Tesla Time News - Tesla Model 3 Wins at Pikes Peak!

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Electric Performance Racing Team Wins At Pikes Peak - 3:30
Battery Day Wall Paper - 12:22
Voting Your TSLA Shares - 17:29
Chrome Delete Coming to Model 3? - 18:48
Model Y Tail light Update - 21:44
XPENG goes Public - 22:54
Cyber Espionage at Giga 1 - 23:35
Neuralink - 27:34
Citroen Ami - 37:50
GM Shifts Corvette Team to Electric - 45:05
New Tesla OTA - 47:24
First 700 ID.3’s Arrive in Norway - 48:49
Bollinger DELIVER-E - 49:37
Amazon Orders 1800 Electric Vans - 51:44
Drake and the Maybach - 52:43

Battery Day Wall Paper


Chrome Delete Coming to Model 3?


Model Y Tail light Update


Cyber Espionage at Giga 1




GM Shifts Corvette Team to Electric


New Tesla OTA


First 700 ID.3’s Arrive in Norway


Bollinger DELIVER-E


Amazon Orders 1800 Electric Vans



  • Now You Know
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    Timestamps: Electric Performance Racing Team Wins At Pikes Peak - 3:30 Battery Day Wall Paper - 12:22 Voting Your TSLA Shares - 17:29 Chrome Delete Coming to Model 3? - 18:48 Model Y Tail light Update - 21:44 XPENG goes Public - 22:54 Cyber Espionage at Giga 1 - 23:35 Neuralink - 27:34 Citroen Ami - 37:50 GM Shifts Corvette Team to Electric - 45:05 New Tesla OTA - 47:24 First 700 ID.3’s Arrive in Norway - 48:49 Bollinger DELIVER-E - 49:37 Amazon Orders 1800 Electric Vans - 51:44 Drake and the Maybach - 52:43

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    Someone's using your name now you know trying to sell me bitcoins too bad I can't send you a pic of his WhatsApp

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    there's someone trying to sell me bitcoins and and it's using your trademark ( now you know )it seems very suspicious I want to talk about something else and all he wants to do is sell me bitcoins and he's using your name

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    Heater, air conditioning?

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    NeuraLink -- The one application no one is talking about is communicating with your pets. If your pooch poops in the house you could let the pooch how disappointed you are. Dogs maybe, cats, not so much. :)

  • Wolf Webb
    Wolf Webb2 månader sedan

    lol, "no bleeding", you clearly haven broken skin on your scull before.

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    Well done guys, great job, absolutely first class. M

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    Six wheel Tesla voted famous photo

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    Plugging for companies from the most polluting oppressive country in the world ? Tsk tsk guys.

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    put chip in my ass is no no but they wish to put it in your head its all nice and fun until someone hacks your brain and all dat tracking digital slavery age ...

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    WHY DONT TESLA CARS SELF DELIVER?!?!?! It would save money on so many varibals!

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    Freaking AMAZING!!!

  • Florencio Vela
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    I've ordered the tri motor cyber truck last April & may buy the S Plaid too? I got lots or solar & battery backup to charger them. I love Space X too..

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    There is a fair chance this is the 5th time we have risen

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    Timestamps: Electric Performance Racing Team Wins At Pikes Peak - 3:30 Battery Day Wall Paper - 12:22 Voting Your TSLA Shares - 17:29 Chrome Delete Coming to Model 3? - 18:48 Model Y Tail light Update - 21:44 XPENG goes Public - 22:54 Cyber Espionage at Giga 1 - 23:35 Neuralink - 27:34 Citroen Ami - 37:50 GM Shifts Corvette Team to Electric - 45:05 New Tesla OTA - 47:24 First 700 ID.3’s Arrive in Norway - 48:49 Bollinger DELIVER-E - 49:37 Amazon Orders 1800 Electric Vans - 51:44 Drake and the Maybach - 52:43

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    Pikes peak next year. Model 3. Octovalve cooling. Roadrunner battery pack. 'nuff said.

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    😺 0:05 Europeans, especially Germans, like to watch a lot of your videos 😺

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    I love your show and your energy. I invest in Tesla stock am really excited about the future. Hopefully one day to buy a Tesla...Thanks guys!!!

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    Peace… Shalom… Salam... Namaste and Thank You so much for All that you are doing for our Mother Earth 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ❤

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    lol, I'm sorry I couldn't just fly past the fact that someone had an issue with drones and security and they contacted Elon on Twitter about it for help and he actually responded. Elon truly is revolutionary and unprecedented!

  • Doug Frye
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    I want the coconut sounds!😂

  • aardvarkansaw
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    You guys are weird to brag about beating Randy Probst. Probst was probably running at 1/2 power due to battery pack damage. Unfortunately Probst team did not think to replace the battery pack as well.

  • Lanford Mims
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    The Plaid at 520miles!! Oh boy can’t wait until someone prepares one for NASCAR ! Come on Elon do it! Would be nice to see it blow the doors off those old ICE cars🤭

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    Jesse you look weard Jerking with i presume a muscle contractor on kinda weard.

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    Patience my young padawans. Very good it will be!!!

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    There is a very clear beginning and end of our existence here on Earth. God laid it all out in his word to us in the Bible. We are doing some very impressive things with electric vehicles, space ships, “brain control” but nothing compares to what we are confronted with after we die. Buying a Tesla is cool, knowing Jesus as your Savior is a zillion order of magnitude greater. Be prepared because we will all be walking through that door.

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    Aren't felonoxious degenerate fuels viable descriptors for cremating refined dinosour gore,in your minivan

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    A better name for your show idea should be obvious. Double or triple entendre? I like "The Solar Sunday Show" Premiering a new show every Sunday. So simple, yet effective!

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    a new class of competition

  • Brandon Figueroa
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    and you can drive the car to the race

  • Brandon Figueroa
    Brandon FigueroaÅr sedan

    great job guys. i hope you hold the record for an age, the product proves itself.

  • Doug Savidge
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    Stock in Amprius available?

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    Charge it up segment

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  • greensky01
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    @32:44 imagine having the ability of telepathy but it actually works. Being able to control an avatar remotely in a virtual world or real world. Paralyzed people would be able to move again, interacting with other people virtually in full motion. And so on.

  • Emmanuel gutierrez
    Emmanuel gutierrezÅr sedan

    Can you imagine how pissed the modified model 3 crew was? Like, wait... our modifications made it slower or its our drivers fault!

  • Michael Schmitz
    Michael SchmitzÅr sedan

    Wait a minute! The self driving neural network also got the data of this race to train on, right? I mean it's unmodified in the software right?

  • Sean Duggan
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    If the nuralink can help make me feel not hungry and sleep well.. I'd sign up quick smart

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    Dallas, Texas Dulles Airport Dallas Orygun The Dalles Oregon Dales doesn't work It could be Dalls but not Dolls Dells Dills or Dulls

  • Dani East
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    Tesla please make an E-Bike. Thanks

  • Dani East
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    Amazing win guys. WOW

  • John Price
    John PriceÅr sedan

    I've been watching the sparky twins here for eight months, and just now I noticed that their "desk" is actually a solar panel. I need to be more observant.

  • Tesla 369
    Tesla 369År sedan

    please dont scream into mic. thumbs down. stopped video after 5 seconds.

  • pas mas
    pas masÅr sedan

    we have to be honest guys, abiut the tm3 win. first of all CONGRATS second u cant exactly say that it is just an of-the-lot tm3 when u have everything out of the car, have put a rol cage in (brake pads and even such sporty tires are doably for a nomral person and are done to a normal car, but the rest not) third comparing this win to Randy's second place i believe i completel wrong. he was driving a pretty much new to him car, that was put in about 24 hours and the "same" car on the same track that he just had a evereaccident on. Just the psychological feelings from that accident and overcoming that (even as a pro driver) slow u down so yes bravo, but the rest of the commentary I find almost ignorant and possibly intentional at that.

  • Ayomide Lasaki
    Ayomide LasakiÅr sedan

    How would the "snake jazz" respond to speed though twitter.com/ayomidelasaki16/status/1283276567989321728?s=19

  • Reg Abernathy
    Reg AbernathyÅr sedan

    I'm curious on how much Tesla contributed to the Pike's Peak racing team?

  • Chaz Wozza
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    Please get the word to Neuralink to work on tinnitus treatment. The level of mental torment created by this affliction is almost unbearable,

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    So naïeve! every invention is for military use first

  • Joshua Cheng
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    TeleTube..........powered by Neuralink

  • BootlegEL
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    Stripped and a role cage is of the lot!?

  • lordvass
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    i like Tesla but this implant in your head is far from ok with me for 30 different reasons

  • Marston Will
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    Espn2 used to broadcast pikes peak, but I think all the big green deal environmentalists, so they had to runn back left of center

  • Matt Nis
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    Where is the water beading up? Can you put an arrow on it?

  • Gerrad Reynolds
    Gerrad ReynoldsÅr sedan

    Wonder what happened to Randy's car, seemed like he had some battery issues after the wreck. I want a rematch haha. Also I can argue as well, that its really not that expensive to race. I could build a pikes peak race ready car for under 100k, may not win, but it can be competitive. Grassroots motorsports is a thing, ever heard of the 24 hrs of lemons? 500 dollar cars only and even with an unlimited safety budget I would have a hard time getting over $10k.

  • Graham Smith
    Graham SmithÅr sedan

    Have you seen these hydro generators. They seem to be installing several in UK and Europe. seblacks.info/cold/video/pnqn22iAhaSjiqg.html&ab_channel=BrannanTempest

  • Alan Eddy
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    So Elon's Brain chip and Gates's vaccine chip should keep the 666 crowd up at night worrying about the mark of the beast.

  • Alan Eddy
    Alan EddyÅr sedan

    Guys, check out Dr David Sinclair's book, Lifespan regarding age related degradation. The UV vision sounds great for spotting Predators...

  • Alan Eddy
    Alan EddyÅr sedan

    I used to have a view of Pike's Peak from my bedroom window. Love Colorado!

  • Bhishon High
    Bhishon HighÅr sedan

    Poll: who is greater? Dave Chappelle or Elon Musk?

  • Andreas Grolimund
    Andreas GrolimundÅr sedan

    SEblacks vs. Reality... Exibition Class: a 1949 Ford F1, a Diesel Volkswagen Bug, a 1972 Datsun 240Z an some Acuras... not the hardest Competition :-)... The M3 won nothing in fact was over a Minute slower than the Top Cars. So do not get it....

  • George Zahn
    George ZahnÅr sedan

    Jesse seems to be satisfied with speed limits displayed using FSD on local streets. Not so reliable in my neck of the woods & will welcome ability to read speed limit signage.

  • t-low
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  • Tony Duncan
    Tony DuncanÅr sedan

    208 episodes. I've watched quite a lot of them, and cut them short, too. Dick Emery (comedian) had a catchphrase which was "You are awful . . . but I like you". This occurs to me every time I watch you. Will I be able to stand how many minutes exactly? Fortunately your subject matter saves you. seblacks.info/cold/video/sH99t4WAroZroKw.html Don't mind me. . . almost everything Elon and his teams do in engineering and design is the closest there has ever been to human perfection - ever - and I'm grateful to be alive to witness it. Keep it up, up. . .

  • DF14NT
    DF14NTÅr sedan

    Neuralink will pair well with Starlink ... stepping closer to the singularity

  • Toby W
    Toby WÅr sedan

    Shoulda entered the big truck!

  • Bickel098
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    Tesla is involved in energy blockchain search "ewt chico" and watch chico crypto videos on energy web. Do your own research, buy on liquid.com maybe a big opportunity here.

  • ke6gwf - Ben Blackburn
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    Sounded like an old PBS fundraising telethon lol

  • rich1383yt
    rich1383ytÅr sedan

    Did you see the NYT article Aug 30 about oil companies, now in big financial trouble, are pushing to dump plastic in African countries?

    ECO-HOTÅr sedan

    This Model 3 Win just makes it clear what a JOKE ICE cars are. We should have been at this point of awesomeness a year or two after the EV-1. OOPs they were CRUSHED .... oops! Fond memories for GM?



    År sedan

    @Andreas Grolimund Sorry I worded that poorly.... I was referring to the EV-1 Being "Crushed" literally by GM after they recalled all EV-1 vehicles at the end of their leases. and thank you for the info I did not know that ICE cars made it up faster, but I am still impressed that it was only ONE minute faster.

  • jbn675478


    År sedan

    @Andreas Grolimund i see. Yeah it won in the particular race it was in, that's all I took away from it anyway.

  • Andreas Grolimund

    Andreas Grolimund

    År sedan

    @jbn675478 Title of the Video sys Tesla Model 3 Wins Pikes Peak what clearly is not true... Was a best in Class nothing else

  • jbn675478


    År sedan

    @Andreas Grolimund oh you mean someone indicated it beat a world record? LOL no, i dont think anyone thinks it did haha that's laughable.

  • Andreas Grolimund

    Andreas Grolimund

    År sedan

    @jbn675478 Fastest Time 2020 was 9.35 you can check the official Results. But stock or not is still not the point I was referring to... the suggestion that there was a Model 3 Pikes Peak win is wrong that is all...

  • Victoria Sweeney
    Victoria SweeneyÅr sedan

    Hey Guys, thx for mentioning the pit crew. We worked so hard and loved every minute! We're so proud of Blake!

  • Jock Campbell
    Jock CampbellÅr sedan

    OOFT! How to beat the competition into submission! Amazing result guys and surely a slap down to all those Tesla detractors. Well-deserved kudos all round.

  • Rex Bergquist
    Rex BergquistÅr sedan

    So we will become the Borg as in Star Trek LOL

  • SB *
    SB *År sedan

    ELON IN BERLIN!!! seblacks.info/cold/video/qGF21Ganh2p9mqA.html

  • Josh Prowse
    Josh ProwseÅr sedan

    @47:30 Traffic speeds in Canada are horrible. If I'm on a surface road, there's a 25% chance that my Tesla will have the speed wrong, usually too slow so I can't use the autopilot without getting honked at. Tesla has always blamed it on Google maps. This update to finally read speed signs looked promising, except it's not in affect in Canada lol.

  • Josh Prowse
    Josh ProwseÅr sedan

    @44:24 I like how the ami driver door opens "backwards". It makes way more sense to open a door and then walk out the way you are facing instead of pivoting 90 degrees, squeezing out, and then walking around the door. All doors should open like this.

  • Steven Puckett
    Steven PuckettÅr sedan

    Just found the funniest Tesla review ever. Bunch of professional comedians go for a ride. seblacks.info/cold/video/snmq2peGgpiDm2U.html Had to share it somewhere so figured why not here. I laughed to hard not to.

  • Eduardo Castelan
    Eduardo CastelanÅr sedan

    Congrats Guys! Well deserved! Unplugged car lost 60% power :57 seconds into its 11 minute run due too unforeseen battery issues unfortunately.

  • Jim Mac
    Jim MacÅr sedan

    I think Drone flight at Giga Austin is restricted due to proximity to the Austin Airport.

  • xkrkro
    xkrkroÅr sedan

    Of course... Tesla stayed the best car for how many years now? And they constantly improve so any competition that might arise will still be behind. It's still sad that other manufacturers didn't bother to try to compete since their focus is still to force crappy throwaway cars down the throats of the public always trying to convince the public it's the best and most desirable.

  • Vít Ožana
    Vít OžanaÅr sedan

    Škoda Eniaq (aka vW ID.4) seblacks.info/cold/video/oKR-uaVmo21qj4o.html

  • One Time
    One TimeÅr sedan

    Congrats on the big W. I got me some TSLA at 490 then panicked a little as it hit 407 today! wanted to reinvest when it hit 420. currently at 430 and raising, www.cnbc.com/2020/09/02/teslas-largest-outside-shareholder-reduces-holding-citing-portfolio-restrictions.html. this is supposedly why.

  • Joseph O'Grady
    Joseph O'GradyÅr sedan

    Hi great show ...because I’m on a need to know bases ....your 2nd most biggest fan Greetings from the home of the “Packard” motor car & down the street from Lordstown Motors & LG chem (now) Where everyone still don’t get this EV thing My turning point was about 5 yrs ago watching a freight train, & realizing that electric was moving the whole train ( now that’s power)

  • carrera2cruise
    carrera2cruiseÅr sedan

    Just reported from a person who did a test drive in New York showroom, if an order is placed after September 07, 2020 for the Model 3 or Y, there will be a 3 month delay for the delivery. Question: does this indicate there is a battery change? Is it the anticipated September 22 battery day update we’ve been waiting for ???

  • Josh Prowse
    Josh ProwseÅr sedan

    Congrats on 4 years guys. Not only has your work contributed greatly to my EV/solar/wind evangelism, you've also been instrumental in my choice to buy TSLA 400% ago. I'm a Patreon member and you earn every dollar.

  • Pale Blue Dot Adventures
    Pale Blue Dot AdventuresÅr sedan


  • James Hardy
    James HardyÅr sedan

    Way to go!!

  • Robert Fox
    Robert FoxÅr sedan

    Thank you!

  • Daz Bob
    Daz BobÅr sedan

    Ernest Rutherford!

  • Jeffrey S
    Jeffrey SÅr sedan

    Pure Conjecture; it's a photo of synthetic graphite of a proprietary nature for the new battery architecture

  • dweiss1
    dweiss1År sedan

    I watched a couple of Randy Pobst's runs and noticed he was in the red with battery thermals quite early. On the last run he mentioned it. And that slowed down the car for the rest of the race. I was thinking he should work with Blake Fuller as I remember Blake mentioning he had to be careful how quickly he accelerated in the Model S to keep battery thermals in a good range. I need to go to the Model 3 testing videos you guys posted to see what was learned. Congratulations!

  • John Summers
    John SummersÅr sedan

    coconuts!!! Monty!!!

  • Alex Harvey
    Alex HarveyÅr sedan

    Awesome. Nice work!

  • Jim Knight
    Jim KnightÅr sedan

    Tesla is not the first one to block out all the chrome on their cars. When I was in Colorado in the 1950s the Mennonites used to paint all the chrome on their cars black. They thought the chrome was too garish and flashy.

  • Rodney Sharp
    Rodney SharpÅr sedan

    Most are weirs short damn to slow flow rates. Better a slow wide river or creek than fast erosive thin river. If river to fast less fish, snails, birds and on on on and on. People drown in fast water. Not much height thus low head pressure. Head pressure = House Power or watts.

  • Jonathan Chin
    Jonathan ChinÅr sedan

    Congrats to the entire team for the win! Especially Blake! Go electric!

  • Robert Kent
    Robert KentÅr sedan

    Neuralink could be the Borg

  • Wayne Christian
    Wayne ChristianÅr sedan

    FYI, please warn us when a video uses Alexa, so we can turn off our Alexa and it doesnt go crazy

  • Paul Jones
    Paul JonesÅr sedan

    Isn't the "chrome" on a Tesla Model 3 technically polished aluminum?

  • Hookster
    HooksterÅr sedan

    Now You Know EV Racings are you and the TEAM going to just Upgrade the car more to the next class next year, Come on EV DAVE-EV DAVE-EV DAVE.

  • Gary Massey
    Gary MasseyÅr sedan

    More like the size of a quarter.

  • harryman11
    harryman11År sedan

    I'm actually super excited for a hybrid corvette. If the utility was higher I would have sold my performance model 3 for a Corvette C8. I hope they go the Tesla route with a up market high performance electric or hybrid.