Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC

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  • Ice wallow Come
    Ice wallow Come15 minuter sedan

    The music you listen to when your homies aren't around

  • Oanh Vũ
    Oanh VũTimme sedan

    2021 nghe vẫn thấy hay

  • 罗惠扬
    罗惠扬2 timmar sedan

    Plot twist: The “annoying” girlfriend ( who is also Taylor Swift) is the one creating her music now because she got dumped. e.g: Blank Space, Trouble

  • D Hrishikesh
    D Hrishikesh2 timmar sedan

    Taylor exactly potrayed the activities of an introvert in their room ❤️

  • ✨ Graziela ✨
    ✨ Graziela ✨2 timmar sedan

    Who is watching this and 2021 anyone?

  • Happy chung
    Happy chung2 timmar sedan

    omg 12years ago I was in kindergarden😂🤣

  • Tha Da
    Tha Da2 timmar sedan

    now2021 is here, but I'm still listening to this song🌼

  • sebastian jhon
    sebastian jhon3 timmar sedan

    Anyone sep28 2021 ?

  • Olga Jane
    Olga Jane3 timmar sedan

    Still addicted to this song

  • h m
    h m3 timmar sedan

    8 years later I am watching it, I must be a legend😏

  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young3 timmar sedan

    I keep coming back to this masterpiece everyday! :) This song never get's old. Don't let this song get forgotten!

  • Felicity
    Felicity3 timmar sedan

    2021 is ending but I'm still addicted to this songg

  • gabby :3
    gabby :34 timmar sedan

    damn.. its been 12 years

  • Nicknamegift
    Nicknamegift4 timmar sedan

    I knew this song 12 years ago. It's a song that makes me happy, it's a song that makes me happy and the MV is very cute from Thailand.❤️✨

  • 4Splus_09_Thitiwarada Kawichai
    4Splus_09_Thitiwarada Kawichai4 timmar sedan

    the fact that the man cheated on the hot girl cause she came first though

    AGRA ARYAN5 timmar sedan

    Anyone from 2035

  • §hřəýæ 💜
    §hřəýæ 💜5 timmar sedan

    In sept 2021 still my fav 💌❣

  • Nayani Manocha
    Nayani Manocha5 timmar sedan

    This never gets old

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan6 timmar sedan

    Beautiful sweet heart 😘😍😍

  • Syifa and Salwa🍭
    Syifa and Salwa🍭6 timmar sedan

    12 YEARS?!

  • Gitumoni Barman
    Gitumoni Barman7 timmar sedan

    12 years seriously??!!

  • AaronJustine Quilang

    AaronJustine Quilang

    7 timmar sedan

    Yes if your a newbie swiftie sure u didn't know it😌

  • Prince Seoudun
    Prince Seoudun7 timmar sedan

    I'm glad this song went viral on TikTok again🎠🙂

  • Emilyn Quilang

    Emilyn Quilang

    6 timmar sedan

    Yess ofc

  • Swiftie Forever

    Swiftie Forever

    6 timmar sedan

    As usual

  • AaronJustine Quilang

    AaronJustine Quilang

    7 timmar sedan

    Me too

  • Gurlalo fashionista
    Gurlalo fashionista7 timmar sedan

    who is that guy?? very serious question

  • Golden Bat
    Golden Bat7 timmar sedan

    People are gonna be listening to this intill music isn’t a thing

  • 2k subscribers without any video
    2k subscribers without any video7 timmar sedan

    it's crazy how many people come back to this everyday.this song is legendary........

  • Nisha Gaviola
    Nisha Gaviola8 timmar sedan

    Crush you belong with me haha

  • Nerrissa Ley Lago
    Nerrissa Ley Lago8 timmar sedan


  • Benedict Samson
    Benedict Samson9 timmar sedan

    I was 1 and a half years old the time this was release

  • GABRIELLE Cuachon
    GABRIELLE Cuachon9 timmar sedan

    Pls tell im not the only one watching this in 2021

    JARA JARA9 timmar sedan

    2021 here❤️

  • Adam Eaiman
    Adam Eaiman9 timmar sedan

    hello 2021

  • ok waliullah
    ok waliullah10 timmar sedan

    I want my old tay tay back.😔

  • Kristal Sinda
    Kristal Sinda10 timmar sedan

    i just found out that they're the same person:')

  • Shilpa Shree
    Shilpa Shree10 timmar sedan

    2023 anyone?

  • 孝範 山本
    孝範 山本10 timmar sedan


  • ruby buenavente
    ruby buenavente10 timmar sedan

    Sept. 2021 throwback rest day❤️

    RMADHA10 timmar sedan

    Hallo 🙂

  • Cris Geekhay Reyes
    Cris Geekhay Reyes10 timmar sedan

    even the thumbnail never gets old.

  • Wajiha Khatun
    Wajiha Khatun11 timmar sedan


  • Unknown Parrot
    Unknown Parrot11 timmar sedan

    0:58 me on a Friday night

  • jennie kim
    jennie kim11 timmar sedan


  • 9_8.03. Pham Quynh Anh
    9_8.03. Pham Quynh Anh11 timmar sedan

    taylor swift vs taylor swift =))))))))))))

  • Bivek Singh
    Bivek Singh11 timmar sedan

    You belong to me always havee always been my pleasure dreamin of u bae

  • Skyla Z
    Skyla Z11 timmar sedan

    Yas girl

  • красивая жизнь
    красивая жизнь11 timmar sedan

    It's crazy how many come back just to listen to this Masterpiece. 2021.

  • Kuan Chiao Wang
    Kuan Chiao Wang12 timmar sedan

    Hey those two are the same person

  • Sean Lehmann
    Sean Lehmann12 timmar sedan

    One of the greatest videos ever.

  • Joe W
    Joe W13 timmar sedan

    Wait, isn't the other girl Taylor Swift as well?

  • Scarlett Charlesworth
    Scarlett Charlesworth13 timmar sedan

    I miss when life was simple and we all listened to this song after school

  • Bryan and Linda
    Bryan and Linda14 timmar sedan

    This song is older than me lol

  • J Dicarile
    J Dicarile14 timmar sedan


  • kurth Abeles
    kurth Abeles14 timmar sedan

    One of my biggest flex as a swifties is Taylor Swift is the first singer I've ever Stan in my whole life and You belong with me is the first song that Im obsessed with

  • lyka vlogs lara
    lyka vlogs lara14 timmar sedan

    If you still watch this on 2021 ur a legend

  • Kskjkskjkskj
    Kskjkskjkskj14 timmar sedan

    Que música nostalgia ❤️

  • Adriana Ezeta
    Adriana Ezeta15 timmar sedan

    3:12 the mean girlfriends is in red as de de le representing that she is bad and Taylor is in white like an angel representing that she is nice and sweet

  • James Harris
    James Harris15 timmar sedan


  • Dulce Francisco
    Dulce Francisco15 timmar sedan


  • james mccafferty
    james mccafferty16 timmar sedan

    Love her, marry her have her children. She's amazing humble and kind. I hope she knows what she means to certain ppl

  • Anaëlle Hennebutte
    Anaëlle Hennebutte16 timmar sedan


  • SsZz
    SsZz17 timmar sedan

    My sister used to be obsessed with this song

  • Elena Alaca
    Elena Alaca17 timmar sedan

    Mi canción

  • waveygurl
    waveygurl18 timmar sedan

    The bridge is unforgettable

  • GraffitiBoi
    GraffitiBoi19 timmar sedan

    Wow. Taylor is so cute dancing like that. Like the video and this comment if you agree.

  • Madeha Ahmad
    Madeha Ahmad20 timmar sedan


  • Mia the cookie
    Mia the cookie20 timmar sedan

    Taylor Swift songs are fine but there just not my favorite

  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn20 timmar sedan


  • Krystal Lampkin
    Krystal Lampkin20 timmar sedan

    Still my favorite song🥰

  • Mahnoor Nadeem
    Mahnoor Nadeem21 timme sedan

    It took so many years that girl in brown hair is Taylor The Whole time !!!!

  • Lulu Leonard
    Lulu Leonard21 timme sedan

    Wow!! he really belongs to you 😁😁😄💜💜💖

  • Dalia Barua
    Dalia Barua22 timmar sedan

    Anyone 2021?

  • Hermione Jean Granger
    Hermione Jean Granger22 timmar sedan

    12 yearssssss

  • Maulidia Permatasari
    Maulidia Permatasari22 timmar sedan

    Well, just in case kids in the future confuse, the girl in the mv is also Taylor okay 😂

  • Frost Blox
    Frost Blox22 timmar sedan

    Wow this was the year I was born 1.2B views until now. I love ur songs!!

  • Jheng Cabral
    Jheng Cabral22 timmar sedan

    2021 but still TS is the best

  • Angelica Caliao
    Angelica Caliao23 timmar sedan

    1.2B views, hi taylor!

  • helloo (:
    helloo (:23 timmar sedan

    i still remember back in 2nd grade this was my favorite song (only song i knew) but this gives me the best memories with my friends and we all still vibe to it dont hate on me for this im not a swiftie but i love this song this was basically my whole childhood

    UKINEDag sedan

    You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset She's goin' off about somethin' that you said 'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do I'm in the room, it's a typical Tuesday night I'm listenin' to the kind of music she doesn't like And she'll never know your story like I do But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers Dreamin' 'bout the day when you wake up and find That what you're looking for has been here the whole time If you could see that I'm the one who understands you Been here all along, so why can't you see You belong with me You belong with me Walkin' the streets with you and your worn-out jeans I can't help thinkin' this is how it ought to be Laughin' on a park bench, thinkin' to myself "Hey, isn't this easy?" And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town I haven't seen it in a while since she brought you down You say you're fine, I know you better than that Hey, what you doin' with a girl like that? She wears high heels, I wear sneakers She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers Dreamin' 'bout the day when you wake up and find That what you're looking for has been here the whole time If you could see that I'm the one who understands you Been here all along, so why can't you see You belong with me Standin' by and waitin' at your back door All this time, how could you not know, baby You belong with me You belong with me Oh, I remember you drivin' to my house In the middle of the night I'm the one who makes you laugh When you know you're 'bout to cry And I know your favorite songs And you tell me 'bout your dreams Think I know where you belong Think I know it's with me Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you? Been here all along, so why can't you see You belong with me Standin' by and waitin' at your back door All this time, how could you not know, baby You belong with me You belong with me You belong with me Have you ever thought just maybe You belong with me You belong with me

  • martin james

    martin james

    14 minuter sedan

    Great. Thanks for that. For those that cannot hear them obviously

  • Suomi TikTok
    Suomi TikTokDag sedan

    Am I the only girl this video gives a motivation to study?

  • Just a weirdo
    Just a weirdoDag sedan

    Teenage love

  • Devika Rai
    Devika RaiDag sedan

    Sept 27 anyone here?? 2021

  • Riri Gaming

    Riri Gaming

    Dag sedan

    YES ME

  • Suomi TikTok
    Suomi TikTokDag sedan

    This video shows how wonderful Taylor’s imagination is

  • know about me?
    know about me?Dag sedan

    This song remind me about my childhood

  • Cande
    CandeDag sedan

    Que lindo es verte crecer pero me pone triste badta

  • Cande
    CandeDag sedan


  • Cande
    CandeDag sedan


  • Cande
    CandeDag sedan

    Linda te amoo

  • Victoria Yellow 6
    Victoria Yellow 6Dag sedan

    i can't believe i just noticed that this song was made a year before i was born after watching this song like 100 times.😅😅😅

  • Dong Dong
    Dong DongDag sedan

    Kayne west say hello

  • Water Technology
    Water TechnologyDag sedan

    September 2021?

  • Nick Alexjandro
    Nick AlexjandroDag sedan

    i came back here cuz im miss that era , so romantic

  • Mary Evangelista
    Mary EvangelistaDag sedan

    so beautiful voice

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav SharmaDag sedan

    Anyone September

  • Alinne MG
    Alinne MGDag sedan

    Maybe the guy is the one in the series "Angus MacGyver"?

  • Angelica E. Gomez
    Angelica E. GomezDag sedan

    2021 Taylor stans wer u at

  • Vanzaii Vanzaithangi
    Vanzaii VanzaithangiDag sedan

    who lisent in 2021 😊😊

  • Koni chiwa
    Koni chiwaDag sedan

    Damnn, she dated MacGyver

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki BakugouDag sedan

    just noticed that the shirt Taylor is wearing is a remembrance from highschool?

    HYDRA LABDag sedan


  • Shamsa Faisal
    Shamsa FaisalDag sedan

    This was made the day of my bday so every year I listen to it

  • Shamsa Faisal
    Shamsa FaisalDag sedan

    Claim ur “ here within 12 years “ here