Swedish House Mafia - It Gets Better (Official Video)


  • Swedish House Mafia
    Swedish House Mafia6 dagar sedan

    IT GETS BETTER ⚫️⚫️⚫️

  • Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Valentin Mosquera 5toD

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    @manal Ahmed Al-Raisi Que tal

  • manal Ahmed Al-Raisi

    manal Ahmed Al-Raisi

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    @Valentin Mosquera 5toD hola

  • manal Ahmed Al-Raisi

    manal Ahmed Al-Raisi

    Dag sedan


  • Philip B

    Philip B

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    @Ivan Tonev they're working on an album

  • Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Dag sedan

    Como los extrañe😭😭😭

  • Lexi Candy
    Lexi CandyTimme sedan

    They back 🧡

  • Allan Hippolyte
    Allan HippolyteTimme sedan

    reminds me of the song seblacks.info/cold/video/sJeprJWGqmd5aXo.html&start_radio=1

  • Всё Легально
    Всё Легально3 timmar sedan

    С возвращением!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Alisa Razdolskaya
    Alisa Razdolskaya3 timmar sedan

    Это просто класс

  • Ingy Sondors
    Ingy Sondors5 timmar sedan


  • Aaron
    Aaron5 timmar sedan

    Why they ve changed it??

  • D144AU
    D144AU5 timmar sedan

    It’s amazing to see SHM back, with an awesome new track, and to see all my favorite music labels and producers in the comments section. It’s like I’m back in 2013 again…

  • Emz Music
    Emz Music5 timmar sedan

    My life just got so much better 💕

  • Nenad Nasifović
    Nenad Nasifović6 timmar sedan

    That's not Swedish House Mafia we're used to.

  • Alex Singer
    Alex Singer7 timmar sedan

    It's a grower

  • CleophasX
    CleophasX9 timmar sedan

    this will be the state of club nights in 2100

  • CleophasX
    CleophasX9 timmar sedan

    who sings in this song? it sounds like a fucking AI and its tripping me out. if they made an AI into this song, thats dope

  • Familia Villalpando
    Familia Villalpando9 timmar sedan

    Súper hipnotizante la canción. Welcome Back SHM ⚫⚫⚫

  • Sean Ward
    Sean Ward10 timmar sedan


  • 254 ily
    254 ily10 timmar sedan

    Spotify 3 in a row ads after every song really helps to get you dislikes

  • Mert Kaymaz
    Mert Kaymaz10 timmar sedan


    CMEPTb KOPOHABUPYCY13 timmar sedan

    Неожиданно слабый трек.

  • Mario Wario
    Mario Wario13 timmar sedan

    The best thing to come out of this plague 😍

  • Alexander Novichenko
    Alexander Novichenko13 timmar sedan

    This is fucking amazing!

  • North Point Tarot
    North Point Tarot14 timmar sedan

    This video belongs on a Blade remake lol awesome.

  • Piyush Rawat
    Piyush Rawat14 timmar sedan

    Zombie invading my house with this sound 1:23 is my worst nightmare. OOF.

  • Prabir & Max J
    Prabir & Max J15 timmar sedan


    ITZY? MIDZY!17 timmar sedan

    SHM IS BACK!!!!!!!

  • General Tso
    General Tso17 timmar sedan

    what the fuck is this video?

  • KoSSuMeTaL
    KoSSuMeTaL18 timmar sedan


  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 2118 timmar sedan

    Amazing! No words

  • kris10vely
    kris10vely20 timmar sedan

    Welcome back kings

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M20 timmar sedan


  • Neil Higgins
    Neil Higgins20 timmar sedan

    It gets better with every listen, definite Chemical Brothers vibe to it

  • MBM HARRIS Seminyak Bali
    MBM HARRIS Seminyak Bali20 timmar sedan

    This is kinda song that gives goosebumps! Remember that Spiderman scene? That's it!

  • Mauro Somm
    Mauro Somm22 timmar sedan

    Is the video based on a ritual to wake up the guys or what?

  • Kyama .
    Kyama .22 timmar sedan


  • Temo Hatna
    Temo Hatna22 timmar sedan

    Swedish House Mafia.!!! YEAH.!!! NEED Greyhound ANTIDOTE!!!

  • Dodik Teguh
    Dodik Teguh22 timmar sedan

    SHM is back :)

  • Diego Feo
    Diego Feo23 timmar sedan


  • Felix D.
    Felix D.Dag sedan

    So I was listening to a random dance playlist on tidal and this track came up. When the first beat dropped I immediately wanted to know who makes such a fire track. Speaks for SHM itself

  • Jose Ruíz
    Jose RuízDag sedan

    Those sound are a BLEEESING 🙌🏽 ⚫⚫⚫

  • Allsportstees
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  • Aderson
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  • Alee Ramos Alvarez
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  • Roti Gandum
    Roti GandumDag sedan

    Damn! JOHN WICK theme

  • Kevin Nicholas
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  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 21Dag sedan

    I love it! Str3am mortals!

  • Alfredo Valencia
    Alfredo ValenciaDag sedan

    Matrix 4 soudtrack

  • Stéphane Mallette
    Stéphane MalletteDag sedan


  • PlayingTactical
    PlayingTacticalDag sedan

    That is absolute garbage

  • Viorel Popescu
    Viorel PopescuDag sedan

    Sound be like OMFG

  • SP3CK
    SP3CKDag sedan

    thank you boss!

  • Frain Freeze
    Frain FreezeDag sedan

    Reminds me of NERO

  • Mike Kleinsman
    Mike KleinsmanDag sedan

    This some cyberpunk shit👀

  • Ann Jose
    Ann JoseDag sedan


  • Ice Boy2121
    Ice Boy2121Dag sedan

    Waiting patiently for an extended/original mix to enjoy 7-8 mins of this

  • Philippe Lobato
    Philippe LobatoDag sedan

    Los reyes han vuelto

  • M-Cougaar Music
    M-Cougaar MusicDag sedan

    And the legends of dance are back....

  • Rogelio Aldair Esteban Hernández
    Rogelio Aldair Esteban HernándezDag sedan

    Nooo MMS se volaron la barda!!! Explotó mi cabeza 🔥🤯🤯🤯

  • Андрей Подгорный
    Андрей ПодгорныйDag sedan

    kendrick lamar

  • godfirst rainbow gathering
    godfirst rainbow gatheringDag sedan

    Godfirst @facebook POTUS 44 #whospink #hopitu ×¥∆%®,***/ #childrenOfLight #bringBackChildren #xmarkTheSpot #goooooo #know #TruKnowledge #no

  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 21Dag sedan

    This is my new addiction! Str3am guys

  • Sakun Baka
    Sakun BakaDag sedan

    What is this ?? Where is the sound we had before ????? Initial version was clearly better than this... beat...

    MÆRIODag sedan

    2021 is saved

  • DD_BH
    DD_BHDag sedan

    Top top

  • TeenageApocalypse USA
    TeenageApocalypse USADag sedan

    Where is the second half of the track?

  • Mason Colon
    Mason Colon2 dagar sedan

    Sounds like Stanton Warriors.... but I'm not hating, I love the Stanton Warriors. :)

  • Axxel
    Axxel2 dagar sedan

    First listen: what's this? We wanna old shm back! Second listen: well... It's not bad 50th listen: *vibing to cowbell*

  • Ly B.
    Ly B.2 dagar sedan

    Am. I. Dreaming.... HOOOOLY FUUUUUUK 😮😮

  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 212 dagar sedan

    Shadows and sound! Str3am

  • Joner T6
    Joner T62 dagar sedan


  • David Jacinto
    David Jacinto2 dagar sedan

    Finally , han pasado 84 años, pero esto será epicoooo ,⚪⚪⚪

  • Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Dag sedan

    Claro que si😈

  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 212 dagar sedan

    I love this future vibes! Str3am guys

  • Rawli Creative
    Rawli Creative2 dagar sedan

    So, no one is gonna say anything about the return of my guyz??? Wth? Welcome back #SHM

  • AyyMD
    AyyMD2 dagar sedan

    This kinda have pre 2010 edm era vibes and its really good

  • Vatsalya Singh
    Vatsalya Singh2 dagar sedan

    It's cool and all but please give me my early 2010s SHM back

  • Abnália Blenda
    Abnália Blenda2 dagar sedan


  • Huey Kratos
    Huey Kratos2 dagar sedan

    Welcome back kings 🤴 💜

  • Jugantar Hazarika
    Jugantar Hazarika2 dagar sedan

    This sounds like trap

  • Disneyfan1999
    Disneyfan19992 dagar sedan

    I did not expect this

  • Mates Procházka
    Mates Procházka2 dagar sedan


  • Goat Gamer
    Goat Gamer2 dagar sedan

    Mike Dean 😬

  • CoCo J
    CoCo J2 dagar sedan

    Tune. But I dunno how i would dance to this 🤔

  • Benjamin Blackburn
    Benjamin Blackburn2 dagar sedan

    Swedish House Mafia One, Miami 2 Ibiza, Save the world, Greyhound, Don't you worry Child,

  • Hmelino
    Hmelino2 dagar sedan

    I am a big fan of SHM, but this sounds terrible ☹️ They can do better than this …

  • Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Dag sedan

    Hahahaha you Don't know

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone2 dagar sedan

    First listen: WTF 26th listen: IT GETS BETTER BABY intense head bopping

  • abe mc
    abe mc2 dagar sedan

    He's come back

  • SL InWorld
    SL InWorld2 dagar sedan

    badass funky beat!.. tia from sansar.

  • Миша Седых
    Миша Седых2 dagar sedan

    Вот это бочка!

  • Yousuf Ahamadeen
    Yousuf Ahamadeen2 dagar sedan

    Wow legends intro sounds 🔥🙌❤️

  • SJseja
    SJseja2 dagar sedan

    I can dig it sounds like prodigy and you got to show me love mashup

  • Hecmanu GE
    Hecmanu GE2 dagar sedan

    La verdad al escucharla por primera vez te quedas que pedo! , pero pues el beat esta chido ya despues le encuentras el gusto, pero la verdad para mi suena mas a un soundtrack de película , falto ese power de sus rolas que te hacen brincar !

  • Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Valentin Mosquera 5toD

    Dag sedan

    Tu que crees? Cuando ellos tenian ese toque era porque estaban innovando con la música de ese tiempo tal como lo estan haciendo ahora y a mi me parece genial

  • Cervantes Tito, Marbyn

    Cervantes Tito, Marbyn

    2 dagar sedan

    Muchos esperaban el típico progressive House , por mí genial que cambien de estilo , la música electrónica está tan saturada que necesita renovarse.

  • C A
    C A2 dagar sedan

    That beat drop is crazy

  • Janitor Jax
    Janitor Jax2 dagar sedan

    Ophely, baby, I will never give up on you.

  • Otto Reiche
    Otto Reiche2 dagar sedan

    Ah vuelto!

  • C A
    C A2 dagar sedan

    Yesss let’s fucking gooo

  • Rafael Grecco BMW Genius
    Rafael Grecco BMW Genius2 dagar sedan

    A música do ano da minha vida!!! Pqp

    JC IIEM2 dagar sedan

    The legendary🖤🖤🖤😎⚡

  • Ready1Bri 21
    Ready1Bri 212 dagar sedan

    The historic return! Str3am guys

  • Nadir Gaboubi
    Nadir Gaboubi2 dagar sedan

    Hey guys, check out my remix of HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER by DAFT PUNK : seblacks.info/cold/video/bZ2lpo18nYtng6g.html

  • Carp Crew TV
    Carp Crew TV2 dagar sedan

    The legends are back because of swedish house mafia ent Mr prada I start making music... Big respect to the legents a new chapter starts ent hi well be hell of one.......

  • Cameltoejhonsonbro94
    Cameltoejhonsonbro942 dagar sedan

    More cowbell 😎