Tesla’s New Virtual Power Worth More Than its Auto Business? | In Depth

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  • Valdemar
    Valdemar2 timmar sedan

    How about countries like Sweden with much less solar hours per year? The power generated may provide about half a years need so I guess its better that nothing.

  • Wave Rider
    Wave Rider2 timmar sedan

    To bad these guys consent just get to the point. Good bye.

  • Stumbledoor
    Stumbledoor3 timmar sedan

    VPP in Maryland? Are only tesla power walls eligible or any home power storage system (brand)?

  • Stumbledoor
    Stumbledoor3 timmar sedan

    How do we reach you guys if we have questions? Pretty sure you arent checking comments on posted videos from several months ago.

  • Stumbledoor
    Stumbledoor3 timmar sedan

    What about other brands of batteries ? We have an ENPHASE system. It's a bit more invasive with boxes and wiring etc BUT it stores more, has a longer half life and was a lower price. So we went with it instead of Tesla PW. Will this battery work with this network? Not a fan of AI. (I.e.the matrix) but the Enphase system is connected to an AI that reads and updates, system settings and notifications for maintenance energy usage and so on. Wifes cousin works for solar city/Tesla and informed us of why a tesla PW was not the best choice atvthe time cause of specific problems and shortcomings in the models available at the time. He suggested waiting for the next version. The newest ones apparently correct these issues but there is also the fact that the battery industry is still so new. Most Tesla batteries last about 10 years from the info we were given. We got enphase cause they have a longer lifespan but I mean it's not a huge difference compared to industry standard but will last about 2 to 5 years longer than Tesla PW depending on the model and usage. But this tech is still so early. Anyway I am just wondering if Enphase units are eligible for Elons network idea and is this program/network a nationwide thing? We get paid a meager sum by BGE for unused power but it's not even close to 225 per kWh....

  • SH McLaren
    SH McLaren15 timmar sedan

    First time watching the show. Two words: HELL YES! You guys rock. Thank you!!! Member for LIFE!!!!

  • Fred Potgieter
    Fred PotgieterDag sedan

    8 years need new batteries. Need throw them away need .laws make sure .you pay for the disposal of them not the state government

  • Fred Potgieter
    Fred PotgieterDag sedan

    Better go back to the 70 .

  • Lab Growth
    Lab Growth2 dagar sedan

    Really good video, thanks 🙌🏻

  • Greg L
    Greg L2 dagar sedan

    Great content. Keep up the good work.

  • Dan Mosby
    Dan Mosby2 dagar sedan

    Great explanation, vehicle to grid good info wow..one car = 4 power walls. Good to know

  • Hal Hurlbut
    Hal Hurlbut2 dagar sedan

    What about snow on the panels for weeks at a time?

  • Paul Mcmillan
    Paul Mcmillan3 dagar sedan

    Will this damage battery life?

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith4 dagar sedan

    Tesla DOES NOT want to activate Vehicle to Grid technology on their vehicles. At a recent SCC hearing in Virginia, they had a representative who spoke against the use case. Do your research before your purport that VTG is any part of the answer. And why, if you have powerwalls, and solar, and are part of Behind the Meter Energy sales, do you have a backup generator that you have to spend $250 to maintain? Saying things like, "there's so many things that are going to change in the future about how we live in houses, which haven't changed in HUNDREDs of years" is an exaggeration of Tesla's business prowess or Elon Musk's prescience. You are negating the fact that the first central power stations didn't exit until 100 years ago and only 70% of the population had electricity in 1930. Indoor plumbing, was so much a luxury that indoor plumbing was installed in the White House less than 200 years ago. Maybe dial back the superfluous overstatements of the amazing work that Tesla is doing.

  • Mariano Pacheco
    Mariano Pacheco4 dagar sedan

    Great presentation. Question, does the homeowner have the ability to limit Tesla’s control of the power wall, in its home? It does seem like Tesla will have a lot of control.

  • Joseph Cahoon
    Joseph Cahoon4 dagar sedan

    How many tons of earth are mined to make one power wall? How often do the batteries need to be replaced?

  • Hiking Lang
    Hiking Lang4 dagar sedan

    Just to clarify, Tesla is not going to be a Utility, Tesla becomes a power generator competing with other power generators that are connected to the Utility. All the customers and power generators are connected to the Utility that distributes the power from the power generators to the customers.

  • Cashflow Church
    Cashflow Church5 dagar sedan

    Great video

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown5 dagar sedan

    Could you please make your shows longer... I'm gonna jump

  • Anthony Bielobockie
    Anthony Bielobockie5 dagar sedan

    3 minutes in and you've already made at least five technical errors. This is not useful content. Coal isn't used in peak load plants. It's 120 volts not 110. The Tesla peak load battery storage isn't new technology, it's new to Tesla. Worthless.

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns5 dagar sedan

    When the grid gets hacked , party at this dudes house

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant5 dagar sedan

    You guys are great, why would I buy over $30,000 dollars of equipment when I can buy 10kw generator to run when the power goes lame for a few hours. I get the help to the industry but I'm not paying for there new power supply. This system is excellent but an expensive solution, thanks for getting us all thinking about lining Elons pockets.

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant5 dagar sedan

    This is amazing, I'm gonna buy the hardware to help the grid when it cannot cope, how much does this cost

  • Paul Corley
    Paul Corley5 dagar sedan

    Because AI is controlling this, if you asked AI to maximize profits for the wall owners it could choose to ramp up Grid pull during a cheap rate mornings simply to sale back to the Grid in the afternoon.

  • S Reyes
    S Reyes5 dagar sedan

    Is there any maintenance involved in having the power wall and solar panels?

  • energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged
    energy can't be destroyed itcanonlybechanged6 dagar sedan

    It's still all about the money. Power companies do not want you to be independent of the grid.

  • Palmer BuiltThis
    Palmer BuiltThis6 dagar sedan

    Tesla recently filed an application to become a retail electricity provider in Texas. The company's move could boost the bottom line for its fledgling energy subsidiary. It will also provide cheap and accessible power to the company's manufacturing facility in Austin.

  • screwgled
    screwgled6 dagar sedan

    You mean a power wall has an inverter in it??? You guys are treating this like it’s magic or something. I can’t listen to this anymore

  • anothaview


    2 timmar sedan

    Exactly trying to make what was already existed to give credit to Tesla Fuchs this market bullshitviks.

  • screwgled
    screwgled6 dagar sedan

    This is not a new idea please stop pretending that

  • Hananel Gez
    Hananel Gez6 dagar sedan

    Vehicle to grid is genius! ❤️

  • Tony Wong
    Tony Wong7 dagar sedan

    Tesla = Skynet Started out as a joke but came here from a Neuralink video. Starlink, Neuralink, Tesla cars, trucks and solar...

  • Christoph Schimpf
    Christoph Schimpf7 dagar sedan

    Cooool, very nice

  • Bradley Wernli
    Bradley Wernli8 dagar sedan

    Battery farms are the future, but the competition mainstream is hydrogen.

  • K otgc
    K otgc8 dagar sedan

    Wow, this is essential viewing...powerful. Is it worth waiting for V2G and not buying power walls?

  • Dana Dronen
    Dana Dronen9 dagar sedan

    That’s great news energy storage done right!

  • michael mathers
    michael mathers9 dagar sedan

    How about pure white paint will not need as much energy

  • 17seventySIX
    17seventySIX9 dagar sedan

    And instead of only half if we started building homes with the entire roof facing the sun that would create twice the power creation per dwelling....

  • public domain
    public domain9 dagar sedan

    I want my EV. Why is obvious. fossil killed electric in less than 15 years back in the 1900's. ShakeUp! XR

  • Dean Granados
    Dean Granados9 dagar sedan

    Tony Seba talks about power plants going out of business

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams9 dagar sedan

    To do this virtual power efficiently, it will require a change in the law to allow people to fully cover their roofs vice just to cover a portion of thier current energy use

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams9 dagar sedan

    This is a very informative video and well done. Curious on the Vehicle to Grid... Understand the concept, but the car doesn't generate energy, so if in a blackout I use my car for the grid, I am stuck in the house... Not very desirable

  • Steve Fischer
    Steve Fischer10 dagar sedan

    I am an avid solar enthusiast, but there are some conspicuous omissions in this video, which almost sounds like an advertisement for VPP. First, sure, power companies are problematic, but they paid for the installation of the grid upon which all this depends, and are still responsible for the maintenance of it. Part of their objection to home solar is based on this concern. How will the VPP revolution cover that enormous expense? If there is a way, it is not mentioned in this video. Secondly, the same principles could easily apply at industrial scale power plants, both for clean and fossil fuel generation: use batteries or other large scale storage solutions to capture off-peak power, and deliver it at peak. I am enthusiastic about home solar, but want to point out that just like a gigafactory is more efficient than lots of small scale manufacturers, centrally maintained clean energy is more efficient than all the costs of installing home solar. This is a reason why it might be unlikely for unsubsidized home power plants to ever price-compete with central power. On the other hand, using already existing residential real estate for solar is an environmental win, even if not cost effective. This video could have discussed this option. Finally, filling up your car battery at work and reselling that (fossil fuel?) power to the grid later on sounds like a violation of the intention of the recharging station, if not downright stealing. It doesn't seem either ethical or green.

  • Justin Bradshaw
    Justin Bradshaw10 dagar sedan

    I've signed up with Tesla's VPP Beta with my single home Powerwall in San Luis Obispo, CA (the Central Coast). According to their documentation, the only compensation I will get (during the beta period) is NEM credits for my exported power, which is okay with me for now. It's nothing like the credits you guys get, but I'l take it... and I bet it will increase once Tesla becomes an official power generator for the California grid who can bid into the energy markets!

  • David Nicholls
    David Nicholls11 dagar sedan

    Tesla is not the first and only entrant to this market. It’s advantage is scale and footprint using proprietary hard- and soft-ware. Home power storage is important but the big early scale up in capacity will be V2G. Exponential growth in EVs and expansion of charging points in home/office/retail environments will allow a two-way trade in power allowing the grid to skim off relatively small percentages of battery capacity in homes, EVs and purpose built power storage units to capture solar and wind power when it’s available and over producing to use as required at other times. Full marks to Tesla for doing this but the system needs democratisation so if you buy a Nissan (the Leaf has V2G built in), Ford, Mercedes or whatever, the power in their batteries can also work for the grid. Add home batteries, add home solar, add geothermal and wind and you have a virtuous circle of power supply to meet demand. Ultimately, it will be very much cheaper too.

  • AshS
    AshS11 dagar sedan

    As of launch, the Tesla Virtual Power Plant is a public good program to support the California grid, and there is no compensation for Tesla or customers. Yeah, I’m gonna pass…not gonna waste my battery life to help SDGE & PG&E.

  • Blue Me Only
    Blue Me Only11 dagar sedan

    Incoming more ded birdies 🤕

  • Errol Guard
    Errol Guard12 dagar sedan

    Absolutely brilliant Tesla VPP, TESLA the greatest Company in the world. Thank you for your excellent media and news.

  • JMR Trading Enterprise
    JMR Trading Enterprise13 dagar sedan

    When is Tesla thinking of exporting this service to Africa?

  • 14 dagar sedan

    What are the seven states that support VPP's?

  • Reginald Gilbert
    Reginald Gilbert14 dagar sedan

    Degradation factor X`

  • Reginald Gilbert
    Reginald Gilbert14 dagar sedan

    No matter if the system meantime states one hundred years, the test would state at thirty seven

  • Reginald Gilbert
    Reginald Gilbert14 dagar sedan

    You know, somebody is going to have to state that the technology, whatever used, will need to be tested for system degradations so that they may not be cut from the gridding when it begins to become highly compliant.

  • Reginald Gilbert
    Reginald Gilbert14 dagar sedan

    What is the standard powerwall stabled charge capacity ? (Charge by time)

  • Long Chung
    Long Chung14 dagar sedan

    Love the video, very informative. I live in the Isle of Man (UK) and the electricity generator company here positively discourage any self-sufficient in energy by individuals and I would love to change that. Do you have advice on how I could go about it?

  • Jessi Taran
    Jessi Taran14 dagar sedan

    The narrator's of this video sound eerily similar to the narrator's of The Bible Project videos. Like...REALLY.

  • Russ H.
    Russ H.14 dagar sedan

    Guys, are you not aware of Tesla's "solar shingles"? They remove the traditional shingles on your roof and replace them with solar shingles which means you don't need traditional solar panels at all! And it looks really really good. Yes, it's expensive, but for people that really don't like the look of solar panels on their roof there IS another option. Look it up :)

  • Herbert Aponte
    Herbert Aponte14 dagar sedan

    Stupid question: Substations convert high voltage into low for homes, businesses, etc. Tesla's system converts low voltage into high?

  • hockeytruth
    hockeytruth14 dagar sedan

    It's not weather it's population you idiots

  • Lisa Kolb
    Lisa Kolb15 dagar sedan

    It's the SAME thing that Tesla (the man) tried to give us all when he was alive. For FREE!

  • Anarcho Medico
    Anarcho Medico16 dagar sedan

    You think society is people doing their best to help, that climate is changing due to cattle farting and cattle driving, that Lone Skum married to some scum developed cars and batteries and solar and spaceships. You gave the power company access to your private batteries. Must be nice.

  • Max Kelter
    Max Kelter16 dagar sedan

    There's a better source of power than electric for vehicles. Commercial vehicles are using it in some cities. The by product is a bit of water ( yes, someone did drink the exhaust and did not die). It's a combination of HO hydrogen and oxygen to power vehicles. This I believe will replace Tesla.

  • Bart
    Bart17 dagar sedan


  • Norm Owl
    Norm Owl17 dagar sedan

    The discussion to be balanced should also mention the down side of millions of tiny distributed mini-power plants. There are economics and reliability advantages in large scale generation for base load power. Solar power capacity factor is less than 25% (hence solar generation apparatus must be at least 4 times larger than the load requires). Since battery retrieved energy is 80% of charging energy a solar + battery type system must be 5 or 6 times larger compared to an on-demand type generation. Hence, the physics for grid base power does not economically favor solar + battery storage systems. It seems to me small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear with greater than 98% capacity factor (no batteries needed) is much more sensible for base load. The cost of power in Southern California has climbed to the extreme and it is in the nation's sweet spot for solar and wind generation. Meanwhile, even old technology nuclear in the US keeps giving us low cost clean power 24 hours per day. Latest generation nuclear is clean green renewable power. I am a retired electrical engineer and not associated with any nuclear entity. Source: EIA

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck17 dagar sedan

    Weather is not less and less predictable than earlier times. Three days is relatively predictable, two days is reliable, one whole day is easy. More than three days is stupid. Years is a flight of fancy. Stop the misinformation.

  • riccardo s
    riccardo s18 dagar sedan

    Electrons migrate from everywhere to anywhere very faaaast just say them what do and they act istantly , that's amazing .

  • 5150lane
    5150lane18 dagar sedan

    So, a system that mimics computer based trading on the stock exchange is the best we can come up with for our power needs? No thank you. Hyping the few dollars made while selling electricity from batteries, ignores the cost of acquiring those batteries, and also the likely cost incurred when those batteries need to be disposed of in a few years. I predict that battery disposal will be the next "nuclear waste", or "global climate change" issues that do-gooders will be pulling their hair out over within the next couple of decades.

  • rmrfboy
    rmrfboy18 dagar sedan

    i have a gut feeling that this autobidder thing is run by palantir under the hood.... msg me in th future if i was right

  • Plo8monster
    Plo8monster19 dagar sedan

    Decentralized shared resources. Mankind's last great hope for survival. Blockchain technologies and AI replace reliance on bankers brokers and lawyers. Sustainable energy is the key to the kingdom doors. Currently sustainable means storable energy that can be released at will. This is a game-changer for commercial and residential utility energy. WTG Tesla

  • Danny Loftin
    Danny Loftin19 dagar sedan

    Have you guys heard of CONCRETE being able to store energy? WOW, Game Changer...

  • Patrick Wuerth
    Patrick Wuerth19 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't that use up more cycles of your batteries resulting in a shorter life cycle?

  • sandyt
    sandyt20 dagar sedan

    Your content is great but it could only get better without the “ comedy “ inserts. Smart guys are seldom great comics. There are, of course exceptions to this statement, but your information is very good.

  • dick stab
    dick stab20 dagar sedan

    06:19 cant include enrons outages they were all fake.

  • Wayne Slater
    Wayne Slater20 dagar sedan

    Thank you gentlemen, this was extremely helpful to my understanding. You guys do a great job of explaining while entertaining. You've earned my subscription and then some.

  • tstcikhthys
    tstcikhthys22 dagar sedan

    Quite interesting stuff. BTW, 16:31 The symbol for megawatts is MW, not "MWs" (which would mean "megawatt-seconds", or megajoules). 16:47 Same thing with kilowatt-hours: kW⋅h, not "kWhs" (which would mean "kilowatt-hour-seconds").

  • Marc Isaacs
    Marc Isaacs22 dagar sedan

    How much damage or negative effects will occur to your power wall and who will pay for replacement due to that ?

  • djAmbush
    djAmbush23 dagar sedan

    In Germany we do this since the last millennium using solar panels. Works great till f**king earth gets in front of the sun. Happens every day. BTW the energy you produce will NEVER pay for the Tesla-Stuff. In fact, a solar-energy-system build by a pro will be much more affordable. The Tesla system can only be delivered by Hyperloop. Best quote ever ===>" Has to be unlocked by AI" Loled really hard.

  • Christina Lim
    Christina Lim24 dagar sedan

    I like this format of Q & A video. Awesome info n easy to understand. :) greetings from a little red dot on the globe. Tesla fan here

  • Shari Scholl
    Shari Scholl24 dagar sedan

    People who live close to a wind generator Poles get health problems as it causes like low barometric type pressure on people living close.

  • Shari Scholl
    Shari Scholl24 dagar sedan

    Are you getting dangerous electromagnetic frequencies running through your home as it converts from solar to batteries? If they are using wifi to check how much power you have, you can never shut off your wifi? When they ping a smart meter to check your energy usage there is radiation flowing through your home along metal pipes and obviously radiation exposure causes cancer.

  • jeffrey wolf
    jeffrey wolf29 dagar sedan

    From what I hear the solar panels on the roof that United sells he does not sell there was only like a dozen or so house is picked out for test. But as far as I know who the date of 2021 he has not sold any of those solar panels for anyone to put on their house themselves. Like to your general contractor down the street. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But the more I hear about Elon only thing he has at work since his Tesla car as far as I can tell his starlink satellites are only supposed to last anywhere from two to four years and then burn up and be space junk and he puts thousands of those up in the sky this is unacceptable meanwhile he's concerned about a rocket that can land itself and be reused who cares about one rocket I care about thousands of satellites. Put the technology in your satellites idiot. That was the Elon Musk 2

  • jeffrey wolf
    jeffrey wolf29 dagar sedan

    Eli says all kinds of nonsense out his rear side that sounds incredible and almost like it kind of makes sense but in reality like his hyperloop in Las Vegas which is supposed to do 150 and drive without people demanding and controlling the vehicle. However would it is is a guy driving a Tesla no more than 30 miles per hour in a ridiculous tunnel. His boring company completely gone out of business no more mention of it. That was rather quick and abrupt. He's sells so much pipe dreams

  • DanW58
    DanW5829 dagar sedan

    Most importantly, the cheaper the energy, the easier it gets to desalinate sea water as well as operate carbon capture.

  • Whites' Word
    Whites' WordMånad sedan

    This is a joke! The whole environmental impact of the solar industry is disastrous. It needs gov subsidies which equates to a non viable industry! Don't fall the scam people, just reduce your dependency on these assholes

  • Neil Tolley
    Neil TolleyMånad sedan

    What happens to all that reflected light bouncing of the solar panels. that surely will have a measurable effect on extreme weather?

  • Dan Fox
    Dan FoxMånad sedan

    Sadly this won't work in Australia, because the greedy government has stepped in with a new tax to cover the use of their powerlines to send it to the back to the grid, even if it helps them out ! Go Figure !!!

  • molesnir
    molesnirMånad sedan

    I have solar myself, and I do think they are good for reducing my need for grid energy that will not be as green... But solar is not a viable solution for national energy needs in winter. The usage in winter is much higher (where I live at least), but solar production in winter is only a fraction of the recuired needs at that time. Batteries can only store short term, it can not store the overproduction of summer to be used in winter. Sadly...

  • Tom Paquette
    Tom PaquetteMånad sedan

    So I really appreciate this potential! There are a few issues. Why would we pay for this over the utility company's doing so. They would save more money in the long run. Utility company's also need to do a much better job updating their infrastructure to being underground as much as possible. Utility company's will fight vpp due to safety because disconnects only seperate equipment from the line side and if your power wall feeds power through the load side when there isn't power expected to be there, there will be damages and deaths at a much more frequent rate. Don't get me wrong I totally have the same desires for this to be successful but we need to straighten the utility company's out first.

  • Todd Thompson
    Todd ThompsonMånad sedan

    Yall had me until 26:28 when you started telling me to go to undesirable parts of buildings. I've been told that before and was told Id get an ice cream cone if I....uh..if I dropped my trousers. Im still waiting on my ice cream cone I dont know WHAT is taking him so long, and he accidentally put my trousers back on instead of his....Aaaannyy ways...I dont trust ANYone that tells me to go to undesirable parts of building or backs of buildings and do undesirable things any longer. Fool me 67 times shame on me...fool me 68 times. . . shame on you plus Im out of trousers now and arent going anywhere without an ice cream cone.

  • JB Wentworthe
    JB WentwortheMånad sedan

    Suddenly I am remembering a movie called "The Money Pit" HOOOOWWWW MUUUCCH the home owners wailed after unending expenses to fix and improve the house were burying them alive ! How much upfront costs and or debt is needed today to do this conversion ?

  • Billder Inbaja
    Billder InbajaMånad sedan

    I have it from a person very close to Tesla Central... Elon listens to "Now You Know" as his bedtime sleepy-time music, smiling happily as he drifts away to dreamland. Love you guys!

    WILTON GORDONMånad sedan

    Have you guys heard about solar windows or glass? This is also another new technology to deliver electricity.

  • Samson H Tai
    Samson H TaiMånad sedan

    What types of value are we to AI? What will our foundation be? Are we a backup foundation for AI? Is that what ends up always happening prime and Megatron?😜🤪🤔🐽

  • Anthony Blacker
    Anthony BlackerMånad sedan

    It's a shame this sounds almost like a sales pitch towards the end of the video.. People just don't seem to have that open mind I thought we all did.. One day

  • BurnestThe4th
    BurnestThe4thMånad sedan

    It's all fun and games until Elon controls the weather and future power demand along with it.

  • PK Knight
    PK KnightMånad sedan

    So why the hell does he have a gas generator if he has 4 Powerwalls

  • Justin Fuller
    Justin FullerMånad sedan

    Except that Enphase is better and more reliable than Tesla... they just don’t have the same marketing team.

  • Ride TheCurve
    Ride TheCurveMånad sedan

    I'm waiting for photovoltaic technology to get just a bit better until I pull the plug on this idea. I do like the idea of a power wall tho. Charge up when power is available, and have it available when you need it and your provider doesn't have it.

  • patrick neal
    patrick nealMånad sedan

    Tesla fan boys

  • Daniel Grubb
    Daniel GrubbMånad sedan

    Now if we could only figure how to extend the life expectancy of a Powerwall.