Tesla Battery Day

Event Chapters:
0:00 - 2020 Company Update and Year-In-Review
33:30 - Battery Day Keynote
1:31:27 - Plaid Model S
1:32:46 - Q&A


  • JoetheGoldenHoe
    JoetheGoldenHoe23 timmar sedan

    Name the $25k car the model M so the lineup is SM3XY.

  • Deaniel Rey Solina
    Deaniel Rey Solina5 dagar sedan

    Where Tesla model s and model x

  • S B
    S B6 dagar sedan

    I'm so surprised no one honked with fart mode engaged.

  • Mohammed Always
    Mohammed Always8 dagar sedan

    Tell us one thing Mr Dictator And illegal acquirer of technology from true inventors ...... If for any reason you are not available who does take forward your plans ??? As you are doing big big projects .... so what's the planning in such eventualities ???

  • CryptoTankGirl
    CryptoTankGirl9 dagar sedan

    🐾👾💎👾🐾 wen Doge Tesla

  • Nat Painter
    Nat Painter11 dagar sedan

    cool cans

  • Themi P
    Themi P11 dagar sedan

    There is no other CEO who talks with such details, humor, enthusiasm and passion to fans! No wonder why he and his team are at the top!

  • Mathew Sullivan
    Mathew Sullivan13 dagar sedan

    The Q&A's frozen postures makes me wonder what sort of corporate pressure these dudes had lol. Stiff and standing tall, no arms crossed, eye Elon to halt any subject based on cues etc. Chill event for sure but you know the pressure was on given the magnitude of the events viewership lol

  • JD Pictures
    JD Pictures15 dagar sedan

    This is the 4680th comment, yay!

  • JD Pictures
    JD Pictures15 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for 4680 cells in Germany made Model Y!

  • Kay Uwe Böhm
    Kay Uwe Böhm19 dagar sedan

    Doomsday tornado solar panels and offshore hurricane wind parks. FRG 2017 4% of energy 20% electricity from solar & wind that way nr. 1 gas import & brown coal nr. 6 oil & gas import.

  • Free Access
    Free Access19 dagar sedan

    This is comical, a laugh a minute. Tesla has some good products, some good engineering and took the risk on electric vehicles much earlier than others. But they are not engineering gods. They are very good on hype and selling the fanbase, but still have a lot to learn about manufacturing. For example, his emphasis on output versus size of the building is not the most important measure of efficiency. Efficiency is more measured by speed, cost and quality. The size of the building is not a major cost of the facility compared to equipment and labor. If you were making a million widgets a day you need to have space to store the parts and finished products for some period of time. Space to ship and receive these items, locker rooms, lunch rooms, etc… All spaces that Elon says is inefficient. According to Elon, you could take a year to build a Tesla in your bathroom and be the most efficient Tesla plant. In terms of efficiency, how can round cylinders that can only take up 66% of the volume of a battery pack be very efficient. It may be better than what they had before, but will be blown out of the water by battery packs. As for the 4 generation of coater….. BFD! All they have to do is change out the coater roll with a new custom machined roll. It takes a most a half hour. It is just another test not a new generation. As you learn from testing and CAD simulation you can have various rolls machined waiting for testing. Of course it takes time to develop the coating process and the right binders in the “dry” material, but they sure hype it like they are writing the theory of relativity. Go look at the way Kodak used to co-extrude multiple layers to make old photographic film, that was brilliant and much more advanced than that simple coating video these guys brag about show. Thousand of companies run coating processes much more complex than this on a daily basis. These Tesla guys are actually very naive when it comes to manufacturing.

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot24 dagar sedan

    If Tesla can allow anyone in the USA with a credit score of 600 and above to own a Tesla with zero down-payment and have a monthly car payment of at least $300, then, most definitely, Fossil fuel cars will be obsolete in three years for real. I am tired driving these earth polutant cars.

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X27 dagar sedan

    elon in front of that wall looks like someone turned anti-aliasing off

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X27 dagar sedan

    i can't see a single model S or X... it's literally all model 3s (and maybe some Ys)

  • Soud Soud
    Soud Soud28 dagar sedan


  • Spotlight 1
    Spotlight 128 dagar sedan

    Just take a breath

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallis29 dagar sedan

    Lets see what happens when every car is an EV fighting for a charge point when they are all occupied.... lets see what happens when all the lithium and other rare minerals for use in the making of the batteries are all used up. Your batteries will not be getting any cheaper. You may be fortunate in having your private charge point but millions of others around the world live in tall blocks of apartments or rows of terraced houses where they cannot get their EV within 100 yards of their home.... They are the ones who will be crying "Help".... How far do you think an electric truck can travel on a full charge? Lord Bamford (JCB) has stated that they can only be used for 4 hours before being charged up for more than 12 hours... He is now manufacturing all his diggers and cranes etc to be powered by hydrogen engines.. I may be in the minority for the next ten years or so but EVs are not the future , Musk has fooled the world's politicians and car manufacturers. BREAKING NEWS :-- ELECTRIC CARS ARE CAUSING THREE MILE QUEUES BACKING UP FROM BRITAIN'S MOTORWAY SERVICE STATIONS AS THEY WAIT FOR A VACANT CHARGING POINT Lets hope they are not on a smart motorway where there are no hard shoulders to sit on...

  • Jan Put
    Jan PutMånad sedan

    Elon is to smart for our world and stupid people don’t like him because they are afraid to lose their power.

  • Jan Put
    Jan PutMånad sedan

    Why does everyone still buy a mobile phone with a battery that catches fire?

  • Jan Put
    Jan PutMånad sedan

    Sandy for president!. US government indeed kills innovation especially Mr Trump who likes clean coal. I think US industry is really dying and China is already the most technical powerful nation of the world.

  • S3thc0n
    S3thc0nMånad sedan

    Where is Tesla going to get all that Nickel from?

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub SongMånad sedan

    ... how that giga alloy will protect the passengers and battery from crash ... ask your kids

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub SongMånad sedan

    ... i mean, ask your ex wives ... how sexy the one piece injection front and rear part is

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    dqtc hqxMånad sedan

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    dqtc hqxMånad sedan

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    dqtc hqxMånad sedan

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  • Frederick Francisco
    Frederick FranciscoMånad sedan

    Hope I can have such amazing car.

  • yeye
    yeyeMånad sedan

    Tesla is going to be screwed over by the CCP, like all the other car companies who's had their IP stolen and replicated.

  • LestatTravesty
    LestatTravestyMånad sedan

    i remember asking and chatting to my one lawncare client about his EV back in 09. that was like the very ass begining of EV's. he told me that it wasn't bad until you went on a nice long drive and came to some pretty big hills, and he could barely hit 45 mph going up them. while every one and 18 wheel rigs ran blazing past him. i think his full charge got him around 200 miles. but i bet 150 at most really, since the power drops so much the closer to the end of the battery. after that. ther ewas maybe another 18 months of high hype with EV's. and then almost dead silence until about 3 years ago. and then bam...they really are here. all electric. its a real badass time to be alive. sides the dumbshit going on. we are in the real boom of human tech. and Elon lol :))) ...there could of been no better person leading the way. long live Elon Musk

  • Norm Shifferd
    Norm ShifferdMånad sedan

    Need a factory in Alabama!

  • CyberThug1080i
    CyberThug1080iMånad sedan

    @ Elon Musk: Why don't you 3D print some of your parts?

  • Yi Phuong
    Yi PhuongMånad sedan

    Elon Musk wants to take away our gas stoves

  • Bk K
    Bk KMånad sedan


  • Marc Vernooys
    Marc VernooysMånad sedan


  • Justyna Dabrowski
    Justyna DabrowskiMånad sedan

    I still rather drive a Honda.

  • Justyna Dabrowski

    Justyna Dabrowski

    Månad sedan

    @Connor Kimball

  • Connor Kimball

    Connor Kimball

    Månad sedan

    Coming from a honda driver…. Nah, i love my honda as well

  • Sejal Patel
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  • Angel Diarte
    Angel DiarteMånad sedan

    Gta car meet

  • Tjzhdicfh Getfjt
    Tjzhdicfh Getfjt2 månader sedan

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  • Doctor Jack Has Your Back
    Doctor Jack Has Your Back2 månader sedan

    We are witnessing a revolution in battery production and manufacturing. Awesome times!

  • Clint Singleton
    Clint Singleton2 månader sedan

    Should’ve done it in TX - no phony liberal restrictions

  • AH AH
    AH AH2 månader sedan

    Why there is over 10 toe trucks standing by when the event was over....because they expect alot of teslas to crash due to autopilot or combust=)

  • AH AH

    AH AH

    Månad sedan

    @Connor KimballIts a sarcastic joke thats all,😆

  • Connor Kimball

    Connor Kimball

    Månad sedan

    Did you watch the video of them going over safety numbers? L

  • Peter
    Peter2 månader sedan

    1:15:19 - and the patent as to how is now out seblacks.info/cold/video/hZWflZumgp53f6g.html

  • JS Stallone
    JS Stallone2 månader sedan

    Can I get presentation to download ?

  • Webbiergoose
    Webbiergoose2 månader sedan

    Now give me one for free

  • Radu Cristian Dumitrescu
    Radu Cristian Dumitrescu2 månader sedan

    WHY TESLA, WHY ??!! seblacks.info/cold/video/sF2puoNtorFonmk.html

  • Jordan Sage
    Jordan Sage2 månader sedan

    5:42 Genius.

  • aseri laing
    aseri laing2 månader sedan

    This video just made me angry that I haven't invested in Tesla stock yet the amount of new innovations in this event alone Tesla could never make another thing and they would still go down in history

  • Sipho Mavolontiya
    Sipho Mavolontiya2 månader sedan

    Unbelievable technology well done Elon

  • metalim
    metalim2 månader sedan

    Subtitles and transcript are off by 25 minutes. Video: 1:22:16 == transcript 107:54

  • RealTeam Gaming
    RealTeam Gaming3 månader sedan

    Auto-gen closed captions are dying.

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips3 månader sedan

    Is there a future for ICE vehicles? When will eV outperform iceV in professional racing?

  • Travis Godbold
    Travis Godbold3 månader sedan

    Tesla would be unstoppable if they incorporate solar recharging in their cars, like installing panels on roof for customers who desire, to prevent need for a recharge during long treks.

  • Connor Kimball

    Connor Kimball

    Månad sedan

    For 3 and Y you would need flexible solar and thats so inefficient it would not be worth it

  • Just nibblinn
    Just nibblinn3 månader sedan

    definition of: LIIIIIIT

  • jean-pierre van nieuwerburg
    jean-pierre van nieuwerburg3 månader sedan

    Capitalist 🤑🤮🤢

  • bart dart
    bart dart3 månader sedan

    Min blowing innovation. Tesla is leaving EVERYONE behind in the dust. In the DUST...of legacy thinking.

  • Michael McNew
    Michael McNew3 månader sedan

    Elon say no to Aimbot assist on any video game 2021.

  • El Notorio
    El Notorio3 månader sedan

    Why is he stuttering so much?.. elon r u human?

  • staff
    staff3 månader sedan

    What the frick is going on with the subtitles

  • Kay Uwe Böhm
    Kay Uwe Böhm3 månader sedan

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  • Make The Most
    Make The Most3 månader sedan

    Please replace 'Bruce Power' in Tiverton Ontario, Canada. It is a nuclear power plant where I live and we would all benefit from it being a Tesla solar instead.

  • Elias Alfredo dos Santos
    Elias Alfredo dos Santos3 månader sedan

    Quando tetemos uma fábrica 🏭 🏭 🏭 da tesla motor company no Brasil.

  • Elias Alfredo dos Santos
    Elias Alfredo dos Santos3 månader sedan

    Elias frm Brasil.

  • Elias Alfredo dos Santos
    Elias Alfredo dos Santos3 månader sedan

    Bom dia a todos os guerreiros e guerreiras da tesla.

  • David Morse
    David Morse3 månader sedan

    The blueprint was laid out here. Don’t say they didn’t warn you!

  • Rufaro Mutepfa
    Rufaro Mutepfa3 månader sedan

    in short you can think of our care as a laptop with wheels

  • CJOfficial
    CJOfficial3 månader sedan

    Elon having some troubles speaking

  • binsar marbun
    binsar marbun3 månader sedan

    Battery day 👍

  • Cade Van Stone
    Cade Van Stone3 månader sedan


  • Laffen
    Laffen3 månader sedan

    Fun fact: during the whole presentation the viewers where reving their engines 😂

  • bioches
    bioches3 månader sedan

    1:39:14 does this idiot not realize that half of California is a desert?

  • Grant Holtfrerich
    Grant Holtfrerich3 månader sedan

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    Grant Holtfrerich3 månader sedan

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  • Exotic Cars
    Exotic Cars4 månader sedan

    8 months ago, Tesla laid out what they were going to do. If you've been buying up the stock since then, you are very smart as you will become very wealthy as you understand how Tesla will be head and shoulders above everyone else, per Elon 1:00:56. Most valuable company in the next decade

  • Aaron
    Aaron4 månader sedan

    Not getting rid of gas heat anytime soon electric heat is shit right now and would need massive improvements for anyone who has gas to give it up.

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson4 månader sedan

    during this day that was the non most air poluted place in history

  • Romli Ahmadabdulnadzir
    Romli Ahmadabdulnadzir4 månader sedan

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  • Romli Ahmadabdulnadzir
    Romli Ahmadabdulnadzir4 månader sedan

    Tesla to take a deeper look at the innovative “Mega City Grid Charges” where combining them with EVs will provide competitive electricity costs and result in more EVs and further growth in Malaysia with local content.

  • Juice Box
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  • AryansInvisble
    AryansInvisble4 månader sedan

    The god

  • ༺Eddie༻
    ༺Eddie༻4 månader sedan

    This is what I call a US engineering! Take that China :P

  • thecasehd
    thecasehd4 månader sedan

    With the way the Tesla battery/chassis is designed, I'm hoping they will sell them to old car restorers like myself. Who can then put classic car bodys on a EV/Tesla platform. I am doing the body work on a 1973 Plymouth Cuda right now, and would LOVE to just set it on top of a Tesla battery/chassis.

  • salehundam preetham
    salehundam preetham4 månader sedan

    Did anyone notice the subtitles?? Its totally irrelevant from what elon is speaking

  • Robert Lee Pow
    Robert Lee Pow4 månader sedan

    without the ussh economy thhe way it is elawn took the jobs to cheap labor nation NNAAAA,

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar4 månader sedan

    Did tesla has launched power bank money making..?? Someone replay me

  • 69


    Månad sedan

    What do you mean you can buy a powerwall or mega pack and some states you can sell the power back to the grid.

  • emily veneranda
    emily veneranda4 månader sedan

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  • emily veneranda
    emily veneranda4 månader sedan


  • 69


    3 månader sedan

    @emily veneranda the old formation is 18650 and 2170.

  • emily veneranda

    emily veneranda

    4 månader sedan

    what porpoise celeco n that car

  • emily veneranda

    emily veneranda

    4 månader sedan

    the electricity car my power bank that ang sterio car

  • emily veneranda

    emily veneranda

    4 månader sedan

    all car dis play plaen color no di sigh what paint used

  • emily veneranda

    emily veneranda

    4 månader sedan

    you know limushen car

  • vein joseph campoz
    vein joseph campoz4 månader sedan

    The factory is not the building but the equiptment. This was the alien dreadnaught he was talking about.

  • PR200
    PR2004 månader sedan

    Tesla is Elon. Elon is Tesla.

  • Paweł P
    Paweł P4 månader sedan


  • vig eng
    vig eng5 månader sedan

    Aluminum air battery production start to tesla the future idea...

  • Steven Minor
    Steven Minor5 månader sedan


  • Brian
    Brian5 månader sedan

    3:47 I had to stop and think about it. I get it though

  • Jnyan Pandit
    Jnyan Pandit5 månader sedan


  • Paul H
    Paul H5 månader sedan

    OMG I hope they call the $25K car the "Tesla Q", that would be the best troll ever.

  • John Doe
    John Doe5 månader sedan

    the reason china let tesla build a factory there, 100% owned by foreigners, is so that they could steal tesla's manufacturing secrets.

  • youstupididiot
    youstupididiot5 månader sedan

    Allowed to operate at 100% foreign ownership so they can steal your tech, Elon. Don't ever set foot in China, they will abduct you. We need you Elon. Stay safe, and please let me know if you need any help at all, at any time, in any respect. Thank you.

  • LHD S.p.A.
    LHD S.p.A.5 månader sedan

    Guess who manufactured the Karkinos appearing after approx. 1 hour and 1 minute :) ?

  • salle rc
    salle rc5 månader sedan

    1:21:40 Structural battery