Tazavesh, the Veiled Market - Mythic Dungeon Boss Guide

Tazavesh boss guide! Looking at the eight boss fights in the 9.1 Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Shadowlands megadungeon on Mythic difficulty to prepare you for the fight mechanics. In the Tazavesh megadungeon, you'll fight Zo'phex, the Grand Menagerie, Mailroom Mayhem, Myza's Oasis, So'azmi, Hylbrande, Timecap'n Hooktail and So'leah.

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Tazavesh has an optional hardmode (for better loot) available, details here: ptr.wowhead.com/news/hard-mod...

Against Zo'phex, pick your weapon back off the floor after it gets confiscated and don't try to wait out the Rotary Body Armor, just go around. If you are targeted by Interrogation, run to get some distance from the boss and other players should break the target out from the Containment Cell before it's too late.

Against the Grand Menagerie, finish off each low health boss ASAP so you're not dealing with two sets of mechanics longer than you need to. Pass off the Gluttony debuff between players and eat orbs for a nice damage buff when you have it. The healer can dispel off the Purification AOE, and the rest of it is running out of things.

Against Mailroom Mayhem, soak puddles and the shared Money Order meteor attack. When Unstable Packages spawn, pick them up and run them over to the active Delivery Portal, then throw them in with your extra action button.

To access Myza's Oasis, buy the cheap item from the vendor by the door and take it to the appropriate street NPC, then continue trading objects until you get the password. For the fight, everyone takes an instrument and uses their extra action button to stack up the Jazzy buff. Aside from that, CC and kill adds and sidestep Crowd Control.

The key to So'azmi is using the pairs of teleporters to keep with your group, get to the inside of Shuri rings and reach the boss to interrupt Double Technique. Stay spread as much as you can to avoid getting wrecked by Quickblade.

For Hylbrande, don't be in front of the boss, kill adds, and deposit the colored orbs into the correct panels during Sanitizing Cycle. One player can check the console at the front of the room for the correct solution, and tell the group.

Against Timecap'n Hooktail, everyone but the tank should stay on her sides at all times. Dodge things, ignore adds and the tank can aim her breath attack at groups of adds to take them out.

The last fight is So'leah, and the most important thing to do on her is stagger out pokes on the Collapsing Stars to prevent stacking up the explosion DoT. In Phase Two, line the arrow path over active relics (the ones connected to So'leah with a beam) to disrupt their protection.

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0:00 - Unlocking Tazavesh
0:23 - Zo’phex
1:24 - The Grand Menagerie
3:10 - Mailroom Mayhem
3:59 - Accessing Myza’s Oasis
4:32 - Myza’s Oasis
5:36 - So’azmi
6:44 - Hylbrande
7:59 - Timecap’n Hooktail
8:33 - So’leah


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