Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards


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    Taylor swift is music industry

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    Linda apresentação Tsylor - você é muito especial para os jovens e também, pars os adultos de bom gosto!

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    Selena 😍 2:22

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    I'll pass away if I ever see this for real

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    The legal scent geometrically train because eggplant overwhelmingly stare forenenst a young laura. kindhearted, better spain

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    Selena: if you don’t know the lyrics, please don’t pretend. You have a lot of time to learn them BEFORE the show.

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    shines on stage she is a queen icon I love her so much

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    I didnt see camila laughing about something 🤣 wish to know

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    Love Taylor. She is great!

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    Timestamps for the different performances: - The Man: 0:04 - Love Story: 0:40 - I Knew You Were Trouble: 1:53 - Blank Space: 4:06 - Shake It Off: 6:14 - Lover: 8:29

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    If u r having a bad mood, just watch this magnetic performance❤❤❤

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    Hi Taylor swift😍😍😍

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    Is that selena beside her mom?

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    Imagine if she re records shake it off with Camilla and Halsey!!! 😍🥺

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    I LOVE this woman empowerment energy 🥺

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    such an icon omg

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    Comparing Taylor to some pop girlies who just make generic pop songs doesn't and won't ever sit right to me. Taylor is on another level that seems unreachable. Over a decade in the industry but still one of the most popular artists in the world.

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    I can't believe that i'm watching this for free.!!!!

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    Taylor should release this IKYWT version

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    Fun fact: this was actually Taylor's Concert she was kind enough to let a AMA Be their the legend just Is always going to be a legend

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    Taylors Version Order: Her Gold Outfit - Fearless I Knew You Were Trouble (Intro) - Red Blank Space (intro) - 1989 Blank Space (dancers) - Reputation Shake It Off (purple outfits and lightning) - Speak Now and probably Taylor's Debut Album will be last.

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    what is the name of 3rd song she sang in this video

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    love misss Red

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    I just can't forget how I watch this only 9.5M views and now it's 65M 🤧

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    I love you Tay 💗

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    8:27 the girl who stand at left side, black hair, what her name and is she a singer? Tks for answer me. ❤

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    @Archie Hannay tks you bro.

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    Camila cabello?

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    Learn Selena.

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    Imagine the next Superbowl like this- wait before you tell me this is copied, I want to make a point. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Camilla Cabello. Taylor makez the best performance-- she gave it all-- Selena with her iconic songs-- she would be more comfortable on stage because there's Taylor and Camilla-- Camilla and her amazing voice. Want to change Camilla and complete the late 2000s - 2010s iconic singers? P!nk. Or Rihanna.

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    Taylor gave us the order of the re-recordings with this performance lol

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    Blessed are those who could meet her in real , could go to her concert 🥺 Love you Taylor

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    Always the no 1 for me Taylor

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    Billie is all vibing 😎😎 and taylor is all awsome

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    So dark stage Q Lady. Thank you 4 your music Switch

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    Who's at 3:23

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    di mo kami maloloko Romina

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    I like that performance.

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    You Are the MAN ❤️💖😂🇬🇧🎹👍😊🎹🇬🇧😁🐣😁🥇🥇😅🐯🐯🥇🏆😀🎼🏆🏆🤞🤦🏽👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🙈🐶🦅👽⚽️👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏆👽⚽️🥊🥊👽😉🙈🙈👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👣👽😉🦅🐣🥇🥇😅😅🇬🇧🇬🇧🌈🌈😂😂❤️🤣🌈🎹🎹🤣😇😇❤️❤️❤️😂🎹👍👍😅🇬🇧🤣❤️

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    love taylor ❤️🧡💛💚💙

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    The fact that she started with love story from fearless (which was the first re-recorded album she dropped) then I knew you were trouble (red) and she just announced it’s the next album she’s dropping… clever or just a coincidence 🤔😂

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    언니 사랑해 그것만 알아둬 진짜 언니 너무 멋져

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    is bianka belaire there ? 👀👀

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    No one: Literally no one: Me, who is on adrenaline afer seeing this video ♥️: Let's make her songs my life's soundtrack album 🎻

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    Literally guys look at the crowd ...she got the best hype man... I wish I could be there

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    Bilie eilish

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    Camelia and Hasley 🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥💕💕💞💓💗💖💘💝❤️ Woh the moment just got me!

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    i love her sm omg this is not healthy

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    6:19, 6:31, 6:42 the diversity in their voices is just… *chef’s kiss* And also we’re getting an explicit RED (Taylor’s Version), so….. 😏😏

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    Hmmm…..still figuring out how Halsey and Camilo came out of nowhere

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    I'm reasonably certain I just got pregnant. Better check!

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    this always makes me cry.... i'm just so proud of her, i'll always be

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    Imagine if the RED album had the production style of REPUTATION, Whaaaaaaaaat

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    Who was that girl beside lizzo again yall ?

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    this was an incredible performance... swift has become a great singer... def no ariana or adele but damn taylor's got her craft down.

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    Fearless TV, Red TV, 1989 TV, Speak Now TV 👀

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    Wow this is greatness

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    ICONIC !!

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    Woah billie is in there!

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    here after the lakes visualiser squad:

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    Wanna seen Taylor's in Super Bowl 2022 ‼️

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    Hey dear 💕💕, I can imagine my love💓💓💓 in your songs........

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    Taylor invited the AMA's to her concert OMG

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    watching this now because why not. I miss live shows like these. She's a total performer.

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    Billie just enjoying with claps

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    Swiftes rules love you so much mmmmmm ♥️🖤💙💚💛🧡💗💞💕💕❤️💓😄🌹💐🎂🍦💜💖💖

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    Named the world’s best performer: *TAYLOR SWIFT*

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    The Man I know you were trouble Shake if off

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    ✨⭐The music industry ⭐✨

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    Y’all better put some credit on Kesha‘s name 3:23

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    I imagine her at superbowl!!!

  • MC
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    I imagine her at superbowl!!!

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    Story of a girl growing into a strong woman

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    I will be honest...I couldn't stand her once she left country, BUT she has come into her own and she is where she needs to be for sure. I am proud of the woman she became and I know she will keep doing great things.

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    She is so........... Adurable 🥺😭😭😭😭

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    can we appreciate how Taylor has the most awarded country album of all time with Fearless, most awarded pop era with 1989 and is now smashing alternative with folklore and evermore?! she simply doesnt fail with any genre, queen tingz! 😘✨💅

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    Omg, she is so Prefectional

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    wish I was there 😒❤

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    Only Taylor could fully command the stage with so much grace and ease for a completely magical 11 minutes

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    taylor só para baixinhos

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    The dress though!!!

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    The halting radio clasically settle because bowl promisingly saw inside a ignorant birth. shy, awful fly

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    Growing up with taylor swift song i only wish for her happiness

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    Lo e you me Dharminder singh is Sivia

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    Yeah i was too young when i heard this song °^°

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    I'm Lizzo