Tesla Model Y: 10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

The Tesla Model Y is the result of nearly 17 years of automotive innovation. This practical crossover is the most technologically advanced vehicle ever built by Tesla Motors, and is arguably the most sophisticated vehicle in its price range in the entire world. The perfect choice for those who want to drive a spacious, impressively intelligent, extremely safe electric car but want a bit more room than the model 3 sedan.

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Thanks to Sandy Munro for the Tesla Model Y vehicle teardown:

The Tesla Model Y performance model, equipped with all wheel drive dual independent motors has a range of 315 miles, a top speed of 145 MPH, and accelerates from 0-60 MPH in 3.5 seconds.

7.1 inches taller than the universally acclaimed and best selling Model 3, the model Y is built on the same platform and contains approximately 70% of the parts you can find on its smaller, yet older, brother. Only a couple of inches longer and almost 3 inches wider, Tesla’s new poster child is a compact crossover utility vehicle that looks very similar to the Model 3. The Model Y’s hatchback design is the main differentiator from the traditional trunked sedan of the model 3 .

Even though the front induction motor of the model Y looks identical to the one in the Model 3 because the external housing has the same exact design, what’s inside is different. And, as the famed auto engineer Sandy Munro found out, there have been some manufacturing efficiencies added. The expensive copper rotor has been replaced by a cast-in-place aluminum assembly that reduces the overall cost of production, but maintains the functionality of the motor. We know that the performance version of the model Y uses the same motor configuration as the Model 3, with a more efficient permanent magnet motor in the back, and an induction unit up front.

The falcon wing door design was patented by the Mercedes-Benz in 1952 for the 300SL race car but in the EV universe we now associate it with the Tesla Model X SUV. Tesla engineers decided to go for the regular outwards opening doors on the Tesla Model Y.

The Tesla Model Y is the first Tesla vehicle to use a heat pump for interior cabin heating and cooling, which can improve vehicle efficiency compared to Tesla’s previous models that use electrical resistance to keep the car’s interior warm and toasty. A Heat Pump is a device that transfers thermal energy, and can be used for heating, or in reverse for air conditioning.
Potentially one of thee most advanced pieces of new engineering in the vehicle, the Model Y’s heat pump contains a motorized “octovalve” that distributes coolant to all of the vehicles components.

With the rear seats completely folded down flat, the model Y offers 68 cubic feet of storage space, a whooping jump from the 15 cubic feet of the Model 3.

The Model Y’s underbody has a revolutionary two-piece casting and by the end of the year, Musk said that they intend to make the entire underbody out of one single part. This ambitious project is the only one of its kind because “There is no casting of the size and complexity that has ever been done before.”, as Elon stated. To put it into context, the Model 3’s underbody is made out of 70 different metal parts welded together.

On the Model Y interior, there is a beautifully aesthetic single pane glass roof that ties together seamlessly with its minimalist interior. On the Model 3 we experienced a view partially obstructed by a center brace.

Seeing the popularity of aftermarket companies that have created dedicated kits to cover the chrome accents on other Teslas, namely the Model 3, Model S and Model X, the designers thought it would be a cool look to include the “chrome delete” as a standard feature of the Model Y delivery. Therefore, everything from the pillar trim, side mirrors, door handles, blinkers and a few other accents are painted in matte black for a sleek, minimalist appearance.

As Sandy Munro discovered in some of his legendary “car dismembering” videos, the frame of the Model Y is much more solid than the one present in the Model 3 that, if you were paying attention, already scored “perfect” on the IIHS’s safety tests. The main feature that stood out (literally) was a so called “tusk” that is intended to absorb all the shock from a possible front crash and distribute it evenly throughout the body of the vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicts that the new Model Y will become the best-selling product ever, and he might be right. Jay Leno likes it too!

There are four powertrains for the Model Y: Standard Range, Long Range, Long Range with Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Performance. The Model Y will offer optional third-row seats for a seven-passenger seating capacity.

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  • Sol
    SolDag sedan

    Complete newbie here. Put down my initial payment on a Model 3 for a test drive, later my circumstances changed and decided the Y was better fit for my needs. I was shocked to find out I lost my non-refundable $100 for canceling the purchase even if I am now buying a pricier model. Obviously, it is not the money, it's the principle. I'm not going to make me change my mind and go elsewhere --these cars are damn impressive! I do hope this kind of "take it or leave it" attitude from the company is not a sign of things to come if I ever need their help with servicing, warranty, etc. I feel like a sucker for accepting this policy and not only losing money but handing over $250 more but I'm hoping this car is really worth it --I'd do just about anything to have a great EV!

  • dmmcdow
    dmmcdow29 dagar sedan

    I own a model Y and love it. I do wish that it had a smoother ride.

  • Charles Long
    Charles LongMånad sedan

    and a year later after initially watching this video, I just finished watching it again. I also put a Y performance and LR on order. :) Great video!

  • Tor-Erik Skorstad
    Tor-Erik SkorstadMånad sedan

    Im going from a model X to a model Y. Dont need a car that big anymore:)

  • Steven J
    Steven JMånad sedan

    Why the letters as models? Anyone know?

  • Johnny comelately
    Johnny comelately2 månader sedan

    Just bought my Y 30 days ago and its nice but it eats up a lot of charge just setting with the sentry mode on and make sure you don't have the climate control set to come on to keep the inside cool-just turn it on 5 or 10 mins before you go to drive or that will eat up your charge even more

  • abbatis34
    abbatis342 månader sedan

    We picked up our Y 3 months ago..it is amazing in every way you can imagine.

  • Daniel Stehura
    Daniel Stehura3 månader sedan

    My x wife is waiting 3 months now for her new model S and I’m waiting for her long range model 3 that I have driven for about three weeks whenever she goes on vacation and it is the most incredible car it looks a hell of a lot better then a model Y hands-down a much nicer looking car, but the model Y has interior space I just don’t like the pregnant guppy look on my car or on my girlfriend!

  • Neil Fiore
    Neil Fiore3 månader sedan

    Can we get the Y with newer battery 4680 in California?

  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann3 månader sedan

    I like it with 400 plus miles at .80 percent and all wheel drive. Garage door opener needs to be standard on every one of them cruise control needs to be standard on every one of them thank you 😊🎺🌴

  • Thomas Jacques
    Thomas Jacques3 månader sedan

    Going on 10 months of ownership and I can now say it’s been PERFECT. It’s now going on my second summer and a full winter and have no complaints. But then I have owned 3 Volts since 2012 and was fully aware of EV limitations and knew what to expect and how to minimized ANY range issues. Turns out the Volt was and is the PERFECT gateway EV for folks moving from ICE to BEV’s.

  • Matt C
    Matt C3 månader sedan

    @0:41 2021 Performance Correction: 303 Mile range &Top speed is 155 mph

  • Tony Frese
    Tony Frese4 månader sedan

    Wish there were better charging options for me. Live on a townhouse (no hoa) with a regular outlet out front and my circuit box out back. 3 mph charge just won’t cut it for me unfortunately...

  • George Cooke
    George Cooke4 månader sedan

    Disconcerting to suddenly have the standard range eclipsed for inadequate mileage.

  • James Walsh
    James Walsh4 månader sedan

    My main complaint is that - here in Australia - Tesla will not sell me a Model Y - mainly because they don't have any to sell!

  • pacificdragon1
    pacificdragon14 månader sedan

    I hope they put a Sun Shade for the Glass Roof or it is going to get very toasty inside.

  • Len Imbery
    Len Imbery5 månader sedan

    I've had mine for 6 weeks now and it's the best car I've ever owned!...I like the fact that it looks relatively small on the outside yet it has huge storage space inside. Practical while still being sporty!

  • Bart De Bie
    Bart De Bie5 månader sedan

    Electricity is everywhere. The earth’s electrical field has been known for centuries. Lightning and St. Elmo’s fire are the most dramatic manifestations of atmospheric electricity. But the field doesn’t exist just in the vicinity of these events; it’s everywhere. The earth is an electrical conductor. So is the ionosphere, the layer of ionized gas about 70 kilometers over our heads. The air between is a rather poor insulator. Some mechanism not yet explained constantly pumps large quantities of charged particles into the air. The charged particles cause an electrical field. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages 120v per meter. You can measure this voltage with an earth-field antenna-a wire with a sharp point at the top to start a corona discharge, or with a bit of radioactive material that ionizes the air in its immediate vicinity. Near the earth, voltage is proportional to altitude; on an average day you might measure 1,200 volts with a 10-meter antenna. Dr. Oleg Jefimenko invented an earth-field-antennae connected to an advanced corona discharge electrostatic motor which can convert the energy of the earth’s electrical field into continuous mechanical motion. Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a Tesla car that runs on charges similar to those that make your hair stand on end when you comb it on a cold winter’s day?

  • Destroyer The Asgardian Warior
    Destroyer The Asgardian Warior5 månader sedan

    Never sell a car without chrome in India otherwise your car maybe the most non selling car

  • RedFox
    RedFox5 månader sedan

    A company who think invented the best vehicle :( still, have the ancient technology a small spinning ball on the steering? Apple removed that 20 years ago, Blackberry removed that and put TOUCH SCREEN. OMG

  • NorCalJB
    NorCalJB6 månader sedan

    I *love* my Model Y!

  • king Saf
    king Saf6 månader sedan

    I’m more excited about purchasing a Model Y than any other car I have ever owned,I truly believe it is the all round best and safest car in the world.

  • robert marshall
    robert marshall6 månader sedan

    Have driven mine for a couple of months and love it. Came from the factory in prefect condition. Drove my wife's Mercedes and put it in gear. It went nowhere. I forgot to start it!

  • ikoteras
    ikoteras7 månader sedan

    How expensive is it to repair the glass roof from Hail/rock chips?

  • Encourageable


    6 månader sedan

    Whatever your insurance deductible is...

  • Max Flight
    Max Flight7 månader sedan

    Here in Portugal its an 11 month wait !

  • Nina Merethe Gjerde
    Nina Merethe Gjerde7 månader sedan

    I have ordered a brand new model Y.

  • Edward Busk
    Edward Busk7 månader sedan

    Got a Y. Love it. Best car I've ever owned. No contest.

  • Bernard Cohen
    Bernard Cohen7 månader sedan

    I hate electric cars aways have But I’m not so sure anymore after seeing this

  • Paula Tatarunis
    Paula Tatarunis7 månader sedan

    I have test drove them twice...and I didn't buy because of just some basic small details. I gotta have the speedometer RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Audi needs an analog control. A KNOB. Windhseilf wipers should be old fashioned kind on a steerwing wheel stalk, NOT something on that screen in the middle. etc. A few other items of the same nature. Small thhings, no doubt, but I'm not going to gamble $50,000 that I might learn to love them that way, As I suspect they would always drive me crazy. Put a speedomter behind the wheel.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    Great! You buy something else and I can get my Tesla sooner. Everyone happy.

  • Encourageable


    6 månader sedan

    It does take some mental flexibility to drive a 21st century car when we are so accustomed to driving cars with 20th century technology.

  • RT
    RT7 månader sedan

    I’d order one if Tesla didn’t give me such a crappy trade-in value

  • Preston Moochnek

    Preston Moochnek

    6 månader sedan

    call carvana

  • Arceus007
    Arceus0077 månader sedan

    I ordered a Model Y and it comes today!

  • Hatti Vaughn
    Hatti Vaughn7 månader sedan

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  • Andrea Garza

    Andrea Garza

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  • RT


    7 månader sedan

    Congrats! Come back and tell us how it goes!

  • Phillip Owens
    Phillip Owens7 månader sedan

    As an older adult of 83 the most important item is ingress and egress from the vehicle, next is the overall width of the vehicle for storage in the normal sized garage for (2) two cars or (1) one car and (1) one midsized truck. These two items can make or break a purchasing decision for many who can afford the vehicle.

  • Jake Henares
    Jake Henares7 månader sedan

    Good day, I would like to ask if you are interested to test Tesla products as we are importers/ 3rd party Tesla accessories manufacturer.

  • bruno
    bruno7 månader sedan

    O model x e neu carro de sonho.

  • Ricardo Bahena
    Ricardo Bahena7 månader sedan

    Make sure your model y is build correctly before you buy

  • Mangold
    Mangold7 månader sedan

    too pricey for what you get AND not so ecologic as you think.

  • tcherdawn Zajk
    tcherdawn Zajk7 månader sedan

    Great video. I didn’t know the heat pump made that big of a difference. I hope it works well. I live in high desert where extreme heat and snow are both hard on being comfortable in cars.

  • James Fulks
    James Fulks8 månader sedan

    I got my Model Y yesterday. Today, as I was sitting in the car, it was very windy. There was a loud whistling coming from the hatch area. I also have a 2012 Chevrolet Volt with 150,000 miles. The model Y is much stiffer and not as comfortable. It has a much more sports car feel. The Volt has a much better fit and finish. I always thought the Volt had great acceleration until driving the Model Y. Wow! I think Tesla is lightyears ahead of other EV's. They need to get a grip on fits and finishes.

  • Bart L.
    Bart L.8 månader sedan

    Love my Y, although the hatch didn't align properly and had to push down it to close it. Tesla fixed it and it's almost perfect now.... my only issue is that the suspension is a bit too rigid, the car handles well but man no give when you hit bumps at high speed. Tesla could learn a thing or two from BMW about suspension. Otherwise love at home charging, cabin preconditioning, one pedal driving, perfect size and seat position, the minimalistic and super clean dashboard, the glass roof, autosteer, autopilot, auto garage opener, sentry, nav, tons of space in small package, safety, LACK OF MAINTENANCE (except for tires) and INSANE ACCELERATION... never gets old - the car just lunges forward.

  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    I want one.

  • Egyptian Doctor
    Egyptian Doctor8 månader sedan

    The background music is annoying AF

  • Egyptian Doctor

    Egyptian Doctor

    8 månader sedan

    @Electric Future sure

  • Electric Future

    Electric Future

    8 månader sedan

    my bad, check out some of the more recent videos and let me know if it’s any better

  • Melinda Landon
    Melinda Landon8 månader sedan

    I am absolutely in love with my Y! Come from a family of car enthusiasts. No other car compares. I can’t say enough good things about it. Great job Elon!! Proud to be driving your product! The only thing....and I know your trying is to change the GPS. Maps on the iPhone is superior and hopefully you find a way to put smart that. Hahaha. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Melinda Landon

    Melinda Landon

    8 månader sedan

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  • Jason C
    Jason C8 månader sedan

    This is the first Tesla that I feel I must have! NOW!

  • Bruce Walker
    Bruce Walker8 månader sedan

    I have had my Model for 6 months. It is everything promised here. I would buy another one in a minute.

  • Vitaly Selivanov
    Vitaly Selivanov8 månader sedan

    We test drove Model Y couple of months ago, one negative thing I have to say was extremely limited back view. The way they slanted the car it was very difficult to see what's happening behind you while driving. The other thing was - no opening sunroof. Glass roof was nice but you really expect an ability to open it , especially in the expensive high-tech vehicle.

  • Raj Joshi
    Raj Joshi8 månader sedan

    Got my Y model from model 3. After receiving ,twice ended up in tesla service, one time ABS,Track all disabled. second time brake started making noise, cannot drive out of garage. oth the times, had to tow and get it fixed. 3rd time, it happens, thinking of getting New, maybe this is lemon car.

  • Gareth
    Gareth8 månader sedan

    ordered one for the wifey yesterday, I think I am as exited as her. If it turns out to be the dream like most comments, I may just place my $100 for the cybertruck

  • 이주화
    이주화8 månader sedan

    The shy wing possibly wait because broker currently drown barring a lewd geranium. cute, unhealthy daniel

  • Pankaj Mittal
    Pankaj Mittal8 månader sedan

    First, I would like to see latest solar panels embedded for extra miles on the bonnet and the rooftop keeping the panoramic glass. Second, I want to have GPS guided solar tree, coming out of the car at the time when it is in office/home parking. It should be almost free to drive, from home to office and vice versa with this 30-50miles solar backup on weekdays. Third, It should have an 1000miles hydrogen pack reserved for long drives on weekends. Fourth, Batteries can be restricted to 200miles range. This will improve efficiencies because of less weight and compensate for backup by solar and hydrogen. Fifth, It should have four independent hub motors for all four wheels. Tesla Zee Model with all five above implemented will be the Caar to have..!!

  • Mike Tonianne
    Mike Tonianne8 månader sedan

    The curly porter visually live because fired reciprocally kneel around a cool crab. irate, tasteful witness

  • Swishbone McCuun
    Swishbone McCuun8 månader sedan

    It's great that the State of California helped subsidize these vehicles with rebates and tax credits. Thank you, California taxpayers.

  • Kavin Saravanan

    Kavin Saravanan

    8 månader sedan

    smh we literally subsidize it for yall and yall dont care

  • Kwana Jones-Becker
    Kwana Jones-Becker8 månader sedan

    The paint sucks. I wish I hadn't spent the $2K on the red color and also the chrome delete isn't fairing well because I go to a touchless carwash instead of hand washing. I live in Ohio. It's too cold to hand wash my car. Otherwise it's great.

  • Amos Van Raalte
    Amos Van Raalte8 månader sedan

    i am thinking about to buy the new model

    PROTESLAPOWER8 månader sedan

    It would be really cool to be part of the network of Tesla's that replace Uber and Lyft! We could have a little reality show which would be a type of advertising through our channels that could inevitably lead to more people buying Tesla's! I have a background in Automotive Marketing Business Administration and Commercial Energy. Also I'm starting a channel called PROTESLA POWER. Of course this channel will talk about Nikola Tesla, Energy generation, Health and well-being, Tesla motors, Elon Musk, SpaceX, World travel, etc. I live just outside of Toronto Canada and could really use some advice on how to get my channel off the ground. I've sent several messages to Elon Musk on Twitter but he gets so many messages in a day or mine probably get overlooked. I think I could be doing a lot more to help people get a Tesla in their driveways faster. I also believe that if you're going to have an EV you might want to have solar generation and battery storage which I also have a business plan to implement. If you like these ideas or have some of your own to offer, I would really like to know. I do appreciate all of you and your comments. This is the time and we are the people that will change the world! propower101@hotmail.com

  • toms place
    toms place8 månader sedan

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    Pxincess Chiina8 månader sedan

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    Raymond Chan8 månader sedan

    Received my model Y on 12/25/2020, thank you, God. I also bought the model 3 last year. The only issue is, the back seats need to be lighter or electrically fold up. It's kind of stressful for seniors (72 years old).

  • Electric Future

    Electric Future

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  • Randy M
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  • Jack a

    Jack a

    5 månader sedan

    New double pane glass will be less noise.

  • William Barrie
    William Barrie9 månader sedan

    William Barrie I received my Model Y about a month ago and I am amazed by the vehicle. I have been driving an Audi Q 5 for several years and I thought it the best vehicle I have ever had but the Model Y is truly amazing. It was delivered without any hiccups or at least very few, A delay in getting my factory installed hitch. If I have any complaints it would be the overview of the vehicle for an old dude who needs more time to absorb the control systems. It would be grand for Tesla to have some pre buy classes, sorta like pre natal classes expectant first parents LOL. It is a brand new baby for sure for most of us. Thank you Tesla forums!! Your all a godsend like moms for a new grandson or daughter Thank you Elon for your perseverance and vision !!

  • Edward P Cristobal
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    Electric Future

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    Avil Georgescu10 månader sedan

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    Steve Bueche10 månader sedan

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  • Steve Bueche
    Steve Bueche10 månader sedan

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    JDIDDY Wray10 månader sedan

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    KETOGENESIS Inc10 månader sedan

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  • Tim Short
    Tim Short10 månader sedan

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  • deg3363
    deg336310 månader sedan

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