Tesla FSD Beta V9 First Drive! 🤯

We stayed up until midnight and Elon delivered with V9 of Tesla's Full Self Driving software. We took it all over Seattle testing the new version, putting it through tricky situations. This FSD V9 relies only on cameras, or Tesla Vision. Despite this huge tech shift, the car felt smoother (butterier) when turning, and more confident generally when changing lanes and making turns. Overall, I was super impressed by the progress, as well as new UI visualizations. I can't wait to keep getting updates and bringing you more FSD content! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!

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Video shot/edited by Devon Loerop, thank you Devon!!! :) devon_loerop

Last video I made with Tesla FSD v8.2 (old version): seblacks.info/cold/video/nKKJuYSkqnuhfnY.html

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  • V Whisp
    V Whisp2 dagar sedan

    Damn you Jesse Lee Peterson! BETA!😫

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M12 dagar sedan

    Planters are a common way of separating bike lanes from car lanes. Ridiculous it couldn't handle those

  • Stephen Richardson
    Stephen RichardsonMånad sedan

    Your just freaking out bro it’s not the car lol

  • Stefano Rusconi
    Stefano RusconiMånad sedan

    When in Italia ?

  • acuevas87
    acuevas872 månader sedan

    question, do you have to be part of the beta program to get the fsd? ive had the fsd on early 2018 model 3, just curious update: nvm saw the early access haha

  • Felix C
    Felix C2 månader sedan

    Can you have someone stand in front of the monorail column? Let me explain-My hypothesis why Tesla can’t see the column is due to the limitations of the cameras contrast ratio. Since the column is almost the same color as the road, it does not see it. I would assume conditions that cause optical illusions scenarios will be hard to overcome in all cases. Have someone wear a loud shirt in front of the column to see if it happens again. If not- you can test other low contrast situations to test v9.

  • Felix C

    Felix C

    2 månader sedan

    Example- what would happen in this situation? images.app.goo.gl/RERWrJaaLaLAHtvP6

  • Daniel Stapler
    Daniel Stapler2 månader sedan

    Hunters and Collectors: Do you see what I see ? seblacks.info/cold/video/m5mr3pyOlWqpjJg.html

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E2 månader sedan

    Does anyone know when this will be released to all owners?

  • Gavin Greenwalt
    Gavin Greenwalt2 månader sedan

    You should drive North up Broadway from Yesler. Standard AP often reads the bike signals as car signals and pings me to go. I wonder if FSD does better. Probably not.

  • Dave Casale
    Dave Casale2 månader sedan

    One thing vision doesn't have is time of flight 😂

  • Toby Baden
    Toby Baden2 månader sedan

    Take FSD on a ferry!

  • Stuart
    Stuart2 månader sedan

    IMHO this is a bit reckless of Tesla to have people testing beta software on streets with live pedistrians as guinea pigs.

  • Bogdan Jastrzębski
    Bogdan Jastrzębski2 månader sedan

    Visualizations don't show everything that the tesla sees. It probably understands that there is an obstacle without understanding what it really is

  • Dilan Je
    Dilan Je2 månader sedan

    I'm not suprised. Columns were painted grey, without any reflective markings, etc.

  • Elop. lk
    Elop. lk2 månader sedan

    they should've keep using radar at least for collision avoidance

  • Matthew P
    Matthew P2 månader sedan

    When does fsd beta v9 come to the general public?

  • Jonathan Root
    Jonathan Root2 månader sedan

    Tesla FSD be like: "No more radar no more monorail."

  • Reprint001


    2 månader sedan

    ... no more driver.

  • Kevin Weber
    Kevin Weber2 månader sedan

    It’s frightening how BAD this system is. Unbelievable how many interruptions and disengagement’s Gali Made with little traffic at slow Speed. Waymo goes 13000 miles between disengagement’s. Can’t see giant pillars in the middle of the street. I wonder how many stupid fanboys will die playing with this. It obviously needs new sensors and much greater compute power.

  • Kenlwallace


    2 månader sedan

    Waymo might as well run on rails …

  • Barry
    Barry2 månader sedan

    Great video. I like to see what scenarios are challenging the system. If you think this is bad, check out the Frenchie channel for his FSD Beta videos in Chicago. Clearly the system has an extremely long way to go...

  • mee see

    mee see

    2 månader sedan

    At this rate my model s will be in the junkyard before they get fsd working. Serves me right for paying upfront for a product with no firm delivery date 🤦

  • Aval Sirithanawat
    Aval Sirithanawat2 månader sedan

    Why didn’t you press the report button for cases like the column? Just curious

  • Aval Sirithanawat

    Aval Sirithanawat

    2 månader sedan

    @lincoln tse I see. Thanks for clarifying!

  • lincoln tse

    lincoln tse

    2 månader sedan

    Once they take over it already triggered the report

  • Turtle
    Turtle2 månader sedan


  • Turtle
    Turtle2 månader sedan


  • Neil
    Neil2 månader sedan

    Long way to go! Let’s hope we see rapid progress

  • Ferdinand Tomas
    Ferdinand Tomas2 månader sedan

    Easy fix..tell Seattle to tear down the monorail 😅

  • Yang Daily - Andrew Yang News podcast
    Yang Daily - Andrew Yang News podcast2 månader sedan

    Stuff like not seeing giant pillars is what's really frustrating. Like, how can so much complicated stuff be amazing and then it just tried to drive straight through obvious objects? *sigh*

  • Coraga 1
    Coraga 12 månader sedan

    Thank you for being a guinea pig for Elon and you paid 10k for it. LOL

  • Dave March
    Dave March2 månader sedan

    Everything you could want in a sensor suite - and less (to borrow from an old beer commercial). I don't get why all you guys are trying to 'sell' this as a feature and not the bug that it is. I know - let's lose the one sensor that could help you in a dust storm, or in heavy fog, or in a blizzard, and let's tout it as some great thing we're doing. It's sad that Tesla is trying to sell their current offering as "Full Self Driving", when you had to keep intervening for it. If the AI can't hack Radar, ok, then 'fess up'. Be honest. Y'all sound like an overindulgent parent continually offering excuses for your wayward child.

  • SprungNickel
    SprungNickel2 månader sedan

    Gali, didn't you get a driver's license last year or something... to see you doing a review of this is comical.

  • SprungNickel


    2 månader sedan

    @HyperChange alright...I'll bite...Who's the better driver? You or FSD 9.0?

  • HyperChange


    2 månader sedan

    I was a New Yorker for 10 years and didn’t drive

  • SprungNickel
    SprungNickel2 månader sedan

    Tesla Selfie Camera... A SEblacksr / influencers Wet dream! Don't you love it Gali. It's watching you constantly!

  • Igor Gabrielan
    Igor Gabrielan2 månader sedan


  • RedTurtleGoon
    RedTurtleGoon2 månader sedan

    You've got some really valuable feedback for the team in this video on some interesting edge cases, but it seems wasted if you don't hit the "report" button on the screen!

  • HyperChange


    2 månader sedan

    it’s hard to hit a tiny button on the screen when ur driving!!

  • Willie Raysor
    Willie Raysor2 månader sedan

    Your hands were on the wheel the entire time.

  • zukacs
    zukacs2 månader sedan

    5:30 i dont understand why did it go on red?

  • Dranomoly
    Dranomoly2 månader sedan

    A shame someone didn't put on their seatbelt.

  • RC Robinson-san
    RC Robinson-san2 månader sedan


  • Mickey Nygaard
    Mickey Nygaard2 månader sedan

    Wow, those are some of the worst lights I've seen on a car - Would be really scared to drive around outside the city in this...are all american cars like this? Don't you guys have anything like Matrix LED, Laser lights, etc. ?

  • _____case
    _____case2 månader sedan

    The monorail incident is definitely alarming. It seems like the system is assuming too much about the world around it, rather than erring on the side of caution any time it sees any unknown object.

  • _____case


    2 månader sedan

    That being said, I think Tesla is clearly one of the industry leaders in this space.

  • DJ Medusa Lives
    DJ Medusa Lives2 månader sedan

    Great video Gali! Absolutely loved the music! Did you make the music for this one too?

  • Shane Churilla
    Shane Churilla2 månader sedan

    How did u sign up for beta?

  • Sebastián López
    Sebastián López2 månader sedan

    I wonder if it has short term “memory” of what has been seen. As a human, you don’t need to keep looking at an object to know (assume) it’s still there and following a predictable pattern, I wonder if the system also has something like that when an object flickers.

  • MountainManXXX
    MountainManXXX2 månader sedan

    TY. /

  • Simeon Latham
    Simeon Latham2 månader sedan

    All input is error Gali let the robot do its thing.

  • spacep0d
    spacep0d2 månader sedan

    Seemed okay but for those invisible monorail columns, LOL. Scary. But, it's quite a feat that they did all this with pure vision. Curious to see the next major update. Seattle does seem to be a city of edge cases. Crazy markings, lights, and people everywhere. Very annoying how people casually walk when they're not supposed to as cars are waiting.

  • Hoshikunai Yada
    Hoshikunai Yada2 månader sedan

    Seen a few FSD videos and it's alarming to see how the car is now confidently jerking the wheel into objects (monorail pillars, parked cars) as well as swerve through lanes. Even with the driver fully alert, such jerks are really going to test the driver's reaction time to prevent an accident.

  • Building Project Tesla
    Building Project Tesla2 månader sedan

    Im from seattle glad to see that fsd beta is being tested in our city.

  • RoboRope
    RoboRope2 månader sedan

    Killed by monorail by fsd 😆🤣😂😹😆 basic edge case. SILLY AI

  • RoboRope
    RoboRope2 månader sedan

    That was like completely garbage. Fsd won't be out for decades to come. Smoke and mirrors placebo effect. How about that cyber truck in 2020 😆🤣😂 the only update was a new interface. Thanks for the 10% dip on Monday. Even fanboyz can't save this bs.

  • Todd Morgan
    Todd Morgan2 månader sedan

    The flashing red is a red light. I have not seen that anywhere. It has to learn that that is a stop sigh, flashing red stop line. The left was the right move or it would have been in the middle of the road on a red. It was right.

  • Firya
    Firya2 månader sedan

    Goddammit people. when the car struggles or has issues press the report button!! you are in beta for a reason. if autopilot fucks up, report it!

  • Ugur Senturk
    Ugur Senturk2 månader sedan

    Let it do its thing. Dont intervene.

  • Andru Edwards
    Andru Edwards2 månader sedan

    Out here in Seattle as well, and waiting for this to hit my 3 and Y! 🙌🏽

  • Yencheng Chen
    Yencheng Chen2 månader sedan

    The first improvement is that the car automatically monitors the driver.

  • Shakil Mustafa
    Shakil Mustafa2 månader sedan

    Really appreciate the comprehensive and unbiased review.

  • Christoph Leitl
    Christoph Leitl2 månader sedan

    The button

  • Akumetsu02
    Akumetsu022 månader sedan

    Phew... ok, I am geeking out about this technology. However, no way in helll would I pay for this in the current state. Still feels like novelty self driving experience. I would be ok with it on highway but this seems to generate stress, not reduce it. :D Feels like someone with split personality is driving, and one of them is trying to kill the other one :D

  • sirus312
    sirus3122 månader sedan

    3:40 is very scary. Would have caused honking/stress and a CRASH. autopilot is a solid 10-15 years from being ready

  • DJ Ash
    DJ Ash2 månader sedan

    New Driver Please almost unwatchable because the Driver needs Nerve Medication

  • montana wildhack
    montana wildhack2 månader sedan

    After watching this, I'm thinking about selling my shares tbh.

  • Matt


    2 månader sedan

    I had the same reaction when it almost ran into those huge concrete pylons multiple times.

  • torchlord
    torchlord2 månader sedan

    Seems like it would be a good idea to have driving aggression settings for Full Self Driving separate from the aggression settings for humans driving the car.

  • Fabian S.
    Fabian S.2 månader sedan

    Super impressive!

  • Taran Lathrop
    Taran Lathrop2 månader sedan

    Your hands came over all the time. Felt like it required intervention every few seconds

  • Levincreates
    Levincreates2 månader sedan

    Red light when it‘s actually an orange one... Hmm

  • Monica Chopra Trust
    Monica Chopra Trust2 månader sedan

    You grab the wheel and turn it and then say 'Wow that was super smooth' 🤣

  • Christian Sjøgreen
    Christian Sjøgreen2 månader sedan

    Just going for a super stressful night ride :P

  • Bills News Consolidated
    Bills News Consolidated2 månader sedan

    About to buy more Tesla stock after this

  • Sebas Tian
    Sebas Tian2 månader sedan

    Oh wow, those monorail pillars. This should really not have happened.

  • Reprint001


    2 månader sedan

    @chris heath Yes. And there's a whole world of things it doesn't know and even when it does know, the minute they charge, it needs to relearn. And yet humans can infer. These 'beta' 9 videos are shocking.

  • Reprint001


    2 månader sedan

    @Brandon I Agreed. Human guinea pigs.

  • chris heath

    chris heath

    2 månader sedan

    @bubbledoubletrouble Yes, we know, as humans. But until the neural net "knows", it doesn't !

  • Brandon I

    Brandon I

    2 månader sedan

    I don't understand how repeatedly running into giant stationary objects is considered "beta" behavior. Seems pretty "alpha" to me.

  • bubbledoubletrouble


    2 månader sedan

    @chris heath This is not a metaknowledge issue. Even if you didn’t know there was a monorail-even if there were something covering up the top half of the windshield-your human vision should be enough to figure out that you don’t want to drive into the gray thing sticking out of the road.

    RCMJC2 månader sedan

    They should change the name to AFSD - Assisted FSD for now. I think it's still at least a couple years out for a true L5 FSD and any chance of a robotaxi network. However, still nice to see the continuous improvements with every version.

  • Brian Upchurch
    Brian Upchurch2 månader sedan

    Let it go, see what it can do, you're holding the wheel too much....dont be 🐔!

  • Simply Human
    Simply Human2 månader sedan

    Remember, you are still training it. V9 BETA

  • mee see

    mee see

    2 månader sedan

    If i'm still training it, shouldn't tesla be paying me instead?

  • Nirav Patel
    Nirav Patel2 månader sedan

    If you drive again same route, it will do better job.

  • Akaki Yohada
    Akaki Yohada2 månader sedan

    Mad max only changes the frequency of lane changes not the aggressiveness.

  • OutbackEV
    OutbackEV2 månader sedan

    First thing I always say to peps when there are just about to try AP...it will try to kill you when you least expect it!...so keep at least 1 hand on the wheel!!!! Bloody impressive, now iterate the same path, log and measure the improvements

  • mikerzisu
    mikerzisu2 månader sedan

    FSD has a really long time to go before it is safe. At least 10 years, maybe 20

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    2 månader sedan

    Thanks for watching 🤝 w•h•a•t•’s• a•p•p• +•1•(•5•1•6•)•9•6•0•-•3•2•8•2 ✉️✉️ F•o•r M•o•r•e G•u•i•d•a•n•c•e$ ô•ñ ç•r•y•p•t•ó!!!!..

  • David Deboy
    David Deboy2 månader sedan

    red flashing light Stop and go. It needs your input if it's safe to go.

  • Cal McCulloch
    Cal McCulloch2 månader sedan

    Gali, have you tried the Northgate supercharger? I was getting charging speeds over 1000 mi/hr. It seems like Tesla never stops improving!!

  • HyperChange


    2 månader sedan

    ya I have! It’s fast af!

  • Ismail Yusof
    Ismail Yusof2 månader sedan

    Great job with the FSD V9 evaluation. A step forward no doubt, but, still early. The way the cameras completely missed seeing those big pillars is going to need answers and a solution, fast!

  • MacGyver


    2 månader sedan

    Big difference between not having the columns render on the screen versus the car not seeing/responding to them. Pretty sure it was ok, just Gali being cautious and the car being a little squirrely.

  • Dana
    Dana2 månader sedan

    Pretty cool to watch, I hate driving in Seattle. 2am was a good call.

  • benjamin altman
    benjamin altman2 månader sedan

    Thank you for your demonstration. It will be interesting to see how the FSD team will approach your exposure of car not 'seeing' the concrete monorail supports. PLEASE come back to them at some point, hopefully soon, to see if a 'pure vision' fix can be made. So many amazing elements to this upgraded program. The map for Tesla's fully functional FSD is starting to unfold. Super 'smart' AI with a dozen or so eyes watching everything around it while having an incredibly responsive and reliable vehicle to command.

  • Tim Yarrow
    Tim Yarrow2 månader sedan

    6:10 The right move would have been to enter the intersection on the green light, and wait there until the traffic and pedestrians cleared away to allow the left turn, even if the moment to turn left occurred under the red light. Otherwise, you and the FSD could technically be sitting at that left-turn light all day.

    KRISHNA R2 månader sedan

    How long was the journey an how many manual interventions?

    R DOTTIN2 månader sedan

    Human error: Puts car in "Mad Max" then get scared when the car drives like Mad Max.😁

  • Swirle13


    2 månader sedan

    Mad max is not necessary in Seattle when most drivers up here leave 2 car lengths and sit and wait to merge into lanes for 30 seconds before they actually merge 😂

  • Life of Christian
    Life of Christian2 månader sedan

    You kept touching the wheel the whole video 🤦‍♂️

  • Curtis Johnson
    Curtis Johnson2 månader sedan

    "Random monorail pillars"...as if they just appear overnight. :D. To be fair, I've driven that monorail street and if you want to turn left you have to be in the Left lane 4 blocks early and there's no way to know from the cross street. Seattle's fault but FSD still needs to recognize the move is illegal and blocked

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    •piññed by BoardWay Study Visa Tips••

    2 månader sedan

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  • larry warner
    larry warner2 månader sedan

    nice test 2 am on deserted suburban streets. Convinces me it will work in rush hour traffic on a freeway or inside a city.

  • JammyP100
    JammyP1002 månader sedan

    This is every situation in Europe. All the edge cases you describe are daily challenges.

  • Peter Perfect
    Peter Perfect2 månader sedan

    Big mistake to take out radar

  • Leo
    Leo2 månader sedan

    21:03 so youre saying it didnt improve after all? (except the UI)

  • Leo
    Leo2 månader sedan

    16:25 - 17:40 for the good part

  • dazonic
    dazonic2 månader sedan

    Can you please do a scientific test? Compare number of interventions, visible smoothness, etc on a video of a matching trip on version 8 vs 9? It’s impossible for us to tell whether there are any improvements at all

  • Just John
    Just John2 månader sedan

    Wow it's still got a long way to go! It's better but no robo taxies for a while.

  • zezizarjaars
    zezizarjaars2 månader sedan

    It's definetly improving, but safer then a human driving probably still takes a couple of years.

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    •piññed by BoardWay Study Visa Tips••

    2 månader sedan

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  • journeyman23
    journeyman232 månader sedan

    This was awesome. It looks like the groundworks for the fsd solution are in place. Radar was also a crutch. So what happens from here? 2 things. 1) More labeling. Like the columns are captured by cams but not labeled. Once they are labeled by the team, they will be picked up by the entire fleet. 2) more learning. this is just takes time. just need more miles and more cars using it and it will learn. This is the more automated point. That should be it. More cars using it, the faster it will learn. All the cases in video I suspect will be handled efficiently in 6 months if beta is mass released in 1 month. This is the true strength of AI. It will learn exponentially fast

  • goldreserve


    2 månader sedan

    It's a clearly visible large object, should be easily mapped by stereoscopic cameras but wasn't. FSD shouldn't need to correctly label every object to avoid a collision with it.

  • Kyle Li
    Kyle Li2 månader sedan

    I'll give it a month before the first tesla bumps into that exact same monorail column - hopefully they put something bright to make that stand out more!

  • all things electric
    all things electric2 månader sedan

    Not a cult.

  • Adam1993
    Adam19932 månader sedan

    It definitely need lidar I can see the issue that happened can be avoided if it had both camera and lidar

  • Matt DeCandia
    Matt DeCandia2 månader sedan

    You stink at this Gali sorry you should never show this again you make fsd look like it's garbage watching this I would never use this damn sure wouldn't pay for it and I know it's capable. Not your intention but you make it look bad .

  • Kevin Chiu
    Kevin Chiu2 månader sedan

    It would do better if the autopilot speed limit were set higher.

  • Michael Pearson
    Michael Pearson2 månader sedan

    Should have gone

  • zwanz0r
    zwanz0r2 månader sedan

    Thanks for taking us with you Galli!

  • AquaMarineReef
    AquaMarineReef2 månader sedan

    I have seen a few FSD Beta 9 test, and I have noticed that threes and especially bridge pylon and mono rail pylon are not rendered ( maybe still visible on the background). I am confident that the Vision team will look into the results after a few days of Beta 9 and shortly those will be rendered. Can someone confirm it was visible in Beta 8?

  • MacGyver


    2 månader sedan

    No they were never rendered. A lot of people seem to equate not rendered with not being taken into account or seen by the car while it definitely does.