Tesla Model Y Review: The BEST Electric Vehicle Ever?

Tesla Model Y Review: Is it the best electric vehicle for the money in 2020?
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0:00 Tesla Model Y Review
0:10 Model Y Overview
1:33 Config & Pricing
2:49 Model Y Delivery
3:18 Design Overview
4:31 Tesla App
5:44 Model Y Interior
7:14 Size & Storage
8:33 Power Liftgate Hatchback
10:55 Height & Seats
12:42 Performance
14:43 Battery & Efficiency
16:02 Charging & Supercharging
18:52 Driving Experience
21:59 Software & Touchscreen
25:23 Tesla Autopilot
28:11 Safety
29:19 Fit & Finish
30:16 Conclusion

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The Model Y is Tesla’s latest vehicle to their all-electric lineup, and many people think it will quickly become the most successful best-selling Tesla ever. After becoming a Tesla owner myself in 2018 I’ve helped thousands of people make the decision of whether to buy a Tesla or not, and in this video I’ll share my full in-depth review of a Tesla Model Y that I rented for a week so you can find out if it actually lives up to the hype. Tesla says the Model Y is a fully electric mid-size sport utility vehicle, but it can also be considered a compact crossover because it’s based on the same platform of Tesla’s cheaper Model 3 sedan and shares about 75% of the same parts, with the biggest differences being Model Y’s bigger cargo space and a powered lift gate hatchback instead of a manual trunk. This particular Model Y is a midnight silver Long Range AWD with 20” Induction wheels, 5-seat black interior and basic Autopilot. The total cost after sales tax was right around $60,000. So as you can see from its price tag, the Model Y is considered a luxury vehicle. But is it worth that much money? Tesla Model Y has an attractive design and provides the best things about the Model 3 with even more space at an elevated view, while being much more affordable than Tesla’s only other SUV - the Model X. The Model Y is pretty much the only option for people who want a fully electric hatchback vehicle with at least 300 miles of range, along with the high level of performance and quickness.

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    Are you tall . I’m not sure if you have mentioned it 🙄

  • Mark Whitteck
    Mark WhitteckDag sedan

    For those who don’t have a smart phone what does a person do to drive their Model Y?

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    Does vegan leather come from vegan cows? 🤣😂🤣🤣

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    Karen Rolfe2 dagar sedan

    Best review!

  • Tony Notstated
    Tony Notstated5 dagar sedan

    If I purchase a Tesla Y without $10k self driving at the time of purchase, can I buy it later if I want it then?

  • Towel BandIt
    Towel BandIt8 dagar sedan

    Thanks for another very informative video. I've got my test drive scheduled for this Thursday.

  • J Leckman
    J Leckman8 dagar sedan

    An excellent video, keep them coming

  • Max G
    Max G9 dagar sedan

    I will join all the good comments. Love your work! Today was the day I settled my next car decision, which has been bugging me for months: it will be a Model Y.

  • Nirbhaya Tiwari

    Nirbhaya Tiwari

    4 dagar sedan

    Does the model y looks better than Porsche taycan 4s

  • GoneByRV
    GoneByRV11 dagar sedan

    I am very new to the EV world. I don't even own one yet. Your videos are excellent and easily understandable to a "noobie" such as myself. Thank you.

  • Oluwatoyin. Adedeji
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    14:20 who else thought that the car was going to crash into the wall?

  • Oluwatoyin. Adedeji
    Oluwatoyin. Adedeji15 dagar sedan

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  • MegaWilderness
    MegaWilderness18 dagar sedan

    The car is useless as it depends on the internet.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor18 dagar sedan

    So interesting to see a review of Tesla from another Louisvillian, but I'm now in Portugal. Thinking about getting the model 3 but I don't have a garage at the moment. Is it possible to charge it to 80-90% and it sits for a while? How much battery drain do the Tesla's have? Typically I only drive two times per week and that's my biggest concern.

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman29 dagar sedan

    Was in a model 3 .... sitting down was too low for me so I fogot that experience

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman29 dagar sedan

    Do you think Tesla will add a solar panel option to all of their vehicles?

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter Wakeman29 dagar sedan

    Y not get one or a ride. Only been in Model X. Paid to travel in model X was the best passenger experience ever. Was a scenic drive so the view sitting in the front and ride was beyond 10/10

  • Tristan The vr Gamecat
    Tristan The vr GamecatMånad sedan

    I just think it's a bit stupid to be jumping on the electric vehicle band wagon when battery and charging technology is in rapid development at moment , in 3-5 years all these charge points are going to be outdated when better more efficient ways of charging are developed , but we maybe restricted by the amount of people buying in now having to be stuck with older battery tech , until you can get comparable range to a tank of diesel and in a reasonable time frame just seems like a bad idea

  • Justin
    Justin Månad sedan

    Super detailed and excellent review. Thanks ! Can’t wait for my model Y this Nov

  • Praphat C
    Praphat CMånad sedan

    After I see your youtube, I will order Model Y now :)

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    I have just orderd a hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai. BUGGER your EVs

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    Andy, I wanna c 3rd line of seats!

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    I see a lot of different tests on cars but they never review the sound quality in the car stereo. then maybe some would wonder can play flac files, Can it play hi-res and can it play CD and does it support digital radio and does it support the best Bluetooth codec like LDAC or aptixHD

  • Anders Ljungberg

    Anders Ljungberg

    Månad sedan

    @Jonathan Schwartz in Norway they only have DAB radio if we talk about broadcast radio. fm radio they have abolished. so if this car in Norway does not support dab radio, there will be no radio sound in the car in Norway. although you can stream via Bluetooth from your mobile, of course

  • Anders Ljungberg

    Anders Ljungberg

    Månad sedan

    @Jonathan Schwartz if a car has Expensive speakers, it should be natural with Lossless Audio. As tidal, Qubus, Apple music. or perhaps play music downloaded from HD Tracks from a memory card or memory stick

  • Anders Ljungberg

    Anders Ljungberg

    Månad sedan

    @Jonathan Schwartz only Spotify ?

  • Jonathan Schwartz

    Jonathan Schwartz

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    it doesnt play cd it only has fm radio which sounds like a normal radio. It says its playing hd radio but what sounds the best is streaming the music through the car.

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    but the idea behind Tesla is probably not the same as the idea behind the Ford Model T. it would be cheap it would be easy to repair and it would be cheap to repair. even in the 1980s, people repaired their own cars in their own garages, it is not possible with Tesla 🤪

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    This car and probably no other electric car is also not for a person who thinks that a car should be super manual and not have a computer, no screen and a person who does not have a smartphone or computer and who never intends to get one. I know such people

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    This car and probably no other electric car is also not for a person who thinks sees that a car should be super manual and has no computer no screen and has no smartphone or computer and who also never intends to get one. I know such people

  • Sako Music
    Sako MusicMånad sedan

    I ordered Y performance model 2 days ago after I test drove one

  • You Me
    You MeMånad sedan

    I’ll answer you on that 60k no way all in comes in at 65k for 250ml get yaself a Mercedes or something that doesn’t take 4 days to fully charge ??? Wow 2 more grand & you may speed it up by a few hours less or longer useing the cars charger too any catches xtra $ at every extra, to be fare there starting to be like APPLE PHONES a new one every two year next year it will be the model Z it’s just a buzz word seeing this has only made me see it’s NOT for me but do enjoy haha &somet tells me your gonna have a lot more complaints,let’s hope not best of luck

  • Stormspark
    Stormspark2 månader sedan

    I'm glad the Model 3 ended up getting all the stuff that was new for the Model Y. Powered trunk, Octovalve, interior/exterior improvements, etc. Since the 3 got its refresh, they are practically the same car, with the differences being style and interior (the Y does have more interior room and a 7 seat option). The Model 3 still has plenty of interior room, but if you need the 7 seat option, the Y is the only choice (it wouldnt be possible to put the back seats in a Model 3 due to the trunk being in the way).

  • Sem Problemas
    Sem Problemas2 månader sedan

    I’m 6’4” too and you don’t look all that comfortable to me, but thanks for the review. Guess I’ll wait for the 150 model.

  • flyonbyya
    flyonbyya2 månader sedan

    I may indeed be proven wrong in time, but… I predict the yoke will fall out of favor and disappear

  • Skjöld Game Studio
    Skjöld Game Studio2 månader sedan

    A couple weeks huh? Wish that were true.

  • carlh2001
    carlh20012 månader sedan

    Wanted one..... Model Y was definitely my choice.. view through the back window was a real downer

  • Larry Rigby
    Larry Rigby2 månader sedan

    Why do these reviewers never dwell on the Four wheel drive? Where there’s snow the extra motor becomes very relevant. My wife won’t even consider a Tesla without four wheel drive. So why don’t reviewers not get into this right up front ?

  • Rob Oo
    Rob Oo2 månader sedan

    What do I need to get OTA updates? Do I need to buy a monthly cell service to get internet connection to get the OTA updates? Can the Tesla car connect to a WiFi connection or does it have to be cell phone data plan? Is there a way to get OTA updates without buying the additional cell phone service?

  • John Vandyk
    John Vandyk2 månader sedan

    Thanks Andy Very informative. A great car.

  • Julio Torricelli
    Julio Torricelli2 månader sedan

    My Tesla 3 is butt ugly with that front fascia ( I call it nose) it looks like a hammer nose shark feature. I don't know what happened but those guys who finalized the design had a moment of collapsed inspiration. But, the guys at Evannex have a front fascia , a dream , wich can put you in the hole for another $5K (painted and installed ) another 1/7 from the initial price of the car . I don't know what Tesla Inc. is thinking. All the beauty that's designed in Tesla 3 , abruptly stops when you look at its nose. Lately, on my Tesla 3 ( I left in the sun ) it would not start, would go berserk , cannot adjust anything, then the screen went black. I touched the display and guess what? It was burning my hand , probably you could fry eggs on it . In the end I reset it and finally I could drive home - my garage is cool. I am afraid to go cross country if it does these kinds of theings. I wonder if anyone had these kids of "Tesla 3 adventures in the Sun"

  • Irina Sharie
    Irina Sharie3 månader sedan

    So, withOUT my iphone in tow at all times, I can’t drive it ?! And, ppl think this was a great idea?!

  • Esteban Ramos
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  • Curtis Chavez
    Curtis Chavez3 månader sedan

    Here, in the western USA, you oretty much need the high seating to see whats going on in the road ahead if you; everyone here drives trucks and low cars can't see anything but the tail of the truck ahead of you! 😂

  • Bud Burdzinski
    Bud Burdzinski3 månader sedan

    Andy, this is Bud Burdzinski. I just wanted to let you know that I still plan on test driving a Series 1 Bike. I just haven't gotten to a dealer yet. When you get a chance can you call me or text me at 937-430-5491?

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    Covid Hoax3 månader sedan

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    Pete Blizzard3 månader sedan

    Andy, just ordered a red MYLR for my wife and should be delivered in two days (Dallas). Absolutely love Tesla's embedded tech and being gas free. Have already preordered the Cyber Truck, just have to be patient on delivery. Thank you for all your relevant information across all of the Tesla line.

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    The hysterical weather individually owe because pendulum jelly muddle during a kaput wedge. momentous, expensive saw

  • Josh Mittie
    Josh Mittie3 månader sedan

    Probably just me but if people pay attention and driving is the primary focus u dont have blind spots if you pass a car and its not behind it didn't vanish also y do you need such an awesome view in rear view you said its awesome cam when backing y do people need to see what's behind unless emergency or rear ended at a light and if you can move fine but they even say bracing for impact makes injury worse. Sorry I feel better now

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    Thomas Paul3 månader sedan

    Can you trade -in when buying a Tesla?

  • Jay the man
    Jay the man3 månader sedan

    After a long wait, got my model Y last week. fantastic car~~~ thanks for the great review!

  • Nancy zalzalah
    Nancy zalzalah3 månader sedan

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  • amados74
    amados744 månader sedan

    20:50 I completely agree with you on using the cameras when changing lanes to look at your blind spots I deliver Tesla’s for the Los Angeles area and I wish they had this feature I have it on my Honda Accord Touring it’s only connected to my right side mirror And I think that’s all you need because then people get lazy to look over their shoulder, Then have it go back to using your rearview camera.

  • kanarazutobitateru
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  • James wuang
    James wuang4 månader sedan

    This is the best demo video for module Y I have watched. Quick question, when I drive on the bad condition road the car is bombing a lot, because the suspension issue?the model x without such kind of problem.

  • Jack Gittes
    Jack Gittes4 månader sedan

    Ah. I would love to have one. Fell in love with the Y. But still driving my good old Toyota with fuel (which sounds something from the past already). Must work harder! :-)

  • Nirbhaya Tiwari
    Nirbhaya Tiwari4 månader sedan

    I love tesla model y .... But please tell is it looks better than Porsche taycan 4s or not...

  • Bernard Kisby
    Bernard Kisby4 månader sedan

    Can anybody tell me if any of the cameras record, ie perform the role of a dashcam?

  • Annie Lankford
    Annie Lankford4 månader sedan

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  • Atul Thakur
    Atul Thakur4 månader sedan

    I am looking to get a new Model Y. Question. There seems to be significant road noise in model Y. Your thoughts on it ?

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  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega4 månader sedan

    I got the 2021 Long Range Model Y 7 seater. I have issues closing the passenger door. I need to kind of smash it to close. :-( . Apart from that Im in love with it.

  • Beneteau 331
    Beneteau 3315 månader sedan

    Ordered one this weekend, in Canada

  • Dirk Stöcker
    Dirk Stöcker5 månader sedan

    Nice Car!! I will have. My ModelY came from Grünheide/Germany.😍😀

  • Jay P T
    Jay P T5 månader sedan

    I'm impressed...but not 60K worth. Visibility is the issue with most new vehicles, so wake me up when the Y can at least tell you when someone's in the next lane -- my 9-year-old Edge has done that since birth. You hit the nail when you mentioned the distraction of a Cinemascope screen to distract from the road for doing controls, and a drop-box sized mail slot rear window, hey, I agree with the wife. And then there's fit and finish? eww-w-wh!

  • Gordon Reiher
    Gordon Reiher5 månader sedan

    Autopark should be standard on a car of this price, or at least available to d/l separately for a modest price.

  • Ricky Chau
    Ricky Chau5 månader sedan

    After 50 cars referral what are you getting from Tesla? Can you tell us?

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

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  • Casa Tequila SF
    Casa Tequila SF5 månader sedan

    Do you know what’s the electric radiation ☢️ for the human body is? In the 90’s and 80’s there was a big campaign alerting people of cancer tumors for being exposed for long or daily basis to electric ⚡️ tools like shaving machines etc

  • Clay Franklin
    Clay Franklin5 månader sedan

    Great information thank you!

  • Kei Breedlove
    Kei Breedlove5 månader sedan

    I have ordered the Model Y. I test drove it and love it! Love your review of the car, too. Thank you. Two things I'm concerned about: 1. When my car arrives, will I have cosmetic issues? 2. The home charging station. I didn't realize I was going to need an electrician to install a specific charger so that the car is fully charged to drive to work the next day. I don't like that Tesla did away with the chrome around the windows and on the side mirrors. Hard to believe that a majority of people didn't like those. Wish there was an option to have the chrome and also I wish you could get the same colors in all of the models. I really wanted the lighter silver for the Model Y and I like the 19" wheels that are extra to buy on the Model 3 but you can't get the same wheel on the Model Y. Anything to make more money, I'm sure. :-( Thanks again for the detailed overview of the Model Y!

  • royland walker
    royland walker5 månader sedan


  • royland walker
    royland walker5 månader sedan


  • John Raimondi
    John Raimondi5 månader sedan

    Hi Andy, I LOVE my Y, please help me change the GPS voice from female to male. Keep up the great work! Johnny

  • Cody Li
    Cody Li5 månader sedan

    The only thing that’s holding me back from owning a Tesla is that I don’t own a home. I rent and charging a EV is difficult

  • J Parker
    J Parker5 månader sedan

    Do a video shirtless 🤩

  • Keith Chun
    Keith Chun5 månader sedan

    Definitely leaning towards Model Y now over 3, but ANOTHER $3K. It keeps adding up. Waiting for some new tax credits, otherwise I’ll never spend $50K on a car. I’d pay $40 but not $50.

  • Carla95 Beach74
    Carla95 Beach745 månader sedan

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  • Brewer Landborg
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    The ambitious milkshake reassembly time because train correspondingly launch absent a troubled humidity. slippery, cooperative dinghy

  • Sweet Boxers
    Sweet Boxers5 månader sedan

    Best review on the net for Tesla Model Y . Thank you for getting me up to speed with all the car features. It’s like listening to Audibles “Tesla Model Y Edition”. New MYLR owner 033021 ! Thank you thank you! Awesome Job! Keep up the good work . SEblacks 🌟

  • Drew Tabor
    Drew Tabor6 månader sedan

    Just visited that Tesla dealership shown at (9111 street address) 🤣 3:03 ... order placed!

  • Rave Reviewer
    Rave Reviewer6 månader sedan

    What an excellent video. I am a bit on the fence hear about ordering my model Y. Your informative and extremely well done presentation has really helped. My biggest challenge now is installing a charge. My first attempt was with the electrician say it would cost close to $5000 to expand the electric/breaker and permitting. Since I only have a bout a 20 mile a day commute, I am considering just charging with my regular house current.

  • C Lance Frazier
    C Lance Frazier6 månader sedan

    Dude, I LOVE the vid! ...shave your neck : [

  • Steve Mann
    Steve Mann6 månader sedan

    Can you read any of the Tesla's in Canada for a couple of weeks or a month?

  • socksamazingchannel
    socksamazingchannel6 månader sedan

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    Curious about the difference between the wheel choices for the Long range. Love to know your thoughts.

  • Whistle Ochoa
    Whistle Ochoa6 månader sedan

    of course get one

  • steve
    steve6 månader sedan

    fyi for those who have a 3 and wants to upgrade to a y. Tesla low balls you on a trade in price, and I don't resell cars (I've always donated them) Carvana gave me 7k more than Tesla. just takes about a week for them to do their thing (if you're paying off a prior loan like my 2019 model 3) of course it all depends on the year, milage, and condition.

  • steve
    steve6 månader sedan

    Selling my 3 and getting a new Y (new this year heated steering wheel too). Really like your idea of side view mirror lane change on the screen. Since I don't do social media could you suggest something for me? We all go over the speed limit and I found out we can get an audible notification when we do but it only notifies you once (and we all stay over the speed limit on occasion) so what I'd like to see is that when you go over the speed limit, the mph numbers on the screen turn red and stays red until you go back to the posted speed limit (or lower). You did a great description video by the way thanks. My big gripe is they no longer include the 220v adapter to plug into the nema plug. that's real cheap of them for the price they charge for the car.

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee6 månader sedan

    Love my Model Y! Definitely recommend!

  • Debbie Roy
    Debbie Roy6 månader sedan

    Yes....the front door is hard to shut! I also find if I don't "slam" it...I will be re-closing it every time!!

  • eusouocara23
    eusouocara236 månader sedan

    I feel cheated not having a cargo cover. Probably not very useful, but I think is a feature that should be added or available. I will get a model 3, but the main reason for getting a Tesla is the infrastructure. There are nicer EVs out there, but the infrastructure for charging is very lacking.

  • Val P
    Val P6 månader sedan

    Ugly as hell. Its easily beaten by Rivian, Audi Q4 E tran, Polestar 2, Ford Mustang Mac E

  • sshaxy
    sshaxy6 månader sedan

    nice... jim carey fan

  • S R
    S R6 månader sedan

    This car is good if you are newlyweds without kids. lol. It went too much optimization to the point where you can’t even control the real window just like how most cars do. Everything has to go through the touch screen even controlling the back seat heating. It’s a joke. lol

  • Michael L
    Michael L6 månader sedan

    Just ordered my Model Y tonight!! So excited