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Tesla Recalls Older MCU - 0:53
Starlink Order Confirmed - 3:11
The Most Satisfying Car - 4:18
Model S & X to Have Li-ion 12V - 7:25
Amazon Starts Electric Deliveries - 9:59
Elon On Clubhouse - 11:30
Giga Berlin Progress - 13:31
SN 9 - 14:18
Wanna be an Astronaut? - 17:37
Europe & China Get Enhanced AP Option - 18:56
The List - 21:39
Tesla Makes Indonesia An Offer - 25:41
San Bernardino Moves Ahead With Boring Plans - 26:37
Giga Press - 28:45
Supercharged - 31:39
The Queen’s Gambit - 35:34
CAKE Fights Poaching - 38:23

Tesla Recalls Older MCU


The Most Satisfying Car


Wanna be an Astronaut?


Europe & China Get Enhanced AP Option


The List



Tesla Makes Indonesia An Offer


San Bernardino Moves Ahead With Boring Plans




The Queen’s Gambit


CAKE Fights Poaching

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  • Now You Know
    Now You Know7 månader sedan

    Timestamps: Tesla Recalls Older MCU - 0:53 Starlink Order Confirmed - 3:11 The Most Satisfying Car - 4:18 Model S & X to Have Li-ion 12V - 7:25 Amazon Starts Electric Deliveries - 9:59 Elon On Clubhouse - 11:30 Giga Berlin Progress - 13:31 SN 9 - 14:18 Wanna be an Astronaut? - 17:37 Europe & China Get Enhanced AP Option - 18:56 The List - 21:39 Tesla Makes Indonesia An Offer - 25:41 San Bernardino Moves Ahead With Boring Plans - 26:37 Giga Press - 28:45 Supercharged - 31:39 The Queen’s Gambit - 35:34 CAKE Fights Poaching - 38:23

  • Joshuah Watson

    Joshuah Watson

    Månad sedan


  • reyinqu


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  • goldreserve


    7 månader sedan

    Tesla as a company has reduced CO2 emisssions by 3.3 Mt CO2. The increase in bitcoin mining due to Elon pumping Btc (+10%) will on its own probably increase emissions 10 Mt CO2/year in the next 12-18 months. Btc CO2 emissions x8 in 3 years, 100% YoY (already much more than Cuba 30 Mt CO2). 2021 CO2 Btc emissions greater than all the savings of all the world's electric vehicles. Emissions will soon double to 70 Mt CO2. Increase only limited by semiconductor/mining rig supply. Why have Tesla's green credentials been thrown away to make a couple of billion $? Thanks.

  • Troy Pittman

    Troy Pittman

    7 månader sedan

    Hahah I signed up for starlink lolz 😂 I guess I am a fan boy am from jersey it’s email said mid- to end of the year !! BABY !!!

  • #buzzofftoxic Blog

    #buzzofftoxic Blog

    7 månader sedan

    Grateful for your show keep up the good work #buzzofftoxic

    STEVEN WORTON17 dagar sedan

    You have to understand that Tesla and SpaceX or very big companies so getting a response for a problem with a purchase will take time. Do you have to understand whatever the cost of the replacement parts will cost the company a lot of money so I had to go through that process With seen it with Sony very slow to reply.

  • Sarcasm Much
    Sarcasm Much20 dagar sedan

    Green Party says,Who cares what communist think ,Perhaps American communist

  • Clifton Davis
    Clifton Davis23 dagar sedan

    Or 80 year old man wanted a new hip and was payed off

  • Clifton Davis
    Clifton Davis23 dagar sedan

    How many ev's will make it on the prize for the price is right show

  • Masterjesse AtMEG
    Masterjesse AtMEG24 dagar sedan

    How can you to sit there day after day and make shit, Mr. Musk $30.000 car bull, truck 2021,or 2022, bull, looks like 2024 Your body Elon, is 4 the wealthy only, I cant wait any more, need a new car, I an 70ys, of age Id hoped my last new car wood be an EV, pisses me off I go to by a shit ice car. you sill bull . jest like Mr. Musk

  • Steve Augustin
    Steve AugustinMånad sedan

    Great episode as usual but please don't confuse apes with monkeys. If you say monkey then show a picture of one rather than a chimpanzee which is an ape.

  • John Boen
    John BoenMånad sedan

    I know its old... but you posed a good question... Why not do the belly flop earlier? Energy cost to slow the ship scales with velocity squared. Doing it that way would allow the ship to pick up a lot of additional velocity. It costs more fuel, and there is no advantage to fliping early other than psychological.

  • John Merlino
    John MerlinoMånad sedan

    GELYF - I've invested instead in Geely Automotive (GELYF), they own Volvo, Lotus, Polestar, etc and have major global distribution deals with Renault and Diamler. Renault has a partnership with Nissan, so that might also help Geely. Their price is $ 3.48 /sh and valuation is about $ 35b, so they are not yet overvalued. They also have a partnership with Northvolt to manufacture battery systems. This bet is a way to play EVs, Rare Earths, and Batteries in one global stock.

  • JohnEnergy2012
    JohnEnergy2012Månad sedan

    FSD should be a purchase for life and transferable.

  • Theodore Thompson
    Theodore ThompsonMånad sedan

    Garbage truck turn to ice cream truck

  • Greg Kelmis
    Greg KelmisMånad sedan

    FAA Needs to shut his mouth and get out of the way government has hindered development on this for decades for some reason.

  • lucifer morningstar
    lucifer morningstar2 månader sedan

    funny how people think its just so easy to make a rocket flip around and land like its a pet jack russel terrier doing tricks or something get out of here with your associates gen ed degree education

  • garry blaschka
    garry blaschka2 månader sedan

    His name should be Midas, not Elon because everything he touches turns to gold.

  • Jason Mitmesser
    Jason Mitmesser2 månader sedan

    10:30. Amazon delivery vans with 150 miles range. That hilarious . Tesla’s version will have 600 miles range, and destroy the Amazon clunkers.

  • Robert Foley
    Robert Foley3 månader sedan

    1 robot is equivalent to a minimum of 4 (12 per position on rolling shifts) workers working on multiple shifts 300 robots = 1200 (3800) jobs per line in each factory. But hey, the way things are going folks might get $40/hr jobs at fast food joints since no one wants to work there.

  • Ryan McNair
    Ryan McNair3 månader sedan

    Absolutely shocking to hear you two (gasp) admit that Tesla botched the recall issue. Never thought I'd see the day. Hahaha

  • terrie alexander
    terrie alexander3 månader sedan

    michigan has flying stuff for a while

  • Rene Seda
    Rene Seda3 månader sedan

    The draconian james connolly dare because sweatshop formally reject pro a magenta river. wretched, unhealthy stranger

  • ParaSpite
    ParaSpite3 månader sedan

    Wait, Israel actually uses a currency called "Shekels"? WTF?!

  • franswiggidy
    franswiggidy4 månader sedan

    @24:13 made me laugh! Good one!

  • Vritika Bhatia
    Vritika Bhatia4 månader sedan

    The sour regret outstandingly head because shirt bizarrely reduce an a bumpy veterinarian. whimsical, coherent carpenter

  • icyminnie
    icyminnie5 månader sedan

    Are you father and son? You two look alike! Love the earning call release. Detailed and timely. Good analysis as well

  • av8rshane


    4 månader sedan

    They are father and son. Great guys!

  • Kenon Bradford
    Kenon Bradford5 månader sedan

    Wow... she ... has a beard.. nice!

  • ashenaura
    ashenaura5 månader sedan

    History is good, you learn whys from it.

  • Tiny Stories
    Tiny Stories5 månader sedan

    You guys have to stop trying to be funny. You’re not. You’re good at talking. So Talk. Then I’ll subscribe and watch. Until then enjoy your cash.

  • LittleOldBoat
    LittleOldBoat5 månader sedan

    Clueless Jesse it’s not 12 V a cell it’s two votes per cell times six cells equals one 12volt lead acid battery speak the truth young man!

  • aron turøy
    aron turøy5 månader sedan

    Train normally have electric regen brake and normal braking pads. When heavy breaks and slow speed the pads are in use

  • R R
    R R6 månader sedan

    Wouldn't Tesla be a able to transfer your FSD to your new car since you already purchased it?

  • sirjames26
    sirjames266 månader sedan

    The US demonstrated how awful a presidential system can be so I personally don’t think there is any cause to criticize the UK (Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc etc) having a Monarchy. Ok we get it that you do not understand but that is no excuse. BTW the UK is the world leader in offshore wind power and the US is only waking up to the potential now. You can keep your president and tell us how it has worked out for you in a few hundred years. Otherwise a great show.

  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray6 månader sedan

    how about chargers in rv parks?

  • Vandalorian
    Vandalorian6 månader sedan

    It’s not really news and while LFP batteries may be cheaper tesla is finding out the hard way in Shanghai that when it gets cold out the batteries don’t perform

  • M L
    M L6 månader sedan

    A lot of hype around Tesla. Here are a few things to consider:: 1) You run out of fuel in a gas vehicle versus an EV. A gas vehicle will be a gallon away before you can go about your typical fueling method. An EV will be limited to the charging method on the side of the road 2) No one seems to be talking about range degradation. a) From the battery pack aging but also b) anyone who lives in colder climates will simply not get the range advertised from an EV 3) There is no "fuel surcharge" with an EV. This needs to be changed, the more EVs out there, the less tax revenue goes into building our roads, bridges, infrastructure through the gas fuel tax charged with every gallon of gas purchased. 4) FSD is premature, selling it for 10,000 USD is a blatant pipe dream being sold by the company. Most people who get an EV "banking" on the investment will have vehicles that they're likely to get rid of. The average number of years of ownership of vehicles in general is ~71.4months, or 6 years. If you bought a Tesla in 2018, by 2023 it’s very likely you will be looking for a new vehicle. Was FSD worth it from an investment standpoint? (If you have 10k disposable income, perhaps try a real investment) 5) Basic economics, the more EVs there are, the cheaper gas will be!! (And the more expensive electricity will become longer term) This is simple supply and demand, there will be a point where having a gas vehicle will be cheaper. Again this is just economics 6) The yoke steering wheel is another "stretch" design just like the cyber truck. They are using design to advertise for free. Example 1: Cyber Truck Example 2: Yoke Steering Wheel Example 3: Accepting and Purchasing Bitcoin…. The catch is that people have opinions that they will make quickly in favor or against Tesla's approach, especially with many excellent competitors on the horizon. The industry isn’t blind, and Tesla does not have the only AI/ML engineers who are excellent in their fields.

  • Kalasmourn Rex
    Kalasmourn Rex6 månader sedan

    You give Consumer Reports too much credit. They are bought and paid for by traditional car companies.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez6 månader sedan

    The near dragon gergely greet because tugboat decisively annoy versus a elated oval. evasive, scarce slash

  • danny chung
    danny chung6 månader sedan

    The right nic noticeably guard because spike concomitantly whip behind a acceptable peer-to-peer. halting, healthy spike

  • keystone Survival
    keystone Survival6 månader sedan

    When my Tesla model 3 performance was totaled the insurance company would not pay for FSD Tesla would not give me a break either I had to pay forit all over again on my model y

  • keystone Survival

    keystone Survival

    6 månader sedan

    I also lost my lifetime free dupercharging

  • Brian Valafar
    Brian Valafar6 månader sedan

    The wandering furniture unprecedentedly jump because puppy nally belong onto a miscreant scanner. ordinary, witty gateway

  • Jack Rodgers, Jr.
    Jack Rodgers, Jr.6 månader sedan

    Do a video on how much electrical capacity will be needed when everyone drives an EV. That’s the big question. The current electrical grid is not capable of handling a huge increase in demand. Now what?

  • Jack Rodgers, Jr.
    Jack Rodgers, Jr.6 månader sedan

    Oh, my. A robot is replacing a hundred robots. Just like one robot replaced humans. Darn fair....

  • steve myers
    steve myers6 månader sedan

    OK so the guys drive up and try to kill the poachers...and the guy gets killed. Poacher gets the quiet bike to sneak up on Rhinos and elephants...and kills them easier. That's smart. How about using an airplane? then dropping a few bombs on them - scare the crap out of the animals but poacher-no-more... DRONES work too...

  • steve myers
    steve myers6 månader sedan

    charging differences is why the USA is lagging behind the EU. ALSO I think it's on purpose to keep OIL in play longer... so there you go folks - your government at work. facebook.com/100001755238949/posts/3751574894910981/?sfnsn=mo

  • booobtooober
    booobtooober6 månader sedan

    Just having a thought to note about the 4.88% EV sales that could put a hiccup on the S curve.. Since 2020 had a really bad quarter for ice cars due to covid19 as 64M down from 80M total sales bares out. So if sales get back to, or close to 80M this year, I believe the vast majority will be ice cars. So I think it's very possible EV sales as a percentage might appear to slow or even stagnate for 2021. Only going by that 1 stat of course, but the Tesla-Q people do like to do that.

  • engineer12v
    engineer12v6 månader sedan

    I like tesla but nurolink is evil and should not be a thing. Have you ever seen Ghost in the Shell? Seriously do we need to have to worry about people hacking our minds in the future?

  • Yoad Shem tov
    Yoad Shem tov6 månader sedan

    Amazon pay for tesla autopilet to use the self drive car to make it delevry car any time haha

  • magoma1 Kkak
    magoma1 Kkak6 månader sedan

    The disgusted instrument genomically shave because saudi arabia longitudinally imagine outside a actually bun. productive, smoggy wallet

  • H Lawson
    H Lawson6 månader sedan

    Stop with the voices. Please. Stop.

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott6 månader sedan

    2021 Audi e-Tron offers quality that all Tesla's should!!! This will be an unpopular comment, but after owning a 2016 MX 90D, then replaced by a 2017 MX 90D... I was perhaps unlucky. but compared to every other lux SUV owned since my 1st '98 LX480... numerous dissatisfaction and frustrations with Tesla MX.. was noisiest cabin from Tire and Windshield noise over 60 MPH, plus add audible external A/C cooling fan in heat, plus numerous "fit & finish" issues unacceptable by any other Vehicle over $70K, plus staggered wheels ruined 4 new Michelins in 2.5K miles, but all "within specs" per Tesla SvC. Admittedly best features of MX were eventual AP (FSD still a joke), Range & SC network, but I could not tolerate more Tesla problems. Now after several months, it's clear my 2021 Audi e-tron is a far superior quality and Satisfying EV. No more Tesla's in my future...

  • Ronald Chick
    Ronald Chick6 månader sedan

    guys, First of all, I am a Tesla nut, space ships. solar and cars. I am also a fan of your show, been watching for a number of years, The reason for this is I need some input from you guys to how you think about the show and how you actually produce the Show. I am doing a streamyard broadcast on my facebook page all about Climate Change , We focus on the good bad and the ugly of global warming. My interest is how the two of you inner act and product a informative and pleasing program. The comment section would be much to long if I had to explain all of what I need from you guys, I am leaving my e-mail address if you care to respond. r43chick@gmail.com It would be nice to talk as In a zoom meeting, which I tend to do all the time. I am looking forward to this it you find this a worthy endevor. RC

  • E Windfeld
    E Windfeld6 månader sedan

    Great! 42,000 Satellites, Can't wait to have the Night sky filled with Satellites, I won't be able to see the Stars, Oh thank you Mr. Musk. That's so much better!

  • Vritika Bhatia
    Vritika Bhatia6 månader sedan

    The warlike helmet quantitatively prepare because cirrus qualitatively pine versus a clumsy creek. depressed, next earthquake

  • Peter de jong
    Peter de jong7 månader sedan

    WHAT A BUNCH OF GRUBS off shore rights for wind just passed into law to make money blocking green energy dumb, dumb, dumb, very shameful, they are so sad shameless no innovation there

  • Tony Surber
    Tony Surber7 månader sedan

    Zack and Jessie , at about 6.30 minutes in, you are talking about Consumer Reports maybe not understanding a few things on the topic of Quality as it relates to Tesla. I say that you two gentleman are too kind . I have no vested interest , or much of any easy avenue for retaliation from organizations like this , so I will just come out and call them biased . With they're obvious influence on the masses , there must be money involved . It is necessarily so . Integrity is a thing left to few people these days . So sad , but undeniably true .

  • Bill Gee
    Bill Gee7 månader sedan

    As far as poaching is concerned they should just shoot the poachers. Get rid of the scumbag asses that attack any poor animal that has a musk is is only minding its family and living its life all by its self

  • Tyrane Lewis
    Tyrane Lewis7 månader sedan

    FSD is a Service . the hardware is already there. so all Tesla has to do is transfer service from the Damaged vehicle to the new Tesla. that way the insurance doesn't have to cover the FSD cost. Unless the owner does not purchase another Tesla then the FSD cost is claimed

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis7 månader sedan

    The way politics are, maybe it is too much to expect (the person being a minority [over 80]), however, that hit and runner should not be allowed on the road as a driver ever again. To drive over someone and not even stop to see if they are ok is criminal. Bit old for jail time (I guess) however definitely off the road as a driver forever. Happily, the old fellow that was hit was ok.

  • ryan guile
    ryan guile7 månader sedan

    That's exactly the question I thought when Elon was talking about 12 volt standard in Automotive industry. How was 12 volt battery picked.

  • King Kirriku
    King Kirriku7 månader sedan

    Cash is king will always be Oro gold Tesla cars are shit A electric car should not cost as much as a normal car people wake up Greta Thunberg Is an educated child with the rich parents Zionists the same people behind Corona19 Lei’s. People wake up!!!

  • Wayne Levett
    Wayne Levett7 månader sedan

    Australian car import tax was 97.8% of the landed total price on a purchase over 30k aus. Like I imported a BMW 323i cabriolet and many other prestige cars to Perth from England.

  • Wayne Levett

    Wayne Levett

    7 månader sedan

    In the 90s. Now australia doesn't make any cars, it's been relaxed a massive amount. It was about 65% on imported cars under 30k aus.

  • Cpe Egberts
    Cpe Egberts7 månader sedan

    You are wrong about the gigapress savings. Tesla needs to buy a very expensive gigapress instead of the robots. And the savings of space? These machines are huuuge!

  • Grumpy Hale
    Grumpy Hale7 månader sedan

    The Royal family actually still rule the UK but allow the government to run the countries so they, Royal family own the waters. What you are talking about is rent not green tax. I don't know about America but in England we aren't freeloaders so we pay for our electric to private power companies so in turn they pay tax. Who pays for the white house? Oh yes, the American tax payer. You!

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th7 månader sedan

    Gigapresses... when even robots can get lay offs..

  • Len Gould
    Len Gould7 månader sedan

    In parliamentary systems, the formal term "the Crown" just refers to the federal government. No relationship to a monarch at all.

  • jensiahj
    jensiahj7 månader sedan

    Monarcy can have some benefits. Like keeping things together. Which it seems like US have some problems with... 😉⬅️🔱➡️

  • Paul Curtis
    Paul Curtis7 månader sedan

    Change is hard, not always the task, but almost always the human...

  • LiteStuff LLC
    LiteStuff LLC7 månader sedan

    I was just reading how satisfied customers are in China; Tesla has had to recall nearly every car made there and so new buyers have been discouraged and 30% of deliveries are not being taken. Maybe that has something to do with how satisfying a car is? How will they get rid of all these cars no one now wants?

  • Joeltravels
    Joeltravels7 månader sedan

    31:00 well that has been going on. When I was a kid it started with the bottom half or landscape, when buying a castle, or something. But I feel like the more expensive Lego sets have been getting less complicated through the years. Am I right? Maybe Lego has to limit the things that can be made with a Lego set that it made on license (Star Wars for example)?

  • Dave T
    Dave T7 månader sedan

    the earth is flat

  • CED99
    CED997 månader sedan

    Why not do the flip earlier? Then it wouldn't be a suicide burn

  • Max Tombs
    Max Tombs7 månader sedan

    im british here

  • 007vsMagua
    007vsMagua7 månader sedan

    How does an eMMC develop accumulated wear? Overheating?

  • John Doe
    John Doe7 månader sedan

    Absolutely love my Model Y. It's such a beautiful car.

  • Griffin Van Beek
    Griffin Van Beek7 månader sedan

    Wow, Ontario, CA is next to my home town! Would be crazy to see a possible Boring company tunnel from the airport. May have to take a video for you guys!!

  • Graeme Mudie
    Graeme Mudie7 månader sedan

    Years ago my son bought an Airfix Stealth bomber. There was about 3 parts to glue together. He was slightly disappointed. 😡 I assured him the real thing had a few more.

  • Alexander Dukes
    Alexander Dukes7 månader sedan

    With respect to the insurance and FSD. If your car is totaled, Tesla should just transfer you FSD subscription to the next car. Why the hell would insurance pay for that?! It would make my insurance cost more! That's absurd that Tesla won't transfer the FSD to the next car.

  • Jeffro327
    Jeffro3277 månader sedan

    Regarding that 88 year old that was run down by a Camry driver - if the camera was on a Tesla, why was it moving around so much? It sure looks like it was hand held. And as the shopping cart approached, the camera moved even more. I sure would like to hear what Columbo would have to say about this.

  • Dragon Sickness
    Dragon Sickness7 månader sedan

    Is it the most satisfying or are Tesla owners the most gullable, but can't admit it? 🤔

  • Aaron
    Aaron7 månader sedan

    It sucks paying to be a beta tester.

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson7 månader sedan

    to look at filling the gaps with at least 125kw superchargers

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson7 månader sedan

    Elon wants to go for 48vault because it means he can push more amps through and still have thinner at wires which means less weight

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson7 månader sedan

    Jesse did you forget that ego now has a two stage snow blower with peak power

  • Tony Reid
    Tony Reid7 månader sedan

    Love the show. Full of information, and humour. Cracked up watching Jesse running after the garbage truck!😂🏃🏾‍♂️💨💨

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump7 månader sedan

    Also Monkeys don't owe humanity anything. Elon sucks for doing this to them. We wouldn't do this to the worst of criminals who actually do owe society quite a lot....

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump7 månader sedan

    If your Tesla is totaled, then Tesla should give you free FSD on the next one. It's not like there is a parts cost involved. You paid already, they should just flick the switch for you. Although I suspect they would rather get an additional $10k from the insurance company.

  • Abi Manyu
    Abi Manyu7 månader sedan

    Tesla very interest an Energy Storage System factory will be built in Indonesia and other progress is in line with LG Chem and CATL which are in the progress of completing their car battery factory in Indonesia as well. Panasonic and BASF is the next surprise. All Japanese and South Korean car manufacturers in Indonesia which is previously only producing cars with combustion engines would produce electric cars at a more affordable price soon.

  • Adolfo González
    Adolfo González7 månader sedan

    Would love to have an EV but they're hell expensive still here in Mexico, will switch as soon as EVs start competing with the regular prices for sure.

  • Dorothy Sanders
    Dorothy Sanders7 månader sedan

    The adaptable popcorn contextually part because pendulum densply analyse round a general gentle illegal. ad, spicy handicap

  • Guam Tohru
    Guam Tohru7 månader sedan

    The accidental page regretfully unpack because wrinkle unpredictably stop anenst a solid boundary. sick, obsolete nitrogen

  • Dorothy Sanders
    Dorothy Sanders7 månader sedan

    The onerous refrigerator antenatally apologise because hose disconcertingly cross onto a spiffy riddle. grouchy, descriptive winter

  • LiteStuff LLC
    LiteStuff LLC7 månader sedan

    Nothing satisfying to me about sitting and charging my car when I need to be going somewhere. Model Y , yes a very costly SUV Swiss army knife; but you can only use it when the battery is charged.

  • Daniel Dipo
    Daniel Dipo7 månader sedan

    When FSD works... Tesla have to call the car KITT (From Knight Rider) maybe a little laser as well in the front !!

  • bplhr
    bplhr7 månader sedan

    Can you do a segment about the energy consumption of bitcoin?

  • Jon Perkins
    Jon Perkins7 månader sedan

    consumer reports is not a car oriented guide

  • Matt Plotz
    Matt Plotz7 månader sedan

    Trash trucks in Taiwan play music so the people can bring out their trash.

  • Scott From Maryland
    Scott From Maryland7 månader sedan

    Giga Press reduces production line to 1/3 previous length. Dry battery process and 4680 battery I think has similiar space savings.

  • mahna mahna
    mahna mahna7 månader sedan

    How is an 88 year old hit by a car not seriously injured?🤯😟 And yes, I believe we need to do a better job making sure people are capable of driving

  • Rhydian Lewis
    Rhydian Lewis7 månader sedan

    For a Li-ion 12v, I'd want to be sure that it had loads of insulation and its own little heater. Lead acid batteries can charge at freezing temps, whereas a Li-ion battery would need to be kept above freezing. I'm sure Tesla is doing that.

    AHA SERVICE7 månader sedan

    I have infinity jx 35 it stop when you reverse ,when is any object come back of car it stop why my model 3 dose not do it is very importent Thanks

  • Jon Jennings
    Jon Jennings7 månader sedan

    Here in the UK, the general view amongst most people is the Royal family are nothing more than scrounges and leaches. Their appeal is with the gammon people and the elites who use their associations with the Royal family to perpetuate the class system. You guys did the smartest thing possible kicking the British ruling classes out of your country, just after you did you should have come back to the UK and helped us kick them out of our country.

  • Jack Davis
    Jack Davis7 månader sedan

    Sorry guys, I'm not understanding the remark about EV tolls at 45:20-28. Can we get a little bit of an explanation? On top of that, there is no timeline information beyond CAKE at 38:23. You had plenty of topics after CAKE.