Tesla Cybertruck: 10 NEW Facts You Didn't Know

Tesla Cybertruck: 10 NEW Facts You Didn't Know

Did you really think the final version of the Cybertruck would be exactly as presented during the reveal event? Well, think again, because the Cybertruck is still very much a work in progress and we're going to share some Cybertruck updates.

The Cybertruck is Tesla’s disruptive electric entrant into the well established light duty truck category. The Cyperpunk inspired pickup truck may be the easiest vehicle for amateur finger painters to draw, but don’t be fooled by its brutalist exterior. Even though the polygonal pickup looks like it hasn’t finished rendering yet, the pointy stainless steel box accelerates like a Lamborghini, and tows like a freightliner. Proof that the game runs faster when you lower the graphics settings on your PC.

You probably know that the premium tri-motor Cybertruck will have an estimated output of 800 horsepower and 1000 pound-feet of torque, enough muscle to propel the burly electric truck to 60 MPH in 2.9 seconds, and tow up to 14,000 pounds.

But we’re not here to regurgitate all of Cybertruck's rumored specifications that have already been repeated. We performed a technical deep dive into the specifications and story of the Cybertruck and uncovered some obscure facts you might not have known, including some modifications to the truck's design no one ever saw coming. These details really elucidate the engineering strategy that went into the Tesla Cybertruck, and provide a glimpse into the complex mind of Elon Musk.

Today we will unveil the 10 NEW Facts of the Tesla Cybertruck. Welcome to Tech Archives


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    year 2030 and you just see cybertrucks taking a dip in the ocean

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    Why are you are talking about the sci-fi showing always the same videos it’s a really boring now I really like to have to cyber truck but it’s the only story it’s a long time

  • AmericanCapitalist90
    AmericanCapitalist9015 dagar sedan

    The metal could be an issue for safety and collision regarding crumple zones. Also the bullet proof glass is a huge safety issue if you crash into a body of water and need to escape through the window when your electronics short out. I really can’t see if looking anything like the demo design.

  • Val Man
    Val Man15 dagar sedan

    Maybe the car is sealed, but its a totally different thing to navigate underwater like a sub. Its just a car car guys

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    It is pronounced S pree, not e-spirit.

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    Finally a truck I can draw is the lamest most old tired joke now. A joke none of you made up yourself

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    Wow! How sad. Cybertruck went from awesome looking to NOT-So awesome.

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    Leather is sustainable, plastics trying to emulate leather are not.

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    Cybertruck is a medium pickup -- not a light pickup.

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    full solar wings and off road camping setup. deadly

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    this is the dumbest looking truck ever but would be great after some modifications.

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    Lotus Esprit, not “e-spirit”! 😂 😂 😂

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    That's a station wagon not a truck

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    wasn't it Devon Miles that said indestructible material and Michael on Knight Rider that said like baby skin with Devon struck the hood with a hammer see same thing applies here truth baby skin truth

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    The WAGON/SUBURBAN version would rack up another one million preorders if they dared to publish official renderings. But could you imagine Tesla having taken two million deposits of $100? It would seem like something from the Fyre festival.

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    What's a "Lotus E-Spirit"?

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    Hopefully, only a few people will need to bump their he'd on the marble slab like dash before it is recognized the marble slab dash is not a good idea. No good for head bumps.

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    WOW some new facts about Tesla cyber truck

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    5:53 look at back ground Lightning McQueen (and iron man)

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    FYI "Esprit" is pronounced "Ess-pree", and not "ee-spirit". ;-P

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    Radiation? ☢️

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    E-spirit? - Espree, dozey Yank. ;¬)

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    Looks very cool, but I’ll keep my checkbook in my pocket until I see how it works out.

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    I just find it absolutely incredible that all you Tesla fans are going crazy over a vehicle that's been a concept for 3 years. You guys are a cult...

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    dashboard is not something , but a compressed recycled paper ...... mimicking marble . Exterior is defined by the inability to press the material there fore only bent it . Exterior is not steel , but aluminum alloy .... you really are uninformed and this whole video is crap so for anyone reading this , just turn any other video because this video is just mumbo jumbo talking with intention to get views on popular trigger word topics (in this case cybertruck) .

  • Kmet Mošnja
    Kmet MošnjaMånad sedan

    When he said wont be door handles then he meant ones outside entirely . The ones inside are logical to exist as it is mandatory by the law in case of emergency to have easily accessible emergency latch which is for front doors easiest to integrate with the door handle . Maybe they put the latching mechanism in front on the side of b-pillar in which case handle on the doors inside would be obsolete

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    Do the rear seats fold down and open into the vault?

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    that's what I need to know. I plan on using it to haul my horse trailer and I want the dogs in the car with me.

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    Click bate

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    Design still shaky but getting better5

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    CRAP - JUST ANOTHER TESLA HYPE CHANNEL - No design, No specs, No delivery date, Nothing - but IT IS GREAT , TOWs huge loads! Looks great! SUPER DUPER BEST in CLASS - if it existed, it doesn't now, but just wait - its going to be super. If it was 1900 you'd be selling snake oil.

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    Esprit is pronounced Eh-spree, not E-spirit.

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    E-Spirit?? 😂

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    I love how vinyl is called vegan free leather now 🤣😂🤣😂

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    That picture looks good. A hatchback Cybertruck.

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    Why it has no sidemirror

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    What a pointless video filled with non facts.

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    lotus espirit??????? that's a ghost car... or you're dyslective...

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    I guess he never watched back to the future....

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    Future driving test be like Instructor: do you know how to put your car in self drive Driver: yes Instructor: okay your license will come in mail in 2 weeks business time

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    I would do ( just about) anything for this Truck😜...just as I would do for a Kit Kat bar or Klondike bar. I will put myself out there for the good of womankind/mankind to volunteer to drive a Tesla for free, Mr Elon Musk. Have your people call my people 📱

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela3 månader sedan

    i bought the tsla dips & ..i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the mean time..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well.

  • Florencio Vela
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    i did a modified cyber truck drawing like a Volvo wagon or suburban with solar roof & or ladder rack on the top.

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    @4:01 that moment when you realize he hits the door with the side of the hammer

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    IMa get one for work. even though I wont need it.

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    I can’t decide this truck for work is between this and a Raptor R

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    At the end, this will be trash and burden to keep. The most ugly truck ever seen in my life. It is huge electric toy for rich people for second vehicle use

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    I can’t wait for my cyber truck and my 10 years old son keeps asking me when. I want solar panel comute 20 miles a day

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    It’s 120/“240” volt😡

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    Your facts are wrong!!!! You said that the hp was 800 and torque was 1000 when it is actually 1000 hp and the torque is 10,500 pound feet. If you’re going to make a video, try and get it right!

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    The moment Tesla releases cars with solar panels is the moment the world of cars changes forever. You won't even need to pay for the extra electricity bill at home, unless you use the car far too much.

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    I Love the rear ramp on the Cyber Truck Just the job for me to take my Mob Scooter where I go I was contemplating doing something similar. to a new purchase. Job already done. Thank's Elon

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    The only reason i ordered a cybertruck was to pull a boat trailer so side mirrors are a must have.

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    You will have cameras

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    The producers of every cheesy 50's & 60's Scifi movie called... they want their design back. SERIOUSLY, I really hope Tesla is secretly hiding designs for other, far less ugly-looking models.

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    Contact US for your Tesla Charger Installation in SoCal LA - (818)360-3333

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    My dream car to

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    Ehhhh….. love the cyber truck but as an Aussie that’s spent a lot of time in the outback the idea of doing a river crossing and having your car start to drift away while surrounded by 5 meter crocodiles doesn’t fill me with joy! Love the solar recharging wings option though. Great idea for when your camping in the desert on the Birdsville track….

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    No windshield wipers?

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    3:16 prefer a black matte trim. No white dash please.

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    1:46 suspecting the extreme door handles will be totally seamless unable to see them on the outside when locked

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    8:17 is my render of the 6 wheel cybertruck with solar panels

  • Tech Archives

    Tech Archives

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    We love your work Pslavi! We’ll be sure to credit you whenever we use your amazing cgi!

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    If the specs in the video are accurate, the breaker angle is ~24 degrees, actually not bad for a truck.

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    Lotus e-spirit? It's not even spelled that way... it's "Esprit" and pronounced "Eh-Spree"...

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