    You can also use WASD keys

  • YouAreNotFree
    YouAreNotFree5 år sedan

    I nearly fell off my chair when he impersonated a baby! lmao!

  • Phil R
    Phil R5 år sedan

    Keep up the experimentation please BobbyLLew. It might not suit everyone's tastes, but I learnt a bit about google cardboard and what's life without trying new things, even if they don't always work.

  • Paul van Druten
    Paul van Druten5 år sedan

    Shitty quality picture!

  • Dries Van de Velde
    Dries Van de Velde5 år sedan

    with wich crap did you film this

  • brightshadowdenmark
    brightshadowdenmark5 år sedan

    Sorry, but this is a piece of shit video..

  • jawbreaker
    jawbreaker5 år sedan

    with 360 cameras you need AT LEAST 4k or even 8k to have decent quality...

  • Airlite X
    Airlite X5 år sedan

    Always enjoy your shows but this 360 thing is awesome as far as I'm concerned! First time I've ever seen it (sheltered life and all that) and ok, so it's not HD quality yet but Jeez give it a year or so to mature and it'll change You Tube blogs etc forever. Thanks for the update and keep up the great content - deffo one of my favourite channels :-)

  • eelco8800
    eelco88005 år sedan

    At first I thought "this is bs without cardboard et al", but lo and behold: you can look around in the car, even without cardboard.

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman5 år sedan

    144p resolution? ? please don't do this again.

  • emceh
    emceh5 år sedan

    Quality is awful - even at FHD. Can't really see the new icons of 8.0 update. Everything is blurred. I hope that was just a test.

  • Nuno Bairro
    Nuno Bairro5 år sedan

    resolution sucks big time...if you whant to make 360 videos make a extra chanel dedicated to 360...sorry

  • Anamnesia
    Anamnesia5 år sedan

    The Samsung 360 camera is exceptionally good quality! I'm not sure which camera this is, but it's not that... :(

  • Glideman
    Glideman5 år sedan

    For most viewers 360 is just annoying

  • Nick Elliott
    Nick Elliott5 år sedan

    Your videos are normally really interesting, but this one didn't seem to have any actual content. I'm sure it's great fun playing around with new camera tech, but if what you end up with isn't worthy of your high-quality channel, perhaps it would be better not to upload it...

  • Stuart Feltham
    Stuart Feltham5 år sedan

    I have to share the opinion of the other commenters... I don't like the 360. In my browser it was just one wide video and even when I watched on a compatible device I don't see the point. You're not sure where you should be looking. 360 is a fad, or at best has limited actual use. Most of the time you know what the subject should be, so point a proper camera at it. If you're filming a scenario where you don't know where the subject is going to be then 360 might be worthwhile, but I'm still not convinced that a real scenario like that occurs very often. 360 in photos I can see to a point. Sometimes it might be nice to look around the entire inside of a building etc, but even then the practical applications are few and far between. The art in most of these things is drawing the eye to a subject and you can't do that when someone can look anywhere they like.

  • Haruspex
    Haruspex5 år sedan

    360 is awful. It's just not there yet.

  • Arcade Randomness
    Arcade Randomness5 år sedan

    Clever idea with the 360 degrees but complety useless in terms of being able to see anything. :(

  • knightsblood93
    knightsblood935 år sedan

    Please don't use camera often I like the old way this does not add to the experience

  • Frank Lowe
    Frank Lowe5 år sedan

    Please Not 360 it is not how we se the world.

  • switchblade145
    switchblade1455 år sedan

    360 video sucks, don't bother

  • Greg Noble
    Greg Noble5 år sedan

    Yes the video quality if the 360 is less but the choice of panning around while listening is brilliant. It works well on the iPhone SEblacks app just fine. I think it will be great for a mostly narrative show.

  • Péter Kocsír
    Péter Kocsír5 år sedan

    Hi Robert! Don't bother using a 360 camera, it doesn't add anything to a video and the quality is just poor.