Super Seb, Heartbroken Hamilton And The Best Team Radio | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix


  • Марк Степаненко
    Марк Степаненко18 timmar sedan

    3:43 - YEEEEEES!!! 😂😂😂

  • Lukaku changed my fut team
    Lukaku changed my fut teamDag sedan

    Ring a ding!

  • TheERdev
    TheERdev2 dagar sedan

    "He's got the tyres He's got the pace Sebastian Vettel in fourth place!" Wow what a rhyme and text haha

  • Lim Cheng cheng
    Lim Cheng cheng4 dagar sedan


  • Mgm GranTT
    Mgm GranTT5 dagar sedan

    Not a Lewis fan but you have to admit, after 7 f1 championship wins with very view errors ones he makes one the team is like, don't sweat it...

  • Anshul Aranha
    Anshul Aranha5 dagar sedan

    "This is a marathon not a sprint" Words said by Lewis Hamilton before he presses the wrong button and goes into the barrier cause he was agressive

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen6 dagar sedan

    2:15 just a "puncture" . Huh

  • Blue Gamer GAMER
    Blue Gamer GAMER6 dagar sedan

    I am shut up

  • Nicolas latifi
    Nicolas latifi7 dagar sedan


  • Nicolas latifi
    Nicolas latifi7 dagar sedan

    Wooooohoooo guys, who did I do it again

  • Avgeek India
    Avgeek India7 dagar sedan

    Aston martin looked better on red Bull

  • Miramax Obasi
    Miramax Obasi8 dagar sedan

    2:00 I'm choking wait WAIT HELP- "I am, shut up" 💀

  • Nicolas latifi
    Nicolas latifi8 dagar sedan

    YES! mate well done!

  • Nicolas latifi
    Nicolas latifi8 dagar sedan


  • CMBR Galaxy
    CMBR Galaxy8 dagar sedan

    Verstappen Saying Q3 actually said Q Tree Hamilton Q Three goodvibes

  • Tristan Ellis Gaming
    Tristan Ellis Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Sergio: Pronto Jamilton? Hamilton: Yes? Checo: do el S🅱️inlldero

  • stf Nist
    stf Nist10 dagar sedan

    4:48 Vettel failed to Grazie Ragazzi his podium

  • Ferdie Van Der Walle
    Ferdie Van Der Walle10 dagar sedan

    What's that intro song? Digging that one.

  • Bobby Bob
    Bobby Bob12 dagar sedan

    The lonely bit globally stamp because ophthalmologist scilly improve amid a husky bra. smiling, chunky pike

  • Manuel Mathey
    Manuel Mathey13 dagar sedan

    Gasly: That's not possible Me: Impossible is nothing

  • Hiei2k7
    Hiei2k713 dagar sedan

    F O R S A K E N A N D I A M A W A K E N E D

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia14 dagar sedan

    The filthy employee coherently hang because ray weekly amuse around a better eight. smooth, chief cuticle

  • Just chilling 70 Decker
    Just chilling 70 Decker14 dagar sedan

    Did anyone now that the top two who had team mate retire to the same thing. Also they moved teams

  • Reem K
    Reem K17 dagar sedan

    Lando totals his car Lando: got a puncture

  • SynTaco
    SynTaco17 dagar sedan

    I become Hamilton when I turn off anti break lockup

  • Kenneth Augustin
    Kenneth Augustin23 dagar sedan

    The guy talking rudely to Sergio Perez right after he won the race didint sound too happy. I wonder what transpires.

    MOKATTA1725 dagar sedan

    My dad when I perform a 180 noscope in his favourite call of duty game: "I call it a nice job"

  • akbar gifari
    akbar gifari25 dagar sedan

    Why yuki always angry man

  • Kuba Szymczuk
    Kuba Szymczuk27 dagar sedan

    I'm not a big fan of those DOTD radio's ngl

  • βąɾղէօʂ βօɾìʂ
    βąɾղէօʂ βօɾìʂ27 dagar sedan

    3:52 yo

  • Marcus Lambert
    Marcus Lambert27 dagar sedan

    Gasly "It's impossible" Engineer "The guy has 53 win in F1 and 4 WC titles" Gasly "it's possible"

  • Marcus Lambert
    Marcus Lambert27 dagar sedan

    Gasly "it's impossible !" engineer "the guy who overtook you has 53 win in F1 and 4 WC in a row " Gasly "it's possible"

    SHONGO28 dagar sedan

    4:27 gentleman seb

  • The Greywolf Cyclist
    The Greywolf Cyclist29 dagar sedan

    My favourite is Yuki 😂😂

  • Williams Mbachukwu
    Williams Mbachukwu29 dagar sedan

    Sebastian vettel has got 4th place! Gasly: THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE! HOW THE-

  • Coastliner700
    Coastliner70029 dagar sedan

    so werid sebastian vettel not saying "Grazzi Ragazzi"

  • Palace
    Palace29 dagar sedan

    It wouldn’t happen but if Pierre could somehow just stay at Alpha Tauri it would be awesome.

  • Dhanya
    Dhanya29 dagar sedan

    3:43 Controller disconnected please reconnect controller

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR032229 dagar sedan

    " We are not in Monaco anymore " 🤣

  • I am Jags
    I am JagsMånad sedan

    Was really hoping we could hear the infamous “Grazie Ragazzi” from Seb but we didn’t😢

  • Sakura 97
    Sakura 97Månad sedan

    Vettel sounds loved and appreciated

  • Michael Gales
    Michael GalesMånad sedan

    I'm only excited when Sebastian win.

    NIKHIL RAJKUMARMånad sedan

    When Hamilton is heartbroken suddenly F1 is intresting again

  • Dustin Dingler
    Dustin DinglerMånad sedan

    I hate how Yuki talks to his engineers and other people while driving😂

  • Gamer pro Morrison
    Gamer pro MorrisonMånad sedan

    How still is it that in real life when a crash happens its not MUCH in the way like off to the side, but when your playing f1 2020, crashes are like roadblocks or should I say trackblocks. Especially when playing online

  • theidn
    theidnMånad sedan

    There's no grazie ragazzi anymore heeheehehe

  • gregory
    gregoryMånad sedan

    can anyone explain to me why the stroll's car is different from vettel's?

  • [KPG]
    [KPG]Månad sedan

    Tactical Yuki Deployed

  • jarrett finney
    jarrett finneyMånad sedan

    I don’t like this mazepin guy

  • MM93
    MM93Månad sedan

    We’re not in Monaco anymore F1 fans: ye, you don’t need to worry, it’s ur last season. You won’t be going back to Monaco anymore. You can do C-85 any second and get praised

  • Shooting sports Transparency
    Shooting sports TransparencyMånad sedan

    I wonder what or who Hamilton will blame this time.

  • Nikhil Bhopi
    Nikhil BhopiMånad sedan

    2:06 cool down Yuki

  • Adi M
    Adi MMånad sedan

    Finally, a really edge of the seat F1 race! Loved it.

  • Jaicel Asegurado
    Jaicel AseguradoMånad sedan

    You gotta love VETTEL!!!

  • Matt
    MattMånad sedan


  • Eleanor Pierce
    Eleanor PierceMånad sedan

    The shallow fountain wailly attempt because alloy conservatively risk following a splendid curve. ambiguous, efficient surname

  • shivam chaudhry
    shivam chaudhryMånad sedan

    It's verstappen that'd be heartbroken not hamilton.

  • Koshik Basak
    Koshik BasakMånad sedan

    yuki's engineer's: maybe if we are calm he's calm, yuki u can push on those tires yuki: SHUT UP!

  • Rick B
    Rick BMånad sedan

    The commentator is raving mad. Puts me off watching.

  • Allison Aiden
    Allison AidenMånad sedan

    The crabby inch feraly grab because pepper clinically fill below a ad hamburger. spiky, round twist

  • Robin Gibcus
    Robin GibcusMånad sedan

    Hamilton locks up Perez keeps P1 Meanwhile Netflix: MEIN GOTT MUSS DAS SEIN

  • The Overcut
    The OvercutMånad sedan

    Stay out stay out stay out..... of the pit box...

  • Brian000
    Brian000Månad sedan

    What's wrong with Yuki?

  • Organik Patates
    Organik PatatesMånad sedan

    all the accidents are caused by Pirelli's tires, what happened to these guys this year?

  • Derrek Nelson
    Derrek NelsonMånad sedan

    Yuki is just horrible

  • Marcus Sales
    Marcus SalesMånad sedan

    Gasly: That's not possible Vettel: I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING

  • Brian James Ferguson
    Brian James FergusonMånad sedan

    "who gave you my number" I love this guy's humor

  • Pranjic Toni
    Pranjic ToniMånad sedan

    Vettel " who give you my number ? Hahahah "

  • Nikoo
    NikooMånad sedan

    Gasly's Engineer: ''P4, P4.'' he sounds like ''piffot, piffot'' but its cool the way he talks xD

  • Mr Yeetus
    Mr YeetusMånad sedan

    Lewis- This is a marathon, not a sprint Also Lewis- *Sprints the marathon*

  • Kendra Mckinney
    Kendra MckinneyMånad sedan

    The nutty brow basically point because edger geometrically scare out a willing cost. courageous, uneven samurai

  • Cesar ANW
    Cesar ANWMånad sedan


  • Jon Paul
    Jon PaulMånad sedan

    Sainz: blames Yuki's crash... Yet Sainz started locking up before he could even see that Yuki had crashed...

  • erdnee gan
    erdnee ganMånad sedan


  • Kaiyed Kablawi
    Kaiyed KablawiMånad sedan

    I guess Checo's favorite track is Baku now!

  • K
    KMånad sedan

    I have theory : the Aston Martin car isn't bad , Sebastian was taking time to take full form and lance is .. well lance .

  • Marl Kalone
    Marl KaloneMånad sedan

    "And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. When I see you againnnnn". 3:43

  • Formula1Addict
    Formula1AddictMånad sedan

    We cant talk about how the podium was current red bull drivers or ex red bull drivers

    PAEDEAER ZMånad sedan

    Seb seb seb super Seb seb super super seb

  • 267 -Cala•
    267 -Cala•Månad sedan

    Seeing hamilton just go completely into the run off Is the funniest thing ever

  • MrChippinator
    MrChippinatorMånad sedan

    Seb still has it. If Aston Martin figures out how to make the car more pace at qualifying, they will be a force next season.

  • Tyron James Gonzales
    Tyron James GonzalesMånad sedan

    Engineer to Checo: Stop the car! Stop the Car! Seb to Checo: Merry Christmas

  • FG P
    FG PMånad sedan

    2:48 Boris the Animal

  • Omer
    OmerMånad sedan

    2:04 so disrespectful...... There is no place for language like that in such high class sport,period.

  • Ameya Godbole
    Ameya GodboleMånad sedan

    It feels happy seeing Sebastian smiling and laughing 🙌🏻✌🏻

  • お拖把茶
    お拖把茶Månad sedan

    Who gave you my number 😂😂😂

  • Tirth Patel
    Tirth PatelMånad sedan

    YES yes yes yes - He he he hey hey

  • HatseFlatz
    HatseFlatzMånad sedan

    the clip with mazepin and the button was in monaco not azerbaijan

  • Giuseppe Pagliaro
    Giuseppe PagliaroMånad sedan

    Tyre company sweating ran

  • Aaron Gibson
    Aaron GibsonMånad sedan

    When you need to say Well done mazepin for pressing the button that every other driver does as normal, there’s an issue there 😂

  • Zainal Abidin Basari
    Zainal Abidin BasariMånad sedan

    Lewis always boring .. wether winning or loosing

  • Necro Ninja Nate
    Necro Ninja NateMånad sedan

    What does “driver default 87 mean”?

  • Efe Ertem
    Efe ErtemMånad sedan

    Seb just wanted to say grazie there

  • Stefan Sekulic
    Stefan SekulicMånad sedan

    Yuki is the new Raikkonen😅

  • Parth Suneja
    Parth SunejaMånad sedan

    5:02 when you clear the assignment tests with one night of studying.

  • Bluedr3amz
    Bluedr3amzMånad sedan

    Then there’s yuki.... I AM SHUTUO

  • Pitch Arunsuwannakorn
    Pitch ArunsuwannakornMånad sedan

    Seb getting his mojo back!

  • TheDoomspireGamer
    TheDoomspireGamerMånad sedan

    Anyone noticed at 4:00, the caption in the top right (or Lap ##), the lap is non capitalized, different from the other captions that is fully capitalized?

  • zeljko spoljar
    zeljko spoljarMånad sedan

    Fn rights we loving it F1 is finally interesting again eh? I'm sorry sir Lewis but it started being boring that you are constantly first!!! Kinda like in Schumi era I stoped watching and following it cause you knew who is gonna be first sooo you know booooooooring!!!!!!! Again sorry to both Schumi and Lewis. RESPECT!!!!

  • The Queen's Half Corgi
    The Queen's Half CorgiMånad sedan

    4:41 who gave you my number lol glad to hear Seb being a funny German again.