Tesla Model 3 2021 - Panel gaps and quality issues

Showing off the quality issues on my new Tesla Model 3 2021 LR.

Part 2 is here seblacks.info/cold/video/hF2iva9_h2SZpII.html

also checkout what issues other Model 3 2021 owners found:
- seblacks.info/cold/video/ZZeiqGuApIZ-rqQ.html (severe steering wheel misalignment)
- seblacks.info/cold/video/nph-qquImaOLbaw.html


  • Janghoon Sun
    Janghoon Sun12 timmar sedan

    Jesus, still got quality issues in 2021. Will Tesla ever fix it? I mean it's not 20k car, even when it's a cheap car, a brand new car should never be like that. Just imagine what you could've got with 60k if you went German. 🙄

  • N B
    N B6 dagar sedan

    Idk honestly I’ve seen all the pics and videos and I don’t think it’s bad or even noticable unless you own one and are trying to find every little flaw

  • Jahmarni Turma
    Jahmarni Turma13 dagar sedan

    There is a norther tesla behind you

  • lilazn944u
    lilazn944u18 dagar sedan

    I was gonna buy a tesla until I saw all the QC issues..... Why would I pay 50k for a car with so many QC issues when I can just buy a bmw, audi, or benz?

  • mev202
    mev20221 dag sedan

    The owner of this incredibly expensive car pointed at the useless paint job and said "I'll just leave it like that.". That's where the problem lies. Tesla know most of the blinkered sheep will never acknowledge how poorly made their over priced car is. So, why would Tesla bother improving it's sub par product?

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas25 dagar sedan

    This is really poor - hope they sort out those issues, its riddled with them.

  • Cristian Lopez
    Cristian LopezMånad sedan

    Tesla should improve their quality control team. Even cheaper cars from other brands do not have these types of problems.

  • LulzRoyce
    LulzRoyceMånad sedan

    Bruh who gives a fuck? This guy out here talking about millimeters. After a couple months it'll have bird shit on it and you wont even bat an eye.

  • RaKoS1


    Månad sedan

    Well for this kind of money I can imagine you expect quality car especialy if you will compare with other car makers, but you are right some of this issues are really minor one.

  • Jeremy Shirland
    Jeremy ShirlandMånad sedan

    Inexperienced manufacturing.

  • Fernando Mc
    Fernando McMånad sedan

    Even China cars have better quality control.

  • Agrim Grover
    Agrim Grover2 månader sedan

    We pay high amount for getting crap

  • Ace9542
    Ace95422 månader sedan

    I want to love Tesla’s, really do. But you’d have to be a clown to pay for this kind of poor quality control

  • Gugljesmece Obicno
    Gugljesmece Obicno2 månader sedan

    Well, they made "record braking" number of deliveries this year. Now you know how. Next time buy something good, not buy into a very dumb story and hype.

  • Serhiy 123
    Serhiy 1232 månader sedan

    Most shocking for me in videos about Tesla issues is stubborn unconditional loyalty of their customers

  • Roman Ralovets
    Roman Ralovets2 månader sedan

    I wonder why do Tesla owners keep saying they have best cars ever despite ridiculous build quality issues and ford focus level plastic interior?

  • Craig Schneider
    Craig Schneider2 månader sedan

    Why did you drive away from the dealership? The car looks trash

  • khrom
    khrom2 månader sedan


  • Bills Johansen
    Bills Johansen2 månader sedan

    Quality control?lmfao

  • Bills Johansen
    Bills Johansen2 månader sedan

    Well, as long as a bunch of fan boys are buying their cars, this is not going to stop. Only way it will stip, is when there’s more real competition from other car makers. Until then, you fanboys have to deal with substandard quality. Because, after all, you are fanboys.

  • Anthony Andrade
    Anthony Andrade2 månader sedan

    I couldn’t deal with that🤮😬

  • Mawerick77
    Mawerick772 månader sedan

    This is the reason why other manufacturers are catching up and passing Tesla. It's not the tech or the range or the performance. They're just built better.

  • Chucky Fox
    Chucky Fox2 månader sedan

    Who dislikes this video? He just shows what is wrong with his car. It's hardly his fault Tesla has QC issues.

  • Moms Kitchen
    Moms Kitchen3 månader sedan

    Pick up my TM3 three weeks ago and I have the same problems as your call! The Quality of the car is very poor!

  • Reza Shefa
    Reza Shefa3 månader sedan

    I will fix the fitment on the panels on your car if you want, contact me lol

  • NeeroShean Beatz
    NeeroShean Beatz3 månader sedan

    If i would spend 30k on something brand new that thing better be perfect since it's brand new. But I guess Tesla is run and hyped by a lot of brainwashed fanboys. This is a common issue on Tesla cars now imagin how their rockets are build.

  • Robert Levine
    Robert Levine3 månader sedan

    Was just about to purchase a vehicle when I came across this video. The quality control is horrific. No wonder Tesla is last in the JD Power survey for quality. You should have refused delivery. People should stop purchasing these vehicles until the quality issues are resolved. Why? Because the after delivery service is just as lousy!!

  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro3 månader sedan

    You can't blame them, was prolly assembled by some bloke that works 12 hours a day for 40 days straight with back pain just like one mentioned in a documentary here on YT.

  • G B

    G B

    3 månader sedan

    It’s almost like buying the product enables this

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan3 månader sedan

    This car looks like it's been in a major accident and badly repaired.

  • heyJustephan
    heyJustephan3 månader sedan

    American quality

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master3 månader sedan

    I think the workers at tesla arent calibrating their machines cause this is all robotic error also lack of quality control.

  • Victor M
    Victor M3 månader sedan

    I canceled my order. I changed my mind after watching several videos with issues like these, their quality control is shit

  • Sekai Ni Heiwa
    Sekai Ni Heiwa3 månader sedan

    I think they delivered a car POORLY restored after the total crashed accident, you should check the carfax VIN number, and find a grave, I am sure a few owners already died in this car.

  • Sekai Ni Heiwa
    Sekai Ni Heiwa3 månader sedan

    I paused on taillights LOOOOOOOL, Dude you should go to the nearest tesla dealer throw the key on the office table and say Give me my f money back! If they open their mouth, tell them that next time you are coming back with the lawyer and will issue additional bills for time-wasting. This is absurd, they are literally laughing at people by selling overpriced trash and on the stock market.

  • Sekai Ni Heiwa
    Sekai Ni Heiwa3 månader sedan

    Tesla is the largest manufacturer in the world for scamming people with their overpriced lowest-quality cars and the stock market.

  • Ron M (Panda2297)
    Ron M (Panda2297)3 månader sedan

    This is almost as bad as a Trabant

  • Star Anize
    Star Anize3 månader sedan


  • Mo Medea
    Mo Medea3 månader sedan

    Tesla backwards: A Low Standard Electric Trash.

  • Mr Gunslinger
    Mr Gunslinger3 månader sedan

    Mind you, when assembled, a person said, it's good. When it was finished painting, an other quality inspector said, good to go. When they delivered, the delivery person who took over the car said, it's good. When it was in the showroom, the sales person, manager and general manager said, it's perfect.... Either so many people are blind or they quality controllers are coming from TATA.

  • Janbell Jara

    Janbell Jara

    8 dagar sedan

    Tata is way way better man..in terms of build quality..no joke

  • David Kaplan
    David Kaplan3 månader sedan

    do any of these panel gaps even matter? like is water getting in?

  • calvin cooke
    calvin cooke3 månader sedan

    Bucket of muck

    YXC CXY3 månader sedan

    VW doesn't do it better. seblacks.info/cold/video/g5-GmmdlhZyMkKQ.html

  • J D
    J D3 månader sedan

    You're not native-born, are you?

  • Miguel Salazar
    Miguel Salazar3 månader sedan

    Those gaps and other quality issues is ridiculous.

  • farkas007
    farkas0073 månader sedan

    No wonder Tesla moved production to China, Americans can’t build cars!

  • Schroo
    Schroo3 månader sedan

    Looks like Tesla has an assembly quality control problem. Probably assembly by robots that were not calibrated correctly.

  • AuriumUSA
    AuriumUSA3 månader sedan

    Damn they really have to tighten their tolerance

  • Max Schlecht
    Max Schlecht3 månader sedan

    I had exactly the same issue with the front passenger door being super hard to close. They did a good job though fixing it. I do have those gaps by the back windows too. They really need to step up their QC control.

  • TheJimmySerious
    TheJimmySerious3 månader sedan

    Maybe you buy a Audi e-tron GT Made in Germany seblacks.info/cold/video/m3Noq4SWe5iuZ6Q.html

  • SnowBoarder&Skier
    SnowBoarder&Skier3 månader sedan

    And this is considered luxury? Lol!

  • Higher Quality Uploads
    Higher Quality Uploads3 månader sedan

    Tesla is the Apple of the car world. Sub-par quality for a premium price.

  • Turbo Levo

    Turbo Levo

    23 dagar sedan

    Apple build phones to a much higher standard than Tesla builds cars. You are wrong. Apple IS premium quality.

  • LWRC
    LWRC3 månader sedan

    As they say - a fool and his money are soon parted. These cars are not green and there is zero savings for the planet. And it is built like junk to boot. Elon is laughing at all you sad sacks who bought his clown cars. www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9124271/Tesla-suggests-repair-shops-use-easy-fixes-potentially-dangerous-issues-service-bulletins.html

  • Пётр Калистратов
    Пётр Калистратов3 månader sedan

    its like theyve made every component at different places and assembled it,should've considered polster 2

  • Tommy Olsen
    Tommy Olsen3 månader sedan

    Damn bro... Thats bad 😔

  • Covid Hoax
    Covid Hoax4 månader sedan

    Tesla is about the cult, not about the car.

  • Hasan Genc
    Hasan Genc4 månader sedan

    Well, people still buy these trash cars because of 0-60 and green hype.

  • Gogo Ubari
    Gogo Ubari4 månader sedan

    The worst speech I've ever heard. the man almost statures.

  • Reparación Madrid
    Reparación Madrid4 månader sedan

    Well its your fault, cause anybody that has searched tesla in youtube has seen the build issues, but you keep buying them so tesla doesnt need to fix it. Eventually those misalignments will cause those parts to break but it doesnt matter cause youre "happy" with your tesla, and its resale value will be 0

  • Jmotorev
    Jmotorev4 månader sedan

    Did they fix the issues?

  • Reddeadready 1954
    Reddeadready 19544 månader sedan

    So finally this proves that humans want to go back in stone age. Pay more and get this plastic shit and be happy that you are saving planet. Make things difficult for yourself. Go broke and still don't admit that half of silicon valley inventions are not even necessary and just fooling people.

  • Fari
    Fari4 månader sedan

    Wow and yall buy that shit??🤡

  • Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc

    4 månader sedan

    Green hype man.

  • Rinner
    Rinner4 månader sedan

    Oh man that's terrible. Did they replace the car?

  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher4 månader sedan

    I'm intrigued as to why you would take delivery of this vehicle with so many obvious quality control issues.

  • P T
    P T4 månader sedan

    Most manufacturers have small faults like these, but people buying a Toyota don’t inspect every inch of the car. Tesla owners are definitely more picky, as they should be, they paid 50k+ for it and expect a luxury product.

  • Alan H.

    Alan H.

    4 månader sedan

    @P T I have a model 3 2021 and one of the doors and the frunk doesn't close well, and the fender not being aligned correctly to the a pillar. These are very much not caused by new seals but is a fundamental flaw that left side of the frame is slightly longer than the other side, so the pieces they placed on top of the car couldn't fit as well on one side vs the other. No other car I have ever purchased has ever exhibited this flaw. So you're original statement is still wrong. Obviously Tesla is a new company and has manufacturing woes, but you said many other automakers have the same issues, which they frankly don't.

  • P T

    P T

    4 månader sedan

    @Alan H. Owners have found that the doors not closing are issues with the seals being a little too firm and simply need to be broken in a little before shutting like normal. It’s actually not from the panel gaps. And sure, the 3 new cars I’ve bought off the lot never had these issues, but then again, those car manufacturers have been making cars for over 100 years. Tesla only has about 10 years of experience in comparison. Also, I have seen bad panel gaps from other manufacturers as well. (Ford/Lincoln are pretty bad with them too)

  • Alan H.

    Alan H.

    4 månader sedan

    Yeah you’re so right and have clearly purchased many cars in your lifetime. Most cars off the lot the doors don’t close. That is just so correct. Thank you for sharing your experiences perspective

  • •
    4 månader sedan


  • MalbeProductions
    MalbeProductions4 månader sedan

    Probably will avoid buying a Tesla near year ends. They most likely skimped on QC in order to meet production targets and rushed the car through. Order in the middle of the year to get better results (maybe).

  • Giuseppe Amoroso
    Giuseppe Amoroso4 månader sedan

    Che macchina di merda

  • LaGrimm
    LaGrimm4 månader sedan

    Also why did you accept the car when it was delivered? Did you not inspect it? You can choose to have it replaced or repaired

  • LaGrimm


    4 månader sedan

    For free

  • LaGrimm
    LaGrimm4 månader sedan

    Honestly, hopefully they top on the qa issues it’s a shame really I’m a fan

  • Covid Hoax
    Covid Hoax4 månader sedan

    Tesla is about the cult, not about the car. That’s why Tesla is unlikely to address the quality issues in the future.

  • Deborah Lambesis
    Deborah Lambesis4 månader sedan

    Apple is going to team up with Hyundai, because they know they do not have the expertise to build cars and to avoid these quality issues. Tesla should have considered partnering with a suitable OEM to form a company that can build high quality cars while also delivering the cutting edge technology that Tesla is known for. Such a partnership did not occur and is unlikely in the future, so Tesla will continue on its journey to learn how to properly build and paint cars - all while attempting to grow sales volume exponentially. This means that for the foreseeable future, Tesla will continue to crank out cars with defects that OEMs largely had eliminated years ago.

  • Xiaomi 1903
    Xiaomi 19034 månader sedan

    Made in america....crap from america

  • Freev75
    Freev754 månader sedan

    made in china .... why did you accept the car ??

  • jakjak258
    jakjak2584 månader sedan

    Can't believe this for a 2021 model.. i was about to move from an Audi diesel to a brand new Tesla model 3 2021 and now I'm just disgusted.. thanks sir for this video

  • Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc

    4 månader sedan

    Why would you downgrade from an Audi to a Tesla?

  • Rhaegar Targaryen
    Rhaegar Targaryen5 månader sedan

    Tesla has some great Tech, but honestly they can’t be compared to even a Hyundai let alone a Mercedes Benz. How many years has it been, these kind of quality defects are just referred to as common, I can’t fathom paying an arm and leg for this. Buy stock goes zoom, while cars go boom. Overvalued, but hopefully they get their shiite straight and I’ll be an honest to God fan, like I am of Space X.

  • kabukd
    kabukd5 månader sedan

    I got my Model Y two weeks ago. Tons of alignment issues. Tesla service fixed some of them. Some they said are in specs (3mm off). I fixed all the door alignments myself. Took 5 mins to do it. Not sure why they just don't do it for their customers. They took more time to convince me to accept the flaws than actually doing the fix. Unfortunately, that's how it is now. If there is another option that's comparable to Tesla, I will definitely give them a try instead.

  • Planet Fabulous
    Planet Fabulous5 månader sedan

    He's yummy!

  • Planet Fabulous

    Planet Fabulous

    5 månader sedan

    Sorry about your car - should have checked out the Car & Driver long-term test they are doing on a Model 3. They had a MAJOR problem with a failed motor. UGH!

  • Legilimentable
    Legilimentable5 månader sedan

    If Tesla does have quality testers in the assembly I wonder what they do all day?

  • Fred Salter
    Fred Salter5 månader sedan

    I was considering a Model 3, but since you have to buy it sight-unseen, I have changed my mind. I would be furious if I picked up my new car and saw these flaws.

  • GoodFodder
    GoodFodder5 månader sedan

    Certainly puts me off a Tesla, American cars are known for their build quality 😉

  • djjamar
    djjamar5 månader sedan

    T in Tesla stands for trash.

  • Jeffery Tseng
    Jeffery Tseng5 månader sedan

    Should’ve have gotten it at the end of year when they trying to meet production target. Honestly Shanghai Giga factory Tesla’s have no issue whatsoever very good quality

  • TheDroneScene
    TheDroneScene5 månader sedan

    Thats a 60K car once you add the auto pilot! F that! Aint paying that much that quality

  • Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc

    4 månader sedan

    And its not even an autopilot.

  • Voxuami


    5 månader sedan

    it’s better. it’s bad because of the end quarter shit.

  • Mihail Voicu
    Mihail Voicu5 månader sedan

    1. A door with a frameless window works like that, the window won't close if the door is not fully closed, that is not Tesla's fault, it's how the door works. The black trim on the door might be fix by just pushing it down. Firstly take it out then push it down, it might just work and you will have it perfectly alligned with the one in the back. Yeah , you gotta slam it a bit but you get used to it. I have a 2019 mercedes CLA which i have to slam the doors hard on the back for them to close. It's not the best thing to do but you get used to it. After all it's not like you buy an S-Class or a Maybach, you buy a Tesla Model 3 which is aroun 50.000 euros. 2. The panel gaps of the trunk-c pillar are not that bad to be honest, i've seen worse gaps in model 3's and other cars. What you have is barely an issue. 3. The gaps of the tailights are a bit big but it's not that bad to be honest, maybe it also can be fixed by removing the tailight and trying to reposition it. Maybe yes or maybe not, you can try and see. 4. The problems with the paint / clearcoat . Those can be fixed by polishing the surface until it's perfectly smooth , then apply paint protection film and you'll be fully safe from a lot of things. You don't have to repaint anything, just polish it at a professional and put PPF on it. 5. The creases on the white leather might be because the leatherette was not properly stretched when applied and the glue that sticks it to the foam under it might have just deattached from the foam and there you have a crease. But you might be able to fix it with heat at a local guy who does interior leather stuff for cars. Remember you're not paying for an S Class or Maybach. In my opinion what you have showed in this video is very minor , i would gladly accept those flaws and enjoy the car for what it is. After all , you are gonna spend most time inside of the car not outside.

  • Bungle
    Bungle5 månader sedan

    Did you miss these things on collection? Eg in the rain? I wouldn’t have accepted the car.

  • ashok845
    ashok8455 månader sedan

    I really don't get it why people buy a boring and poor quality product as a Tesla. 0-60 times is all what they got to advertise to sell their shit and a stupid self driving feature that has already taken so many lives and still counting if government agencies don't put a stop to this madness.

  • Race To 5k Subs
    Race To 5k Subs5 månader sedan

    Honestly, these problems shouldnt of happened in the first place

  • Coolfred
    Coolfred5 månader sedan

    Tesla really should sort out these kind of issues before bringing out new cars

  • The Real Martinez
    The Real Martinez5 månader sedan

    This is what you get for buying a car online lmfao

  • Radu Cristian Dumitrescu
    Radu Cristian Dumitrescu5 månader sedan

    Zici ca e asamblata de Romani la Dacia inainte de 1989, sa mor !:::::)))))

  • rogelio mendez
    rogelio mendez5 månader sedan

    Thought my car build issues were limited. Though front and rear lights seemed off, but not too horrible. Biggest issue were door handles not flush. On a side note, is a yellowish tint for their side cameras?

  • TechChris


    5 månader sedan

    yellowish tint for side cameras? I think you may be talking about the dimming film on the sideview mirrors, which is a new thing they introduced for the 2021 model. That's basically to avoid strong reflections from other cars at night.

  • jaykhakh
    jaykhakh5 månader sedan

    Did you report the issues to Tesla? If yes, what did they have to say about the issues?

  • TechChris


    5 månader sedan

    surely i did. It's currently in the service center to get all that stuff fixed (hopefully they'll be able to fix everything). Will report back in a week once I got the car back. What I can say for sure is they're repainting that body section which had the dirt inclusion in the paint and they're also going to replace the rear seats which had the creases (I received a copy of the parts order from which I deduced they're replacing the seats).

  • Brian Borkowski
    Brian Borkowski5 månader sedan

    Anyone know if the M3s produced in China have quality issues. If not, then this is a quality labor issue in Freemont. Im not sure, but hundreds of workers in Freemont wanted to Unionize and stated qaulity and safety would improve if they formed a union because the union would bring in experts from other auto plants (musk took this as a threat that quality would purposely suffer if not allowed to form a union as a way to force his hand). What do you guys think the reason for persistent quality issues at Freemont (and new quality issues as pointed out in this video that was not seen on 2020 M3s)

  • P. RIchard Scott
    P. RIchard Scott5 månader sedan

    Telsa fan here and yikes on these issues. Makes me think twice - thanks for vid

  • Kev O
    Kev O5 månader sedan

    and here I am with the understanding that Tesla had already addressed these issues

  • TechChris


    5 månader sedan

    that's what thought, at least for Model 3. But well apparently I was wrong.

  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran5 månader sedan

    Definitely bringing my blue tape when I pick up my Model Y

  • E. Camilo
    E. Camilo5 månader sedan

    This is terrible. Glad I haven’t bought one yet. As an engineer myself I know product quality takes time to settle in. These are still “Beta” products people are paying a premium for. Will wait a couple of years before I get one. By then they’ll have matured their quality control.

  • אוראל אשכנזי
    אוראל אשכנזי5 månader sedan

    have you got it fixed a week later?

  • TechChris


    5 månader sedan

    it's currently in the service center. I'll post an update in a week.

  • bounty112
    bounty1125 månader sedan

    Creases in the seat? You can be happy to have issues like that after 2020. First world problem is a heavy understatement.

  • Grayson Carr
    Grayson Carr5 månader sedan

    Okay, I think we have a case of people inspecting their Teslas much more closely than they would any other car. It would be nice if the car didn't have these issues, but they all seemed relatively minor to me, and seem to be things that you would find on any car if you inspected it that closely. I have a 2019 Mazda CX-9 (a $42k Japanese car), and after I watched this video, I went out and compared it. Like this Tesla, it has trim at the top of the door panels that doesn't perfectly align between the front and back doors, it has a couple places where there are small stretch marks in the leather, the gaps above my headlights look larger than below, my roof panel sticks up a littler higher than my tailgate / spoiler top panel, and some doors occasionally don't close if you don't close them hard enough (on my Mazda, this seems to be due to very thick rubber padding, but it has softened up a bit with use and happens less and less often). He would have never noticed the tail light alignment if he hadn't been constantly comparing to other Model 3s. I think the only reason people don't notice these issues in other brands of cars is because they aren't as excited about cars from other brands and don't look over them with a magnifying glass like this. I mean let's be honest, no one ever cared enough about a Honda Pilot or Toyota Camry to go searching for every 2 mm misalignment.

  • mr_makko
    mr_makko5 månader sedan

    Omg you such a party pooper